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  1. Oh, ok. I have it also. But I use the recording program "Action" and haven't had any problems with it, unlike GeForce Experience Program. Could never get it to work right.
  2. Not trying to put a dampener on the parade here, but LAV-25s do not assault the beach from the deck of any ship. Tha AAVs do that. If you want to hit the beach with a LAV-25 then you will need LCACs and/or LCUs. But what do I know.
  3. Here is the German Campaign file until the link gets fixed. Die Kunst Des Krieges.cam
  4. If you want to read up on the USMC here is a copy of the MCRP 1-10.1 Organization of the United States Marine Corps MCRP 1-10.1 Organization of the United States Marine Corps.pdf
  5. Quick question, can you have more then one tag on the text file? Foe example, 4ID, easterneurope, muddy on a text file labeled TF1-66. Or does all the bmp files have to have the same labeled TF1-66..
  6. Freaking awesome 37mm. When can we get our hands on the mod?
  7. Here's my pathetic attempt on making a screenshot of the Marines mod from mjkerner.
  8. Yep, just dl it. Thanks mjkerner and Bootie. Will look at it after breakfast
  9. If I do, which more then likely, I will. Going to have to post it not just here but in the "Combat Mission - General Discussion" forum for all to see and input secrets and ideas for making videos of Combat Mission.
  10. Hi 37mm, first great video capture of the battle. Couple quick questions to you. What did you use to capture the battles? What movie program did you use to make the video? I'm thinking on creating a thread just for movie making so that players can post their little secrets on making them. What do you think, should there be a video making thread?
  11. There is a camp in Korea called "Camp Carrol", Korea, was named after my uncle (mother side) Sergeant First Class Charles F. Carroll, a posthumous recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross for his acts of heroism during the Korean War. Just thought I would mention it.
  12. Oorah mjkerner, can't wait to get the Marine uniforms.
  13. Highlight the Canadian unit that you want to add a vehicle to it. When you highlight the unit a small yellow arrow will point to the unit you want to add. Then the purchase button will appear.
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