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  1. George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Thanks @Aragorn2002
  2. George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Hi @MOS:96B2P Good skills spot on analysis. The smoke columns are from a brace of SU-76s that tried to ambush the Panthers. They scored a few hits on the lead tank and actually killed the commander. The rest of the zug took out the assault guns. The image on the previous page shows one of the KOd SU-76s. Aye still noodling away at the campaign. I’m working on the branching missions. This mission is an alternate ‘history’ of an actual event. In the campaign if all going well you’d play the historical version. If not you’ll end up in this one. Which in play testing is just as engaging, I think. Campaigns are a bit of PITA to do though! Lot of moving parts and I’ve nowhere near the free time I used to have now. Still it’s progressing nicely. I think! Cheery!
  3. George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Panzer grenadiers debussing to mop up some leftover Soviet infantry - after their accompanying Panthers pulverised them!
  4. George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Panthers on the prowl
  5. George MC

    Scenario designing with AI

    Are they on-map or off-map mortars?
  6. George MC

    Fortified Map?

    I can take wee look at it if you like - if its a smallish set-up would have the time to check out?
  7. George MC

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Great to have you back buddy
  8. George MC


    We’ve been frying all sorts in Scotland fir years. Mars bars to pizza
  9. George MC

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    Hi @DMS Another interesting post. Liking this discussion with these primary sources. Thats an interesting action. It would appear they ID the targets then unseen dug in the guns and then proceeded to take out the GermanMG posts by sniping them. Re how close is to close? Another poster mentioned AT positions which chimes with what I’ve read from Soviet first hand accounts (I Remember website being a good source). In the example you outline it does sound like they took the German MGs by surpass before they could respond effectively. I’m stil if the view that moving later got AT gins (or any AT gun) into position in LOG of any enemy unit is asking for trouble. Moving the gun would expose the crew way more than them crouching behind the shield I think. I’d still say if moving guns forward with infantry you’d have to be doing it with the enemy suppressed or under cover (smoke/terrain).
  10. Its a wee teaser in and of itself!
  11. George MC

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    Nice find! Would the guns in the above scheme not have been dug in and camouflaged? If they are that close to the Germans, and the Germans know they are there I'm pretty sure they'd be targets for mortar/arty fire? I'm not sure of the context though in the above scheme i.e. how they guns got to be where they are. AI said moving guns forward, at close range, in plain sight of an unsuppressed enemy is asking for trouble in-game and in RL I think. Whether MGs are there or not.
  12. George MC

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    I know this was a tactic the Soviets used - hence why the Germans were very keen to counterattack as soon possible before the Soviets loaded the AO with PAK. But I'm sure they were not doing this in full sight of unsuppressed enemy MGs.Perhaps you need to rethink your tactics and try not to do it in full sight and 500m from an unsuppressed enemy? FYI in game I've successfully rolled AT guns into firing positions, both as player and in AI plans without the other player spotting them until they opened up. Did it under cover or with the enemy being heavily suppressed.
  13. George MC

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    There are not any direct comms links between the different nationality units UNLESS you physically place a unit from one nationality next to the unit of another and all have radios and links to their higher-ups - in which case they will then share info.