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  1. Schrullenhaft

    My CMBN 4.0 upgrade says it's missing 2 files

    As with your CMFI thread, I would recommend downloading the all-in-one CMBN installer (about 4GB, I believe; 'CM Normandy 4.00 Full Windows'). Your current install is missing some patches, such as 3.12 and possibly the 2.12 patch (I'm not sure what the 'normandyv220.brz' file comes from). The full installer will install everything you need. If you decide to go that route, I suggest backing up any saved games and/or non-standard scenarios and campaigns that don't come with the game by default and of course any mods that you're using.
  2. Schrullenhaft

    Stuttering and cracking sound

    Interesting - I have no idea why the affinity would make a difference unless the other cores are busy with OS duties and other tasks. I seemed to have resolved it by renaming the 'intro.wmv' file to 'intro-off.wmv', which appears to have prevented it from loading/playing. The menu and in-game audio seemed fine after that.
  3. Schrullenhaft

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    This has happened before with Apple. Apple abandoned QuickDraw RAVE 3D (what the original CM1 games were programmed with) when they moved from OS 9.x to OS X. Of course that was a VERY significant change to the very nature of the OS, so it was somewhat expected. However Apple had claimed that there would be some sort of compatibility layer that would allow such games that utilized the QuickDraw RAVE 3D API to continue to run, but it never came about. I think there may have been attempts, but they were abandoned at some point before OS X's release. They had libraries and APIs to help developers move over from OS 9.x to OS X, but they didn't touch any 3D capabilities. You had to start over with OpenGL. DirectX, in and of itself, doesn't necessarily provide better stability and performance on the PC. As an API it still suffers from 'overhead' like OpenGL does. However video driver developers definitely spend much more man hours supporting and optimizing their DirectX drivers. DirectX 12 is somewhat like Apple's Metal API in that it is 'closer to the metal' with reduced overhead with the price of increased code complexity. However optimizing/structuring your graphics code to wring every possible bit of speed (while still being maintainable) is a very laborious process, even with newer APIs which usually provide more/newer effects rather than higher performing functions. Unity would allow for developing one code base that targets both Windows and Mac. However the Metal support in Unity is still fairly basic at this point with some more progress expected over this year and next.
  4. Schrullenhaft

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    The problem with this is that you have to develop for an unique graphics API ('Metal') on the Mac. Currently the CM2 series utilizes OpenGL for both Windows and Mac (and, I assume, some tweaking to get it working properly for each environment). This allows Battlefront to simultaneously develop for both Mac and PC without having two significant code bases (saving time coding and testing). Dropping OpenGL on the Mac means that development time could nearly double since the PC and Mac versions would have significant code base differences. This does NOT bode well for Mac since it is the smaller share of game purchases, which could mean the Mac gets MUCH later releases of game titles IF they get developed at all (speaking of CM here, but it's probably true for most small game developers). From what I gather it is actually HARDER (or simply more time consuming) to write graphics code in Metal (or Vulkan) than OpenGL since the API is 'closer to the metal' and thus requires more code to accomplish the same thing. There is less API 'overhead' with these new APIs and so they're potentially a bit faster than OpenGL (when what you're coding suffers from the API's inefficiencies). The biggest problem with this announcement is that the future compatibility of the current CM2 series is in doubt. 10.14 or later may break OpenGL compatibility (this is especially possible in the video drivers that Apple includes in their OS releases) significantly enough that the CM2 series will not run on newer MacOSes. Battlefront would have to develop a new graphics engine utilizing Metal and that could take quite awhile (years). There are some ways around this, but it depends on the support of those environments to support Metal fully, and that too could take some time.
  5. Schrullenhaft

    No Sound For CMBN

    If none of the above suggestions have helped, then I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling CMBN. This is fairly easy if you have the 'all-in-one' CMBN 4.0 Upgrade installer which installs everything. All modules and upgrades should remain activated too with an uninstall as long as you're installing to the same Windows installation that the game/modules were activated on previously (you should see the icons for everything load up in the lower left of the initial CMBN main menu). If you're installing to a non-standard location and/or your user folder has been modified to redirect elsewhere, then you may want to mention that in your Helpdesk ticket.
  6. Which version of Windows 10 do you have ? Referencing version 1803, go to the Start Menu > Gear icon (Settings) > System control panel > Display menu item (on left). In the right pane, towards the top in the section labeled 'Scale and Layout', make sure that the setting selected in the drop down dialog is set to '100% (Reommended)'. Underneath that setting click on the text that says 'Advanced scaling settings'. In here in the section towards the top and the text that says 'Let Windows try to fix apps so they're not blurry', set that to 'OFF'. Below that in the 'Custom Scaling' section make sure that there is no entry type into the box (no numbers at all). Click the 'Apply' button if you've made changes. With changes it may be necessary to reboot (I'm not sure). For the 'Change high DPI settings' within the app's compatibility tab UNCHECK both boxes and see if the error goes away on your laptop. If that doesn't work, then check the box for the 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' and in the drop box below it select 'Application' and try that out. Basically what we want is for Windows to NOT scale the DPI settings (in whatever manner it does this). This behavior seems to interfere with CM games and I assume your laptop may be set to use some sort of scaling.
  7. Schrullenhaft

    No Sound For CMBN

    Windows 10 is capable of controlling the audio level for individual programs. Perhaps the setting for CMBN is on 'mute'. Here's an article on adjusting the volume for individual programs in Windows 10.
  8. Schrullenhaft

    Double buttons

    I haven't. Are you using any mods, especially interface mods (it doesn't look like it from the screenshot) ? If you minimize the game (Alt-Tab, Esc, etc.) and re-maximize it does it clear up the button display issue or does it remain ? Do the buttons with the actual graphics on them (play, fast forward, etc.) work or do you have to click in the region of the button that is below ?
  9. Schrullenhaft

    Activate - UI Resource?

    If you're trying to install CMBN 1.x on Windows 10 you'll run into issues with attempting to activate that 1.x license. The copy protection system used with CMBN 1.x is NOT compatible with Windows 10. You'll need CMBN 2.x or later to actually activate your license key. Do you have access to any downloads for CMBN, especially the 'all-in-one' installer for the 4.0 Upgrade ? If you do, then you'll want to install that instead. If you don't, then you'll want to wait before activating any license keys until you've installed most of the upgrades and/or modules. If you need more details, we'll need to know exactly what installers you have access to (DVDs, downloads, upgrades, modules, etc.).
  10. Do you have CMA (Afghanistan) ? If so, does it work ? It uses the same copy-protection system as CMSF and its engine is the closest to CMSF compared to the latter games (CMBN on).
  11. Schrullenhaft

    Server download speed is a joke

    The network provider that Battlefront uses has a distributed network. It's possible that the closest 'node' to you is experiencing issues and/or may be overloaded hosting some other customer. You can contact the Helpdesk (providing your physical location and possibly the ISP you're using) and Battlefront may contact their network provider to see what the issue is and if there is anything that they can do about it.
  12. Schrullenhaft

    Game is unplayable

    You may want to try out an OpenGL benchmark and see how your card performs. I assume most of your other games are DirectX and could behave a bit differently compared to CM with OpenGL. One to try is GFXBench 4.0 (Desktop edition). See if your results are close to the median for Radeon RX 550. If they are wildly different from the median, then there would seem to be something going on with either the video card, the drivers or something about your OS environment. AMD's OpenGL drivers DO result in slower scenario loading (up to 3 or 4 times slower). My assumption is that some OpenGL calls used for setting up the 3D environment are very un-optimized compared to Nvidia's OpenGL drivers. Within the game though the performance should be mildly comparable on nearly equivalent hardware (i.e. - AMD will NOT be 3 - 4 times slower doing any sort of graphics work in-game). What sort of mouse do you use ? You may want to see if there are updated drivers for it if it isn't a common, wired mouse (which would likely just use Microsoft Windows provided drivers). If necessary, close down any mouse-specific control panels and be sure to use 'standard' cursors (rather than 'animated' or 'custom' cursors - which are not commonly used anymore). If your mouse is wireless, you may want to try a wired mouse if you have access to one and see if that makes a difference.
  13. Schrullenhaft

    Game is unplayable

    The Radeon RX 550 should be a general improvement over a GeForce GT 720, even if the OpenGL drivers from Nvidia typically work a bit better. Does this 'jerkiness' happen regardless of the scenario being played ? In other words even if you were to play a small scenario you would be seeing this jerkiness in movement ? Are you playing real-time or a turn-based game ? What are the other specs of your computer (CPU, memory, etc.) ? What Windows version are you running and what drivers do you have installed ? If you have the latest drivers, then perhaps uninstalling them and installing a slightly older driver MIGHT help. I don't know if there is a particular Radeon driver that is having issues with CM. Was the GeForce GT 720 previously installed on this particular computer; if so, were those drivers uninstalled ? What resolution do you run the game at and have you made changes to the video card's settings or the in-game graphics settings ?
  14. Schrullenhaft

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    There are tweaks and changes necessary to get everything working. A number of things have changed with the game engines since CMSF1's days. More accurate TOE info and making it all QB accessible is a bit of work for Steve. Most of the scenario data is usable, but changes are needed here and there, especially with TOE changes and new map features/deprecations. I don't know if only the original scenarios will come with the game or if there will be 'ports' of popular scenarios that came afterward made by third parties. I believe, but don't really know, that a lot of conversions of scenarios/campaigns may be offered after the game's release (by beta testers and original authors). I don't know if there will be any sort of automatic conversion of current scenarios (I doubt it, but don't know), which if it does exist will likely require a bit of tweaking to get them to be what they were originally intended.
  15. Schrullenhaft

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    No specific announcements on 'upgrading' from CMSF1 to CMSF2. It has been HINTED that those who had purchased CMSF1 MIGHT get a discount on CMSF2, but that is the domain of speculation rather than a confirmed policy. Quite a bit of work has been necessary to bring CMSF1 up to the current standards of the CM series (3D models, textures, TOE, etc.). Scenarios and campaigns from CMSF1 have to be converted to run on CMSF2 (and this is being done), so CMSF1 content will not run directly on CMSF2. In other words, CMSF1 will NOT be DIRECTLY upgraded with CMSF2 in the manner that current CM games can have their 'engines' upgraded. Edit: beaten to the punch by domfluff