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  1. Lets see... time to check in on the Mutha Beautiful Thread. Old idjits still here: Check New idjits here: Check Joebob delusions of grandour: Check Boo still an idjit: See Point #1 Useless dribble going on: Check Check House Rune still going strong: Money Order The more things change, the more things should be nuked from orbit. Its the only way to be sure. Carry on, carry on... Rune
  2. Joebob, you talk about the National Felons league Dallas Cowboys, then digest them? I thought we had the discussion and agreed there will be no cannibalism in The Mutha beautiful Thread. I see Emrys is still here. I still blame Joebob for this. Weren't the two of you supposed to get together and see who had more age spots or sumfink? So what Houses are still represented here? House Rune and House Shaw obviously, anyone else? Well, think we still have the House in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun. Who else still lurks in the darkness of the Cess Pool? Rune
  3. NG Cavscout I should of never spared the *Boot* with you. Only *Boot* you could make Joebob Shaw, the only player here who makes Monty look like a tactical genius, look good. You are lucky *Boot* that I can't reduce you in rank back to a plaything for Seanachi. Joebob, I hope you haven't forgotten to use the *Boot*. Look at some of the part Morons of House Shaw. On second thought, just having eaten, Let's not. Even the strongest stomach can only take so much. Remember NG Cavscout defeated players from House Shaw to get his knighthood. You should hang your head in shame. On second thought, just hang yourself. Sergei, you self-appointed pond scum, for you I could make an exception. I will give you a German Kübelwagen and have to face a division of KV-2s. To help balance it out, I'll give the Russians several brigades of infantry. Best of luck with that. I see Boo Boo Radley is still abouts. Why? The men in white coats haven't caught up to him yet? Rune
  4. You leave for a few years, come back, and Joe 'by god i'm dense' Shaw still has visions of being average. He was never the same after watching me actually land aircraft [iL2 Stalingrad soon] while hs made a nice flaming pile. [insert your own comment here] I also see Nidan1 still around. I thought someone bought him a ticket and pinned directions home on him. I see House Rune still survives with No Good Cavscout still bringing the pointy end of a stick to a SMG fight. I may have erred by not giving *BOOT* enough incentive to do well but *BOOT* you can only give so much *BOOT* training until they call the *BOOT* SPCA on ya. I see a few of the true olde ones about. it is eerily like watching feeding time at the old folks home. You just never know what is going to dribble out of their mouths. Oh, and for those the knew, my youngest son got home OK from Afghanistan where he spent a year building FOB Shank, which is now being torn down. The base was attacking everyday the entire year he was there. He is in a Horizontal Engineering Company, which means they don't trust them to build anything above 1 story. He's been home a year now. No, I won't make you scum any maps. I have more important things to do, like *BOOT* getting a Knight of House Rune to actually win a battle. *BOOT* Nice to know somethings never change, like the smell in the Cesspool, or Boo radley's underwear. The Rune Owner and proprietor of House Rune
  5. The funny thing is, Doug is wrong an the app is out. Rune
  6. Wego with pauses every 60 seconds? Rune
  7. Older then anyone who has posted here yet, and I play both, smaller I play RT, bigger rt and occasional wego. Rune
  8. It gets worse... ever hear him sing? Joebob, not Daley... sould like two mountain lions in a fight. Rune
  9. And you are next door to Detroit, Kentucky, and Indiana. Your highlights include Akron, Columbus, and Toledo, and combined, the IQ is still less then that of a small gnat. just curious what you did in your former life to deserve Ohio in this life. Betting it was a doozy. Rune
  10. Ghostrider 3/3, I will respectfully call you on that one, as I have done tons of research on this, and both what he did and where he did it has never been solved. Matter of fact, reports from the Americans say they didn't lose the amount of tanks he claimed that day. There was an attack against a defensive line nearby, a scenario I have made based on other reports, but no one is sure where the attack/ambush took place. If you are interested, I'll send you my version, but again, mine may not be accurate either. Rune
  11. Alien life form? Breeding experiment gone horribly wrong? Mother Nature introducing the missing link? A muppet experiment rejected? A cross breeding experiment between Peng and the mother creature from Aliens? A Stan Wilson creation? [Obscure references for 500 please Alex] Boo, Downers Grove on its worse day still beats Ohio. there is ZERO reason for Toledo. Rune
  12. *Sniff* It's so good to see when your son [oldest] takes after you. *Sniff* I just watched him create a battle of Rune proportions. The Nasty Hun attacking with an armoured infantry battalion, vs. a sinlge spotter with some trps. His support consisted of 20 battleships, a 155mm battery, and a 81mm mortar battery. The scenario ended after the first turn... anyone want to guess who won? Of course to be truely evil, he should of added a flight of b-17s, but he is learning. By the way, 20 battleships firing 14" shells in a preliminary bombardment reminded me of what I'd like to do to Utah. Rune
  13. No, play Boo with the scenario. I am sure I will hear both him and his computer scream from the land that time forgot [Ohio] here in Chicago. Rune
  14. LukeFF, What is amazing is if you go to the Russian web site with the interview of the Russian tanker, he states the Sherman was better then the T34 at not bogging. [shrugs] Guess we may never know. Rune
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