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    Here it is folks.. the time has arrived for the CMSF2 BETA AAR. I will be adding to this thread later today,, but wanted to get the thread started. My opponent? My nemesis from the CMFB BETA AAR, Baneman ,agreed to a rematch. I really do owe him a more thoughtful game than I gave him the last time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that game, Baneman beat me rather soundly. Hope that doesn't happen again! This game is well under way, we have completed 16 minutes of action, so there are a lot of turns to come in relatively quick succession and the Blood Board™ is filling rather alarmingly. For those of you who were following my "Lesson in Defense" AAR in the CMBN forum.. sorry about not updating that thread for a while, but I can really only do one of these at a time, and this one takes priority., Once I started this game it took up my full attention. More anon. Bil LINKED CONTENT MENU: OVERVIEW & SCENARIO PARAMETERS MAP ORIENTATION SCENARIO BRIEFING METT-T - MISSION METT-T - ENEMY METT-T - TERRAIN METT-T TROOPS METT-T TIME INITIAL SETUP, ORDERS, & INTENT MINUTE 1 MINUTE 2
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    For this game we wanted to show as much as possible, and yet provide an entertaining and challenging game. We decided that each of us would take two nations, and some UNCONs and Fighters and duke it out man on man, steel against steel (or Chobham as the case may be)... the only constraint was that whoever chose the US would also have to field the Syrians as the US does come with some advantages (Javelins etc.). I gave Baneman first choice and he went with his own folks, the UK and partnered them with the German Army. He suggested that I, as an American should take the US, so what choice did I have? As for force purchases we adhered to the following: These constraints will apply to EACH nation we choose (purchase must be 50-50): Light troops - one platoon of mounted recon (or light armored recon) or two platoons of dismounted recon Armor - either two tanks (1st class: M1, Leo, or Challenger) or one platoon of second class tanks (anything Syrian, Leo 1 (Canada) Infantry - either one company (mounted) or two companies dismounted troops Artillery - whatever comes with our purchased units, plus: one battery of medium howitzers (one from each nation) UNCONs - will let George select and deploy for us No air We then sent our purchases to @George MC who provided a gorgeous map for us to fight on, and he set us up.. George also selected and setup the UNCON force for us and deployed them.. neither of us knew the force composition or the locations of our irregulars. George identified key objectives for us also and really this game could not have happened without him. So, THANKS GEORGE!!! I will get into the details of my force pick and what I suspect Baneman is bringing to the party in a later post... should be interesting, this is a Meeting Engagement with the following forces arrayed against each other: BANEMAN - UK and German - UNCONs including some Technical (gun truck) support) ME - US and Syrian - UNCONs including some Technical (gun truck) support) The next post will have some pictures. I will show some map highlights and include a topo map that I am using to track the action in this battle. I will run through my METT-T analysis as quickly as I can in order to get to the action... the first of those posts will probably go up tonight. Bil
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    Pete Wenman

    New forum means...

    You asked and we provided. Oh you said uncon - my bad ! P
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    Hello Here is a short video where I intervene to talk about the fighting in the Falaise Chambois pocket that you can partly relive thanks to the excellent campaign Kampfgruppe Engel Faced with the enthusiasm of 3j2m who have seen this video I propose to share it with you I also advise you to see the excellent series of reports made by Tropa Guripa any remark moved on my hat is wrong 😉
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    Pete Wenman

    New forum means...

    Better P
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    How much do you roleplay?

    When things go wrong, I do my best to swear in the faction appropriate language and accent.
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    MAP ORIENTATION Following is the base Topo map I created for this action.. notes: Grid squares are 100 meters square Red area is approximately my starting setup zone Blue area is approximately Baneman's starting setup zone Numbered triangles refer to the camera views posted below this map. The camera is at the junction of the two long sides of the triangle viewing towards the short end. Outlined shapes indicate a high elevation view Solid shapes indicate a ground level (or close) view I hope this helps you get oriented to the battle space. Click on the images to view them in more detail. Screenshots - (disclaimer: ALL screenshots in this AAR thread unless otherwise specified will be taken with the Movie Mode turned on):
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    Bud Backer

    T34-85 for sale

    Dear Kids; Thank you for the new car you got me for father’s day. This is quite a surprise. It’s a vast improvement over the Pinto, that’s for sure! And it’s very solidly constructed. The seating arrangement is a bit peculiar, it seems to have an upper “observation deck” behind the driver and passenger seats, but anyone up there is looking through rather small windows, and one even has a telescope. Was this a survey vehicle at one time? I was worried when I started driving it in traffic. The Pinto was flimsy, but had better vision to the sides and rear. After getting groceries I accidentally drove over your mother’s begonias while backing into the driveway. I was able to make it up to her by taking her shopping the next day. The long rod in front is amazing for how many hangers of clothing it can fit! She bought three dresses, a blouse, two pairs of pants, and a couple of shirts for me and we could have easily hung a dozen more items. I think this convenience is making her come around. At first she wasn’t happy about how noisy it is inside. But I think it’s a good thing. On long trips we won’t be able to argue very long when I get lost and she gives me directions because we’ll shout ourselves hoarse. This is my first diesel, so I am being very careful to pull up to the correct pump when I fill it up. The gas station attendant must be very impressed because he is so much more polite and respectful than he was when I had the Pinto. In fact, no one cuts me off on the road any more. Driving has never been easier. The only thing I am missing is the owner’s manual. I can’t seem to find out how to activate the air conditioning. If you know, please send me an email, it’s likely really obvious, but the letters on all the controls are a bit illegible and look like chicken scratches due to the age of the vehicle. Thank you all for finding something I’d enjoy driving. It’s the perfect gift. I hope you didn’t pay too much for it, but it’s the finest used car I ever had! Dad.
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    How much do you roleplay?

    I don't want to get into this too much, but this happened while I was with Battlegroup in '08, https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/capt-robert-semrau-dismissed-from-the-forces/ My $0.02 CAD is having 12th SS kill Canadian prisoners out of hand in CMBN doesn't improve gameplay or immersion. Similarly, I would like to be able to treat enemy casualties in accordance with the LOAC, but I don't think that there should be systems to enable war crimes.
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    New features curiosity

    Below are my editor notes from ammo dumps: Ammo/Supply Dumps: Multiple smaller supply dumps look cool and are easier to Acquire reasonable amounts of ammo from (instead of 1000 rds. of 5.56 etc.). Supply dumps are dismounted vehicles. They will combine into one supply dump if the dismounted vehicles are in the same platoon or are both directly subordinate to the same Bn. HQ. Make one dismounted vehicle subordinate to Bn. HQ, one subordinate to A Co., one subordinate to a supply platoon etc. This will create multiple ammo dumps. It does not matter if the dismounted vehicles are different vehicle types. A Humvee, Armored Knight & Truck will all combine into one supply dump if they are in the same platoon. If the dismounted vehicles are in the exact same chain of command additional ammo dumps that are added will always appear in the location the first ammo dump was place and automatically combine with it. Ammo dumps from different nationalities will also combine into the same ammo dump. If ammo dumps are in adjacent action spots there may be some weirdness. Keep at least one open A/S between ammo dumps. Next, in the editor, change the supply status of the dismounted vehicle from full to limited or scarce. This will help with allowing for smaller amounts of ammo to be obtained. There of course won’t be as much ammo in an ammo dump so create multiple limited supply dumps. Changing the quality (typical, average etc.) does not seem to change the amount of the ammo. Also as of April 2018 there is a bug in CMBS v2.1 Engine 4 where the OpFor ammo dumps are invisible except in Hot Seat play.
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    The state of CMSF2

    Honestly I am so grateful for the reduced price for previous owners of the game. $35 to bring the who deal up to engine 4 is not a bad deal, I mean we're getting on board regular/vehicle mounted mortars and the updated QB force selection. That right there is worth the money to me. It's also the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back, and getting new stuff whenever I can.
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    A long delayed update

    You are right about aerospace being the exception. When I was teaching nuclear engineering at NC State, our research reactor, besides doing lots of esoteric research, also did a side business in NDT by "x-raying" (Not really x-rays but close enough for the layman's purpose) EVERY turbine blade that was eventually going into GE jet engines. EVERY SINGLE ONE. As we've so recently seen, the effects of a mechanical failure inside a jet engine can be deadly to catastrophic. And a sheared off, high velocity turbine blade getting loose from the confines of the engine cowling is about as bad as it gets. One of the few cases where statistics to determine a representative sample are not used. The risks of even one faulty blade are much too high. I"m sure Rolls-Royce does something similar. When I was working in England, we had to make occasional trips for meetings at Rolls-Royce in Derby. We were there for reactor design, but right next door in the same factory complex was jet engine manufacture and testing. They do a destructive test on the occasional engine where they explosively sheer off 3 turbine blades simultaneously on an engine in a test stand that's running at full throttle. It's absolutely amazing to watch. The goal is that no part of that engine can escape from the engine cowling when that happens. I have to say, seeing that test, and knowing the work our reactor group did at NCSU gave me a feeling of confidence that everything possible is being done to ensure the quality and integrity of jet engines. And yes, that drives up the cost tremendously. Worth every penny, in my opinion. [edit] Cool, found one. Here's the destruction test of an A380 engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j973645y5AA Apologies for straying a mite off topic
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    Affirmative. I'll be breaking down the scenario in my upcoming METT-T analysis posts starting this evening. In the meantime, here is the scenario briefing, provided by the incomparable @George MC. It really wasn't necessary for George to add this briefing, but he is a perfectionist. BRIEFING This Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR) consists of agricultural land, small wooded plots and orchards set in rolling terrain crisscrossed by deep irrigation ditches. The WADI BARADA runs east/west and is crossed by the causeway at DUMAYR. DUMAYR is a small regional town with one main street running its length north/south (Highway 2). The approach to DUMAYR is dominated by HILL 40.0 with its large monastery. All farms, villages and DUMAYR are believed to be unoccupied by civilians. The ground underfoot is dry. The forecast for the next 24 hour period is hot with clear skies, winds are NW, strength light. Phase 1: ATTACK: Your advance guard and attachments is to defeat enemy elements within its TAOR in order to allow the main tactical group to advance along Highway 2. Tasks: 1. Eliminate or neutralize enemy anti-tank elements from positions of overwatch within range of the highway. 2. Eliminate or neutralize all enemy combatants in the TAOR. Enemy Casualties 40% 125 pts Enemy Condition 25% 75 pts Enemy Ammo 30% 50 pts Phase 2: SECURE: Your tactical group and attachments to clear and secure the following objectives: Tasks: 1. CLEAR (Touch) the following objectives: OBJ DIAMOND 50 pts OBJ RUBY 50 pts OBJ SAPPHIRE 50 pts OBJ GARNET 50 pts 2. SECURE (Occupy) the following objectives: OBJ GOLD 500 pts OBJ SILVER 250 pts OBJ BRONZE 100 pts OBJ STEEL 100 pts OBJ COPPER 100 pts Your tactical group to maintain continued combat effectiveness for future operations by maintaining: Friendly Casualties 25% 125 pts Friendly Condition 80% 75 pts Friendly Ammo 50% 50 pts Your combat group travelling in extended column is split into three main elements: SCOUTS – in TAOR ADVANCE GUARD – ETA 5 minutes MAIN BODY – ETA 10 minutes REAR GUARD – ETA 15 minutes Exact location and disposition of enemy armored units is unclear. Estimated to be tactical group equipped with armor and IFVs. Main built up areas in the TAOR is a combat area between competing local fighter and combatant groups. Some of whom are ‘friendly’ to the REDFOR. Your scout units currently in the TAOR will move out at 0700Hrs.
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    I'm really looking forward to this As William Wallace is meant to have said to his army before the battle of Falkirk: "I have brought you to the ring, now dance if you can!"
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    Well, the game does provide "Brew up" opportunities . . .
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    A long delayed update

    And my Amiga 2000 was the only PC capable of video editing. Neither is relevant to the fact that many Apple fans think being an Apple fanatic makes them superior in some way.
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    A long delayed update

    No need to mark them - they always make sure EVERYONE knows they are Apple fans.
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    Editor Trick/hack.

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    Highlanders! - The battle of Gerbini

    Addition/correction to previous post:: Test 1 / tank / tall grass: 460 / 650 / full lane (second value was missing) Conclusions from the tests described in the post above 1. Weather and daylight conditions don't seem to have an effect on LOS per se. For dawn (05:00) and hazy conditions, the LOS is the same as for clear conditions. At night (00:00), there is a hard cap on visibility (400m in this case - I've read that CM titles do consider the moon phases, so the exact value may vary with the date respectively). As there clearly is an effect on LOS in adverse light an weather conditions, but LOS as given by the target command stays the same, it seems as if units might rather receive a "hiding bonus"? 2. I think that my theory from last year (based on observations in CM: Black Sea) is not too far off the mark: There must be at least two values for each terrain: 1) density/LOS blocking value, and 2) height (either as in an acutal hitbox of some sort, or a z-value for the whole action spot). Different densities must be the reason why the range of full lines of sight vary with terrain. For example, forest terrains (105m full LOS) are not as dense as crop terrains (60m full LOS). The tricky part is to explain the "reverse slope" line of sight zones and the difference of results between tanks and infantry. It's much easier to explain my theory in pictures so here we go: Eyes below terrain height (e.g. prone infantry --> creates limited "reverse slope" LOS) Eyes above terrain height (e.g. tank --> creates unlimited "reverse slope" LOS) Explaining hull-down results with different terrain heights -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If things work indeed as described in the diagrams and when you consider the test results from above, we end up with these terrain characteristics: clear: no effect on LOS crops: large height, large density forest: medium height, low density tall grass: small height (but still higher than prone infantry), medium density
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    You can also add the dismounted vehicle to the TOE of the unit you want the runner to be assigned. This will create realistic platoon. company and battalion runners within the C2 system. I actually wait for the information to be relayed through the C2 system before allowing a unit to react to it. Example: A tank can't fire on an OpFor HMG position until the tank has at least a tentative contact for the position. An infantry platoon sends a runner over to the tank. Generally in a minute or three the tank gets the tentative contact and is then able to react to the HMG. See the below link for peregrine's command layers. The scenario TOC uses several novel ideas that have not been used before. Most are explained with accompanying screenshots in the thread you linked. But in summary it provides the player with time sensitive actionable intelligence and the use of a grid system. The grid system and intelligence code make it possible for the scenario to report locations and times to the player (some intelligence also comes with a reliability rating). You "play the role" as the commander of a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) for a four hour shift. During your four hour shift you attempt to analyze and use your intelligence (SIGINT, HUMINT, TSE, SCIF, S2, UAVs) to keep control of the approximately 7.5 square kilometer area of operation. The TOC is located in a Forward Operating Base (FOB) that has a Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) where reinforcements will arrive, and other units need to exit from. There is an S4 section in the FOB that provides additional vehicles and ammo during your four hour shift. Logistics matter in this scenario. Another feature included in the scenario is the ability to destroy OpFor base camps thereby preventing the Separatists from receiving their scheduled reinforcements. Back to the original topic of roll playing if you do a search for "House Rules" you will find more information on this interesting topic. I use a modified form of @Peregrine rules when playing the AI. See link below. Also, as discussed above, dismounted truck drivers make good runners for the WWII titles.
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    This horrible stuff has been going on for decades. None of the previous Presidents accomplished anything re NK, and instead they were selling out the west to China - basically acting like the captain of the Titanic - trying to keep everyone calm while the ship was sinking. Am happy to wait and see if Trumpy's unorthodox approaches to everything works. At least the US economy seems to be booming - and that was after everyone predicted economic collapse if he was elected. So, pinch of salt re all the negativity and naysayers...
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    A question about the Z folder

    You can put however many subfolders you desire in the z/Mod folder. For instance (using CMBN as an example) I have one folder for all the effects, Ui, Sounds, etc. I have one that says Germans and within that, subfolders that say uniforms and vehicles. Within the vehicle subfolder I have subfolders for each individual vehicle mod. What I do is keep all the mods I use all the time in these subfolders and then if I want to test something I may already have a mod for, I create a folder I'll entitle "Z Z Z Test". The extra Zs insuring that my test mod will override the similar mod because the game prioritizes the folders that are furthest down the alphabet. Example: folder A with Panther mod is overwritten by folder D with Panther mod. Lots of confusing info can be found here. Mord.
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    T-72 after direct hit from 152mm HE: Apologies for thread necro, I thought there was a more recent one but I can't find it.
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    A long delayed update

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    A long delayed update

    Well, as much as I've argued that all Apple users be marked so we know their kind upfront in all social situations, it has yet to happen. Regardless, even the OS of low-quality electronics wholesaler Apple has easy ways to control which applications start on launch. It doesn't change anything.