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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago. Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them. These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released. Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us. I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
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    After a looooong hiatus from Combat Mission, and then hand/wrist surgery, I finally got back to this and finished the dpm woodland camo. I will upload them as soon as I get the readme and whole package together and squared away with Bootie/CMMODS. Tomorrow maybe. Mtp camo will follow but not sure how soon. First two pics are with shaders/shadows on. The other two are with them off (well, shaders might be on in the last one, not sure). Cheers!.
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    Rome to Victory Release Date

    good god, is this really even happening? this false equivalence bulls-t? "oh, well the allies did bad things too so everyone is equal." We are not blind or stupid as Aragorn likes to imply. We KNOW THE ALLIES DID BAD THINGS. But the allies weren't on a campaign of conquest and murder for all the resources of Eurasia, were they? And the allies were extremely merciful to their vanquished foes. The germans planned to impoverish, enslave, banish, or exterminate their vanquished foes. They did in fact impoverish/enslave/banish/exterminate everyone they conquered. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE. The allied bombing campaigns of german and japanese cities constituted war crimes, there's no way to deny that. The allies did NOT do this to enslave those countries, they did it because they (wrongly) thought it would end the f___ing war and end the suffering sooner. Intent matters. And having said that..... I am currently playing CMRT campaign as the germans. Because they have nice gear. and I already did the russian campaign.
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    Hope this will be very useful to all members. Glad my mod slut-ness finally paid off.
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    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Hey, guys. It's been awhile. I thought I'd drop a screenie and let everyone know that the project is alive and well -- if moving along rather slowly due to RL time demands. I had to take a long break or two again, but have knocked out a number of blocks on the map since my last post, along with a sizable chunk of elevation refining. Here is a screenie showing a bit over half the master map: This is East to West, with the Southern half of the map being largely visible. The SE corner is done, but wouldn't fit in the picture. There is a little more that is finished, but it wouldn't fit without showing skeletal areas, so I kept things to what is complete (well, other than final tweaks, flavor objects and elevation refinement). Alrighty, that's it for now. Macisle out!
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    You destroyed my tank? Now you will pay the price
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    When a patch is 2 years in the making I start to question their ability to deliver, regardless of how long they take.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    DOWN THE MSR After the violent exchange, a momentary calm comes over the battlefield. A few enemy crewmen are seen fleeing away from the carnage, and there are a few pops and bangs from cooking off ammunition. I wait a turn or two to make sure there are no late surprises. When its clear there aren’t Task Force Miller begins to cautiously creep forward again. Some of the tanks that were covering the infantry clearing the woods on NAI 1 are repositioned to move up and help cover the move on NAI 11. The calm persists as infantry from 2nd platoon cautiously approach the buildings on NAI 11 and begin to enter and clear them. The infantry clear the buildings without incident, discovering the corpses of what looks like an enemy infantry squad deployed in a scout role. On the other side of the MSR, the situation is repeated. Infantry from 1st platoon clear the remaining buildings on NAI 3, discovering only corpses and the two burned out BMP-2’s. The final T-72 in the reverse slope killsack is destroyed. That makes 10 tanks, an entire tank company. There don’t appear to be any other fortifications or enemy units in the area. Back at NAI 1, the infantry are slowly making their way through the woods, trying to avoid making contact with the enemy dug in there. On the left, there is a small opening in the tree cover, looking down slope into a clearing. There are a lot of vehicle sound contacts in this clearing. I decide to move a tank over to help cover the infantry and spot for enemy vehicles. This quickly pays off. Just a few moments after the tank gets in position, a BMP-2 is spotted. The Abrams fires, destroying the spotted BMP-2. A second BMP that was unspotted but unfortunately positioned between my tank and its spotted target is killed when the sabot first passes through it on its way to its intended target. The vehicle itself remains unspotted, but a plume of smoke begins to rise into the sky, marking its location. A team of infantry from 3rd platoon, currently making their way through the woods over to the position the tank has taken, set up in a shallow trench next to the Abrams and immediately spot another BMP-2 in the clearing. The AT-4 flies true and hits the BMP-2, destroying it. The crew of the stricken vehicle bails out and are quickly greeted by a hail of bullets. Also spotted are some foxholes with a lone enemy infantryman crawling next to them. As suspected, this entire area looks like a fortified hornets nest. For now, I’m trying to stay along the periphery and engage opportunity targets as they appear, while trying to avoid getting sucked into a slug match in the woods. I spoke too soon. The infantry spot another BMP-2 and attempt to engage it with the Javelin. However, this time the enemy sees me as well, and the BMP fires first. Casualties are caused, including the javelin gunner. This is an example of how deadly close range forest fighting such as this can be, and something I’m trying to avoid. My tank, mere meters away from this infantry team, cannot see the enemy BMP. Sight line geometry in environments like this are a nightmare. I quickly pull the infantry back, trying to disengage from the situation. The entire platoon is able to move away without drawing any fire, though the team in the woods next to the tank takes an additional casualty and is pinned down. To help cover 3rd platoon by NAI 1, NAI 11 is reinforced with more infantry from 2nd platoon, as well as some tanks and Bradleys. NAI 11 provides good lines of sight across NAI 1, and forward along the MSR. The goal will be to use NAI 11 as another forward base of fire as I advance further down the MSR towards the bridge objectives. If any enemy units in the woods on NAI 1 decide to make a break for it or try to flank my units as they advance on the bridges, NAI 11 should be able to spot and interdict them. Back on NAI 3, 1st platoon moves forward and clears the woods to their front. The road leading up to NAI 5 climbs in elevation, and has a ditch running along it. I place some infantry teams in the ditch to provide overwatch, armed with a javelin. From their position, they can see the bridge objectives, which appear to be clear of the enemy and obstacles. Scout team 1 moves up in its Bradley to get a better view into the back of NAI 1. The team dismounts and sets up on a berm, covered by their Cavalry Fighting Vehicle just behind them. Moments after setting up at the berm, the scouts spot a BMP-2. However, the BMP has also spotted the scouts Bradley, and the Bradley has not spotted the BMP. The javelin takes around 20 seconds or so to acquire a good lock on a target before the missile can be fired. In that time, the BMP-2 is able to fire an AT-5a at the Bradley. The enemy missile zips overhead and hits the Bradley, destroying it instantly, though both crewmembers survive and bail out. A few seconds later, the javelin is fired and the BMP-2 is destroyed. The 1:1 trade of vehicles is a bad one, especially for cavalry scouts who are generally supposed to avoid engagement if possible. After the BMP is destroyed and no further contacts are spotted, I decide to push out the perimeter around NAI 11. Two tanks, the Company XO and 2nd platoons platoon leader, bound forward in a pair. They establish overwatch positions along a lightly wooded berm that can directly observe both bridge objectives, as well as the far side down the MSR. Nothing is spotted either on the Bridges or on the far side. With this area looking clear, more vehicles are moved up to expand the perimeter of NAI 11 and prepare an initial push for the Bridge objectives. Back on the right at NAI 1, the bulk of 3rd platoon (infantry) are disengaging from the woods and moving across a field to an assembly area. There they will remount their Bradley’s and be moved forward to assist in the capture of the Bridge objectives. However, there are still unrecovered casualties from A Team, 3rd Squad. To help recover the casualties, B Team moves up to the shallow trench. Number 3 tank from 1st platoon is still in position trying to provide cover to the pinned down infantry. As soon as B Team arrives, they take fire from a BMP. 30mm HE rounds tear through the foliage and explode around the team, causing another casualty. A SAW gunner equipped with the teams AT-4 stands up through the withering incoming fire and takes aim. This act of bravery is rewarded. He fires his AT-4, and his aim is true. The BMP-2 is hit and destroyed. With this BMP-2 destroyed, all incoming fire ceases. After making sure the coast is clear, 3rd squad begins the task of recovering its casualties. The casualties are recovered, and the infantry and tank fall back away from NAI 1. As they clear the area, a fire mission is called down on the NAI. The mission will be a steady rate of fire for a long time (7-10 minutes) to keep anyone left in the woods pinned down.
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    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps

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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    A scenery shot and Heer closeup.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Yeah, I'm a little puzzled at lack of news and lack of patch. I mean, I have spent plenty of time managing SW projects, so crap happens. But we have been told over and over that its soon, right around the corner, etc. for quite some time.
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    Windmills in FB

    Windmills are present in FB's archives but not available in the editor despite Holland being depicted as one of the locations. Here is a way to enable windmills... It's triggered by a "bogus" bitmap. Simply add the bogus bitmap to your Z folder. I included a snow roof too. The windmill will appear in the editor as the last (bottom right) independent 4 story commercial building. The windmill works exactly as in CMBN, but it's snowbox is square. So in deep snow conditions the snowbox around the bottom floor looks a bit wonky. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jtX0EIDwY6OLKPYiIp2JgYSM6lk7V3aU This discovery leads me to ask what else can be enabled by bogus bitmaps...? There is a lot of content in the brz files of FB that don't appear in game like various others bridges e.g canal bridges.
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    CMx2v4 WWII: Basic Movement Stats

    First, yes, the title is a pun. As this is foundational data, but it was also drawn from playing around in the CMBN first Basic Training Mission. I realized that one of my biggest problems is time and space. Like last night, I was playing a small scenario of 45 minutes with 5 spatial objectives. I realized I was running into trouble when the clock said +28m remaining and I had only completed objective #1. Too much cautious recon (night mission). So, I pulled out a Major Victory, but it required me for the rest of the scenario to double time it with split squads moving in leap frog bounding over watch. And I truly finished, right as the clock struck 0m. Thus, today, I decided to do something about my playing style. One YouTuber had said he plans based what it would take to just walk the map. Realizing that I had no concept of time and space, I decided to do some analysis which I will share here. I realize that most of you ubermensch, do much more rigorous data collection, but I think this should be sufficient to get me started. ********************************** ***** MOVEMENT (Scout/Squad) ***** ********************************** RESTED/FIT/REGULAR SCOUTS (MIXED/OPTIMAL CONDITIONS) Walk: 50M Quick: 120M Run: 140M (1t tired) Hunt: 40M Slow: 15M (2t tired) RESTED/FIT/REGULAR SQUAD (MIXED/OPTIMAL CONDITIONS) Quick: 80M (complete in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault) Assault: 50M [lead team] 0M [rear team] (for long assault) 20-25M (completes in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault) 100M (completes in 3 turns) (linear spacing is very much a function of the waypoint placement) (at 30M/min, it is slower movement than manual player bounds) --- * Squad movement standing seems 66% of scout movement. * If there is overwatch, and the enemy is suppressed. QUICK is probably your best way to cover ground. * HUNT is too slow to cover a map in most time frames, and is in the same class of commands as RUN and SLOW. * RUN is best used to sprint between cover to cover; especially as teams which find cover easier. * ASSAULT is probably a toss up between manual squad command and TACAI coordinated. An ASSAULT should probably be no more than 100M to avoid the squad from getting too spread out. Additional suppressing fire advised.
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    Backs to the Wall.
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    Thanks to everyone for resurrecting this topic, as well as to @Elvis for being present and hopefully bumping it closer to the top of the internal Please Fix or Do Sumfink List. I know the R2V module took on a developmental life of it's own over the last months! CMBN is my favorite title and I too have held off starting any new games due to the counter logical infantry/bocage behavior.
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    Where are the Goumiers in djellaba?

    here is my contribution it's true that it's exotic for info this type of djelaba with his large stripes are tribal djelaba whose pattern corresponds to different tribes as well as wearing a beard or a turban from 1942 is introduced a regulatory djelaba manufactured by the army unifying and standardizing the holding of the goumier i work about it kepi is also specific i work about it too
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    TACai rocks!

    The scenario is Battlegroup Attacks! by George MC. (Thank you Sir!). A mix mechanized Syrian and U.K. force face off in Syrian hilly terrain in a PBEM with myself as Red force. A BMP-2 seizes the opportunity to take a pot shot at a Challenger 2 with it's AT-5 ATGM. N.B. The only orders I gave to the BMP-2 were as follows; 1. Reverse out of the Wadi around 20m to gain LoS. 2. Face towards blue Challenger contact. Everything else is the TACai's automatic orders. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    In all my years playing CM games and talking about them with other players here on the forum and with friends at home, one of the subjects which comes up fairly often is the ability of the player to have a "God" like view of the battlefield. As the player, we have far more information available to us than a typical battlefield commander would ever hope to have. This thread will be all about several steps taken to reduce the amount of information you the player have and how that reduction of information plays out in a real battle against a human opponent. @RockinHarry has made several mods to the game and we are going to showcase them here. I hope he will read this first post only and then go away as I will be talking about my side of our battle here and we hopefully have many more turns still to play. RH's mods we will be using in this battle are: Invisible enemy floating icons, Invisible sky triangles, Invisible casualty cross, invisible enemy tracers and several animation changes to lower the stance of troops while performing certain tasks. We will however be playing with friendly icons on. Having played several battles with all icons off, it is no fun losing your men in thick cover and breaking fog of war just to find your men back. While I like the game to be hard, I still want it to be fun. For our battle we chose a medium meeting engagement between Armoured Infantry, RH as the Germans and me as the Canadians. The only rules we agreed to were: must take at least two companies of infantry and all vehicles chosen must have at least two rubber wheels. Single vehicles, specialist teams and any artillery could be used so long as it was available under the Armoured Infantry tab. I am just finished my lunch at work now, I will post more tonight!
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    You just released a GIGANTIC mod for SF2 but that was two days ago. So, what have you done for me lately, Mord? Mord.
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    mortar response time

    Adding to what @IanL said, there is a small circle in the bottom right hand corner of every artillery or air asset representing the C2 level between the unit calling for the support and the artillery. The darker green the circle is, the shorter the call time will be. If the little circle is yellow, orange or red, expect very long call times.
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    Yeah, that's one of the reasons I never cared much for "tournaments", especially back in the old days of CM1. A lot of those guys were so arrogant an took playing way to seriously. I don't like losing but I enjoy the stories that can come from a good defeat just as much as from a killer win. When I play as a weaker side, like Syrian Combatants or Italians, I adjust my goals to causing as much hurt as I can. If I knock out a few good tanks and rack up a couple dozen bodies, I consider it a "win" even when I get my ass handed to me. LOL. Expectations, brother! Mord.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Whining has more to do with no information, let alone a simple revised ETA, being provided. It's not rocket science - revise a slipped March deadline by providing a *timely* update of... July or October or early-2020 [pick a date]. Posting every other month that we're almost there isn't an effective way of communicating with your customers. It's not that complicated. What you want to avoid is the mishandling of expectations. Said expectations being set initially, not by the customer, but by the developer. It's not difficult... post an an update before you blow past the last one. Otherwise, you mangle expectations. Anyhow, it is what it is. It's obviously more effective to be reactive rather than to be proactive with deliverables. Plus, it's lot more fun to be wading through 22 pages of my useless posts than it would be to reference a locked thread of *timely* updates from the developer. Now let's back to eating our young...
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    Why so little community content?

    You're a member of the community ….
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    Sir Lancelot

    Syrian Army Realism Mod 1.0

    Content: This mod is intended to create an accurate representation of the Syrian Arab Army around the timeframe of this game. Download link below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bwgu0k7bdjpblkr/AADo5tmmL0RTWPz8omGaS6twa?dl=0 v. 1.0 List of changes: 1. Replaced the fictional Syrian flag with the real flag of the Syrian Arab Republic 2. Replaced the Ssh-40 steel helmet with the Ssh-68. 3. Replaced the fictional all-black outfit of the Syrian special forces with the standard Syrian woodland camouflage (w/ late Soviet-style armor vest) and the black helmets with olive or camouflage-covered Kevlar helmets (to represent the Chinese QGF-02). Acknowledgments: A big thanks to @||CptMiller|| and @SaintFuller for making their armor vest and Ssh-68 helmet mods available for our community! Not long ago, @||CptMiller|| released a mod for the fictional Sahrani Liberation Army, which made the Syrians into a generic Soviet-style OPFOR with armor vests and Ssh-68 helmets (helmets made by @SaintFuller). This ingenious mod is what gave me the tools to make this realism mod for the Syrian Arab Army. Research notes: (1) The stock Syrian helmet in the game is the Ssh-40, which is a WW2-era Soviet helmet. The Syrians began equipping their troops with the Ssh-68 by 1982 and were still widely using it in 2005 when Syria pulled out of Lebanon. Based on my research, the Syrian army would not begin widespread equipment of Kevlar helmets until shortly before the Arab Spring. (2) The stock all-black outfit worn by the Syrian special forces is in fact worn by the Iraqi special forces, but I haven’t seen any reference pointing to its use by the Syrians. Based on news photos from when the Arab Spring protests began, we know that the SAA had body armor and Kevlar helmets by Spring 2011. I think it’s reasonable to assume that the Syrian special forces had this type of modernized equipment a few years earlier. The photos below are comparisons of the modded SAA soldiers with photos of the real SAA.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    During the two years we have waited for this patch, Europe and North America have physically moved about 5 cm (2 inches) further apart due to continental drift. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/continental-drift/
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    Fire suppression from small arms discussion

    Oh, shove it. If someone sees that the topic is about suppression from small arms, that's the discussion they should see when they open the topic - not a bunch of grumblings about health insurance and car repairs.
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    A plea for the Biodiversity

    No, I will not tell you about global warming!! But the possibility of increasing the variety of plants in the game to give a more realistic This is especially the doodad brush that is the subject of my remarks Those offered by the game do not please me because they are indefinable. The undergrowth but also the Norman fields and even the gardens (especially mine) are overgrown with nettle, ferns and brambles I modified the original of the game but the modification can not relate to only 2 type of bmp Unlike helmets for example it is not enough to add a number to the bmp to obtain a wider variety This possibility with the random will offer an improvement of the aspect of the game nettles and ferns brambles
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    Warts 'n' all

    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    With that quality detective work, perhaps you could write a song about detectives.
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    What is that? Steve has posted before on this, they know and appreciate their customer base is a niche market. Though selling more product than they expect is always a good thing they also know roughly the budget they have to work with. <Economist hat on and a quick google search because it's my lunch break and I'm lazy> In economics, productivity refers to how much output can be produced with a given set of inputs. Productivity increases when more output is produced with the same amount of inputs or when the same amount of output is produced with less inputs. <Hat off> Never assume having more people on staff means you will produce more. Anyone who's worked for an organisation with 100+ workers and a dedicated Human Resources team knows this first hand.
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    So let’s hop out of the comic for a bit and present certain information you will find helpful to follow along in the story. The map is about 1 square kilometre. Side to side and front to back dimensions are just over 1km each. The allies start in a clearing in the upper right corner, the Germans are everywhere else. Time allotted for the battle is one hour. A ridgeline divides the map, and it borders an impassable river that has 4 crossings - the three fords near the allied zone, and the bridge at the village lower right. The river side of the ridgeline is open, rough ground. It is exposed to fire from units in the village almost to the nearest ford. The inland (north) side of the ridge is densely wooded. The ground is almost perfectly flat south of the river, from the village to the allied zone. On the other side of the ridge, the land starts flat at the far (east) end, and eventually slopes somewhat steeply in the town, and beyond, to the hilltop. The hamlet in the upper left (northeast) corner is the completely flat plains area, facing the ridge that rises just at its periphery. It’s March, so spring melt and rain has left the ground a bit damp.
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    H-HOUR This is the situation at the start of the battle. Carrier based AEW is in the air, as is a patrol of Prowlers performing EW and 2 flights of 2 F/A-18F Super Hornets providing CAP. Additionally, the EC-130H Compass Call is coming on station and is conducting active jamming. This jamming coupled with the Prowlers will hopefully be enough to frustrate the Regime radars. Speaking of which, all Regime radars, including illumination and fire control radars are active. The white text next to enemy radar and SAM sites shows the pulses of energy from these active radars. They clearly know we are coming and are combing the sky trying to find my aircraft. With air units on station or arriving on station, it is time to initiate the first Tomahawk land strike. This strike will come in 2 primary waves. The first wave is designed to strike enemy ADN assets and government/military targets in Al Mout. The second strike will be aimed at radar sites and any remaining ADN assets that survive the first strike. SAM sites are capable of targeting and shooting down incoming Tomahawk missiles. To combat this, constant jamming will make it difficult for their radars to find and track the incoming Tomahawks. If they are able to fire at the incoming Tomahawks (which is likely) there will be 5 assigned to each SAM target to insure that at least a few are able to get through. All other targets (radar sites, government/military targets such as buildings) will receive 2 Tomahawks. This is to ensure maximum damage against these targets while insuring against weapon malfunction. The order is given, and the ships of CSG 12 fire their Tomahawks at their designated targets. 111 Tomahawk missiles are launched in this first salvo. Nearly half of the total number of Tomahawks I have on hand. A strike like this gives a visual example to the term “shock and awe” which, rhetoric aside, is a very real thing. As the Tomahawks approach the coast (10-15 minutes after being fired) they begin to be detected by enemy radars. Fire control radars from the SAM sites try to lock on to the incoming missiles, but cannot cut through the jamming until the Tomahawks are very close to their targets. Some SAM sites manage to fire missiles at the incoming Tomahawks and knock a few down, but the majority of the Tomahawks are making it through and striking their targets. A few of the weapons malfunction, but the majority perform as advertised. In response to the Tomahawk strike, the Regime appears to scramble aircraft from Al Mout International. Multiple bogies are quickly detected climbing into the sky. The bogies are quickly identified as Mig-25’s, first by the E-2C and then visually by the F/A-18F’s Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera designed to spot, identify and track aerial targets out to 100nm. The Migs begin to chase down and engage the Tomahawks striking targets in and around Al Mout. They are able to shoot down a number of the relatively slow moving, non-maneuvering Tomahawks. Tomahawk Strike Battle Damage Assessment (BDA): The strike was largely successful. Most of the Tomahawks made it to their targets with only a few malfunctions. Most of the SAM sites that were targeted are either completely destroyed or heavily damaged. In Al Mout, all strategic targets were hit except for the government complex. However, one of the SA-6 SAM sites is still active. Additionally, the SA-2 site still appears to be active, but its radars are not emitting which likely means they were destroyed. These two SAM sites pose a direct threat to air operations over the city and will have to be reengaged before the Marines begin landing operations. A second Tomahawk strike, primarily targeting enemy radar sites and priority targets in the vicinity of Al Mout will commence shortly. In order for the second Tomahawk strike to be successful, the enemy Mig-25s will have to be dealt with. A group of 8 appear to be heading out to sea towards my aircraft and ships, while a second group appears to be forming up over Al Mout International. This has the makings to be a pretty big air battle.
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    Raise your hand if you appreciate the utter irony of this thread.....
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    Snowy Windows

    Little mod I made to supplement the snow effects on modular buildings in CMFB What it does: Adds snow effect to doors, windows and window frames in snow conditions (i.e using tags). Adds some snowy balcony frames - these aren't very good though as they way texture is used elsewhere prohibits a nice effect on the balcony floor, but better than nothing I suppose. Also, I fixed the window alphas for every window used on modular buildings so when you look through a window the frames and windows are in the correct position (i.e the window texture and alphas now match up so the window is transparent and the frame isn't - not always the case in the window textures.). I'll try and post some screenshots at some point. https://drive.google.com/open?id=147QdozhNwhkrec0gvVDnvcDZyA4qk_zL
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    I bailed my Coy HQ tank and used the crew to observe enemy movement (harder to spot a man that lies in prone position, than it is to spot a T62 turret). I parked one of the Plt HQ tanks near my company commander, who then shared his spots with platoon commander. The information got passed through the platoon network. Next step was choosing hull down positions. With contacts already passed through platoon network, the job was already half done. Having my tanks unbuttoned/opened up and with previous knowledge of enemy positions and movements, has made my tanks spot M1's almost instantly. I was lucky to catch one platoon on the move. Movement reduced their spotting ability, which I fully used to my advantage. The second platoon of M1's was destroyed by combining efforts of my Company commander observing, 9M14 Malyutka's blinding the M1's and T62's finishing the jobs with flanking shots.
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    Huge New Map posted

    4 km x 2 km map uploaded here under the title Panzer Lehr at Pont Hebert and also at Green as Jade's site. I have posted the necessary new building skins at the repository as well. Look there. Sorry for this repost but the other title did not attract much attention and I wanted people to be aware of a fantastic new map. The map can be cropped into smaller sections to create your own scenarios.
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    Right. This is the "run towards the enemy" bug. Here a two threads mentioning it but there are other places it's been noted too; Irrational Behaviour and Annoying withdrawal towards the enemy behaviour. As I best recollect, it was fixed in all the titles except CMBN and has something to do with the TacAI in bocage terrain.
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    @Aquila-CM has made another preview video... ... looks like I'll have to go over those Brits in particular. Anybody with the latest (0.94) build can check out @Combatintman's amazing map for themselves (it's, unsurprisingly, in the map folder)
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    Secondary School:
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    @Liveload I fully appreciate that the Syrians are defending their country, and Brit flippancy doesn't always travel. As I said, I just took "Typical" for everything and upgraded a couple of sniper teams, 1 Observer team, and the sole 120 mm mortar (to Veteran - they seem to be significantly more accurate than the 82mms). So everyone is green or conscript. Howver, while some of the Syrian army is highly effective: the Tiger Forces and the 4th Division, I stand by my observations about a good deal of the Syrian Army. Not out of prejudice - it is a conscript army and very different to highly professional NATO forces. Look at the photos - most of them have no body armour, not even a steel helmet. I wouldn't go into battle like that, let alone without kevlar+ceramic plates, eye protection (I met a Brit ex-Squaddie a couple of months ago who caught an IED in Afghanistan - he showed me a pic: his face was a mess but the protective eyewear saved his sight, you could see where he was wearing it cos it was fine and the rest was all bloody - it ws like a white eyemask amid red). The Syrian army has taken horrendous casualties and probably "All the best men are dead" type of thing. How motivated would anyone here be to fight without decent protection? So I think BF are very realistic in simulating what we would call "poor quality troops" and they would call "staying alive to come home" people. I have also read several accounts of westerners fighting with the Kurdish forces in Syria, and while the Kurds are clearly very heavily motivated they still have discipline problems, unprofessionalism/individualism and of course a lack of every sort of support and logistics which NATO (and I assume the Russians) take for granted.
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    Not really postcard quality right now (too many more things to add), but I felt the need to post a WIP picture of the delta: Be honest.....You really couldn't mistake that for Syria, could you?
  42. 4 points

    Interview of a Waffen SS Soldier

    I suggest you read The Nazi Seizure Of Power by Sheridan Allen. You'd perhaps notice that the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) which believed in class struggle, was not revolutionary but pro republic and democracy was the main opponent of Hitler within Germany alongside the communists and how as soon as he got in power, Hitler shut down all the socialists newspapers, sent its members to concentration camps before finally banning the German socialist party altogether in 1933. Meanwhile the nationalists and the middle class flocked to Hitler in droves. So besides the name NSDAP (and if you follow that logic the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is actually a democracy) and a couple of tactical populist measures designed to appeal to the working class and which mostly failed, fascism had fundamentally very little to do with socialism. The same was true in Italy and Spain with Franco. And if totalitarianism in its various forms be it fascism or stalinism have a lot in common in practice, the horseshoe theory might be a good explanation, but in any case they both reach this end state by following completely different paths and with fundamentally opposed ideologies.
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    how what has always started? Fascism?? starts w political correctness? Totalitarianism? what is it that starts with 'political correctness'? My definition of political correctness is "if it offends me, it's offensive! if it offends you, it's political correctness". Yes, there's folks that uber sensitive and don't like this or that, and they whine a lot. But they aren't the ones that take over governments and start jailing, beating, and killing people they don't like.
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    After the next 2 modules?

    By the time CM3 comes out most of us will have kicked the bucket... not to mention the designers themselves.
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    UO: How To Take Hostile Buildings

    Best to treat enemy held buildings like landmines: If you can go round it, go round it. If you can't go round it... blow it up before you go near it. If you can't blow it up... shoot the crap out of it in the hope that you'll hit something important that stops it going off. Clearing the building is the equivalent of stepping on the landmine- don't do it unless you literally have no other choice.
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    Speak of the devil! Here is a actual picture of the Volkssturm Rollstuhl Truppen in action! Plus a museum picture that shows the only surviving model of a early American attempt at a cost effective scout car.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I did the same. The "GI Anvil of Victory: Squad Leader copy I bought as a 13 year old had a blank US officer counter that I added my name to. Which wrapped around the edges of the counter, and was far less well-executed than I had hoped. Also finding some blank hex sheets that were around 16x20" allowed me to start making my own maps. That was when things became really interesting for me, and I'm still doing it in my whatever the heck age I am.
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    Orbat / Custom organizations

    The following is how I save and use core units: To save a favorite unit when building TOE save it as a core unit file, like you would make for a campaign, but you can load it onto any map you have in the editor. To create a core unit: 1) Open up the scenario editor. 2) Select desired units. 3) Save in Scenarios 4) Name the scenario file. Example - Core US 1944 Armored Inf. Company. To import core units into a scenario: 1) Open up the scenario in the scenario editor. 2) Go to units and delete the units you are replacing with your core force. 3) While still in Units click on Import Campaign Units. 4) The scenarios file will open. 5) Select the desired core force. 6) Click Deploy Units and place the core force in the setup zone. 7) Save with a different name to preserve the original scenario.
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    A Plea to Developers

    I met one fellow way back when I was in college. he was in Vietnam (infantry) and had been caught in a ambush and they did just that. Turned into it and assaulted. Of course, his memory of it was very limited. They were on a roadway when they were hit. he managed to take a few steps before a explosion blew him back and dropped him on the ground, when he managed to get his wits about him again, he crawled away from the enemy to the far side of the road and found the only cover available, a tree trunk, so he positioned himself behind that and hide. The problem was, it was not really any cover. So he next was shot in his butt. That was all he had to the story. His unit did manage to assault enough that the ambush ceased and withdrew. He said the unit lost a lot of men that day, some were his friends and he felt terrible about his own actions. but that was about the only combat experience he had while there. the few other events he was in, all he knew was where the fire was coming from, never really could see anyone, just muzzle flashes, and him firing back into the location. And no one moving , just firing til the units disengaged from each other.
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    A Plea to Developers

    WJA, all your points are on the mark. and some here have pointed out a few of them can be somewhat resolved with features presently in the game. Other items are likely not going to be resolved, but it does not hurt to point them out. The sad thing is I am sure the designers also know about these short comings along withy some others not mentioned. We as players can get very critical as to the game needing to represent things correctly as to how it is in real life. I am sure I have done it myself more than a few times over the years. But the truth is, it is a game and it is a computer program with all sorts of compromises in the programming that has been made but to us the user it seems to reflect reality pretty good. I am just amazed that it does as well as it does. The things we complain about the game is pretty limited compared to all the things the game is trying to portray. These guys really do try to get it right and we as the consumer needs to be reminded that they have made a huge effort to do just that. So keep that in mind before you make comments that sound like the effort has not been put into trying to get it to do things as correct as possible. We the consumer needs to realize there is going to be short comings, just is how it is. So when asking about possible improvements, keeping our tone in a positive manor is important. Because there is limits to what they can do. Nothing wrong in making suggestions, but acting upset because they are there is not a mature way of seeing it.
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