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  1. Hi Lille The above shot is set in January 1945 in Hungary. Personally, I've not tested the full range of weather parameters and this was taken using a beta build when I was doing some AI plan testing in a scenario I made. Caveat. How and when winter shows up and how to access whitewashed vehicles could change. Suffice to say winter terrain and weather conditions and whitewashed vehicles are in. Cheery!
  2. Nice of you to say - still be pleasure to buy you a pint of by chance you fetch up in the Highlands. Might even stretch to a bag o crisps an aw!
  3. Ha! Ha! Jeezo! Aye memo to self. Next time use simpler ranks!! I’m still due you beer for the proof reading and other support you gave on that project. Cheery!
  4. Saw em live in Glasgow few years back. Brilliant live. Even had a tank on stage!
  5. On the plus side - least you read it! I'm convinced few players do read the briefing. And if they do. I think fewer comprehend it. P.S. Not one of mine by the way.
  6. Correct it’s set at dawn and east is to the left of the Panther.
  7. Link updated now at the original scenario thread.
  8. Updated dropbox link to beta v2 - I would appreciate any feedback on this thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9utcncif8j73y8v/AADD-i2_aRAkij-35ovFMGR1a?dl=0 Cheery!
  9. It’sthe drop box link gone. I’d a clear out of my Dropbox account. Give me till this evening and I’ll reupload. Away from my pc just now. cheery!
  10. He! Awra best! Be keen to hear how you get on? Ta!
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