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    For fun - this is @slysniper's men doing just that to my guys:
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    WEGO and 3D. Easy to use interface. It is an attempt at simulation and not just a WW2 themed RTS. Scenario and map design being well supported.
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    Highly circumstantial, but i've played an awful lot of scenarios that I wouldn't describe with words like "clever" or "challenging". More like "lazy" and "malicious".
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    I just love that Battlefront has been around for 18 years (since release of CMBO, I know they were around before developing it) and continues to produce the Combat Mission line when they could have done other things, probably for more money. I have never been in combat but nothing else comes close to providing the, to me, realistic immersion that Combat Mission has. Perhaps the dogfight sims would but I don't play those. I prefer time to think, which may be unrealistic I suppose. The shooters certainly do not provide the realism to me.
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    I love seeing bravery. I recall early in CMBN playing a game where a flanking force got the jump on me and even through I was rushing reserves to the bocage line on my left flank it was going to be tight. We all know what happens to troops that are running across and open field towards an enemy sitting and waiting in said bocage. My one team on sentry duty was already down to half strength and as the fire came in and the enemy approached one of the two remaining guys gave up an started surrendering. The lone soldier left held it together and got off a few more shots hitting one of the enemy squad. The wavered and then turned and ran. The next turn my reserve arrived and secured the area.
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    You summed it up @L0ckAndL0ad along with what @Chudacabra said the only thing to add is breach from a location that does not have a door. Sometimes you can do that form an adjacent building too which is even more fun because then you can do it from an upper floor.
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    Yes, lots of suppressive fire. After that, in the game, some players report that it's effective to SLOW move into the building. If enemy is still not spotted by an adjacent to the building unit, I generally QUICK move in. If you HUNT the unit could get fired upon and get "stuck". The biggest challenge I have faced is when the enemy are not in the building but behind a far wall. So, one's unit enters the deserted building, then gets mowed down by enemy hiding behind a wall on the far side. Smoke may help. Otherwise I have learned to have them enter the building on QUICK and immediately FAST move back out the same way they entered. That way they can "recon" the interior and far wall, but don't stay to be massacred during the minute you can't issue new orders (in WEGO am talking about obviously). One can also use PAUSE so that they unit enters the building only in the last few seconds of a WEGO turn. That way they may spot the enemy first and can fire at the far wall immediately at the start of the next WEGO turn.
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    One of the CoC guys posted this, and after watching it, I'm truly impressed. Superb visual aids, atmosphere out the wazoo (you'll see) and combat vets, some with three tours in Iraq. This looks like the BTDT and bought the T-shirt factory convention. Seemed like a great idea to share this, since CMSF2 is coming. LongLeftFlank will love this city section, the roundtable is insightful (full version on their site), and there is state-of-the-art miniature wargaming tech in use, too. What the veterans have to say about how they feel about doing modern wargaming is fascinating, and I'm glad the issue was discussed, for I'm wary about how I handle anything to do with war in Iraq combat with my brother, who barely got home in one piece after a VBIED encounter while on patrol in a MK19-armed armored Hummer. Was barely clear of it when it blew. Just enough not to be hurt. Others in his unit were not so lucky, and from a variety of combat causes. Regards, John Kettler
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    So I needed more then one week, lol. I tried CMBS and CMRT on stock and OCed CPU. I can say results dissappointed me but didn't surprise me that much. I still can't have decent FPS non OCed or CPU OCed to 4,7 MHz. I can only achieve 40+ overall FPS in the most demanding scenarios if I set the 3D model quality to fast and set shadows and shaders to off. As soon as I set it to balanced frames drop too much. The biggest FPS killer for me is 3D model quality at balanced and above followed by the shadows (who flicker a lot and in general look very crappy anyway). Game is "bottlenecking" itself and no matter what kind of monster rig you bring into play there won't be great difference it seems. I can also dispute previous statement that OCed i7 8700k proves much better with the game - in my case I spot no difference.
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    Interesting take. I actually find the differing dice pools my favorite feature of the ruleset. Followed closely by the "reaction" features. It simulates to quality differences among the sides well. I won't give away the results of this scenario, but my plan involved making full use of the dice system.
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    Would love to have access to the place where the reported bugs are and see the state of each one, like so many games do.
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    Steam players for multiplayer

    Yes, we hates it, yes we do. It steals our Precious, yes it does.
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    von Luck

    LOS Woes

    Here's a great spot from my last game. Advancing US soldier spots Jagdpanther from 750 meters away through 3 hedge rows and two forests. A little fishy no?