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    Veins CMBS Effects

    Big gun muzzle flashes and explosions Small Arms Muzzle Flashes Flames and Hit decals At the moment if you want them PM me and I'll send you a dropbox link. To PM me click on my name and on the right you will see the button: 'Send me a message'. When the Repository is up to speed I'll add them there. Smoke and Tracers are also in there. V
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    Hello Gentlemen I had hoped to delay the announcement of this until the new CMMODS site was 100% finished and all the mods uploaded however due to circumstances I am pulling the announcement forward to... well now. After recent discussions between GreenAsJade and Battlefront it has been decided to relocate the CMMODSIII site to fall under the umbrella of The Few Good Men where The Proving Grounds and The Scenario Depot already reside. To this end work has begun on moving the modifications currently hosted at CMMODSIII to their new home at CMMODS IV. As you can imagine this is a major job and will take a few weeks. CMMODSIII will remain open until the full transfer has taken place so for now I request that no new mods be uploaded to CMMODSIII. Within the next few days CMMODS IV will be opening the requests section for folk interested in becoming Creators (formerly Authors) and at this time the new upload process will be implemented. This will be under the Instructions section of the new website but I will post in this thread to keep you all in the loop. A few points about the new website worth mentioning... all files will now be held in cloud storage so even a catastrophic website crash will not impact any loss of modifications. All files from the old CMMODSIII site will be relisted and recently with the help of @Erwin I have acquired approx. just shy of 300GB of modifications with quite a few that slipped through the net between the Repository and CMMODSIII transfer over 3 years ago. So as you can imagine Im going to be very busy over the next few weeks. Please do not subscribe to the new CMMODS IV just yet or you will be inundated with copious amounts of uploads... I think I uploaded over 100 today... you really don't want that many notification emails dropping in your inbox anytime soon! In closing I want to thank Martin for all his sterling work over the years keeping CMMODS running and it's an honour to pick up the gauntlet where he left off. Without further ado, here is the new site, still a work in progress but getting their quickly. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ Regards Bootie @Battlefront.com
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    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Hi everyone, Here is a cinematic video featuring Shock Force 2! This is meant to be a showcase, similar in concept to a gameplay trailer. Keep in mind this is footage taken from a beta build of the game, and things are subject to change and all that. Hope you all enjoy!
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    In honor of the imminent release of CMSF2, I figured I would get a heads start on the time honored tradition of complaining about every new release by making it into a fun game! I give you, CMSF2 BINGO! All in good fun of course.
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    John Kettler

    Crater grogs rejoice!

    Brother Ed is happily making craters on a 3-D printer, and I unearthed this to help him. Turns out this is a blast from my past, in the form of a runway cratering study I used when doing a report on US rapid runway repair capability in my early days at Hughes. This is, in part, quite the tutorial on crater configuration from aerial bombs and addresses dimensions for a range of bomb sizes against both a range of runway types and against bare soil. It's called BOMB CRATER DAMAGE TO RUNWAYS and was authored by Peter Westine of the Southwest Research Institute. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/907456.pdf P.S. I give up! This post won't delete. Tried doing that after realizing I put it in the wrong place. Should be in CM GDF, not CMFB. Mods, please move it. Thanks! Regards, John Kettler
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    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    For nigh on ten years now my biggest projects have always been my portrait mods. I have invested weeks and months on end, that have added up to hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and frustration creating them. I have made easily over ten thousand portraits, through trial and error, redesign, and updates. It's been a true struggle at times, and I am never happy with the outcome, though I'll say I am, once a project is complete. But I am always fighting the design decisions I started with way back in SF1 and it's hamstrung me artistically. After the FB portraits I decided I wanted to redo all the portraits for all the titles (the BN mod is long over do for an update) . So, after a long hiatus, I set about trying to get to someplace that would finally make me happy. I decided to start with RT to get ahead of the module release, and after a week or so of fiddling, resizing, making test bmps, and checking in game, this is what I came up with. For about two seconds I thought they looked good. But once again I was confronted by the poor design decisions I adopted all those years ago. You see, I have been in a constant fight with what I term the "bobble head effect", which causes the portrait heads to appear bulbous and fat-headed. It occurs because I opted to show each portrait with a split face on the bmp. It has been my bane since my BN mod and it frustrates me to no end. And considering how I built each face from screenshots, pieces of faces from all sorts of pictures, and the fact I only worked on the left side of the face, well it doesn't leave me room for presenting them in any other way. And On top of all that, I have always felt there was inconsistency in the quality of the faces, and that they appeared too cartoony. So with that said, I am putting these portrait mods to rest. I have taken them as far as they will go and they have reached a dead end. They had a good run but there really isn't anything more I can do to improve them. Now, check out what I have been doing for the last two weeks and tell me I didn't make the right decision... Now for some comparisons of the old style and the new. Now the portraits in the context of their own mod. It'll give you an idea of the overall design. And within the context of the game UI. Some of the portraits are tentative/place holders until I find something that really blows me away. Or will be replaced later. The Heer Armor and Armor Infantry come to mind as far as that goes. Luckily I haven't made anything yet with them, just tests. Now, unfortunately I will probably have to share a lot of the portraits (mostly Germans) across games, however backgrounds and the like will be changed for each setting. And I will of course do all the battalions and regiments etc. Whether or not I will be able to keep the quality across titles remains to be seen but I will do my best. It is going to be a colossal amount of work, already has been. For the Germans alone I have created and discarded over a thousand portraits. LOL. Every time I think I have one down and start producing keepers, I stumble across a better pic, or I adjust some color to better fit the portrait into the overall look and I have to redo a ton of work. I just replaced the Heer Infantry yesterday, now I have to redo 374 that I had already made, as well as the SS Arm Infantry. I have done this a couple times already. But getting it right is what's most important. Perfection is what I am aiming for. I don't know how long it will take. Getting the right pics is painstaking and laborious as hell. For every good one I make I throw out five. But this style will be the definitive version of my portrait mods from here on out. As I complete them I will remove the old versions from the planet. I'll start threads in the corresponding game forums as I progress. Welp, that's about it. I was gonna keep all this to myself and wait to surprise everyone, but I have been working in a vacuum for a month and it feels good to talk a little bit about it. Especially as I have been going full bore, night and day for two weeks straight. I Hope you guys like what you see. I think it's the best work I have ever done. Mord.
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    On the north side of the hill, the remnants of 3rd Platoon were still being ground down by the advancing Russian BMP-3s and infantry. The Platoon leader came staggering back through the forest and collapsed by a tree, falling next to the last two surviving dismounted infantrymen from his small command, both bleeding from multiple shrapnel wounds to their faces and upper torsos. “Sir, are you okay?” one asked. The Lieutenant’s haggard face told the story as he just stared at the man in obvious shock. In that instant, another burst of lethal 30mm cannon fire struck, directed by the thermal sights on an unseen enemy vehicle, and the officer fell forward on his face and was still. The two infantrymen cried out in panic, then both began crawling away from the source of the fire, one whimpering in fear and the other snarling in impotent rage. Note: BMP in background is destroyed Ukrainian 3d Platoon vehicle. In Krichek, KPT Kovtun knew that the Russians were up to something. The artillery continued to hammer down, but there was simply not enough fire or probing coming from the far side of the river, especially given the destruction of one of an enemy BMP over there by his ATGM team several minutes ago. Someone or something should have been hunting, searching, trying to pin down the missile team or flush out its comrades. He called the BMP2 section which had moved up and taken position along the row of houses on the west, facing the river. “Borsuk 11, have you seen anything? Any activity from the far side?” “Nothing Viktor, hang on, I’ll move up and take a quick look.” “Borsuk 11, this is Vovk, Hang on 11, don’t do anything stupid.” “Trust me Viktor – we are good on this.” An instant later a Kovtun heard the unmistakable hammering of outgoing 30mm fire, over the shriek of another incoming artillery shell. As his ears were still ringing from the tremendous detonation, he gradually heard the voice calling again on his radio. “Vovk, this is Borsuk 21… Vovk this is Borsuk 21…” with a heavy heart, already knowing Kovtun took a deep breath and replied. “Go ahead 21.” “11 is destroyed. We never saw what did it. His track is burning. No one got out.” “21 this is Vovk, do me a favor and don’t DIE in the next five minutes. Keep scanning but keep YOUR heads down. We need your track, your cannon, and your missiles! Stay under cover and respect the enemy’s abilities. Vovk out.” He passed the handset back to his RTO, making a deliberate effort not to throw it against the wall, and carefully peeling his white-clenched fingers from the black plastic. An instant later, he took it back and spoke again. “Brytva 22, this is Vovk. Move to checkpoint 2 and observe.” “This is Brytva 22, understood. Moving. I have permission to shoot?” Podpulkovnyk Tymoshenko stepped into the room. “You are committing the Tunguska?” “Brytva 22, destroy anything you see. Out” Kovtun gave his Air Defense Commander a hard look. “Yes Sir. It is needed. We have lost too many combat vehicles, and now 11 has stupidly gotten himself and his crew obliterated. I need a check on the south, and it must be fast, and lethal if anything is there. Brytva 21 on the other side has done quite well, although he said he saw nothing from his new position.” “Absolutely. Good, I approve. I trust you Viktor. Keep the fight going. Levchenko will get here with the Americans.” http://youtu.be/cKvN6JINyaw Outside, Major Harris drew the same conclusion from both the sounds of cooking off ammo from the recently destroyed BMP up the street, as well as the radio traffic which he and Beach were monitoring. He too drew out his handset: “Guiness, this is five, over.” As a small team, the SFAT had adopted informal call signs. SPC O’Brian was well known for his heritage, and his favorite beverage. “Five this is Guiness.” “Need you to get over to TRP 2 like we discussed. Seen anything? Figure you can make it?” “Roger. We can make it. The green boyos over here saw a couple dismounts earlier, but they laid into them with their AGS and we haven’t seen any movement since. I think our move is still masked. Same mission?” “Roger, just like we rehearsed, over.” “Guiness moving. We’ll be back in a bit with notches on our CLU. Out.” One hundred meters away, the SPC O’Brian picked up the Javelin launcher, tapped PVT Metcalf on the shoulder, and headed quickly down towards the river bridge, carefully skirting the anti-tank mines laid on either side of the road. At the Ukepor Power Plant, LT Lysenko grinned as he spoke into his mike. “Yes, that is in there. Fire for effect.” The infantry in the field had dropped from view, discouraged by a few bursts from his squad in the entry building, and the mortar spotting rounds had bracketed the position where he had last seen the Russian truck and troops. He hoped the mortar boys would fire fast so he could shift them closer into the field. He doubted his few men could hold off a platoon of determined Russians. Starshiy Kostenko knew he was a dead man. The 2nd Platoon private was on the ground, crawling past the body of one of his comrades, trying to follow his section leader back down the hill to the west, away from the murderous fire from inside the trees. It was like a horrible story to tell little children. From dark shadows beyond sight inside the trees, the forest had suddenly belched fire and flame, and all around him men had fallen. His own thighs and cheek burned with shrapnel, and he felt the warm sticky wetness of his own blood on his pant legs as he crawled. Suddenly, right behind him, he heard a crashing roaring clatter of sound. He turned his head and saw the Russian beast, a BMP-3, a mere stones throw behind him. He swung his rocket launcher around, and thought to himself how sad his mother would be…
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    Preview of the first Battle Pack

    Battlepack 1: The Great Swan Northern France and Belgium September 1944 In just two months, between 6th June and mid August, the Allied armies in Normandy destroyed the cream of the 1944 German Army. Following this resounding defeat the Allies bounded across France in just a few days. It is during this period of stunning advance that Battlepack 1: The Great Swan is set, following the advance of the British 2nd Army from the Seine River, through Belgium, and all the way to the high water mark of the advance along the Meuse and lower Rhine. The first phase of the Great Swan occurred when the 43rd Wessex Division seized a crossing over the Seine at Vernon in an opposed assault crossing. The battle here lasted several days, and the first 24 hours in particular were considered to be very dangerous for the British troops. However the bridgehead was stabilised and then gradually expanded to make room for follow-on forces. Prelude, the first battle of the Campaign Amiens Tonight, is a semi-historical examination of the difficulties of pressing back the determined German resistance which was able to make good use of the thick forests along the Seine river banks. Shortly afterwards the British forces exploded out of the bridgehead and began racing across Northern France and into Belgium. From the first German resistance to the breakout was weak and disorganised - they were too busy fleeing back towards France to form a cohesive front. Engagements during this period tended to be small scale, and highly confusing. The Copse is a tiny scenario that takes a hypothetical look at one of these minor engagements. Overnight the advancing Allies generally rested, and prepared for the next day’s advance, while the Germans continued their relentless withdrawal. Celer et Audax and Nulli Secudus look at what happens when small British force disposed in hasty defence finds itself in the path of some withdrawing Germans in the middle of a rainy night or on a misty morning. During the advance to Amiens the 11th Armoured Division was ordered to advance through the night without rest, culminating in an astonishing advance of 48 miles in just 24 hours. Tallyho follows the vanguard of this drive as they approach the location of a temporary halt at dusk. The next day found 11th Armoured at Amiens, embroiled in bitter city fighting (The Somme), and then pushing out of the city into the open ground across the river (To the green fields beyond). This was not the end of the war, and the Division soon found itself heading east once more (And the beat goes on). Within days the lead elements of XXX Corps, made up as always by the armoured cars, found themselves in the region known as ‘the Crossroads of Europe’, a place where famous battles to decide the fate of nations have been fought since time immemorial (A crossroads near Brussels). Soon after reaching Antwerp and the Belgian boder the advance petered out, stopped more by the logistical strain of leaping forward 200 miles in a few days than by increasing German resistance. Field Marshal Montgomery famously tried to kick-start the stalled advance with Operation Market-Garden. Those battles have been dealt with elsewhere in Combat Mission. However, in the weeks prior to the launch of Market Garden there were about a dozen planned airborne operations, all opf which were cancelled when they were overtaken by events. But what if the advance had been halted in the vicinity of Brussels? One of the planned and cancelled airborne operations was LINNET II, which was to seize bridges over the Meuse west of Aachen, and open a route into Germany. A group of “what if?” fictional scenarios looks at how this never-fought battle might have played out. The flat ground between the Meuse River and Albert Canal would have provided excellent landing grounds (Drop Zone CHARLIE), while securing the river crossings was dependant on holding the high ground just east of the Meuse against counter attacks (LINNET II). As this operation was never launched, the exact details of Operation Linnet II are vague, and this vagueness has been exploited to look at the effect of differences in the detailed organisation of British and American ground and airborne forces when given the same ground and objectives, fighting against the same enemy. Following the failure of Market Garden the British made a concerted effort to close up to the Rhine along its lower reaches before the onset of winter. This phase of the campaign saw a partial reversion to positional warfare, and the re-emergence of deliberate attacks against strong defences (Swansong). Often these attacks were supported by the specialist armour of the 79th Armoured Division (Hobart’s Funnies). With the onset of bad weather at the end of September the frontlines became static, and the heady days of The Great Swan became an increasingly distant memory. In total Battlepack 1: The Great Swan contains over 25km2 of brand new, highly detailed handcrafted mapping.
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    AKD sound mod (all inclusive)

    As promised, here is a BETA version of my sound mod combining all previous work into one universal mod for CMx2 titles. There may also be a few small updates since my last release, but don't expect big changes if you have previously used my mod in CMSF or the WWII titles. There are specific modules for modern sounds so you can pull them out for the WWII titles, although any problematic overlaps should be minimal. (edit: PM me for dropbox link.) Hope it helps with enjoyment of Combat Mission: Black Sea! I am very proud to have participated in development of this title. Black Sea is one of BFC's best yet.
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    Bil Hardenberger


    Here it is folks.. the time has arrived for the CMSF2 BETA AAR. I will be adding to this thread later today,, but wanted to get the thread started. My opponent? My nemesis from the CMFB BETA AAR, Baneman ,agreed to a rematch. I really do owe him a more thoughtful game than I gave him the last time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that game, Baneman beat me rather soundly. Hope that doesn't happen again! This game is well under way, we have completed 16 minutes of action, so there are a lot of turns to come in relatively quick succession and the Blood Board™ is filling rather alarmingly. For those of you who were following my "Lesson in Defense" AAR in the CMBN forum.. sorry about not updating that thread for a while, but I can really only do one of these at a time, and this one takes priority., Once I started this game it took up my full attention. More anon. Bil LINKED CONTENT MENU: OVERVIEW & SCENARIO PARAMETERS MAP ORIENTATION SCENARIO BRIEFING METT-T - MISSION METT-T - ENEMY METT-T - TERRAIN METT-T TROOPS METT-T TIME INITIAL SETUP, ORDERS, & INTENT MINUTE 1 MINUTE 2 MINUTE 3 MINUTE 4 MINUTE 5 MINUTE 6 MINUTE 7 MINUTE 8 and 9 MINUTE 10 MINUTE 11 MINUTE 12 MINUTE 13 MINUTE 14 MINUTE 15 MINUTE 16 TACTICS & BATTLE PLAN DISCUSSION MINUTE 17 MINUTE 18
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    Soviet Doctrine in WW2 - 1944

    Aured - Did the Russians use the same fire and maneuver tactics with typical triangle tasking used by the US in WW II? No they did not. Did they understand the basic principles of fire and maneuver, sure. But the whole army was organized differently, tasked differently, placed less reliance on close coordination with artillery fires, wasn't based on small probes by limited infantry elements to discover the enemy and subject him to more of those fires, etc. Basically there are a whole host of army-specific optimizations in US tactics that just don't apply. The Russian force is divided into its mechanized arm and the rifle arm (called "combined arms" at the army level, but still distinct from mech). Each had its own specific mix of standard tactics. There are some common elements between them, but you should basically think of them as two distinct doctrines, each tailored to the force types and operational roles that type had. Conceptually, the mech arm is the arm of maneuver and decision and exploitation, while the rifle arm is the arm of holding ground, creating breakthroughs / assault, and general pressure. The mech arm is numerically only about a tenth of the force, but is far better armed and equipped, and controls more like 2/3rds of the armor. The Front is the first element of the force structure that does not respect this distinction and is entirely above it, and Fronts are not uniform in composition, but always contain forces of both types (just sometimes only limited amounts of the mech type). From the army level down to the brigade level, the distinction applies at one level or another. Below that level it still applies but cross attachments may blur somewhat, but normally at all lower levels one has clearly either the mech or the rifle force type and uses the tactics appropriate to that type. The army level is the principle control level for supporting elements and attachments - much higher than in other armies (e.g. for the Germans it was almost always the division level, with little above that level in the way of actual maneuver elements). The army commander is expected to "task" his pool of support arms formations to this or that division-scale formation within his command for a specific operation, depending on the role he has assigned to that formation. This can easily double the organic weapons of such formations, and in the combined arms armies, is the sole way the rifle divisions get armor allocated to them. What are we talking about here? Independent tank brigades and regiments, SU regiments, heavy mortar regiments, rocket brigades and battalions, antitank brigades and regiments, motorcycle recon regiments and battalions, extra pioneer battalions, heavy artillery formations from regiment up to divisions in size, etc. Basically, half of the guns and all of the armor is in the army commander's "kit bag" to dole out to his divisions depending on their role. A rifle division tasked to lead an attack may have a full tank brigade attached, plus a 120mm mortar formation to double its firepower at the point of the intended breakthrough. Another rifle division expected to defend on relatively open ground, suited to enemy tanks, may have an antitank artillery brigade attached, tripling its number of 76mm guns, and a pioneer battalion besides, tasked with mining all likely routes and creating anti tank ditches and other obstacles, etc. Every division is given enough of the supporting arms to just barely fulfill its minimal standard role, and everything needed to do it better is pooled up in the army commander's kit bag, and doled out by him to shape the battle. Similarly, the army commander will retain major control of artillery fires and fire plans. Those are not a matter of a 2nd Lt with a radio calling in his target of opportunity, but of a staff of half a dozen highly trained technicians drafting a coordinated plan for days, all submitted to and approved - or torn up - by the army commander. This highly centralized system was meant to maximize the impact of very scarce combined arms intelligence and tactical skill, which could not be expected of every green 2nd Lt. Within the rifle divisions, each level of the org chart has its own organic fire support, so that it does not need to rely on the highest muckety-muck and his determination that your sector is the critical one today. When he does decide that, he is going to intervene in your little corner of the world with a weight of fire like a falling house; when he doesn't, you are going to make do with your assigned peashooters. The divisional commander is assigning his much smaller divisional fires on the same principles, with the understanding that those smaller fires become not so small if the army commander lends him an extra 36 120mm mortars for this one. The regimental commander may get his share of the divisional fires or he may get nothing outside what his own organic firepower arms can supply - but he gets a few 76mm infantry guns and some 120mm mortars and a few 45mm ATGs so that he can make such assignments even if he gets no help. Frankly though the regiment adds little - it mostly assigns its battalions missions, and the regimental commander's main way of influencing the fight is the formation he assigns to those component battalions. Formation in the very simplest sense - he has 3 on line to cover a wide front, or he has 3 in column on the same frontage to provide weight behind an attack, or the 2-1 or 1-2 versions of either of those. It is not the case that he always uses 2-1 on all roles. The most common defense is 2-1 and the most common offensive formation is column, all 3 one behind the other on the same frontage. Notice, this isn't about packing the riflemen in - those will go off in waves at proper intervals front to back. But it puts all 27 of the regiment's 82mm mortars (9 per battalion) in support behind 1 or 2 kilometers of front line. The fire support principle at the battalion level is not implemented by having one of the component battalions support the others by fire from a stationary spot, with all arms. Instead it is a combined arms thing inside each battalion. They each have their 9 82mm mortars and their 9 Maxim heavy machineguns organized into platoons, and the "fire support plan" is based on those infantry heavy weapons. Battalion AT ability is minimal - 2 45mm ATGs and a flock of ATRs, barely enough to hold off enemy halftracks and hopeless against whole battalions of tanks. But that is because the higher muckety-mucks are expected to know where the enemy tanks are going to come and to have put all the army level ATG formations and their own supporting armor formations and the pioneers with their minefields and obstacles, in those spots. Down inside the battalion, the same formation choices arise for the component rifle companies as appeared at battalion, and the usual formations are again 2-1 on defense and all in column on the attack. And yes that means you sometimes get really deep columns of attack, with a division first stepping off with just a few lead companies with others behind them, and so on. This doesn't mean packed shoulder to shoulder formations, it means normal open intervals 9 times in a row, one behind another, only one at a time stepping off into enemy fire zones. These "depth tactics" were meant to *outlast* the enemy on the same frontage, in an attrition battle, *not* to "run him off his feet in one go", nor to outmaneuver him. The later parts could be sidestepped to a sector that was doing better and push through from there. The last to "pancake" to the front if the other had all failed, would not attack, but instead go over to the defensive on the original frontage and hold. One gets reports of huge loss totals and those "justifying" the attack attempt when this happens - the commander can show that he sent 8/9ths of his formation forward but they could not break through. It is then the fault of the muckety muck who didn't gauge the level of support he needed correctly or given him enough supporting fires etc. If on the other hand the local commander came back with losses of only his first company or two and a remark that "it doesn't look good, we should try something else", he will be invited to try being a private as that something else, etc. What is expected of the lower level commander in these tactics is that he "lay his ship alongside of the enemy", as Nelson put it before Trafalgar. In other words, close with the enemy and fight like hell, hurt him as much as your organic forces can manage to hurt him. Bravery, drive, ruthlessness - these are the watchwords, not cleverness or finesse or artistry. What is happening in the combined arms tactics within that rifle column attack? The leading infantry companies are presenting the enemy a fire discipline dilemma - how close to let the advancing Russian infantry get before revealing their own positions by cutting loose. The longer they take to do so, the close the Russian infantry gets before being driven to the ground. Enemy fire is fully expected to drive the leading infantry waves to the ground, or even to break them or destroy them outright - at first. But every revealed firing point in that cutting loose is then subjected to another round of prep fire by all of the organic and added fire support elements supporting the attack. The battalion 82mm mortars, any attached tanks, and the muckety-mucks special falling skies firepower, smashes up whatever showed itself crucifying the leading wave. Then the next wave goes in, just like the first, on the same frontage. No great finesse about it, but some of the defenders already dead in the meantime. Same dilemma for his survivors. When they decide to hold their fire to avoid giving the mortars and Russian artillery and such, juicy new things to shoot at, the advancing infantry wave gets in among them instead. And goes to work with grenade and tommy gun, flushing out every hole. The grenadier is the beater and the tommy gun is the shotgun, and Germans are the quail. Notice, the firepower of the infantry that matters in this is the short range stuff, because at longer range the killing is done by supporting artillery arms. The rifles of the most of the infantry supplement of course, but really the LMGs and rifles are primarily there as the defensive firepower of the rifle formation, at range. It is slow and it is bloody and it is inefficient - but it is relentless. The thing being maximized is fight and predictability - that the higher muckety mucks can count on an outcome on this part of the frontage proportional to what they put into it. Where they need to win, they put in enough and they do win - hang the cost. It isn't pure suicide up front - the infantry go to ground when fired at and they fire back,and their supporting fires try to save them, and the next wave storms forward to help and pick up the survivors and carry them forward (and carry the wounded back). In the meantime the men that went to ground are defending themselves as best they can and sniping what they can see; they are not expected to stand up again and go get killed. That is the next wave's job. The first did its part when it presented its breast to the enemy's bullets for that first advance. The whole rolls forward like a ratchet, the waves driven to ground holding tenaciously whatever they reached. That is the rifle, combined arms army, way of fighting. The mech way of fighting is quite different. There are some common elements but again it is better to think of it like a whole different army with its own techniques. Where the rifle arm emphasizes depth and relentlessly, the mech way emphasizes rapid decision and decisive maneuver, which is kept dead simple and formulaic, but just adaptive enough to be dangerous. First understand that the standard formation carrying out the mech way of fighting is the tank corps, which consists of 3 tank and 1 rifle brigade, plus minimal attachments of motorized guns, recon, and pioneers. The rifle brigade is 3 battalions and is normally trailing the tank brigades and holds what they take. Sometimes it doubles their infantry weight and sometimes it has to lead for a specific mission (force a river crossing, say, or a night infiltration attack that needs stealth - things only infantry can do), but in the normal offensive case it is just driving up behind something a tank brigade took, dismounting, and manning the position to let the tank brigade go on to its next mission. It has trucks to keep up, and the usual infantry heavy weapons of 82mm mortars and heavy MGs, but it uses them to defend ground taken. Notionally, the rifle brigade is the tank corps' "shield" and it maneuvers it separately as such. The business end of the tank corps is thus its tank brigades, which are its weapons. Each has a rifle battalion organic that is normally physically riding on the tanks themselves, and armed mostly with tommy guns. The armor component of each brigade is equivalent in size to a western tank battalion - 50-60 tanks at full TOE - despite the formation name. I will get to the larger scale tactics of the use of the tank brigades in just a second, but first the lowest level, tactical way the tanks with riders fight must be explained. It is a version of the fire discipline dilemma discussed earlier, but now with the critical difference that the tanks have huge firepower against enemy infantry and other dismounts, making any challenge to them by less than a full panzer battalion pretty suicidal. What the tanks can't do is force those enemy dismounts to open fire or show themselves. Nor can the tanks alone dig them out of their holes if they don't open fire. That is what the riders are there to do - kill the enemy in his holes under the overwatch of the massed tanks if and only if the enemy stays low and keeps quiet and tries to just hide from the tanks. That threat is meant to force the enemy to open fire. When they do, the riders drop off and take cover and don't need to do anything - the tanks murder the enemy. Riders pick their way forward carefully after that, and repeat as necessary if there are enemy left alive. This is all meant to be delivered very rapidly as an attack - drive right at them, take fire, stop and blast for 5 or 10 minutes tops, and move forward again, repeating only a few times before being right on or over the enemy. So that covers the small tactics of the mech arm on the attack. Up a bit, though, they are maneuvering, looking for enemy weak spots, especially the weak spots in his anti tank defenses. And that follows a standard formula of the echelon attack. Meaning, the standard formation is a kind of staggered column with the second element just right or left of the leading one, and the third off to the same side as far again. The individual tank brigade will use this approach with its component tank companies or pairs of companies, and the whole corps will use it again with its brigades. The first element of such an echelon attack heads for whatever looks like the weakest part of the enemy position - in antitank terms - and hits it as hard as it can, rapidly, no pausing for field recon. The next in is reacting to whatever that first one experiences, but expects to wrap around one flank of whatever holds up the prior element and hit hard, again, from a slightly changing direction. This combined hit, in rapid succession, is expected to destroy that blockage or shove it aside. The third element following is expected to hit air, a hole made by the previous, and push straight into the interior of the enemy position and keep going. If the others are checked, it is expected to drive clear around the enemy of the harder enemy position - it does not run onto the same enemy hit by the previous elements. If the enemy line is long enough and strong enough to be neither flanked nor broken through by this process, well tough then. Some other formation higher in the chain or two grids over is expected to have had better luck in the meantime. There are of course minor adaptations possible in this formula. If the lead element breaks clean through, the others shift slightly into its wake and just exploit - they don't hit any new portion of the enemy's line. If the first hit a position that is clearly strong as well as reasonably wide, the other two elements may pivot outward looking for an open flank instead of the second hitting right where the first did, just from a different angle. The leading element can pull up short and just screen the frontage if they encounter strong enemy armor. Then the second still tries to find an open flank, but the third might slide into reserve between and behind the first and second. The point of the whole approach is to have some adaptability and flexibility, to be designed around reinforcing success and hitting weaker flanks not just frontal slogging - all of which exploit the speed and maneuver power of the tanks within the enemy's defensive zone. But they are also dead simple, formulas that can be learned by rote and applied mechanically. They are fast because there is no waiting for recon pull to bring back info on where to hit. The substance that needs to be grasped by the leader of a 2nd or 3rd element is very limited, and either he can see it himself or the previous element manages to convey it to him, or gets it up to the commander of all three and he issues the appropriate order downward. They are all mechanically applying the same doctrine and thinking on the same page, even if out of contact at times or having different amounts of information. The whole idea is get the power of maneuver adaptation without the delays or the confusion that can set in when you try to ask 3 or more bullheaded linemen to solve advanced calculus problems. There is just one "play" - "you hit him head on and stand him up, then I'll hit him low and shove him aside, and Joe can run through the hole". There are some additional principles on defense, the rifle formation forces specially, where they use 2 up 1 back and all around zones and rely on stealth and field fortifications for their protection, while their heavy weapons reach out far enough to cover the ground between each "blob", and their LMGs and rifles reach out far enough to protect each blob frontally from enemy infantry. That plus deeper artillery fires provides a "soft defense" that is expected to strip enemy infantry from any tanks, or to stop infantry only attacks on its own. Or, at least, to make it expensive to trade through each blob in layer after layer, in the same "laying his ship alongside of the enemy", exchange-attrition sense. Then a heavier AT "network" has to cover the same frontage but starting a bit farther back, overlapped with the second and later infantry "blobs". The heavy AT network is based on cross fire by 45mm and 76mm ATGs, plus obstacles (watrer, ditches, mines, etc) to channel enemy tanks to the locations where those are dense. Any available armor stays off the line in reserve and slides in front of enemy penetration attempts, hitting strength not weakness in this case, just seeking to seal off penetrations and neutralize any "differential" in odds or armor concentration along the frontage. On defense, the mech arm operates on its own principles only at tank corps and higher scale, and does so by counterpunching with its offensive tactics, already described above. That's it, in a nutshell. I hope this helps.
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    The state of CMSF2

    I don't mind that things are delayed, I mind that the customer base is often left in the dark, often for months on end. This has admittedly gotten much better in the last few weeks, but it has been months of waiting for the 4.0 patch. I can't say for sure how this is effecting the player base but look at how posting has died off for CMFI and CMRT - titles I personally really enjoy. There are threads detailing bugs and TOE/OOB errors and omissions from 2014 that have still not been commented on. Are they being fixed in the next patch? Who knows? If BF is aware that for example FJ gun transports in CMFI carry 50mm ammo regardless of the gun in the platoon, and it's being fixed in the next patch, then that's something I don't have to worry about, if they let the customers know and then I don't have to resurrect dead threads from 2014 in the hopes that it will be noticed, only for there to be no response because nobody is posting in the CMRT forum, lest of all devs. In my opinion, it's not the big things like delays with the website or CMSF2 being a little later than expected, and certainly not major additions like France and Italy being added to CMSF2 at launch, it's the lack of patches and dev blogs on the existing titles. Little things like the graphics issues with the BMP-2M in CMBS, generated many, many community posts and were met with silence. Would it be so much to say "We're aware of that, we're fixing it, it will be in the upcoming patch for the 4.0 engine". The responses to the question about CMBS bugs persisting into CMSF2 and asking if they will be addressed in a patch for CMBS is a ray of hope, I can only hope that there is a more organized way of doing that going forward. Maybe have pinned threads in each of the titles' boards and one day a week (if possible) have someone a dev or beta tester come in and give a little update on what's being done on the title, what the known issues are, maybe even solicit help from the community if there is uncertainty about a TOE or OOB. So on Tuesday say, go into the Development Thread in CMFI and say "You know, we looked at that Italian infantry handbook you guys posted back in 2013 (and was reposted in 2018!) that mentions the squad breaking down into 3 man teams, but we think that was just for running in bounds and the Italian rifle squad was fundamentally a LMG section and a rifle section and couldn't maneuver as smaller elements than that." and then on Friday post on the CMFB board and say "Yeah, we're aware that the availability dates for HVAP for the 76mm gun might be off, we'll address that" (No more specifics needed, 10 seconds to post!). The following Tuesday, if there's less going on in the development of CMFI maybe just check in and say "We didn't really take the time to go back to look at the Italians after the engine updates, since they were in the initial release of CMFI and we couldn't just port over assets from other titles when we added AAA. We'd like to add stationary Breda 20mm guns to give Italians the ability to have AA units, and luckily we already have this modeled in game on the AS. 42. We'll hopefully have time to add this as a small patch to CMFI between CMSF2 shipping and Rome to Victory" I know people like to say customers ask for too much. I disagree. We're not asking for detailed weekly dev diaries, just some indication of what is being done. I know people say that posting on the forum takes away from development time. I disagree. Just say something like: "Not only will Module 1 for CMRT bring the timeline to the end of the war and add German formations and equipment, but the Soviets got a second looks too. So now Cavalry Uniforms are a selection as appearance in the unit purchase screen instead of a mod tag. Oh and since we already had Polish voice files from other titles, we're adding the First Polish Army to the Russian side". That took about 30 seconds and covered questions raised in dozens of threads and hundreds of posts dating from 2014.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    One of the things that have been grating me is the fact that there's no indication on the website of these, more or less game breaking, bugs being present. By trying the demo of CMFI for instance I could easily be led to believe that things are functioning as they ought to be in the current version. When in reality, I could be waiting for a few months to have the game I paid $80 for to take the shape of what was advertised. That's the real kicker here, lack of information, not the very long delay to see the issues addressed. I wonder what happened to the notion expressed in the sales policy that an informed customer is a happy customer.
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    Throughout the past wargamers all over the world (the groggy, semi-groggy and non-groggy alike) have gathered on December 24th, in a far corner of the internet, to await the arrival of Santa Steve. It is a storied tradition that has been passed from father to son, and son to another son, and that son to his imaginary friend, Jim. For what? at least four years now? So, it's time-honored. Like drunken derelicts in a Mexican whorehouse, a whiskey, beer, (or in Emrys' case, egg nog spiked with ex-lax) in hand, they jostle excitedly to be the first to sight the legendary WaffenKringle of the Great Northern East. For they know, with his arrival come tidings of war and what shape that war will take in the following year. It's the kinda joy that brings a tear to a grown man's eye and divorce papers from that same guy's wife. However, this December an old friend from the desert landed in a LZ that normally would be abuzz with the cries of "BONES! BONES! BONES!" This friend had lost ten years, and gained ten pounds, and looked like a million bucks! Seemingly sated and awash in desert badassery most have turned their attention to blowing the crap out of Syrian crewed T-72s or RPGing a Leopard or three. So, it begs the question, with our old friend to keep us knee deep in cordite and the WaffenKringle elves busy as only WaffenKringle elves can be, will Santa Steve ride tomorrow night? Will all the good little wargamers gather in the hopes that Santa Steve soon will be here? Or will it be the year without a Santa Steve? I for one hope to spy him drudging out of the snowy wilderness, brain-in-a-jar in hand, the pockets of his coveralls packed to the brim with CM news and wargaming goodness. But regardless as to whether it happens or not, I am thankful our stockings were stuffed early with SF2. It was a great ending to a very dry year! Here's to killing it in 2019; Russian winters and Brazilian waxings in North Italia! Merry Christmas, Fellas!! Mord. P.S. A year ago yesterday. Wow. We made it!!! http://community.battlefront.com/topic/126131-the-night-before-cm-mas/?tab=comments#comment-1731593
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    encouragement !

    For more than a year, I joined this community after the acquisition of the complete CMBN game. and I confirm that one of my childhood dreams has been fulfilled The thread on the patch is stiff. Criticism can be constructive but can also be morally destructive for a team Also I wanted to tell you that I thank you for your wonderful work
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    Bil Hardenberger

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    This is a true After Action report (AAR). I played this game last year against one of my most skilled opponents (ScoutPL). The scenario was Green Hell, my goal was to protect the Farm and Cafe objectives, and if possible, try to take the la Madeleine objective. Simple no? This was the first time I had played this scenario and the scenario and sides were chosen by my opponent. I will give a general overview along with a quick and dirty METT-T analysis, then I'll get right into the action. A word of warning though, there will be no long range tank fights in this AAR, it will be a tough costly mainly infantry slug-fest for both sides. I do hope however that I can at least show my philosophy when on the defense. I will be honest, I struggle the most with the defense, I am very offensive minded and just can't help myself sometimes and overextend, right Baneman? MISSION The mission is simple, hold the enemy at bay and force him to waste his combat power on the drive to my objectives, so that when he arrives he will have a spent force. My main goal is to protect the two objectives in my zone, and preserve my force as much as possible. ENEMY I have been told to expect German FJ troops in unknown strength, though if I go by the tactical map above I can expect a combined force of infantry and armor. All I really know is that they should be entering around the a Madeleine objective area... if the tactical map above is correct. TERRAIN My force is sitting on a ridge-line, so I should have good lines of sight across the entire map. Whether that means I will be able to spot much is another matter. The map is also broken up by bocage lined fields. However they are easily penetrated, so will be easily flanked, also those fields will mask movement wonderfully, for both sides. TROOPS I command Baker Company, with a weapons company (Dog) in support. I will get into my initial plans for this battle in a future post. Initial deployments are shown below.. Baker is spread across the entire ridge-line and Dog has been broken up evenly to support Baker's Platoons. TIME I have 1 hour and 20 minutes to hold off the enemy. That is a long time, but will also mean that ammo supply could be the deciding factor at the end.
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    The Night Before CM-mas

    Twas the night before CM-mas and all through the bunker not a 'truppen was stirring they were all down and hunkered The frags were all hung by the rifles with care In hopes that Santa Steve soon would be there The 'truppen a snoring and dreaming away of the hookers they'd met, on leave last May When out in the minefield there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bunk, my skivvies all tattered. Away to the gun sites I flew like a plane, pulled back the bolt and steadied my aim. When from mod weary eyes I spied from afar, Some northern Maine dude with a brain in a jar, Santa Steve! I shouted with excitement and glee but in response, just some bitching about TO&E On Stragglers, on Sicherungs, Luftwaffe and Herr on Jagers and Gebirs, and others more rare He droned on and on as the brain kept a coding and I knew deep inside this was no normal foreboding For once in a while a reference to Syria and with that little gem I was sent to hysteria For amidst all that heavy WWII talking Toward Shock Force 2 I knew he was walking Patiently on the desert I'd waited and soon it'd be real and my lust would be sated Back to the sand! Nato, Uncons and pals but with 4.0 flare and friggin' hit decals! My head filled with war and the toys that it brings I was hoping I'd see it before G**D*** spring! Then brain in arm, he turned toward the west to continue ever onward the Combat Mission quest Teeth clenched and jaw set against the snowy wind he trudge into the night, a phantom again And as he passed by the bunker and out of our zone I chewed on the annual Christmas bone. Merry Christmas, fellas! Mord.
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    Michael Emrys are you there?

    Hi fellas. On the phone for several hours. neighbors, police, churches, apartment manager, etc. The bad news is he was reported to have been injured in some type of motor vehicle accident back around March the officer said. Then he went to a convalescent hospital but they are unable to tell me anything other than "not listed as a resident at this time"... Good news: property manager finally answered my 2nd call and she says he is doing well and she'll give him my number to call me.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    Combat Mission Shock Force 2 PBEM AAR MSR Titan By IICptMillerII INTRODUCTION This is an after action report (AAR) of a play by email (PBEM) battle I recently concluded. The battle is in Combat Mission Shock Force 2 and features a combined arms task force attacking down a major highway against a near-peer opposing force (OpFor). The map is taken from the first mission of the excellent campaign “Forging Steel” by GeorgeMC. All credit goes to him for designing the superb map. I have modified the BluFor and OpFor, as well as their respective objectives, but otherwise the map remains untouched. This AAR features several mods. Chief among them are: Veins Smoke and Effects mod Drakenlords Fire mod Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) by myself playing the OpFor US 3rd Infantry Division Multicam uniforms by myself A number of the graphics used in this AAR (mainly the maps and task force layout) are large image files and are best viewed in full size, with the ability to fully zoom in on them. All sprites of vehicles and soldier models used in the map and task force layout graphics are taken from the game “Armored Brigade” by Matrix Games and are slightly tweaked by me. All credit goes to the artists who created these sprites. MISSION Task Force Miller is ordered to assault down Highway 3, named Main Supply Route (MSR) Titan, in order to allow follow on forces to continue the attack. Mission Specific Tasks: Secure Bridges 31 and 32. Destroy any enemy forces in the vicinity of MSR Titan Do not suffer more than 30% casualties Desired End State: MSR Titan, to include Bridges 31 and 32 secured and not directly threatened by the enemy. Task Force Miller combat effective and capable of conducting follow-on operations. ENEMY S2 (Intel) indicates the enemy is present in battalion size and are made up of elements from the 16th Guards Tank Division. Specifically, elements of the 47th Guards Tank Regiment appear to be deployed to our front. S2 anticipates a mix of dismounted and mechanized infantry (mounted in BMP-2s) in battalion (-) strength supported by at least one company of T-72AV tanks. It is anticipated that at least one additional company of tanks, maybe more, could be present on the battlefield, possibly as a quick reaction force (QRF). The enemy is well equipped, well led, and well trained. They are expected to stand and fight and will not give ground easily. Entrenched enemy units not immediately threatening the MSR should be bypassed or be destroyed with indirect fires. The T-72AV is a very capable tank and is well crewed. It is capable of frontally penetrating our M1A1’s at combat ranges. It is not a threat to be taken lightly. Additionally, enemy infantry may be equipped with the AT-14 Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). This weapon can easily destroy our M2 and M3 Bradley/Cavalry fighting vehicles and can severely damage, disable, and even destroy our M1A1’s. TERRAIN AND WEATHER The weather is overcast, though rain is not expected. The Air Force has assured us that the weather will not impede their ability to support the task force. The landscape is a mildly arid temperate climate. The dominating terrain features are Hill 113, and the gorge that runs North-South, crossing under MSR Titan at Bridge 32. The gently hilled terrain is a mix of grassland, agriculture, and light forest. The forested areas are not expected to prohibit tracked vehicles, though caution should still be used if passing through. MSR Titan runs East-West along the 2240 Easting. It crosses two obstacles, unnamed gorges, at Bridges 31 and 32. Several settlements of varying size are scattered through the area of operations. Only one is named, Kronenburg. The rest are designated by named areas of interest (NAIs). The most significant of these are likely to be NAI’s 5, 8, 9 and 12. These are larger settlements located closest to the MSR. TROOPS Task Force Miller is a combined arms task force composed primarily of two companies, one mechanized infantry and one armored. The armor company is Alpha Company equipped with M1A1HC Abrams tanks. The mechanized infantry company is Charlie Company riding in M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFV). Neither the tanks nor BFVs are equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA) packages, so they are more vulnerable to HEAT rounds, specifically modern tandem HEAT warheads. These units come from 1st Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment. The parent division is the 3rd Infantry Division. Also attached is 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 5-7th Cavalry. The scouts operate the M3A3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (CFV). Supporting Fires: The task force’s Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC) is assigned to the headquarters element of Alpha Company, and rides in a Humvee. Charlie Company has its Fire Support Officer (FSO) in its Bradley Fire Support vehicle (BFIST), part of C Company’s headquarters. We have been given priority fires for the following assets Battery A, 1-41st Field Artillery. x6 155mm Paladin self-propelled guns 1 flight of AH-64D Apache Gunships (2 helicopters) Armed with: 30mm HEDP x1000 70mm HE Rockets x38 AGM-114 Hellfire x8 1 flight of A-10C Thunderbolt II’s (2 fixed wing aircraft) Armed with: 30mm APDU x1350 500lb bomb x4 AGM-65 Maverick x4 TIME The time is 0830. Task Force Miller has 2 hours to accomplish its objectives. INITIAL SCHEME OF MANEUVER The initial scheme of maneuver, illustrated by this map, is as follows: Cavalry Scouts (White) Scout team 3 will advance to NAI 2 and establish overwatch positions North-East to screen the task force’s left flank. Scout team 1 (dismounted) will observe to it’s North-East to provide another set of eyes from a different location to spot any threats that immediately appear as the task force deploys. Tanks (Red) 3rd platoon will advance down the MSR and establish hull down overwatch positions that will allow observation down the entirety of the MSR and its immediate surroundings. 2nd platoon will advance forward into hull down positions and establish a base of fire position to cover the infantry 1st platoon will advance forward directly in front of NAI 1 in order to directly observe and engage any threats spotted there and allow the infantry to move up, dismount and begin sweeping the NAI. Infantry (Blue) For now, all infantry platoons will remain mounted and stationary in defilade as the tanks and scouts move forward to their initial positions. Once the tanks/scouts are in position, the platoons will fan out and deploy against their respective initial objectives. 1st platoon is tasked with clearing any discovered threats in the immediate vicinity of MSR Titan. 2nd platoon is effectively the reserve element and will respond to developing threats as needed. 3rd platoon is tasked with sweeping NAI 2 if the enemy is discovered there. Preparatory Fires 1 section of 155mms (2 guns) will fire a light mission against NAI 1 to suppress any enemy forces deployed there that could threaten the initial deployment of the task force. The remaining 2 sections of the battery will be on call for fires.
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    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps. They are easily identified by "2019" in the Map name. I took a good run at the bocage maps and personally enjoyed the game play with them. There are a few maps devoted to the Rhone Valley of Southern France. So river crossing and Hills.
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come under fire from hidden AT guns. I've lost a few PzIVs to this fire but I've been IDing the hidden PAK. Two main nests have caught my attention and as yet there appears to be a hidden nest which is slowly exacting a toll on any panzer daft enough to let me order it forward. There was wee scrap on Hill 251 to clear off some pesky Russkies so I could establish a FO OP. This meant I could now bring my arty to bear but as I'd poor spots on the enemy PAK i thought I'd go for smoke so I could make a dash across the bridge and into town. So... PzIVs (part of one zug in overwatch) Smoke starting to fall from my arty. My arty spotter OP on Hill 251- you can see the smoke starting to shroud the approach across the south bridge into RAKOW (ignore the burning PzIv on the distant far left. The end of a tentative Plan A...). We're off! And the first panzer makes it across. Into RAKOW. The rest of the zug follow close behind. No shots, save some grenades and rifle fire from defending Soviet infantry but the tanks are buttoned and moving at speed. At this point my recce light SPW are now moving fast right behind, currently unbuttoned but they will be ordered now to button up. At range and unbuttoned they are using area fire at some houses on their left flank. Smoke and dust shroud the right flank. But... as I commit to charging across I start to notice some gaps appearing in my smoke screen. Not large gaps but crucially around the bridge... Then the smoke dramatically clears around the bridge. The lead SPW is hit at close range by what looks like a 45mm Pak firing from their right flank concealed amongst some hedges/bushes. It rolls on and comes to a rest. all the crew killed. Following behind at a 15s interval speeds the following SPW, who is also hit coming onto the bridge. This is when i realise there must be two as no way could a gun reload that fast... The third SPW crashes into the second, stalls and not long after is hit again killing all on board. Luckily the turn ends and I manage to stop the rest in the cover of some buildings a few hundred meters up the road. So now I have a platoon of PzIVs running about in RAKOW with no close infantry support. What could possibly go wrong... My timing to move units into concealed positions to enable them to make a dash in took time. Meanwhile, I'd to lay a long enough smoke screen to cover the approach and protect from long range fire from multiple PAK nests. I had thought my overwatch had suppressed the enemy defenders, but these light PAK were keyholed and out of LOS/LOF of my overwatching panzers. Co-ordinating all those took a bit of time which meant my SPW were making their dash just as the smoke screen was starting to fade at key places. So poor combat recce and coordination on my part led to eighteen pixel grenadiers and their rides being taken out. Tough gig being a panzergrenadier in my command...
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    I’ve been working on a new scenario for CMBS 4.0 called “Tactical Operations Center”. It is in Beta testing now and is intended as player vs AI. Below is part of the Designer Notes that gives an overview. Followed by a few screen shots. This is a fictional scenario that may take a while to load depending on your computer. The player takes charge of a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) located in a Forward Operating Base (FOB) for a four-hour shift. The player is responsible for the successful execution of the mission during his shift. The scenario was created with the idea of being a static campaign in a counter insurgency environment. It is a multi-battle scenario set on a large map (approximately 7.5 square kilometers) that, unlike a traditional combat mission campaign, shows persistent map damage. So, as the player maneuvers a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) down a roadway in response to actionable intelligence he can drive past the burning wrecks of a mistake he made earlier or the scattered bodies of a Separatist unit he destroyed. The scenario also provides three types of intelligence to help guide the decision-making process. The three types of intelligence are Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE). HUMINT is collected from Separatist who defect under an amnesty program administered by the Ukrainian government. The HUMINT intelligence is in the name field of defectors and includes an intelligence code, grid coordinates and time. A quick glance at the intelligence code sheet (included in the briefing) allows the player to know what, where and when something will occur or where something is located. Some of this HUMINT is time sensitive. The TSE and SIGINT are provided by touch objective notifications at the top of the screen. This intelligence will be useful in bringing The Butcher of Belz (enemy commander) to justice and for disrupting Separatist operations. The grid coordinates are created by a pattern of grid lines placed on the map using a blue occupy objective. The grid numbers are displayed on the map edges using landmarks. A brief explanation of this modified military grid system and how to use it is provided in the briefing. The player can, if he decides to, launch an air assault during the setup phase. There are four different landing zones to choose from. Forward Operating Base (FOB) Apache has a Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) where reinforcements will arrive, and other units will exit from. The FOB also has a mortar pit that will be resupplied with ammo both by air and by convoy if the roads and HLZ remain open. Another feature included in the scenario is the ability to destroy base camps thereby preventing the Separatists from receiving their scheduled reinforcements. A Quick Reaction Force (QRF) mount their Strykers as 120mm mortars fire in the background as the FOB responds to assist an ambushed patrol. Separatists scouting for vulnerable infrastructure to attack. Separatist mod created by @pquumm. Street fight in the town of Belz.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Another view is to flip this around and ask why wouldn't they have been working on the patch this whole time? It's been 2 years and 3 months now since they broke some pretty fundamental parts of their own game -- broken to the point that many people can barely enjoy the typical stock scenario. And not just one title broken, but all of them. When the issues with v4 were first brought to light, I would have never believed that it'd still be almost literally years before we saw them fixed. Perhaps Battlefront needs to start actually paying more testers and content creators, in order to get things moving along, instead of relying on the generosity of so many volunteers? I've defended Battlefront and heaped praise on the game many times over the past 4 to 5 years, but at some point a customer's patience and good will just gets used up. "Niche market" is no excuse for a fix to the underlying game engine to have taken this long.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Beware the IEDs of March....
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    QB map pdfs

    These are pdf's with large, labeled pictures for every QB map, covering CMFB, CMFI, and CMRT. I always get frustrated trying to remember which QB map is which, and having to load up the scenario editor just to find one gets really, really old. So I created these. I'll eventually put these on CMMODS. As soon as I finish the CMBN one, which is a significantly bigger task, and has had to take a back seat to a different project I'm now invested in. So I decided to just post these here, now. Can someone please let me know if these links work for plain ol' public download / access? If not, I'll repost proper links in a new thread. Dropbox recently got rid of its "Public Folder" feature, and the new way to accomplish almost the same thing is not very intuitive.... Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jffokwaq2w017bj/CMFB - All QB Maps.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3l4xpbdhps0mgq6/CMRT - All QB Maps.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4rh9ya8wbe3tldr/CMFI - Alol QB Maps - lower quality.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9vhj33u708h0f9/CMFI - All QB Maps.pdf?dl=0 *NOTE: the "lower quality" CMFI pdf is actually the same quality as CMFB's and CMRT's -- plenty good enough. The higher quality CMFI pdf was my first, though, and features lossless images... which is great, except that the file size is almost 300MB.
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    That's kind of the direction I took it too. If you looked at my old Company at a few weeks into a gunnery/training exercise, we'd only be slightly better shaved (because the US Army is still pretty serious about that, although tanker mustaches wouldn't be uncommon), a lot of our gear would look pretty trashed (well worn, but also knocked around/we'd wear our most torn up stuff to the field). Simply a lot of dirt, lowered hygiene, some unbuttoned pouches doesn't make for a non-functional unit. The German solider has a highly inflated opinion of his own capabilities from my experience, but it's in the way they're within the realm of being "very capable" just they look around the room and believe themselves to be a few dozen steps above their peers because Deutsche! * but I'd still put good money on them in a fight if it came down to it. *Take his all with a grain of salt, but working with other countries: French: The most frustrating mix of very component and very relaxed you will encounter. Like I imagine a French pilot in a crashing plane would do everything reasonable to keep it from crashing, once that had happened mutter "merde" to themselves, shrug and have a smoke waiting for the plane to explode while the American would die trying to fashion a new engine from the gum wrappers in his pocket and some duct tape up to the point of impact. British: They're very tired. Like they're professional but they're really quite sick of whatever nonsense you colonials/continentals are rousted up about. It doesn't matter if the field itself was invented last week, somehow they'll act as if Wellington himself had an Electronic Warfare Company at Waterloo, and the British have been doing it forever. In the event they are incorrect this will rarely be acknowledged. Whatever kit you have is also entirely too much for the job. You have two radio nets available in your tanks? We get by with one. You have only one radio? Our tanks are connected by no 4 wire and a Lance Corporal or something. Poles: Less exposure, but they seem constantly a little amused. Americans have tanks? Who knew? These computers you have, they turn on when you want them on? Magic! Your food, has it caused anyone to explode. No, I don't mean in the bathrooms I mean literally, do not ask. Fascinating! May I have? You're never sure if they're taking the piss or actually impressed. Generally good dudes though, if absolute murder to get their names right. German: Thinks they're the legacy of the Prussian military machine that made Europe quake, is the legacy of social welfare state that has money for post kindergarten's omni-sex bathroom and masseuse for teachers, not for fuel for tanks. Japanese: Everyone is in total agreement with this plan we made two weeks ago for the operation we are committing to in two hours. The movements of the enemy are inconsequential to this fact, we are all in agreement, this is where we are going to go because we are in agreement (this is where I had to add in one caveat. The Japanese are aware of this, and getting a lot better at working on the fly, it's just when they're not a "good" unit they default a lot to "this is the plan we follow because it's the plan we agreed on" vs "this best meets the intention") Russian: I'm a spy. You know I'm a spy, I know I'm a spy, I'm going to pretend to be sneaky about this because we are playing a game about it, but we all know why I'm here. Yep, I just took out my camera and took some shots. Oh bother the Chinese guy is in the way again. Chinese: YOU STUPID AMERICANS DO NOT KNOW I AM SPY. I AM CLEARLY NOT AN INTELLIGENCE AGENT I AM JUST A CHINESE PERSON MYSTERIOUSLY APPEARING IN A PLACE WITH NO CHINESE PEOPLE. I AM SNEAKILY TAKING A MILLION PICTURES OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ME. I AM SO SNEAKY. I AM THE ONLY PERSON IN THIS ****TY AFRICAN VILLAGE IN PERFECTLY CLEAN KHAKIS, MY SHOES ARE NOT DUSTY, AND HAVE THREE THOUSAND DIFFERENT SENSORS HANGING OUT OF MY BACKPACK BUT YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO SEE ME BECAUSE I AM A SPY. HAHA DUMB AMERICANS WHY ARE THEY ALL LOOKING AT ME SO MUCH? Thai: WE ARE ALL GENERALS PLEASE DIRECT US TO THE ONE PRIVATE IN THE THAI ARMY SO HE CAN CARRY OUR BAGS. Korean: It's a lot of solid, squared away soldiers with a generous helping of weird people hiding out in weird corners (the ROKA captain showing up with a Gucci tote and an umbrella to a field exercise was a major wtf) and a dose of semi-subversive conscripts ("Hai, Mr American Captain Man, please allow me to tell you how terrible my chain of Command is and are you in needing of a KATUSA by chance?") Americans: WE ARE HERE TO HELP BY IGNORING WHATEVER WISDOM YOU MAY HAVE AND ATTEMPTING TO AMERICAN OUR WAY OUT OF ALL PROBLEMS WITH MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, EXPLOSIVES, OR BOTH WHICH WE WILL FLAGRANTLY LORD OVER YOU WITHOUT REALIZING IT ON ALL OCCASIONS.
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    [Released] Night Vision Mode

    Here's a modification of the movie mode shader that gives it a night vision effect for those night scenarios. It's designed to be used in conjunction with the artificial brightness mode (Alt+B), so to use it all you have to do is hit Alt+B and Alt+M. Here's a link to download it right now, and I'll also upload it to the repository. DOWNLOAD A couple screenshots: Thanks to SLIM for the idea and BarbaricCo for making it known it was possible to mod the shader.
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    The patch?

    The whole communiction from the side of BF is a joke. People can defend it as much as they like, but their PR is not only very bad, it is almost non-existent. I don't buy nonsense like 'they must concentrate on their work', 'new information will only bring discussion and questions' and 'you can tell them how to do things once you have your own company'. Reading this forum IS like being stuck in a time-loop and the lack of information IS causing speculation. Utter arrogance. Technically not allowed to say that....
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    just to say: MERCI

    Hello it will be a year now that I discovered CMBN and this forum and is time to intervene to say thank you I'm not the only one to do it but the repetition is good Since my childhood I have a dream, a desire, to see with my eyes this battle that has rocked my childhood, imagining to travel the battlefield like a drone. I was born in Falaise in 1970 and my family suffered the battle : 4 killed, the house bombed, the exodus on the road, the strafing of the bomber fighters, the artillery, the fighting but also after the battle, the destroyed houses, the burning vehicles and corpses littering the battlefield were all family meal conversations. Here in Normandie this was an important trauma. It always impressed and interested me, in a word: fascinated. I constantly asked for clarification and to question civilians or soldiers who had experienced these events. All the film reports on the subject, I watched them. I think I have seen ¾ images known from the battle. I never stopped walking the battlefield, collecting vestiges and remaining some hours to imagine the events. I used every means to immerse myself in this battle and the battles of the second world war in general. Movies, books and even games Squad leader then Close Combat that I practiced a long time. But although this battle has become my daily life because I have made it my job (I am a guide of museum and even considered as an expert of fighting led by the Poles during the Battle of Falaise pocket), the time passing my imagination has declined. and little by little the image of these fights in my mind was becoming more and more abstract. I ended up consoling myself by telling myself that if I go to paradise there I will can achieve this wish i was not counting on CMBN What a shock and even if it remains a game, my imagination work and as in my childhood events come to life in my head. After a year of practice my enthusiasm is not blunted my dream is somehow realized. So for that: thanks for this formidable game thanks to the moder who improves even more are aspect, thank you to persons who animates this forum thanks to the battle designers (for the anecdote I live on a map of the game !) I'm begining to smoke again and to say some nastiness on my neighbors, paradise has lost its appeal !!!
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    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    Sahrani Liberation Army by IICptMillerII The Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) is the army of the fictional country of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani from the videogame Arma: Armed Assault made by Bohemia Interactive. I decided to make this reskin because I've always liked the "generic OpFor" look of the SLA. The "lore friendly" loadout of the SLA is mechanized infantry in BMP-2s (Syrian Republican Guard formation) along with T-72M1s. However, all T-72 variants and the BMP-1 have been retextured as well to allow for flexibility when using the SLA. This modpack will replace the following stock Syrian assets: Regular and Reserve infantry BMP-1 BMP-2 BRDM T-72 (all variants) Shilka Special Forces (NOT Syrian airborne) Voices: In Arma, the SLA have hispanic heritage, thus speak Spanish. However, I have given them Russian voices and names as these assets are readily available from Combat Mission Red Thunder and Combat Mission Black Sea. Going through the process of creating a whole new set of voices in Spanish would have taken me too long and been far too labor intensive. Infantry: Both Regular and Reserve Syrian infantry have been retextured to look like SLA soldiers. Regular infantry have their rifles model swapped to use the AK-74. This is purely a cosmetic change, as the game still simulates them firing the 7.62mm round of the AKM. Additionally, the stock helmet texture has been remade by SaintFuller to model the Soviet SSh-68 helmet. The textures for the helmet were made by SaintFuller and tweaked by myself. All other infantry textures were made by myself. Vehicles: Included are reskinned BMP-1s, BMP-2s, T-72s, BRDMs, and the Shilka. All textured by myself. Especas: These are the Special Forces of the SLA. They are equipped primarily with AKS-74Us and wear green berets into combat instead of a combat helmet. The stock Syrian Special Forces are used to represent the Especas. The AK-74Ms and helmets have been model swapped for the AKS-74Us and berets. The beret is from Combat Mission Battle for Normandy with the retexturing done by myself. The AKS-74U model is from Shock Force 2. All other Special Forces textures were made by myself. Known Bugs: Sometimes, swapped model textures will "flicker" when viewed from a distance or from up close. To my knowledge there is no way to fix this. However, it is mostly unnoticable. Credits: Battlefront.com for making Combat Mission and most of the base textures and models Bohemia Interactive for making Arma: Armed Assault and the SLA IICptMillerII for making most of the textures and model swaps SaintFuller for making the SSh-68 helmet model and base textures Usage: You are free to use this mod how you like. If you use any assets from this to make your own mod, just be sure to give credit where it is due. Download Link: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8070
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    A plea for a French Army DLC

    Hello all, As it's rumored that this game is expecting several DLCs, I take this opportunity to make a plea for a French DLC, or a LDC including the French. Why should the French be included in a DLC over other nations ? First, let's look at the setting. Game setting is placed in Ukraine, at the border of Europe in 2017/2018. France is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it's the third world's nuclear power, and the first military power of Europe (if Russia doesn't count as Europe). Diplomatically, France has been at the forefront of the discussion on Ukraine, being at the initiative of the Minsk II agreements, and is as such very involved on this matter. Historically, France is a very active military power and has significantly taken part in all the majors conflicts since the end of the Cold War : Gulf War, Yougoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lybia, Mali, Syria, etc. Furthermore France is regularly (and currently) involved in NATO and bilateral military exercises in Eastern Europe which show its commitment to the security of this region. Lastly, France would probably be able to come very quicly into the theater with significant amount of troops having a very high readiness and being located in continental Europe. All those elements make it almost certain that France would get involved in a conflict in Ukraine. On a gameplay point of vue, we would get a ton of exotic toys. Most of French gear and vehicles are indegenously devlopped. It would be also very refreshing as French military very rarely depicted in the Video Game industry (at the exception of the Warhame series). French army is also very modern and would be balanced with US and Russian military. Interesting fact, French army is the only to have fielded operationally its future soldier system program. French army also has an orginal doctrine which differs from the US or Russian one: emphasis on mobility, flexbility, and initiative, even at the lower echellons, which comes from its exprience in irregular warfare. It influenced many of its military design, with, for example, an emphasis of wheeled vehicles. As such, many asks, how would this system fare in a more conventionnal context ? CM:BS gives us the opportunity to test it. Here is a link about French Doctrine https://wavellroom.com/2017/11/30/the-french-intervention-in-mali-a-lesson-in-mission-command/ Moreover, as I said, French armed forces are very rarely depicted in video games, and French video games market is very dynamic one with 4,3 billion euros of revenue in 2017. So it would probably attract many French players eager to play their national forces (even if they're not very vocal on english speaking forums) while also attracting players from all around the world interested in brand new faction. Lastly, French forces are the only major military power never depicted in a modern CM game. We had the US, Russia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, but not France. Operationnal structure : The basic infantry combat squad is made of 8 soldiers: 1 squad leader, 1 marksman, 1 300m fire team with 1 team leader and 2 AT4 soldiers and 1 600m team with 1 team leader, 1 minimi soldier and 1 light mortar soldier. There is 3 combat squad in a platoon as well as one support squad made of 1 squad leader and 2 Eryx teams, which can exchange the Eryx against M240 MGs. Lastly, the platoon is led by a 4 men command team with one platoon leader and its deputy, one radio operator and one medic. 3 infantry platoons are supported by a weapon platoon with two 81mm mortars teams and two MILAN atgm teams, those teams can also be armed with .50 calls or .30 calls. This makes a company. The French cavalry platoon is made of 4 tanks (Leclerc or AMX10RC) and 4 armoured scout cars (VBLs). There is also a recon platoon made of 8 scout cars with different equipments (Milan, .50, .30, etc) The compagny is the center of an infantry centric French operationnal Battlegroup. Then, it receives several reinforcements from other arms. Usually, a cavalry platoon, an artillery battery, a engineer platoon, a recon platoon as well as support elements (Snipers, JTACs, Commandos, Logistics, Transmission, Health and Oil services, etc). If the battlegroup is cavalry centric, then, its made around a Cavalry squadron, with the support of an infantry platoon, etc. There is also the possibilty of mixing it up with two infantry platoons and two cavalry platoons, etc. Those battlegroups are part of a broader battallion which can either use them dispersed or together. Usually it's made of 3 infantry compagnies and 1 tank squadron and the support elements. The proportion between tanks and infantry varies in the same fashion as in BG depending of the need. Nowadays, French troops are always deployed in Battlegroups or Battallions. Regiments, Brigades and Division are only used as adminsitrative command levels in metropolitan France. As of 2017, here is a list of indigenous French army armament : - Leclerc MBT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX_Leclerc ; http://www.military-today.com/tanks/leclerc.htm - AMX 10 RCR wheeled tank: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/France/AMX-10-RC-RCR.php - VBCI IFV: http://www.military-today.com/apc/vbci.htm - VAB line of vehicles, including ULTIMA version with remote .50 cal, Mephisto version with HOT missiles, 20mm version, etc: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Véhicule_de_l'Avant_Blindé - VBL scout vehicle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Véhicule_Blindé_Léger - PVP liaison vehicle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petit_Véhicule_Protégé - 120mm Rifled Mortar, its rifling permits to fire bigger shells (similar effect than 155mm shells) at longer ranges than regular mortars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortier_120mm_Rayé_Tracté_Modèle_F1 - CAESAR 155mm SPG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAESAR_self-propelled_howitzer ; https://www.army-technology.com/projects/caesar/ ; http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product1470.htm - 81mm Mortar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LLR_81mm - FAMAS assault rifle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAMAS - FRF2 and HECATE II sniper rifles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FR_F2_sniper_rifle ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PGM_Hécate_II - MILAN 3, ERYX and HOT 3 ATGMs: https://www.army-technology.com/projects/milan/ ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ERYX ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HOT_(missile) - Mistral MANPAD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistral_(missile) - Tiger HAD and HAP attack helicopters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_Tiger - Gazelle HOT scout helicopter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aérospatiale_Gazelle - Rafale fighter-bomber: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Rafale - Mirage 2000D bomber: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Mirage_2000N/2000D France interesting bits of kit : - Rifle Grenades, both anti-tank and HE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC58 ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APAV40 - Infantry mortars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lance-grenade_individuel_Mle_F1_(LGI_Mle_F1) - BONUS anti-tank shells: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bofors_155_Bonus - SPACIDO precision fuse: http://www.nexter-group.fr/en/press/528-spacido-la-france-engage-la-phase-finale-de-la-qualification-du-premier-systeme-dartillerie-a-correction-de-trajectoire-de-nexter-munitions-et-junghans ; http://basart.artillerie.asso.fr/article.php3?id_article=1341 - FELIN system, with special optics and improved situation awarness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FÉLIN - AASM self propelled stand-off bomb, with a low altitude launch range of 15km, which allows the plane to escape long range anti-air missile while staying out of range of SHORAD systems: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AASM Here are some videos where you can see most of the gear I talked about : In 2017 in Estonia, where you can how would look like a French Battlegroup in CM:BS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9tzEyWL-zo& Combat actions in Mali where you can see VBCI, VAB, AMX10RC, shoulder launched Eryx, Rifle grenades, infantry mortar, Hecate II, Tiger, etc So, as you saw, lots of interesting and cool stuff could get added into the game with a French DLC. I hope it will convince you ! DOn't hesistate if you have any question. Here is a last video to convince you of the awesomeness of the French Army
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    For anyone interested, I just uploaded a blog post on Using Listening Halts. This is a subject I have discussed many times before in my AARs, but have never really written at length about it. Hope its useful. Bil
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago. Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them. These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released. Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us. I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    some new info about patch status could be cool
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    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    At the end of the turn, the Puddlers have almost reached the stream/irrigation ditch/canal. Not a lot else happened in this part of the map, so here's a close up of the "Something New" - knowing little about the various equipment ( like amphibious capabilities), it took me a long time in the editor to conclude that this is a BMP-2. If it's not ... be kind Uncons A encounter the first enemy when they occupy a building. They see and target some desperate looking men charging across the open ground. Sadly, although they cause one casualty, their aim is atrocious and that's all they achieve ( you'd think that they'd do better at that range ). They are then taken under fire by a group that made it into a ditch and another lot in the opposite building. They take a casualty themselves and end the turn cowering. This area is going to be a tough fight and it's too far away for almost any support. All I can say to Uncons A is, "Be Pure ! Be Vigilant ! Behave !" ( if anyone gets that quote, I will be utterly gobsmacked - and probably only long-term UK residents have a chance ).
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    MINUTE 4 Team 2’s AT team finished setting up its AT-7, aimed at the Scimitar near the ruined farm and let fly… the missile just skimmed the turret but hit the ground well beyond… …immediately the accompanying Fennek spotted the team and fired a few volleys of grenades at this team. None hit, but the grenades were churning up the ground as they moved closer and closer toward the end of the turn. The AT team fired a second missile that is still in the air at the end of the first turn. I will be pulling them out of the line next turn... hopefully they get out okay… if not, that’s okay too as long as he loses the Scimitar. I’m on the edge of my seat… Neither of my vehicles in this team got a spot this turn... I will be pulling the BMP out of the line next turn in order to re-mount one of the scout teams as noted last turn. The LAV-AT will stay where it is for now, I expect Baneman will move a vehicle or two next turn near the ruined farm, and that might help the LAV-AT spot one or both of them. Team 1’s BMP did pull off the line this turn, and will now wait for the Recon Platoon leader team to remount next turn. The Fennek at Farm 2 dismounted this turn and entered the buildings. It does not look like he wants to push beyond the farm at this point... he is happy to sit in place and provide support fire with the Scimitar towards my UNCONs near the Monastery. Two of the four LAVs in my reaction force will be moving forward into keyhole positions next turn, hoping to get a spot or two on a Scimitar or Fennek. This movement is in preparation for my Advance Guard which is just one minute out. The dismounts from this platoon are starting to move out on a route reconnaissance toward OBJ GARNET. The other two LAVs are being held back in reserve. In DUMAYR, Baneman is pushing his irregulars hard toward mine and it continues to cost him. My teams are going to get critical on ammo very soon though, so he might be able to get an advantage. I am switching my teams in this area to control their own fire. I should have noticed the small amount of ammo they carried from the start. I’ll try to provide them some support by fire from my positions near KT2, but to be honest, the action in DUMAYR is a side-show right now and I am not intent on pushing forward at all there. My final Technical did extricate itself, so that will help some and it is moving to the sound of guns in DUMAYR-North. PIR: Will the enemy militia/fighters attempt to seize DUMAYR? His assault is picking up steam, but it has cost him a lot of casualties to this point. I estimate he has lost 9 or 10 fighters (maybe one or two more) to 3 of my own. PIR: Where are the enemy Technicals? I finally get some contacts on his technicals, they are presently located near the built up area at the western most bridge.
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    Bil Hardenberger


    For this game we wanted to show as much as possible, and yet provide an entertaining and challenging game. We decided that each of us would take two nations, and some UNCONs and Fighters and duke it out man on man, steel against steel (or Chobham as the case may be)... the only constraint was that whoever chose the US would also have to field the Syrians as the US does come with some advantages (Javelins etc.). I gave Baneman first choice and he went with his own folks, the UK and partnered them with the German Army. He suggested that I, as an American should take the US, so what choice did I have? As for force purchases we adhered to the following: These constraints will apply to EACH nation we choose (purchase must be 50-50): Light troops - one platoon of mounted recon (or light armored recon) or two platoons of dismounted recon Armor - either two tanks (1st class: M1, Leo, or Challenger) or one platoon of second class tanks (anything Syrian, Leo 1 (Canada) Infantry - either one company (mounted) or two companies dismounted troops Artillery - whatever comes with our purchased units, plus: one battery of medium howitzers (one from each nation) UNCONs - will let George select and deploy for us No air We then sent our purchases to @George MC who provided a gorgeous map for us to fight on, and he set us up.. George also selected and setup the UNCON force for us and deployed them.. neither of us knew the force composition or the locations of our irregulars. George identified key objectives for us also and really this game could not have happened without him. So, THANKS GEORGE!!! I will get into the details of my force pick and what I suspect Baneman is bringing to the party in a later post... should be interesting, this is a Meeting Engagement with the following forces arrayed against each other: BANEMAN - UK and German - UNCONs including some Technical (gun truck) support) ME - US and Syrian - UNCONs including some Technical (gun truck) support) The next post will have some pictures. I will show some map highlights and include a topo map that I am using to track the action in this battle. I will run through my METT-T analysis as quickly as I can in order to get to the action... the first of those posts will probably go up tonight. Bil
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    Thanks Steve :)

    Hello names Hector. i live in Puerto Rico and you may know what hurricane Maria did to our beautiful island. We have no power only 3 hours a day, and as a CM fan had really missed playing. I had a little problem with the game installation since they were downloaded (i had the cds also) and tried to contact battlefront but was hard with no internet so I managed to get on for a bit and found a phone number and called Steve whom I really dont know who he is but he answered. I want to say Thanks for the conversation we had. He offered to help and eventhough I got everything working offline after, it was refreshing to hear he was available to help. I really appreciate his gesture and will continue to support Battlefront knowing that behind this company are great and caring people. Again Thanks Steve . Hector
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    Michael Emrys


    Mark Twain once wrote his paper to inform them: "The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." To those who have expressed concern for my health and well-being, my thanks and I will reply to you individually as soon as I can get my e-mail program to send as well as receive. For all of you who may be interested, I will write a more detailed report as soon as I can and post it in the GF, which is I think a more appropriate forum for such discussions. But not to keep you in too much suspense, I will say here that on the 26th. of March I was struck by a pickup truck which resulted in 11 broken ribs and a broken clavicle (no, that is not a baroque musical instrument). Since then I have spent five days in hospital and about two and a half months in a nursing facility and only arrived home today. I am in pretty good shape due to some good rehab work by some dedicated people. More later. Michael
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    Hello all, About seven years ago the computer I was using to play CMSF1 had a severe crash and I lost everything associated with the game. I had several login names as I was purchasing these great games but over time I had forgotten them. I sent in a ticket to the Support Team and John really helped me. So, I just wanted to say thank you to him and the outstanding service he provided me. I just wish more of the gaming companies took care of their customers in the same way Battlefront does theirs. Chris.
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    C2 & Information Sharing (REDUX)

    The screenshots in the original C2 and Information Sharing topic were destroyed by Photobucket. As a result a REDUX C2 and Information Sharing topic was created with new screenshots. Some mods that will show up most often in the screenshots are, user interface (UI) and floating icons: Floating Icons – Cat Tactical Icons CMFI User Interface – Juju’s TweakedUI CMFI V5 Some interesting topics have been started about how information moves through the C2 chain both vertically (up & down the chain of command) and horizontally (directly from one team to another team). As a result I did some experimenting with C2 & information sharing. Below are the results with screenshots from the experiment. If anyone can offer a correction or additional information please do. Additional useful information and supplemental C2 rules: 4.0 Engine Manual page 66 Command & Control. @Bil Hardenberger Command Friction 2.0 - http://community.battlefront.com/topic/125172-command-friction-20/ @Peregrine Command Layers - http://community.battlefront.com/topic/110861-command-layer-in-ai-battles/ The distance information can be shared vertically (chain of command). Voice C2: Up to six action spots, approximately 48 meters. If either unit is on Hide then the distance is reduced to approximately 16 meters. Close Visual C2: Up to 12 action spots, approximately 96 meters. This is also the maximum distance a higher HQ can fill in for a lower HQ. Example: Company or battalion HQ fills in for a platoon HQ and provides C2 to the platoon's fire teams. Distant Visual C2: As far as the unit’s line of sight. (In the experiment I had units in distant visual C2 at 40 action spots, approximately 480 meters before I stopped.) Radio C2: Entire map. In the WWII titles, CMSF & CMA - C2 via backpack radio is lost during foot movement. C2 is maintained during foot movement in CMBS. The distance information can be shared horizontally (directly between teams). Up to four action spots, approximately 32 meters. (Sometimes a team had to move to within 3 action spots) Can information be shared horizontally between teams from different battalions? Yes Can information be shared between two different HQs that do not have a common higher HQ? Vertically: No (With no common higher HQ there is no bridge for the information to pass over) Horizontally: Yes The experiment was conducted on skill level Iron in CMFI v2.0 Engine 4. I used two different US battalions on a custom made map for the experiment. The 4th US Tank Battalion on the west (left) side of the map and the 1st US Infantry Battalion on the east (right) side. A high ridgeline divided the two battalions. HQ units are blocked from C2 Voice, Close Visual and Distant Visual with other HQ units. At the beginning of the experiment no units of the 4thBattalion were in C2 with units of the 1st Battalion. An immobilized German Tiger and a destroyed Tiger were used as the OpFor unit to be spotted and reported. The Area of Operations (A/O) for the experiment. Note the highlighted scout team with no C2.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    CONTACT As soon as 1st platoon dismounts in front of NAI 3, they make contact. It appears to be a squad sized element split between two buildings. Bradley gunnery is up to a high standard, and rounds are immediately pumped into both buildings before the enemy has a chance to fire at my dismounting infantry. The enemy is suppressed, and friendly infantry begins to cautiously advance forward to clear the rest of the complex. Suddenly an enemy ATGM flies out from behind NAI 3 and slams into a Bradley, destroying it and killing the driver. Moments later, an Abrams in overwatch spots a BMP-2 hiding behind NAI 3 and destroys it with a HEAT round. Just as suddenly, more enemy infantry are spotted in the buildings, and a close range firefight breaks out. The firefight is short and violent. No friendly casualties are suffered. A lull in the fighting momentarily occurs, and I use the opportunity to push up a scout team armed with a javelin to try to get eyes on the second BMP-2 to the rear of NAI 3. As the scout team is moving up, they are suddenly engaged by the second BMP-2. 30mm HE rounds streak down the road and explode against trees and the ground, though miraculously none of my scouts are hit by the fire. One of the scouts is armed with an AT-4 and takes a shot at the BMP. Unfortunately the shot falls short, but the scouts are able to crawl out of the line of fire and suffer no casualties. The BMP poses a problem due to its positioning, but the encounter could have gone much worse. A survivor of the Bradley’s barrage pops up and fires a few bursts. This time, the enemy’s aim is good, and I suffer a casualty. My infantry, as well as an Abrams in overwatch, return fire with small arms and coax. Its enough to finish off the lone enemy soldier. The BMP-2 is in a good keyhole position, covering down a road that separates my infantry from the buildings on NAI 3. Crossing a road like this is already a very dangerous thing to do, and is known as a Linear Danger Area (LDA). In order to deal with this serious threat, I move Scout Team 3 off of their observation post and down into a position where they can get eyes on the BMP and engage it with their Javelin. The scout team is able to get into position and take aim. The scout fires moments later, and the missile hits its mark. On the right flank, 3rd platoon advances cautiously into the woods covering NAI 1. It doesn’t take long to find the enemy. A fire team takes fire from it’s front and suffers a minor casualty. Thankfully, the soldiers body armor prevents the wound from being serious. One of the scout teams helping to clear the woods pushes up and spots the enemy. They begin engaging with rifle fire and grenades. Having pinned down the enemy, the scout team capitalizes on the situation and rushes the fighting position. The scouts kill the remaining enemy soldier and occupy the fighting position for themselves. In this short but violent exchange, I was lucky. I only suffered one man lightly wounded, while killing 2 enemy soldiers and taking their fighting position. The last thing I want to do is get sucked into a costly close quarter fight in these woods. It’s not even my main objective. Moments later, another enemy position is discovered further into the woods, on a very slight reverse slope. My goal is to quickly sweep the edges of the forest for enemy assets that can pose a long range threat to my advance down the MSR, such as ATGM teams or artillery spotters. Once these threats have been found and neutralized, the infantry will fall back and let the armored vehicles strongpoint the position. That way, if the enemy decides to attack out of the woods, they will be cut down in the open by my vehicles. Here is an overhead view of the woods covering NAI 1: This should help to illustrate my intentions with NAI 1. I would need much more than a platoon of infantry to clear these woods, and even then it would be long and bloody. It simply isn’t worth the effort. The good news is, the terrain appears to be too dense for the enemy vehicles to emerge in any semblance of order or speed. As long as NAI 1 is strong pointed by friendly armor, I should be able to keep it bottled up and it will not pose a threat to my advance down the MSR. 2nd platoon (infantry) along with elements of 2nd platoon (armored) and the Task Force command element move forward to establish new overwatch positions along the right side of the MSR. A call comes over the radio informing the JTAC that the Apache called in on the possible enemy armor concentration behind NAI 1 is now on station. Moments later, a missile is seen streaking into the sky. The shot came so fast that the Apache pilot didn’t have time to pop flares in defense. The enemy missile hits the Apache, destroying it. This is an expensive lesson to learn. The airspace is not safe for aircraft. Half of my available fire support is now restricted until I can proof the airspace. However, there is hardly any time to contemplate this new dilemma. The two tanks from 2nd platoon (armored) advance to a berm and discover… What appears to be an entire enemy tank company in a reverse slope position, at point blank range. Before either of my tanks have a chance to react, one of the enemy tanks fires at Number 3 tank. The round impacts the berm, causing no damage. My tanks are quick to respond. In rapid succession, they pump 2 rounds into targets to their direct front, destroying them. The exchange is not one sided. Before either of my tanks have a chance to reload, number 3 tank takes a penetrating hit to its lower glacis plate. The Abrams is destroyed, but all 4 crewmen survive the hit and are able to bail out of the tank without suffering a casualty. While this is happening, the infantry from 2nd platoon dismount their Bradley’s and begin advancing on NAI 11. They are immediately greeted by a hail of gunfire from enemy infantry occupying the buildings on NAI 11. The fire causes no casualties, and is quickly returned and silenced by 25mm HE fired from the Bradley’s overwatching the infantry as they dismount. I’m now in a precarious position. I have deployed infantry and their Bradley’s dangerously close to enemy tanks in a reverse slope position. Further, I now only have 1 tank directly observing and engaging what appears to be a company of enemy T-72s. If the T-72s are able to maneuver out of the reverse slope position, they could destroy a significant number of Bradley’s and Abrams at point blank range with just a single volley. I have tanks in overwatch positions, but they would likely not be able to react in time to prevent a mini-catastrophe. In response, I quickly maneuver 2 teams of Abrams to either flank of the reverse slope position to keep the enemy engaged and hopefully pin him down/destroy him so the T-72s cannot threaten my IFVs and infantry in the open. What happens next is pure chaos.
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    I figured it was about time I created a scenario for this title and I am now in the closing stages of finishing off a scenario titled Assault on Port Cros. The scenario, while based on historical events, is not what I would term as an accurate representation of them so this is more of an attempt to offer something new and maybe different for CMBN. The basics: Play Mode: Allied vs Axis AI only. Battle Type: Allied attack. Battle Size: Large (I know this is subjective so to qualify this it is an Allied company plus force against an approximate Axis battalion element). Battle Length: 3hrs 30 minutes (although this may change based on final testing). Map Size: 2368x1264m Requirements: Market Garden and Vehicle Pack modules. The basics of the history are that the First Special Service Force assaulted German coastal defences, including Port Cros, on a small island group covering the approaches to the Port of Toulon to set the conditions for the main Operation Dragoon landings in the south of France in August 1944. The following image forms part of one of the briefing graphics for the scenario:
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    These Tactical Problems designed by Todd Justice ( @ScoutPL ) and myself are designed to give small scale (Platoon to Company (+)) and short (around 30 minute) games for two players to test and explore tactical solutions to unique situations. They are Head to Head only in order to provide the toughest challenge. Each side in these scenarios is designed to provide a challenge, though some sides may be tougher than others, refer to the scenario complexity ratings for the difficulty rating for each side. Post your solutions in the comments section for each scenario, or on the Battlefront forum. We might in the future add AI to each side of these scenarios based on the best submitted solutions for each side. Links below: PBEM Tactical Problems Introduction PBEM Tactical Problem 01 - A Rifle Behind Every Tree PBEM Tactical Problem 02 - Strongpoint! (Coming Soon) PBEM Tactical Problem 03 - The Last Hundred Yards (Coming Soon) It had always been my intent to provide Tactical Problems like these on my blog to allow you to learn and test tactical situations. Please leave your feedback below. I would suggest that if you have an AAR or a solution to one of these scenarios that you start a new thread and post a link to it in this thread to keep spoilers to a minimum. Bil
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    Some Marines keeping an eye on things.
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    encouragement !

    Personally, I agree with some of what Carl has to say, but his delivery and demeanor suck. The good points he might make get buried by his attitude and combative nature. He's rude and obnoxious when there is no need to be and this thread is a perfect example. There's a fairly defined demilitarized zone between rabid fanboy and bitter troll and an objective thoughtful person can usually navigate it without setting off the landmines. Unfortunately, Carl tends to break dance his way through...in clown shoes...on a pogo stick. Mord.
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    Greetings! This is my first real attempt with the editor - which started out from this real-world Luftwaffe aerial shot I came across for the village of Golynki, west of Smolensk... ...which I stretched to fit more neatly into a CM-friendly grid, and came out with this map: It is a 2000m x 1792m map, covering a few types of terrain: a peat bog in the northern half, a wooded area and the near-pristine village of Tregubovka to the southeast, and the larger village of Golynki to the soutwest, which has been largely demolished and abandoned under the German occupation. The map is divided in half by drainage ditch running north-south (both it and a secondary ditch on the northeast side are passable 'shallow ford' throughout), and has a major rail line running east-west in the bottom quarter of the map. At the moment, I have no data on any actions that took place here - all I learned is that this area was recaptured by the Soviets in October 1943 (I originally thought it was part of the CMRT timeline in 1944, but it is not so). It's a very detailed, handcrafted map - it may still need a bit of optimization as I went very heavy on the flavour objects (so the frame rate might drag down in certain areas, depending on your system). On the upside, it's very pretty in places I'm trying to figure out what to do with it in terms of scenario - and since I have absolutely 0 experience with scenario building and AI programming at the moment, any help or advice would be appreciated! What would you like to see on this map? At the moment, there is no AI and all the parameters, objectives, etc. are placeholders only. It's only really usable in the editor right now. You may download my current WIP version of it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hA9cr80cdMmHkGK8mhhbNgZz_LAefsyH ...or in the forum attachment. If you have anything that you'd like to create on this map yourself, or use it or any part of it for your own scenarios - you're very welcome to do so (with credit for map given). Thanks for checking it out! CCIP - Golynki (v01 map only).btt
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    C2 & Information Sharing

    Some interesting topics have been started about how information moves through the C2 chain both vertically (up & down the chain of command) and horizontally (directly from one team to another team). As a result I did some experimenting with C2 & information sharing. Below are the results and several chronological screen shots from the experiment. If anyone can offer a correction or additional information please do. Additional useful information on the topic: Game manual 3.01 page 62 Command & Control. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/113787-can-somebody-answer-some-questions-on-information-sharing/ The distance information can be shared vertically (chain of command). Voice C2: Up to six action spots, approximately 48 meters. Close Visual (eyeball) C2: Up to 12 action spots, approximately 96 meters. Distant Visual C2: As far as the unit’s line of sight. (In the experiment I had units sharing information vertically with Distant Visual at 40 action spots, approximately 480 meters before I stopped.) Radio C2: Entire map. (In the WWII titles If a unit is moving on foot they will drop out of radio C2 during the movement) The distance information can be shared horizontally (directly between teams). Up to four action spots, approximately 32 meters. (Sometimes a team had to move to within 3 action spots) Can information be shared horizontally between teams from different battalions? Yes Can information be shared between to different HQs that do not have a common higher HQ? Vertically: No (With no common higher HQ there is no bridge for the information to pass over) Horizontally: Yes I used two different US battalions on a custom made map for the experiment. The 4th US Tank Battalion on the west (left) side of the map and the 1st US Infantry Battalion on the east (right) side. A high ridgeline divided the two battalions. At the beginning of the experiment no units of the 4th Battalion were in C2 with units of the 1st Battalion. An immobilized German Marder II was used as the OpFor unit to be spotted and reported. The scouts move out to locate the German Marder II. At 03:58:43 the scouts obtain a sound contact for the Marder II but they are out of C2. 1st Platoon is selected but shows no icon for the Marder II. Additional to follow.
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    Veins Russian/Ukrainian infantry

    A few people have asked for them so in the time honoured tradition: if you want them bung me a PM. Note: they are a V1, I haven't really gone to town on them. There may be a V2. There may not. Russkies Ukes Ukes Digital
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