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    Mord's Mods: Final Blitzkrieg Edition

    Just uploaded some new menu screens to CMMODs. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to open an FB thread for all my modding work. Hope you like 'em! Mord.
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    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Please be advised that every post containing the words "Fulda Gap" gets upvoted by me. Best regards, Thomm
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    Did someone just say Fulda Gap? 🤩
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    Some background on this action... this is about turn 40 or so of a very long BETA AAR game and the HMG team featured was on the shoulder of a defensive line that my opponent had oriented on another approach, which was a large scale feint in reality... the squad as shown was hitting the HMG Team from the rear. It was isolated because he had been forced to redeploy any neighboring units, and this was really the start of the cleanup phase of the battle. Saying that, I do not believe that it nullifies the lesson I was trying to teach. It is rare that a player can have an unbroken, and mutually supportive line of defense, most times there are opportunities, maybe not against a single unit as shown above, but maybe an isolated platoon that can be attacked using a Fire and Maneuver drill scaled up to the Company (this happened in this same battle to a German infantry platoon that found itself isolated, flanked and almost destroyed (I think I counted 22 bodies and POWs left in the wake of his platoon remnant's retreat))... its about being flexible, having a good set of pre-rehearsed battle drills and implementing them whenever possible at whatever scale is necessary. I stand by my tactics as they are rooted in reality, and I also stand by the fact that to really get the most of your infantry squads, you must split them. Fun discussion. Bil
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    Thank you for taking the time to create and post the video. Very nice job, I enjoyed it. +1 I was also impressed with how you handled yourself in the CM conversation on the Grogheads forum. Very diplomatic and cool under fire. Keep up the good work! I hope someday you have the opportunity to make a video of CM Fulda Gap!!
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    AC-130 Spectre

    That beer company should be apologizing for its beer.
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    The state of CMSF2

    Yaaawwwnnn! Visit any successful gaming software forum and you'll witness the same angst, playing out across countless threads and posts, ad nauseum. Sorry, not bagging on anyone, but I have to wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Emrys. I love CM. I have every game and module dating back to the original, but it's a miniscule part of my life and I have scant time to fret over the next release. My life is far too full and complicated. That, and I'm still having so much fun with the six CM games clogging my hard drive.....not to mention the hurricane bearing down on me with all the wrath of the gods!
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    Combat Mission future

    Aye. That makes sense.
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    In the fields where the poppies grow

    But @Warts 'n' allby his own admission 'My tanks, and infantry in, or near the church, got slaughtered within a few minutes. And it wasn't too much longer before my outflanking troops followed a similar fate. I hit "Cease Fire" once I'd lost all my tanks.' indicates that he did not do overly brilliantly. Not really fair to have a pop at the designer for that is it?
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    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Hi everyone, Here is a cinematic video featuring Shock Force 2! This is meant to be a showcase, similar in concept to a gameplay trailer. Keep in mind this is footage taken from a beta build of the game, and things are subject to change and all that. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    this is re/ the Cold War ? :)
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    140 kbytes for me @LukeFF - please let me know how to buy a ticket for the 21st century.
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    Some Questions

    And we'll no longer have to delete fifty lines of TO&E from a battalion to get a specific team or vehicle! Woo hoo! Mord.
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    Mark's book "Island of Fire" provides a great level of detail on some of the Stalingrad battles, I expect that most if not all of his battles are like this. His book "Objective Ponyri" is similar, although there is not as much content and more pictures (maps). Glantz's books are also very detailed, although it sounds like at a higher level than you are interested in (ie, operational, divisional scale rather than tactical). Also, not to toot my own horn, but many years ago now I wrote a companion book for CMAK which included descriptions of many tactical level actions in the Med theater, including North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. I think you'd find it interesting. I don't see the book on Battlefront's website anymore, but I might have copy or two lying around, would have to check. Also, from when I wrote that book, I seem to recall that some excellent New Zealand regimental histories were available for free online, but it has been many years, so you would have to look around.
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    Sitrep @ 9:19 I've got two Javelin teams placed strategically at high ground in order to be able to quickly hit High Value Targets as they appear (also for better spotting). The room that the RPG-29 gunner appeared the last time in is the same room an enemy HQ combatant have run towards/into. So I ordered an immediate attack on that room with a Javelin missile. The room has collapsed. In other news, 1st Platoon got another casualty during resupply... 2nd Platoon is still facing opposition in the first line of houses near the trenches but is ready to move into Obj Morty any minute now. Enemy HQ spotted @ Obj Vasquez: 2nd Platoon receives fire from the buildings @ Obj Morty: Javelin attack on enemy HQ & RPG-29 position: 1st Platoon is trying to resupply during combat, but can't find a better place for it. There's a large ditch on the left side of the road, and no way to drive into the alleys on the right side. So the resupply has to be done right in the middle of the street.
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    The only time I do not split my squads is when they are moving in a secure area and are not likely to run into any enemy units. In order to use real world tactics (which I highly recommend) you MUST split your squads. Read my Battle Drill blog for explanations, specifically: Movement Techniques, the React to Contact, Squad Attack and the Fire and Movement Battle Drills, plus the Platoon Leader section, specifically Scouting techniques. I hope this is helpful and not redundant... I haven't read this entire thread. In my CMRT BETA AAR I laid out a Squad Attack Drill using a Soviet infantry squad.. the key to using a squad split is to ensure that the teams can be mutually supporting. The excerpt from the AAR follows; this example shows mutually supporting fire, and leap frog movement as the Team's roles change through the attack: Squad Attack Drill 3rd Squad/1st Plt./4th Company that was formerly scouting for 5th company was given the task of taking out the HMG team that has been sitting on the approaches to Blau for several turns now... The LMG Team and the Rifle Team made up my base of fire while the SMG Team was my maneuver element... Elvis tried to extricate the HMG team but they ran right in front of the SMG team which cut down at least three of them (bottom image). Next I close and finish any survivors. Squad Attack Drill - the finish The survivors of the enemy HMG team that I was attacking last turn surrendered as the squad's rifle team closed on the position... the SMG Team was back in support for this move and the LMG Team moved forward as well.
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    CM Sniper tactics

    After reading this excellent thread I realized that no other sniper discussions ended up in the tactics section of the FAQ. Now there is - directly linking to @slysniper's post.
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    Harry Speakup

    They meant september of next year!

    Fleeced? CMSF2 is hardly a Ponzi scheme or similar take the money and run operation, nor is it in the league of Vapourware kickstarters. The product is near completion and has hit a speed bump and is delayed. Their communication is not the best, granted, but they've not run off anywhere with anyone's millions. You seem to be over-reacting. If you're that upset about pre-ordering for a product that's missed it's release date then simply cancel the order and get a chargeback on your card or a refund from Paypal. It's not that hard.
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    Improvement suggestions

    If you are a "ferner", am impressed with your English grammar. I had to look up the rules LOL: "Where things get really messy is in statements in which the object or subject status of the pronoun is not immediately obvious. Example: “The police gave tickets to whoever had parked in front of the fire hydrant.” The object of the preposition “to” is the entire noun clause, “whoever had parked in front of the fire hydrant,” but “whoever” is the subject of that clause, the subject of the verb “had parked.” Here’s a case where the temptation to use “whomever” should be resisted."
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    They meant september of next year!

    Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Snake726: No. I'm right. Three other guys: No. I'm right. Jesus, I think we get the gist, fellas. Enough already. LOL. Move on to something interesting and productive. Mord.
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    Sitrep @ 9:16 Hmmm. I've got 45 minutes until the time runs out. This is that phase I'm sure many of us have experienced when you think you're not making in it in time and rush things, making it worse for yourself. I kinda have to deploy 3rd Platoon to its objective areas ASAP. But the direct route there isn't cleared yet. What do I do? This is the route I think might be relatively safe: LAR's LAV-25s roll over Hill 55 to support 1st Platoon: LAVs level the building with the RPG guy inside: RPG-29 dude @ Obj Vasquez is out again to ruin my Marines' day:
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    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    All of CMSF2 is one big MikeyD mod. Almost everything's been touched in the game and 7/8ths of it nobody had actually asked me to do. They'd just come in to work in the morning to find a Carl Gustav rccl gun skin uploaded or new telephone pole art. I'm surprised nobody yelled at me.
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    All the time. Aside from creating special use teams like scouts or AT guys, just using the Split Squad command allows me to spread my troops out, making them less lucrative targets for artillery or mortars. That also allows me to use a favorite tactic if I am having to cross open ground. That is to used bounding overwatch. One team will start off using Quick and dash about 24 meters before stopping to pause for 10 seconds. The second team, after waiting 10 seconds, starts off to do the same thing. The third team, after waiting 20 seconds, starts their first leg. Keep repeating this until the turn has expired or all troops have reached their final destination. The advantages of moving this way are twofold. The spotting cycle in CM is usually around 7 seconds. So if your guys are lying down in tall grass for 10, the enemy units that might have noticed them running will forget about them and switch their attention elsewhere, which can make their fire less effective. The second advantage is that while one of your teams is up and running, the other two are able to spot and return fire on any enemy units that may have opened up on the runners. Even if they don't create any casualties, that tends to suppress the enemy and make his fire less effective. Michael