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    Hmm. Instant resort to ad hominem attack, plus entirely fanciful assertion that I have spent significant time commenting on your posts seems... faintly familiar. Mr. Tittles, is that you?
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    What a bunch of p´s here. Losing their stuff, getting offended and hurt over nothing, and engaging in mass wall-texting like some hyenas just because some guy loves to post alot of off topic (15k posts goddamnit JK) and who believes in Nazi UFO´s and super suits, who gives a damn get over it, reading some this stuff even washed my eyes clean hah! I also think last time when I got full looking for home in Pendleton 2am I also saw one of those Gestapo Messerschmitt UFO´s or perhaps I was just full. Whatever you all show some self-respect and stop confuse Geisha balls with real ones. Those words are not intended for you JK, you are a hell of a crazy dude but it still takes a man to stand constantly getting squeaked at by over-sensitive boys. Amen.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Any news? Still this year or do we have to wait ´til 2020?
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    Having all games on one platform like DCS would be great, but I understand it could be difficult. I am new here btw, hello everyone.
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    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Sorry I couldnt think of something more clever
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    I am split between...

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    I think immobilized also is an abstract for other mechanical problems, thrown tracks, broken suspension etc. but yes, frustrating. When a vehicle is bogged it will transition to un-bogged or to immobilized. Once immobilized it will remain so for the remainder of the mission.
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    They are trucks, nothing more. Don't let the A fool ya.
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    Wow, I disagree with pretty much every word you have written here on prevailing American doctrine and public opinion. This is a post-Vietnam revisionist lens, buttressed by some postwar Generalstabs ax-grinding. Neither early loss of the US army in the Philippines nor heavy casualties in the 1943 bomber offensives, then Tarawa and Anzio, triggered defeatism at home, or timidity in US field commanders. Quite the reverse! Early US debacles at Midway, Guadalcanal or Salerno are readily imaginable, but they weren't about to drive Uncle Sam to down tools either. Both Nazis and Japanese learned the hard way that American people and soldiers were far from the 'weak-kneed cosmopolitans' that their agitprop (and its pre-1941 Comintern equivalents) made out. And any Moon of Alabama crank standing up and declaiming 'Our Boys are dying like sheep for British imperialism and the Rotschilds!' would have been tarred and feathered by an angry mob. There is plenty to criticise in America's conduct of the war, but nothing like you've claimed here.
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    Having issues installing CMSF2

    @Rocky Balboa You should have the Marines' campaign. You may had a botched install. They included all the campaigns for the respective releases but only the two US campaigns have been updated for SF2. The remaining (older version campaigns) are being updated now and will be released when finished. They did this so we wouldn't have to wait for the game to be released. If you bought the full upgrade your campaigns should look like this (If you didn't you can figure out which is which by process of elimination): Back On Tracks (NATO Dutch) Die Kunst Des Krieges (NATO Germans) Highland Games (Brit Module) Semper Fi Syria ( Marines Module) Task Force Thunder (Base Game) The Kabour Trail (NATO Canadians) Training Campaign (Base Game) Hope that does it. Mord. P.S. Tell Adrienne and Pauly, Merry Christmas.
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    CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack

    You didn't exactly post an opinion, you attempted to act as a mouthpiece for BfC: About the wrong goddam game.....This is a CM:BS thread.
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    JK is a national treasure. Don't pester the man and let him post absurd nonsense. I find it amusing, and you do too. In the words of Hunter S Thomson: "Buy the ticket, take the ride." They're invisible, man...
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    Scout Team cannot acquire Jav CLU?

    Load restrictions also affects buddy aid. If a soldier is already loaded down he's not going to pick up the 'special weapon' of his fallen comrade.
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    Courage Conquers campaign?

    I have a playthrough of that campaign on my channel. It is not terrible, but feels rather generic and uninspired, with lots of samey missions. The final mission is a slap in the face, since the briefing misleads you into thinking that you are supposed to solve the scenario in the historical manner by rushing your forces through it, when in fact that is basically impossible.
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    How to use insurgent forces???

    Also some additional information that is not obvious (counter intuitive actually) but can be useful: An IED can be activated and detonated by any triggerman. Example: A Wire triggerman can activate and/or detonate a cell or radio IED.
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    How to use insurgent forces???

    The CMSF 2 manual is lacking here. ***IED*** IED's need to be activated before use. Each type of IED (Cell/Radio/Wire) has different issues - Cell and Radio IEDs are (should be) affected by ECM, but longer effective ranges. Wire – shortest distance (about 100m), 10% failure Radio – medium distance (about 300m), requires line of sight, 20% failure Cell phone – long distance (about 600m), 10% failure Radio and Cell phone IED's can be jammed by IED jammer equipment (British Warriors). These need to be activated with a "Target" order. If this is given to empty space, the IED will explode like a mine when someone is nearby. If this is targeted to a unit, the IED will explode when the unit is close. An appropriate triggerman needs to set off the IED, and should be put within the distances above. There are also Vehicle IEDs and IED mines. The latter are conventional minefields (but have a larger explosion), and the former are a vehicle, driver and spy unit. The spy has nothing to do with the VBIED, he's just a spy to scout for the insurgent forces. VBIED do not need activation either, they just explode on contact with opposition, with a massive explosion. ***Spies*** Spies come in two flavours - spies and Spy forward observers, with a radio. Both are unarmed and absolutely vital to the uncon game plan, since it's one of the advantages you have. They're hard for the enemy to spot, and therefore are useful for getting eyes onto the enemy forces and relaying that information. *** Fighters and Combatants *** There are two types of Uncon forces, "fighter" are mujaheddin, fanatically motivated black-clad killers. They tend not to be particularly well trained, but they do have the best equipment, up to and including AT-14's, which are a serious threat, as well as medium mortars, on map or off. "Combatants" are the more rag-tag types, generally worse equipped and led, but can be highly motivated. The primary difference in CMSF 1 was the Civilian Density map setting. This setting exists in CMSF 2 but currently (presumably a bug) doesn't seem to have any actual game effect. In CMSF 1, civilian density would apply "stealth" to Combatants and the supporting teams (spies, etc.), but not Fighters. They would be able to "Move" without being seen, blending into the abstracted civilian population. This therefore meant that spies could hide and spot the enemy, Combatants could set up sneaky close-ranged ambushes, and Fighters could bring the firepower. I'm really hoping this gets fixed, since it's really fundamental to the game. *** Vehicles *** Supporting this are the transport and technical options. Transport here are taxis and pickup trucks, which behave as you'd expect. Technicals are pickups with weapons mounted on the rear, typically MGs but also RPG-29 and anti-air 14.5 mm MGs, which are important for shooting down drones. Technicals are difficult to use, since they're unarmoured but have a lot of firepower. They're useful for flanking, flank security and acting as a mobile reserve, but their utility is a bit suspicious in general. Uncon advantages: - IEDs are really powerful and can't be detected. - Cheap, well motivated troops, which can fight and die in place - Able to use civilians as concealment (or should be able to - this is currently bugged) - Complex terrain (particularly urban) is a massive equaliser. AK's and particularly RPG-7's are fantastic at close ranges, and pretty much as good as anything. Uncon disadvantages: - Poor training and equiipment - Lack of night vision - Poor or lacking C2 (and the command structure in general) - Zero armour - No artillery above medium mortars Generally speaking, I'd assume that each "platoon"-like element can only really carry out one objective. If they succeed in their objective, but die in the process, then that should be considered a "win". Defensively you're probably then better off with isolated groups that manage their own defence, but which can support each other with overlapping RPG-29 or ATGM fires. Offensively I think you have some serious difficulty - you really need Civilian Density to be fixed, since close ranged hit and run attacks seem to be the most sensible plan.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Plus another icon bug that don't particularly want to discuss too much in public (could maybe ruin some games). But upon your advice I private messaged sburke about it earlier in the year. Turned out that an ticket was existing for it already and that the bug was not introduced in Engine 4 but earlier.
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    Oh and the wire fence vs ditch CMSF-1 to CMSF-2 conversion has been formally reported as a bug.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Same here. I was gonna buy marl=ket garden / British modules but refuse to til patch comes out. Matter of principal.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

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    A long time ago, I made a video series detailing the Task Force Thunder campaign. When Shock Force 2 was announced, I put the series on hold to wait for the new game to come out. That took quite a bit longer than everyone expected. But now, we can finally go back to the well, and start down the road to Hims once again. It almost feels like coming home...
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    A quick, little skirmish...
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    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Very cool what the game can do. A spy does buddy aid. During buddy aid he obtained an assault rifle, binoculars and hand grenades. Later he takes out an XO team with the assault rifle and hand grenades. And here he is with the binoculars looking for his next victims.......... COOL, COOL game.
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    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Yep, spies can buddy aid weapons (I've only seen them take assault rifles not sure if they can take an RPG or MMG). If the spy does take a weapon and you don't want the spy to give himself away, by using it, he will need a small 360o Target Arc. With civilian density set to very heavy spies can Move very close to a checkpoint before being noticed . However only the human player controlled spy has the Move command. All AI assigned movement commands are at the double time which is considered suspicious and negates the civilian density setting some (not clear on how much yet). The AI will also crawl when very tired however this is also considered suspicious activity. A human controlled spy can be given the Move command and calmly walk very close to a checkpoint or group of OpFor troops. And if the spy has an assault rifle..........
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    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    In hindsight I should have known that RT was Red Thunder. I don't have Red Thunder. Thanks for the replies. Since Red Thunder covers the last year of the war I would be more interested in the earlier years of the eastern front. I am surprised Battlefront isn't working on that or a North African game like they had in the original Combat Mission series. However, I am very much looking forward to Rome to Victory. In my opinion, the current Combat Mission series is the gold standard for computer tactical warfare.