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  1. Schrullenhaft

    Windows 10

    In this case, CM2 = CMBB, as far as I'm aware. I'm not sure what sort of disc-based copy-protection the CDV versions use (possibly 'SafeDisc'), but that MIGHT be a culprit. I think the 'anthology' version (all three CM1 games in one bundle) may not have had any copy-protection. However the CM1 series games purchased individually DID have a disc-base copy-protection system. There are 'no CD' patches of the 1.03 patch that MAY allow the game to run under Windows 10 (hopefully this link isn't an issue for BFC): Game Copy World CM2 patches For the Battlefront version of CMBB/CM2 you need to install all of the patches (1.01, 1.02 and 1.03) since they had different content (bitmaps, etc.) and there wasn't a single cumulative patch (however CMAK/CM3 DID have a cumulative patch to my knowledge with 1.03). I would believe that the same is true of the CDV distribution of CMBB/CM2 (i.e. - you would need to install all three patches). The CMBB patches can be downloaded from Battlefront (the three 'Windows' patches near the bottom of this list), but these will require the Battlefront CD if used directly. You would need to use the 1.03 patch from 'Game Copy World' in order to run with Windows 10.
  2. Schrullenhaft

    Installing my old, old copy on new PC

    You can purchase the CMBN Upgrade 3/4 Bundle for US$15 that upgrades a CMBN 1.x or 2.x game to 4.x. I believe, though I'm not absolutely sure, you can probably just run the installer for this (which should be a 4.x installer), even if the CMBN 1.x game isn't licensed. I assume that you may need to provide that CMBN 1.x license key during the licensing process (in addition to the CMBN 3/4 Upgrade license key(es)). You can possibly contact the Helpdesk (submit a ticket by clicking the blue '+ new ticket' button in the upper right) and ask what the procedure for this would be (i.e. - unable to license CMBN 1.x on Windows 10 and installing the 3/4 Upgrade).
  3. Schrullenhaft

    Why was CMBO removed from GOG?

    Was the GOG site distribution licensed from Battlefront or was it actually licensed from CDV (a distributor-to-retail of the CM1 series) ? I don't personally know the answer to this. I was under the impression that Steve (BFC President) had an intent to put up the CM1 series games in the Battlefront store, but he simply hasn't gotten around to doing it and I have no idea when, or if, he will eventually get it listed.
  4. Ich verwende Google, um meine Antwort ins Deutsche zu übersetzen, daher macht die Übersetzung möglicherweise keinen Sinn. Ich würde erwarten, dass insgesamt 70 Einheiten auf den meisten Systemen abspielbar sein sollten. Wenn Sie Ihren Computer abstürzen lassen, was genau passiert? Wird das Spiel unerwartet beendet und ein Fehlerdialogfeld angezeigt, oder erhalten Sie einen Bluescreen-Fehler usw. Haben Sie versucht, in einem rundenbasierten Modus zu spielen, und tritt das Problem auch bei dieser Spielmethode auf? Sie können in der Nvidia-Systemsteuerung ein "Profil" für das Spiel erstellen (wenn Sie der Ansicht sind, dass ein Rechtsklick auf den Desktop ein Popup-Menü enthält, über das Sie auf die Systemsteuerung zugreifen können), wird die ausführbare Datei des Spiels zur Liste hinzugefügt. Mit diesem Profil sollte das Spiel auf der Nvidia-GPU statt auf der Intel-Karte laufen. Andernfalls ist es möglich, dass das Spiel standardmäßig das von Intel integrierte Video verwendet. Intel OpenGL-Treiber können mit der CM-Serie etwas problematisch sein, obwohl ich nicht der Meinung bin, dass sie irgendeine Art von Einheitenlimit auferlegen würden.
  5. Schrullenhaft

    Battle Pack 1

    The 'explosion' icon in the lower left (only appearing on the main menu page at initial launch, same with the game/engine version info in the lower right) represents an activated 'Battle Pack'. It will not appear until the Battle Pack is activated. The 2.10 patch installs the actual Battle Pack content. Attempting to activate with the Battle Pack license key before installing the 2.10 patch will, I assume, simply result in an error message about the key or simply displaying the confirmation that the base game itself is activated. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure if the latest downloads for CMBS already have the 2.10 patch installed or if that is necessary to download separately and install. Once the 2.10 patch is installed, you can activate the Battle Pack (via the 'Activate New Products CMBS' shortcut that will be in your CMBS installation - often located at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Black Sea').
  6. Schrullenhaft

    Battle Pack 1

    When CMBS launches is it version 2.10 (lower right of main menu screen) ? Do you see the second icon that is an explosion in the lower left ? I don't know for certain if the current downloads are 2.10 and have the Battle Pack content in them (waiting to be activated) or if you have to install the patch ('CMBS Engine 4 (v2.0 through v2.10)').
  7. Schrullenhaft

    Patching CMSF Retail

    It was actually Paradox that decided to stop issuing patches for their distribution of CMSF. It did end at 1.20 for Paradox. Battlefront offered a 1.21 patch (for US$1.00 or US$5.00, I can't remember) for Paradox users that allows them to upgrade to the final 1.32 patch. If you have purchased any of the modules (British Forces, Marines), then the 1.21 patch was unnecessary since you could use the Battlefront patches if these modules were installed. However if you purchased ONLY the NATO module (and not either of the other two modules), then you WOULD need the 1.21 patch BEFORE installing the NATO module. Unfortunately none of the CMSF1 products are up in the Battlefront Store, including the 1.21 patch for Paradox. Steve had mentioned in the past the desire to put some of these items back in the store, but I don't know when he will do this and for exactly which products he'll do this for.
  8. Schrullenhaft

    FPS Really?

    Yep, the fact still remains... Optimizing is not simple little changes to the code to somehow make it faster. Graphic engines do NOT work that way. To get very significant improvements in performance (especially to the level that many users here complain about) would basically require rewriting the graphics engine. There are some tweaks that can be done (and they HAVE been done, going back to Engine v. 2.0), but the improvements are limited in their effect when they're still part of the same graphics engine. The graphics engine was written with the OpenGL 2.0 API starting in 2004, primarily because it was supported by both Mac and Windows. Now Apple is in the process of deprecating OpenGL and moving to their own API, 'Metal'. In Windows DirectX has moved from 9.x (what was available at the time of CMSF1's development - DirectX 10 just coming out as CMSF1 was released) to now DirectX 12 with Windows 10, though each new DirectX iteration doesn't necessarily improve performance, but rather provides more graphic options to developers. Moving to DirectX 11/12 (on the PC...) would provide a bit of a boost in performance due to the optimized nature of DirectX video drivers (more development time and optimization is performed on them since most games on the PC utilize DirectX), but it isn't a simple matter to rewrite the graphics engine in another API (still a laborious, time consuming process). Writing a 3D graphics engine, even using such environments as Unity or Unreal, takes a long time, especially for a single programmer. This is what would be necessary to make the sort of drastic improvements in graphics performance most users are clamoring for. However such long periods of development are a significant risk for small developers. Take too long and you go out of business (assuming your making just enough to survive while developing said 'new engine'). Don't do it soon enough and you'll get complaints about the 'dated graphics/performance', etc. Which is where Battlefront finds itself right now. And of course there's always calls for new content ('Barbarossa', 'Stalingrad/Op Blue', 'Cold War NATO', 'Vietnam', etc.). So it is a somewhat safer bet to bring out new content, but with the old engine (you'll be getting a paycheck every so often...). Developing a new engine slows down (or even stops) that output and reduces your income for a significant period of time.
  9. Schrullenhaft

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    In my case it was a $750 charge from AirBnB, which we don't use. It could potentially be anything. Several years ago it was a 'Shark Vacuum'.
  10. Schrullenhaft

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    I had a fraudulent charge appear this last week too. I had to get a new debit card with the bank just this morning. I don't know what transaction could have been compromised since it is possible for the culprits to withhold using their captured cards for a short while before using/distributing them. Hopefully Battlefront can double-check their website and card processor for any possible security issues.
  11. Schrullenhaft

    Installation questions

    The Demo has just 5 scenarios: 'Training', 'Passage at Wilcox', 'Breaking the Bank', 'Day at the Beach' and 'Alamo'. The ones that come with the full version will be pre-fixed with 'USMC', 'UK' and 'NATO', with the exception of 'Passage at Wilcox' starting off with 'Tactical Vignette...'. All of the Demo scenarios will lack SF2 at the end, but there may be some full version scenarios that don't have SF2 at the end ('Baker 1_1' is NOT a Demo scenario in this case).
  12. Schrullenhaft

    Installation questions

    I stand corrected... the Demo scenarios DO NOT show up in the full version. The full version has the same scenarios EXCEPT the 'Training' scenario (with different file names so that they appear in the list corresponding to their required module). 'The Passage at Wilcox' is called 'Tactical Vignette 99-2 The Passage at Wilcox' in the full version. The Demo scenarios have a slightly different structure that doesn't allow them to be read by the full version. This is actually done so that the Demo can't utilize full-version scenarios, though there would be additional problems with full version scenarios since a lot of resources aren't available in the Demo (reduced .brz data files for the Demo). As for the uninstaller for the Demo, there is actually an executable uninstaller named 'unins000.exe' that is about 803KB in size within the Demo directory (that typically gets called up from the Windows program uninstaller list). You could potentially run that manually to uninstall.
  13. Schrullenhaft

    Installation questions

    Hmmm... I looked at my Windows 7 machine and in Control Panels > Programs and Features there is a listing for uninstalling the CMSF2 Demo. Again, it is fairly simplistic in that there is only one main directory for the Demo (whereas the full version has the game program files in one directory and the data files within the user's directory). I'm not aware of any other files or registry entries (beyond the uninstaller's listing), so a simple delete of the Demo folder probably should suffice. The filename for the Demo scenarios does NOT fully match the displayed name in the scenario list. I'm not looking at the specific machine where I have this installed at the moment, but I believe it was categorized as a 'NATO' scenario.
  14. Schrullenhaft

    Installation questions

    For the Demo scenarios, I was able to copy them to the full version's 'Scenarios' folder and 'Alamo' opened up fine. I didn't try the others, but suspect that they too will also open fine. Regarding activations, I don't think that there is any necessary/preferred order of CMSF1 module activations. As long as ALL of the modules (that you have) are activated before playing, you should be fine. Anything that you miss will likely mean that that particular module won't show up in the game until both activations for it have been performed. There is an uninstaller for the CMSF2 Demo, which you can use. I assume that simply deleting the CMSF2 folder would generally accomplish the same thing (all of the files are present within that folder). It will leave an uninstaller listed in your 'Programs and Features' control panel (which will usually be given an option to delete it when you attempt to run it and no file is found) if you perform a manual deletion of the Demo.
  15. Schrullenhaft

    Installation questions

    Click the blue, '+ new ticket' button in the upper right of the Helpdesk (which can be reached from the main Battlefront page (not forum) > 'Support' menu at top > the 'Battlefront Helpdesk' section has a link to the actual Helpdesk page.