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    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    For nigh on ten years now my biggest projects have always been my portrait mods. I have invested weeks and months on end, that have added up to hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and frustration creating them. I have made easily over ten thousand portraits, through trial and error, redesign, and updates. It's been a true struggle at times, and I am never happy with the outcome, though I'll say I am, once a project is complete. But I am always fighting the design decisions I started with way back in SF1 and it's hamstrung me artistically. After the FB portraits I decided I wanted to redo all the portraits for all the titles (the BN mod is long over do for an update) . So, after a long hiatus, I set about trying to get to someplace that would finally make me happy. I decided to start with RT to get ahead of the module release, and after a week or so of fiddling, resizing, making test bmps, and checking in game, this is what I came up with. For about two seconds I thought they looked good. But once again I was confronted by the poor design decisions I adopted all those years ago. You see, I have been in a constant fight with what I term the "bobble head effect", which causes the portrait heads to appear bulbous and fat-headed. It occurs because I opted to show each portrait with a split face on the bmp. It has been my bane since my BN mod and it frustrates me to no end. And considering how I built each face from screenshots, pieces of faces from all sorts of pictures, and the fact I only worked on the left side of the face, well it doesn't leave me room for presenting them in any other way. And On top of all that, I have always felt there was inconsistency in the quality of the faces, and that they appeared too cartoony. So with that said, I am putting these portrait mods to rest. I have taken them as far as they will go and they have reached a dead end. They had a good run but there really isn't anything more I can do to improve them. Now, check out what I have been doing for the last two weeks and tell me I didn't make the right decision... Now for some comparisons of the old style and the new. Now the portraits in the context of their own mod. It'll give you an idea of the overall design. And within the context of the game UI. Some of the portraits are tentative/place holders until I find something that really blows me away. Or will be replaced later. The Heer Armor and Armor Infantry come to mind as far as that goes. Luckily I haven't made anything yet with them, just tests. Now, unfortunately I will probably have to share a lot of the portraits (mostly Germans) across games, however backgrounds and the like will be changed for each setting. And I will of course do all the battalions and regiments etc. Whether or not I will be able to keep the quality across titles remains to be seen but I will do my best. It is going to be a colossal amount of work, already has been. For the Germans alone I have created and discarded over a thousand portraits. LOL. Every time I think I have one down and start producing keepers, I stumble across a better pic, or I adjust some color to better fit the portrait into the overall look and I have to redo a ton of work. I just replaced the Heer Infantry yesterday, now I have to redo 374 that I had already made, as well as the SS Arm Infantry. I have done this a couple times already. But getting it right is what's most important. Perfection is what I am aiming for. I don't know how long it will take. Getting the right pics is painstaking and laborious as hell. For every good one I make I throw out five. But this style will be the definitive version of my portrait mods from here on out. As I complete them I will remove the old versions from the planet. I'll start threads in the corresponding game forums as I progress. Welp, that's about it. I was gonna keep all this to myself and wait to surprise everyone, but I have been working in a vacuum for a month and it feels good to talk a little bit about it. Especially as I have been going full bore, night and day for two weeks straight. I Hope you guys like what you see. I think it's the best work I have ever done. Mord.
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    The state of CMSF2

    Everyone seems annoyed that the inevitable happened and the release date slipped but all I can think is how annoying it is that this means that the patch for 4.0 games has also slipped.
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    Give me a year or so to recover from this one Ian and then we will cross swords again. A word on this battle... I never felt comfortable, and I think I realized quite quickly that I brought the wrong force to this fight... I have already said but I should have been armor heavy, I mean all armor with maybe a platoon of infantry as scouts. This map is so open and the enemy start up zone was so close to my end of the map (something that I failed to notice when we were trying to decide on which map to play on) that I never really had a chance... and no, I never spotted your infantry that had a clear view on my assembly area... I never even considered clearing the ridge, I didn't have enough combat power to devote to that anyway and it was a substantial amount of ground as well. When fighting a superior force (superior in this case means my units were outclassed in quality and we were about equal in force size, bad combination), led by a talented commander, in terrain that suits them, there is no shame in admitting that there would be nothing to gain by continuing to push... so cut and run, then come back perhaps a little wiser for the next one. Great job Ian, there were no flaws in your planning or in your game-play. Next time, when that time comes, perhaps we will do a Blue v Blue or Red v Red scenario. Those are always interesting. Bil
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    chris talpas

    The state of CMSF2

    I personally prefer nebulous shipping dates with quality products released rather than firm shipping dates with buggy releases requiring endless patches. Chris
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    I've got one of those - but I am never able to find the zipper!
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    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    Meijel Mayhem
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    Yep great step up. Why I remember when he was just handing out towels in the beta tester club washroom. He later graduated to coach check and then there was that fateful day when c3k showed up and Ian was waiting with a whiskey and properly clipped cigar. New vistas opened up... Someday maybe I'll be able to make that same leap. Oh sorry mister Hardenberger, here is your towel. Yes I am sorry I apologize for allowing it to get cold, let me grab you another. sigh
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    The state of CMSF2

    Man, some people get worked up over the smallest of things. BFC will announce a date; check in on that date, if the game's out, buy it; If it's not, check in again on the revised date. In the meantime do something else. Life goes on.
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    The state of CMSF2

    Not really... Those of us who have been fans of BF for 20 years know that this is the way things are with a small company... and as Chris said... "I personally prefer nebulous shipping dates with quality products released rather than firm shipping dates with buggy releases requiring endless patches.".
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    I'd second the call for a Red vs. Red.....Preferably Conventional vs. Uncon on an urban map. But I would say that, wouldn't I.
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    Mine flails

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    And Why Is There No Merchandise Anyway?

    Battlefront 3 wolves t-shirts should only be for a battle hardened select few....
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    And Why Is There No Merchandise Anyway?

    Waaaay too boring...I had something like this in mind (just a rough mock-up, mind you): Sweeeeet!!!!
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    Minute 148: Victory And that's game. Canadian army victory. With no casualties! Sounds like the my defensive plan to stay back and pick off the enemy as they moved forward under observation worked. The Syrian army did secure Rutsey but I never planned to hold that. Again no Canadian casualties so no points there. Wow I am surprised by that but I am sure Bil could have pushed further and caused some even if they might not have been any more successful I also did not have any one on objective Jones so no credit for that. But no one could have pulled back from that location safely so it made sense to leave it unguarded. Scored a few points for causing casualties. The tanks on KT3 each scored a BMP and a handful of casualties. The enemy ATGM I was targeting with mortar fire was not doing very well. Interesting a few tanks I had not seen yet. I suppose they were waiting for other forces to deal with my tanks on KT3. The enemy poised to move onto Rutsey. The artillery kills are scored by the caller now. Some combination of the original mortar fire and the later 105 call. Artillery kills associated with the caller – this time the second mortar call. A final look at the battlefield.
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    And Why Is There No Merchandise Anyway?

    My inability to wear a sweet Combat Mission T-shirt to the local watering hole has cost me God knows how many opportunities with the ladies... Add some wolves to the T-shirt and I'm sure that they'd sell like hotcakes.
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    The state of CMSF2

    You are both right actually. I should refrain and check in on a later date. My posts aren't helpful at all and don't change a thing. I will do everybody a favor and stop posting until the end of the year.
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    I think calling a cease-fire and withdrawing is exactly the right move here. Enemy positions and strength were established enough to inform a larger, better equipped force to come in and conduct a proper attack. The losses suffered were unfortunate, but pretty unavoidable. On the whole it appears you were able to keep the majority of your force alive. Speaking of a better equipped force conducting an attack, is there any interest for a follow-up AAR? Could be interesting to see a properly equipped OpFor attack. Maybe even juice the OpFor a bit by giving them good training and morale in the editor to make things more interesting. At the very least it would let all of us see more toys in SF2, and it would likely be very explosive!
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    Is this stuff being reported in the regular media/TV etc? Every time I turn on news channels for info about what is going on in the world there is never any actual news - just endless commentators endlessly arguing about Trump. It's like real journalists have disappeared along with the rest of world events.
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    Interesting note on this one. It was an AT LAV (TOW) that did this. Over at the village objective I had two Leos and two AT LAVs. The Leos were in key hole positions but had lots of additional choice locations but the LAVs were supposed to be just hiding. Exposing light armoured vehicles when you don't know what is coming and from where is a bad idea. But it turns out those little one story buildings are *not* actually enough to hide behind. So when the missile flew I was just as surprised as you were. After that I tweaked the position of the other LAV (it was behind a two story building) so it could peak around the corner and get eyes on the area to your right of the farm. He actually got the second TOW kill.
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    Now that I have wrapped up my thread - I'm just starting to read this. Cool Kind words in deed - Guess where I learned a lot of my techniques? That's right from @Bil Hardenberger . Bil has been raising the bar on tactics since the beginning. I read his posts carefully and his blog too. Thanks Bil
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    ...retrofitted with new axle-free bogies, providing the Pillo-soft luxury of Hush-O-Matic Miracle Ride®️ I bow down before the genius of fellow Canuck Bruce McCall (pbuh).
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    The state of CMSF2

    Before unfollowing this thread, so I don't get these back and forths into my inbox, let me quote this bit I found on the top news item in the website The obvious question out there is "when will CMSF2 ship?" We're aiming for no later than the end of September. However, we'll soon release a demo with 4 battles and a training mission. That should help keep you occupied for a while. "No later than end of September" it's pretty clear to me and English isn't my first language. And it is announcing that peeps will be getting a demo before launch too. How hard was to point out this to Aragorn guys? Some in the industry don't do it, just like you - the Ukranian fellows in Kharkov for instance, some do it very well imo - Jason Williams at 777, and others do it very badly - like the Star Citizen guys who were showing their experiments on procedurally animated fried eggs meant to be a decorative prop in an in-game canteen
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Panzer grenadiers debussing to mop up some leftover Soviet infantry - after their accompanying Panthers pulverised them!
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    Nice showing C2 information flow. I like that; great idea.