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  1. I responded last week to your same question in this thread. I believe (but I haven't checked specifically) that the copies of CMBO, CMBB and CMAK purchased from Battlefront directly MIGHT work under Windows 10 (a simple disc-check copy-protection system). CDV and Paradox sold CM games in the retail channel (what you may have bought from a brick-and-mortar store or other sites online). These copies use a different copy-protection scheme that DOES NOT work under Windows 10 to my knowledge (SafeDisc). This would prevent the games from working. I believe CDV may have offered an 'Anthology' pack of the CM games that lacked any copy-protection and those copies could potentially work (though I think the CMAK game doesn't have the latest patch in this particular release). As GerryCMBB pointed out, if your copy isn't working, then you could purchase the Gog.com distribution which has no copy-protection and will work under Windows 10.
  2. gpbmike - You may want to TURN OFF shaders in the game (Alt + R). Some Nvidia drivers have issues with the shaders and turning them off will typically resolve the issue.
  3. In general CM3: Afrika Korps should work on Windows 10. The problem though may be the copy-protection. Since you specifically mentioned 'CM3' I assume you have the CDV distribution of the game. If I recall correctly those copies used a disc-based copy-protection system that may not work with Windows 10 ('SafeDisc' possibly). I'm not fully aware of a work-around if that is the case. However, if you really want to play the game, then you could purchase a copy from Gog.com (Combat Mission Afrika Korps). Currently it is selling for US$2.99.
  4. 1) For a vast majority of CM's functions it only utilizes a single core. There are actually a few functions that utilize multi-core (scenario loading and a few others... believe it or not), but in actual game play a single core is what is utilized. So CM doesn't generally benefit from more cores in the CPU. For a CPU you want one with a higher clock speed that is capable of higher IPC (Instructions Per Clock-cycle). AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs are pretty close in terms of IPC when it comes to the latest generations, though Intel has a small advantage with better memory/cache latency (which might result in a mildly noticeable performance difference in games). Typically the more cores a CPU has, the more likely that it is going to run at a slightly lower clock speed. The 'turbo' clock speed will be a speed that often can only be run with one core (all others running quite a bit slower or idled). 2) SSDs tend to be quite a bit more reliable than your standard spinning-metal hard drive. If you're truly concerned about backups, then an external backup drive (that isn't constantly attached - preferably) would be the best solution. The external backup can be an SSD or a hard drive. 3) CM is "CPU bound", which means that the speed of the CPU is the largest determinant of performance, which includes a significant impact on graphical performance (a limitation with the way that OpenGL 2.x functions). While there have been a lot of improvements to CPU performance over the years, you're generally only seeing 5 - 10% improvement between most generations (some less, others more). Some of the significant differences have been the addition of more cores and improvements in cache/prediction, but these aren't enough to bring the performance of CM up to what many might expect. With videocards a lot of performance has come in terms of 'shaders' (which aren't necessarily 'shadow generators'), but OpenGL 2.x's routines don't really utilize them in the manner that you can with newer graphical APIs, thus limiting graphical performance improvements. 4) 16 - 32GB of RAM should be plenty for most computer users. Beyond that it is only useful for people doing development, databases, extensive video or image editing, etc. CM is a 32-bit game on the PC and it can only access/address up to about 3GB of memory/address space. 5) I think one of the bigger differences between large TVs and computer monitors is that the TV's will likely have a larger 'dot pitch', meaning that the pixels may be more visible on the TV compared to the computer monitor. While I haven't used CM on a large TV, a computer that is driving a 55" Samsung TV at 4K at my house looks pretty nice in my opinion in comparison to 1920 x 1080/1200 computer monitor displays. The quality of the backlighting and color can be other differences (so you may not want to 'cheap out' on your TV if you go that route).
  5. What mouse driver are you currently using ? Is it provided by Microsoft or the mouse manufacturer ? If it is a manufacturer provided driver, does it have any unique settings for the pointer itself (beyond what Windows provides) ? You're using the standard defaults for the mouse cursor currently, which is: Scheme: 'Windows Default (system scheme)', Customize: 'Normal Select', Enable pointer shadow is Unchecked, within the Pointer Options tab the Display pointer trails is Unchecked, correct ? If you're using a manufacturer's mouse driver, you may want to uninstall it and see if Windows detects and provides its own driver. What videocard and driver do you have installed ? I'm not specifically aware of any video drivers that have cursor issues within the CM games, but if you're running on a laptop that has both Intel integrated video and another GPU (Radeon or GeForce), then you may need to make some changes so that the game runs on the GPU rather than the Intel integrated video. Another possibility is to Alt-Tab to minimize the game to the task bar and then re-maximize it and see if the cursor now appears.
  6. Lockups of CM on Macs aren't common and I personally haven't experienced any (not that they absolutely don't occur, there just seems to be far fewer reports of them). It's strange that you're suffering the same problem on a new Mac, which suggests that there may be some sort of similar software setup on this new Mac that the old one had. Are you running any security/anti-virus software on this computer ? If so, then add an 'exception' for your CM games in the security software so that it doesn't interfere with any operations. Where did you install your CM games ? Are they on the boot volume or some older drive (external, etc.) ? Do you have any mods installed (graphics, sound, etc.) ? If so, temporarily remove them (usually in the 'Z' folder) and see if that helps. Are you using a wireless mouse and/or keyboard ? If so, try wired versions and see if the problem continues. What resolution are you running CM at ? If you're running a super-high resolution, back it off to something less (1920 x 1080, etc.) and see if that helps. While your Radeon Pro Vega 16GB is pretty powerful, it might still run into some issues with 4K+ resolution games.
  7. I'm still confused as to the nature of your crashing. Does this happen ALL OF THE TIME ? If so at what point does it happen, such as when you are simply launching CMBN or when you're attempting to load a scenario or does it happen only with certain scenarios or save games ? Does it happen in a specific game that you're playing ? Or does it happen randomly, where you're able to play any number of turns (assuming you're playing turn-based mode) and it suddenly crashes ? Reading some other threads that you've written in, it appears that you have the DVD of the CMBN 4.0 installer (and not just the 'Upgrade 4.0' installer). This would mean that this copy of CMBN was purchased after the 4.0 Upgrade was released (so a purchase of CMBN and not simply a '4.0 Upgrade'). The difference would be that the Upgrade would NOT have all of the files necessary to run the game. Do you own any other modules or packs or simply just the base game ? I can't find anything specific in the June 2019 Windows Updates for Windows 10 that would relate to a problem with CM. I'm also not aware of any strange interaction with these updates and the Nvidia 388.71 driver, however either of these MIGHT be possible.
  8. Yes, these are 'digital downloads'. The GOG.COM installs do NOT have any copy-protection and there is no license key. With the 'never ending turn', is this ONLY with CMBO or do CMBB or CMAK have it happen too (assuming you have those games to play on this computer) ? What Windows version are you running with these games and what type of computer are you running them on (really old or something a bit newer) ? Does it happen immediately (like the first turn) or at some point later in the game ? There was a problem with some PCs in the past where the 'internal time' wasn't being maintained properly which affected the game's 'clock'. However this issue involved attempts to playback a turn, but instead going to the end of the playback without actual playback occurring. You may want to make sure NOTHING else is running in the background when you run CM games, to minimize the possible interference. You also may want to make sure that any anti-virus/security programs have an 'exception' for the games so that they don't get scanned while they're running. A long time ago it the issue that I mentioned also recommended not running instant messaging applications in the background (since they could have been interfering). I don't know if that would be any sort of issue now, but probably trying to minimize anything running in the background might help. The CMx1 series also runs into problems with modern CPUs and operating systems. You will likely have to Alt-Tab out of the game (that will be a black screen in some menus) and re-maximize it in order to see the screen again. This may also help with a game that is going abnormally slow (performance-wise).
  9. If it takes a long time to launch the game, this MIGHT be a copy-protection system issue. SOMETIMES, deleting the activation with the gsClean utility (that you would need to request from the Helpdesk) for each of your games/modules and then re-activating them MIGHT fix this particular problem. Usually the most common issue is the Z folder and mods that are loaded up, though I believe this affects the scenario/campaign loading times rather than the game itself (getting to the main menu). How long ago was CMBN last stable ? I'm not specifically aware of any Windows 10 updates that should have affected the CM games (though that may still be a possibility). What Nvidia videocard/chip do you have ? By the 'December 2017 update' I assume you have the 388.17 drivers (which have generally worked well in the past, for the videocards/chips that can use it). Usually you shouldn't need to replace this driver, but you may want to double-check that it is still the actual driver you have loaded (via Device Manager). Some Windows Updates could replace this driver with a newer one that MIGHT be causing some of the issues. When you've reinstalled CMBN, have you used the 'all-in-one' installer or have you installed via individual games and patches ? If you haven't used the all-in-one installer (which is usually downloaded as the '4.0 Upgrade'), you may want to use that to install CMBN. You would want to backup any saved games/in-progress games, mods and downloaded scenarios/campaigns and then delete the CMBN folder in your Documents folder. Then reinstall using the all-in-one installer. You should NOT have to reactivate anything as the activations will remain in place (unless the copy-protection system determines your system is somehow different from when you originally activated the games/modules/upgrades). Check that everything you have is activated by checking the icons that show up in the lower left hand corner of the main menu (which appear only when you initially load up the game). There should be an icon for each game/module that you have (and the version should be 4.02).
  10. Xorg_Xalargsky is correct, you have 4 activations per license key. You can request more activations via the Helpdesk if you run out of these. The activations only need to occur if you install on a new computer or reinstall Windows. Uninstalling and reinstalling the games (on the same computer and Windows installation) typically does NOT require the use of an activation. However some hardware changes (upgrading the computer) may trigger a license problem that could require the use of an utility to wipe out the activation and then reactivating. The crashing that you're experiencing right now, is it occurring when you initially launch CMBN and display the initial splash screen/menu ? When was the last time that the game ran properly and did you change anything about the computer since then ? With Windows 10, you CANNOT use the CMBN 1.x games. You will need to upgrade to CMBN 3.x (maybe 2.x) in order for the license activation to work. So if you upgraded in the past to CMBN 3.x or 4.x, then you may want to upgrade back to those versions before attempting to run CMBN under Windows 10.
  11. You can purchase it at Gog.com (CMBB page). All three of the old CMs are there.
  12. At this point is seems as if all PBEM files coming from your current opponent don't open ? You're both on the same version of the game, is that correct (which would seem to be the case since they can open the file that is sent to them) ? Are all of the files from your opponent showing a syncing issue in Dropbox ? You or your opponent may want to make an exception within your security software for the Dropbox folders that are syncing the game files (and the Dropbox app). There's a slight chance that somehow security software may be corrupting/interfering with the file(s). Here are some of Dropbox's suggestions on syncing issues: https://help.dropbox.com/installs-integrations/sync-uploads/files-update-issues
  13. Sounds like an issue with Dropbox. How big is the latest file compared to previous PBEM files in this game ? I suspect it is quite a bit smaller and therefore corrupt (which means that CM won't recognize the file). Have you uninstalled and reinstalled Dropbox (assuming this was an in-place OS upgrade with all of the software remaining) ?
  14. Are your CDs of the Battlefront distribution or are they the CDV or Paradox distributions ? For the Battlefront distribution you can create a 'virtual CD/DVD drive' with software like Daemon Tools Lite. This will create an image of the disc which should generally work for the Battlefront version. For the CDV and Paradox versions I'm not sure how well virtual drives will work since they are also using disc based copy protection (SafeDisc or something to that effect).
  15. What Windows version and what videocard and driver are you using ? Intel video tends to have problems with CM games. Another problem with Intel video is that you may be limited to what the system manufacturer provides (especially with some laptops), which can further complicate things. If you're running a GeForce or a Radeon, then it should be possible to get CM running. With laptops that may be running a GeForce or Radeon this can get a bit complex since sometimes you can use the Nvidia or AMD drivers and other times you are limited to what the laptop manufacturer releases. I'm not aware of anyone successfully running CM in a window. CM is an OpenGL based game. Some utilities can convert OpenGL calls into DirectX ones, but I don't think that these will work properly with CM (or possibly produce REALLY HORRIBLE performance if the do work).
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