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    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Hi IICapMillerII, thank you for making your beautiful mod available for all of us to use! I took the liberty of borrowing the vest you made and SaintFuller's Ssh-68 helmet to remake a mod that IMHO more accurately depicts what the Syrian army from circa 2008 would have looked like. Since you're the inspiration of this mod, it's only right that I should share my screenshots with you before I put it out there for the rest of the community. It goes without saying, credit will go to you and SaintFuller for the vest and the Ssh-68 helmet. Cheers!
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    Broken tacAI

    The tacAI seems to be very dysfunctional when it comes to infantry moving around corners of buildings, walls, and the like. In fact, entirely broken in some cases, I would say. I've found various bugs related to pathfinding in particular. Don't know if there is any point in posting this now, since I understand that there is a patch underway, but here is a typical example: Btw. is this the proper place to post bugs?
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    Yes. It is. Some members catch serious stick for posting off-topic in the wrong forum. What, should we make an exception for you?
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    How flight line ordnance mishaps occur. All right, it's obviously a stunt, for those are WW II era 250 lb bombs (really, casings), and we use nothing like them today on our planes. Regards, John Kettler
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    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Nice map but she needs the sharks teeth road removal treatment real bad!
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    Regime forces realise the folly of opposing the peoples' uprising, throw down their weapons & surrender to a hero of the revolution:
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    Well, by using the modified military grid system of course............. .
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    NATO Units????

    Frederick and Wilhelm II must be turning over in their graves 😭
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    A patriotic sniper takes aim: Meanwhile the main rebel force launches an all out attack on a regime installation (using their earlier victims for cover):
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    No Tracers

    Wow @37mm those look great, especially the muzzle flashes! Looking forward to more!
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    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Yes, it's a .7z file. Erwin must be having one of his, many & unique, "problems" again.
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    +1 Also, the shield gives little or no protection from fire from the sides. It's one of those issues that due to the vast majority of CM2 maps being relatively small with relatively short LOS, one is "encouraged" to use halftracks at much shorter range than is wise.
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    Realism Suggestions?

    For a (short) while I was attempting to play by strict 'reality' rules. No moving your camera beyond your own forward line, no raising the camera above level one (except to facilitate placing movement orders). No rewinding to double-check where an attack came from. No flying about the battlefield like a bird, just naviagating by '+' jumps from unit to unit. The game suddenly became VERY challenging, even frightening. Being ground level with your troops in a patch of woods during an artillery stonking is unnerving. We don't realize how much we rely on the 'eye of God' view of the battlefield while playing.
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    The most noticeable thing is the temporary odd look if tall vehicles pass through. The second thing is that a player needs to be a little more careful when placing infantry waypoints in the building. I had a fire team run through the building and then back inside when I wanted them to go directly to the second floor. I paid more attention and re-plotted the waypoints with no problem the second time. I don't really understand yet why that happened but I am keeping an eye on it. Its kind of cool. Different bridges can be used with different buildings / building skins for different purposes. I used a two action spot long building since this bridge fit inside with nothing sticking out (so it just looked better IMO). I will keep experimenting with it. I have some more ideas how it can be used in future scenarios. Thanks for finding and sharing this cool editor ability.
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    Cerberus seems to have lost a head. After this, they howled Kumbayah to celebrate their bond. Got both from a Tumblr series on weird things huskies do. And from my occasional sign finds... Told you not to pet the kitty! Regards, John Kettler
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    No Tracers

    I have another vid featuring the WIP effects mix...
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    This is the CM2 General Discussion forum. What does this have to do with CM2? Nothing.
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    Warts 'n' all

    Tips for Angriff

    It is such a long time since I played this battle. I checked my records and only managed a high casualty Minor Victory as the Germans. Having just fired it up and taken a peek. I would keep your AFVs in the wood with overwatch on the Resupply point and the open ground towards the centre of the map. Hopefully you can take out some enemy before they spot you. Also remember to give your FO a target arc. You don't want any enemy fire on that building. Good Luck.
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    I resemble that remark! I found myself wondering what that Green Zone would be like to fight through in the wet season, when all those barren watercourses and surrounding fields are inundated (presumably with snowmelt). Also, nice map @puje! Very realistic topography. I can smell the goat dung from here.
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    30 years ago today

    Lmao. Accusing someone of not reading while also thinking FDR was an incompetent communist plant. This thread's reached its peak. Only thing missing is someone using the term "head choppers" unironically. Pretty problematic to assume my sexual orientation like that. I just figured she wanted some stimulating conversation, between you and Squarehead talking to her, she must feel like she's a nurse in a home for geriatrics
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    The briefing said, "Get in, kill everyone, get out." I like a simple mission like that.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I used to be a tabletop gamer. Recall the first time I fired up CM1, the loading music, throwing Shermans down the road towards occupied positions. Sensational. Even dabbled again in tabletop long after that, whatever rules (and there were bloody loads from the more action movie style Flames of War to the 25 tables of Battlefront WWII) the club was playing with scenery that was at best dire compared to even CM1. Spent lots of $$$, HOURS of time painting just to have ONE reasonable sized Armored Infantry Company with support, then there was the time to set up, and again, play against who (especially as the scourge of 40K and the now defunct Warhammer spread). Gave up in the end, settled on CM for all my wargaming fix and happier for it. What a long way CM has come since then. For any of the faults folks might find with CM (I still find myself screaming, albeit less now (just luck of the draw) "Cheating AI" when the ONLY guy in my squad that gets taken out is the damn leader and a tank almost instantly spots and whacks my (I thought) perfectly set up and hidden AT ambush) even the worst of the odd anomalies still leaves the game light years ahead of even the best table top options (6 to hit, 3 to save blah blah blah mechanics) plus, outstanding terrain and a TO&E for all the modules that would cost thousands of dollars to collect, paint and store. Makes me shudder to think. With the quality of CMFB and CMBS (never thought I'd enjoy modern, though ATGMs still annoy the hell out of me!) I don't even find myself modding these days, well, not AS much. More than a few times though, being retired, I've fired up a quick game at 10pm only to find the sun peaking through the blinds at 7am, just after the "bloody cheating AI ;)" zapped the FO team, and who gets takes out, yes the bloody observer!!! Looking forward to the patches.
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    How to make AT ambush in CMBN

    I am disgusted by this music and left at once.
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    Hi Puje, I'm sorry, I forgot to say what a great map! If you do Zveroboy's compound wall trick and some odd angled ones, it will put it over the top.
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    Coop mode

    I am sure the programming challenge is not inconsiderable -- finite brainjar hours -- but I feel the addition of even basic pbem coop play mechanics would breathe a lot of new life into the system, and the community. Even having some friendly forces AI programmed/controlled could add new dimensions -- allowing a designer to assign a player a specific role within a larger operation rather than needing to micro the whole force. Faster play, more fun for those who choose it. Endless possibilities here, and seemingly well within existing design parameters of the engine with some help from newer generation computing power. Fwiw