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  1. George MC

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I'm assuming you mean Passage at Wilcox? Glad ya enjoyed it!
  2. I've found that working with the constraints of the CM game engine that I get good results from my SPW if a/ I button them up and b/ give the MG a very, very short cover arc. Generally, this means that as they drive about they are less likely to attract rifle/SMG fire as there is no gunner poking his head up. Your SPW will still be fair game though to ATRs and HMGs (if close enough).
  3. Other options are available...
  4. George MC

    Tips for spotting AT guns

    That's how the Soviets dealt with German armoured counter attacks and why the Germans liked to attack ASAP before the Soviets had time to build an AT defence. So it would depend on the context but having to fight your way through a wheen of Soviet PAK is not ahistorical.
  5. George MC

    Urban Combat Training Article

    It's an excellent talk. You're right - there is a lot of detail in this talk. also seems like he was time pressured so some of the slides he quickly skims through, so yeah worth pausing them. The EW stuff is particularly interesting and how the take-home point is best not forget your map and compass skills boyz! Re the Jeb Stuart analogy - that section is really fascinating as it shows how mobile mechanised ops can be conducted on a modern battlefield. The chap who led it mentions it was like being an ice breaker as you moved forward so the ice closed back in behind you - meaning you have to keep going forward. This tied in with a slide talking about very low unit density per sq KM. No massed battalions here! I'd have to give it another run through but I think this section has the most interesting potential for scenario designers to consider (Shameful plug but Morning Coffee is based on this very principle of 'a raid' - in and out fast creating maximum destruction and exfil before the cavalry show up.
  6. Actually, it started out life as a WWII map - albeit part of a huge WWII CMRT map - and was updated accordingly.
  7. Cheers @peter thomas - good effort Glad you enjoyed it. From your AAR looks like you played it straight down the line. That's the trick good recon at the start to ID and take out all the anti-armour assets. I've played it myself using the charge and all guns blazing approach. That's good fun as well, albeit in a very different way!
  8. What about the passengers? At least one of them will have binos, do they not use em? e.g. the platoon leader. To add - SOP for me with SPW, prior to moving into contact is suppression fire both from the tracks and their own heavy weapons company. These 75mm cannon SPW are really effective at long range and even danger close as they are not unduly affected by rifle/MG fire at 200-300m or even closer.
  9. Ah cheers @Bootie I'm pleased to see I didn't totally **** it up! I thought it was a wee bit more awkward than I remember... I'll check out the video how to ta. Thanks for clearing up my errors, yer a star. Next time I'm over in Aberdoom I'll buy you a wee sherbert or twa! Cheery!
  10. George MC

    Rolling Thunder (demo scenario)

    Here ya go - the original demo scenario for CMBS Rolling Thunder as on the demo. Now on TSDIII Grab the ORIGINAL and ONLY Rolling Thunder as played on the demo. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/uncategorized/cmbs-rolling-thunder/
  11. Here ya go - the original demo scenario for CMBS Rolling Thunder as on the demo. Now on TSDIII Nice wee opportunity to thank @Bootie's fine efforts in running and maintaining this facility. Grand the ORIGINAL and ONLY Rolling Thunder as played on the demo. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/uncategorized/cmbs-rolling-thunder/
  12. The plan had been for it to ship with the game but it was one of these wee things that dropped off at the final stage. As they say, **** happens
  13. Just to confirm, as I'm the original author, this is not the original scenario. To reiterate the demo version is Rolling Thunder (which is what the OP is discussing), the (my) original version of that, which I could have sworn was on the original scenario depot, is Rolling Thunder_v1. The one you have lined to @IanL is 'a' version someone else has done, based on my orginal, and is NOT the one the OP is discussing. I'll upload the (my) original as used for the demo to TSDIII on Thursday (I'm away from my PC just now) as a standalone scenario. Cheery! EDIT to add It is on the FGM site http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/combat-mission-black-sea/rolling-thunder/b-15.htm?action=scenario&id=11869 This is the ORIGINAL as used in the CMBS demo. For background, my original thread re the scenario (note the dropbox and repository links no longer work) From this thread, it was originally uploaded to the repository but does not appear to have migrated over to TSDIII, which, as I said I'll fix tomorrow (Thursday)
  14. Excellent - glad ya like the map. Good luck
  15. Cool - thanks for doing that @Abbasid111 Yes, I can confirm that the demo Rolling Thunder and the CMBS game scenario Rolling Thunder v1 are one and the same.