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  1. MarkEzra

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Boy do I get That! One thing you'll want to hold off on is making AI plans and creating/setting up units. Might want to re-work the map with the thought that New tiles and unit groups are coming. Too much reliance on what was may get in the way of what is coming... which is Very Cool
  2. It's only a problem if you continually review your moves with the Art of War or Von Clausewitz. And then Only if you rely on it for every move... So your OK and I'm OK...OK?
  3. MarkEzra

    Demo Feedback

    @homewrecker Welcome! Game testing starts with one question: Is that right?
  4. A Great Line from SPR: "Where's the Rally Point?" … "Anywhere BUT HERE!" And so it goes in CMSF2.... as the title of this thread mentions: Rarely. Sometimes all we can do is patch up our differences rather than the game, and hope for a New CM Tomorrow. I VOTE for that
  5. Something to take note of in your testing: The 2nd story balcony "attached" to a single story Building technique (very cool and I have done the same myself) may confuse the AI more than the enemy gunfire
  6. MarkEzra

    CMSF2 Release Update

    The Quick Battle Maps are very well along. No QB Map shipped in CMSF2 is an untouched hold over from CMSF1. And there are a LOT OF THEM
  7. HUSMC amphib vids using the Night View setting CM Shock Force 2 2018-10-19 19-38-23-07.wmv
  8. MarkEzra

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    It's a beautiful thing to behold!
  9. MarkEzra

    The state of CMSF2

    LOL.... Can I get a show of hands...?
  10. MarkEzra

    Scenario to QB?

    To Make a Scen a QB Map: 1. Copy/past the scen to the Quick Battle Map File 2. Delete All Unit Files. 3. In the editor Make certain there is a Red painted setup area and a Blue setup area 4. For play against the AI: The original pathing WILL work but may not be suitable for a QB match. Of course not a problem for head to head. 5. Re-name and Save the scen in the Quick battle maps file. 6. Start and Play from the Quick Battle Game To make a QB Map a Scen: 1. Move the QB Map to the scen file 2. Add Units place them on the map in the designated Blue and Red setup areas ( H2 H need only get the Blue in Blue and the Red in Red) 3. Set time weather to your liking 4. Start and play game from Battle Game.
  11. MarkEzra


    check your C:Documents/Battlefront file
  12. MarkEzra

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    Personal belief: CMSF2 = Soul Food for modern wargamers
  13. MarkEzra

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    OK, Tonsils look fine. Now drop your pants and let's check the old prostate....
  14. MarkEzra

    The patch?

    Because you asked so nicely... I just made a pot of coffee and will get back to the work I love. Thus ending my latest foray into the forum muck.