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  1. Even if there are multiple AI Plans for every mission in the campaign - you can't assume that a/ you'll pull a different AI Plan (as the chances of selecting a different AI plan are pretty random i.e. the game does not remember which AI Plan you drew on any one mission) b/ even if there is only one AI Plan for each mission you don't know that or even if you just luckily pulled the same AI plan that you'd played previously if you don't and you try to play the AI plan and it is, in fact, a different AI Plan, well... So all in all given the above and assuming you don't go digging - you would have to assume that you are not playing the same AI Plan and attack accordingly. Enjoy
  2. Interesting article for early war Ost Front fans. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/soviet-counterattck-at-verba/
  3. Nae worries @MANoWAR.U51
  4. Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c838xk8r3v2o8db/AACj82ZYx3Ijnj5vsrlahvu5a?dl=0 Sandcoloured BMPs and T72 - BMP by MikeyD and the T72 by Marco Bergman (I think). Oh and I added Long leftflank's shot up buildings mod.
  5. George MC

    CMSF2 briefings?

    Been a tough fight but reckon I saw em off! Freedom! Ermmh... Cheers @mjkerner hopefully more yet to come, appreciate the kudos though
  6. George MC

    CMSF2 briefings?

    Can’t hear or see anything here. Hang on what’s that noise outsi
  7. George MC

    CMSF2 briefings?

    I don't think it is a state secret and therefore I'm not running a risk of killer bots suddenly swarming the house... Scenario designers are using CMSF2 specific templates for the stuff in CMSF2(although to be fair BFC have someone who is **** hot at that sort of stuff creating them, we just supply the raw data). I'm not sure if this template will be released once CMSF2 goes live, but all the other ones were so no reason to assume it won't be? Although don't quote me on that!
  8. George MC

    Bridge at Remagen

    What? A tank on a bridge? Et voila!
  9. George MC

    The patch?

    Weel said @Badger73
  10. George MC

    best CM game

    Thanks very much No Forging Steel was released by myself independently. Not sure at the moment I'd have the time to redo all the missions using triggers. I'm busy with new projects using 4.0 which are taking what little free time I have at the moment. Thanks again for the kind words. Cheery!
  11. George MC

    best CM game

    Hi Jock That campaign was not mine I'm afraid.I've only made one campaign for CMSF and that's 'Forging Steel'.
  12. George MC

    best CM game

    My main interest and 'love' is the Ost Front so Red Thunder for me, although I really enjoy the modern stuff CMBS and CMSF.
  13. George MC

    Game doesn't run on GTX 1060

    Did you check your drivers for your graphics card? Using latest ones? My other thought to manually set the game to run on your graphics card? https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/pc-components/how-set-default-graphics-card-3612668/ Hopefully of some use.
  14. Its changed, but no much since then - see Google earth. Great looking map by the way.
  15. It's on the back burner for now as busy with some other 'modern era' projects. It's not forgotten though just on hold for short while. I've got most of the missions done for the campaign though and I've been slowly working up the briefings. Wee baby and RK stuff mean I've way less time than I used to have! It'll be released just can't give an ETA at the moment.