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  1. I'm not always certain of the compatibility of an in-progress PBEM game and upgrading the engine. Typically I recommend against doing so, but some upgrades/patches in the past have worked with in-progress games.
  2. Yes, what the title screen reports in terms of Engine and version number should be correct. Is your opponent on the exact same version ? Perhaps have them regenerate the turn and see if that loads ?
  3. Unfortunately this is where the automation system of the online store falls apart. As mentioned on the product page for the Battle pack , there actually is no separate download for it: There is no download for this product! As long as you have an up-to-date installation you already have 100% of the files you need. The latest 4.0 FULL installer download (which I assume is what you used to install CMBN) actually has this already installed. Once you activate it with the license key, you're then able to access (see ?) the scenarios/campaigns that are the CMBN Battle Pack. One other thing to be aware of is that the Battle Pack requires the other modules, Commonwealth, Market Garden and the Vehicle Pack to utilize all of its content. Otherwise you will be locked out of some of the scenarios and campaigns.
  4. Do you know which version of CMBN you have and if you have any modules ? The name of the game installer MIGHT also tell you the version. If you have CMBN 2.0, then there is an upgrade that includes both the 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrades. If you have CMBN 3.0, then you would need only the 4.0 Upgrade. Here's the webpage listing the various CMBN Upgrades (reached via the battlefront.com main menu at the top of the page, 'Games' > 'Upgrades'). You'll need to click on the relevant upgrade to get to the page to purchase the particular upgrade.
  5. Make sure that the installation directory where the CMRT installer files are at has ONLY the following files (once they've been extracted from the .zip format that they are downloaded in): CMRT_v103_Setup.exe red thunder v100a.brz red thunder v100b.brz red thunder v100c.brz red thunder v100d.brz red thunder v101.brz If there are other files present in the installation directory it MIGHT corrupt the installation in the manner that you're seeing.
  6. Within the Nvidia Control Panel you usually need to add a 'profile' for the game (listing its executable) in the 3D Settings section. This typically forces the game to run on the GeForce (since it recognizes the executable and should switch to the GeForce's graphics to run it). I would have assumed that selecting the 'High Performance Graphics' would have defaulted the display to the GeForce. So you originally ran the game and activated it on the laptop's internal display (where it ran with the Intel graphics to your knowledge) ? I still don't know why he DislayLink box will not work with the HDMI display and the game, but it will work with the DisplayPort monitor. Maybe its some strange firmware thing with the DislplayLink box (preferring to run with the Intel graphics rather than the Nvidia).
  7. If your Strategic Command games have an 'unlicense' option, then you will WANT TO DO THAT FIRST. Those games utilize the eLicense copy-protection system and have two activations per license key that you need to maintain by unlicensing anything you're not going to play (such as moving to a new computer and the old one will get decommissioned). Later Strategic Command games utilize the newer copy-protection system that does NOT have an unlicense option. In those cases you can simply uninstall the game since they come with 4 activations per license key and you simply put in a request to the Helpdesk (https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/ , accessed from the main Battlefront webpage under the 'Support' menu) to have them add another activation once you have run out of your 4 activations.
  8. When you initially ran this particular CM game, what monitor were you using, the internal laptop display, the HDMI monitor or the DisplayPort monitor ? With the external displays plugged in, do they become the 'only' monitor or do they become the primary monitor and your laptop display remains on (and becomes 'secondary', etc.) ? How does the Dell DisplayLink box hook up to your HP laptop (via what connector) ? Are the HDMI display and the DisplayPort display separate monitors or the same one that you're simply changing the inputs on ? Depending on which game you have and where you installed it, you may be able to find the 'Preferences.pfc' file in the root of the game's main directory; this is the 'preferences file'. Deleting this should reset everything to the default setting within CM (it does NOT delete your activation, so there's no worries in deleting it). When you run CM again, try to configure your setup (BEFORE running the game) in the way that you are most likely to play CM, i.e. - with the internal display (only), or the HDMI or DisplayPort monitor plugged in. Hopefully CM will see your setup and configure itself properly.
  9. Did your payment actually go through ? Does your Battlefront Store account show a purchase (that may be in a 'pending' status) ? Do you have the license key, but no download link ? Is the email account specified in your Store account accurate (no mis-spellings) ? According to the above poster, if your email address in your Store account is different from your PayPal account (if that is the method of payment that you used), the email will typically be sent to the email account associated with the PayPal account. If you still have nothing, then you'll want to contact support by clicking the blue, '+ new ticket' button in the upper right corner. John (support) is usually pretty quick in replying to most tickets (he's based in the US Eastern Time Zone). edit - I see in the other thread that you've gotten an email with no link and the website doesn't provide a link at this point. Support will get you a link as soon as he's able to respond.
  10. Here's a link to the Patches Scrolls that should have all of the applicable patches. For the Paradox (or Gamersgate) retail versions of CMSF you will want the 1.10 (cumulative), 1.11 and 1.20 patches: https://www.patches-scrolls.com/combat_mission_shock_force.php
  11. I just saw this. What version is your Paradox version patched to ? I believe for the Paradox-only patches they go up to 1.20 and the patches are NOT cumulative. In other words you would need the intermediate patches applied too before upgrading to 1.20 (which is what I assume may be the problem here). There may have been a 1.10 that IS all-inclusive and then a 1.11 and finally the 1.20 patch. For anything newer you would have to purchase either a module or the 'Paradox 1.21 Patch' (was US$5.00). The 1.21 patch changed the licensing to Battlefront's eLicense (instead of the Paradox CD check) and allowed you to use Battlefront patches from that point on (Paradox stopped supporting the game at the 1.20 patch). Unfortunately both the 1.21 Patch and the CMSF1 modules are no longer available on the Battlefront website.
  12. The CMSF2 patch for Windows is a .rar compressed file. You do NOT simply copy it to your CMSF2 directory. The file needs to be extracted/decompressed to provide the installer for actually installing the patch (which are updated files). You will need to make a directory OUTSIDE of CMSF2 (perhaps on your desktop) and extract the file there. Windows will be unable to extract the file by itself and you will need a program such as WinRAR or 7Zip to extract it. Once extracted, run the setup program that is in the new folder (most likely the compression program will default to creating a sub-directory within your original directory that may be on your desktop). The setup program should find the CMSF2 installation and after it completes you should now be upgraded to 2.02.
  13. Yeah, its a problem that seems to happen all of the time and I don't know what causes it. However, you most likely got an email which should have both the license key and a valid download link. As mentioned above, check any spam/junk mail folders within your email client to see if it was classified as such. You typically should receive that email the day of the purchase (unless there was a problem with the payment method... and thus the order didn't go through at that time).
  14. Still sounds like an installation problem. Typically mods, incorrect/missing BRZ data files or something to that effect that is what leads to weirdness in the UI. With CMBN typically the whole game gets installed into the User's Documents folder. So uninstall it from the Control Panel > Programs and Features (Windows 10 has a slightly different name for this). Then go into the File Manager and make sure that the entire directory is deleted. The do a fresh install. With the 3.12 level of the game, how are you installing it ? With the 3.0 Upgrade there is a 3.12 Full Installer that should be used (look at your CMBN 3.0 Upgrade purchase and the download link should point to this full installer). Even with deleting your installation and its directory, the game and modules should remain activated on your computer (unless you have reinstalled or upgraded Windows or made significant hardware changes).
  15. If you have Windows 10, then the 1.x versions of CMBN will NOT work. The copy-protection system for that version does not work with Windows 10. If you upgrade to 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0, then it should work. The CMBN 3 + 4 Upgrade Bundle for $15 should get you running (you don't need to purchase the 2.0 Upgrade, which is no longer available). As for activations, the game typically comes with 4 per license key. If you run out, simply contacting the Helpdesk and providing your license key should allow them to add an activation at no cost (though, again, the 1.x versions will not run on Windows 10).
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