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    John Kettler

    Crater grogs rejoice!

    Brother Ed is happily making craters on a 3-D printer, and I unearthed this to help him. Turns out this is a blast from my past, in the form of a runway cratering study I used when doing a report on US rapid runway repair capability in my early days at Hughes. This is, in part, quite the tutorial on crater configuration from aerial bombs and addresses dimensions for a range of bomb sizes against both a range of runway types and against bare soil. It's called BOMB CRATER DAMAGE TO RUNWAYS and was authored by Peter Westine of the Southwest Research Institute. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/907456.pdf P.S. I give up! This post won't delete. Tried doing that after realizing I put it in the wrong place. Should be in CM GDF, not CMFB. Mods, please move it. Thanks! Regards, John Kettler
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    Bil Hardenberger

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    This is a true After Action report (AAR). I played this game last year against one of my most skilled opponents (ScoutPL). The scenario was Green Hell, my goal was to protect the Farm and Cafe objectives, and if possible, try to take the la Madeleine objective. Simple no? This was the first time I had played this scenario and the scenario and sides were chosen by my opponent. I will give a general overview along with a quick and dirty METT-T analysis, then I'll get right into the action. A word of warning though, there will be no long range tank fights in this AAR, it will be a tough costly mainly infantry slug-fest for both sides. I do hope however that I can at least show my philosophy when on the defense. I will be honest, I struggle the most with the defense, I am very offensive minded and just can't help myself sometimes and overextend, right Baneman? MISSION The mission is simple, hold the enemy at bay and force him to waste his combat power on the drive to my objectives, so that when he arrives he will have a spent force. My main goal is to protect the two objectives in my zone, and preserve my force as much as possible. ENEMY I have been told to expect German FJ troops in unknown strength, though if I go by the tactical map above I can expect a combined force of infantry and armor. All I really know is that they should be entering around the a Madeleine objective area... if the tactical map above is correct. TERRAIN My force is sitting on a ridge-line, so I should have good lines of sight across the entire map. Whether that means I will be able to spot much is another matter. The map is also broken up by bocage lined fields. However they are easily penetrated, so will be easily flanked, also those fields will mask movement wonderfully, for both sides. TROOPS I command Baker Company, with a weapons company (Dog) in support. I will get into my initial plans for this battle in a future post. Initial deployments are shown below.. Baker is spread across the entire ridge-line and Dog has been broken up evenly to support Baker's Platoons. TIME I have 1 hour and 20 minutes to hold off the enemy. That is a long time, but will also mean that ammo supply could be the deciding factor at the end.
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    The Night Before CM-mas

    Twas the night before CM-mas and all through the bunker not a 'truppen was stirring they were all down and hunkered The frags were all hung by the rifles with care In hopes that Santa Steve soon would be there The 'truppen a snoring and dreaming away of the hookers they'd met, on leave last May When out in the minefield there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bunk, my skivvies all tattered. Away to the gun sites I flew like a plane, pulled back the bolt and steadied my aim. When from mod weary eyes I spied from afar, Some northern Maine dude with a brain in a jar, Santa Steve! I shouted with excitement and glee but in response, just some bitching about TO&E On Stragglers, on Sicherungs, Luftwaffe and Herr on Jagers and Gebirs, and others more rare He droned on and on as the brain kept a coding and I knew deep inside this was no normal foreboding For once in a while a reference to Syria and with that little gem I was sent to hysteria For amidst all that heavy WWII talking Toward Shock Force 2 I knew he was walking Patiently on the desert I'd waited and soon it'd be real and my lust would be sated Back to the sand! Nato, Uncons and pals but with 4.0 flare and friggin' hit decals! My head filled with war and the toys that it brings I was hoping I'd see it before G**D*** spring! Then brain in arm, he turned toward the west to continue ever onward the Combat Mission quest Teeth clenched and jaw set against the snowy wind he trudge into the night, a phantom again And as he passed by the bunker and out of our zone I chewed on the annual Christmas bone. Merry Christmas, fellas! Mord.
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    Michael Emrys


    Mark Twain once wrote his paper to inform them: "The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." To those who have expressed concern for my health and well-being, my thanks and I will reply to you individually as soon as I can get my e-mail program to send as well as receive. For all of you who may be interested, I will write a more detailed report as soon as I can and post it in the GF, which is I think a more appropriate forum for such discussions. But not to keep you in too much suspense, I will say here that on the 26th. of March I was struck by a pickup truck which resulted in 11 broken ribs and a broken clavicle (no, that is not a baroque musical instrument). Since then I have spent five days in hospital and about two and a half months in a nursing facility and only arrived home today. I am in pretty good shape due to some good rehab work by some dedicated people. More later. Michael
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    encouragement !

    Didn't sound like he attacked anybody to me. Sounds like he is trying to bring some positivity to the table in the midst of all the negativity that's been posted lately. But apparently you aren't gonna let the rotten b****** get away with it. Mord.
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    It sure is funny how most of the people who complain about price and why is the games not on sale for bargain prices are people who have a handful of comments on the site and are recent new members. In other wards I see them as typical gamers expecting the same thing they see with most of the rest of the industry. Expecting to get something for almost nothing after a short life span of the product , with a newer version out and selling again for that company. They have never played any game for any extended period of time and are just waiting for the next thing on the market that they can consume. The concept of a game with depth and years of endless playability is not a possibility in their thought process. Let alone a fact that the company is not capable of putting out new versions in a year or two with staffs in the hundreds to do such things. A product with only a handful of guys working on and making adjustments to and no ability to try and push the graphic limits of the present home computer each and every year. They see it as a unknown logic in the world that they live in and cannot accept it. I find it funny. BF is two guys that came from that world and hated it, created their own way to run and manage their game and have done what they wanted and made the life they wanted for themselves and provided us with games no one in the all powerful industry want to do. So Bf keep selling and doing business how you want. I appreciate the games too much to care about sales and how they do business.
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    I've posted Combat Mission on Pornhub. No one can stop me.
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    After a looooong hiatus from Combat Mission, and then hand/wrist surgery, I finally got back to this and finished the dpm woodland camo. I will upload them as soon as I get the readme and whole package together and squared away with Bootie/CMMODS. Tomorrow maybe. Mtp camo will follow but not sure how soon. First two pics are with shaders/shadows on. The other two are with them off (well, shaders might be on in the last one, not sure). Cheers!.
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    Hope this will be very useful to all members. Glad my mod slut-ness finally paid off.
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    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    Hey, guys. It's been awhile. I thought I'd drop a screenie and let everyone know that the project is alive and well -- if moving along rather slowly due to RL time demands. I had to take a long break or two again, but have knocked out a number of blocks on the map since my last post, along with a sizable chunk of elevation refining. Here is a screenie showing a bit over half the master map: This is East to West, with the Southern half of the map being largely visible. The SE corner is done, but wouldn't fit in the picture. There is a little more that is finished, but it wouldn't fit without showing skeletal areas, so I kept things to what is complete (well, other than final tweaks, flavor objects and elevation refinement). Alrighty, that's it for now. Macisle out!
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    "That is really just an unacceptable amount of time for a developer to fix a problem that was introduced in a paid upgrade to a product." I completely agree with you, TGarner. I've hardly played any of the games that I own and paid for (ALL the WWII titles and all upgrades), for the past two years, because of the more infuriating problems with the previous upgrade. I used to love the games and played regularly, so it is even more of a shame that the prevalent culture here is that the customer is little more an an irritant and liable to be ignored for months on end - except when it comes to promoting new product and 'upgrades'. It is hardly surprising that these games are such a niche market when even the small current customer base is treated with such continued disdain.
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    Fare thee well, oh Repository

    With the new site finally up we must take a minute to remember our old friend, the Repository, now relegated to the cold dark vacuum of cyberspace. Maybe not the prettiest of spots on the internet, that old ugly wench did her job in earnest, hosting some of the first and oldest of the new engine mods, maps and scenarios. She was the home to my first real endeavors into the modding arena (as ugly as some of them were) and she was the go-to spot before there was a go-to spot. Even though she was cast aside many a year ago for a prettier, younger Mistress, it was nice knowing she was still around if we needed her. And even though she was old, haggard, and hard to handle, she was there with her many forgotten (un-ported) treasures buried in a confusion of broken links and cyber-subterfuge waiting for a visit and a chat. Alas, she has finally and truly given up her ghost, along with many a mod (and perhaps) scenario that never made it to a shinier shore. So, as a new door opens, an old one closes and I say, fare thee well, sweet, ugly, PIA-to-navigate Repository, I salute thee for a job well done! You are gone but not forgotten...well, maybe a little. And now a blatant and exploitative manipulation of your emotions...bow your heads and shut your mouths (especially you, Emrys, your Flea Deity commands it!) Mord.
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    Bil Hardenberger


    MINUTE 15 Okay this was a VERY busy turn… and sorry once again for the amount of media. I hope it isn’t too hard on your internet connection. I ordered my Abrams to immediately start to reverse while it was reloading. I did not want it to get into a gun duel if it wasn’t ready… when the gunner yelled “SABOT UP!” and while still moving in reverse the tank fired and killed the Leopard... killed him dead and was never spotted in return. I had also ordered one of the LAVs nearby to pop smoke in front of the M1 to cover it… turns out that wasn’t needed. T90 #2 fired and killed the Warrior near the Water Tower... so hey, yeah, the Syrians are capable of killing stuff. One British dismounted team is in the field between the now dead Warrior IFV and the T-90s… that means the second Warrior arrived at its unloading point unseen, but now I know about where it is. 1st Mech Infantry Platoon’s HQ team dismounted and armed with a Javelin, crawled into position hoping to get a spot on the Challenger that my Abrams hit last turn… towards the end of the turn he took aim and let the Javelin loose... it flew true and killed the enemy tank with a top hit. Up near Hill 41.1 another team armed with a Javelin spotted a Scimitar and quickly destroyed it. By the way, it takes about 20 seconds to reload the launcher and be ready for another shot. Both of these teams will be reloaded and ready for action early next turn. It didn’t go all my way though… the BMP-3 platoon moved forward, remember I was hoping to spot the Warrior platoon which should be to their front (and probably very close)… well, they moved forward just fine, then quickly lost two of the three BMPs, the first to an unknown shooter... I believe to one of the Warriors I was looking for... …the second fell to the remaining Leopard tank. Damn… I should have sent a dismounted team over the ridge to find those IFVs. The BMP-3s never spotted a thing… yikes. I am worried about those Warriors and I need to find them ASAP. Still two enemy tanks, one light tank, and an IFV knocked out for the loss of two BMP-3s... I’ll take that exchange ratio every time. I also received my final reinforcements. I will post about them in another installment.
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    This was posted on FB, and should be of keen interest to many here, both for what CM games already are out and for the much wanted earlier period games. Regards, John Kettler
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    You destroyed my tank? Now you will pay the price
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    When a patch is 2 years in the making I start to question their ability to deliver, regardless of how long they take.
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    I am speaking as a military professional, former Cavalry Platoon Leader, Troop XO, Battalion and Squadron Planner, and Tank Company Commander when I say troops appearing through arkane majicks on your flank is not right. The "board" artificially conceals the nature of terrain and battlefield to the player. If we consider the edges of the map to be something like say, Company or Battalion boundaries, I'll still have maps and graphics of those locations. I'll also have the greater situational awareness coming off of the Battalion/Brigade Net in terms of what's happening around the battlefield. Further I'll have an idea of what the higher mission is and what's going on to my flanks, and very likely someone else (even if I was the flank company, there's good to high odds the Battalion or Brigade scouts are screening us) will have either let me know to cover them (something closer to "and X Company (your company) represents the farthest left unit" vs "YOU ARE OUR FLANK CPT TIMMY IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU!!!"). Further if I was the farthest flanking unit I'd sit down and look at the AO outside of my boundaries to see just what might influence my battlespace from the outside. This is where scenario design becomes super important. Bad scenarios just hit you on the flank and pull a Lucas in claiming I need to secure every thing ever because every direction could possibly hide an enemy tank company. Good scenerios instead sit down and give you the complex terrain to look at and have to plan for. You want the player to think "those woods on my right look like they might hide enemy forces, or allow infantry to infiltrate into my AO without me seeing it. I'm going to leave a section of 3rd PLT to ovewatch it", rather than in an open field suddenly there's a dozen BMPs. Another even more interesting one would be to give you information to make reasonable choices in the briefing. Example: "Enemy reserves are located on OBJ Thresher to your east, and are expected to be committed once our main effort is identified. S2 estimates they may use RTE Gold or RTE Black, located at A1 and A2 on your map, and have a response time of approximately 20 minutes" Or just leaving roads coming onto the map from the flanks, and making enemy forces appear from there, it's likely the enemy reserves arrives suddenly on a road. It's doubtful they rapidly appear from rough or wooded terrain (if mounted). These are all reasonable ways for the wargamer to be forced to make choices concerning their flank security. The scenario designer should view the player as a training audience, who should be rewarded for reasonable responses to stimuli. Surprise flanks simply frustrate the player, and instead of encouraging him to make smart choices based on good observations and sound tactics, instead force him to play in the almost comical state in which you either accept losing a scenario and having to replay it because 3/101st Shock Tank Guards Battalion emerged from a tunnel network in an otherwise empty field, or expending 50-60% of your overall forces covering fields that are actually occupied just out of sight by your sister units, or something else requiring no overwatch. The player has to know what's on their flanks to make interesting and tactical choices about those flanks. Tank Companies don't drive across the battlefield in big circles, guns pointed in 360 degrees in case the enemy appears FROM ANYWHERE. It's imperative the scenario designer give the player some sort of situational awareness to let them play realistically. And as a further textual wandering, enemy forces in games should have sort of...like a story to go with them. They need a beginning. How did they get to the battlefield, why they are there, what they hope to do. Then a middle, what their plan is for the battlefield. And then an end(s), what they hope to do if they're successful, or unsuccessful. Each one of these needs to make sense, and should reflect the same amount of knowledge as the player team has about the enemy. The designer knows the blue player is going to enter from the NW corner of this open field. Why would the red team know the exact spawn location of the blue player though? I'd suggest flawed, but realistic doctrinally sound enemy deployments are more interesting than playing against some enemy force led by insidious commanders with ESP who know all the faults and locations of the player forces.
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    Buddy Aid

    As a result of a thread over at The Few Good Men (FGM) gaming club I did some experiments with "Buddy Aid". Below is some of the information that was learned and shared at The Few Good Men. I did some experiments in CMBS v2.1 Engine 4 where I saved a game after taking casualties and then ceased fire and recorded the AAR results. I then loaded the save, completed buddy aid, ceased fire again and recorded the AAR results. The score did not change. 3 WIA, (out of 10 total troops) then cease fire. No buddy aid - 1 KIA, 2 WIA = OpFor Minor Victory 25 points. With buddy aid - 0 KIA, 3 WIA = OpFor Minor Victory 25 points. 2 KIA, 3 WIA, (out of 17 total troops) then cease fire. No buddy aid - 4 KIA, 1 WIA = OpFor Tactical Victory 45 points. With buddy aid - 2 KIA, 3 WIA = OpFor Tactical Victory 45 points. WIA (red base) can turn to KIA (brown base) from additional hits. Buddy Aid is one on one however a team can treat multiple casualties in the same A/S concurrently. A team administering Buddy Aid will recover ammo including ammo for weapons they do not have in the team. Buddy aid on KIA (brown base) was about 15 - 35 seconds. On WIA (red base) about 1 minute – 2 minutes 30 seconds. Casualties only disappear if they receive Buddy Aid. I tested 2 KIA & 2 WIA for 1½ hours game time. They never disappeared. Experience of the teams administering buddy aid did not affect the length of buddy aid or the amount of equipment recovered. Lightly wounded (yellow base) are not counted as casualties on the AAR screen. To share ammo recovered in buddy aid the medic team must be part of the unit (“highlighted” unit) needing the ammo. During testing on average about 2 grenades and 170 rounds of ammo were recovered per casualty. I know from playing the game other equipment (radios, binoculars, some weapons etc.) can also be recovered but I did not try for that in the experiments. WIA (red base) incapacitated wounded are not counted in Parameter/Condition but are counted in Parameter/Casualties. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in Quick Battles or in Scenarios. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in a Campaign. Buddy aid may only make a difference as a tie breaker in a CM tournament . If I got anything wrong let me know but as best as I can tell that's the way it works. A little disappointed that Buddy Aid has no affect on the score but I will continue to order my teams to administer aid. Seems like the realistic, correct thing to do.
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    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps

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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    A scenery shot and Heer closeup.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Yeah, I'm a little puzzled at lack of news and lack of patch. I mean, I have spent plenty of time managing SW projects, so crap happens. But we have been told over and over that its soon, right around the corner, etc. for quite some time.
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    Windmills in FB

    Windmills are present in FB's archives but not available in the editor despite Holland being depicted as one of the locations. Here is a way to enable windmills... It's triggered by a "bogus" bitmap. Simply add the bogus bitmap to your Z folder. I included a snow roof too. The windmill will appear in the editor as the last (bottom right) independent 4 story commercial building. The windmill works exactly as in CMBN, but it's snowbox is square. So in deep snow conditions the snowbox around the bottom floor looks a bit wonky. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jtX0EIDwY6OLKPYiIp2JgYSM6lk7V3aU This discovery leads me to ask what else can be enabled by bogus bitmaps...? There is a lot of content in the brz files of FB that don't appear in game like various others bridges e.g canal bridges.
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    CMSF2 Demo

    I like that. After the death of David Carradine, I told my brother if he ever finds me dead in an embarrassing position, like laying naked in bed covered in fudge, or croaked on the toilet ala Elvis, he is to get me dressed, go out and kill a shark or bear, tangle us up, destroy the room, and put a knife in my hand to make it look like we died fighting each other. I want to be a legend around the police station water cooler. Moral of this story? That's my shoe size talking...on just about any topic. I always say, life is what you make it. If you choose to believe the world is a horrible place than that's what it will be. I find happiness in the smallest things; a nice summer evening, a crisp autumn afternoon, a brand new pair of socks, a fresh piece of paper, a new book, some cool music, etc.. If you learn to appreciate the seemingly insignificant then your existence will be filled with many joys and surprises. And of course find the humor in everything. @Erwin. Yep, if you think about it, all this board is is a collection of (mostly) grown guys still playing in the backyard with their army men. Mord.
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    The patch?

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    When is Shock Force 2

    Totally agree your point, particularly when Syria 2018 is perfectly doable in CMSF and will be in CMSF2 to anybody who wants to click the 'Scenario Editor' button. I have a lot of plans for CMSF2 ...
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    WOT & War Thunder Panther Skins

    Hi guys, This's my first attempt to convert some WOT and War Thunder historical skins but still not perfect as im just learn about photoshop in 20 minutes from a friend..lol ( i never know how to use photoshop before ) for now just panther (sorry for the wheels still using original CMBN, im too lazy to do it ) the colors looks match with CMBN engine especially when using Reshade Sweetfx so what do you guys think? My wish for the next patch is they (Developer) can make separate skins for each model not combine them especially with vehicles in example i would like to see panther_early_hull.bmp with panther_early_turret, panther_early_hull 2 with panther_early_turret 2, panther_early_hull 3 with panther_early_turret 3 and so on but not mixed them because they will not match the body texture with turret and some other parts between their numbers bmp file (it's like probability if they're match than that's good but most they're not match between each file in one model i think it's only work with infantry skin but not with vehicles skin it would be nice to have a lot additional skins to the game in every vehicles model Sorry for my english
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    Here are a few images from my first scenario. As good as Battle for Normandy is, I can't help but wonder if Black Sea will soon mature and surpass it as BFC's masterpiece. What an embarassment of riches. Wary of possible UAV observation and the threat of precision fire, a RUS assault recon unit coils its way through a tree line in order to mask its movement. Their task in the Stara Basan countryside is threefold: identify enemy strongpoints, direct friendy CAS and pathfind for the follow on assault company. A RUS BRM-3K bolts from concealment enroute to taking up a new position. Exhaustive observation must be measured against the need for high tempo operations. Mobility is survival. 900 meters to the south of the RUS probe, a weary UKR platoon debuses in a shallow defilade and hastily prepares for the hammer blow about to befall them.
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    Where are the Goumiers in djellaba?

    here is my contribution it's true that it's exotic for info this type of djelaba with his large stripes are tribal djelaba whose pattern corresponds to different tribes as well as wearing a beard or a turban from 1942 is introduced a regulatory djelaba manufactured by the army unifying and standardizing the holding of the goumier i work about it kepi is also specific i work about it too
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    TACai rocks!

    The scenario is Battlegroup Attacks! by George MC. (Thank you Sir!). A mix mechanized Syrian and U.K. force face off in Syrian hilly terrain in a PBEM with myself as Red force. A BMP-2 seizes the opportunity to take a pot shot at a Challenger 2 with it's AT-5 ATGM. N.B. The only orders I gave to the BMP-2 were as follows; 1. Reverse out of the Wadi around 20m to gain LoS. 2. Face towards blue Challenger contact. Everything else is the TACai's automatic orders. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    In all my years playing CM games and talking about them with other players here on the forum and with friends at home, one of the subjects which comes up fairly often is the ability of the player to have a "God" like view of the battlefield. As the player, we have far more information available to us than a typical battlefield commander would ever hope to have. This thread will be all about several steps taken to reduce the amount of information you the player have and how that reduction of information plays out in a real battle against a human opponent. @RockinHarry has made several mods to the game and we are going to showcase them here. I hope he will read this first post only and then go away as I will be talking about my side of our battle here and we hopefully have many more turns still to play. RH's mods we will be using in this battle are: Invisible enemy floating icons, Invisible sky triangles, Invisible casualty cross, invisible enemy tracers and several animation changes to lower the stance of troops while performing certain tasks. We will however be playing with friendly icons on. Having played several battles with all icons off, it is no fun losing your men in thick cover and breaking fog of war just to find your men back. While I like the game to be hard, I still want it to be fun. For our battle we chose a medium meeting engagement between Armoured Infantry, RH as the Germans and me as the Canadians. The only rules we agreed to were: must take at least two companies of infantry and all vehicles chosen must have at least two rubber wheels. Single vehicles, specialist teams and any artillery could be used so long as it was available under the Armoured Infantry tab. I am just finished my lunch at work now, I will post more tonight!
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    You just released a GIGANTIC mod for SF2 but that was two days ago. So, what have you done for me lately, Mord? Mord.
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    Yeah, that's one of the reasons I never cared much for "tournaments", especially back in the old days of CM1. A lot of those guys were so arrogant an took playing way to seriously. I don't like losing but I enjoy the stories that can come from a good defeat just as much as from a killer win. When I play as a weaker side, like Syrian Combatants or Italians, I adjust my goals to causing as much hurt as I can. If I knock out a few good tanks and rack up a couple dozen bodies, I consider it a "win" even when I get my ass handed to me. LOL. Expectations, brother! Mord.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Whining has more to do with no information, let alone a simple revised ETA, being provided. It's not rocket science - revise a slipped March deadline by providing a *timely* update of... July or October or early-2020 [pick a date]. Posting every other month that we're almost there isn't an effective way of communicating with your customers. It's not that complicated. What you want to avoid is the mishandling of expectations. Said expectations being set initially, not by the customer, but by the developer. It's not difficult... post an an update before you blow past the last one. Otherwise, you mangle expectations. Anyhow, it is what it is. It's obviously more effective to be reactive rather than to be proactive with deliverables. Plus, it's lot more fun to be wading through 22 pages of my useless posts than it would be to reference a locked thread of *timely* updates from the developer. Now let's back to eating our young...
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    Why so little community content?

    You're a member of the community ….
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    So I picked up Black Sea about 3 months ago.... this game is truly amazing. The amount of micromanaging you can do is staggering , the choices and strategy you can make is endless ……. do I take more ammo ...or do I keep em lite so they are faster … do I call in air support or use artillery , do I throw down a smoke screen or just try to run thru an ambush …. do I go to the high ground of try to infiltrate thru the forest ….do I leave my flanks exposed and go for the throat ...or play it safe ….. the campaigns, quick battles, an building my own battles are great and endless ... I find myself constantly thinking about the game... how "next time" I will do things differently and try a new approach … or bring a different troop package into battle . I am sure there are people out there that don't like the game or are sick of it by now or want to change this and that , and I don't disagree that I wish I could change some things or improve others , but for someone new to it.... I am like a little kid on Christmas all over again ….
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    Ok. I have read enough of your posts now, that I have to say this so that you will understand the concepts in CM. Firstly, YOU have to WIPE your brain clean of all the RTS nonsense. Take it out of your skull, squirt some Windex on it and give it a nice scrubbing. Now, put it it back in and away we go. CM isn't gonna give you power ups, weapons upgrades or healing/resurrection (they have their place in other game but not here). You MUST forget all that stuff if you want to learn. You have to approach it as if you are a real commander, on a real battlefield, with real men, using real weapons for the time period you are playing. It's more of a simulation than a game where exploits replace actual tactics. Battles can take place anywhere from thirty minutes to four hours, no tank is gonna get upgraded armor, no soldier who just had his leg blown in half is gonna get a magic bandage, or a green squad that just killed three Germans is gonna advance in experience, within those time periods. On the contrary, it would take a few days to up armor a tank, the wounded soldier would be shipped home, and the squad would slog for weeks before they learned everything they needed to survive. Think of it this way, if it doesn't happen in the real world, it doesn't happen in CM. Once you rid your mind of the gaminess of other games you'll be better suited to absorb the nuances of Combat Mission. It's a whole different experience and very rewarding. Have fun with it. Most importantly read the manual! There is a wealth of info there. But don't hesitate to ask more question on what you don't understand. It's nice to have new blood playing the game. Mord.
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    The state of CMSF2

    First off nice try, but we don't get to dictate. Why? Because the above statement for example reflects an assumption- patently false that only one game can be worked on at a time. There is a division of labor which means if Charles is waiting on something from someone else he should do nothing basically wasting time he could spend on another title. That is something you should understand if you are going to make suggestions and if you don't understand it you should refrain.
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    Minute 153: Orders Based on the relative activity I changed my mind again about the FO. They cannot use TRPs to call fire on Rutsey so they need eyes on. Also in this shot is the call time for a non TRPs call to the 105s for the FO. For reference the call time for the Mortar platoon HQ is just as bad as the section leader on KT3. And same for the CO. No orders for the tanks on KT3 – the know what to do. The sniper team is facing a mechanized assault – so time to really go. Pull back and ford the river, rest and head for the trees.
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    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Clearly a propaganda pic showing no food shortage in German Army.
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    A long delayed update

    Yes its incredibly difficult to check a box in the settings menu. This makes Steam one of the least user-friendly programs in the world.
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    George MC

    Ukrainian Armour - video diary

    Came across this short video diary made by a tank crew. I thought it was very well filmed and edited. Covers what appears to be their patrols/operations.
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    Tactical Lifehack

    Gotta say I'm with @IanL on this one. If your tracks get hit in masking terrain the dismounts can just dive into fairly dense cover - without what can only be described as total wasteage of heavy arty. I also doubt the efficiency of trying to advance tracks through fields you've just cratered into a mudpile (game models that iirc) with 203. The ideas in this thread are interesting though, I'd be open to doing a PBEM so you could put them to the test in a flexible environment. Slots are opening up on my end.
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    Battlefront products on Amazon ?

    The Following statement pertains solely to me. Since 1983 we've had a small business directed at a very tiny market group in an other wise huge group (Healthcare Professionals). We recognize our target group and do some print advertising in specific professional publications. If we widen the net it's a dead cert that more people would become aware of our products. It just won't convert to revenue. We love what we do (service to humanity!) but not nearly as much as our family, friends, and personal lives. Growth is not our overriding concern. Happiness is. As some of you will note I'm a long time player of CM and QB Map Maker for BFC. I don't pretend to know How BFC makes it's business decision's. But I do know they are fun group of guys who seem to enjoy what they do and how they do it.
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    "You don't know where you're going til you know where you been."
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    Kieme's modding corner

    All mods released recalling topic A list of ALL mods released within this thread until now, organized by genre, with their direct download links. Terrain and environmental mods: Ground mod (HD) pt1 https://app.box.com/...fg7et7668q0egdg Ground mod (HD) pt2 https://app.box.com/...j3bad939iks1n9l Alternative crops https://app.box.com/...r7w6dzrnsf11piz Reworked foliage https://app.box.com/...f1jwjax2wix1o7x Reworked horizon https://app.box.com/...szl3cd0qamdkrm8 Alternative overcast clouds https://app.box.com/...wju3wq9ttmjoqfi Improved doodads https://app.box.com/...3q3p05qdl9ld8ws Buildings and structures: Alternative walls (HD) https://app.box.com/...t85ik1b08fb2nh4 OR (standard) https://app.box.com/...bgyx6uimvvyrmdh Modular buildings (HD) https://app.box.com/...eke1u99f5jowptc Modular buildings add-on 1 (HD) https://app.box.com/...qsj7b68xyp0ffxx Modular buildings add-on 2 (HD) https://app.box.com/s/3b38gl6wykb1h1sqmovv4z5gicof4krf Modular buildings add-on 3 (HD) https://app.box.com/s/3jvzj9rmgdbpg14gpcgbok88qk3ik8es Modular roofs pf1 https://app.box.com/...rlaub62hs2h0fv9 Modular roofs pt2 https://app.box.com/...emmodn5b44qklnh Improved roads (HD) https://app.box.com/...yk9jx7f6gnhra04 OR (standard) https://app.box.com/...1imrd2qzjawar7s Troops and soldiers: Reworked russian uniforms https://app.box.com/...8cz7adh3s1pz0vk Reworked ukrainian uniforms https://app.box.com/...7riaboi9uty98u8 Reworked USA faces https://app.box.com/...8wxgnbj6a70cq0e Reworked USA faces -50% glasses add on https://app.box.com/...yz48ujqqf2g7j7w Reworked USA faces more faces add on https://app.box.com/...97xjl5sfb2ibdyn Reworked USA uniforms https://app.box.com/s/br9tjcxrbr2451oe5h1bp7e706ywojuc Ukrainian Army vehicles: T-64BV https://app.box.com/...c5frk9z83nuxva5 T-84Oplot (digital) https://app.box.com/...l2tisg6o07hgjw0 T-84Oplot (green) https://app.box.com/s/zwyqv1lnih6tjacvtgjuo78eqvyvaioq T-64Bulat (three-tones) https://app.box.com/...3xxf4whsf6n5zhe BMP-2 https://app.box.com/...sl2sjfz9r70xcf7 BTR-4e (digital) https://app.box.com/...6jyr7trg674up2t BTR-70m https://app.box.com/...4rwj8z19s3kl8qz BRDM-2 https://app.box.com/...alv4dv8xmvydtnh MTLB (+variants) https://app.box.com/...bh3z9lz0u0p21of MTLBu https://app.box.com/...7z988tn5rhft6zw BRM-PRP https://app.box.com/...4etbn1wg88cvcjm UAZ-URAL https://app.box.com/...q0v82xrhnv8b2z1 Tunguska https://app.box.com/...8luj5zzvgsyrq8z MT-12 https://app.box.com/...l1apiqq7hv1qhfn US Army vehicles: Abrams https://app.box.com/...3gmrqkblhum95ia Abrams tank names add on https://app.box.com/...9tsjsl4yolekpaa Bradley https://app.box.com/...0zd8pylvea4j763 Bradley desert era add on https://app.box.com/...b0vv2kahj9uo3sp Bradley graffiti add on https://app.box.com/...hsi84qez2x45v4c Bradley vehicle names add on https://app.box.com/...r9a1ugab6zjneki Hummer https://app.box.com/...claiqv2b2fwr2do Stryker https://app.box.com/...dd453pfjawtae0f M1200 https://app.box.com/...qdhbrgcj3m7klfb M1200 vs-17 optional https://app.box.com/...i379lmzccm7u3p2 M1200 vehicle names add on https://app.box.com/...tya89575i8s2e95 M1064A3 https://app.box.com/...14n7vw0ok91b8ti LMTV https://app.box.com/...3exicb4w5f31h9a Russian Army vehicles: T-72B3 - light green https://app.box.com/s/8eur26fc1lhidwa3tg7jaod86ciqcimt T-72B3 - dark green https://app.box.com/s/akgz9isilqy1xuila6uergp8qdymg1sd T-90A - camo https://app.box.com/s/h97wmn4yhonwqzoxvteis394jy3l0436 T-90A - green https://app.box.com/s/10ws24qpg2ocoxhf73dehcxfd66ebnl1 T-90AM - camo https://app.box.com/s/cv6qpg0lqn9c8px4w8b6xzilecahbsrc T-90AM - green https://app.box.com/s/ff1r784wb2sk7cgxl8l0rr9169ap3u46 BMP-3M - camo https://app.box.com/s/m1wn11nhw48ftkbozuhl5z4lsoqsh553 BMP-3M - green https://app.box.com/s/iy6iayfjfqn951fvmo44dtixtgdgdzmm BMP-3-k - green https://app.box.com/s/mowro433fzj30l9226sqez8jsvm1kt67 BRM-3k - camo https://app.box.com/s/ggehoowiw4irfugh0pgffse7nn9r73vl Krizantema - light green https://app.box.com/s/qdlglo955m795sr2kkfvapdxehogsfif Krizantema - dark green https://app.box.com/s/u7y7ois0imy77jxb7z4s88r17frn4tx5 BMP-2-k-M - dark green https://app.box.com/s/3zqr2zbyaz7pjc1a598isn2a7boacmln BMP-2-k-M - light green https://app.box.com/s/5va39km5skgld4z1wxdwjc7dnx1ffvfl BRM-PRP https://app.box.com/s/8g5bik7uc8rsm8qpf4wrtx1x29msng2b BRDM-2-M-AT5 https://app.box.com/s/tj4cfslxv1i33qncdqhtg4qn7ihjud39 BTR-82-80 - camo https://app.box.com/s/epo5cea3s33l42p55vzr04lm5cov1o2l BTR-80-82 - green https://app.box.com/s/2gm061govy27eoxgp9cftxgmpclvr31y Tunguska - green https://app.box.com/s/y40xg7xlincl3jjsh0qi2w2ma7u7cums Tunguska - camo https://app.box.com/s/19z7fuib25jo1muct7yzx5fgznl8fx1d Tigr - green https://app.box.com/s/xaj3pfohjezyfmo1jzfitlxmmkjvv938 Tigr - camo https://app.box.com/s/7n52uuxmjn6jjfr2o6mhc0jozr3zx6nh Others: Additional flavor objects 1 https://app.box.com/s/z745hm21a86oo924wkzelqib9dsdticc Additional flavor objects 2 https://app.box.com/s/puyx6ropwm502j9zpjmm5v1r0y31vltc Additional flavor objects 3 https://app.box.com/s/5iuxnrjqt05olpodsy0bsu0kcqpqr6vz Additional flavor objects 4 https://app.box.com/s/z2aeqpm7ecsznnpgjn5sdnvmgtzql9ax Additional flavor objects 5 https://app.box.com/s/odn7zwh274fd2chzwfvhtafmqoya04mj Optional highway (TAG) https://app.box.com/s/jfwkivms84094nno5lyb20eyt4fh8x7t Optional highway total conversion https://app.box.com/s/um40u18msvxpjpflwjzmdh3f73rt3i0s Optional highway total conversion editor buttons https://app.box.com/s/p12rlix2lpbui9n8r1zmq0rza93qa2ag Total: 1.7 GB Top dowloader is: Kieme CMBS Modular Buildings (HD) with 401 downloads, followed by Kieme CMBS Ground Mod (HD) 371 downloads. Top downloader vehicle is: T-64BV, Bulat and BMP-2-k UA with 252 downloads. -Still missing some Russian vehicles, mainly the MTLB + variants. Which should come next. Then a few other odds and ends and reworks of UA vehicles. Still need to mod all game's bridges (under way). Then rework the independent buildings (some, at least). Maybe make a dirty/used variant for the personal/heavy infantry weapons. -Master downloads: I tried with some options, but the master downloads would be very large files, and my upload speed is very slow, that would mean hours and hours of upload time and my connection is not that good, I often get error messages due to connection drops/hangouts/lag spikes, so at least for now I cannot provide master (collection) downloads.
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    Mmmm Korean tank from at least 2008 ( http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2008/11/205_34719.html) conveniently jaunts in time and space to the present day half-way across the planet - chances nil
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    Kieme's modding corner

    I actually have a map just made for urban ops. It has no AI plans or set up zones, I only made it to see what I could do with the editor. I think it turned out pretty well.
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    Hi all, I've been plugging away at a National Training Center terrain mod over the past couple days, and I finally feel complete enough to post it and get feedback. Even though CMBS is set in Europe, with the magic of mod tags we can take our M1s and T-72s and throw them against each other in the desert of California. For those not familiar with what NTC is, it's a US military training center in the desert of California, and for the last 25+ years has been the premier center for armored manuever training. For many years an NTC rotation was the "superbowl" for manuever commanders and a poor showing could end careers. Literally hundreds of battles have been fought over and through the manuever corridors of NTC, and almost every major pass, important terrain feature or passible wadi has a unique name that is unforgettable to those that have been there. A quick google search can pull up a myraid of "war" stories that are prime material for CM scenarios. The terrain is mostly a mashup of tiles from CMSF, CMFI, CMRT and my own terrain mods. I've tweaked the colors so they all blend. You can also obviously use this to model any sort of desert type environment, but it's intended to replicate NTC. It's not 100% complete, but enough is there to create something that hopefully looks like the California desert. As I'v'e only had the pleasure of visiting NTC once, I'd love feedback from those who've spent more time in the box on how close I've replicated the look and feel of NTC. This is not complete! There is more I need to polish up. The mod tag you need to use for scenarios is [NTC]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/raeujlvb8rxog1y/AD%20CMBS%20NTC%20Terrain.zip?dl=0
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