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  1. MarkEzra

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    OMG .... They are still at it. Glad I spend my time in the editor. Apparently the forum still has more then a few angry ex wives who lost their alimony cases
  2. Sorry Wrong God. Steve is TOE God... I just do the maps
  3. MarkEzra

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    May God bess us everyone!
  4. MarkEzra

    Bug in Scenario Editor?

    Most of the problems I have in the editor are of my own making. Look forward to hearing about the .btt file results.
  5. MarkEzra

    Bug in Scenario Editor?

    Doubtful about bug... Look carefully at the trigger setup... most likely the AI is following your orders... it never cheats
  6. MarkEzra

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Checked this out and made the fix...door is now inside the attached single story bldg... the corrected map will be in the next CMSF2 patch. But here's a zip copy now Desert Town (592 X 208) 296m.zip
  7. Thank you. I have been greatly influenced by John F Antal's Books... especially his "Infantry Combat -The Rifle Platoon"
  8. The whole Scen is designed as a nasty surprise. Well trained, well led, but brash Canadians must change their attitudes towards their enemies. The uncoms are fanatics in good defensive terrain.
  9. MarkEzra

    What's New For CMSF2 QB Games

    Mishga's work is there...updated for 2018. Meach is active in beta testing. Meach and Mishga are the busiest parents in Scotland! Love 'em both... 10 years !!
  10. MarkEzra

    What's New For CMSF2 QB Games

    CMSF2 has 323 all new and improved QB Maps! But Not for much longer. Watch this space.
  11. Random force selection allows Red Only or Blue only...no overlap. My first thought is a bad DL/ install or installing over existing game... Something like that. Might be best to contact help desk and get a ticket started
  12. Identical setup as displayed. Syrian Army set auto. Game plays fine. From previous experience (numerous CM titles) I believe there are 3 general areas to trouble shoot when the QB Game is CTD: 1. The QB Map is at fault (that would be all my problem) 2. The QB TOE has a problem. (Like having Units of a non installed module showing up) 3. The Game installation had some kind of glitch So if you are able to actually get to the actual setup/start on the 3D board please save it BEFORE starting a turn. Then we might have better luck reproducing the CTD and can pass it on to BFC
  13. Can't duplicate CTD . What is needed to chase this bug down is a screen shot of the Units screen. Did you use recommend for both sides? are you playing Human vs AI? Selecting the same map each time? Random map Selector?
  14. Changes in The QB Map Description: "Best Play" time setting gives the player a good idea of How fast or slow the AI is set to Attack or Counter Attack. For example: If the Best Play is 30 Minutes the AI will start its attack or counter attack well within the time it might take to reach it's objectives. So the player should consider Not just the time but the size of the map when selecting a game. In no way does this hamper the players' choice of time. Just a suggestion. "NOTE" is a way of addressing not clearly defined map features, like Water Depth or the existence of Fords. The information is available not only during map selection but at any time during the game via the Menu. New Quick Battle Map “Amphibious” Type! QB Map Design Features Setup areas are very clearly defined for each Group Orders Each Objective Has 2 Attack or Defend Orders All Meeting Engagement Maps have no AI first turn Artillery Strikes of any kind! All Probe Style Maps have no AI first turn Artillery Strikes (exception The AI can lay Smoke on first turn) Assault and Attack Maps still Have AI Artillery plans for first turn but with limits. The AI Attacker targets Objectives only The AI Defender no longer targets EVERY possible line of attack the Human Player has available. The Attached pdf Changes in The QB Map Description.pdf
  15. MarkEzra

    Getting into map making

    I think you will be able to open this one. It's CMFI-GL (But I am always a little ahead of the players) If you can't open it I will DL an example CMSF2 whenever it becomes available.... Or this CMBS is ready to Play QB Meet "Rural Open-Forest" Desert Map.zip Rural Open-Forest (1520 X 1424) 12-18m.btt