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  1. There are hundreds of QB maps that could easily be used as the map basis for a scenario - or then tweaked for your own scenario. You could even check out the QB AI Plans and use the QB AI Plan as the basis for your scenario AI Plan - just make sure you allocate units to AI groups.
  2. He’s got a great series of videos. Well worth checking out.
  3. The designer can assign preplanned (AI Plan) arty fire on AI 'Friendlies'. And when the scenario starts AI will bombard and massacre its own units. Just paint the area required.
  4. It’s not that cold although winter this year been bit rubbish being really warm. @Sgt.Squarehead you just gotta keep moving!
  5. I've been serializing the panzer grenadier one on my twitter feed - link below.
  6. I had thought crewmen were classed as infantry hence thinking if you have a 'refit' some KIA crewmen might be replaced. As discussed 'repair' only cover the actual vehicle that is certain. I wonder if crewmen are just not covered? Hhmm...
  7. Cool - cheers for confirming my hunches! I'm more a seat of the pants designer! Aye good point re confusing nomenclature by designers in briefings. Yup and in CM campaign scripts they are two VERY different concepts. I forgot to add for 'repair' that immobilised and bogged vehicles have a chance of coming back into action - again depending on the 5 chance the designer sets. As an aside, I've not noticed badly wounded or KIA crew members be replaced in damaged vehicles no matter what % 'refit' set to. You any take on that?
  8. My <understanding> is the following: Refit - this refers to replacement men and equipment including vehicles. Repair Vehicle - refers to repairing vehicles NOTE: repairs are binary i.e. fully repaired vehicle rather partially repaired vehicle Resupply - all units are equipped with ammo (NOTE: fuel load outs not tracked in CM) Rest - how much units get to recover. The actual % is set by the designer and TBH I've not tested them. I've tended to go 'feel' through a campaign via testing and what I think is a 'realistic' value e.g. if campaign covers consecutive days then I'd tend to set the first two to 0 and most everything to a very low %. It's binary so refit set to a high % will mean everything gets refitted to that % how the game engine works this out I've no idea. As i said I just set what i think is realistic and then check that behavior produces the required results in game.
  9. Excellent great work mate Oh and to all those modders and their superb work that services the desires of all us - their mod slut b#######s!
  10. Yup use that method BUT it's not very reliable IMO. I'd echo @benpark 's take which reduces the chance of the AI botching the set-up.
  11. You are not guaranteed you will get a different AI Plan though. Currently, designers nor players can select which AI Plan to play against. So I can create three to four AI Plans but no guarantee you won't end up playing the same one on subsequent occasions. In scenarios, you can at least open the scenario and select which AI plan in the editor. You can't do that in a campaign.
  12. I think you'll find it an interesting tactical workout then. It's interesting to see why they use these tactics and how surprisingly effective they can be. Or not if... It's a fine balancing act! 🤐
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