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  1. Thanks for all the kind words. Fortunately my health problems are not life threatening, only mod threatening. My best wishes for continued success to the BFC team and community. And finally, a heartfelt thank you to Marco who taught me what little I know about art, because that's what Marco really brings to the modding world, Art.
  2. Available now on CMMODS, a contemporary Russian camo mod and an "old school" plain Russian mod for the T-90, BMP-3 and BRDM2-AT5. Enjoy.
  3. I've just uploaded my plain green and sand camouflaged LAV mods based on Marco Bergmans' most excellent mod to the BFC repository. Look for them there once they clear immigration. OK, back to the camo and plain Russian T-90 and BMP-3 ...
  4. Sergei, I've got too much on my plate right now to do something like your Afgan mod, although that's an interesting scheme. It shouldn't be too hard for someone else to work that up based on my plain Russian mod textures, thought. Darius359au, I'd rather not duplicate mods on multiple servers due to the effort of maintaining multiple sites if updates are needed.
  5. I've just uploaded my NATO and Sand camouflaged Strykers mods to the BFC repository. Look for them there once they clear customs. Enjoy.
  6. Version 2 of the NATO add-on mod is now available at CMMODS. It includes the MOUT textures for the Abrams and Bradley. Sorry I missed these the first time around.
  7. They're up on BFC's Repository, Green and Sand colored AAV-7s. Enjoy.
  8. OK, apparently I actually need to find time to play this damn game. :mad: I apparently completely missed the MOUT textures for the M1 and Bradley. Here's a preview of the M1 Tusk. I'll have to update the update, hopefully very soon. I am also working on the T-90 and BMP-3 (plain Russian and camo Russian versions), but they're going to take longer. The Strykers are a longer term project since they at least blend in with the other NATO vehicles.
  9. I've got an add-on for my NATO mod uploaded to CMMMODS. It includes the missing Marines textures and a couple of Army textures that slipped past me originally.
  10. It is finished. My contemporary camouflaged Russian vehicles mod is now available on CMMODS. And as a bonus, I've also created an "old school" plain Russian vehicles mod which is also available on CMMODs. Sorry it took so long, enjoy.
  11. OK, I've finally wrapped up the T-72s. I've just got some packaging up to finalize and then the whole ball o' wax will get uploaded to CMMODS in the next day or two. Oh, and just like all the good DVDs, there will be bonus material. :eek:
  12. Sorry for the long delay in posting an update. The combination of a family vacation, work, the start of my son's baseball season, and some issues with the T-62 models delayed completion of the T-62s. But I just finished all three, so it's on to the T-72s and then I'll be done (at least until the Marine module comes out)
  13. PawBroon! Welcome back! Great to hear from you. And I don't use ANY grass mods.
  14. OK, I've finished the beta versions of the "trucks." I've just got the 62s and 72s to go. And then I need to decide on markings.
  15. The tracks will be the last thing that I work on as part of the mod as I'll need to set up transparency on them.
  16. So, the T-55s never got the fancy new camouflage paint jobs, and they've been out in the elements for a lot longer, so they're looking a little "tired" ...
  17. RommL, Well, I try to slightly vary the colors between vehicles to represent different age and weathering effects and so they don't look like they all rolled out of the factory on the same day. MikeyD, Yup, that's another one of my goals, to help differentiate the different types of vehicles (within the limits of the shared portions, of course).
  18. Well, I've only just finished my beta version of the BMP-2s. So that only leaves the BMP-1s, BRDMs, BTR-60, UAZ, T-55s, T-62s and T-72s. So, I wouldn't expect anything for quite some time. And I also only just realized that I neglected the poor Strykers in my NATO mod, so I'll have to work on that ...
  19. Everyone to get from street. OK, I've started on the Russians to complement my US NATO mod. Here's the BMP-2. There's a lot of vehicles to work on, so don't expect this mod very soon. [ June 10, 2008, 06:45 PM: Message edited by: Gordon ]
  20. M1A1TankCommander, I'm glad that you think I got the colors right, I spent a lot of time tweaking them. Unfortunately, I don't do uniforms. I appreciate the comments, and I hope you all like 'em as much in-game.
  21. I'm very close to wrapping up a NATO mod I've been working on for a couple of months. It should be just a couple more days before I upload it to CMMODS. Here's a preview: I'm also working on some Rooskies for the NATO boys to play with, but they're not nearly as far along. I'll update this post when the NATO mod is uploaded. [ March 01, 2008, 12:23 PM: Message edited by: Gordon ]
  22. Here's a sample of something I've been messing around with for a possible "Russian" mod.
  23. Sorry, the splinter patterns are all hand drawn. There is no "pattern." The best I could do would be to provide color chips for the various colors used.
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