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  1. Reminds me of that one Dilbert comic: (paraphrasing) why are you so far behind schedule? I demand hourly status reports!
  2. Sure, but please don't give him what he wants by quoting his spam
  3. Not accounting, but there are some other major infrastructure issues with it. We are, however, working on offering a solution, and it'll be pretty neat. 'nough said.
  4. You can start with the Contact Us link at the bottom of each forum page, or the Contact Us link at www.battlefront.com.
  5. The game installs with a little link in your program group called "Update...". When you click that, it will bring you to a webpage that will tell you if your version is up to day, and provide a link to download the right patch(es), if any. You will find the link when you click the Start button, then Battlefront, and then the game title. It's also installed as a desktop shortcut if you choose that option. And lastly, you can also simply go to www.battlefront.com/patches (or click the Support>Patches menu link from anywhere on www.battlefront.com) and click on the CMFI or Gustav title to get pretty much the same information.
  6. It's never necessary to buy a game more than once. We can always help with resetting or reactivating your key, as Chris mentioned, via the helpdesk.
  7. Yes. The new installer completely replaces the previous version.
  8. Actually, the opposite is true. DRM systems that rely on online clients (such as Steam) are rentals in a way. Our activation system, which never expires, cannot be deactivated externally, and doesn't call home, is an actual purchase. You own the physical goods you buy, such as the disc and the content, or, in the case of a download, the bits and bytes on your PC. You can resell it, for example, once you don't need it, that's perfectly legit. What you do not own is the right to copy and distribute the content, for free or for money. You do not own the copyright. Our activation system merely enforces what you can't do and allows you to do what you can do.
  9. 2.20 is the "Internal Build Version" for this release. Think of it as We'll make this more clear with the next patch.
  10. All 3 ways above will get you the new updated installer. So it sounds like the fix may not be working for you. However, since this is posted in the CMRT Tech Support forum... you are aware that the 3.0 Upgrade doesn't apply to CMRT, yes?
  11. That's weird, but I'm not complaining if it works now if it stops working, or becomes intermittent (I.e. It works a few times and then suddenly stops), please submit a ticket at battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com. Make sure to include what OS you have and how much RAM. Martin
  12. No, reactivating the game from the same PC does not use an activation. Based on your other response in another thread, your install may be incorrect. Installing 2.0 after Market Garden is not the right way. Please reinstall: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127908
  13. No. First install 2.0, then MG, then patch to 2.12. http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127908
  14. Did you have 2.12 prior to installing the Upgrade? 2.12 is required. Martin
  15. Nothing serious, not even a bug. Internally we're tracking this as build 2.20 specific to CMBN. CMFI has yet another version number, too.
  16. You read correctly. The new installers are available for those who purchased one of the two bundle options (or are going to). Unfortunately, it's not possible to "merge" all of your previous purchases into one At least not automatically. And doing it manually for many thousands of customers is simply not realistic Believe me, we'd love to be able to do it. It's us that have to deal with failed reinstalls in support. It's not something that comes up daily, but when it does, it's often fairly difficult to diagnose remotely without a lot of back and forth. A one-click installer simplifies this greatly. While you don't need a rocket science degree to do it if you have multiple installers, you barely need to be able to read to do it with the one installer package We are working on a new installer/modules system at the moment for the future releases which will remove this issue, and will allow us to offer the most up to date installers for everyone. But I doubt this will happen for the existing titles, unfortunately. Martin PS. The best we could offer realistically is a discount to purchase one of the bundles to those that have all of the titles. But it couldn't be free, as we have costs on our end to deliver those, not to speak about the manual labor needed to verify the purchases. 50% off at best. Sound off here if you want that, and I'll talk to Steve about it.
  17. You're forgiven. These instructions are in the game manual, as well as in our Helpdesk Knowledgebase. For example, here is a link to the CMBN article: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127908 Enter "reinstall" or similar at http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com and you'll get a bunch of hits.
  18. Yes, that is weird because the demo isn't supposed to be using fingerprint matching. Please go to www.battlefront.com/helpdesk and Submit a Ticket. We can send you a little tool to clean out the fingerprint.
  19. Thanks, that looks correct. We're investigating this now. Martin
  20. Hey guys, this is odd. After installing 2.12, do you have the Module.exe file still inside the Modules folder?
  21. What some people seem not to understand is that it's not about sales, it's about profit. It's actually easy to get more sales. Just drop the price. It's Steam's main sales driving model, and it's been the main driving model in the industry since, well, shortly after the first PC game shop opened. Perhaps that's why Steam users are often such loud advocates of the service (well, unless they become one of the Steam haters ) Unfortunately, it's not a model that works too well for anyone - in the long term - but the retailer. The retailer has a seemingly endless stream of new developers and games to sell (and it really just seems that way, because sooner or later, you even run out of developers. Which is why PC game stores are now selling used games). The developer, however, only has the game to sell that he made, and will eventually, no pun intended, run out of steam. If we were selling mods to other games and didn't have a platform to sell that in fact predates Steam and weren't in a niche market where most people in fact know us, we'd be on Steam. But we aren't so we aren't. Could we sell more units on Steam? Yes. Would it benefit the bottom line? Not nearly as much as you think. In short, our position regarding Steam hasn't changed. Question answered. Locking this up.
  22. For games purchased from Steam, please contact Steam support.
  23. This will happen when your installation is incorrect (specifically, the .brz data files). You must have skipped a patch or Upgrade, or installed the components in the incorrect order. Please follow the installation instructions precisely, they're in the game manual, and also on our Knowledgebase at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk.
  24. Hi Qman, what do you mean with "not available"? What version is this, PC/Mac?
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