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  1. George MC


    Excellent great work mate Oh and to all those modders and their superb work that services the desires of all us - their mod slut b#######s!
  2. George MC

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    Yup use that method BUT it's not very reliable IMO. I'd echo @benpark 's take which reduces the chance of the AI botching the set-up.
  3. George MC

    Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign

    You are not guaranteed you will get a different AI Plan though. Currently, designers nor players can select which AI Plan to play against. So I can create three to four AI Plans but no guarantee you won't end up playing the same one on subsequent occasions. In scenarios, you can at least open the scenario and select which AI plan in the editor. You can't do that in a campaign.
  4. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    I think you'll find it an interesting tactical workout then. It's interesting to see why they use these tactics and how surprisingly effective they can be. Or not if... It's a fine balancing act! 🤐
  5. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Nae worries mate - more than familiar with the work/game time balance demands! That's very kind of you thank you. I'll upload it to CMMODS with full accreditation of course to your good self. It's a brill mod BTW Thanks again! Cheery!
  6. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Hi @Heinrich505 Thanks for the brilliant and detailed AAR. Good sum up of the tactical challenge I think in this one – “you are screwed if you go too fast, and you'll lose if you go too slowly”. Aye it does pay to read the brief. Just for ****s and giggles I’ve playtested going up the GREEN route… The BMPs are really effective at taking out enemy units but are very fragile. Whilst the tanks are a bit sturdier but take a few more shots to KO enemy but also throw up a lot of dust etc. As in RL combining the two does mean mutual support and making the best use of the advantages of each weapon system. It’s too easy to leave the strongpoint troops to fend for themselves. I’m very guilty of doing that. It was a balance re their ammo loadouts as there is not that much granularity in the editor for choosing their loadouts. It’s not quite all or nothing but one setting gave them enough to fight off all comers whilst the other setting leaves them a bit ‘light’. Still, I found I have to keep a weather eye on the strongpoint troops. Aye CMSF2 does a great job of simulating dust and smoke from combat. I’ve found that in this scenario this can be a useful effect to take advantage of, although the downside is enemy tank hunter teams can also use the cover of the dust etc to get close. That was good going getting to everyone in that time and establishing new defensive positions. The question of whether to stay or withdraw does really depend on how effective your initial attack is. I’ve several AI triggers in operation at this juncture so if you have conducted an effective attack and set-up effective overwatch then you are in a ‘good place’! Which with a tactical victory you were. I’m really pleased you enjoyed it. Also good to hear (as per other feedback) that the reduced time limit has not involved an increased pressure to rush. As I’d hoped the pressure to move fast comes from the tactical situation, not the clock. Also good to hear the AI triggers work – I was looking to recreate an enemy force reacting to a situation and by the sounds of things that does appear to have worked, with the ebbing and rising “battle rhythm” (just seen that buzz phrase on twitter!). Thanks for your kind words about this – although I think that the new CMSF2 goes a large way to providing a very different and immersive experience than the original did (although when I first became involved in CMSF it was a bit of a wow experience, especially when working with the beta’s and coming from CMX1 and WWII!). Cheers for the positive feedback and kind words – really appreciated ta. Cheery!
  7. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Thanks, @Erwin much-appreciated thanks ) Be interested to see what you think as it's evolved slightly since you playtested years back! Cheery!
  8. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Hi Erwin I think that tactic might still work but I re-jigged the ambushes (using triggers) so the rebels are a wee bit more coordinated. So you might, just might get a wee surprise if you try that Re the chokepoints I think, if you find the right place this is still possible. It's difficult to totally eliminate this as you are subject to the vagaries of AI pathfinding. So whilst I sought to reduce this if a player is lucky they might still find the 'right' place and mow em down. Its challenging to totally eliminate this in AI plans, reduce yes, eliminate no.
  9. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    I've just tweaked this to a version 2. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cmsf-2-daraya-tank-raid/ I compromised on the suggested time reduction as discussed in this thread. I took 20 minutes off and increased the variable time. If players need the time it's there in the variable bit. If you think you've achieved your objectives sooner then makes it easier to decide to hit ceasefire, I think. Still, see what others think I guess. I appreciate players come with different skill sets and play styles, but given the tactical context, you have to attack with a sense of urgency. I 'think' cautious methodical players may find this mission tough as it requires a bold intelligent approach to have any chance of achieving your objectives before your holdouts are wiped out. As one WWII German armoured troops pamphlet stated -"Panzer Vorwärts! Aber mit Verstand!" or "Armour Forward! But with Intelligence!" This advice I think holds very true for this scenario. Thanks to all for the discussion above interesting reading and useful views ta.
  10. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    That's handy to know thanks - great help especially when you're a tactical Jedi! Thanks - glad you enjoy the stuff I create, always good to hear and great motivation. Ta Cheery!
  11. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Good recall thanks It’s a very good and efficient use of combat recce. Spoilers * * * Interesting you thought RHS. That was my favoured approach when testing and it proved to be easy so I rejigged the defence to make it tougher. There is a route through but not as obvious and I found it’s slow. The LHS good call. It’s well seeded by IEDs like the brief says. To try that route would end in tears. So you did well in uncovering the ambushes. Also good call to move fast once you had done so. There are various triggers so if you move slow gives the AI units time to realign. Careful balancing act which you nailed. Re time I’ll review the mission time and adjust so less ‘fat’ in it. Many thanks fir your breakdown of your plan. I was wondering if I’d left a gap but it was your sound tactics that won the day. Colour me impressed
  12. You need some authentic Jockanese http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=6296 in your scenario
  13. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Excellent - useful feedback thanks. I've seen the discussion re scenario time so I'll read through these discussions then post a separate reply (at work just now so will be later!). I think you did really well winning this - all credit to your tactical and CM skills. How - if you don't mind me asking - did you manage to get the BMPs there so quick? I've tried that but never managed, as always end up running into an ambush or taking too long as I work my way forward. Your screenshot shows a good outcome, as I said I'm well impressed. Thanks for playing this through and I appreciate the time you took to post your comments and thoughts. Cheery!
  14. George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Thank you Here ya go https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wwyy06b5lsfoqgo/AACOnCYJbSPAwdRzId5uD1R_a?dl=0 It's not on CMMODS right now. If @LongLeftFlank is agreeable I'm happy to upload to CMMODs for him? Could be it's on his own to do list so I'd rather wait for the get-go from his good self. Cheery!