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  1. The clip does not show any tree foliage hence why I asked. Previous issues with spotting often occur as player has toggled off the trees. But it s pretty poor video quality so not really sure what is going on TBH.
  2. I've just had some issues with CMRT and root cause appears to have been Windows Defender. I have now installed Avast (have a premium account via work) and CMRT exes work fine now. Took a fair bot of fiddling about as have not had any problems (so i thought) with Windows Defender prior.
  3. Just saw this picture on a Facebook group
  4. It happens in CMRT. I’m playing a PBEM and I’ve had my scout teams mauled. Survivors were busy providing first aid. Does depend on what else is going on around them and their morale situation though.
  5. Other issue could be his game has been patched since the games were saved? i.e. save games were done in older game engine version.
  6. That’s excellent! Cheers Ben. Saves time counting lines - incorrectly!!
  7. If I recall, and I’d have to double check... but Malinovo is the name used generally in the west to refer to the place whilst Malinava is the name I have seen referenced more in Russian accounts. Oh there is a PDF in the scenario zip file with all the info I found about the action including the Soviet casualty list.
  8. Both ways appear to be used. TSD III (if you check the beginning of this thread) links to the scenario being played.
  9. Thanks for playing this and posting your feedback. Much appreciated ta! Glad you enjoyed it and good effort. I've a few scenarios in the pipeline for sure Cheery!
  10. Ah cool - glad you found them useful, I thought they're a useful resource and have helped me with ideas for scenarios or off-shoots from the original article.
  11. Cool glad ya like it Aye the CMSF2 version has come a long way from the original in CMSF - more experience making scenarios in this game engine and triggers. So if interested here is a link to the vignette that Wilcox was based on originally https://www.dropbox.com/s/4uu14ycqrjvkwg9/tacvig99-2.pdf?dl=0 And Rhadnack Valley Search https://mca-marines.org/gazette/rahadnak-valley-search/ Attack in Brandenburg https://www.dropbox.com/s/r6v86q3471ijkfb/tacvig98-3.pdf?dl=0 I also did one NATO TV 98-5 Steelers with three different NATO forces on a very large map. Oh this one sounds like its right up @MOS:96B2P 's street - https://mca-marines.org/gazette/the-tactical-trainer/ with US stinger armed troops in a warehouse being Kod and the insurgents nabbing the stingers to then go and KO an aircraft due to come in at XXXXHrs.
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