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    I've posted Combat Mission on Pornhub. No one can stop me.
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    Artillery advices needed

    As a ex-artillery officer, here are the principal differences between the types of platforms. Mortars are high angle only and are incapable of direct fire. Given an equal caliber, a mortar will have a higher rate of fire than a howitzer or a field gun. Mortars (except for the very largest) can be broken down and man packed or carried by improvised transport (like the bed of a pickup truck). For getting directly behind tall intervening terrain with fire, they are a preferred weapon. Most effective against infantry, limited effectiveness against vehicles, emplacements and buildings. Lethality inceases with caliber but portabillity/mobility decreases. Howitzers are capable of direct fire, indirect fire and high angle fire. They are either towed or self propelled. Can get really big calibers. Very effective against infantry, limited against vehicles and emplacements. Preferred weapon of choice of you don't have airpower and want to level a position, a building or structure. Biggest variety of ammuntion type - illumination, Smoke - Base Ejecting, Smoke - WP, Cannister (anti-infantry direct fire),HE, ICM, DPICM, and smart munitions and variable time and time fused ammunition. Field Guns are direct fire weapons and in a pinch, can do low angle indirect fire, limiting their range and usefulness. A anti-tank gun is a example of a specialized field gun, for example. Can get to big calibers like howitzers and are either towed or self propelled. Not a lot of field guns are made anymore due to their limitations as tanks have largely taken over the roles the field guns used to provide. In general, the larger the caliber, the bigger the lethal zone. The larger the round, the smaller the CEP (Circular Error Probable) footprint - a fancy way of saying that if you want to hit a point target, you get the biggest caliber you can get as the round is more stable in the air and less affect by meterological and has a smaller CEP footprint. The larger the caliber, the more destructive it is to vehicles and structures and emplacements. Bigger is better. Call or response times are not weapon dependent. They are determined by the communications capability and doctrines of the C3 systems used by the army in question. Lighter weapons like small mortars can be set up quickly and torn down quickly but once emplaced, once a call for fire goes out, it is the C3 systems, crew training and observer training that determine how fast you see a round on the ground. Combat Mission games try to simulate artillery systems and capability. Why does it take longer to get a 155mm round on the ground verses a 80mm mortar round base on what I stated above? The delay is to simulate the fact that mortars are closer to the enemy than howitzer systems and to reflect time of flight realities. For example, most of the time, a mortar 1 km from the enemy will tend to have a round on the ground sooner than a 155mm howtizer shooting from 7 km away. And the chain of command / communication issues are simulated as well. A US 155mm is not inherently faster than a Soviet built 152mm yet in game, the US player will get fire for effect well before the Syrian player will. This is doctrine and C3I being simulated in game. So the bigger delay in response time is coded into the game to 'simulate' that. Hope that answers your questions.
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    Really when customers paid $120 in advance they have no right to be notified or updated when they might actually receive the product?? You really should rethink that!! To be honest it's getting to the point where I'm thinking that I ought to request a refund because I could spend the money on something else that I can enjoy right now, not in 6 months time. I don't think that's an unreasonable regret on the part of the customer either!
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    They meant september of next year!

    I agree completely. The developers have developed some bad habits concerning marketing and support of their games, and these habits continue to go unchallanged by the community, thus ensuring the continuation of said bad habbits. If their product sucked I obviously wouldn't care one bit, but since the product is pretty excellent this constant lack of communication and broken promises and deadlines (in regards to the patch) is getting on my nerves.
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    They meant september of next year!

    It isn't whining when people have been waiting two years for a patch, and it isn't whining when a date is set for a release and then missed without a word. You're the one who whines after people criticize BF for anything.
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    Don't post Combat Mission on Steam.

    What in the h*ll are you talking about? I went on Steam and then they said go away, and then some comments were deleted, then Combat Mission, then you don't own your games, then EULA stuff...then I passed the bong. This is like a an acid trip where I didn't get any. EDITED: Yes, I know, I mixed my drug metaphors but it seemed to fit into the gibberish theme this thread evokes. EDITED: I do not condone drug use except on days ending with sunsets. EDITED: I don't do drugs. I can barely do mornings. Mord.
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    I know you are just beta testers. But it is you guys that come back in and seem to try to turn the conversation about everyone picking on Steve and BFC. And you come across as semi-official. So what you say carries some weight. Instead of just saying, yeah, we know it sucks that our boss doesn't communicate, you feel the need to aggregate every slight BFC has ever faced in their 19 year history. There are a couple beta testers that generalize individual statements into all out customer-led attacks on all that is BFC. It would probably be better as a beta tester to not say anything. Let it go. By you guys coming in and trying to ride herd, you are letting Steve and BFC off the hook on their poor business practices. People will come in and complain. So what? Its not like BFC is going to suddenly change or salvage its reputation in single forum thread. You guys do more harm then good when you circle the wagons on issues that are legitimate or excuse away BFC's actions/inactions. You guys, as beta testers seem very frustrated by these conversations. So why do you involve yourselves? Let BFC address it, or not. I came to the place in my life that I recognize that BFC makes great games, but, outside a cadre of old players and beta testers, they really don't like their customers much. I still play now and then, and I poke my head in now and then, but I tend not to take stuff personally much. As long as the games are good, I'll put up with the abuse.
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    The most frustrating thing to me is that when someone complains about the comms blackout, it's immediately run up as a tirade about missing deadlines. There are a number of people who have specifically stated that its not about the date, its about being left in the dark. Can someone who is in any kind of "know" just address that? And its not just about this site. There are threads on other sites where the attitude is much harsher about the lack of updates. And those sites should be a marketing dream for BFC. Instead, BFC is vilified for not communicating. A simple five minutes to post an update would solve this particular point. A simple "Its taking longer than expected. Limited time, overly complex, unexpected challenges, dog ate my homework, yada yada."
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    They meant september of next year!

    Sorry please don't ban
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    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    This is Karl... And that thing he's cuddling there is Karl's Panzerschreck which he affectionately calls "Bertha". He claims the camouflague on Bertha reduces the chances of enemy tanks spotting him by 75%! Karl's ammo bearer has cause to dispute this claim as he's lying in a bush picking shrapnel from a tank shell out of his internal organs... The rest of his platoon, save for a few stragglers and himself, have withdrawn to the woods to the rear. But Karl didn't go with them despite being shot at by infantry, tanks and surviving two mortar strikes. He's been hiding in these bushes and watching this one roll up the hill, but he has only 1 round left. Karl's a good shot, I'm not sure if he's told you that already, he usually tells anyone who'll listen. His second tank of this December morning. Now on something of a roll and with no more rounds for Bertha, he pulls his pistol and spies a halftrack. He's not concerned that a squad of enemy infantry were seen running along that tree-line only a minute ago or that his pistol is somewhat inferior to his beloved Bertha in the anti-armour role. Sure enough, his efforts to ruin the paint job on the halftrack draw the attention of the americans and Karl ist Kaputt.. The End.
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    Steam players for multiplayer

    Dead Cells, Terraria, Undertale, Unturned, Stardew Valley, Stanley Parable, Player Unknowns Battle Grounds (Which is pretty crap but successful nonetheless), Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Insurgency, Guns of Icarus (Pretty old now with a dwindling playerbase but it was great back in the day), Don't Starve, FTL: Faster then light, Door Kickers, Cold Waters, Atlantic Fleet, Mount and Blade Series. All of those games are just from my Steam, and I do think countless is a good word for what I was talking about. All of these games were extremely popular due to the exposure/availability they have on Steam, if you asked them what the primary cause of there success was it would probably be that there game was fun to play in the first place and Steam allowed them to promote/sell it. Especially games like Cold Waters which is a niche submarine combat game benefited from the exposure it got on Steam, people who have never played sub games gave it a shot and liked it and it was financially beneficial to the guys who made it. You can tell because they released free updated for a year and an entire new campaign in the South China Sea with new units and the like. I'm well aware there's plenty of crap on Steam and they do a god awful job of managing all of it but the fact of the matter is that Steam helps way more then it hurts in a lot of cases. The phobia of Steam on this website is frankly hilarious and the world zips on by as all of you laugh into the wind at a service that millions of people benefit from and enjoy. We're way off topic now, I hope the OP actually got what he wanted from this thread even after it was derailed right off the bat by a useless, toxic comment.
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    Steam players for multiplayer

    I told the same thing to the CEO of Walmart the other day. He's just a parasite between me and my cheap Chinese goods. My new furnace was just installed by a parasite between me and the manufacturer. Services have no value after all. Seriously though, that's one hell of a knee-jerk reaction to a question you clearly misunderstood.
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    Artillery advices needed

    Blackmoria's answer, unsurprisingly, is the one to pay attention to. Some more points and an illustration: Mortar vs. Howitzer vs. Field Gun - the interesting thing is where they overlap. The main practical difference, in all CM games, is how organic each asset is. In WW2 titles, US infantry have 60mm mortars at the Platoon level - this means they are available for the platoon leader to call down, and that they are going to be quick to respond to changing circumstances. 81mm mortars exist at the Company level, and most formations attach their artillery at higher levels than that, and often these larger assets are only available to Forward Observers. In CMBS (and to a less extent CMSF, but we'll have to see exactly how this is modelled in CMSF 2) , the modern US infantry rifle platoon can have embedded Forward Observers, and may also have access to small drones. The rifle company also typically has 120mm mortars, which are gettng to the point where they're no longer really "miniature artillery", since they can do some real damage. It's also notable that the US 155mm and 120mm mortars both have a limited amount of precision-guided rounds, which allow you to call in "precision" missions. In the modern titles, Forward Observers often have dedicated vehicles, which cut down their response time even further.
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    They meant september of next year!

    Blind fanboyism at it's best. Not very "grown up" in my book...
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    The state of CMSF2

    Yeah, like me. Give us a heads up, Steve. What gives? Mord.
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    They meant september of next year!

    wake me up when september ends.
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    Harry Speakup

    Any YouTube footage out there?

    Marketing is not Battlefront's strongest point. ChrisND's Twitch streams were great and are sorely missed.
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    Better late than never

    Elvis has left the building.
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    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    Your WSJ article is an opinion piece with the writer freaked out by Muslims in general. I studied in Leicester and survived and got into curries, and my cricket team in Colchester plays on the Army Garrison cricket pitch with a multicultural inc Muslims team of players - heck Ismail Mohamed picks up the keys every Sunday from The Parachute Regt guardhouse and hasn't been shot yet. The surgeon who operated on me a few years back was a Muslim, and the Consultant Anaesthetist was a handy bat / bowler for oppo club. Yes you get a few crazies but the main problem is with ultra nationists finding folks different to themslves a problem...
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    When a US halftrack is unbuttoned (manning the gun), it will stay unbuttoned even if the crew and passengers are in the "panic" state. And the player is unable to order the halftrack to button. So the vehicle will keep driving around randomly, and the passengers will keep getting shot one by one as they pop up to man the gun. This is not the behaviour of panicked people, but of very brave or fanatic troops. Panicked guys should stop manning the gun, and try to hide at the bottom of the halftrack. If rounds start to penetrate, they should bail out and run away. I know there have been cases of very brave troops who kept manning the guns even though they were under heavy fire. However, I'd argue they were not panicking, but merely rattled or shaken in CM terms. Thanks for your attention. You're now welcome to tell me I'm all wrong
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    Combat Mission future

    Fulda Gap!
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    They meant september of next year!

    I don't think there is any need to apologize for missing a release window, but I'll repeat that it is not too much to ask for the community to be informed when that window is no longer viable.
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    Average Learning Curve???

    As others have pointed out the game itself is pretty simple... its UI is FAR more simple to understand than some Paradox monster for instance. Even the tactics are fairly simple really... find the enemy, fix the enemy, flank the enemy & finish the enemy... the four f's. The biggest issue is not game related, it is psychology related. Most people play games which have been designed to be fun & enjoyable... in CM you will be playing scenarios designed to be annoying. You don't have as much artillery as you like? It was designed that way. You rushed that platoon in the machine gun filled village because you thought it'd be safe... designed that way. If you think about a CM scenario maker as an evil, twisted creature determined to humiliate you & laugh at your dead pixeltruppen then you probably won't go too far wrong. DON'T cross the street... just don't. Find another way... do you have demo charges? Smoke? A way to bust through walls? A long-winded outflanking move you hadn't previously considered? Can you at least suppress suspicious buildings before you cross? Do that instead. NEVER cross the street.
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    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    I'm glad there is no mention of those sorts in the article, for I would have stopped reading them. I'm not going to debate these subjects, I think it is suffice to say that both ('floodgate muslim immigration from Turkey' and the 'EU Sharia') are populist myths. Also, I miss how those are correlated? Turkey doesn't feature a Sharia law; besides there is no such thing as 'the Sharia law'. In The Netherlands (and I suspect the UK also) there already is the possibility for mediation, instead of formal courts, when parties want to settle a civil dispute. If they do wish the mediation to follow certain religious rules, that is fine as long as it is within the boundaries of the law (and all parties agree to it). Different religious groups do make use of this freedom and have been doing that for a while. It is nothing new, nor is there any small chance of our constitution being replaced with religious books.
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    Steam players for multiplayer

    Thats great, he wants to add people on Steam as friends so they can communicate together. Your post contributes nothing to the topic. They're have been countless success stories of indie games succeeding spectacularly on Steam so I would do some research.