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  1. Both @MOS:96B2P work on C2 and @Josey Wales work on the soft factors http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/the-relationship-between-soft-factors-morale-fatigue.26498/ have made a massive impact on a/ how I play, adding more immersion (I use my own rules that units cannot react to something they do not know about - hence C2 becomes really, really important b/ knowing how the soft factors work is really useful for modelling OOBs for scenarios to try to recreate how a unit behaved (in itself impossible to truly reflect reality but an interesting aspect to seek to model). FWIW my SOP for 'spare' HQ units is to keep em on the map and cross attach them to other units to help disseminate info across my units C2 network. This works pretty well and in the absence of being able to task organise units in the editor is the best compromise I have come across. And it stops you using them as disposable recce units...
  2. George MC

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Ouchy! Been enjoying this - superb wee DAR thanks.
  3. George MC

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    Agreed it's an excellent AAR. Interesting to see how players tackle this one. I reworked this one for CMSF2 bit larger map, rejigged BLUEFOR OOB and totally revamped RED AI plan using triggers. So might be worth considering keeping your powder dry for the revised one?
  4. Interesting short article about current Russiantank tactics as used in Syria and Ukraine. https://sputniknews.com/military/201807041066049372-russian-armor-tactics/
  5. Thank you @Oddball-47 I can't accept your thanks without first acknowledging the massive amount of work by @combatintman put into supporting this project. @Combatintman painstakingly proof read and checked all the briefings for every scenario and their associated tactical and operation maps. I think the words Oberleutant and Oberstleutnant will be forever etched in his brain! He also provided the “Force Tracker” graphics. Huge shout out to @SeinfeldRules for the kind permission to use his “Assault Position” scenario in this campaign. Re using SPW - another wee top tip is setting short covered arcs on your SPW if moving danger close to enemy - keeps the gunners from jumping up and getting slotted, only to be replaced by another and so on till the crew and passengers are near wiped out. My pet peeve about how SPW and crews are modeled in game... Thanks for taking the time to give this a go and for posting your comments. Good luck with your playthrough and be keen to hear how it all goes. Cheery!
  6. Excellent! Nice work That's a good effort keeping your unit combat effective till the final mission. I've been doing some research on combat casualty rates for German armoured panzer grenadier units. Hard finding actual casualty rates but from what I can gather, anecdotally, is these mobile armed units were very much used and abused, very quickly suffering 50% casualties after four to five days of ops, and more often than not to the point of near destruction. Re the von Shroif campaign, I think there may be an element of the Kobayashi Maru about this - so good effort in getting to the end. A fine test of one's mettle! If you happen to still have the final game file I'd be interested in seeing it please? I've dropbox so if poss you could PM me with the link please? Thanks for taking the time and effort to play this through and for your comments - much appreciated ta! Cheery!
  7. He! Nice Going to Town was the original Passage at Wilcox scenario with some changes. This is in the demo is the totally revamped and upgraded Passage at Wilcox which I think, will be a stock scenario in CMSF2 when released. The new Wilco has a heap of map changes and tweaks plus revised REDFOR OOB and new AI plans.
  8. Blue friendly direction in Wilcox is SOUTH - confirmed using demo version of Passage at Wilcox scenario.
  9. George MC

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I'm assuming you mean Passage at Wilcox? Glad ya enjoyed it!
  10. I've found that working with the constraints of the CM game engine that I get good results from my SPW if a/ I button them up and b/ give the MG a very, very short cover arc. Generally, this means that as they drive about they are less likely to attract rifle/SMG fire as there is no gunner poking his head up. Your SPW will still be fair game though to ATRs and HMGs (if close enough).
  11. Other options are available...
  12. George MC

    Tips for spotting AT guns

    That's how the Soviets dealt with German armoured counter attacks and why the Germans liked to attack ASAP before the Soviets had time to build an AT defence. So it would depend on the context but having to fight your way through a wheen of Soviet PAK is not ahistorical.
  13. George MC

    Urban Combat Training Article

    It's an excellent talk. You're right - there is a lot of detail in this talk. also seems like he was time pressured so some of the slides he quickly skims through, so yeah worth pausing them. The EW stuff is particularly interesting and how the take-home point is best not forget your map and compass skills boyz! Re the Jeb Stuart analogy - that section is really fascinating as it shows how mobile mechanised ops can be conducted on a modern battlefield. The chap who led it mentions it was like being an ice breaker as you moved forward so the ice closed back in behind you - meaning you have to keep going forward. This tied in with a slide talking about very low unit density per sq KM. No massed battalions here! I'd have to give it another run through but I think this section has the most interesting potential for scenario designers to consider (Shameful plug but Morning Coffee is based on this very principle of 'a raid' - in and out fast creating maximum destruction and exfil before the cavalry show up.
  14. Actually, it started out life as a WWII map - albeit part of a huge WWII CMRT map - and was updated accordingly.