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  1. Typically you should have received and email with the license key and the download link. You may want to check any spam/junk mail folders in case the email was classified as such (it often is). There are also license keys and download links within your Store account that gets created on the Battlefront website (separate from this forum account). You can access your store account at the main website ( https://www.battlefront.com ). Click the 'Login' button in the upper right of the screen and login with your email (you may need to reset your password if you don't know what it was when you placed the order). Once you've logged in the screen should default to a 'My Account' list in the center of the screen. Click on the 'My Orders' text/link and it should show you a list of your orders. Click on 'Order ID', 'Order Type' or the 'Click here to view' text next to the 'Current total' to view the order details. In the 'Order Content' section of the order there should be a download link for each item that you purchased and 'Activation Code(s)', which are the license keys. The download links do take you to another site to perform the download. Here you will need to checkmark the box next to the particular file that you will download and click the 'Download' button. There may be a selection of Mac and PC installers, so you'll have to read the file name by possibly hoovering over it with the mouse cursor to bring up the full filename. If there is a choice of files, you'll want the 'full installer' for your particular OS.
  2. You may want to add an exception within your anti-virus for the CMFI 3 and 4 Upgrade installer. I would guess that your issue may be that the temp files are being created, but then are being deleted/quarantined and thus the installer can't find them to move them to the final folder/directory location.
  3. You need to login to your Store account (https://www.battlefront.com , 'login' button in upper right) and look at your orders ('My Account' in the menu at the topif it doesn't default to the list and then 'My Orders' in the list). Clicking on any of the text that is linked ('Order Id', 'Order Type' or 'Click to view' next to the order total) should bring you to the order details screen that will have a link to the download. Again, you'll want to look at an order that has the 4.0 Upgrade or the base game (if that was a fairly recent purchase) to get the 'full installer'.
  4. Typically the download link associated with the 4.0 Upgrade for these products will be the latest 'full installer', unless you have purchased one of the base games AFTER the 4.0 Upgrade came out (then the link for that purchase should be the full installer).
  5. On a PC this may happen due to either an Nvidia setting (if you're using an Nvidia video card) or the use of Intel video hardware and drivers (though this typically results in blurry text throughout the game). For Nvidia you'll want to go to the Nvidia Control Panel and in the '3D Settings' > 'Manage 3D Settings' you'll want to turn off the 'Antialiasing - FXAA'. I'm not sure if this name changes with different (newer) video cards or not. For using Intel hardware/drivers, this will depend on whether you're running on a laptop or not and if you have a GPU in that laptop (dedicated video beyond the Intel built-in video of the CPU). If you're on a laptop that does have a dedicated video chip (GPU), typically Nvidia, then there may be a keyboard shortcut to utilize the Nvidia hardware or you can make a 'profile' in the Nvidia Control Panel that lists the CM game executable you have and this should default the video to using the Nvidia hardware when the CM game is launched. If your laptop has ONLY Intel integrated video, then there will be no solution that can help (though if you have access to an Intel video driver update, that MIGHT help).
  6. How did you install CMFI, was it with an 'all-in-one' installer or did you install the base game and modules separately ? If you installed them separately, then I would guess you may have missed a patch. The main explanation for what you're seeing is that there is a missing .brz data file. If you purchased the 4.0 Upgrade, then I would suggest, deleting your current install and the install using the 'all-in-one' installer (a download). I have the following .brz files in my CMFI install: Fortress Italy v100A.brz Fortress Italy v100B.brz Fortress Italy v101.brz Fortress Italy v110.brz Fortress Italy v110A Gustav Line.brz Fortress Italy v110B Gustav Line.brz Fortress Italy v110C Gustav Line.brz Fortress Italy v111.brz Fortress Italy v112.brz Fortress Italy v120.brz Fortress Italy v200.brz fortress Italy v201.brz You can check for these files by (in the Finder), assuming they are installed to a default location, going to Go > Applications > CM Fortress Italy (folder) > highlighting the 'Combat Mission Fortress Italy app and then clicking the 'gear' icon that appears near the top of the folder window > 'Show Package Contents' > Contents > Resources > Data. In here will be the .brz data files and the hotkeys.txt file. If that doesn't work, then you may possibly have a mod installed that is somehow not functioning properly with CMFI or if you have security software installed it may have quarantined some data (though I don't know how it would reach within an application bundle).
  7. As Wicky mentioned, the games have been 'moved' over to a new Mac and the copy-protection system doesn't like that and gives you the 'fingerprint mismatch' error (different hardware than when it was originally licensed). You'll need to contact support (the 'Battlefront Helpdesk' link in IanL's post). They should be able to provide you with an utility to wipe out the current activation which will allow you to reactivate. You MAY also need an activation added to your license keys, so you may want to mention that.
  8. You may want to make sure that your anti-virus/security software has an exception for your CMFI executable and/or directory. I'm not specifically aware of any anti-virus software interfering with CMFI, but it is a possibility.
  9. You may have gotten an email with your download link and license key. You may want to double-check any 'spam/junk mail' folders you have and see if it got classified to there. What version of CMBN do you have ? If you have the 4.0 installation (the 'full-installer' of it, rather than just a 4.0 Upgrade installed over a previous version), then the Commonwealth module is already installed. You would simply need to click on the 'Activate Products' shortcut (assuming it is in either the CMBN folder or your desktop) and enter in the license key you got for the Commonwealth module and it should activate it. On launch CMBN you should see a Cromwell tank icon appearing in the lower left of the CMBN splash screen.
  10. I'm not always certain of the compatibility of an in-progress PBEM game and upgrading the engine. Typically I recommend against doing so, but some upgrades/patches in the past have worked with in-progress games.
  11. Yes, what the title screen reports in terms of Engine and version number should be correct. Is your opponent on the exact same version ? Perhaps have them regenerate the turn and see if that loads ?
  12. Unfortunately this is where the automation system of the online store falls apart. As mentioned on the product page for the Battle pack , there actually is no separate download for it: There is no download for this product! As long as you have an up-to-date installation you already have 100% of the files you need. The latest 4.0 FULL installer download (which I assume is what you used to install CMBN) actually has this already installed. Once you activate it with the license key, you're then able to access (see ?) the scenarios/campaigns that are the CMBN Battle Pack. One other thing to be aware of is that the Battle Pack requires the other modules, Commonwealth, Market Garden and the Vehicle Pack to utilize all of its content. Otherwise you will be locked out of some of the scenarios and campaigns.
  13. Do you know which version of CMBN you have and if you have any modules ? The name of the game installer MIGHT also tell you the version. If you have CMBN 2.0, then there is an upgrade that includes both the 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrades. If you have CMBN 3.0, then you would need only the 4.0 Upgrade. Here's the webpage listing the various CMBN Upgrades (reached via the battlefront.com main menu at the top of the page, 'Games' > 'Upgrades'). You'll need to click on the relevant upgrade to get to the page to purchase the particular upgrade.
  14. Make sure that the installation directory where the CMRT installer files are at has ONLY the following files (once they've been extracted from the .zip format that they are downloaded in): CMRT_v103_Setup.exe red thunder v100a.brz red thunder v100b.brz red thunder v100c.brz red thunder v100d.brz red thunder v101.brz If there are other files present in the installation directory it MIGHT corrupt the installation in the manner that you're seeing.
  15. Within the Nvidia Control Panel you usually need to add a 'profile' for the game (listing its executable) in the 3D Settings section. This typically forces the game to run on the GeForce (since it recognizes the executable and should switch to the GeForce's graphics to run it). I would have assumed that selecting the 'High Performance Graphics' would have defaulted the display to the GeForce. So you originally ran the game and activated it on the laptop's internal display (where it ran with the Intel graphics to your knowledge) ? I still don't know why he DislayLink box will not work with the HDMI display and the game, but it will work with the DisplayPort monitor. Maybe its some strange firmware thing with the DislplayLink box (preferring to run with the Intel graphics rather than the Nvidia).
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