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  1. Hi claias, heh, that's odd. I'll see about adding it, but in the meantime, simply select Yugoslavia for now. Martin
  2. In other words, it contains the base game, and the GOLD expansion.
  3. Anything going into the Program Files folder needs elevated permissions on Windows 7. That's not specific to our games.
  4. Sorry, the game has been discontinued and is not available any more.
  5. Hm, that sounds like a bug of some sort. We'll look into it. Martin
  6. Hi schascha, the number of activations has nothing to do with the delivery method. It's the same whether you purchase a download, mail delivery, or download&mail. Each key gives you 4 activations out of the box, in line with our End User License Agreement, which allows you to have 2 concurrent activations per PC, and it gives you 2 additional ones if you need to transfers PCs etc. After that, you are eligible for 1 additional activation per year per key. You get those by contacting us at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk. In reality, we grant additional activations way more often than that if needed, e.g. if you have a PC meltdown and what not. In short, you will never run out of activations (and incidentally, downloads are unlimited now, too). You do not need the Gold expansion to play AoD. You only need the base game.
  7. Sometime after CMRT is released, we will also release a 3.0 Upgrade for CMBN and CMFI. By that time, CMBN 1.x will be completely phased out (you will only be able to purchase 2.x as the baseline). CMFI is already 2.x. Martin
  8. Skipping the v200 update? Huh, you can't skip the upgrade. Anyway, the last time we've had someone with this issue it was due to an incorrect installation, missing files. From the OP, I see that he's missing 1.01, although that shouldn't be the cause of this particular issue. Another common issue is having mods installed that are incompatible with the version you're running.
  9. This can happen when there is a user permission error on your Mac, and the area where the license state is written (it's an open license, i.e. doesn't require actvation, but it's still a license) is not accessible even though it should. See if "Repair Permissions" helps.
  10. Some reasons for corrupt installs: - incompatible Mods - user permission issues (with UAC on); if you install the game with admin permissions but install a patch without, this may cause trouble because the game won't be able to access all the files - user error during installation, such as choosing the wrong install path - security software is interfering with the install or removes files after the installation. This can have a number of reasons, most commonly when your settings allow the software to do heuristic scanning (aka "guessing"). If you use heuristics, it's a good idea to NOT allow your AV software to remove files automatically at the same time. - Windows security settings are interfering with the install. The Program Files folder is protected by Windows and you could run into various issues with installing there. If your main screen shows 1.01 and not 1.11, then as Ken pointed out, you didn't install 1.11 correctly for one of the above reasons. Our helpdesk can try and help with troubleshooting this, but it can be lengthy since all of the above issues are not directly related to the software itself, but to outside factors. And for Anti-virus program issues, we usually have to defer to the tech support of that vendor.
  11. You are showing the permissions for the app itself, which isn't where the game activation status is saved. See if correcting the permissions on/Users/Shared may help.
  12. This happens most likely due to a user permission error, when the game activation status cannot be saved to where it normally is saved, which should, by definition, be accessible to any user, but apparently isn't. Running "Repair Permissions" could help.
  13. We don't do sales often, in general, not just Christmas. I remember less than a handful of sales in the past 6-7 years. If we do them, it's usually for a very specific business purpose. In my personal opinion (which does not necessarily reflect that of Battlefront as a whole), sales are good short term boosts for retailers with an unlimited supply of products but they are not good in the long run for the developer. As such, they are, in the long run, not good for the customer either, and if you look around and wonder where all the great wargames and wargaming companies are these days (heck, make that "gaming"), sales may be why. No, make that SALES!!!!! Way over-hyped. That isn't to say that over-priced is the way to go, either, and if we were, we'd be making lots of SALES!!!!, too Martin
  14. No, it's available on Google Play for many months.
  15. Alchenar, we have decided against using systems that "call home", go online without your knowledge or monitor stuff behind your back. People may have gotten used to them, but that doesn't make them any better, and they have their own set of problems associated with them, and are far from a magical solution.
  16. It doesn't matter if it's a new machine. When you use migration assistant, it will also copy over your license information from the old game. See, if this wasn't the case, then anyone could buy a game, activate it, and then distribute it to others for free So the anti-copy protection is doing its job The proper way to install on a new machine is to use the installer/setup file to get a clean installation. That will avoid all the trouble you ran into. The only reason to use migration assistant would be to "install" on the SAME machine, e.g. after an OS upgrade. This should work (in most cases), although to be honest, even then I would always recommend a fresh install instead.
  17. snakee, you should send a ticket in to the provider of your anti-virus software, not us. There isn't anything wrong with the game files. They are properly identifying themselves, contain no malware, and other than being encrypted (against pirates) there is nothing wrong with it. Either you will need to adjust your anti-virus settings, or you'll have to contact the people who sold you the AV software and ask for advice. We have some common pointers in our Knowledgebase at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk but other than providing some generic ideas, support for software from other vendors has to come from them, not us.
  18. Actually, the newer games (CMBN and CMFI) use a slightly different - and easier - strategy as of 2.10 that simplifies the process, because it is not necessary to activate the modules step by step, but rather you can install everything and then activate as the last step and in any order by bringing up the activation interface. CMSF is still using the older eLicense system that we do not use anymore for the newer titles. We have also already provided a combined installer for the Mac for CMSF, and we are working on updating the full version installer for CMSF PC (as well as CMBN and CMFI) to the latest version, as well. Believe it or not, it is a surprisingly large amount of work to do this, and there is always a shortage on resources. Especially, since as long as the game is still in flux with more patches planned, it is quickly superseded by newer patches, which then means all the work has to be done again. This isn't the case for CMSF any more, though, so we should have updated installers in the near future. And, we will also simplify CMBN and CMFI tremendously (everyone who purchased or purchases now will benefit from the new installers). Also, we are working on a special tool that will make reinstalling, patching etc. a LOT easier. But shshs, it's a secret still. Keep in mind though that since we are selling modules separately, there will always be some additional "work" in installing. It's inherent in the modules concept. The tool I mentioned above that doesn't exist and I will deny every mention of it and people in black helicopters will come to your house if you do should take the sting out of that as well, though.
  19. No need to reinstall. For one, there is a chance that the upgrade won't zap CMBN. We've seen people upgrade without issues, or upgrade and CMBN wasn't affected but some other game was. It's unpredictable due to the things that the upgrade does (like, uh, change your hard drive partition), so there is really no good way to prepare for it. Besides, reinstalling doesn't affect your game's license state. That is stored on a system level. So even if you reinstall the issue may crop up if the upgrade decides that it wants to. The only way to avoid the issue with 100% certainty is to reformat your PC. Which, ironically, Microsoft seems to be suggesting to some users that run into even deeper problems with it...
  20. Knowledgebase to the rescue! CMSF reinstallation
  21. Heh, that's the same company. We don't do sales often. The last christmas sale we had is, uh, so far back I can't really remember when we had one. I don't think we're planning one this year either. Our games are great values at the price they are If you are planning to purchase multiple copies, drop us a line at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk and we can get you a little volume discount. And of course you'll already save a lot on shipping if you order more than one item for "mail" or "mail&download" delivery.
  22. Our demos are protected, just like the main games, against pirates. This error can happen when there is a user permission mismatch during installation (a Windows thing), or if you are running virtualization software or invasive process monitors. For the latter, there is no solution other than not use such software, for the former, ask the helpdesk (aka vendor) for support. Looks like AtheistDane simply got the wrong file by mistake.
  23. Indeed, that's the wrong file. Please ask the helpdesk for the correct demo file.
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