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  1. MarkEzra


    check your C:Documents/Battlefront file
  2. MarkEzra

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    Personal belief: CMSF2 = Soul Food for modern wargamers
  3. MarkEzra

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    OK, Tonsils look fine. Now drop your pants and let's check the old prostate....
  4. MarkEzra

    The patch?

    Because you asked so nicely... I just made a pot of coffee and will get back to the work I love. Thus ending my latest foray into the forum muck.
  5. MarkEzra

    The patch?

    Let's see How should I use my time today? 1. Work on Scenarios, and QB Maps while beta testing multiple titles, 2. Read Forum threads written by players wondering 'what's going on, why the delays', OR 'don't you guys understand business or customer service'. 3. Take a Nap. Gosh, I just can't make up my mind...Why not help me choose.
  6. From the Horses Mouth. All QB Maps have multiple AI plans for both sides... typically 3 Plans minimum. Master Maps are not made by me. They are beautiful and historically accurate. They Do Not have AI plans
  7. MarkEzra


    A good read. My tag lines help explain my interest in wargaming since I was 9 or 10. Hunter Thompson "Edge" comments is the reality: The only one's who know are the one's that were there. And Steve's very clear understanding of Wargamers generally and CM Gamers in particular. Your Dad Loved you enough to speak his mind. A rare thing of his generation.
  8. For Future CMFI..."A Walk in the Sun" scen 1943 based on the movie and "A walk in the Snow Scen" Dec 1944 Northern Italy... based on an actual German counter attack.
  9. Update: One thing I did have was a biz site glitch. Details not important but everything got back to normal AFTER the Win 10 Update completely loaded... including several programed restarts. It's a large install and appears to have multiple steps to fully DL and load. When I thought it had been completed I had the afore mentioned biz glitch. When the update process was fully completed all was well. Perhaps others will have the same experience?
  10. I updated yesterday without problem. Just double check for this title and game plays as expected. No CTD.
  11. MarkEzra

    Quick battles and extra time

    The maps original game length setting, as time of day, weather, ect has no baring on the game. The player selects them all. As to the specific question: The QB game length selection does not offer "variable time length" during the player's setup. However the QB Game engine can and does use it randomly. I've played or tested many a QB Game against the AI and feel it's more likely I get a variable end than an exact end.
  12. MarkEzra

    How to path AI for quick battle.

    Scen AI plans don't necessarily transfer well to QB AI. You will be much better off by looking at QB Map AI Pathing. Here's the quick and dirty I use. Each Objective should have at least 2 AI group plans The Defender should have one plan on the objective and one time delay counter attack plan placed elsewhere on the map. Both plans set to ambush. The Attacker should have 2 Group plans for every objective. One set to immediately move and one set to time delay. Each plan should have a different path to the objective. Large maps should have more groups and orders than smaller maps. Once you have made a full plan copy it and alter the pathing and times to create a new plan. Start by keeping it simple.
  13. From start to finish a great story told with great art! Thanks for all your work. You are one of CM's Wargaming Family shining stars!
  14. MarkEzra

    AI pull off attack in quick battle.

    All CM QB AI scripts take into account every Objective generally using at least 2 orders group per objective. This is the case no matter if the AI is Attacking or Defending. So if a QB Map has 1 Maj VP and 3 Minor VP's (4 Objectives) The AI will have 8 Group Plans to hold or move to those objectives. Now here is what can happen. 1. The AI has enough units to fill all the AI Groups-- All Orders to move to all Objectives will be followed 2. The AI Does Not enough units to fill all the AI Groups-- Some Orders to move to some Objectives will be followed. The pre game selections of weather, terrain condition and game time limit has a real effect on the QB's ability to meet it's goals. In either case during the game AI units will be affected by all the problems of morale and fatigue the human player is.
  15. I don't know about rumors of QB map packs. But like you CMBN has a new lease on life with V4. The original issue QB Maps were the first batch I did and show it. The Holland Maps were the last of that Title and were much better for a couple reasons: more well crafted scenario maps were turned into QB Maps and the introduction of "Master Maps" which made my life easier. But with V4 my QB maps seem to lack luster and the AI is not so artful in attack or defend... certainly not to CMFB standards. So I have been altering a couple as I play them. This is NOT a Pack but it might end up a few Bocage style maps. The Last Defense Scen also has a QB Map, too. You might want to try these out: QB Maps Redo V4.zip