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    Hello Gentlemen I had hoped to delay the announcement of this until the new CMMODS site was 100% finished and all the mods uploaded however due to circumstances I am pulling the announcement forward to... well now. After recent discussions between GreenAsJade and Battlefront it has been decided to relocate the CMMODSIII site to fall under the umbrella of The Few Good Men where The Proving Grounds and The Scenario Depot already reside. To this end work has begun on moving the modifications currently hosted at CMMODSIII to their new home at CMMODS IV. As you can imagine this is a major job and will take a few weeks. CMMODSIII will remain open until the full transfer has taken place so for now I request that no new mods be uploaded to CMMODSIII. Within the next few days CMMODS IV will be opening the requests section for folk interested in becoming Creators (formerly Authors) and at this time the new upload process will be implemented. This will be under the Instructions section of the new website but I will post in this thread to keep you all in the loop. A few points about the new website worth mentioning... all files will now be held in cloud storage so even a catastrophic website crash will not impact any loss of modifications. All files from the old CMMODSIII site will be relisted and recently with the help of @Erwin I have acquired approx. just shy of 300GB of modifications with quite a few that slipped through the net between the Repository and CMMODSIII transfer over 3 years ago. So as you can imagine Im going to be very busy over the next few weeks. Please do not subscribe to the new CMMODS IV just yet or you will be inundated with copious amounts of uploads... I think I uploaded over 100 today... you really don't want that many notification emails dropping in your inbox anytime soon! In closing I want to thank Martin for all his sterling work over the years keeping CMMODS running and it's an honour to pick up the gauntlet where he left off. Without further ado, here is the new site, still a work in progress but getting their quickly. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ Regards Bootie @Battlefront.com
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    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Hi everyone, Here is a cinematic video featuring Shock Force 2! This is meant to be a showcase, similar in concept to a gameplay trailer. Keep in mind this is footage taken from a beta build of the game, and things are subject to change and all that. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    For nigh on ten years now my biggest projects have always been my portrait mods. I have invested weeks and months on end, that have added up to hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and frustration creating them. I have made easily over ten thousand portraits, through trial and error, redesign, and updates. It's been a true struggle at times, and I am never happy with the outcome, though I'll say I am, once a project is complete. But I am always fighting the design decisions I started with way back in SF1 and it's hamstrung me artistically. After the FB portraits I decided I wanted to redo all the portraits for all the titles (the BN mod is long over do for an update) . So, after a long hiatus, I set about trying to get to someplace that would finally make me happy. I decided to start with RT to get ahead of the module release, and after a week or so of fiddling, resizing, making test bmps, and checking in game, this is what I came up with. For about two seconds I thought they looked good. But once again I was confronted by the poor design decisions I adopted all those years ago. You see, I have been in a constant fight with what I term the "bobble head effect", which causes the portrait heads to appear bulbous and fat-headed. It occurs because I opted to show each portrait with a split face on the bmp. It has been my bane since my BN mod and it frustrates me to no end. And considering how I built each face from screenshots, pieces of faces from all sorts of pictures, and the fact I only worked on the left side of the face, well it doesn't leave me room for presenting them in any other way. And On top of all that, I have always felt there was inconsistency in the quality of the faces, and that they appeared too cartoony. So with that said, I am putting these portrait mods to rest. I have taken them as far as they will go and they have reached a dead end. They had a good run but there really isn't anything more I can do to improve them. Now, check out what I have been doing for the last two weeks and tell me I didn't make the right decision... Now for some comparisons of the old style and the new. Now the portraits in the context of their own mod. It'll give you an idea of the overall design. And within the context of the game UI. Some of the portraits are tentative/place holders until I find something that really blows me away. Or will be replaced later. The Heer Armor and Armor Infantry come to mind as far as that goes. Luckily I haven't made anything yet with them, just tests. Now, unfortunately I will probably have to share a lot of the portraits (mostly Germans) across games, however backgrounds and the like will be changed for each setting. And I will of course do all the battalions and regiments etc. Whether or not I will be able to keep the quality across titles remains to be seen but I will do my best. It is going to be a colossal amount of work, already has been. For the Germans alone I have created and discarded over a thousand portraits. LOL. Every time I think I have one down and start producing keepers, I stumble across a better pic, or I adjust some color to better fit the portrait into the overall look and I have to redo a ton of work. I just replaced the Heer Infantry yesterday, now I have to redo 374 that I had already made, as well as the SS Arm Infantry. I have done this a couple times already. But getting it right is what's most important. Perfection is what I am aiming for. I don't know how long it will take. Getting the right pics is painstaking and laborious as hell. For every good one I make I throw out five. But this style will be the definitive version of my portrait mods from here on out. As I complete them I will remove the old versions from the planet. I'll start threads in the corresponding game forums as I progress. Welp, that's about it. I was gonna keep all this to myself and wait to surprise everyone, but I have been working in a vacuum for a month and it feels good to talk a little bit about it. Especially as I have been going full bore, night and day for two weeks straight. I Hope you guys like what you see. I think it's the best work I have ever done. Mord.
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    The state of CMSF2

    I don't mind that things are delayed, I mind that the customer base is often left in the dark, often for months on end. This has admittedly gotten much better in the last few weeks, but it has been months of waiting for the 4.0 patch. I can't say for sure how this is effecting the player base but look at how posting has died off for CMFI and CMRT - titles I personally really enjoy. There are threads detailing bugs and TOE/OOB errors and omissions from 2014 that have still not been commented on. Are they being fixed in the next patch? Who knows? If BF is aware that for example FJ gun transports in CMFI carry 50mm ammo regardless of the gun in the platoon, and it's being fixed in the next patch, then that's something I don't have to worry about, if they let the customers know and then I don't have to resurrect dead threads from 2014 in the hopes that it will be noticed, only for there to be no response because nobody is posting in the CMRT forum, lest of all devs. In my opinion, it's not the big things like delays with the website or CMSF2 being a little later than expected, and certainly not major additions like France and Italy being added to CMSF2 at launch, it's the lack of patches and dev blogs on the existing titles. Little things like the graphics issues with the BMP-2M in CMBS, generated many, many community posts and were met with silence. Would it be so much to say "We're aware of that, we're fixing it, it will be in the upcoming patch for the 4.0 engine". The responses to the question about CMBS bugs persisting into CMSF2 and asking if they will be addressed in a patch for CMBS is a ray of hope, I can only hope that there is a more organized way of doing that going forward. Maybe have pinned threads in each of the titles' boards and one day a week (if possible) have someone a dev or beta tester come in and give a little update on what's being done on the title, what the known issues are, maybe even solicit help from the community if there is uncertainty about a TOE or OOB. So on Tuesday say, go into the Development Thread in CMFI and say "You know, we looked at that Italian infantry handbook you guys posted back in 2013 (and was reposted in 2018!) that mentions the squad breaking down into 3 man teams, but we think that was just for running in bounds and the Italian rifle squad was fundamentally a LMG section and a rifle section and couldn't maneuver as smaller elements than that." and then on Friday post on the CMFB board and say "Yeah, we're aware that the availability dates for HVAP for the 76mm gun might be off, we'll address that" (No more specifics needed, 10 seconds to post!). The following Tuesday, if there's less going on in the development of CMFI maybe just check in and say "We didn't really take the time to go back to look at the Italians after the engine updates, since they were in the initial release of CMFI and we couldn't just port over assets from other titles when we added AAA. We'd like to add stationary Breda 20mm guns to give Italians the ability to have AA units, and luckily we already have this modeled in game on the AS. 42. We'll hopefully have time to add this as a small patch to CMFI between CMSF2 shipping and Rome to Victory" I know people like to say customers ask for too much. I disagree. We're not asking for detailed weekly dev diaries, just some indication of what is being done. I know people say that posting on the forum takes away from development time. I disagree. Just say something like: "Not only will Module 1 for CMRT bring the timeline to the end of the war and add German formations and equipment, but the Soviets got a second looks too. So now Cavalry Uniforms are a selection as appearance in the unit purchase screen instead of a mod tag. Oh and since we already had Polish voice files from other titles, we're adding the First Polish Army to the Russian side". That took about 30 seconds and covered questions raised in dozens of threads and hundreds of posts dating from 2014.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    One of the things that have been grating me is the fact that there's no indication on the website of these, more or less game breaking, bugs being present. By trying the demo of CMFI for instance I could easily be led to believe that things are functioning as they ought to be in the current version. When in reality, I could be waiting for a few months to have the game I paid $80 for to take the shape of what was advertised. That's the real kicker here, lack of information, not the very long delay to see the issues addressed. I wonder what happened to the notion expressed in the sales policy that an informed customer is a happy customer.
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    Throughout the past wargamers all over the world (the groggy, semi-groggy and non-groggy alike) have gathered on December 24th, in a far corner of the internet, to await the arrival of Santa Steve. It is a storied tradition that has been passed from father to son, and son to another son, and that son to his imaginary friend, Jim. For what? at least four years now? So, it's time-honored. Like drunken derelicts in a Mexican whorehouse, a whiskey, beer, (or in Emrys' case, egg nog spiked with ex-lax) in hand, they jostle excitedly to be the first to sight the legendary WaffenKringle of the Great Northern East. For they know, with his arrival come tidings of war and what shape that war will take in the following year. It's the kinda joy that brings a tear to a grown man's eye and divorce papers from that same guy's wife. However, this December an old friend from the desert landed in a LZ that normally would be abuzz with the cries of "BONES! BONES! BONES!" This friend had lost ten years, and gained ten pounds, and looked like a million bucks! Seemingly sated and awash in desert badassery most have turned their attention to blowing the crap out of Syrian crewed T-72s or RPGing a Leopard or three. So, it begs the question, with our old friend to keep us knee deep in cordite and the WaffenKringle elves busy as only WaffenKringle elves can be, will Santa Steve ride tomorrow night? Will all the good little wargamers gather in the hopes that Santa Steve soon will be here? Or will it be the year without a Santa Steve? I for one hope to spy him drudging out of the snowy wilderness, brain-in-a-jar in hand, the pockets of his coveralls packed to the brim with CM news and wargaming goodness. But regardless as to whether it happens or not, I am thankful our stockings were stuffed early with SF2. It was a great ending to a very dry year! Here's to killing it in 2019; Russian winters and Brazilian waxings in North Italia! Merry Christmas, Fellas!! Mord. P.S. A year ago yesterday. Wow. We made it!!! http://community.battlefront.com/topic/126131-the-night-before-cm-mas/?tab=comments#comment-1731593
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    Combat Mission Shock Force 2 PBEM AAR MSR Titan By IICptMillerII INTRODUCTION This is an after action report (AAR) of a play by email (PBEM) battle I recently concluded. The battle is in Combat Mission Shock Force 2 and features a combined arms task force attacking down a major highway against a near-peer opposing force (OpFor). The map is taken from the first mission of the excellent campaign “Forging Steel” by GeorgeMC. All credit goes to him for designing the superb map. I have modified the BluFor and OpFor, as well as their respective objectives, but otherwise the map remains untouched. This AAR features several mods. Chief among them are: Veins Smoke and Effects mod Drakenlords Fire mod Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) by myself playing the OpFor US 3rd Infantry Division Multicam uniforms by myself A number of the graphics used in this AAR (mainly the maps and task force layout) are large image files and are best viewed in full size, with the ability to fully zoom in on them. All sprites of vehicles and soldier models used in the map and task force layout graphics are taken from the game “Armored Brigade” by Matrix Games and are slightly tweaked by me. All credit goes to the artists who created these sprites. MISSION Task Force Miller is ordered to assault down Highway 3, named Main Supply Route (MSR) Titan, in order to allow follow on forces to continue the attack. Mission Specific Tasks: Secure Bridges 31 and 32. Destroy any enemy forces in the vicinity of MSR Titan Do not suffer more than 30% casualties Desired End State: MSR Titan, to include Bridges 31 and 32 secured and not directly threatened by the enemy. Task Force Miller combat effective and capable of conducting follow-on operations. ENEMY S2 (Intel) indicates the enemy is present in battalion size and are made up of elements from the 16th Guards Tank Division. Specifically, elements of the 47th Guards Tank Regiment appear to be deployed to our front. S2 anticipates a mix of dismounted and mechanized infantry (mounted in BMP-2s) in battalion (-) strength supported by at least one company of T-72AV tanks. It is anticipated that at least one additional company of tanks, maybe more, could be present on the battlefield, possibly as a quick reaction force (QRF). The enemy is well equipped, well led, and well trained. They are expected to stand and fight and will not give ground easily. Entrenched enemy units not immediately threatening the MSR should be bypassed or be destroyed with indirect fires. The T-72AV is a very capable tank and is well crewed. It is capable of frontally penetrating our M1A1’s at combat ranges. It is not a threat to be taken lightly. Additionally, enemy infantry may be equipped with the AT-14 Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). This weapon can easily destroy our M2 and M3 Bradley/Cavalry fighting vehicles and can severely damage, disable, and even destroy our M1A1’s. TERRAIN AND WEATHER The weather is overcast, though rain is not expected. The Air Force has assured us that the weather will not impede their ability to support the task force. The landscape is a mildly arid temperate climate. The dominating terrain features are Hill 113, and the gorge that runs North-South, crossing under MSR Titan at Bridge 32. The gently hilled terrain is a mix of grassland, agriculture, and light forest. The forested areas are not expected to prohibit tracked vehicles, though caution should still be used if passing through. MSR Titan runs East-West along the 2240 Easting. It crosses two obstacles, unnamed gorges, at Bridges 31 and 32. Several settlements of varying size are scattered through the area of operations. Only one is named, Kronenburg. The rest are designated by named areas of interest (NAIs). The most significant of these are likely to be NAI’s 5, 8, 9 and 12. These are larger settlements located closest to the MSR. TROOPS Task Force Miller is a combined arms task force composed primarily of two companies, one mechanized infantry and one armored. The armor company is Alpha Company equipped with M1A1HC Abrams tanks. The mechanized infantry company is Charlie Company riding in M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFV). Neither the tanks nor BFVs are equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA) packages, so they are more vulnerable to HEAT rounds, specifically modern tandem HEAT warheads. These units come from 1st Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment. The parent division is the 3rd Infantry Division. Also attached is 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 5-7th Cavalry. The scouts operate the M3A3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (CFV). Supporting Fires: The task force’s Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC) is assigned to the headquarters element of Alpha Company, and rides in a Humvee. Charlie Company has its Fire Support Officer (FSO) in its Bradley Fire Support vehicle (BFIST), part of C Company’s headquarters. We have been given priority fires for the following assets Battery A, 1-41st Field Artillery. x6 155mm Paladin self-propelled guns 1 flight of AH-64D Apache Gunships (2 helicopters) Armed with: 30mm HEDP x1000 70mm HE Rockets x38 AGM-114 Hellfire x8 1 flight of A-10C Thunderbolt II’s (2 fixed wing aircraft) Armed with: 30mm APDU x1350 500lb bomb x4 AGM-65 Maverick x4 TIME The time is 0830. Task Force Miller has 2 hours to accomplish its objectives. INITIAL SCHEME OF MANEUVER The initial scheme of maneuver, illustrated by this map, is as follows: Cavalry Scouts (White) Scout team 3 will advance to NAI 2 and establish overwatch positions North-East to screen the task force’s left flank. Scout team 1 (dismounted) will observe to it’s North-East to provide another set of eyes from a different location to spot any threats that immediately appear as the task force deploys. Tanks (Red) 3rd platoon will advance down the MSR and establish hull down overwatch positions that will allow observation down the entirety of the MSR and its immediate surroundings. 2nd platoon will advance forward into hull down positions and establish a base of fire position to cover the infantry 1st platoon will advance forward directly in front of NAI 1 in order to directly observe and engage any threats spotted there and allow the infantry to move up, dismount and begin sweeping the NAI. Infantry (Blue) For now, all infantry platoons will remain mounted and stationary in defilade as the tanks and scouts move forward to their initial positions. Once the tanks/scouts are in position, the platoons will fan out and deploy against their respective initial objectives. 1st platoon is tasked with clearing any discovered threats in the immediate vicinity of MSR Titan. 2nd platoon is effectively the reserve element and will respond to developing threats as needed. 3rd platoon is tasked with sweeping NAI 2 if the enemy is discovered there. Preparatory Fires 1 section of 155mms (2 guns) will fire a light mission against NAI 1 to suppress any enemy forces deployed there that could threaten the initial deployment of the task force. The remaining 2 sections of the battery will be on call for fires.
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    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps. They are easily identified by "2019" in the Map name. I took a good run at the bocage maps and personally enjoyed the game play with them. There are a few maps devoted to the Rhone Valley of Southern France. So river crossing and Hills.
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come under fire from hidden AT guns. I've lost a few PzIVs to this fire but I've been IDing the hidden PAK. Two main nests have caught my attention and as yet there appears to be a hidden nest which is slowly exacting a toll on any panzer daft enough to let me order it forward. There was wee scrap on Hill 251 to clear off some pesky Russkies so I could establish a FO OP. This meant I could now bring my arty to bear but as I'd poor spots on the enemy PAK i thought I'd go for smoke so I could make a dash across the bridge and into town. So... PzIVs (part of one zug in overwatch) Smoke starting to fall from my arty. My arty spotter OP on Hill 251- you can see the smoke starting to shroud the approach across the south bridge into RAKOW (ignore the burning PzIv on the distant far left. The end of a tentative Plan A...). We're off! And the first panzer makes it across. Into RAKOW. The rest of the zug follow close behind. No shots, save some grenades and rifle fire from defending Soviet infantry but the tanks are buttoned and moving at speed. At this point my recce light SPW are now moving fast right behind, currently unbuttoned but they will be ordered now to button up. At range and unbuttoned they are using area fire at some houses on their left flank. Smoke and dust shroud the right flank. But... as I commit to charging across I start to notice some gaps appearing in my smoke screen. Not large gaps but crucially around the bridge... Then the smoke dramatically clears around the bridge. The lead SPW is hit at close range by what looks like a 45mm Pak firing from their right flank concealed amongst some hedges/bushes. It rolls on and comes to a rest. all the crew killed. Following behind at a 15s interval speeds the following SPW, who is also hit coming onto the bridge. This is when i realise there must be two as no way could a gun reload that fast... The third SPW crashes into the second, stalls and not long after is hit again killing all on board. Luckily the turn ends and I manage to stop the rest in the cover of some buildings a few hundred meters up the road. So now I have a platoon of PzIVs running about in RAKOW with no close infantry support. What could possibly go wrong... My timing to move units into concealed positions to enable them to make a dash in took time. Meanwhile, I'd to lay a long enough smoke screen to cover the approach and protect from long range fire from multiple PAK nests. I had thought my overwatch had suppressed the enemy defenders, but these light PAK were keyholed and out of LOS/LOF of my overwatching panzers. Co-ordinating all those took a bit of time which meant my SPW were making their dash just as the smoke screen was starting to fade at key places. So poor combat recce and coordination on my part led to eighteen pixel grenadiers and their rides being taken out. Tough gig being a panzergrenadier in my command...
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Another view is to flip this around and ask why wouldn't they have been working on the patch this whole time? It's been 2 years and 3 months now since they broke some pretty fundamental parts of their own game -- broken to the point that many people can barely enjoy the typical stock scenario. And not just one title broken, but all of them. When the issues with v4 were first brought to light, I would have never believed that it'd still be almost literally years before we saw them fixed. Perhaps Battlefront needs to start actually paying more testers and content creators, in order to get things moving along, instead of relying on the generosity of so many volunteers? I've defended Battlefront and heaped praise on the game many times over the past 4 to 5 years, but at some point a customer's patience and good will just gets used up. "Niche market" is no excuse for a fix to the underlying game engine to have taken this long.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Beware the IEDs of March....
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    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Sahrani Liberation Army by IICptMillerII The Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) is the army of the fictional country of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani from the videogame Arma: Armed Assault made by Bohemia Interactive. I decided to make this reskin because I've always liked the "generic OpFor" look of the SLA. The "lore friendly" loadout of the SLA is mechanized infantry in BMP-2s (Syrian Republican Guard formation) along with T-72M1s. However, all T-72 variants and the BMP-1 have been retextured as well to allow for flexibility when using the SLA. This modpack will replace the following stock Syrian assets: Regular and Reserve infantry BMP-1 BMP-2 BRDM T-72 (all variants) Shilka Special Forces (NOT Syrian airborne) Voices: In Arma, the SLA have hispanic heritage, thus speak Spanish. However, I have given them Russian voices and names as these assets are readily available from Combat Mission Red Thunder and Combat Mission Black Sea. Going through the process of creating a whole new set of voices in Spanish would have taken me too long and been far too labor intensive. Infantry: Both Regular and Reserve Syrian infantry have been retextured to look like SLA soldiers. Regular infantry have their rifles model swapped to use the AK-74. This is purely a cosmetic change, as the game still simulates them firing the 7.62mm round of the AKM. Additionally, the stock helmet texture has been remade by SaintFuller to model the Soviet SSh-68 helmet. The textures for the helmet were made by SaintFuller and tweaked by myself. All other infantry textures were made by myself. Vehicles: Included are reskinned BMP-1s, BMP-2s, T-72s, BRDMs, and the Shilka. All textured by myself. Especas: These are the Special Forces of the SLA. They are equipped primarily with AKS-74Us and wear green berets into combat instead of a combat helmet. The stock Syrian Special Forces are used to represent the Especas. The AK-74Ms and helmets have been model swapped for the AKS-74Us and berets. The beret is from Combat Mission Battle for Normandy with the retexturing done by myself. The AKS-74U model is from Shock Force 2. All other Special Forces textures were made by myself. Known Bugs: Sometimes, swapped model textures will "flicker" when viewed from a distance or from up close. To my knowledge there is no way to fix this. However, it is mostly unnoticable. Credits: Battlefront.com for making Combat Mission and most of the base textures and models Bohemia Interactive for making Arma: Armed Assault and the SLA IICptMillerII for making most of the textures and model swaps SaintFuller for making the SSh-68 helmet model and base textures Usage: You are free to use this mod how you like. If you use any assets from this to make your own mod, just be sure to give credit where it is due. Download Link: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8070
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    For anyone interested, I just uploaded a blog post on Using Listening Halts. This is a subject I have discussed many times before in my AARs, but have never really written at length about it. Hope its useful. Bil
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago. Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them. These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released. Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us. I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    some new info about patch status could be cool
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    Hello all, About seven years ago the computer I was using to play CMSF1 had a severe crash and I lost everything associated with the game. I had several login names as I was purchasing these great games but over time I had forgotten them. I sent in a ticket to the Support Team and John really helped me. So, I just wanted to say thank you to him and the outstanding service he provided me. I just wish more of the gaming companies took care of their customers in the same way Battlefront does theirs. Chris.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    CONTACT As soon as 1st platoon dismounts in front of NAI 3, they make contact. It appears to be a squad sized element split between two buildings. Bradley gunnery is up to a high standard, and rounds are immediately pumped into both buildings before the enemy has a chance to fire at my dismounting infantry. The enemy is suppressed, and friendly infantry begins to cautiously advance forward to clear the rest of the complex. Suddenly an enemy ATGM flies out from behind NAI 3 and slams into a Bradley, destroying it and killing the driver. Moments later, an Abrams in overwatch spots a BMP-2 hiding behind NAI 3 and destroys it with a HEAT round. Just as suddenly, more enemy infantry are spotted in the buildings, and a close range firefight breaks out. The firefight is short and violent. No friendly casualties are suffered. A lull in the fighting momentarily occurs, and I use the opportunity to push up a scout team armed with a javelin to try to get eyes on the second BMP-2 to the rear of NAI 3. As the scout team is moving up, they are suddenly engaged by the second BMP-2. 30mm HE rounds streak down the road and explode against trees and the ground, though miraculously none of my scouts are hit by the fire. One of the scouts is armed with an AT-4 and takes a shot at the BMP. Unfortunately the shot falls short, but the scouts are able to crawl out of the line of fire and suffer no casualties. The BMP poses a problem due to its positioning, but the encounter could have gone much worse. A survivor of the Bradley’s barrage pops up and fires a few bursts. This time, the enemy’s aim is good, and I suffer a casualty. My infantry, as well as an Abrams in overwatch, return fire with small arms and coax. Its enough to finish off the lone enemy soldier. The BMP-2 is in a good keyhole position, covering down a road that separates my infantry from the buildings on NAI 3. Crossing a road like this is already a very dangerous thing to do, and is known as a Linear Danger Area (LDA). In order to deal with this serious threat, I move Scout Team 3 off of their observation post and down into a position where they can get eyes on the BMP and engage it with their Javelin. The scout team is able to get into position and take aim. The scout fires moments later, and the missile hits its mark. On the right flank, 3rd platoon advances cautiously into the woods covering NAI 1. It doesn’t take long to find the enemy. A fire team takes fire from it’s front and suffers a minor casualty. Thankfully, the soldiers body armor prevents the wound from being serious. One of the scout teams helping to clear the woods pushes up and spots the enemy. They begin engaging with rifle fire and grenades. Having pinned down the enemy, the scout team capitalizes on the situation and rushes the fighting position. The scouts kill the remaining enemy soldier and occupy the fighting position for themselves. In this short but violent exchange, I was lucky. I only suffered one man lightly wounded, while killing 2 enemy soldiers and taking their fighting position. The last thing I want to do is get sucked into a costly close quarter fight in these woods. It’s not even my main objective. Moments later, another enemy position is discovered further into the woods, on a very slight reverse slope. My goal is to quickly sweep the edges of the forest for enemy assets that can pose a long range threat to my advance down the MSR, such as ATGM teams or artillery spotters. Once these threats have been found and neutralized, the infantry will fall back and let the armored vehicles strongpoint the position. That way, if the enemy decides to attack out of the woods, they will be cut down in the open by my vehicles. Here is an overhead view of the woods covering NAI 1: This should help to illustrate my intentions with NAI 1. I would need much more than a platoon of infantry to clear these woods, and even then it would be long and bloody. It simply isn’t worth the effort. The good news is, the terrain appears to be too dense for the enemy vehicles to emerge in any semblance of order or speed. As long as NAI 1 is strong pointed by friendly armor, I should be able to keep it bottled up and it will not pose a threat to my advance down the MSR. 2nd platoon (infantry) along with elements of 2nd platoon (armored) and the Task Force command element move forward to establish new overwatch positions along the right side of the MSR. A call comes over the radio informing the JTAC that the Apache called in on the possible enemy armor concentration behind NAI 1 is now on station. Moments later, a missile is seen streaking into the sky. The shot came so fast that the Apache pilot didn’t have time to pop flares in defense. The enemy missile hits the Apache, destroying it. This is an expensive lesson to learn. The airspace is not safe for aircraft. Half of my available fire support is now restricted until I can proof the airspace. However, there is hardly any time to contemplate this new dilemma. The two tanks from 2nd platoon (armored) advance to a berm and discover… What appears to be an entire enemy tank company in a reverse slope position, at point blank range. Before either of my tanks have a chance to react, one of the enemy tanks fires at Number 3 tank. The round impacts the berm, causing no damage. My tanks are quick to respond. In rapid succession, they pump 2 rounds into targets to their direct front, destroying them. The exchange is not one sided. Before either of my tanks have a chance to reload, number 3 tank takes a penetrating hit to its lower glacis plate. The Abrams is destroyed, but all 4 crewmen survive the hit and are able to bail out of the tank without suffering a casualty. While this is happening, the infantry from 2nd platoon dismount their Bradley’s and begin advancing on NAI 11. They are immediately greeted by a hail of gunfire from enemy infantry occupying the buildings on NAI 11. The fire causes no casualties, and is quickly returned and silenced by 25mm HE fired from the Bradley’s overwatching the infantry as they dismount. I’m now in a precarious position. I have deployed infantry and their Bradley’s dangerously close to enemy tanks in a reverse slope position. Further, I now only have 1 tank directly observing and engaging what appears to be a company of enemy T-72s. If the T-72s are able to maneuver out of the reverse slope position, they could destroy a significant number of Bradley’s and Abrams at point blank range with just a single volley. I have tanks in overwatch positions, but they would likely not be able to react in time to prevent a mini-catastrophe. In response, I quickly maneuver 2 teams of Abrams to either flank of the reverse slope position to keep the enemy engaged and hopefully pin him down/destroy him so the T-72s cannot threaten my IFVs and infantry in the open. What happens next is pure chaos.
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    I figured it was about time I created a scenario for this title and I am now in the closing stages of finishing off a scenario titled Assault on Port Cros. The scenario, while based on historical events, is not what I would term as an accurate representation of them so this is more of an attempt to offer something new and maybe different for CMBN. The basics: Play Mode: Allied vs Axis AI only. Battle Type: Allied attack. Battle Size: Large (I know this is subjective so to qualify this it is an Allied company plus force against an approximate Axis battalion element). Battle Length: 3hrs 30 minutes (although this may change based on final testing). Map Size: 2368x1264m Requirements: Market Garden and Vehicle Pack modules. The basics of the history are that the First Special Service Force assaulted German coastal defences, including Port Cros, on a small island group covering the approaches to the Port of Toulon to set the conditions for the main Operation Dragoon landings in the south of France in August 1944. The following image forms part of one of the briefing graphics for the scenario:
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    These Tactical Problems designed by Todd Justice ( @ScoutPL ) and myself are designed to give small scale (Platoon to Company (+)) and short (around 30 minute) games for two players to test and explore tactical solutions to unique situations. They are Head to Head only in order to provide the toughest challenge. Each side in these scenarios is designed to provide a challenge, though some sides may be tougher than others, refer to the scenario complexity ratings for the difficulty rating for each side. Post your solutions in the comments section for each scenario, or on the Battlefront forum. We might in the future add AI to each side of these scenarios based on the best submitted solutions for each side. Links below: PBEM Tactical Problems Introduction PBEM Tactical Problem 01 - A Rifle Behind Every Tree PBEM Tactical Problem 02 - Strongpoint! (Coming Soon) PBEM Tactical Problem 03 - The Last Hundred Yards (Coming Soon) It had always been my intent to provide Tactical Problems like these on my blog to allow you to learn and test tactical situations. Please leave your feedback below. I would suggest that if you have an AAR or a solution to one of these scenarios that you start a new thread and post a link to it in this thread to keep spoilers to a minimum. Bil
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    Some Marines keeping an eye on things.
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    Initial situation This AAR is being played using the Quick Battle system from the v4 engine in the new version of Shock Force. We are playing a Red probe with Bil taking the Syrians vs Canadians commanded by myself. The back story we decided on is that the NATO advance is proceeding well and the Canadian battle group has been assigned to flank protection for the main advance. D Company has been directed to take up positions around a village on the main East West road in the area. Taking the walk through the village to meet with the local elders was something that Capt. Leslie actually enjoyed. The security situation for these types of meetings was much better here than in Afghanistan where, as a platoon commander, often had to provide security for the CO in one of these meetings. Over there it was always a nerve racking time. Here, today, his men had taken up their positions already and there was no love for the Assad regime around here. There was no love for the Assads anywhere actually – even in the enclave where his family drew the most support it was based on fear not love. So his walk today was pretty safe. Walking through the village reminded him of the last time he was in Syria. When he was just a boy visiting his father who was stationed on the Golan Heights as a UN Observer. Back then this trip to Syria was an exciting event. He got to fly on Hercules from Germany to Damascus where his Dad’s apartment was. The trip had made an impression. Not just the Roman ruins and the amazing castle Krak des Chevaliers (and having lived in the UK a few years earlier he knew castles) but it was really the people that impressed him the most. They were so friendly and open. It was this trip and listening to his father tell the stories of visiting with security guards on his way home each night that cemented in him the certain knowledge that you can go anywhere in the world and the regular people you meet are more like you then they are different. This meeting was just a formality but an important one. They would not be here for long and the Canadians had no mandate to provide any kind of assistance this was just to introduce the force that would be on their door steps for a while and point out that most likely nothing eventful would happen today, tomorrow or the next day. Capt. Leslie had put off this meeting for a hour because he had to spend time on the radio sorting out their artillery support. They were not expecting any action and so had only been assigned only a battery of light artillery and some Battalion mortars but he wanted to make sure they were ready with solutions plotted just to be sure. For some reason there had been a delay. Usually the artillery guys were ready before his FO was but today somehow the assignments had been confused and no battery thought they were supposed to be on call for D Co.. He had the reputation not as a rising star but a solid cross the t’s dot the i’s find a solution get it done officer. And he had done so again. Other officers liked him because he did his homework and was fair even when he was pushing for something. He didn’t make a big production but he didn’t back down either. He remembered his Dad used to say “not everyone can be a rising star, those stars need good officers to get their jobs done”. His Dad’s other advice when he joined up as a junior officer was “always listen to your Sergeants and Warrant Officers, they are the ones that have the experience know how to help you find solutions and keep you from screwing up”. He had taken the advice to heart. Force selection: The Quick Battle system is still not complete so don’t read much into what you see other than the happy path I will describe J. As you can see the usual points panel is there along with the selected force’s flag and available branches. The various units might still need tweaking in the QB list and single vehicles and teams is not officially complete and the points might change. All the usual caveats apply. No one has tested the auto pick force make up yet – although the three times I used it during testing it actually did a good job. At any rate before release this stuff will be tweaked some more. Similar to the CMBS game there are combined force battle groups available. That is where I will start: Defending in a Medium Probe lets you purchase about a mechanized company or so. I start with paring back to D Company and a platoon of tanks. Then I do something I started doing recently – renaming the top commander on QB battle field after myself. I think it is more fun to think of yourself down there in the game. Hopefully no one thinks it is too arrogant since I have never served as more than a truck driver but I’m adding a little colour this time based on an alternate reality where I joined up back in university like I very nearly did. Now the hard choices. I am pretty certain that Bil will be bringing armour to this and those T72s are every bit as deadly to the Leos as the Leos are to the T72s. That means I need to be able to handle enemy armour. So, to get the points room to have some support I chose not give up a tank but instead gave up a platoon of infantry. Therefore the basic force is two platoons of infantry and one troop of tanks. With that I’ll settled I chose to keep two of the battalion’s AT LAVs, one battery of mortars and a sniper team. Never leave home without your sniper team.
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    I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that the 4.01 patch fixed several bugs I'd seen reported on the forums, even though they weren't listed in the patch notes. In many cases I wasn't aware that BFC had even officially acknowledged them. It's been fun to find these things, so I thought I'd start a thread to compile them. I'm grateful to the BFC staff and testers who have harvested these and fixed them, and I'm curious what others have found! Here's what I've seen so far: 1) In CMFB, Volksgrenadier Sturm squads no longer have extra Assistant leaders. Reported and acknowledged after the 4.0 upgrade in 2016, now fixed: 2) In CMFI, Italian HMG teams no longer carry superfluous US 60mm mortar ammunition. Noted back in 2013, in 2017, and again in March 2019 but now fixed: 3) In the CMFI Troina campaign, US infantry company MG teams used to have M1919A4s instead of M1919A6s--but no longer. I noted that here in 2017: 4) In CMBN, you can now buy Vickers teams in QBs without getting XO teams instead. @Oliver_88 confirmed this. 5) Perhaps related to (4), in CMBN and CMFI, CW Vickers platoon 2IC teams no longer have erroneous MG icons, as used to be true (noted here): 6) In CMBN, the problem with acquiring mortar ammo from CW Carrier Platoon vehicles is fixed, confirmed by @domfluff here: 7) In CMBN, US MMG teams no longer fire off a rifle grenade as a "parting shot" after an area fire Target Light order is cancelled. I noticed this under 4.0 back in 2017 and I saw it again just now with my version of CMBN 3.0. But it seems to be gone in 4.01! 8 Another pet peeve of mine, in CMFI 4.0 US units with area fire orders would fire off their AT rifle grenade before their HE grenades, instead of saving it to use against armor. (At least, that's what I observed and noted). Not true in CMFI after the patch! (I also noticed that under 4.0, unlike 3.0, early US rifle squads carried two rifle grenade launchers. This hasn't been changed in 4.01, so I assume it was a deliberate TO&E update.) Patch notes themselves here:
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    Hello, I had pretty much given up on CM back in 2016 for various reasons and mostly lost interest in anything CM related as well. The announcment of CMSF2 has brought me back somewhat and, coincidentally, I am currently learning a new programming language. So I decided to write a little application I had wanted to write even way back then, which can extract scenarios from campaign files so you can look at them in the editor or edit them. Mad Mike's ScAnCaDe is a great tool for parsing scenario files, extracting campaigns and visualizing scenario and campaign metadata. However, it does not work with the 'legacy' CM games Shock Force 1 and Afghanistan. Also, who knows if Mad Mike is still around to update it anymore for future versions. He did a great job deciphering the various campaign file formats that have existed throughout CM's lifetime and much of what I did is based on his groundwork (which involves a lot of staring at hundreds of rows of bytecode and figuring out which bytes stand for which variables), so credit where credit is due. And while according to the devs you should be able to play any old campaign in CMSF2 out of the box, now you can also extract the scenario files from these campaigns and update them to the new engine standards, even if the original creators are now longer around. I decided to focus on the extraction part and didn't bother with any of the metadata listing and visualizing. The tool should be able to extract any campaign file from any CM game so far and should also work with CMSF2 once it's released. I originally wanted to extract every bit of information required to also recompile the campaign from the extracted data without any further input, but that proved to be more difficult than I anticipated because some of that information is compressed or decrypted within the campaign files and I have not found a way yet how to extract that. This includes the campaign victory/loss texts and the complete core units and campaign briefing data. Maybe I will manage to add this at a later point. For now the scenario extraction works really well however, but I need some feedback from others. I don't have any CM games installed currently besides Shock Force and thus have only been able to thorougly test the CMSF stock campaign as well as many campaigns downloaded from the Scenario Depot. So if anyone finds a campaign that does not work, make sure to post or send me the error log file that should be created. Usage of the application is as simple as it can be, just put the .exe file in a directory that contains any number of campaign files and start the executable. uncam-0.9.zip
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    MOVEMENT TO CONTACT The battle begins and my task force starts deploying. 2nd platoon (tanks) moves forward to establish hull down positions on the rise in front of them. 3rd platoon (tanks) establishes hull down positions on the MSR. Artillery begins to fall on NAI 1. On the left flank, scout team 3 moves forward, dismounts and establishes an observation post. All is quiet on the left. Immediately after taking hull down positions, 2nd platoon encounters and engage enemy infantry moving in the open. Upon doing my terrain analysis, it became quickly apparent to me that NAI 1 would be an excellent defensive position due to it’s cover, concealment and dominating sightlines along MSR Titan. In short, it is an excellent place for infantry to dig in and engage my forces as they try to move down the MSR. It appears that the enemy is aware of the defensive advantages of this position as well. The enemy team my tanks engaged is proof that the enemy is on NAI 1 in some capacity, but to what degree? In order to find out, I dispatch 2nd platoon (infantry) to begin moving towards NAI 1. In addition, scout team 1 pushes up to get extra eyes on and help discover any hidden threats not yet uncovered by the tanks. As 2nd platoon and the scout teams begin their movement, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) indicates that there could be a concentration of armor in the vicinity of NAI 1. I waste no time getting the JTAC to call in an Apache to put eyes on the area, and missiles into anything spotted there. Scout team 1 dismounts and pushes up slightly to get better eyes on the tree line, but spot nothing. Covered by the tanks and scout team, 2nd platoon moves up on line and dismounts its infantry. Meanwhile on the left flank, 1st platoon (infantry) covered by 2nd platoon (tanks) move forward along MSR Titan to gain a position overlooking NAI 3. NAI 3 is close to the MSR and would be an ideal spot for the enemy to launch spoiling attacks against my task force moving down the MSR, such as firing RPGs into the flanks of my vehicles. Further emphasizing this point, SIGINT reports that there are potential contacts in the building complex farthest to the rear. Perhaps this is an enemy outpost watching the MSR? To prevent the enemy from launching any spoiling attacks against my task force and to deny him his (potential) observation post, 1st platoon (infantry) will establish a base of fire observing NAI 3, and then sweep and clear the buildings to ensure no threat is posed to the rest of the task force. As 1st platoon moves into position and establishes overwatch, the platoon fire support team calls in a fire mission on the suspected outpost. The mission is a single section (2 tubes) of 155mm and will be short but violent. Shortly after calling it in, the fire mission lands. The fire mission is short, only dropping a handful of rounds. As soon as it ends 1st platoon (infantry), covered by tanks on the MSR, advance and dismount in front of NAI 3. Back on the right flank, my infantry are now fully deployed and arrayed against NAI 1, supported by their Bradley mounts, some tanks, and a scout team. Despite being in the open, my men have not taken any fire. Further, despite having good direct observation of the NAI, I have not been able to uncover any enemy positions. It’s time to advance. I bring all my tanks in the area on line and begin bounding the infantry forward in teams towards the tree line. As this is happening, an enemy artillery barrage begins to land. It seems to be falling in the open field to the rear of most of my forces and poses no immediate threat to me.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Seriously guys...
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    Ok, did some very basic preliminary tests. Mostly seeing what can be done without hex editing. Did some texture swapping and used some masks to get the results I was looking for. These aren't perfect just proof of concept/dipping my toes. This won't be as good as my old civil war and mixed combatant mods but it'll do. With the Syrian Reserves being 98% free of shared textures a very decent Civil War mod and scenarios can be produced. Best results as I see it would be Syrian Reserves (Infantry and Mech), Combatants and Fighters against Syrian Mech, Guards, Airborne and Spec Ops. The Reserves have a pretty decent selection of tanks (and access to most AFV/IFVs) so it would be a decent match up. Here's some alpha pics to get your imagination pumping. NOTE: Combatants are not mixed in with Syrian Reserves. Mord.
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    There are 2 things I hate in mission combat It and that "shark teeth" As for the distortion in the ploughed fields, Kieme's mod brilliantly solved the problem. But for shark teeth alas, it is a constraint related to the engine of the game. Some scenario maker and map maker make a lot of effort to avoid them. I am thinking of the Bulletpoint "front contact" scenario where no shark teeth are visible, which gives you some of the most beautiful and realistic map. some other map makers , shift the bend two or three turns to avoid the effect of shark teeth. However for historical scenarios that rely on a precise map of places there is sometimes no choice. I recently tried the scenario The Carillon 1 It's Quiet-Too Quiet and I noticed this curious road with an unknown angle of 22.5 ° Revelation !! The author, (I do not know who) is a genius who managed with the highway tiles to do this feat, opening a new field of possibility in the design of the maps. The only flaw is the visual So I created this little mod to give a coherent visual. Now I like everything !! Road of Carillon Change on the map of "Liking up and breaking out" then and now this one to compare with the one above that I hate the different angles of the road
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    No time for actual playing unfortunately though I investigated in the editor somewhat. I made some flat roof mod to the 8x8 modular building (taking roof1 from CMSF2 Demo) and adding some (concrete) textures fitting to the ones I made for a scenario of mine using modular buildings as pillbox substitute. Could possibly be of use for you. I also needed something like this for a planned Metz, or Brest fortress scenario. Another recent finding was you actually can make large gates through modular buildings by removing (CNTRL Click 3D Editor) the facades at the bottom at both sides and then putting a 16m bridge (rail or stone) on top/through it. With the bridge taking precedence you even can move tanks through it now, which the AI wouldn´t do before. More on that after the holidays. Good work on the Port Cros map btw. 8x8m Level 2 modular building with flat roof and new textures. Infantry and vehicles will use the bridge just like the building isn´t there. Yet the 2nd story above the passageway can be used normally like in any other building. I got a bit creative on one the forts on your map to see how the mod probably works out. It replaces the Holland independant building and got some flat balcony added at level 3. This enables any attackers to hava a look and shoot to the interior of the forts.
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    It sure is funny how most of the people who complain about price and why is the games not on sale for bargain prices are people who have a handful of comments on the site and are recent new members. In other wards I see them as typical gamers expecting the same thing they see with most of the rest of the industry. Expecting to get something for almost nothing after a short life span of the product , with a newer version out and selling again for that company. They have never played any game for any extended period of time and are just waiting for the next thing on the market that they can consume. The concept of a game with depth and years of endless playability is not a possibility in their thought process. Let alone a fact that the company is not capable of putting out new versions in a year or two with staffs in the hundreds to do such things. A product with only a handful of guys working on and making adjustments to and no ability to try and push the graphic limits of the present home computer each and every year. They see it as a unknown logic in the world that they live in and cannot accept it. I find it funny. BF is two guys that came from that world and hated it, created their own way to run and manage their game and have done what they wanted and made the life they wanted for themselves and provided us with games no one in the all powerful industry want to do. So Bf keep selling and doing business how you want. I appreciate the games too much to care about sales and how they do business.
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    Artillery advices needed

    As a ex-artillery officer, here are the principal differences between the types of platforms. Mortars are high angle only and are incapable of direct fire. Given an equal caliber, a mortar will have a higher rate of fire than a howitzer or a field gun. Mortars (except for the very largest) can be broken down and man packed or carried by improvised transport (like the bed of a pickup truck). For getting directly behind tall intervening terrain with fire, they are a preferred weapon. Most effective against infantry, limited effectiveness against vehicles, emplacements and buildings. Lethality inceases with caliber but portabillity/mobility decreases. Howitzers are capable of direct fire, indirect fire and high angle fire. They are either towed or self propelled. Can get really big calibers. Very effective against infantry, limited against vehicles and emplacements. Preferred weapon of choice of you don't have airpower and want to level a position, a building or structure. Biggest variety of ammuntion type - illumination, Smoke - Base Ejecting, Smoke - WP, Cannister (anti-infantry direct fire),HE, ICM, DPICM, and smart munitions and variable time and time fused ammunition. Field Guns are direct fire weapons and in a pinch, can do low angle indirect fire, limiting their range and usefulness. A anti-tank gun is a example of a specialized field gun, for example. Can get to big calibers like howitzers and are either towed or self propelled. Not a lot of field guns are made anymore due to their limitations as tanks have largely taken over the roles the field guns used to provide. In general, the larger the caliber, the bigger the lethal zone. The larger the round, the smaller the CEP (Circular Error Probable) footprint - a fancy way of saying that if you want to hit a point target, you get the biggest caliber you can get as the round is more stable in the air and less affect by meterological and has a smaller CEP footprint. The larger the caliber, the more destructive it is to vehicles and structures and emplacements. Bigger is better. Call or response times are not weapon dependent. They are determined by the communications capability and doctrines of the C3 systems used by the army in question. Lighter weapons like small mortars can be set up quickly and torn down quickly but once emplaced, once a call for fire goes out, it is the C3 systems, crew training and observer training that determine how fast you see a round on the ground. Combat Mission games try to simulate artillery systems and capability. Why does it take longer to get a 155mm round on the ground verses a 80mm mortar round base on what I stated above? The delay is to simulate the fact that mortars are closer to the enemy than howitzer systems and to reflect time of flight realities. For example, most of the time, a mortar 1 km from the enemy will tend to have a round on the ground sooner than a 155mm howtizer shooting from 7 km away. And the chain of command / communication issues are simulated as well. A US 155mm is not inherently faster than a Soviet built 152mm yet in game, the US player will get fire for effect well before the Syrian player will. This is doctrine and C3I being simulated in game. So the bigger delay in response time is coded into the game to 'simulate' that. Hope that answers your questions.
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    I've posted Combat Mission on Pornhub. No one can stop me.
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    Even though the other BETA AAR is still going on, I expect it will end very soon. I had already promised to take IanL on in a second game to fill the time, so here 'tis. I hope it fills the time left until release. BACKGROUND A NATO attack is in progress and they are making massive gains. In an attempt to slow them down high command has decided that a spoiling attack is required. We are the tip of that spear. Our task is to Probe into the assigned sector on the flank of the NATO attack and determine the strength of the Canadian flank security force in front of us and if possible, destroy it or force it to withdraw. Our force will not be reinforced unless successful, so if we fail, another unit will become the spearhead for the main attack. Hopefully that will suffice to set the stage for what we are doing in this action. Ian and I are playing a Quick Battle (QB) Medium Probe, with me as the Syrians on the attack, force selection for both sides was Mixed (Infantry, Mech Infantry, and Armor are all okay to purchase) with no restrictions set for either side. I do not expect an easy time of it, as the Canadians are tough and Ian is no slouch tactically. He even uses some of the same movement techniques I use so I expect this to be a hard struggle ORDER OF BATTLE My purchases: MAIN BODY This element will be my main combat element in this action. They will be tasked with capturing early objectives, ascertaining enemy strength and capabilities, and recovering the enemy Order of Battle. A Company Mechanized Infantry on BMP-2s Company HQ Element Tanks are intended for anti-infantry support ZSU-23-4 is mainly for AA support, but also is intended to be used in an anti-infantry role 1st Platoon Will have one AT-13 team attached 2nd Platoon Will have one AT-13 team attached COMBAT SUPPORT 120mm Mortar Battery with FO Also purchased four TRPs AT 13 Platoon One of the two sections will be assigned to the Main Body, one AT team per platoon Note: truck was purchased specially to carry the remaining section and the HQ element AT 14 Platoon One of the two sections will be assigned to the Reserve, both AT teams in the Mech Infantry platoon Note: truck was purchased specially to carry the remaining section and the HQ element RESERVE - This force will be husbanded until needed, or until I can identify the main enemy positions Airborne Mechanized Infantry Platoon on BMP-3s Will have one complete AT-14 section attached Tank Platoon on T-72M1 TURMS-T Technology Note: These tanks feature the TURMS-T computerised fire control system by Galileo Avionica. It will be interesting to see how that helps in action.
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    Minute 155: Orders No new orders are being given. I thought that it would be interesting to see the information flow so the following are some screen shots to show that. Starting with the scouts of 15 Platoon. They can see enemy vehicles in their assembly area and they have contacts just outside the ambush zone. 15 Platoon HQ has a pretty good representation of the scouts information. The company CO has a bit less but still the basic picture. The tanks in 18 troop have nothing yet. I see, however that there is a break in the comms because they have no contact with E squadron (not on the map). I did not check the HQ tank when I took these screen shots.
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    New Uncon Models?

    Eh, I don't see any harm in posting a pict since early models had already appeared in the AAR.
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    Special Effects Mix

    My Special Effects compilation is now ready for beta testing. Download link is here... https://www.dropbox.com/s/0k0l1qdhqlcle7f/ME Experience.7z?dl=0 This Special Effects package is based, almost entirely, off of previous work from Vein, Herrtom, Barbarico, Drakenlorde, Aris, Scipio, "Pro-effects"(?) & Battlefront. I have, for the most part, just reordered, renumbered, resized, renamed & rethought the work of those fellas. The special effects modding options for Combat Mission are rather limited. We can change the textures but not the animation sequences or timing. Nor can we create alternate sets of effects for different events (say a fiery explosion when a Tank explodes or a smokey explosion when a grenade goes off). I do suspect BFC plan to move in this direction (why else would they name their current explosion set "explosion a"). Either way, for now, I don't think there is a 'one size fits all' solution to improving the SFX in CM... although Veins effects come pretty close. Therefore, I created these optional 'effects sets' which players can choose from based upon the CM game they are playing, the time of day, the environment, type of scenario, equipment present & personal taste etc. TIME OF DAY SETS (place two zz's before either DAY or NIGHT) DAY effects, these are the standard effects I've chosen. Drakenlordes flames are, in my opinion, the best looking flames available. Improved Muzzle blast, I had hoped to create a blisteringly fast muzzle blast however that doesn't seem possible because of how the animation is actually sequenced. Still this should look a little quicker. Realistic muzzle flash, When combined with Barbarico's gray smoke these look far more realistic & subdued compared with stock or all other effects packages. Smoke, after Barbaricos gray smoke, I've chosen Veins black smoke. Vein style tracers, I've created colour coded versions to match the stock effects colours introduced in engine 4. These are smaller & less 'lazer beam-ish' than stock effects however I wanted to keep (indeed expand) the visibility of ricochets as otherwise firefights can look very stale. NIGHT effects I had hoped to create a much larger range of night effects but may pick that up in future. Either way, I did create a few night effects & these will mostly just make muzzle flashes & the initial flash of your explosions brighter & 'sparklier'. EXPLOSION SETS (place one z before either of the four options) Herrtoms smokey explosions... based on his earlier works, I find these work great for smaller explosions. Probably would be fine for most WW2 action. Veins subdued explosions.... quick & effective, these work for nearly every situation. Although they're perhaps too quick for breaching charges. Scipio's subdued explosions... small & firey, these too work for nearly every situation. Veins explosions... perfect for when that Abrams platoon meets a T-62 Company. VEHICLE DUST (place one z before either NEEDED or NOT NEEDED) The 'smoke dust' effect is used both during combat & for vehicle travel in dry & very dry conditions. Obviously this is important for CMSF2 but, if there are no vehicles or conditions allow it, you may prefer a darker dust effect more appropriate for most combat actions. Although I've absolutely loved using them, one of the side effects of using Veins (or Aris's) smoke is a faint, but annoying, 'ghost square' halo around battlefield smoke (presumably because they've used the whole of the bitmap with no transparency). So I created new smoke bitmaps myself using some free images off the internet merged with the old, but reliable, "pro-effects" smoke... this seems to have eliminated the 'ghost square' issue. WHITE PHOSPHOROUS SETS (place one z before either WHITE, BALANCED or DARK) Initially I assumed that the white smoke effects were only used for smoke screens & such like. They are not. Indeed there is an argument to be made that they are the most common CM smoke effects of all & appear to be used for all manner of explosions, building & vehicles impacts. This being so, I've created a selection of 'white smoke' effects... "White White smoke" is great for representing WP smoke screens. "Balanced White smoke" is noticeably darker yet can somewhat represent both WP smoke screens & combat smoke. "Dark White smoke" is much darker still & excellent for smokey combat scenes... but very poorly represents WP smoke screens. As per usual download the mod & place in your mod/z folder. Play around with the different options to your hearts content & give us some feedback.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    INVERTED KILLSACK Moments after the Bradley engages the single ATGM team on Hill 113, a worst case scenario develops. An entire company of T-72AV tanks appear along the ridgeline of Hill 113. My entire force suddenly finds itself in a killsack. Most of my assets are deployed. The infantry are in the process of advancing on and clearing objectives, with their Bradley’s sitting in overwatch positions. Further, most of my tanks are either engaged at point blank range with the remains of the T-72 company on the reverse slope, with their sides and rear facing Hill 113. I only have a handful of tanks in overwatch observing the direction of Hill 113. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The potential exists here for OpFor to inflict severe casualties on my force in a very short amount of time, and all of this can occur without me being able to properly react. In short, it could all be over for Task Force Miller. The drama kicks off immediately. CPT Miller’s 66 tank, part of the handful of tanks on overwatch of Hill 113, is fired on by one of the enemy T-72s. A half second later, the 66 tank engages the same T-72 that fired at it. The sabot from the T-72 crashes into the lower glacis plate of the 66 tank, but is defeated. The T-72 is not so lucky. The sabot from the 66 tank hits and penetrates its target, sending the sabot through the chin of the turret and out the back, detonating the ammo stored in the turret on its way through. What follows is another short, violent tank duel. The other tanks in overwatch, including 2 tanks on the MSR, engage the threat on Hill 113. Bradley’s, including the infantry company commanders track, engage with TOW missiles. Sabot rounds and ATGMs (TOW’s from the Bradleys, AT-11s from the T-72s, and AT-5a’s from a few BMP-2s) zip past each other. Despite the excellent gunnery of my tanks and Bradley’s, not all shots find their targets. The T-72s are firing from behind a berm at an elevation advantage, making them tough targets to hit. A number of sabot rounds and TOW missiles miss, and some that hit are defeated by the combined armor and angling of the T-72s. Casualties are suffered on both sides. I quickly lose an Abrams when an enemy AT-11 tank fired ATGM slams into the top turret of one of my Abrams as it tries to orient itself towards the new threat. The ATGM punches through the soft top turret armor and explodes inside, killing the entire crew. A moment later, one of the tanks engaged in a knife fight with the enemy T-72s in the reverse slope killsack takes multiple hits to the rear of its turret. It too is quickly destroyed, taking its entire crew with it. Bradley’s from 3rd platoon in overwatch of their infantry currently clearing the woods of NAI 1 are hit next. One enemy sabot round destroys 2 of them, punching clean through the first Brad and into the second. If there is a silver lining to this, it is that the infantry was already dismounted. My tanks and Bradley’s quickly increase their return fire, and soon gain fire superiority. A flurry of killing blows follows, and within the next 20 seconds, most of the OpFor T-72 company on Hill 113 has been smashed. This engagement occurred over the course of roughly 50 seconds. I had no chance to give new orders based on the new threat. All I could do was watch. Luckily for me, I had maintained decent overwatch positions with my reserve tanks, and many of my Bradley’s were in positions that granted them some level of concealment to the threat. The rest all came down to the gunnery skill of my crews and, in the case of my Abrams, their excellent armor that allowed them to survive frontal hits. This could have been disastrous for my forces. If I had not maintained good overwatch, I could have been stuck waiting an entire minute to react to the new threat on Hill 113. With modern weapons and targeting, as well as it being an entire company of enemy tanks, a minute would have been more than enough time for the T-72s to destroy/cripple most of my soft/vulnerable assets caught in the open. Remember, if I lose more than 30% of my force, I lose the battle. What saved me from defeat has more to do with basic tactical fundamentals and less to do with equipment or technology (though equipment and technology certainly helps). All elements, while moving through the open, positioned in the open, or overwatching smaller assets like infantry, were in turn being covered themselves. Further, I knew Hill 113 was key terrain based on its near dominating sightlines covering the part of the map my Task Force has to initially deploy across. If I had not had my rearmost tanks oriented towards Hill 113 overwatching the rest of my Task Force, the T-72 attack could have been a complete disaster for me. Additionally, if my opponent had committed his two tank companies at the same time (the company in the reverse slope position, and the company up on Hill 113) he could have overwhelmed my vehicles by catching me in a deadly crossfire. 20 T-72 tanks, firing at me from different directions, elevations, and distances likely would have caused much more damage to my forces. For now, I’ve managed to keep my Task Force intact. However, these killsack engagements are a sobering reminder of how quickly I can lose my command, and how crucial basic tactical fundamentals are regardless of weapons and technology.
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    My Return to Combat Mission!

    In the early 2000's, knowing nothing about it, I picked up a boxed retail copy of "Barbarossa to Berlin" and ended up spending untold hours battling back and forth across the plains of the Eastern Front. WEGO had me hooked! I toyed around with the original "Shock Force" because it was very familiar to my actual military service, but I'm really a WW2 buff at heart.. I got away from the game as I upgraded computers over the years. A few years ago I started noticing that Combat Mission was out again and with a new engine, but for no particular reason, I never pursued it... until now. Well - a few days ago I bit the bullet and bought the latest build of "Battle for Normandy". Just - wow. After a bitter fight through the hedgerows, my beleaguered US squads finally knocked out the dug-in PaK 40 that had been holding my four Shermans at bay, allowing them to commit to a high-speed "cavalry charge" in-line across the now-secured field in the last three minutes of the game, to form a semi-circle at the objective crossroads all the while gunning down the remaining German infantry as they broke and fled in abject terror! It was rather glorious! That was only my first mission, and I'm already eyeing the additional content - specifically Russia and Italy... Thanks Battlefront guys - I have returned!
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    i have said it before and i understand a lot of people do not agree, but their public relations absolutely sucks
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    European Union Army

    I think that's a quite superficial analysis. The US spends more on military and NATO contributions, but the EU spends more on humanitarian aid and global development (as share of GNI). Or to stay in your metaphor, you're pushing down on the lid of the pot to prevent it boiling over, while the EU is trying to douse the fire below. This arrangement actually benefits the USA, because you are able to translate your military investment directly into geopolitical influence, whereas the benefits of global development are more widely distributed and don't always return directly to the donor countries. Also, by keeping the EU military small, you're neutering a potential future military rival and keeping EU countries dependant on the USA.
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    Unfortunate Road Design

    @Agusto: That map is my creation. There was absolutely no reference to swastikas implied. In fact it is actually a push to infer it IS a swastika. But that is my own opinion. Do know that I am personally offended by your post.
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    Hope this will be very useful to all members. Glad my mod slut-ness finally paid off.
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    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Hey, guys. It's been awhile. I thought I'd drop a screenie and let everyone know that the project is alive and well -- if moving along rather slowly due to RL time demands. I had to take a long break or two again, but have knocked out a number of blocks on the map since my last post, along with a sizable chunk of elevation refining. Here is a screenie showing a bit over half the master map: This is East to West, with the Southern half of the map being largely visible. The SE corner is done, but wouldn't fit in the picture. There is a little more that is finished, but it wouldn't fit without showing skeletal areas, so I kept things to what is complete (well, other than final tweaks, flavor objects and elevation refinement). Alrighty, that's it for now. Macisle out!
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    Reshade 4.0.2 Primer

    Ok I spent a significant amount of time messing with reshade last night and decided to make a (took forever!) quick little primer for people who haven't tried it yet, or for people who (like me) tried it and just had too many problems getting it to work. I solved that! First off you'll want to head over to Reshade.me and dl the new 4.0.2 Reshade. Now, go to where you dled it. You can uninstall Reshade by redoing the exact same procedure. This time when you click your CM exe it will remove Reshade. No muss no fuss. Ok. Now comes the part a lot of us have had problems with. If you follow my instructions you'll be able to use Reshade with very little hassle. My pain is your gain. READ THROUGH THIS ONCE OR TWICE FIRST. 1b.) Start the CM game you installed reshade on. You'll see this (pic below). DO NOTHING. 2b.) Go to the editor (easiest to just do this in the editor). 3b.) Open a map and preview it. (You can open a scenario or QB or just a flat map. Not really important for this first part). Now this is the tricky part. Just pay attention to your old buddy Mord and I am gonna get this working for you! While you ARE IN THE EDITOR (AND EDITOR ONLY) hit the "Home" key. It will bring up a menu. Now, when you do this, for a lot of us the screen will rotate. If it does just pay attention to the menu box you see in the picture below. It will stay still. If it gets too much you can click "Home" again and it'll take you back to normal and you can get your bearings. I suggest skipping through the tutorial you see in the pic for now. 4b.) Ok see the set of tabs? Click the Settings tab. EDITED: Go to Settings: Input Processing. Set it to "Pass on all input". No more spinning! BIG THANKS to Captain Reyes! Now choose "Effect Toggle Key". Now choose a key on your keyboard that you would like to toggle the Reshade effects. Make sure it isn't something CM uses. I use Shift+F2. Ok press whatever key you are gonna use. That will be used to toggle your effects on and off, obviously, 5b.) Now I am gonna give you some effects to get you started. These will be a good base for you to experiment with without a lot of guess work right off the bat. Ok, click the first tab that says "Home" next to "Settings" in the menu (NOT the keyboard "Home"). Now find the following and check them. Tint [sepia] Emphasize FilmPass ColorMatrix GaussianBlur Colourfulness In this pic I chose all of the above and dragged them all to the top of the list so I always know where they are and I can experiment more easily. I highly suggest you do this to make it easy on you later. Ok, do you have them all? Now, click the "Home" key on your keyboard. Now, if you want to switch back and forth between Vanilla graphics and Reshade graphics you just hit the key you chose in part 4b.) HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: Before you leave the editor make sure you toggle back to vanilla graphics. NEVER toggle Reshade graphics on outside of the editor, or outside of a battle. NEVER toggle the Reshade menu ("Home" key) outside of the editor or a battle. NOTE: If you screw up and do one of the above you'll have to find a way out of it. It won't damage your game or anything but it can take some trickery to get it back to normal. I've done it a bucnh of times now and am used to it. Don't panic if it happens! SEE CAPTAIN REYES'S POST BELOW. Sounds like a lot but it's really quite easy. Once you do it for one game it won't take you long to have them all running using Reshade. And trust me it REALLY is worth it. I didn't think it was but now that I figured out not to open the menu or toggle the effects outside of the editor/battle it's a whole new world. The screens speak for themselves! VANILLA BADASSERY! Anybody that has any problems just ask and I'll do my best to help. I want you guys to experience this! Mord.
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    So I had a hunch...

    The other day I uploaded my old "Allah's Army" sound mod for SF & SF2. It's been long locked away in the Repos, so I figured I'd give new people access to it on CMMODs. Well, in the readme I wrote this: "This my old SF1 mod of insurgent fighters screaming Allahu Akbars and other phrases. They are edited and numbered so to be heard throughout various situations and orders. As SF1 and 2 do not have Syrian voice files for vehicle hits (like the other titles) I had to make due. There should be enough sprinkled among the voice files to increase the ambience and add some flavor to your experience." Which meant that the mod was and had always been a compromise on what I was aiming for vs the reality of what the game would allow me to do. I bent it the best I could to fit my vision. So, anyway I'd noticed, that NO country had the vehicle hit voice files in SF. However, those files were in every game since BN, including SF II. I have a tendency to go in forty different directions when I am dicking with mods, so, I scribbled a quick note in my modding note pad, "Check and see if Syrian sounds were implemented". A few days went by and I decided to take up my note's challenge. So, I took all the US "hit" folders, copied them over and then renamed all the files to their Syrian counterparts (that way if they worked I'd hear American voices coming from Syrians and there'd be no mistakes). I created a bunch of silent vehicle files so I'd have a nice quiet map, and then set up a test. Below takes place after my tests. My hunch was that BF implemented the files for the US, Brits, and NATO (minus the Dutch) because these files have been in existence since CMBO. Not having any Arabic speakers on hand they just couldn't make anything new for the Syrians. I thought maybe the code was still there though, all it needed was something to point to. HOT DAMN. I WAS RIGHT!!! I am going to redo the Allah's Army mod for SF II shortly. As you can see from the vid, the mod FINALLY works in the way I'd originally intended. Almost ten years and my artistic vision comes to fruition! I am BEYOND STOKED! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!! Mord.
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    Anson Pelmet

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    "The prevalent culture here is that the customer is little more an an irritant and liable to be ignored for months on end - except when it comes to promoting new product and 'upgrades'. It is hardly surprising that these games are such a niche market when even the small current customer base is treated with such continued disdain"... I think that's bit (lots) over the top. Battlefront is by all accounts a small company with limited resources, and its games and upgrades don't cost a lot (as far as I can tell from the position of somebody who only buys Battlefront games). They seem passionate about quality, and often warn fans that projects can drag out, and they'll only issue them when they're right. There's still no game that comes close to the realism and playability of Combat Mission (largely thanks to the WEGO system), and I play only CM WW2 titles. Sure, it's annoying when troops jump out of their trenches into mortar barrages, or don't react quickly enough to enemies right in front of them, but I just put that down to the craziness of stressed-out troops on the battlefield, which I imagine often wrecked the carefully laid plans of real life battalion commanders...
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    A primer on WWII commo tech

    Moderators, this is a general WWII interest piece. If it is not allowed, by all means let me know. With CM being as much of a simulation it is, many players and scenario designers probably have an interest in the nuts and bolts of the tactics, technology, and equipment in use during WWII. It took a long time for me to grasp the different ways in which combat units, especially infantry, communicated. Although there is a wealth of info the basics are lost in the pile of highly technical. I wrote up a bit of a primer for the US Army infantry commo tech and methods here: https://battlelines.blog/2018/12/20/roger-that-army-communications-in-wwii/
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    The German edition, according to your link, was published in 2014 which is probably enough time to have garnered a review or two. The author: http://worldcat.org/identities/lccn-nb2003070679/ The original publisher of his books: http://www.hek-creativ-verlag.de/ The author and publisher being one and the same. How many reviews of his works over the years …? Not many … The absence of a substantial review base is not necessarily the be all and end all but he is also not a historian by trade. Whether the book is controversial or not is another matter, that label is applied by the person writing the linked article. If you delve into the narrative in the article, it seems that the 'controversy' boils down to: The Germans didn't fight much. True - they lost. Lieutenant Brotheridge was killed by his own side. Could have been, it was dark and there were a fair few rounds going down range. Lieutenant Brotheridges's circumstances of death have been covered up. Depends really on whether he was killed by his own side, whether anyone knew that his own side had killed him and what defines a cover up. Just for sh1ts and giggles, let's say that Lieutenant Brotheridge was killed by friendly fire. His death I am sure would have been recorded in official records as killed in action. I doubt anybody really had the time or inclination to investigate the cause of every death in action with there being a war on and all that. In conspiracy theorist world, because the accurate statement 'killed in action' does not say 'killed by own side' and that there was no further investigation, such omissions amount to a cover up. This reasoning is generally flawed. Back to the end of the article at your link: 'Although the author cannot provide further evidence to support his hypotheses than the many testimonies of veterans, he nevertheless contributes to shaking up the historic lines of D-Day.' This seems to me to indicate that the author lacks evidence beyond a few old people that he spoke to. Oral testimony has its place but as you ought to know from your intelligence background, you have to question the validity of such testimony years after the event, particularly when it is uncorroborated by other sources. So, that is a pretty long way of saying - don't get 'excited and curious' every time you see something labelled controversial.
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    Really when customers paid $120 in advance they have no right to be notified or updated when they might actually receive the product?? You really should rethink that!! To be honest it's getting to the point where I'm thinking that I ought to request a refund because I could spend the money on something else that I can enjoy right now, not in 6 months time. I don't think that's an unreasonable regret on the part of the customer either!
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    Fare thee well, oh Repository

    With the new site finally up we must take a minute to remember our old friend, the Repository, now relegated to the cold dark vacuum of cyberspace. Maybe not the prettiest of spots on the internet, that old ugly wench did her job in earnest, hosting some of the first and oldest of the new engine mods, maps and scenarios. She was the home to my first real endeavors into the modding arena (as ugly as some of them were) and she was the go-to spot before there was a go-to spot. Even though she was cast aside many a year ago for a prettier, younger Mistress, it was nice knowing she was still around if we needed her. And even though she was old, haggard, and hard to handle, she was there with her many forgotten (un-ported) treasures buried in a confusion of broken links and cyber-subterfuge waiting for a visit and a chat. Alas, she has finally and truly given up her ghost, along with many a mod (and perhaps) scenario that never made it to a shinier shore. So, as a new door opens, an old one closes and I say, fare thee well, sweet, ugly, PIA-to-navigate Repository, I salute thee for a job well done! You are gone but not forgotten...well, maybe a little. And now a blatant and exploitative manipulation of your emotions...bow your heads and shut your mouths (especially you, Emrys, your Flea Deity commands it!) Mord.
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