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  1. MarkEzra

    Unfortunate Road Design

    @Agusto: That map is my creation. There was absolutely no reference to swastikas implied. In fact it is actually a push to infer it IS a swastika. But that is my own opinion. Do know that I am personally offended by your post.
  2. opp's yes... it's Pete's Pardon me... Both guys are at the top of my most favorite map designers list. Beautifully crafted and historically accurate.
  3. FYI This is one of Jon's terrific Holland maps A living History.
  4. I'm going to follow this...sounds really interesting and fun.
  5. MarkEzra

    First try at a scenario: questions

    First law of scen design: save frequently
  6. "Do What Thy Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law"...Alistair Crowley
  7. Absolutely correct. I know. The CMSF2 QB maps are superior IN EVERY WAY. I don't have a single CMSF1 QB Map in my QB Map File.
  8. MarkEzra

    Random mines placement?

    Try using a distinctive setup color for mines only... That would include the original setup area. This will force the mines to a more specific. Vary the mines by using multiple plans.
  9. MarkEzra

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    OMG .... They are still at it. Glad I spend my time in the editor. Apparently the forum still has more then a few angry ex wives who lost their alimony cases
  10. Sorry Wrong God. Steve is TOE God... I just do the maps
  11. MarkEzra

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    May God bess us everyone!
  12. MarkEzra

    Bug in Scenario Editor?

    Most of the problems I have in the editor are of my own making. Look forward to hearing about the .btt file results.
  13. MarkEzra

    Bug in Scenario Editor?

    Doubtful about bug... Look carefully at the trigger setup... most likely the AI is following your orders... it never cheats
  14. MarkEzra

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Checked this out and made the fix...door is now inside the attached single story bldg... the corrected map will be in the next CMSF2 patch. But here's a zip copy now Desert Town (592 X 208) 296m.zip
  15. Thank you. I have been greatly influenced by John F Antal's Books... especially his "Infantry Combat -The Rifle Platoon"