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  1. I speak English, German and Polish fluently... ------------------
  2. Airstrikes were mentioned in the "battles" thread. Did you guys solve the problem of how to depict airstrikes in the 3D environment? Of course it would be exciting to see a Stuka dive down on a couple of poor squads and strafe them... but I guess that's easy to wish and hard to put in code... ------------------
  3. One of the last threads on the old message board was about Close Combat 3. Well, I finally got it myself a week ago. Besides several flaws in the campaign structure, one of the biggest problems seems to be that "infantry is dying like flies"... IMO one of the main reasons for this seems to be the fact that they are bunching up A LOT! They tend to stay within one or two meters of each other! I guess anybody here knows how deadly bunching up can be. In the Army we'd sometimes spread as far as 20 yards from each other when crossing open ground or under mortar attack! Finally to what I wanted to say: since CM is not depicting single men like CC3 but rather the whole squad as a unit, how bunched up by default are CM squads going to be? In other words, what will be the physical space on the battlemap that a rifle team takes up? I remember posts about the possibility of one mortar shell to take out your squad... Also, will I be able to change something about the "formation" of my squad? I am asking because when looking at the movies it appears that the three men showing a squad sometimes change positions relative to each other... or is it just because they're rotating? ------------------
  4. I have stayed away from this whole "good board / bad board" discussion and do really not understand what this is all about??? The new forum looks great, is easy to handle (aah, new message here... click - the whole thread shows up) and offers much more in terms of searching for topics and customizing it. But whatever the board is, I REALLY do not understand people that say (or should I say threaten?): I hate your new board, I will go if you don't change it... Hey, I though we're talking about Combat Mission here and not the board??? Could we maybe move the "good board, bad board" discussion to the UBB website and give the BTS guys a break? I am so much more interested in the game that I would write my questions and posts in DOS if I had to... ------------------
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