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    TACai rocks!

    The scenario is Battlegroup Attacks! by George MC. (Thank you Sir!). A mix mechanized Syrian and U.K. force face off in Syrian hilly terrain in a PBEM with myself as Red force. A BMP-2 seizes the opportunity to take a pot shot at a Challenger 2 with it's AT-5 ATGM. N.B. The only orders I gave to the BMP-2 were as follows; 1. Reverse out of the Wadi around 20m to gain LoS. 2. Face towards blue Challenger contact. Everything else is the TACai's automatic orders. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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    So let’s hop out of the comic for a bit and present certain information you will find helpful to follow along in the story. The map is about 1 square kilometre. Side to side and front to back dimensions are just over 1km each. The allies start in a clearing in the upper right corner, the Germans are everywhere else. Time allotted for the battle is one hour. A ridgeline divides the map, and it borders an impassable river that has 4 crossings - the three fords near the allied zone, and the bridge at the village lower right. The river side of the ridgeline is open, rough ground. It is exposed to fire from units in the village almost to the nearest ford. The inland (north) side of the ridge is densely wooded. The ground is almost perfectly flat south of the river, from the village to the allied zone. On the other side of the ridge, the land starts flat at the far (east) end, and eventually slopes somewhat steeply in the town, and beyond, to the hilltop. The hamlet in the upper left (northeast) corner is the completely flat plains area, facing the ridge that rises just at its periphery. It’s March, so spring melt and rain has left the ground a bit damp.
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    Geez there's a lot of whingeing on this forum - perhaps due to a preponderance of Brits among the heavy posters. As for me, I play all the BF games and my favourite is whatever I happen to be playing the most of at the time (this month, CMRT). I'm eager for all the new releases, but in all these years I have never been at a loss for new content to play with.
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    Secondary School:
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    Assassin 1 moves off as the shelling of Al Rafai continues.
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    @Liveload I fully appreciate that the Syrians are defending their country, and Brit flippancy doesn't always travel. As I said, I just took "Typical" for everything and upgraded a couple of sniper teams, 1 Observer team, and the sole 120 mm mortar (to Veteran - they seem to be significantly more accurate than the 82mms). So everyone is green or conscript. Howver, while some of the Syrian army is highly effective: the Tiger Forces and the 4th Division, I stand by my observations about a good deal of the Syrian Army. Not out of prejudice - it is a conscript army and very different to highly professional NATO forces. Look at the photos - most of them have no body armour, not even a steel helmet. I wouldn't go into battle like that, let alone without kevlar+ceramic plates, eye protection (I met a Brit ex-Squaddie a couple of months ago who caught an IED in Afghanistan - he showed me a pic: his face was a mess but the protective eyewear saved his sight, you could see where he was wearing it cos it was fine and the rest was all bloody - it ws like a white eyemask amid red). The Syrian army has taken horrendous casualties and probably "All the best men are dead" type of thing. How motivated would anyone here be to fight without decent protection? So I think BF are very realistic in simulating what we would call "poor quality troops" and they would call "staying alive to come home" people. I have also read several accounts of westerners fighting with the Kurdish forces in Syria, and while the Kurds are clearly very heavily motivated they still have discipline problems, unprofessionalism/individualism and of course a lack of every sort of support and logistics which NATO (and I assume the Russians) take for granted.
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    Personally, the development communication and release dates are of no concern to me. A software company has a product and sells it. It does not sell what it does not yet have (except some pre-order exceptions). Whenever I am contemplating things that have not yet been released, it just means that I am probably bored. Which is fine in itself, as long as it doesn't get me annoyed. That is then my problem, not the software company's problem. It was only the initial state of the v4 upgrades that I was not happy about. I have mixed feelings about that time between v4.00 and v4.02.
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    Game feature I miss

    What do you mean? The editor already has a Headcount setting that allows you to reduce the strength of a unit.
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    What is that? Steve has posted before on this, they know and appreciate their customer base is a niche market. Though selling more product than they expect is always a good thing they also know roughly the budget they have to work with. <Economist hat on and a quick google search because it's my lunch break and I'm lazy> In economics, productivity refers to how much output can be produced with a given set of inputs. Productivity increases when more output is produced with the same amount of inputs or when the same amount of output is produced with less inputs. <Hat off> Never assume having more people on staff means you will produce more. Anyone who's worked for an organisation with 100+ workers and a dedicated Human Resources team knows this first hand.
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    I'm actually kind of enjoying this map making lark,. A small village (and its associated Rice Paddies) astride of the highway & rail line & to the North of Bong Son... ... still awhile to go.
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    MARINES At 1011 hours local time (0911 zulu) Task Force Wasp arrives off the coast of Al Mout and begins preparing for disembarkation. To support the Marines, a large number of aircraft from both the Wasp and Enterprise are launched and settle into their on call air stations. By 1022 local, all aircraft are at their stations and the Marines are ready to disembark. Regime forces have not been able to detect my ships, until now. Task Force Wasp is within visual range of the city, and both the U-2 and Global Hawk UAV are showing a lot of increased military activity in the city. The good news is it appears the Regime has been taken by surprise. Most of their armed forces in the city appear to be trying to secure and triage targets stuck by the Tomahawk strikes or are centered around the Canadian consulate. There do not appear to be many Regime forces near the US consulate, though that is likely to change quickly. Having the city under complete surveillance like this gives me a definite advantage. As Marine AAVs begin to hit the water, air controllers aboard the Wasp coordinate with the U-2 and Global Hawk feeds to begin directing airstrikes in the city. The Marines are entering Al Mout with a bang. At 1025 local time, the first wave of Marines hit the water. Four AAVs carry the reconnaissance platoon, scout sniper platoon, and the engineer platoon. In the distance smoke columns can be seen rising into the sky, marking the locations of the Tomahawk strike targets. Flying overhead are a pair of Super Cobra’s. They are initially tasked with scanning the beach for any hostile presence and engaging it if it exists. For now however it appears that the beach is completely undefended. That could quickly change. It is only a matter of time until someone in the city realizes there are amphibious vehicles on their way to shore. It will take roughly 5 minutes for the AAVs to make a one-way trip. That means that the first wave of Marines, a relatively small group, will be alone for at least 10 minutes. This initial landing will be one of the most vulnerable instances the Marines will have to face. They are not completely helpless though. In addition to the two Super Cobra’s, much of the city is under active surveillance. If Regime forces make a move for the beachhead they will be quickly spotted, and orbiting CAS aircraft can be vectored in to interdict them. The Cobra’s spot and engage a few enemy vehicles on MSR Market just inland from the beachhead as the Marines approach. If the Regime didn’t know we were coming, they do now. As if to confirm it, a flurry of activity is seen. Armed personnel are seen pouring out of a large building complex in multiple directions. This situation quickly becomes a serious problem. Based on what is being observed, it appears that the building complex is some kind of assembly area for a large contingent of dismounted Regime infantry. This building complex sits at the intersection of MSR Wiley and Market and is directly next to blocking position Bugs. A Company’s blocking position and route of advance into the city to the US consulate appears to have an enemy assembly area smack in the middle of it. Before Marines have even put boots down on hostile soil, the fog of war rears its ugly head. Intelligence failed to identify this concentration of enemy forces at a critical spot. The solution is simple, an old but true tactical maxim. Most any problem can be solved with the proper application of firepower. And firepower is something the Marines have in spades. Two Hornets loaded with 2000lb JDAMs are ordered to strike the building complex. The first JDAM misses its target by about 8 meters, slamming into the dirt road next to the complex. The second JDAM is dead on target. While this goes a long way to mitigating this potentially serious issue, it does not solve it outright. The remains of the complex will have to be swept by elements of A Company in addition to establishing blocking position Bugs. This will add a time delay to the plan, prolonging the time both the Marines and consulate personnel are exposed to danger, increasing the chance of taking casualties.
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    Minute 0:51-0:50: Taking and receiving fire. The recon vehicle is not harmed. Recon by fire continues. More infantry from B Co head towards the woods. There is no sign of the AT gun that hit my tank last turn. No hint at all of where it must be. On top of that the shriek of artillery is heard. No impacts yet.
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    Rome to Victory Release Date

    "Did you see that?" Mord.
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    In general: US halftracks are horribly vulnerable, and not good as a fighting position. They're fine if you can guarantee fire superiority, but that inherently limits the situations where this can be used. German halftracks have their gun shield, which can be quite effective. I do not unbutton these. Instead I allow the gunner to pop up and down as appropriate, minimising their exposure. The intention here is to fight from distance (500-1000m) and firmly to the front, limiting the possible angles of incoming fire to a few degrees. Any crossing fire will kill the gunner quickly. Elevation and ridge crests certainly help. The halftrack is a supporting arm, and a method of getting an HMG into a supporting position quickly, to cover a move. It's not a primary combat element.
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    nik mond

    Rome to Victory Release Date

    Don't worry, Ian does a mean Chico Buarque impersonation. You will be convinced. His Tony Montana is pretty good too but that's for the next module chu cockaroach.
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    Michael Emrys

    Game feature I miss

    Spontaneously generated maps was a feature I liked and missed in CMx2, but the maps we have now are all more meticulously drawn and detailed, and sometimes more historically accurate. So at the end of the day, I'd have to say we are better off now. Perfection would be spontaneously drawn maps as nicely done as todays...but that is probably not possible at the present time. So it goes into the distant wish bucket. Michael
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    You're welcome... Still working on other elements - stay tuned!
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    Sh1t the bed mate … that's an area about four times larger than I would have gone for if I'd made that map. Good luck with that tree placement 😉
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    Arsenal of the Reich. Mord.
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    I only started to pay attention to it more recently as well. I played SF2 and had Syrian BMP-1s of low quality. The TC needs to unbutton to fire the ATGM and I tried to have them unbuttoned but each turn they would button down out of fear of the enemy. So I noticed that the icon shifted from the distinct ATGM to sidearm each turn.
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    George MC

    Moving in columns.

    Scouts/Advance Guard/main body/rearguard (and each part replicates this formation i.e. the main body would have a scout/advance guard and rear guard within it's formation). Scouts way up front and don't forget the flanks (to contact the enemy) followed by advance guard (but leading with it's own scouts) vehicles minimum 15s apart. Order in column depends on terrain e.g. close terrain I'd have infantry up front, open terrain more likely tanks with a few infantry riding the tanks to act as de-facto spotters.
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    Sgt Squarehead suggested I post in this thread. I'm a newbie with previous mod experience in other sims, and I'm interested in - perhaps - modding CM. In exchange for being shown the mod ropes, I'm willing to adapt some already existing Asian object models to CM plus make a few more for Heaven & Earth. A few sample shots below. They are lowish polycount models intended for static window dressing - "flavor" models, roughly equivalent to LOD2 models that should not impact the game's performance very much. The UVW maps and artwork would have to be reworked to fit CM's requirements. Additionally, I already have a few high polycount models plus can also make a few new ones.
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    Mythological creatures created to discredit those with whom one wishes to disagree. Michael
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    Getting back to the OP, the first question you should be asking is does BF want to be producing more. Obviously we pretty much all have the view that we can never get enough. However from BFs view getting larger may be exactly what they don’t want. Granted I think things are going a bit slower than they’d like right now, but a lot of that is tied to specific projects. CMSF2 (which suffered from some mission creep, but the end result was worth it) and CMFI (which will likely go into the lessons learned column but will still be worth it in the end as a unique product). Once CMFI is out the door I would hope the plumbing throughput should improve. I doubt either Charles or Steve is interested in spending more time in people management.
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    Syrian requesting fire mission sounds

    I just checked & found these in my mod folder, presumably part of an unfinished mod for some video I was considering making... I think I got 'em from Project reality. It should be noted that all voice files found in the Blue forces can have arabic equivalents (including voices for incoming artillery & grenade battles, burning vehicles... stuff like that)... a fact which Heaven & Earth has taken advantage of.
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    RPG reloading

    Aurelius is correct and he has it down to perfection on his times as to how to get a shot off and then run back into cover. And his proof was how he managed to keep one ATGM team alive after multiple firings on my American force that I could not get a lock on him with.
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    Bug Report - Seeking Cover Bug

    Weird. I don't think anyone has noticed this before.
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    Tal Malah

    Hi All, Sorry about the radio silence. We have been busy working on our next phase of the project, which is a campaign covering the Spring/Summer offensive of 2019 from early May thru current. Right now we are testing new scenario concepts and creating maps. All of your favorite characters will be making a return. Abu Bob, Abu Steve, Abu Allmani, the GoPro Units...and a few new ones that you'll hopefully enjoy even more. I know you're asking, "but how are they making a return if I killed them in the last scenario?!?!". Ask yourself how many times a terrorist has been declared dead only to turn up at a later date alive and well...🤣 We'll post some screens as we get closer to completion.
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    Might want to check out some Syrian civil war scenarios being worked on, they are really interesting to play.
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    You must. The closest ive seen the military portrayed on TV:
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    I sure do hate being caught out in a barrage. It's the worst. Sorry Dude.
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    I always hate the vulnerability of those 88mm's. Great firepower, but difficult to keep alive. Curious whether it can kill that Sherman.
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    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMFI.

    Great to see you back, Olek. Don't forget to tone down the colored badges. A few days dust and they would all look greyish - currently they are so bright they make for good enemy aiming points.
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    My suspicion is that BFC has a programmer heavy workload which is permanently slowing development down, and we'll never see any major increase in development speed during the lifetime of CM2. Especially given that each series is standalone rather than a DCS model where they all have one parent. ~6 installers, ~6 engine upgrades ~6 series of tests, ~6 patches. CM:FI CM:BN CM:RT CM:FB CM:SF2 CM:BS I also wouldn't be surprised if there still isn't a certain amount of code debt from the "interesting" launch of of CM:SF. And even if BF could hire more programmers I don't think they would have an easy time of it. Working on a niche wargame probably isn't the most lucrative career choice for someone who isn't an owner/operator.
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    Hammer's Flank Crossing the River

    In the end I did not feel that Red Thunder was a waste because while it contains the single worst campaign I've played in a CM game it also contains the single best campaign I've played so far, "Blunting the Spear". That was worth the price of admission alone. To me it also just highlights how much more accessible German sources were about the war, and also influential they were over the history of the Eastern Front. Most of the scenarios are pretty good and I believe it was the first game in the series that had master maps? I'm working on my own campaign for it now that I should finish sometime before the year ends maybe but the master maps were crucial for that. EDIT: I also used the campaign unpacker to "rescue" Hammer's Flank by rebalancing the campaign in the scenario editor. I feel the missions were much more interesting with more artillery support for the Russians, I also redesigned the German defenses so they were less spread out and more concentrated on individual "nodes" or "outposts" to make them less vulnerable to the huge bombardments I made use of. This presented more opportunities for flanking out German defenses but also made unexpected run ins with strong points more punishing although it was difficult for me to find anything "unexpected" when I knew the changes I had made. 😁
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    As someone who's literally facing (my office space faces theirs) a third 'office manager', nothing wrong with the person in question, managing the 'office' of some 25+ people inside on a lucky day, I felt sympathy to this comment. Now don't get me started on our HR manager. 😀
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    METT-T: Troops Order of battle 1 Battalion Pretoria Regiment, 6th Armoured Division: Comandant Litson 2IC: Major Hooker A Squadron: Major Fry 3 Troop: Lieutenant Smit 4 Troop: Lieutenant Rassau 5 Troop: Lieutenant Liebenberg 6 Troop: Lieutenant Black Headquarters Squadron: Major Erasmus Recon Troop: Lieutenant White 2 Troop (Assault gun): Lieutenant Long 24th Battalion Sikh Regiment: Lt. Col Ram Singh 2IC: Thakur Singh FO: Capt. Shabeg Singh Support Company: Major Chanda Singh Mortar Platoon: Lt. Balak Singh Carrier Platoon: Lt. Sahib Singh Pioneer Platoon: Lt. Ultar Singh A Company: 1 Platoon: Lt. Bhola Singh 2 Platoon: Lt. Bal Singh 3 Platoon: Lt. Gurmucky Singh B Company: 4 Platoon: Lt. Shagwan Singh 5 Platoon: Lt. Buta Singh 6 Platoon: Lt. Nand Singh 2nd Independent Field Squadron: Major Ghafoor 2IC: Capt. Kahn Flamethrower Section: Lance Corporal Jamil 1 Platoon: Lt. Jabbar METT-T: Time That battle is 1 hour long. I am sure we will end the battle before that due to casualties.
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    comics with spelling errors? I've never done that, nope not ever /s good job, I dislike the blood smear or whatever is it overlaying the panels. its fine in the gutters, but the panels shouldn't be layered over like that IMO.
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    This happens to me all the time with most of the baked in scenarios that come with the game, which is why I mostly ignore them. Instead, I create my own using the Quick Battle tools. I also find most big battles tiresome. For WW II I usually attack with a company of infantry reinforced with a platoon of tanks, or something similar, against an objective defended by a platoon or two of mostly strong infantry. What I am trying to do in that is to put myself in the position of the commander of the commander who has been given the job of capturing the objective. I would want to have confidence in his unit's ability to achieve the objective in the time allotted even if he is only an average officer. So I would try to provide him with the resources to do so. Most of the scenarios that come with the game are winnable, but they can be a real struggle requiring a commander who is both brilliant and lucky. That is not a reliable way to win a war. Michael
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    Looking forward to the next iteration fella.....As soon as the delta's done, I'm at your service if needed.
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    Russian army under equipped?

    Having an autoloader doesn't mean that being a tank crewman is less manual. What do you do when your tank throws a track, or something else fails and doesn't really warrant a recovery crew?
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    Mord's Shock Force Portraits

    Here you go
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    Most of my various blender experiments have been pretty disappointing today, however I did get this little baby working... Another link. https://imgur.com/dohWGWm If you can't see the link, here's the 25mb file*.. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ar0-nWIeMPIA2HtJHwp43aQDG5Je?e=DH8xyv
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    A fair point. The easy answer is, I wanted the scenario to be focused on the consulate evacuation and not as heavy on the other aspects. That, and as I mentioned I'm not trying to write a technothriller here. This AAR is a bit of a proof of concept, seeing how viable/workable it is to create a hybrid AAR like this. So far I'm finding it quite manageable and fun to do. That means there could be a follow up to this AAR, or even a whole new scenario in the future. So at the least, it may be possible that I do a new AAR like this with a more thoroughly equipped OpFor. The not-so-easy answer is, even if the Abbudin Regime had land based or air based anti-ship missile assets, it would be extremely difficult for them to get any missiles through to targets. Both the Enterprise and Wasp are mutually covered by the host of CGs and DDGs, as well as the F-18s flying air superiority. Further, the Regime would have difficulty cutting through the significant jamming present and finding targets to engage. In fact, the only ships they could hope to engage at this point is Task Force Wasp. There is no way for them to see the Enterprise and her company at this time. Additionally, even if they were able to get good locks on, lets say the Wasp, the Regime would have to volley fire a huge amount of missiles to have any chance of scoring a hit. Here's the quick math rundown: the ships of Task Force Wasp carry a grand total of 220 missiles capable of shooting down incoming missiles. Standard doctrine is to fire 2 anti-missile missiles per incoming ASM. That means that, to break even and increase the chance of a kill, the Regime would have to fire over 110 ASMs to cut through Task Force Wasps missile shield. Now, that does not factor in the Hornets. Each Hornet carries 6 AMRAAMs and 2 Sidewinders as a standard load, plus its 20mm gun. All of which are capable of shooting down incoming ASMs as well. Enterprise has 12 Hornets assigned to air superiority, for a total of 96 more missiles. So, for the Regime to cut through all of Task Force Wasps missile defense, and all additional missiles carried by the Hornets, they would have to fire at least 160 missiles all at once to have a chance of scoring a hit. Also don't forget about point defense weapons like the 20mm Phalanx CWIS, deck guns (which are capable of engaging incoming missiles) and passive countermeasures like chaff and flare, which ships can deploy in defense against missiles. And again, this doesn't take into account my jamming, or the fact that the P-15 land based missile only has a range of 45nm and would be easy prey for Tomahawks. The second the P-15s illuminated their radars to target my ships, they would be instantly detected by all of my various ELINT assets (situated at different bearings, so triangulation would be very quick) and engaged with Tomahawks. All of that said, like I mentioned earlier future scenario's can cover the larger spectrum of warfare.
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    Perhaps I spoke too soon. I have now lost 2 Abrams 🙄
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    The old eLicense copy-protected games would require you to 'unlicese' the old installation first in order to preserve the activation (two per license key - an internet connection is necessary for the unlicensing). CMSF, CMA, CMBO, CMBB, CMAK, most of the Strategic Command series and a number of other games used this copy-protection system. Newer games from CMBN and on utilize a newer copy-protection system that does NOT have an unlicense function. Instead each license key has four initial activations and you simply activate the new installation on the new computer (or reinstallation of your OS, etc.), using a second activation, etc.. When you run out of activations you can simply contact the Helpdesk to request more activations (providing the license keys of those products that need new activations).
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    Aris Vehicle Thread...

    Guess the tank, guess the mod,...next is:
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