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    Irrational Behaviour

    I can't speak about every company out there but I've been doing software testing both professionally and for hobbies like CM for decades. Yes, decades. Have yet to see any of said companies set up a place for the end user to upload files. The onus has always been that the user does so. And surprisingly, it works very well indeed from small businesses to companies with thousands of employees working for them, as I've had experience from one extreme to the other. I'm sure there are those out there that do it differently and it works for them. Good for them. Good grief.
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    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    If you only play one game, it may seem a long time between Christmases, but CMSF came out in 2007 and in that time we've had: CMSF, + 3 modules CMBN, + 3 modules and a pack CMFI, + 1 module CMRT CMBS CMSF2 (that's been loads of fun!) ...plus 2 more modules on the way apparently quite soon. That's 14 games and modules in 12 years, plus 3 upgrades. That doesn't seem too bad. I've had plenty to play with, although I'm looking forward to the next 2 modules. I mean - I could wish for more, and there have been some quiet spells, but all up it's still kept me more engaged by far than an any game I've ever played.
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    Well, better late than never, I've recently gotten back into playing CMBN and, being a total mod slut, I had to spend an age loading all the delicious booty into my Z folder. Not content with that, I wanted more so I got to modding a few bits and pieces, one thing led to another and here I am several months later posting a newish mod. Announcing (taken from the readme) ... Lucky_Strike’s - EZ’s Heer Panzer Crew with HBT uniforms and more! This mod is based on the superb Heer Panzer Crew v.2 uniform mod made by Ez. It adds the reed-green HBT (herringbone twill) uniform issued to panzer troops from 1943. The HBT uniform was a lightweight version of the black woollen Sonderbekleidung der Panzertruppen (Special Clothing for the Panzer Troops) uniform meant as summer wear. It was similar to the reed-green drill uniform issued to armoured reconnaissance units from May 1941 intended to improve their camouflage. The panzer crew HBT uniform featured a large pocket on both the chest and thigh, a factory applied national emblem on the chest, and loops and buttons for attaching shoulder straps. Many troops wore this uniform in preference to the heavy black woollen uniform in summer and wore it over their black uniform in winter for additional warmth. The uniform was also issued to, and sometimes acquired by, Panzerjäger, Sturmgeschütz and other armoured crews. Also added to the mod are extra neck-ware/polo-neck colours and variations, and a custom-made officer’s feldjacke in Italian Telo Mimetico camouflage Zeltbahn material. I design these mods to use for my personal gaming experience. I use a modified version of BarbaricCo’s WarMovie shaders ADVANCED v.112 for CMBN. Below you can see a comparison of what the mods will look like without a shader in use. Please don’t expect the mod colours to necessarily look exactly like they do in the preview images within your own game setup. Files are at CMMODS III here More preview images. All thanks and praise to the mighty Ez for his original mods, help and inspiration, and of course to the guys at Battlefront for such a great and enduring game. Lucky_Strike
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    Irrational Behaviour

    I could not get this to happen in the Roadblock scenario no matter what combinations I tried, in multiple attempts. However in the Scottish Corridor first scenario, it's pretty consistent, in two places. I related this in the beta forum with a idea of what is happening and how to reproduce so that someone besides just me can check. Also, I'm on a Mac. Occasionally Mac vs. PC makes a difference. In this case I would bet it doesn't. It's a logic thing, not graphics. Posting this here so that people know that when something like this gets posted, it does get looked at right away, reproduced, and acted on (acted on for right now would be posting a bug report to the database). It appears to be some specific sets of circumstances to me. But that's why others need to verify it. I could also be wrong 🙂 Saved game files REALLY help, if it's something reproducible so that you can get a save. That way we can compare the save to us running it fresh. In this case it was much easier to see what was happening by running it myself at Basic Training level, because I could see all the Germans and what was happening to them.
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    Irrational Behaviour

    The onus is on the customer because the customer is reporting WHAT THEY PERCEIVE to be a bug. Sure BF could open an account and allow anyone in the world to post files to it, but I think you can guess how that would work if you'd take a moment to think about it... mayhem. Lots of files, no standard naming, no idea what they are in reference to etc. The real alternative would be to post to a ticketing system...which they do have and it is reserved for the beta testers as we actually comply with what the standards that BF sets versus whatever standard forumite X wants to use. That you can't bothered to have a free account to post a file and send a link makes it very clear about the amount of effort you are willing to commit to the process. If you can't be bothered to do that why would anyone think you'd put anymore effort into a different solution? And I am pretty certain you actually can post a save to the forum. I know I have done it. So what are you going on about again? As to your opinion about what BF needs to do for QA and beta testers etc, you are certainly entitled to an opinion, but unless that is backed with a willingness to pay more for the game so BF could consider additional staff…… well it is highly unlikely that it is going to happen. my dumbass save.btt
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    A Walk In The Sun...

    So Interesting you brought this up. Hopefully, one day, you'll know why.
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    Snowy Windows

    Little mod I made to supplement the snow effects on modular buildings in CMFB What it does: Adds snow effect to doors, windows and window frames in snow conditions (i.e using tags). Adds some snowy balcony frames - these aren't very good though as they way texture is used elsewhere prohibits a nice effect on the balcony floor, but better than nothing I suppose. Also, I fixed the window alphas for every window used on modular buildings so when you look through a window the frames and windows are in the correct position (i.e the window texture and alphas now match up so the window is transparent and the frame isn't - not always the case in the window textures.). I'll try and post some screenshots at some point. https://drive.google.com/open?id=147QdozhNwhkrec0gvVDnvcDZyA4qk_zL
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    That "agreement" is a perpetuating myth. Gorbachev himself denies there was actually any agreement, yet that doesn't stop it coming up about NATO encroachment. Big brass bells or not. As to the US spending money to upgrade Ukrainian ports - let me get this straight, the validation as to the value of these ports is based on the reaction of Russia seizing the Crimea illegally.... isn't that a circular argument? If Russian had not seized the Crimea do you think the US would be spending this money or dispatching units into Poland etc? As to NATO membership - The UN charter determines that nations have the right to decide their own agreements. If Eastern European nations feel threatened by Russian aggression and seek to form protective alliances whose fault is that? Man you guys really bend over backwards trying to find validation for Russia's aggression by pointing at other nations reactions to protect themselves. I should be used to that on this forum, but it still befuddles me. I am perfectly happy to argue about the mistakes my country makes strategically and politically (of which there are many to be sure), but the stone wall of defense of mother Russia never being able to be wrong, produce bogus super military hardware that is all about sound bites but is still defended as something that will kill NATO yadayadayada…. Do you guys listen to yourselves and wonder about your objectivity? Guess not.
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    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    The R2V (Rome to Victory) info site is active and has additional screenshots. https://www.battlefront.com/fortress-italy/cmfi-rome-to-victory-module/?tab=screens
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    For a guy sitting sidelined for a serious medical issue you are getting far too worked up. We'd like you to be around a bit longer so please try to mellow down a bit. If you don't we'll have to speak to the nursing staff about cutting off your wifi privileges.
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    Irrational Behaviour

    Are you kidding? Sigh, clearly you are not. Do you have any idea how poor the quality of bug reports are? We have people claiming all kinds of stuff as broken. And BTW I understand that and do not object. It is a fact of life. In the end testers need to firm them up and get a solid report written. Eventually Charles needs to make a code change to fix a big or one of the modelers needs to change a model or Mike D needs to tweak a texture. In the end one or all of these things needs to be done to fix a bug. So like your doctor thier time is valuable and we want them working on actionable work items all day long. Post that say "a missile when through my tank" or "artillery shell blew up inside x" do not give them actionable work. Someone needs to identify a problem specifically and identify a solution that needs to happen. Even for directly obvious stuff they need specifics that don't appear in a bug report as a sentence. Heck even a screen shot may not be enough - which exact varant of a vehicle is that? Then there are the more nuanced behavior things where there is disagreement on what the right action really is or how prevalent it is. Someone needs to do some statistical work and then have a discussion of what should be happening. So, as one of those testers that's my job. One that I both take seriously and quite like. Having said that my time is valuable to me too so I need a leg up. You guys are the ones seeing something odd so hit the save button. It's not hard. Get a Dropbox account it's easy. So, BFC doesn't have a repository for saves whaaa. That would be one more thing to maintain. Heck use email - I will and have shared my email with members to report stuff. You guys are right none of this is hard and it is pretty petty to be complaining about not having a way to push saves to BFC when it is so easy to do so. And while we are on the subject of saves here is a real example of why it matters. Someone on the forum stated that missiles sometimes go through tanks without doing any damage. That concerned me so I asked for a save - actually I think they might have offered one I cannot remember. Without a save I would have had to spend hours creating and running a test. I would never have seen it happen. With the save I was able to see that the missile actually went under the tank. No bug here at all. With a save half an hour of my time. Without a save multiple hours and no resolution. I am pleased that players of this game are happy to help us by giving us game saves. A big thank you to all of you. The few here whining - just stop and go play. Any one of the testers will happily help you report a bug you find and find a way to get your game save to us to look at.
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    Visite à Omaha Beach

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    Visite à Omaha Beach

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    Visite à Omaha Beach

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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Tossing grenades from the fourth floor. Lovin' it!
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    This is a war game forum not a political forum. The politics of this can be debated elsewhere if that’s your bag. FWIW the actual research - objective and fact based is well worth reading rather than various media interpretations.
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    thanks Piat, your file (actually both files) is included on the ticket along with a few others and your note.
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    United States vs Russia capability questions

    Oh I am well aware that many Russians believe that NATO is expansionist and planning to attack them. But that feeling of persecution does not make it true. NATO did not and does not pursue an expansionist posture. The fact that countries in eastern Europe who used to be under the thumb of the USSR continue to feel threatened by the Russian government is not NATO's doing it is the Russian government's. The further fact that the Russian government has been using State controlled media to tell the Russian people that NATO and the west is some how against them is also a big propaganda campaign. Just because someone fears something does not inherently mean it is dangerous. If the Russian government were to act responsibly and fairly in dealings with its neighbours those neighbours would not fear them and there wold be no need to join a defensive alliance like NATO. In fact if we ever get there we would no longer need NATO.
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    Mod - SS helmets

    Here's some helmet p0rn for you all but especially Frenchy - pure filth! Announcing (taken from the readme) ... Lucky_Strike’s - SS helmets This mod uses the superb work of Tashtego, Jaquinot, EZ, JorgeMC and of course Battlefront, as a starting point. It unashamedly borrows, amalgamates and hacks their work plus adds some brand new textures inspired by genuine WW2 Waffen SS helmet covers and camouflage ‘effects’, as well as some ‘probable’ applications. There are 15 possible helmets all numbered and ready to install and enjoy, or hack some more if you prefer! I design these mods for my personal gaming experience. I use a custom version of BarbaricCo’s WarMovie shaders ADVANCED v.112 for CMBN. Below you can see what the mods look like in game with some of EZ’s fantastic uniform mods. Please don’t expect the colours within your own game setup to look exactly like they do in the preview images. Files are at CMMODS III here Lots more preview images - go knock yourselves out! All thanks and praise to Tashtego, Jaquinot, EZ, JorgeMC and anyone else I forgot for their original mods, help and inspiration, and of course to the guys at Battlefront for such a great and enduring game. Lucky_Strike
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    You can pick your Italians at an incorrect date, save them along with your Germans as a core file in the same way you would for a campaign and then import it into a scenario set to the correct date.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    FINALE Bridges 31 and 32 are secure. Artillery is falling on the remnants of enemy infantry on NAI 6. Casualties are being recovered and tended to. No more enemy forces directly threaten the MSR. Task Force Miller has accomplished its primary objective. However, based on the initial intelligence reports, there should still be a sizeable enemy presence left on the field. A handful of enemy tanks are unaccounted for, and there is likely at least a full company of infantry left out there as well. In short, the enemy still has enough combat power to contest the MSR, if he so chooses. My forces consolidate around the Bridge objectives and reorganize. No additional enemy forces are spotted. More curious is a complete lack of enemy artillery. I was expecting the bridges to be shelled once I moved onto them, but so far there has been no enemy artillery response. I’m still wary of this and keep an eye out for spotting rounds. Its time for a little shock and awe. The battlefield is quiet, and SIGINT has been reporting a possible grouping of enemy armor in an orchard, behind a large earthen embankment just forward of the bridges. The JTAC vectors in the flight of 2 A-10s to seek and destroy and targets in the orchard. A few moments later the A-10’s arrive on station. A single MANPAD is fired at them, but the missile misses. Now it’s the A-10’s turn. They quickly acquire targets and unleash a flurry of Maverick AGM’s, scoring multiple hits in just a matter of seconds. Smoke clouds soon begin to rise into the sky, indicating direct hits. This proves to be too much for the enemy, and his morale finally cracks. The enemy capitulates. Task Force Miller successfully completed its objectives. The bridges were secured, the MSR was cleared, and the enemy was destroyed and routed from the field. 2/3rds of an enemy armored battalion was destroyed, and roughly half of an infantry battalion was destroyed as well. Additionally, the enemy lost most of its AFV’s and about half of its infantry heavy weapons company. In comparison, my losses were very light, especially considering what I was up against. The task force has more than enough remaining combat power to continue combat operations, whether that means defending against an enemy counter attack or continuing the attack and exploiting the gains made here. Special thanks to my opponent for sticking with it despite the losses he took. I hope everyone has enjoyed the AAR. There will be a quick post combat write-up where I will give details on some technical aspects, and my thoughts on the battle overall. In the meantime, feel free to post any feedback you may have, whether it is tactical or technical.
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    Nope. They just stole the equipment.
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    IDF Module?

    Yes, and it should be Fulda Gap!
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    Bugs 4.01

    @user1000 to say it just one more time - Got Save? Worth a 1000 words.
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    Irrational Behaviour

    There is a lot of back and forth about how bug reporting is done. It would be interesting to know what the process is once the report reaches Battlefront. The critical thing is perception. I am not sure if the majority feel bugs are being dealt with reasonably or not. However a dedicated process gives customers reassurance. Just like timely updates on what is happening with titles and new additions. Having worked as one who received and organized the resolution of problems, I found it critical to have reports delivered to one location where they could be prioritized and dealt with in an organized fashion. I should think this would be beneficial to Battlefront and not a hindrance. It would immediately give those responsible for looking at bugs an idea of the extent of a problem and if it affected more than one title. BFC already has the help desk. Perhaps bug reports could go there. If someone takes the time to offer an idea concerning a problem, no matter if it truly makes sense or not, they are doing so because they care about the game. Perhaps a more thoughtful response would be " I am not sure if that would work but lets kick it upstairs and see if it might be helpful ".
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    BMP-3 Texture Issue

    Here's an update. I just checked and with the new patch comes the correct finished BMP-3 IR searchlight box texture. All fixed.
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    Panzer Lehr at Pont Hebert

    After six months and untold hours, my work on the 16 square kilometer map between le Desert, Cavigny, la Fautelaye and Quartier du Pont is approximately 40% complete. Many WWII gamers will recognize the name les Hauts Vents, which is located in the south western third of my map. My goal is to create a master map from which scenarios and campaigns can be recreated for the period July 8 – 12, 1944, a time when the Americans were driving for St. Lo and attempting to extricate themselves from the bocage country. My sources have included aerial recon photos taken July 12, 1944 and more such from 1947 as well as French on-line sources which provided me with 5 meter contour intervals. I have created may new location appropriate skins for the buildings that have survived the past 75 years, most notably, those with their original 1944 red stucco or wash, still entirely or partially intact. But I have run into a modding problem and am asking for help. I want to make new ’tiled’ roofs for the ‘modular’ buildings. But whenever I alter or swap an undamaged roof bitmap (which is very easy to do) the ‘damaged roof’ bitmap no longer fits properly even though it has not been touched. I have been unable to find a solution. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. This map is being created on an Alienware gaming desktop with two NVidia 1080 cards in SLI. Anything less can display the 2D map but not the 3D map. Once completed the map can be ‘chopped’ into smaller scenario specific manageable pieces. Please contact me if you are willing and able to help.
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    BATTLE DRILL - A CM Tactics Blog

    Hello everyone, just starting to learn the basics and I want to give a big thank you to Bill for his efforts and time on his blog, priceless material. Cheers Pedro
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    In the course of dozen playthroughs and experiments with Blender/CM2 Tools (http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118928-combat-mission-modding-tools/) several assets were created which I want to share with the community: Big Cargo Ship BF109 Radar Station Downed Blackhawk Fire Truck Ambulance Barricade + optional Smoke/Burn Stash (Wreck, an invisible alternative is created by 37MM) Barricade (three sizes) Humvee V3 Woodland (Randomized Gear) Humvee V3 Desert (Randomized Gear) Humvee V2 Geardo Desert (Permanent Full Gear) AFRICAN UNCON (now also including conventional African Forces conversion by 37MM, original work by MikeyD) Falklands War Scorpion, Scimitar, and Argentinian LVTP-7 conversion Makeshift VBIED Humvee Wreck Uncaged M2 Stryker Marines to Army Special Forces or Navy SEALS conversion skins (including work of mjkerner, Combatinfman, Blimey) BMP1/2 to BMD1/2 conversion (with corrected hatches) Desert KAMAZ Skin Marines frankensteined Armored MTVR Skin New Syrian Special Forces and Woodland vehicles (based on the work of various modders) Syrian Winter Mod (just terrain and partial "winterization" of vehicles, created for a Hasrabit Campaign playthrough) PK Pickup to PK UAZ conversion Russian Forces (original work Euroscape + various modders) US Army & Marines Woodland Forces (original work Euroscape + various modders) All these mods and many more can be found in this Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 Credits to modders, 3D-Artists, and Battlefront. For better quality footage and more information about 3D custom models check out the recent videos & descpriptions here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeK7fSyoEE8aorVLlVfNcAQ The custom flavor objects have a "crate1" box placed into their center. Click it to interact with its placing. Zoom into the model if difficult. There are some FOV issues with bigger flavor objects can perhaps fixed by making the original "crate1" box bigger in Blender/CM2tools. Combine flavor objects with "visible/invisible" wreck objects to give them obstacle characteristics. Good free library of 3D models you could use for importing. .max does not work with Blender. There are others. http://www.cadnav.com/ Tutorials on Blender and CM2Tools can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkbTOSIrNV0&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXVAMaELSao&feature=youtu.be The main intent was to explore the possibilities of this method. As I see this as accomplished I´ll step back now and hope it will motivate others to get into it. Prior getting into custom CM models I had absolute zero experience in 3D modelling, Blender or whatever but found my way into it in a short period of time and once you figure out the specifics it is not that difficult. Give it a try. Anyone interested in custom CM models can reach out on Discord. Happy wargaming.
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    Regarding checkpoints, safe zones etc.. (for anything fortified really), I wanted to increase the selection of sandbags (some stacked higher & longer). With these varied sandbag objects, the scenario designer can assemble stacks as required. A diorama screenshot will illustrate, but obviously these objects can be combined with all others to embellish the scene/situation:-
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    Visite à Omaha Beach

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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The opening firefight has been won and the battlefield has gone quiet. A four-man point team has crossed the bridge safely and is about to enter the closest building. Stepping over casualties from the firefight, they suddenly spot enemy survivors. The extra moment it takes for the Germans to spot them gives the scouts the edge and they dispatch the enemy soldiers after a brief exchange of fire. Things go quiet again and the platoon leader decides to push a squad across the bridge, with his command team in the tail. It is a mistake. As soon as the larger group of men advances onto the bridge, small arms fire erupts from locations that had held fire to let the small team pass. Three men are cut down, including the HQ team leader. Thankfully, the actual platoon leader is able to crawl to safety. Tank and MG overwatch go to work on the new threats. The SMG trooper is cut down by machine guns from across the river, but the rifleman survives the tank fire and displaces. He is not alone! It will be a long, bloody fight. Street to street...
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    No worries. To whet the appetite, I'll post screenshots of more of my flavour mods within the next week or so. As soon as CM Mods 4 is active, there'll be a stream of my work being uploaded. First up will be my comprehensive UI for SF2.
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    That is a scenario design issue. Nothing stops you, or anyone else, from building a highly motivated, fit, and high morale red army that can kick blue ass. And CM2's scoring flexibility is one of best around in wargames. If you can't take advantage of that, you're doing something wrong. The main issue is that people are stuck in the story line in Iraq and Syria (in the game) where most scenarios are blue-based shoot em ups. If you want a challenge, jump in and adjust the score, unit motivation, experience, and morale. You're blue soldiers will regret it. As stated above, why do you need them included? You can build them yourself.
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    IDF Module?

    I just upgraded to Shock Force 2 and hoping that we see an IDF module for CMSF2 in the near future. Would luv to see the Merkava and all of it's variants. I did a quick search and didn't find a topic on the IDF. Thanks, Mast
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    Bud Backer

    81mm mortar penetration?

    I end up in similar conversations with a close friend with whom I play all of these games. He wants to know exactly how to explain every result that he did not anticipate. It can become frustrating, because there seems to be an assumption made that if the result is not what is expected that it is a bug or flaw in the game. By no means am I saying that the unexpected cannot be a bug. But it is not automatically one either. I like that nine times out of ten (for the sake of argument) the results are within the realm of what seems normal. What seems like a sure shot misses, but we accept ( well most of us do) that hitting one's target is not guaranteed. When things go weird, like a partial penetration that somehow wrecked my opponent’s tank, is not something I overanalyze. Is it happening a lot? Is it impossible within the laws of physics? Could human behaviour never result in what happens? If the answer to that is all “no” then I may grumble that I was unlucky, but I move on. I don’t need a guide to justify everything that happens in the game. Nor do I expect a chess-like sureness of what is and isn’t possible. I will repeat, I am not dismissing bug reports. But just because something happens that one doesn’t have a user-manual explanation for is not a cause for a crisis of confidence that the game works by and large as intended.
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    81mm mortar penetration?

    I cannot find an actual post from Steve but I thought he has said in the past the he doesn't want everything from the inner workings to be public. We players should learn how to play the game like we do life by experience. See above. I'll just add I'm not sure that would be a valuable thing for Steve to do. I'd rather he work on the design stuff he is currently doing. Everyone here knows how to get something fixed. Share saves. Reproduction odd happenings and conduce research to show what we see is incorrect. Many of us already do that officially and unofficially. This is the biggest mystery. It's mind boggling actually. I love playing this game and I don't need to know why evey little thing happens. In fact I think that would detract from some of the fun. Go play.
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    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    Clearly, neither myself or the original posters who brought the issue up, have explained ourselves... I apologize for my part in that. Syrian Squads have 100 rounds of MG ammo at the start of a battle... no matter the situation, context, battle type, supply situation or anything else. I agree that 100 rounds of PKM ammo is a reasonable loadout for a man... the issue is that the PKM is a Squad GPMG in CMSF2. Squad level GPMG's are quite rare in modern games (I can't recall them in CMA anyhow) however the Dutch do have them &, for them, 750 rounds per squad is a typical loadout. Additionally, all of the WW2 games features higher GPMG loadouts than 100 rounds per squad. Finally, this 'situation' is difficult to work around... we have no ammo dumps & Syrian trucks don't carry MG ammo (that might explain why the front line units don't have much of it!).
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    As others have said Alt + J. A useful tool I sometimes forget about is the HOTKEYS button. If you click on menu, in the User Interface (UI), on the bottom right of the screen additional buttons will appear. The bottom left button is labeled Hotkeys. The Hotkey button will bring up a list of all kinds of useful key board commands and mouse controls.
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    On a vaguely similar note, here's the web archive for the defunct 'Bayonet Strength' site: https://web.archive.org/web/20160425143250/http://www.bayonetstrength.150m.com/General/site_map.htm
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    Hello everyone, This post is for those members that I am currently playing scenarios with. For the time being, I am going to have to bow out of those scenarios. So, I am willing to forfeit any kind of win on my part to you. I just don't have the energy right now to sit here at the computer and play turns for those scenarios. I know I have posted a lot lately, but those posts only take me a couple of minutes at the most to write. Plus there is the added attraction that I must have suffered some type of brain damage when I had my near-death event two weeks ago, as my level of analytical thought and concentration are nowhere near what they were before the event. I hope you all understand and I miss playing the best game against some of the best opponents I have ever played. Don't worry, I will return. **Chris**
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    Great Video about Hedgerow Tactics

    http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/NHC/NewPDFs/USArmy/USArmy, Busting the Bocage, 1944-06-06 to 07-31.PDF
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    The Army isn't struggling to recruit so much as it is growing at a slightly slower rate than was planned for. The Army is still growing though, and is on target to meet its recruiting and retention goals this year. Further, the US economy is extremely strong right now, meaning the job market is very good. This usually means that young people have many more options when it comes to getting a well paying job, which tends to result in fewer overall recruits going into the Army, or military in general. The fact that the Russian economy is in such poor condition that one of the only well paying jobs on can get in Russia is joining the army is not a good thing. Generally speaking, no its not. For similar reasons why Desert Storm was not a good "proxy performance" to Soviet forces in Germany during the late Cold War. Same goes for various export models of famous (or infamous) tanks and their performance or lack thereof in contemporary conflicts. This argument has been had too many times on this forum already. Both sides get speculative equipment. I'm fine with taking away the US speculative equipment, as long as Russia loses its as well. Also, the XM25 (the modern grenade launcher I think you are referring to) was combat tested and proven in Afghanistan and was going to be aquired by the US Army in bulk. However, 2012-2013 were not kind to the defense budget, and the acquisition was scrapped due to a lack of funds for it, not because it was some prototype that never got built. It can also be toggled off in the editor, so if you really don't want it you can swap it out for the more conventional M320's.
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    Irrational Behaviour

    Is anyone able to provide an update to the issue reported by @Falaise concerning a reproducible evade in the CMBN Roadblock scenario? He's able to show US troops rushing forward through a hedgerow gap 10 out of 10 times in patch 4.02. His post ... Is it considered a fault? Of so, what corrective action should be expected?
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    Irrational Behaviour

    I'm not saying its difficult. Why is the onus on the customer. There is a website and forum right here where saves could be posted. Instead of a formal QA process, we have unpaid volunteers gathering files from 3rd party sites to help BFC. Why can't BFC just step up and take the saves directly. Instead of 30 people all creating links, have one place to do it.
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    Irrational Behaviour

    exactly. It´s not nuclear physics difficulty sort of really.
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    Irrational Behaviour

    Effort? 😁 Rightio... roger and out!
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    This is an interesting site, with some smashing eye-candy: https://www.o5m6.de/
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    Recent combat vids from Ukraine

    In the night on 4th June border guards received an order to break through with small groups to Luhansk airport, controlled by UKR troops. Border guard commander want to fight, but chief of Border Guard said form Kyiv he will not send any reinforcement of mobile border guard reserve from nearby Stanytsia Luhanska settlement, because they will forced to assault two LNR checkpoints on their way. He put all responsibility for possible casualties on the commander of detachment and in such way forced him to leave the base. During the night on 4th June most LNR forces were moved to assault of 15th National Guard regiment in the center of Luhansk. 32 border guards with arms successfully passed through sparse LNR shield. Other 95 servicemen damaged own weapon, dressed in civil clothes and in such way left the base. During the fighting on 2nd June, when short truce was declared to take the wounded, 14 mobilized servicemen left the base with agreement of commander, since some time 6 other left the unit because LNR fighters used own standard tactic - after the combat phase they called parents of soldiers in order they begged them not shoot, to think about parents and to lay down a weapon. Exactly this scene, when two dozens mobilized and conscripts leave the base, Russian propaganda showed as "unit surrendered and fighters let to servicemen off". But unlike in National Guard units, where most servicemen were local conscripts, most of border guards were contractors, so this plan foiled and the "green berets" continued to fight and in the next day. They fought good and were the single military unit in Luhansk which provide fierce resistance among other. Own losses were 13 injured (two of them hard), among LNR fighters were 4 KIA and two other died in hospital during next week. Number of injured is unknown - not less a dozen, I think. Again. Su-25 probably has a tack to strike HQ of "Army of South East" in SBU building, address Sovetskaya str.79. Yes, in the center of Luhansk. But instead hit administration building on Great Patriotic War heroes sqr. (opposite Sovetskaya 60 building) in 860 m westward from SBU building. What was a reason of attack of this building - mistake or presence of ZU-23 in the park or something else is unknown. This is a war and such happens not rare. If "bloody junta" wanted to make real "bombardment", they would send Su-25 of Su-24 with 500 kg HE or cluster bombs - in the same way like Russia did in Chechnya and in Syria. Most of our fallen soldiers (if to compare with other regions) are from eastern Dnipropetrovsk region. This is to your sentence about "Western Ukraine make war against eastern". ____________ For moderators. I ask do not close this thread. Local trolls again do own work, but I don't want any politic discussion here. In further I will answer only on the questions about combat developments, if any will have its.
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