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  1. Without having attempted to load the PBEM file in CMSF2, I would guess that it is corrupt. The file I downloaded from your link is only 530 bytes in size, which is incredibly small for a PBEM file and that alone suggests it is corrupt/truncated.
  2. What was the base version of your original install, 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 ? The issue you describe suggests you have missed a patch somewhere and are missing some .BRZ data files. The patches are often 'incremental' (each one needs to be applied) rather than 'cumulative' (where ALL necessary files are in the latest/last patch).
  3. Disabling the Shaders in game (Alt + R) definitely addresses the problem for those that need to use the newer drivers. Since this is a significant graphical feature of the game Jock Tamson's advice is to replace/reproduce (in a slightly different manner) it by: I switch off shaders in game, which has stopped the crashing. I use the War Movie advanced mod, which enhances the in game Movie mode. I use SweetFX injector to inject SMAA to add anti aliasing (as anti aliasing is disabled by movie mode).
  4. I think the 'top' resolution offered may have been 2048 x 1536, though this isn't supported by your monitor. The next lower resolution is 1600 x 1200, which would seem to be the most appropriate resolution for your monitor, since widescreen resolutions aren't supported. It's possible that the 2048 x 1536 resolution was what was selected and once you reached the 3D battlefield the game 'spilled out of the edges'. This is due to the video driver supporting such a resolution in a 'expanded desktop' mode (where you scroll around the screen that is larger that your monitor's actual physical resolution). However I wouldn't think that it would change by simply changing the 'Size of Text' in the display settings. Deleting the prefs file allows you to go through the resolution selection process again. For the slow panning and scrolling, Alt-Tab to minimize the game and then remaximize it. This should help with performance and should be necessary only once during a game session (i.e. - until you exit the game and run it again). There are also threads within the CM1 section about 'setting affinity' within Windows for the game. While I believe this in and of itself does not fully affect the display speed (panning and scrolling), others believe that it does help with game performance.
  5. Do you know why the purchased failed (is it explained ?) ? If a 'hold' hasn't been placed on your credit/debit card, you may want to try again. If a 'hold' has been placed on your credit/debit card, then you may want to contact the Helpdesk and provide any info about the purchase failure and the 'hold' charge (which typically disappears within 3 weeks max.).
  6. Please open a ticket with the Helpdesk with the link in the post above (assuming that isn't blocked too) and provide details about where you live and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in case there is some blocking based on country location or ISP. Did you receive an email after your purchase with the download links and (I believe) license key(es) ?
  7. I'm not sure why there would be a temporary block on your Battlefront Store account (to access your downloads and license keys). I don't know if there was any email confirmation about your account, but there is typically an email confirmation for the purchase, download and license key I believe. You may want to try any links that may appear in the purchase confirmation email. Otherwise you can contact the Helpdesk (click the blue, '+new ticket' button in the upper right) and hopefully they can sort you out if the block remains more than a day.
  8. So the game freezes up at the 5 minute mark ? So more than just the sound stopping, the game stops responding (mouse doesn't work, camera doesn't move, keyboard shortcuts aren't responded to) ? You will need to provide more details about your hardware. Are you using a Mac or a PC ? What MacOS or Windows version are you running ? What video card and driver version do you have installed ? Is this a laptop or a desktop ? What audio card/chip do you have and what drivers are installed ? Do you have any audio utilities installed and possibly running in the background ? What programs and utilities are running in the background ? Closing and exiting programs and utilities that are running in the background may help. Some audio utilities are known to cause problems with the copy-protection system or other issues that interfere with the game. As for the .brz data files I have the following with a Black Sea version 2.10 (Game Engine 4.0) installation on Windows: black sea v100a.brz 1,950,490,315 bytes black sea v100b.brz 1,869,933,913 bytes black sea v100c.brz 1,371,883,671 bytes black sea v101.brz 11,000,601 bytes black sea v103.brz 197,367,878 bytes black sea v104.brz 162,404,613 bytes black sea v200.brz 33,024,158 bytes black sea v210.brz 20,457,314 bytes
  9. Yes, start with the orders that are 'v4.0 Upgrades'. These should link to the 'full installer' for each game that had this upgrade. Regarding discerning what is in an order before opening it up; other than guessing by date, there's no simple way of telling what is in an order other than to open it up. Unless you purchased the 'V3/V4 combo upgrade', you will need a separate license key for 3.0. Depending on when you made the purchase of each base game, this could be the base game license key (this is always true for CMRT and CMFB, which were released as 3.0 version base games). Otherwise each game would need a 3.0 Upgrade license key in order to fully activate the game. With this being a new installation on a new computer (games never installed and activated before on this computer) you will need to activate each of the modules and upgrades that you own. So pay attention to the successful activations listed in the green boxes during the activation process.
  10. You'll need to login to your 'Store' account (from the Battlefront main page, clicking the 'Login' button in the upper right). Once logged in click on 'My Orders' (simple text list of options that you're presented with). This will present you with a list of your orders. You'll have to click on the 'Click to view' text on the right of each order to see what it actually consists of. The 'Order content' section of the order should have links for each purchase (mentioning 'sharefile' in the URL). Clicking on these links should get you to the download location for the files. You'll want to get the orders that have the 'Version 4.0 Upgrade'. These installers should generally have just about everything for each game title. Underneath the download links on your order details page there should be a listing for 'Activation codes'. Copy and paste these during the activation process. If you get errors about 'no remaining activations', then you'll need to contact the Helpdesk and request additional activations for each license key that needs them. If this is a new install on a new computer or a freshly installed OS, then you'll need the license keys for each module and upgrade that you have. For 4.0 'upgrades' you'll also need a previous version license key (usually the 3.0 Upgrade). Pay attention during the license activation process and look at the titles in the green boxes that come up showing what has been activated.
  11. 1.04 for CMBB and CMAK added eLicense (you would no longer need the CD in the optical drive to play the game) and, more importantly, it updated a few DirectX graphics calls that helped the games run on Windows Vista with DirectX 10 video cards of the time. Driver updates (much later) from the main video chip manufacturers made the patch generally unnecessary. However, it has helped with some graphics issues with Radeon cards (I'm not sure if the drivers ever got updated to fix the issues that could be seen). I think even GeForce video cards eventually had problems that didn't appear if you had the 1.04 patch installed. Again its possible that driver updates addressed those issues (but I'm not certain). I'm not sure when these patches will show up in the Store again. Steve had mentioned a desire to put a lot of the CM1 stuff back in the store in the past, but it apparently is a pretty low priority issue.
  12. I believe the 'Battlefront.com.exe' file is an installer for some Battlefront toolbars (within browsers). The digital certificate is expired (2009) and that is possibly tripping the security software. I've never utilized the toolbars myself, so this can probably remained quarantined. If other executables get quarantined, then you'll need to add 'exceptions' for them. I'm not sure how to do that with Sophos, but this article may help.
  13. If you are simply updating your storage (larger HDD or SSD) and Windows is being copied over (not reinstalled), then you likely should be fine on the same computer. The activation is tied to your Windows install and the hardware that it was installed on. If you are making significant changes to your hardware (motherboard, CPU, possibly the video card), then you could run into issues with the copy-protection system invaliding that activation (NOT the license key, but the activation of that particular installation). If this happens typically you'll get an error when you try to launch the games (I can't recall the exact error at this point). This would necessitate getting an utility from the Helpdesk to delete the activation and allowing you to reactivate that installation. If you end up reinstalling Windows (especially a 'clean' install where the previous installation of Windows is wiped out), then you simply need to reactivate the games/modules. I'm not certain of a re-installation of Windows OVER an existing installation. That MIGHT preserve the activations or possibly delete them or corrupt them (requiring the utility from Helpdesk).
  14. Regarding CMBN's Commonwealth modue: I can't remember if the 3.0 version has this, but look around for the 'Activate New Products - CMBN' link. It may be on the desktop or possibly in a folder in the Start Menu or in the folder for CMBN (typically at 'C:\Users\{your account name}\My Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\'). Launch this shortcut and put in your Commonwealth/MG license key and see if it activates the Commonwealth module, which typically should indicate that the module has been activate with it being listed in one of the green boxes on the activation results. If this doesn't work, you may want to contact the Helpdesk and tell them about your problem (and possibly provide the license key that you're using).
  15. There is NO unlicense procedure for the current copy-protection that CM has used since CMBN. CMSF and its modules used eLicense, which does have an unlicense function. This allows you to preserve the two activations per license key for each game/module. For CMBN and newer games you simply have to relicense them on the new computers. Typically each license key comes with 4 activations, once those have been used up you have to contact the Helpdesk to add another activation to each license key that needs it.
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