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  1. This seems to be spare ammo for under-barrel grenade launchers. I suspect that soldiers in the vicinity of the vehicle can access this supply even without entering the vehicle. Best regards, Thomm
  2. With all due respect: Didn't you just create this "Omnibus" thread in the General Forum for these findings?? Best regards, Thomm
  3. Interesting article about CM:BS and other wargames: "The Best Modern War, Cold War & WW3 War Games" "Call to Arms" with its first-person mode looks like something I keep dreaming of when playing CM ... Best regards Thomm
  4. I do not fully agree with this. Many times, I found it necessary to expose own infantry to the enemy in order to get them to shoot and reveal their positions to the vehicles. Best regards, Thomm
  5. Very good info in this thread! One thing that I really missed in this scenario was an indicator for the floor number(s) that my troops and the enemy occupy. In those densely packed areas it is difficult to get down to lower view levels to get this info. The other thing that really disturbed me is that even in big buildings the soldiers could not move from floor to floor without being detected from the outside. Even a Syrian sniper team moving up inside the tall bank building got detected and fired upon. I found this very unrealistic! How would that happen in reality???! Best regards, Thomm
  6. Thomm

    Demo Feedback

    This is an excellent idea! It may block the entrance for enemy vehicles. Maybe infantry also??!? I am very interested how this will turn out. I think my biggest mistake when playing as the Germans was not to take the extra ammo out of the vehicles. Things started to go bad when my key defenders ran out of MG3 and AT ammo. Totally forgot about the Milan teams, too. Fortunately, the reinforcements are overwhelmingly strong ... Best regards, Thomm
  7. Some links for the future: Cold War Tank Formations NATO Northern Army Group OOB 1985 Steel Beasts Vehicle Time Line Cold War OOBs Best regards, Thomm
  8. Every time I had to handle conscript Syrian forces in the CM:SF2 demo I found myself longing for top-of-the-line Warshaw Pact troops ... Just sayin' ... 🤗 Best regards, Thomm
  9. Thomm

    Vehicle reaction time

    In the CM:SF2 demo I hunted with a Syrian T-something (in "The Alamo") straight forward towards a Leopard 2 who was looking in a different direction. About 45 degrees from my axis of approach. Sure kill, I thought, until the Leopard turned its turret and blew the Syrian tank, which was pointed directly towards it, into the sky. Made me pull my hair out. That Leopard tank was later killed by a lone RPG gunner. Which made up for the above. A little. Best regards, Thomm
  10. Thomm

    Demo crash

    During my play-through of all demo scenarios, I had exactly one crash: In "Breaking the Bank", after about one hour of game time. After restarting the game from the last save game, I was able to finish it without further problems. Best regards; Thomm
  11. Thomm

    Demo Feedback

    In "The Alamo", playing as the Germans, my biggest losses came from panicked Germans running out through the gate of the fortress right in front of the guns of the attackers. That seemed very odd, especially since there were plenty of spots to hide inside the fortress itself, as a susequent play-through as the Syrians painfully demostrated to me. Best regards, Thomm
  12. Very interesting! Be advised, though, that apparently anybody having the link above can edit your CM corkboard now! Best regards, Thomm
  13. In what context? A limited conflict on Austrian soil (for whatever reason can be made up)? Or in an all out attack on NATO? Take, for example, the "Seven Days to the River Rhine" plan including two 500 kt nukes on Vienna (according to Wikipedia). This was to happen in the course of a counter-attack after a NATO nuclear first strike (according to Wikipedia). And even then, no nukes were to be dropped on France or the UK. I am reading "Team Yankee" at the moment. So far this book listed a couple of paragraphs with newspaper headlines to give "some sort" of backstory, a few pages of family life and preparing for a Soviet attack stories, and then good old CM-scale fighting starts. No nukes were dropped so far, but a chemical attack took place. CM soldiers with gas masks could make for great screenshots. Fact remains, that I grew up with M60s, Leopard 1s, Gepards ... much more so than with M1s, for example. Please don't nuke me for it! Best regards, Thomm
  14. In my humble opinion, this talk about nuclear or other non-conventional weapons is material for the briefing text boxes and should not stand in the way of a good tactical clash of Cold War units in CM. "Red Storm Rising" is a bestseller and did not have to resort to nukes, if I recall correctly. Here is an idea to keep it limited: Let them fight over Austria. Nobody would use nukes in a fight over neutral territory, would they? Thomm