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  1. If they are no on TSDIII then I'm not sure where they are then. People create stuff but often just post a dropbox link and a create a thread in the forum. Guess you could always search the forums for threads with these names?
  2. Here ya go: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/category/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/
  3. As noted by @SimpleSimon by the timeframe of CMRT and it’s main focus on Bagration they had pretty much all been replaced by the IS series. http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2018/03/kv-1s-from-temporary-to-permanent.html?m=1#more
  4. Wee vignette from Poland summer 1944. two German soldiers flee out of the front door of a small house as Soviet infantry pile in the back door. The two fleeing Landsers run into the path of a T-34. One of them cooly takes a knee, aims his panzerfaust and KOs the tank. View from the hapless T-34s POV.
  5. Just use tonnes of HE! Nice one - MilHisVis is a brilliant channel and he - Bernard - also has one Military History non-visualized which is less graphic heavy but still useful info. If you are on twitter he's pretty active there too.
  6. Ouch! Yup SPW units are not very resilient when it comes to losing dismounts. From what I can ascertain they took heavier than average losses I guess mainly due to their role and, if a SPW is hit you can lose a lot of men. I don’t know if you’ve come across Military History Visualized on YouTube? Has some great videos regarding use and deployment of panzergrenadier and panzers from primary sources. If nothing else will make you feel better about taking losses!
  7. He! I’d love to. But... Orders is orders
  8. My pleasure. Worth noting there is a wide range of hot keys that can toggle stuff on or off. The combos are in the manual but worth being aware off. As I have discovered myself when I inadvertently toggled off smoke myself a while back. Easy done.
  9. You’ve not got smoke toggled off have you? ALT-K
  10. Aye sorry bit rubbish explanation. Sorry away from the game at the mo so no chance of screenshots for now. I use my unit's 'target' command to see how far they have LOF/LOS for (as and when line turns from light blue to dark blue). I plot the 'target' command then plot a movement order to just before the end point of the target command. This means my unit is travelling as far as they can see, and then stopping just before that. Although this no guard against flanking fire... That's why this is done in an overall mutual support context - with other units securing my flanks. At their end point I can either slowly 'hunt' forward - again using the 'target' command to see at what point the line turns from light blue to dark blue - to the 'crest' and plotting the movement command just before that point where the line turns from light blue to dark blue. I find it easier to achieve a turret down position with armour doing this (where you get the grey line when using the LOS/LOF tool). In your screenshot example (that looks like one of my maps you're playing on BTW ) I'd be cautious because if it shows I have LOS/LOF to that point the enemy could be the same. So I'd be cautious if you can see do that so can the enemy. My method works best in open terrain. Close terrain is a knife fight really, and that's where combined arms.area fire and prep arty/mortar fire comes into its own. Oh that and sending in scouts first.
  11. I often use the 'target' tool to see how far the unit's LOF extends then basically do short hops from 'safe' zone to just before the LOF blue line stops. Helps plotting movement orders to plot a 'target' command then plot the movement order to just before that. You can then cancel the target command and rinse and repeat or if feeling lucky repeat for each unit.
  12. C2 is modelled. Excellent thread by @MOS:96B2P
  13. Sort of on topic as covers T-90 reactive armor and Shtora active protection system in action, albeit in Syria. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/russia-thought-its-tanks-were-unstoppable-and-then-syria-happened-94481?fbclid=IwAR0gZb4ELSxgyPdUHmoxjBtiSufzw8syryQUUpD-wzIOqCar7AcaemK3e60
  14. Yes. Once the platoon hq remounts their ride. I use this tactic a lot. @MOS:96B2P did a superb thread based on testing re how info is shared in CM.
  15. Aye my apologies - I only read Kaunitz's post - reading on phone..
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