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  1. JohnO

    Average Learning Curve???

    "You must always out flank your opponent, because if you don't, he will". Oh, and never, never cross the street unless it's night time, under an overcast, or its raining
  2. JohnO

    Russian Gear

    This is what I'm trying to described about Butt Packs on Russian Pixeltroopers
  3. JohnO

    Russian Gear

    I'll post a screenshot sometime today after football.
  4. JohnO

    Russian Gear

    Does anybody have a mod that gets rid of those dam stupid butt pack.
  5. JohnO

    56th SBCT at NTC

    Tested and evaluated the 56 SBCT at Fort Indian Town Gap, PA last year. Evaluated the Brigade Command and the S shops to see how well they can handle problems during battle, not bad. Was better then some active units. Going back again during 24 May 19 to 14 June 19. I believe it is the 56 SBCT again, not sure yet. Not sure if I will be at Indiantown Gap or I'll be at Fort Drum, NY.
  6. JohnO

    CMSF2 Demo

    Dam Mord, you make me feel dam old, I was in the Marines in 76
  7. I still have it and tried it and it still works so far. Loaded a map, create a unit and create labels so far with no problem.
  8. JohnO

    Modding Buildings

    Dam, for a minute there I was drooling at first but notice that, that's not a mod but a picture, dam
  9. Not trying to steal the thread, but Bil, how are you going to make FOW icons? Looking at the MIL-STD-2525B, I don't see what can be used for FOW unless you use the UNKNOWN Symbol.
  10. JohnO

    New Website status update

    just a heads-up on my problem, everything is working now, just had to be patience.
  11. JohnO

    New Website status update

    When we was testing the new web site everything was working, now when I try to go to the new site I get this problem: The hostname in the website’s security certificate differs from the website you are trying to visit. Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID
  12. JohnO

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Never thought of that and my wife is second in command or is she in charge, can't remember half of the time sorry to have stolen this thread.
  13. JohnO

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Well not quite correct, when I was in the hospital after my heart attack, laptops were not allowed and because there is no Wi-Fi ability in the room I was in. So either you read, watch tv or try to keep breathing with all the tubes and wires stuck in you