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  1. Did your payment actually go through ? Does your Battlefront Store account show a purchase (that may be in a 'pending' status) ? Do you have the license key, but no download link ? Is the email account specified in your Store account accurate (no mis-spellings) ? According to the above poster, if your email address in your Store account is different from your PayPal account (if that is the method of payment that you used), the email will typically be sent to the email account associated with the PayPal account. If you still have nothing, then you'll want to contact support by clicking the blue, '+ new ticket' button in the upper right corner. John (support) is usually pretty quick in replying to most tickets (he's based in the US Eastern Time Zone). edit - I see in the other thread that you've gotten an email with no link and the website doesn't provide a link at this point. Support will get you a link as soon as he's able to respond.
  2. Here's a link to the Patches Scrolls that should have all of the applicable patches. For the Paradox (or Gamersgate) retail versions of CMSF you will want the 1.10 (cumulative), 1.11 and 1.20 patches: https://www.patches-scrolls.com/combat_mission_shock_force.php
  3. I just saw this. What version is your Paradox version patched to ? I believe for the Paradox-only patches they go up to 1.20 and the patches are NOT cumulative. In other words you would need the intermediate patches applied too before upgrading to 1.20 (which is what I assume may be the problem here). There may have been a 1.10 that IS all-inclusive and then a 1.11 and finally the 1.20 patch. For anything newer you would have to purchase either a module or the 'Paradox 1.21 Patch' (was US$5.00). The 1.21 patch changed the licensing to Battlefront's eLicense (instead of the Paradox CD check) and allowed you to use Battlefront patches from that point on (Paradox stopped supporting the game at the 1.20 patch). Unfortunately both the 1.21 Patch and the CMSF1 modules are no longer available on the Battlefront website.
  4. The CMSF2 patch for Windows is a .rar compressed file. You do NOT simply copy it to your CMSF2 directory. The file needs to be extracted/decompressed to provide the installer for actually installing the patch (which are updated files). You will need to make a directory OUTSIDE of CMSF2 (perhaps on your desktop) and extract the file there. Windows will be unable to extract the file by itself and you will need a program such as WinRAR or 7Zip to extract it. Once extracted, run the setup program that is in the new folder (most likely the compression program will default to creating a sub-directory within your original directory that may be on your desktop). The setup program should find the CMSF2 installation and after it completes you should now be upgraded to 2.02.
  5. Yeah, its a problem that seems to happen all of the time and I don't know what causes it. However, you most likely got an email which should have both the license key and a valid download link. As mentioned above, check any spam/junk mail folders within your email client to see if it was classified as such. You typically should receive that email the day of the purchase (unless there was a problem with the payment method... and thus the order didn't go through at that time).
  6. Still sounds like an installation problem. Typically mods, incorrect/missing BRZ data files or something to that effect that is what leads to weirdness in the UI. With CMBN typically the whole game gets installed into the User's Documents folder. So uninstall it from the Control Panel > Programs and Features (Windows 10 has a slightly different name for this). Then go into the File Manager and make sure that the entire directory is deleted. The do a fresh install. With the 3.12 level of the game, how are you installing it ? With the 3.0 Upgrade there is a 3.12 Full Installer that should be used (look at your CMBN 3.0 Upgrade purchase and the download link should point to this full installer). Even with deleting your installation and its directory, the game and modules should remain activated on your computer (unless you have reinstalled or upgraded Windows or made significant hardware changes).
  7. If you have Windows 10, then the 1.x versions of CMBN will NOT work. The copy-protection system for that version does not work with Windows 10. If you upgrade to 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0, then it should work. The CMBN 3 + 4 Upgrade Bundle for $15 should get you running (you don't need to purchase the 2.0 Upgrade, which is no longer available). As for activations, the game typically comes with 4 per license key. If you run out, simply contacting the Helpdesk and providing your license key should allow them to add an activation at no cost (though, again, the 1.x versions will not run on Windows 10).
  8. If you have a purchase for the 4.0 Upgrade, then click on the download link for that and I believe that should give you access to the 'full installer'.
  9. If you launch it again, what do you get, another activation window ? If so, then you should be able to activate with the 3.0 Upgrade license key. Was CMFI activated on this computer previously (assuming you didn't upgrade Windows or completely reinstall it) ? With a full 4.0 install, you will need both the 4.0 Upgrade and the 3.0 Upgrade license keys (assuming you didn't purchase the base game when it was already at version 4.0 - something determined by the date of purchase). If you have the '3.0 + 4.0 Upgrade' (a combo), then I'm not sure how the activation works since I assume you only get one license key, which probably like the base game purchase after the 4.0 Upgrade was released, should activate with just one activation of the license key. To get more details on your specific issue of activation you may want to open a support ticket with the Helpdesk (click the blue, '+new ticket' icon in the upper right). You will probably need to provide details of you CMFI related purchases (and their dates) along with your license keys if you feel that your purchases should require a 3.0 Upgrade license key.
  10. If you have purchased the 4.0 Upgrade, then I suggest downloading the all-in-one 4.0 installer. You should be able to get a download link to it from your 4.0 Upgrade purchase. For CMBN for Windows that would be the 3GB file named (in the folder view) 'Windows FULL CM Normandy'. This will link you to the actual download that is updated to 4.02. This file is a .rar compressed file on the PC, so you'll need a compression/decompression program that can work with that format, such as WinRAR, 7zip, etc. Windows natively doesn't handle RAR compression files (like it can with .zip). With the Full 4.0 installer you do NOT need anything else installed. All modules and patches are included. They simply need to be activated after installing. In fact I suggest deleting/uninstalling whatever else you have installed before installing this all-in-one installer. Whatever has been previously activated on this computer (upgrade/module/pack) should remain activated, as long as there hasn't been a reinstall/upgrade of Windows or significant hardware changes (that may invalidate an activation). With the 4.0 Upgrade/full installation, you will typically want to activate with the 4.0 Upgrade license key first, make note of what green activation boxes are present after a successful activation. The text in the boxes should tell you what the game considers activated at this point. Close down CMBN (which will just be an activation window at this point). Launch CM again and you should be presented with another activation window. Use the 3.0 Upgrade license key at this point, again making note of what green activation boxes are present after activating. If you were to load the game at this point, it should be just the base game patched to the 4.02 patch. If you have modules, then you will need to click the 'Activate Modules' shortcut. This MIGHT be on your desktop or in the Start Menu (within the Battlefront > Combat Mission Battle for Normandy folder). With this shortcut you can input the license keys for the modules and packs that you have (one at a time, with each activation attempt). Again, make note of what green activation boxes exist after a successful activation. After everything has been activated, the module/pack icons should show up at the bottom of the initial CMBN splash screen.
  11. The CMX1 games lack true widescreen resolutions. If you're running standard HD (1920 x 1080), then CM's closest resolution would be 1600 x 1200, which may result in some 'stretching' on your screen. I believe, but haven't used it myself, the dxcfg.exe program that GOG provides can adjust the display/video driver so that the image isn't stretched, but instead 'centered' (and thus there will be a black border around the game). I'm not certain what else it may do. The clunkiness of the 3D models can't really be changed, though there are texture mods that can make some things look a little better. I think the GOG version may have a lot of those mods included (though not installed and running by default). If you purchase the GOG distribution, you could use the dxcfg program with your standard 1.04 programs from Battlefront (as far as I know).
  12. You may want to add an 'exception' within your security software to make sure it isn't interfering with your CM game. It's possible some security software may interfere to the point that things don't work. This MIGHT include interference during the activation process. What videocard do you have in your computer (assuming this is a PC) ? If this is a laptop, does it only have Intel integrated video or does it have a 'discrete'/dedicated video chip such as some sort of GeForce or Radeon ? With laptops you may need to add the CM game executable to a list of applications to create a 'profile' for it. This typically forces the game to run on the dedicated video, which may alleviate some performance and display problems using the integrated (typically Intel) video.
  13. When you activate, what 'green boxes' are shown in your activation window ? This should list the modules/upgrades that are currently activated. If you have a '3+4 bundle' did you get one or two license keys with it ? I assume one. Typically you will need the Upgrade 3.0 and Upgrade 4.0 license keys to activate the base game fully. With the '3+4 bundle' I'm not sure how that works if you only get one license key. I would assume that one license key MIGHT activate both the 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrades (the 1.0 base and 2.0 Upgrade license keys are NOT needed, typically). Using the 'all-in-one' 4.0 installer (from 'scratch', i.e. - no other install present) you would not need anything other than possibly the latest patch. Snaked by Elvis
  14. I assume this question is probably in the wrong location, this sub-form is tech support for the CM1 games (CMBO, CMBB and CMAK). The CM1 series of games do NOT run on MacOS 10.x. The Mac versions were only compatible with MacOS versions 9.x and 8.x. In order to run the CM1 games you would need a Boot Camp partition on your Mac to run Windows (with a Windows version of the game(s)). They MIGHT work with Parallels, but I'm not sure of that (again with a PC version of the games). I assume the subject is actually about the later CM2 games such as CMBN and later (which have 'bundles' that include modules such as Market Garden, etc.). Those should generally run OK with your MacBook Pro. Larger scenarios might be a bit slow (graphics performance-wise) depending on the resolution you're running at.
  15. As far as I'm aware you DO need to go through your orders in order to find the correct download. The '4.0 Upgrade' should get you the latest all-in-one installer. If you have purchased the base game or a bundle that includes the base game recently (after 4.0 was released), then the base game or bundle purchase should point you to an all-in-one installer.
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