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    In the course of dozen playthroughs and experiments with Blender/CM2 Tools (http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118928-combat-mission-modding-tools/) several assets were created which I want to share with the community: Big Cargo Ship BF109 Radar Station Downed Blackhawk Fire Truck Ambulance Barricade + optional Smoke/Burn Stash (Wreck, an invisible alternative is created by 37MM) Barricade (three sizes) Humvee V3 Woodland (Randomized Gear) Humvee V3 Desert (Randomized Gear) Humvee V2 Geardo Desert (Permanent Full Gear) AFRICAN UNCON (now also including conventional African Forces conversion by 37MM, original work by MikeyD) Falklands War Scorpion, Scimitar, and Argentinian LVTP-7 conversion Makeshift VBIED Humvee Wreck Uncaged M2 Stryker Marines to Army Special Forces or Navy SEALS conversion skins (including work of mjkerner, Combatinfman, Blimey) BMP1/2 to BMD1/2 conversion (with corrected hatches) Desert KAMAZ Skin Marines frankensteined Armored MTVR Skin New Syrian Special Forces and Woodland vehicles (based on the work of various modders) Syrian Winter Mod (just terrain and partial "winterization" of vehicles, created for a Hasrabit Campaign playthrough) PK Pickup to PK UAZ conversion Russian Forces (original work Euroscape + various modders) US Army & Marines Woodland Forces (original work Euroscape + various modders) All these mods and many more can be found in this Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 Credits to modders, 3D-Artists, and Battlefront. For better quality footage and more information about 3D custom models check out the recent videos & descpriptions here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeK7fSyoEE8aorVLlVfNcAQ The custom flavor objects have a "crate1" box placed into their center. Click it to interact with its placing. Zoom into the model if difficult. There are some FOV issues with bigger flavor objects can perhaps fixed by making the original "crate1" box bigger in Blender/CM2tools. Combine flavor objects with "visible/invisible" wreck objects to give them obstacle characteristics. Good free library of 3D models you could use for importing. .max does not work with Blender. There are others. http://www.cadnav.com/ Tutorials on Blender and CM2Tools can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkbTOSIrNV0&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXVAMaELSao&feature=youtu.be The main intent was to explore the possibilities of this method. As I see this as accomplished I´ll step back now and hope it will motivate others to get into it. Prior getting into custom CM models I had absolute zero experience in 3D modelling, Blender or whatever but found my way into it in a short period of time and once you figure out the specifics it is not that difficult. Give it a try. Anyone interested in custom CM models can reach out on Discord. Happy wargaming.
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    (Budbaker has his comics… but I’m not an artist so expect memes) Welcome to the Fire and Rubble German DAR as I take on BFCElvis and his pesky Soviets in a very late war May 1945 urban engagement in Berlin… and it’s somehow snowing. The war has effectively ended but my guys didn’t get the memo, so our adhoc combined arms force is going to push forward into no man’s land one last time. The mission is a simple meeting engagement. Secure Objective Jägermeister and Objective Berliner Weisse, while holding our own starting Objective, codenamed Vodka. The Soviets deploy around Jägermeister. The map is a very small slice of Benpark’s absolute monster 2x master maps covering the centre of Berlin. Honestly each master map with no units took my PC around 25 mins just to load in 3D preview mode. The part of Berlin we’ll be fighting over is towards the north east corner of the eastern map. If I’ve got my bearings right, I think we’re close to Alexander Platz and a hostel I stayed at back in 2017… I digress. The map from above. Well... the right way up because I'm from Australia... (I took the picture looking south <facepalm>) The forces… To show off the variety of new kit I’ve done away with forming a coherent force for a little bit of everything. Command and control is going to suck. These small forces are organised into small kampfgruppes of between a platoon to a company in strength. KG @benpark – In honour of the mapmaker himself, he commands the central force which is a company of Waffen SS Pioneers with enough demolition charges to level a few of his meticulously placed buildings. Part of his force will however need to remain behind to cover Obj Vodka if it all falls apart. The bulk of the force will advance. (Benpark's force highlighted in the picture below). KG @mjkerner – Commands the Fallschirmjager who will be the main infantry force trying to take and hold Obj Berliner Weisse. (Picture of the KG that will take the beer objective). KG @Hapless – Will be working in tandem with KG Mjkerner to secure the beer. This adhoc Panzer Platoon (more on that later) includes a Panther, PzIV’s and a PzIII. Yep a PzIII. For all the grief I gave poor Steve I had to include at least one in the DAR. KG @DoubleD – The other adhoc Panzer Platoon is kitted out with 2x JzPz IV/70’s (including one of the ugly versions), a Panther and a Panzer IV. They will be initially responsible to heading up my left flank to get into a good position to effectively cut the map in half. Oh and something new... KG @Bootie – The local Volkssturm unit. Initially will be responsible to provide security to KG DoubleD who will be exposed in an urban environment. KG @Josey Wales – The adhoc Armoured Car unit. Will be holding back for the moment but will be used as a mobile reserve depending on the situation. Oh and some weird ones... And I’ve just noticed a bug. Every single unit is set to typical/default ‘Green’ experience. The joys of betas. The Enemy We’ve picked forces in the editor and not the quick battle generator so some variety can be included in the DAR – particularly on this side. Benpark has ensured it’s roughly balanced. I’m expecting a solid Battalion (+) of Soviet infantry coming at me and probably a company or more of tanks. Probably Lend Lease heavy…. We’ve sort of agreed to avoid major spending on off board assets and focus more on the visible units. Da Plan KG Mjkerner and Hapless have the initial glory as they race to secure Obj Berliner Weisse, (Green and blue). If Hapless can get his tanks into position first it will be a big help as we wait for the foot slogging infantry to catch up. KG DoubleD probably has the most crucial task of trying to cut the map in two, (Red). That major street running through the centre of the map will be key. It’s closer to BFCElvis’ deployment zone so I’m expecting Soviet tanks to roll past it or already be on that road by the time I arrive. But if I can split up to Soviet armoured force or I’m real lucky and BFCElvis plays cautious and leads with his infantry DoubleD’s JzPzIV’s will have a field day. KG Bootie (white) and his Volkssturm will cover KG DoubleD, while KG Benpark (orange) will advance with the intent of pressuring Jagermeister. KG Josey Wales will remain behind in the deployment zone ready to move to where he and his armoured cars are required. Either helping Benpark around Obj Jagermeister, or to backup Hapless and Mjkerner around Obj Berliner Weisse. The map…. That’s about it for now. Feel free to post any queries below but obviously no promises that I’m allowed to answer anything. Also, the usual caveat that all screenshots you see here are taken from a beta so everything you see is subject to change. I’ll try to avoid the placeholder art where I can but who knows, maybe we’ll have purple Panzer IV’s in the final build.
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    Guys This thread will be used for me to advise you of updates and latest uploads to the aforementioned areas. Its an ongoing process that Im working through but a quick update for this first post is.... The Scenario Depot III : Ive totally redesigned this and am working on fixing thumbnails so that the grid format looks good. When uploading scenarios be sure to use a square image (any size) for your featured image. The CM Mod Warehouse : A huge task that Im still plodding away at. Im tidying up all the downloads from the previous site and have also got a HDD full of mods from the mists of time that will eventually all get uploaded also. The Proving Grounds II : This site is dead but I am going to work on it to turn TPGII into something new... possibly a challenge site or something along those lines... still to be decided. Any updates I carry out or content uploaded you will be notified about in this thread. Thats all for now. Thanks Bootie
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    Combat Mission/Command: Modern Air Naval Operations AAR Consulate Crisis By IICptMillerII INTRODUCTION This is a hybrid after action report (AAR) using two simulators, Combat Mission Shock Force 2 (CMSF2) to depict the tactical ground combat, and Command: Modern Air Naval Operations (CMANO) to depict the naval and aerial combat. This scenario features a conflict at a US and Canadian consulate in the fictional Middle Eastern/North African city and country of Al Mout, Abbudin. The CMSF2 map was built by LongLeftFlank and then modified by MOS:96B2P for his scenario “The Coup” and is being used with his permission. All credit goes to LongLeftFlank for designing this excellent map and to MOS:96B2P for designing the scenario. I have modified both BluFor and OpFor forces as well as their respective objectives, as well as add in some relevant battle damage, but otherwise the map remains in its original layout. Carrier Strike Group 12 is a historically accurate recreation of the USS Enterprise cruise to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf from June to December of 2007. The USS Enterprise carrier air wing, and all supporting ships are accurate to the 2007 cruise. This scenario is not designed to be balanced. BluFor is significantly stronger and more capable than OpFor in nearly every way. This is more a showcase of a hybrid AAR between two sims carrying out an operation that fully incorporates both sims strongpoints (CMSF2 for ground warfare, CMANO for naval/air warfare) and weaving them together to tell a story. It is also a proof of concept to see how viable creating hybrid AARs like this is. My advice is to treat this like a superhero movie; there is no doubt about the ending, but you still enjoy the journey. This AAR features several mods. Chief among them are: Veins Smoke and Effects mod Drakenlords Fire mod Regime Forces by myself playing the OpFor DISCLAIMER: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this AAR are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. CMANO DISCLAIMER: CMANO is designed to accurately portray military hardware from real world nations, from the years of 1980-2020+ and 1920-1979 (not used in this scenario). It simulates the planet Earth using open source terrain data. While fictional factions can be created and named so, the globe itself cannot be edited. The real-world location of this scenario is located in Libya, however the above disclaimer still applies. This scenario is not meant to portray Libya in any way. It is entirely fictional. SITUATION: Over the past few months the Abbudin Regime has been increasingly belligerent. On numerous occasions they have used their large air force to intercept commercial aircraft and shipping in international territory. In response to this, the UN passed a resolution enforcing economic sanctions against Abbudin. The Abbudin Regime responded by increasing their interceptions, in a few notable cases forcing commercial aircraft to land at Abbudin airports and be subject to “inspections.” The so-called inspections were largely just the Regime seizing commercial property for their own. In response to the Regimes increasingly belligerent actions, the United States deployed the USS Enterprise carrier strike group (CSG) and the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (2nd MEU) aboard the USS Wasp to the Mediterranean. Additional military assets in the Mediterranean have been put on high alert. Two days ago, large numbers of Regime military units were seen moving into the city of Al Mout, the location of the US and Canadian consulates. They began heavily patrolling the city in what appeared to be a martial law posture. Last night, the Canadian consulate was surrounded by the Regime’s military forces. The Regime has demanded an end to the economic sanctions and for the US to recall the USS Enterprise away from Abbudin waters. A tense standoff ensued, with the Regime changing their ultimatum deadline seemingly at random. Finally, at 0200 local this morning the Regime’s military forces stormed the Canadian consulate. There have been reports of gunshots being fired inside the consulate and the fate of the consulate personnel is unknown. Two hours later, US naval and Marine forces were given the green light to initiate combat operations in the city of Al Mout in order to evacuate the US consulate and rescue any surviving Canadian consulate personnel. MISSION: The primary objective is to evacuate US and Canadian consulate personnel from Al Mout, recover/destroy any sensitive material at both consulates, and withdraw from the city. Mission Specific Tasks: Carrier Strike Group 12 (USS Enterprise): Establish local air superiority over friendly naval assets, the city of Al Mout and surrounding area Strike strategic targets in and around Al Mout Strike Al Mout International Airport in order to prevent Abbudin Regime air force from being able to sortie Conduct Suppression/Destruction of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD/DEAD) Provide close air support (CAS) to US forces in Al Mout Task Force Wasp: Transport and deploy 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (2nd MEU) amphibiously to the shore of Al Mout Provide naval and close air support to 2nd MEU Receive US and Canadian evacuees Provide emergency medical care to casualties 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit: Conduct amphibious infiltration of Al Mout Secure both US and Canadian consulates Evacuate US and Canadian consulate personnel to USS Wasp Desired End State: All US/Canadian consulate personnel recovered All sensitive materials recovered/destroyed All US ground forces withdrawn from city Area of Operations (AO) and Initial Deployment: Close-up of Al Mout and Surrounding Area: ENEMY: Regime Military Forces: The Abbudin military is typical of many Middle East/North African dictatorships. It has a large arsenal of older Soviet-era equipment, such as the T-72 and T-62 tanks, and BMPs for infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). The military is made up of roughly 6 divisions and a number of independent brigades, including special forces units that are primarily tasked with guarding key regime assets. Enemy Air Forces: The Regime has a large air force, mostly made up of old Soviet-era aircraft. These include the Mig-21, 23, and 25, along with a small fleet of Mi-25D gunship helicopters and Mi-8 helicopters for troop transport and logistics. Additionally, they have several SU-22M attack aircraft. These are capable of carrying the AS-9 anti-radiation missile with a range of 65nm, which can potentially threaten friendly ships. They have roughly a regiments worth of each fixed wing aircraft variant (20-25 aircraft per regiment) and about a squadron of each helicopter variant (10-18 helicopters per squadron) in range of the area of operations (AO). The Abbudin air force is not known to have any airborne AEW or EW aircraft, though they likely have some conventional reconnaissance aircraft equipped with cameras and ELINT equipment. Al Mout International Airport is just outside the city and has a significant number of air force assets, including at least one full squadron of Mi-25D gunship helicopters and another full squadron of Mi-8 helicopters. Both the Mig-21 and Mig-23 can be outfitted in ground attack roles. The SU-22M is a ground attack aircraft, though they are expected to be tasked in an anti-surface warfare (ASuW) role. The Mig-25 variant operated by the Abbudin air force is an interceptor only. Enemy Naval Forces: The Abbudin navy is essentially non-existent. They do not operate any craft larger than small patrol boats armed with small arms which are not expected to be a factor. Enemy Air Defense Network (ADN): Abbudin’s air defense network is extensive, though dated. In the vicinity of Al Mout, there are at least two groups of SA-6 Gainful SAM (surface to air missile) sites (roughly 10-14 launchers per group) and at least one battalion of SA-2 Guideline SAM launchers (roughly 3-6 launchers per battalion). These SAM sites pose the most direct threat to our forces, as they actively cover both the city of Al Mout and Al Mout International Airport. Further, there are a number of SA-5 Gammon SAM groups. The SA-5 has a range of 150nm, meaning these sites will be a close second priority for SEAD/DEAD missions. There are multiple SA-5 sites that cover Al Mout airspace, one to the North of the city and another to the West. There are also several radar sites, including the P-14 Tall King, P-18 Spoon Rest, P-40 Long Track, and P-80 Back Net air search radars. All these radars have sensor ranges in excess of 100nm with overlapping coverage areas. Many of the radar sites are located near SAM sites and thus will have some form of protection against air strikes. Enemy Ground Forces in Al Mout: Regular Regime military forces wear a uniform that is part olive drab, part knockoff DPM camouflage in an arid configuration. Their helmets are tan colored with red triangles on the front. The exact number and composition of enemy ground forces present in the city is not fully known at this time. From what intelligence there is, it is expected that the Regime has at least one company of mechanized infantry in the city, mounted in BMP-1’s. There have also been confirmed reports of both T-72M1 and T-62 tanks, though their exact number and location is not currently known. Additionally, the Regime is operating a large military police (MP) force in the city right now. These are essentially dismounted infantry operating on foot or out of light vehicles such as the Russian made UAZ car and URAL trucks. MPs can be identified by their white helmets, red armbands and plain olive drab uniforms. There are likely two companies worth of MPs operating in the region of the city that the consulates are in, though an exact estimate is not possible at this time. It is expected that once hostilities commence and the Regime determines our objectives to be centered in Al Mout, they will attempt to reinforce the city from outside. There is at least a battalion’s worth of mechanized infantry that can be road marched to the city within a matter of hours. Other units are present but will take longer to reach the city. Irregular Forces: The Abbudin military is largely a conventional force. They are not expected to have paramilitary or irregular forces in any significant numbers. TERRAIN AND WEATHER: The city of Al Mout is located on the coast and is surrounded by desert. Temperatures during the day are expected to reach a high of 90° F. The weather is forecasted to be a mix of clear and partly cloudy over the course of the next three days and should not hinder aerial or amphibious operations. TROOPS: Carrier Strike Group 12 (CSG 12): USS Enterprise CVN VFA-211 12x F/A-18F VMFA-251 12x F/A-18C VFA-136 12x F/A-18C VFA-86 12x F/A-18C VAQ-137 4x EA-6B VAW-123 4x E-2C 2000 VS-32 8x S-3B HS-11 6x SH-60F 2x HH-60H USS Gettysburg CG USS Arleigh Burke DDG USS Forrest Sherman DDG USS James E Williams DDG USS Stout DDG USS Philadelphia SSN USNS Supply T-AOE CSG 12 is the main aerial and naval effort of this operation. The USS Enterprise is equipped with its entire carrier air wing. She has 36 F/A-18C Hornet multirole fighters, 12 of the new F/A-18F Super Hornet multirole fighters, and a full complement of support aircraft including the E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and EA-6 Prowler Electronic Warfare (EW) aircraft. A carrier air wing carries an immense amount of firepower for both enemy air and ground targets. Supporting the Enterprise is her primary air defender, the guided missile cruiser (CG) USS Gettysburg. The Gettysburg carries a suite of anti-air missiles that can shoot down both incoming aircraft and missiles at ranges out to 150nm. The extremely powerful AEGIS radar greatly enhances her ability by allowing her to simultaneously scan, track and engage multiple targets from multiple bearings, as well as hand off targeting info to coordinate air defense with other ships. Four guided missile destroyers (DDGs) provide additional air defense, as well as an overwhelming land strike capability. There are 224 Tomahawk missiles (112x RGM-109C, 112x RGM-109E) between these four destroyers. Also in support is the USS Philadelphia, a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine (SSN) which brings with her an additional 8 Tomahawk missiles (4x UGM-109C, 4x UGM-109E). She is primarily assigned to Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and is not expected to play a major role in this operation. Task Force Wasp: USS Wasp 4x AH-1W 4x CH-53E 4x MV-22B 6x AV-8B 2x CH-46E 4x UH-1N 2x HH-60H 4x SH-60F USS Ticonderoga CG USS Bainbridge DDG USS Oak Hill LSD Task Force Wasp is an amphibious assault group that carries the 2nd MEU and all assets required to support the MEU during amphibious operations. She is equipped with her own suite of aircraft, though these are primarily to support the MEU while engaged or perform logistical functions. The four AH-1W Super Cobra’s and AV-8B Harriers can provide the Marines with on call CAS, while the CH-53s, MV-22s and CH-46s all provide a heavy lift capability. The Wasp is escorted by a CG and a DDG with the same roles as the CG and DDGs assigned to the Enterprise; defend the air space and strike land-based targets. 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit: A Marine Expeditionary Unit is a reinforced battalion capable of quickly responding to flashpoints around the world and conducting sustained amphibious operations. Due to the nature of this operation, no heavy lift amphibious craft are available, meaning the Marines will have to leave their tanks and Humvee’s behind. Two companies of Marines will secure the consulates and will be supported by the battalion headquarters, an engineer platoon, scout sniper platoon, reconnaissance platoon and the AAV platoon that will transport all personnel to and from the beach. This consolidated force is called the Marine Landing Party. C Company, the third rifle company of the MEU, will stay on USS Wasp as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF), responding if needed. Marine Landing Party: Battalion Headquarters Scout Sniper Platoon Engineer Platoon Reconnaissance Platoon AAV Platoon A Company B Company Quick Reaction Force: C Company Naval Support Activity (NSA) Souda Bay: 1x U-2S 1x RQ-4B 1x EC-130H 3x KC-135R 2x E-3C A number of supporting assets are located at the NATO naval base at Souda Bay on the island of Crete. All of these are support assets. A U-2 spy plane and RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV will provide constant on-station reconnaissance of Al Mout and the surrounding area. The EC-130 Compass Call will provide offensive electronic warfare capabilities such as jamming specific enemy radar and SAM sites. KC-135s will provide aerial refueling capability allowing station aircraft to remain in the air longer, and E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Command System (AWACS) will provide additional AEW support if needed. Due to the rapid escalation in Al Mout, some assets at NSA Souda Bay are still being prepared and will not be ready for at least a few hours, namely the AWACS and refueling aircraft. The U-2 is already airborne and flying a racetrack pattern waiting for the enemy ADN to be reduced, and the Global Hawk is ready to be launched. TIME: The date is 5 May. The time is currently 0500 Zulu, 0600 Local. Amphibious operations are templated to begin by 1000 Zulu, though this is subject to the reduction of enemy air and air defense assets. CIVILIAN CONSIDERATIONS: Al Mout is a populated city full of civilians. Efforts to reduce civilian casualties are being taken primarily in the form of weapon use restrictions. Only precision guided munitions are authorized for use within city limits. These weapons include JDAMs and Tomahawks but exclude weapons such as unguided bombs (ex. Mk82 without JDAM conversion, CBU cluster bombs) or naval gunfire support from 127mm deck guns. Once troops are in direct contact, the use of unguided weapons for CAS is authorized (such as unguided rockets fired from Super Cobra gunships) but only against positively identified enemy targets. All other use of unguided munitions within city limits remains restricted. Personnel not in uniform registering weapons cannot be engaged unless they engage friendly units first. All uniformed enemy combatants are free to be engaged at will. INITIAL TASKINGS CSG 12: CSG 12 is initially the main effort. It is tasked with both establishing and maintaining air superiority, as well as carrying out strikes against enemy radar, air defense, and strategic targets. USS Enterprise CVN is the flagship and will support naval aviation as well as being the primary command and control center for this operation USS Gettysburg CG will provide comprehensive air defense to the carrier and ships of CSG 12 USS Arleigh Burke will strike targets designated in Strike Package North USS Forrest Sherman will strike targets designated in Strike Package West USS James E Williams will strike targets designated in Strike Package Airport USS Stout will strike targets designated in Strike Package Al Mout USS Philadelphia SSN will provide electronic intelligence (ELINT) and maritime surveillance, and pilot recovery USNS Supply T-AOE will provide on-station replenishment if necessary and aid in pilot recovery if needed Map of Strike Packages: Naval Aviation: The primary conventional striking power of the US Navy, the entire carrier air wing will be tasked with establishing air superiority and striking enemy military and strategic targets in order to allow the Marines to conduct their amphibious infiltration and evacuate the consulates. VFA-211 (F/A-18F) will establish and maintain a combat air patrol (CAP) over CSG 12 and Task Force Wasp in order to maintain air superiority over all friendly naval assets VMFA-251 (F/A-18C) will remain on standby, ready to perform CAS for the Marine landing party once it has been deployed VFA-136 (F/A-18C) will perform SEAD/DEAD strikes in cooperation with Tomahawk strikes from CSG 12 ships VFA-86 (F/A-18C) will conduct an alpha strike (entire squadron sorties) against Al Mout International Airport with the goal of destroying enemy aircraft on the ground and eliminating the ability of the airport to support flight operations VAQ-137 (EA-6B) will provide EW support in the form of ELINT and directed jamming VAW-123 (S-3B) will provide aerial support, such as aerial refueling, as well as maritime surveillance HS-11 (HH/SH-60) will provide anti-surface warfare (ASW), maritime surveillance and pilot recovery Task Force Wasp: Task Force Wasp will transport the 2nd MEU close enough to the shores of Al Mout to conduct the amphibious infiltration, will support the Marines during their infiltration, and then will receive and care for all consulate personnel and any casualties sustained during land operations. USS Wasp will support both aerial operations and Marine amphibious operations, and will receive all evacuated consulate personnel and casualties suffered during land operations 4x AH-1W will provide Marines with CAS while embarked on amphibious operations 4x CH-53E can provide heavy lift support of both land and naval operations 4x MV-22B can provide heavy lift support of both land and naval operations 6x AV-8B will provide Marines with CAS while embarked on amphibious operations 2x CH-46E can provide heavy lift support of both land and naval operations as well as pilot recovery and humanitarian assistance 4x UH-1N can provide logistical support to both naval and land operations as well as pilot recovery 2x HH-60H can provide logistical support to both naval and land operations as well as pilot recovery 4x SH-60F will provide ASW and maritime surveillance to Task Force Wasp USS Ticonderoga CG will provide comprehensive air defense to the carrier and ships of Task Force Wasp USS Bainbridge DDG will provide air defense and maritime surveillance, and is capable (though not initially tasked with) conducting land strikes with Tomahawks USS Oak Hill LSD will provide amphibious support to Marines and can receive Marines, consulate personnel and casualties as an alternative to USS Wasp 2nd MEU: Upon arriving on station off the coast of Al Mout, the 2nd MEU will conduct an amphibious infiltration of the city. Using amphibious vehicles and supported by CAS, they will make landfall and proceed into the city to the US and Canadian consulates. They will evacuate all personnel and human remains (if/where applicable) and remove or destroy any sensitive materials before withdrawing from the city and returning to Task Force Wasp. A detailed landing plan and tasking follows in the next section titled “Amphibious Plan.” Special Assets: Special assets are designated as units not operating directly from either CSG 12 or Task Force Wasp. They are primarily reconnaissance and support units, providing constant direct intelligence gathering capabilities and EW support as well as aerial refueling and AEW 1x U-2S is tasked with providing direct imaging and intelligence gathering of Al Mout and the surrounding area to give commanders a better idea of the situation on the ground and to provide early warning and tracking to new threats, such as enemy reinforcements to the city 1x RQ-4B is tasked with providing direct imaging and intelligence gathering of Al Mout and the surrounding area to give commanders a better idea of the situation on the ground and to provide early warning and tracking to new threats, such as enemy reinforcements to the city 1x EC-130H is tasked with providing comprehensive EW support in the form of direct jamming of specific enemy radar and air defense assets as well as providing additional ELINT support 3x KC-135R is tasked with providing aerial refueling 2x E-3C is tasked with providing additional AEW Emissions Control (EMCON): EMCON BRAVO All ships will restrict radiation emissions (radars are off) but can still communicate and data transfer All aircraft are EMCON DELTA – unrestricted emissions AMPHIBIOUS PLAN Plan: The amphibious plan is as follows. The engineers will land first and perform a quick sweep of the beach for mines and obstacles. Imagery shows that the beach should be clear and free of mines and obstacles, so the sweep should be quick. A and B Companies along with the scout sniper and recon platoon and battalion headquarters element will land when cleared to by the engineers. The engineers will make breaches large enough for AAV’s to pass through at breach points Elmer and Fudd. A Company will proceed through breach point Elmer onto MSR Wiley to MSR Market. At the intersection of MSR Market and Wiley, blocking position Bugs will be established. Then the company will continue down MSR Liberty to the US consulate. Similarly, B Company will proceed through breach point Fudd onto MSR Coyote to MSR Market. At the intersection of MSR Market and Maple, blocking position Bunny will be established. Then the company will continue down MSR Maple to the Canadian consulate. Upon reaching the consulates, the Marines will secure the compounds and establish a security perimeter. Scout snipers will establish overwatch points on the roofs of the consulates. The Marines will first evacuate consulate personnel to the AAVs, then secure/destroy any sensitive materials on site. Once the consulates are secured and policed, each company will withdraw to their respective blocking positions, recover the Marines manning those positions, and then withdraw to the beach. From there everyone will amphibiously embark and return to the ships of Task Force Wasp. Taskings: A Company: Establish blocking position Elmer on MSR Market, move to and secure US consulate via MSR Liberty B Company: Establish blocking position Fudd on MSR Market, move to and secure Canadian consulate via MSR Maple Engineer Platoon: Provide initial beach screening and breach points at point Bugs (for A Co) and Bunny (for B Co) to allow immediate road access to MSR Scout Sniper Platoon: Will provide rooftop security at both consulates once they have been secured Recon Platoon: Reinforce blocking positions C Company: QRF Landing Plan: A MEU comes with 12 AAV-7s organic to the formation. Due to the size of the Marine Landing Party and the lack of use of other amphibious landing craft, there are not enough AAVs to land the entire landing party at the same time. The landing party will infil and exfil in waves, designated below: Infil: 1. Engineers, Scout Snipers, Recon platoon 2. A Company, Battalion Headquarters 3. B Company Exfil: 1. Engineers, Scout Snipers, Recon platoon, all consulate personnel and casualties not already evacuated 2. A Company 3. B Company, Battalion Headquarters Supporting Fires: Once ashore, and as long as the airspace remains clear, the Marines will have overwhelming air support. Both the USS Wasp and USS Enterprise will have on call CAS dedicated to supporting the Marines. Wasp: 4x AH-1W Super Cobra’s 6x AV-8B Harrier’s Enterprise: 12x F/A-18C Hornet’s VMFA-251 (Marine aviation) Due to the restrictions on unguided weapons use inside city limits, the Marines will not have access to mortars or naval gunfire support. However, the Cobra’s will still be allowed to engage positively identified enemy targets with unguided rockets.
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    R2V "Aris´ed" Shermans

    Here´s a quick-fix mod set for the R2V Shermans. @DougPhresh made a request for Sherman mods for R2V the other day. I replied that I dont really have the time to make mods from scratch. Luckily, I discovered that I had an old set of Sherman Photoshop files that Aris´ once sent me. This was only the files for his CMBN Sherman IC mod, so most of the mods in this set are based on these. I have simply taken each bmp for the hulls and turrets of every Sherman in R2V - and placed the dirt, mud and grime from Aris´ Sherman IC on top of them. So most of the mods have the excact same layer of dirt on top of them. Luckily, it doesn' t really loook like that, because the base bmp´s are relatively different. In some cases, the bmp´s were so different from the Sherman IC´s layout that I couldn´t use the method described above. In that case I have taken files from other CM games and renamed them to fit. Or done a bit of modding myself. In short: This is not a set of mods made from scratch - but a quick-fix that will allow you to use "Aris´ed" R2V Shermans. Sherman grogs might find errors in camo schemes and such, but as far as I am concerned, they are as good as they get. I am sharing the mods via this Dropbox link - until they are available on Cmmods IV.
  7. 13 points

    Umlauts Commercial Buildings

    Howdy folks The other day I realized that I had an almost complete mod set of commercial buildings that I´d never finished and released. So now I have brushed up the files and made it sort of ready for release. Mind you: The mod set is not as finished as I would like it to be - that is the reason why I didnt release it, when I made it three or four years ago. But I dont think I will ever get the time to fully complete it - so I have decided to release it as it is, rather than just letting it sit idle on my hard drive. I am going to make it temporarily available from Dropbox - but hopefully it will be on CMMODS IV soon and then I´ll remove them again. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f2tl7i0ntkw5r3u/AADyULTXZ40Ms5CDuaQ7B6b7a?dl=0 Here´s a bit of info on it: Umlauts Commercial Buildings This set of mods contains modded commercial buildings for CM Normandy. I have added murals to the gables of some of the buildings and some extra storefronts. According to my research they should all be typical of Normandy in 1944 – but I could be wrong. The mod set contains quite a few extra commercial buildings, compared to the base game: Buildings 100: Base game = 2 sets – this mod = 3 sets Buildings 101: Base game = 2 sets – this mod = 15 sets Buildings 102: Base game = 2 sets – this mod = 2 sets Buildings 103: Base game = 2 sets – this mod = 13 sets Mirrored gables Unfortunately, the game reuses the gable BMP´s for both gables of a house, so if a commercial building isn´t accached to another buildong, then one of the murals will always be inverted. I have tried to fix this by adding two different versions of each gable – with the inverted part on both sides. This means that you can place two commercial buildings next to each other and cycle through the building layout (shift-left click), until the inverted gables are hidden where the buildings meet. Choosing the preferred layout I highy recommend that you cycle through the building layout (shift-left click) of each building to choose the one with the preferred layout. If you leave it to the game, the building layouts are assigned ramdomly – and you will probably see a lot of inverted gables and indentical buildings next to each other. When you cycle through the layouts, remember that there are up to 15 different layouts for some types. And if you click and nothing seems to change – then it is probably only the layout of the gable that has changed, while the rest of the building stays the same. Damage: I have altered the damage files of the game to suit my tastes. The buildings with damage showing the brick work through the plaster are modded to fit these damage files. To apply damage, press shift-alt-leftclick. Please remember that I do not consider this mod set completely finished. But I dont think I will find the time to finish it anytime soon – if ever – so I´ve decided to release it as it is. Enjoy
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    I've got permission from BFCElvis to post about something a little to the side of this content. Fixing the Hedgerow Bug It's perhaps most prevalent in CMBN given the abundance of hedgerow maps/scenarios but applies across all titles for infantry behind hard cover. You may have noticed my Green troops in this battle have not been running away or into the streets towards the enemy during these firefights with the Soviet infantry. This whole DAR has been using a version of the F&R beta that includes some tweaks to the TacAI to address infantry bolting from cover when coming under small arms fire. Infantry that come under small arms fire are more likely to seek cover and 'cower' rather than displace, even when pinned/rattled. Infantry are more likely to bolt when under attack from high explosives... (which let's face it makes sense. ) The changes I've noticed: - It becomes very hard to dislodge infantry already set up in a building or behind a wall. Even when you lose LOS/LOF there's a good chance your opponent is still there. (I've joked it's going to take naval shells to dislodge Veteran troops). - Getting the jump on the enemy while they are moving / before they are set up and ready to seek cover still causes morale to collapse very quickly. Case in point: like when most of my Pioneer platoon evaporated under SMG fire within 30 seconds. - Infantry taking persistent casualties will still suffer morale damage over the long term. Like my Volkssturm surrendering after a solid five minutes of constant rifle fire back and forth. - Expect longer drawn out firefights in urban and hedgerow maps. That also means watching those ammo counters more closely. - High explosive and flame options just became a lot more valuable in urban combat. Close quarter AVRE or M12 GMC anyone? Still being tested and subject to change but there are positive signs among the beta testers so far. All for now.
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    Free eBooks from Osprey

    Since a lot of people have more reading time than usual right now, Osprey is giving away 5 free eBooks a week for the next 4 weeks. Take a look here
  10. 12 points

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The tank riding, no prisoner taking, one eyed, Forward Observer.
  11. 12 points
  12. 12 points

    Fire and Rubble

    Bolshie lover? uhhhhh, the wehrmacht et al killed around 25M folks in soviet russia. Russia did not attack germany. So yes let's 'honor' them?? for a war of murder and extermination?? Hitler's plan was for the enslavement, banishment or murder of 160M people. So yes, the russian invasion was certainly a most 'honorable' endeavor. As long as we all agree that those 160M weren't actually people, but some sort of subhuman eastern hordes like all those twisted german memoirs always say (I've read piles of them). The last stand of the wehrmacht was utter madness, not something honorable. It was the reckoning of their murderous actions. Having said that, I am really looking forward to fighting on the Oder and in Hungary. As either side. Yes, well, I have to reconcile that somehow..... And having said that, I am currently fighting through Blunting the Spear as wehrmacht, so where do I really go with this......
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    With the help of @sPA505 I have posted a full translation with some commentary of the German pamphlet: Tactically Correct Driving Armored Personnel Carrier (Shützenpanzerwagon (SPW) . Enjoy! And thanks for the translation Holger!
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    A little preamble to this taster ... I grew up in rural Dorset in the south of England where our countryside is not so different than that of Normandy (though the Cider may be a bit stronger!). So whenever I fire up CMBN and gaze upon the monotonous green of the bocage, I start to dream of my younger days spent amongst the hedgerows of my native land. Those hedgerows, mostly long gone now, were so thick that we could actually burrow our way inside and create 'dens' where no adult, or rival gang, could find us. So, with some time to spare thanks to COVID-19, I got to thinking about the bocage in BN and wondered what could I do to make it into something like I imagined it to be. Well, the answer is not a great deal - the models for the bocage are hard to figure out, and even with new textures, it's not ever going to get close to what it probably should be, alas. But, having tinkered with the bocage for some time, and been inspired by @Falaise's treatment of those oddly uniform brush textures, I had a go at a lot of the other textures - trees, bushes, grass etc. So, to cut through the waffle, here are a couple of tasters (some caveats first: it's not ready yet, I just couldn't wait to share some goodness, it will be a couple of weeks yet as I'm trying to iron-out some of the strange in-game distortions; I think this 'plays' best at, or near, ground level just because of the way the game handles LOD and stuff, from afar it's not really going to have much of an effect; screen caps are taken whilst running ReShade, hence the colours are much more muted and some effects are, well, effecting the images (at the end is a pic without ReShade for comparison); I design these for my own gaming pleasure so YMMV will apply when released; I have quite a few other tweaked textures that I may release at the same time just to give the complete 'look' - these are mostly not my work but rather tweaks of mods by luminaries such as @EZ, Aris ( @Fuser ), @Flesh, @Vein, @Kieme(ITA) to name but a few; these textures will be high res and if you want to use the ReShade 'look' then you'll need a decent graphics card in a Windows machine, I will release a lower res version. Enough ... some pics: ( You can study high res versions in my DropBox folder here ) More below 🙂
  16. 10 points

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    As we eagerly await the coming of CMFR, here's a quick status update: I'm picking up the project again after a super-long break and am pecking away at what I can do without the new module materials. The later release date means that I may or may not make release of my project in 2020. My hobby time is much less than it used to be, but I'm still hopeful and dying to get this baby out. Currently, I'm focusing on updating all the building internals to what I have identified over time as the best design for tactical play and user-friendliness. I'm making good progress there. I had forgotten how detailed some of the early pics I posted were, and so have decided to go ahead and post a current shot of the master map from the same angle as that which started this thread. Enjoy. 🙂
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    Michael Emrys

    Not dead yet

    This may belong in an already open thread, in which case my apologies for starting an unnecessary one, but I am pressed for time at the moment and can't spend a lot here yet. But I did want to bring friends and colleagues up to date. On December 20th. I suffered a fall which fractured my upper right arm and had to spend the next three months in a nursing facility more or less incommunicado. I only arrived back home Monday and am scrambling to pick up where I left off. I had for instance 751 emails waiting for me which I have so far only managed to put a small dent in. Anyway, expect to hear more from me in the future. For some inexplicable reason, I missed you guys. Michael
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    I follow a gamers Youtube channel called Gameranx and they have 5.7 million subscribers. They put up a top 10 most historically accurate games list and it was pretty much the usual suspects, big games and so on. As I was watching it I was cursing to myself why these channels never do wargames in a serious fashion, but guess what? Wait for it .... ... and yeah, 5.7 million people might get exposed to a REAL game series 😃
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    tank in french color but American-made it's tough !!!
  20. 10 points

    Fire and Rubble

    Actually most of us Bolshie lovers won't get too upset, because those red bastards got the last laugh, so to speak, and we are too-well-used-to wargame developers pandering to players that glorify the German military. That said, I have no idea why you'd consider that "honoring the last stand of the Wehrmacht" would be more "fair" than honoring those that defeated Nazism after it had treacherously invaded their country? Weird...
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    Well considering every military in history has trained to aim for center of mass, this seems like the nitpick of all nitpicks. If anything, its an indication the game is behaving correctly. Absurd. Aim does not get magically thrown off target just by firing. This is why recoil mechanisms exist. And if we are going to nitpick and say "the ground is shifting" well as it turns out militaries are actually competent and train for this eventuality. Weapons crews, gun crews, tank crews, etc all take this into account and make micro adjustments while firing to ensure they are compensating for these small variables. Though I know some here will refuse to accept it, I think it is clear that the game accurately models a crews overall competence depending on its veterancy level, and that is more than enough to cover this "issue." Yes, and the sky is blue. Seriously, what is the point? This is known in the real world, yet there is not a single military out there that advocates for fighting tanks out in the open opposed to hull down positions. Again, it turns out that militaries are pretty competent when it comes to this stuff. Yeah, the driver can't see anything in a hull down position. That's why the job of spotting targets is the commander and gunners job, the two people with the best optics that can see over the hull down cover. Not true. Spotting is 1:1. If less of a vehicle is visible it is harder to spot. There are tons of anecdotal examples of this on these forums alone, people complaining that their tank can't see through some bush or through some smoke or dust, etc. The more obscured from view a vehicle is, the harder it is to spot initially. The obvious answer is stop getting your tanks shot at. Regardless of what the tank is or what is shooting at it, it is never a good thing to be directly engaged. Again, this is a nitpick. Soft systems on the outside of a tank are more vulnerable than the best armored parts of the tank. This isn't rocket science. And we all know that if BFC were to introduce some form of "center mass deviation" where there was some random chance applied to shots to be off their aimpoints to varying degrees, you would likely be the first to start complaining about how unrealistic that is because ballistics are a well known and quantifiable science. Mantlets are a historical weakspot on tanks, both in WWII and the modern era. Anywhere you have a gap or disconnect between otherwise solid parts is going to create structural weakness. This is objectively false. I already know the thread where this hysterical myth first gained infamy, and I don't feel the need to restate the obvious. If you think standing in the open is more conducive to your own survival, then more power to you. Finally, its a game. It simulates combat pretty damn well. And its fun too. No game is perfect. No sim is perfect. Hell, some argue reality isn't perfect. If you can't get over that, and you really think the game is so terribly flawed in all these micro ways that add up to ruin the game, then just don't play it. Life is short. I'm sure there are better things out there than spending years constantly trying to prove the already known quantity that nothing is perfect.
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    Heaven & Earth - "Open Beta"

    Heaven & Earth, the "Vietnam-esque" Super-mod, is still very much a work in progress but I think we're now at a stage where we can start an 'open beta'. Enjoy & don't hesitate to give the team some feedback. The download link (includes the manual)... https://www.mediafire.com/file/ij3gj4f3qmosjny/H%26E_0.96.7z/file The manual only (for those who just wish to peruse) link... http://download1979.mediafire.com/t2e7pgu84vqg/9vrw3i18q5qpydf/H%26E+0.96+Manual.pdf The kind of stuff that you can expect... Content includes... Two "Bong-Hai Civil War" Era Campaigns (one original 15 mission campaign by @puje and a 7 mission "conversion" campaign by myself). Eleven "Bong-Hai Civil War" Era scenarios (all "conversions"). Nine Modern Era scenarios (one original scenario by @Sgt.Squarehead and eight simple conversions by myself). Three Quick battle map conversions by @Combatintman. Installation & set-up The Heaven & Earth modpack is designed for CMSF2 version 2.02, it is advised that you use no other mods alongside Heaven & Earth as it is a complete package with a unique UI, sounds, scripts, special effects, vehicle's & weapons... many of which are swapped by the use of tags. Place the mod pack into your empty mod folder in C:\Users\user\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\User Data Place the contents of the scenario folder into your scenario folder in C:\Users\user\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Game Files Place the contents of the campaign folder into your campaign folder in C:\Users\user\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Game Files Place the contents of the map folder into your map folder in C:\Users\user\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Game Files In terms of settings, because Heaven & Earth maps are often more complex than the desert maps of CMSF2, you may find it useful to slightly reduce your '3d Model Quality' settings... 'Balanced' or 'Improved' should be sufficient for smooth gameplay. Remember you can change your '3d Model Quality 'in-game using Shift+[ & Shift+]. You can also toggle shadows with Alt+W. Some of the newly created objects may look odd with shaders off. Alt+R will toggle your shaders in-game.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Street fight.
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    Bud Backer

    Be Not The Anvil

    I’ve no idea how many are reading this but I’ll give some background to what you’re seeing. First of all, this is created using new software that I wanted to try. Making this comic took almost three months which is about the same time per page as my previous ones. I was concerned about the learning curve when switching software but it was less effort than I expected. There were a few shortcomings, like very few onomatopoeia, and one's ability to manipulate them wasn’t as advanced as my usual software. However, the ability to change the dimensions and shapes of each panel on the fly was huge. Previously I had to go on to separate custom software to re-size the individual panels on a page and they had to be four sized, and right-angle parallelograms. With the software I used here, I could almost make any shape. This afforded much more flexibility in terms of layout, as well as reducing reader boredom through panel layout repetition. Second, I wanted to give the perspective of a single squad in combat. Some films, and a number of books, have taken a much more focused view of battle, personalizing it. Rather than making it that of one man, I thought a squad might be interesting. There are few grand overheads, because a squad would have none. There are few explanations of what is going on everywhere else in the battle (and it was a fair sized one) because again, a squad would have little such information. If you’re confused what is going on where, then you’re in the boots of Gorokhov and his men: aware of a wider engagement around you, following where you are led, and only certain of what you’re doing and the ground you’re running on. Finally, since this is a special edition, the look itself of the graphics is different. You won’t find many speech bubbles here, and no comic half-tone dots. I wanted this to look less like a comic and more like a graphic novel.
  25. 9 points

    Red thunder and Covid -19

    Are you guys F'n kidding me? You really fall for this clap trap? Good lord. The panic and hoarding is a sad over reaction, but the ostrich head in the sand attitude is far worse and more dangerous. That guy basically spun a web of no real facts and you accepted at face value that yep , all is good this is normal? wtf?? Sorry, wrong. This is a serious highly infectious and much deadlier disease. What next? The pandemic of 1918 was just another cold season? At least you guys are consistent in where you go for source material. Won't be surprised at all to hear you watch Seam Hannity, except now he says he always took this seriously. In the public discussion of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in early 2020, Wodarg gained notoriety as an interviewee in video clips typically published on rightwing video channels. There he presented his thesis that SARS-CoV-2 was only one of many similar viruses which usually go undetected as part of an ordinary seasonal period of respiratory infections (casually called flu or cold), and that the worldwide activities to stop the pandemic were only a "hype" caused basically by selective perception of researchers.[4] He detailed his thesis in publications on his personal website.[5] His comments on the COVID 19 pandemic caused criticism from German scientists. Various German media examined Wodarg's claims for accuracy and concluded that his statements would largely contradict the verifiable facts, some statements were neither refutable nor verifiable, but on closer examination proved to be misleading.
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    Bil Hardenberger

    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    Well.. all I know is my reply which you quoted was tongue in cheek.. can't say the same for yours. I for one feel extremely lucky that the CMx2 series exists in as many forms as it does. Bil
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    Le Noyer

    I pass regularly in the middle of this battlefield and you also probably if you came to Normandy because it is on the road between Caen and Falaise. I love this scenario I take this opportunity to take you there with me seen from canadian line Metallic wire mesh seen on this view is called "american wire mesh" This is the grid that was placed on the runway of temporary aerodrome in 1944 it is still in use today to close the fields in many place in Normandy!! Le Noyer now there is a 4 lanes ! watching toward Tilly La Campagne watching toward Verriere Le Noyer Seen fron Tilly la Campagne the railway becoming a road I really have to go wash my car !!!! Here are the monuments crossed during this little report the Trotteval farm back from the position of the sherman in the scenario Verriere Tilly la campagne devant le Noyer really a great sccenario with a lots of suspense Merci Jon 'JonS' Sowden if you don't play https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/le-noyer/
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    After a looooong hiatus from Combat Mission, and then hand/wrist surgery, I finally got back to this and finished the dpm woodland camo. I will upload them as soon as I get the readme and whole package together and squared away with Bootie/CMMODS. Tomorrow maybe. Mtp camo will follow but not sure how soon. First two pics are with shaders/shadows on. The other two are with them off (well, shaders might be on in the last one, not sure). Cheers!.
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    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken. Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps. On the right you can see the roof of the building through the smoke. A marksman on the back of the Panther is still keeping an eye on it .
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    One element that has genuinely changed for the worse is the loss of ChrisND, and his twitch streams. Those were superb content, both in terms of engaging with the player base and highlighting upcoming releases. I can't make a claim that that kind of presentation is cost effective, but it's certainly missed.
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    Rome to Victory Release Date

    good god, is this really even happening? this false equivalence bulls-t? "oh, well the allies did bad things too so everyone is equal." We are not blind or stupid as Aragorn likes to imply. We KNOW THE ALLIES DID BAD THINGS. But the allies weren't on a campaign of conquest and murder for all the resources of Eurasia, were they? And the allies were extremely merciful to their vanquished foes. The germans planned to impoverish, enslave, banish, or exterminate their vanquished foes. They did in fact impoverish/enslave/banish/exterminate everyone they conquered. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE. The allied bombing campaigns of german and japanese cities constituted war crimes, there's no way to deny that. The allies did NOT do this to enslave those countries, they did it because they (wrongly) thought it would end the f___ing war and end the suffering sooner. Intent matters. And having said that..... I am currently playing CMRT campaign as the germans. Because they have nice gear. and I already did the russian campaign.
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    Good evening all, @BFCElvis has granted permission for some preview pics to be shared with the community of the upcoming Dutch Campaign revamp. (The remaining CMSF campaigns haven't been forgotten ). Dutch Campaign revamp for CMSF2 is being handled by @Imperial Grunt and Ithikial_AU. Some of the key changes from CMSF1 version (slight spoilers) - Reworked briefings to provide more narrative flavour around the Dutch effort and it's role in the wider conflict. - Lowered campaign difficulty to be more accessible to players of varying skill levels. (Don't worry I don't think having to undertake MOUT missions with a small Company(+) force will be considered "easy"). There was an initial 15% casualty rule in the old campaign, equating to automatic scenario and potentially campaign loss - this was considered pretty harsh. Some hunting around archive forum posts on the Battlefront forums helped identify issues. We were also aware the CMSF engine had evolved since the original release, with automatic weapons now being much more lethal making this parameter difficult for players to meet. - Victory conditions and campaign script reworked for some scenarios to reflect their close timing and geography between battles. For example, shared support assets, no ammunition resupply, the next missions time of day dependent on the outcome of battle before etc. - Infantry replenishment added at key points of the campaign. - Maps tweaked to take advantage of new map features (water, bridges, fortifications etc). Some urban maps have been cratered/ruined to reflect the timing of the campaign in the wider conflict. - Changes to AI plans to take advantage of new features introduced since CMSF’s release. - Joint ops for all. (You'll have to play through the campaign to know what that means). So I guess the cat is out of the bag. I was asked to come on board to help out earlier in the year and the first task I got was helping out on this one. Most of the work is done with scenarios individually tested and tweaks made. We're just waiting on briefing graphics and final blind runs through the entire campaign to see how it plays. Obviously R2V has priority at the moment but for the modern war fans there's something around the corner. Cheers Ithikial "MOUT again?" Tweaked mission conditions and maps. The Syrians get some new toys. Your air support is no longer invincible. Reworked maps. In this MOUT engagement the city isn't as pristine as it once was.
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    This is all that you need to know for why you need CM in your life... Mord.
  34. 8 points
    The bug has been patched and fix. The patches are being tested now to ensure nothing else is broken. As one of the original people who pointed out the 4.0 HE bug (anyone remember the video?) I know that it can be frustrating waiting for a patch. But, I also know that the bug is 100% fixed, having played the patch that addresses the issues. The bug is squashed, and the patch is coming.
  35. 8 points

    New Campaing "6th Troop"

    Hi I apologize for my English, but I can only do this, I help google translator. The campaign presents the fights of this company in the Ancona area on July 17-18, 1944. Module Gustav Line is required, all scenario are not historical. All maps are obtained from the collections of QB maps or scenario, maps about the size of 1x1 km. I hope this campaign will be different from the others, where the AI often has 1 plan and its defense units are very static. It is hard to play it again after some time, where it is known in advance what and where it is. In all scenarios, AI has 3 plans, each plan may even differ in the composition of the units. Do not be surprised that "Tiger" appeared, and when you play this scenario again, it is not there, or the opposite. The size of the scenario is small / medium, but at this size it is good to determine the AI behavior, each vehicle has its own plans. I tried to use all the possibilities of the 4.0 engine like shelling a particular area, planned AI withdrawal, etc. As a player we will not receive any additions max 10% (the campaign lasts 2 days) this only applies to the composition of units, so every soldier is particularly valuable. Ammo replenished every battle. Similarly, the main armored forces of the enemy are not resurrected. If we can hunt something, it will not appear again. A good example is the first mission in which we must detect and kill the enemy observer. If we succeed, the enemy will be deprived of heavy artillery support in the next mission. Of course, the fire will not appear in the first round, but later when we start attacking. I hope AI will be able to operate artillery well. I find the scenarios difficult, but don't worry that the campaign will end after the first failure. There are 4 to 7 missions to complete, it all depends on your actions. Remember that we play against a very well trained enemy unit, veteran / crack / elite. All comments are appreciated, https://mega.nz/#!Tm4jFIiD!m27gCNkkY3NVpxMGtS799uOMxhA2-2qXrebIfqksPuM
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    Umlaut´s mods

    Got another mod ready - and as it might not be the last, I figured I might as well start a dedicated thread for my own mods. This one is one of my new favorite vehicles in CMFI R2V: The Morris C9B SPAA. A favorite to play with, that is - not to mod! It has been a real PITA to mod, because it has no large surfaces, but millions of little nooks and crannies. Luckily, modding is now over and I enjoy playing with my weathered Morris SPAA. Hope you will too. As always I´ll share it via this Dropbox link - until it is available on CMMODS IV.
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    Mission to Maas Version 2 Scenario

    Mission to Maas V2.btt Updated huge scenario Axis KG Peiper versus Allies. Semi Historical based on the actions over 4 days around La Gleize and Stoumont, condensed into a 4 hour period. 4 hours, gives plenty of time. But need to balance force preservation with speed to secure objectives, avoiding enemy artillery and fighting off counter attacks. Controlling 700 troops and over 50 vehicles is not for the feint hearted Improvements over Version 1 Improved road layout near Coo and through La Gleize, so game engine doesn't re-route units behind buildings . Ground conditions now allow for more off-road manoeuvre with minimal risk of breakdown, although beware of mines. Some building layouts have been improved. Found Grilles! and added some German recon. German TRP setup is now at the front of the Spitze rather than inconveniently hidden in the woods! 5 action plans, with variable arrival time for USA reinforcements give more replay ability. Start time is 08:30am which provides darkness and poor visibility for the first 15-30 minutes. Why go large? Operational type decisions on when and where to attack / defend with which company optional march routes route security, flank recon, patrols, early warning creation of mobile reserve to respond to threats etc command challenges, do I move to counter that threat or temporarily withdraw to fight again? Deeper understanding of your own force strengths, weakness, mobility, firepower, combined arms Visual. Attack and counter attack over the same ground lets you fight past burnt out vehicles and damaged buildings, that are reset if occurring in a campaign Not many scenarios produced on this scale, probably for good reason Many thanks to the guys who commented on version 1, much appreciated, hope you find this an improved experience.
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    Fire and rubble (questions) :-)

    They were considering other nationalities but the module had already grown to massive proportions. New fall, winter and spring foliage, terrains and horizons,. Snow, whitewash for all vehicles, a new region (Germany) and specialized artwork for the Berlin maps, Lend Lease vehicles, late war vehicles, partisans and Volkssturm, multiple uniform swap-outs for the seasons. Plus some vehicles even got alt late war camou schemes. This module is a monster.
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    After a year and and five months it is done! The SF2 mod really burned me out but I managed to FINALLY finish this bad boy after lots of breaks and procrastination. There's over 1700 portraits included. I hand made 60+ unique faces for this one, there's plenty of variety. Thanks to MJ for sending me the new portraits so I'd know what was included in RtV. He didn't have the SS so I had to guess, but going by my research I think I have them covered. Guys, please read the included "Urgent" readme in the zip when you get a chance. Things are pretty tough for me right now so I'd appreciate it. I sent the mod off to Booty so it should be up some time soon (or maybe Ian can get a hold of him and let him know). In the meantime here's the splash screen and I posted a pic in my FI Mods thread. Hope you guys enjoy them and stay healthy, the world has definitely taken a weird-ass detour. Mord.
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    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    The only thing worse than 1940s Nazis is a present day Nazi. One might argue the populace 80 years ago were naïf about just what sort of monsters they were supporting. You can't make that argument now.
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    Now part two: As all that gunfire was going on with the two American half-tracks, two more half-tracks were coming up the road behind them, making four in total. Right when the first firefight was ending, the two new half-tracks opened fire down the road. They didn't even see the Stummel right in front of them, but were instead shooting off to the right side of the road where they saw muzzle flashes from the firefight (where my shot-up HQ teams were). Some of my forward troops had already turned around from infiltrating the city and were rushing back to the sound of shooting behind them. They were about to lay a devastating ambush along the road. Now that the Americans were shooting, my troops along the road suddenly realized what was right in front of them and then opened fire. Seemingly every man in this entire squad threw a grenade, and then a panzerfaust was launched: These guys have no idea what's coming: See if you can count how many grenades are in this picture! The half-tracks go boom. Both remaining half-tracks are completely destroyed with all hands lost inside. After such a shocking few minutes, everything fell quiet for a while. My troops went on without their commander back to their original mission of infiltrating the city, and were eventually victorious.
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    To buy or not to buy

    I usually say this when people say that CM games are expensive: I have lots of games that have cost me 20 or 30 $ - and I have played them less than 10 hours. Then there´s CMBN. It costs far more, but it has given me thousands of hours of gameplay - and still does. So when it comes to price per hour of gameplay, CMBN is by far the cheapest game I ever bought. Like the others, I recommend you try the demos: If you like playing them, then you have found a game that you probably wont get tired of for a very long time.
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    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    AT guns to the left of me, Shermans to the right, here I am...
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    Welcome back @Pascucci I remember you from a thread in Fortress Italy. Also some good news for you. Battlefront does not charge for patches. Patches are completely FREE!!! Sorry if someone mislead you or maybe you just mis-remembered. Also Battlefront has the new all in one installer now that greatly improves downloading and installing a game with multiple modules etc. The hassle of installing multiple games and modules and packs on a new computer was a valid complaint back in the day. But as Battlefront continues to be responsive to the community and make improvements they have taken care of that problem. So when you buy CMFI R2V it should install very easily. IMO there is some validity to this point. I think the reason we are disappointed with late releases is because we like the games so much we can't wait to get our hands on them. There are probably many reasons for later than anticipated releases of some games, modules & packs. I like to think one of the main reasons is that Battlefront is trying to get the best product they can out the door. I am also frustrated with the wait at times and think there is room for improvement here. More good news for you on this front. @BFCElvis is now assisting with communications with the community. So this has also improved. He also works the help desk and continues to keep BFC as one of the best product support companies in PC gaming. In fact there is a thread around here about Elvis providing customer support on his laptop from a hospital room. Not to mention on holidays. So while your eating turkey on Thanksgiving Battlefront will be there to support you holiday missions................ I hope you didn't take my reply in anyway as being hostile because it was only meant to be friendly and informative. And in the interest of being friendly I'll completely ignore when you told me where I should not stick my head . Now that you are better informed on a few of your concerns I hope you will eagerly follow developments for CMFI R2V. This is looking to be a really great release with new nationalities, TOE, equipment etc. It will take the CMFI game from July 1943 to the end of the war. Very cool game. I look forward to playing a PBEM with you after the release, my friend. +1. Don't be annoyed my friend. Look on it as an opportunity to point out all the positive aspects of the game. You are always at an advantage in this regard because the positives out way the negatives by a significant amount. +1 Hold my beer .............. Now I have to go eat turkey while @BFCElvis handles the support desk .
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    I've been playing Combat Mission equally as long, and I think it's an amazing outfit with wonderful support - I never got so much escapism in my life before. CMSF2 was incredible - a huge leap forward from SF1. R2V sounds fabulous. I'm super impatient - I check the site multiple times a day - but I'm still playing all the other games. None of them have got stale. Given that Combat Mission is a boutique game produced to a high standard, and that what they've provided is so good, the griping really annoys me.
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    Well, I'm not really threatening...for it to constitute a threat, I would have to have some expectation that the recipient (BF) would change its behavior based on my statements. But I have no such expectations, I've been around long enough to know that BF is gonna do what it's gonna do... But honestly, I would think that they would at least be curious why a long time hard-care tactical wargamer and customer is losing interest in their products. Given that many people don't seem to understand the points I'm trying to make, I've had to repeat them several times, although I'll try to stop soon! Well, yes... Not sure about that any more. While I only look at the CMRT and general forums, both of those are quite dead. While I'm sure there will be a spurt of activity after R2V comes out, not sure how long it will last. And frankly, a lot of what I would consider to be interesting conversations get shut down very quickly because people who raise any concerns are immediately branded as whiners, haters, etc. and disappear...
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    Yes and no...according to MikeyD, BF apparently also incurs a lot of brain damage determining OOBs and TO&Es for formations that I doubt anyone ever uses. I was simply suggesting that they could lighten their load by focusing on the OOBs and TO&Es for the basic building blocks (platoons and companies) rather than a lot of larger formations of limited utility to anyone. Not sure with what my front preferences have to do with not liking it when games cover very narrow time frames and only a handful of units? I'd feel the same way if I preferred Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, or Italy. Three separate games covering the Western Front: CMFB, CMFI, CMFB, and in theory, four separate games for the Eastern Front--bleh. I have no problem with paying for additional content but want it to work together in one big sand box rather than several stand-alone silos. For me, having an editor is not every useful if there is little to edit. You leave a question yourself: why do you care that I post my opinion of the games here? I've been playing these games and on this forum for many years, so feel free to express my opinions, and am not very concerned if they don't coincide with yours (the self-appointed "defender of the faith", I see). Last time I checked, the purpose of discussion forums is to, well, discuss? Finally, in my view given all of the necessary abstractions/assumptions in these (or any similar) games for vastly more important topics such as LOS, sighting, troop reactions, terrain, C&C, morale, etc etc to claim that failing to use historically accurate officers' sidearms would reduce "fidelity" or "accuracy" in any meaningful way is pedantic in the extreme , unless your aim is to create a firing range simulator.
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    Sorry things have been quiet. We hit a snag. The build that was supposed to fix the Sikh models and textures didn't quite get things sorted and left Bud dead in the water. Such is how software development goes sometimes. Both problems are being worked. In the mean time enjoy some of these cool shots I took of the Sikh soldier's that were fixed in the latest build. These were taken on a hazy overcast day in July.
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    This is my "way and method" how I got to the finish. Perhaps there are steps that aren´t required or not best. CUSTOM FLAVOR OBJECTS FOR WW2 AND MODERN AQUILA METHOD: 1) Install Anaconda Python 3.X (Google) 2) Install Blender Software (Google) 3) Install a Photoshop Software. Free good Tool: GIMP2 (Google) 3) Check CM2Tools Plugin Authors Github page https://github.com/sbobovyc/CM2Tools for info and plugin download. Also his BFForums thread (1st post) Watch Plugin Author´s Import/Export Tutorial (1st Post) 4) Install Plugin like shown in these Videos 5) Take the original .brz files in data of your WW2 or Modern CM2 game and put it into "Input" of Combat Mission X/ModTools/Rezexplode and unpack them 6) Go and find a custom 3D Model of your liking in one of the Blender formats (advanced users may convert them). You can check comptatible formats in Blender under File/Import. Free 3D Databases in 1st Post and recent big post of me. Check that it comes with textures. 7) Start Blender, delete the placeholder cube you don´t need it, with add/lamp/hemisphere in the lower interface you can make everything brighter. It is sometimes very dark. 8 ) I start with importing an original "primer" Cm2 flavor object. Without this step no custom models show up in CM2 (there is likely some essential info stored into them). They are located in your unpacked CM2 game files. Often under terrain/flavor objects/models. Import for example "shelter1.mdr" into blender with file/import/mdr. Check "import metadata" and "transform", I have 4 checkmarks there. May not be required for flavors but for standarization I always do this. For smaller projects you can use smaller stuff like crate1.mdr. 9) You see a CM2 shelter, there is a small ball dropdown in the lower interface, you can change to "materials" or "textures" so see it with textures 10) Now again file/import/ choose the format of your custom model download and import it aswell. Check if textures are shown, I am no 3d artists some models are riddles and I dismiss them because I can´t handle them. Easy model to start training was the fire truck and ambulance https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/432872 11) You see it, it may be extremely gigantic, extremly small, you need to resize it and move it with these three colored arrows, some objects have multiple entities, use usual windows shift commands for multi selection to move all at once to keep them in cohesion. The original CM2 shelter is your orientation. Where the CM2 shelter is, is the center, where its fundament is, is the ground. Delete stuff you don´t want with right click "delete hierarchy" in the right interface (I call it Order of Battle, first time is like a battle but don´t give up 😂) . You can move stuff into the space of the original Shelter, no problem but AVOID moving,modifying the box, its your center of the world. Use undo/redo under lower interface/object if you mess up. You can perhaps modify it but I don´t know how and it often leads to problems when exporting with flying models in the sky etc. 12) When you are done, move every custom entitity into the shelter´s folder in the right interface (pros call it make it parent), you can do that by simple drag and drop the symbol of the entitiy. (Author´s Tutorial shows this). 13) Textures of custom models most time come with wrong format. Start GIMP2, load textures into it, go to export, choose file extension "BMP", check 24bit and "do not write info bla" and export it. This is the required format for CM2. 14) Now difficult part you need to replace the texture connections in BLENDER with new BMP. Its in the Right Interface looks like a chessboard ball and square. There you need to remove (x symbol) and to add the bmp. This is somewhat complicated and I to this day don´t know what I am doing. With Trial and Error you get everything show up with your texture.BMPs 15) (optional) you can turn models or model parts invisible with a blank texture (post attachment) in CM2. Also your primer shelter if it is outside the custom model for example. 15a) IMPORTANT: There is something I forget, some models need to be "triangulated". Sounds super complicated but what you just need to do is select the custom model entity, press TAB, and then SHIFT+T, done. If you ever see a "perforated" custom model in your CM game its this step you´ve missed. 16) When everything is textured you are now ready to export. In the right interface select the root entry (your shelter.mdr entitiy with all bells and whistles in it), right click, select hierarchy, everything gets an yellow outline. Check that you are on OBJECT MODE (lower interface) Go to file/export/mdr and do it, make sure that "export metadata" is OFF and do it. 17) create a folder with your new .mdr file and put all textures in it you´ve used. For reverse engineering and helping others I suggest you save an additional blender file (file/save) and put it into it so others can learn from this. 18) rename the untitled.mdr to an flavor object of your liking. Draw Distance is dependant on what you replace. Do not make a cargo ship and call it crate1.mdr, very bad idea it will pop out after 100m distance. Better draw distance comes from big stuff like shelter1,2,3.mdr and best likely are street trafic light or Black Sea monument or big WW2 shelter. 19) throw your ready folder into the Z mod folder 20) go into editor, map, flavor objects place the flavor object you just´ve replaced and check, first time errors will happen you WILL see nothing, you WILL see black models, process of learning but you will prevail. CUSTOM VEHICLES FOR WW2 AND MODERN AQUILA METHOD (just different step): 16) Turn "EXPORT METADATA ON", do not forget otherwise all tire and track wheels will look like you´re watching a Transformers movie. This on the other hand means there are difficulties replacing vehicles or vehicle parts with custom models as custom models require "EXPORT METADATA OFF" so if you want a custom ride with wheels or track wheels with current CM2 tools this seems not possible AFAIK but you can do surely do boats as these naturally don´t require wheels. HOWEVER: You can mix/match several CM2 vehicles by importing them all and switching their parts. Its a bit like playing Car Mechanic simulator, no joke 😂. NEVER FORGET when importing set "IMPORT METADATA" and "TRANSFORM" and always "EXPORT METADATA" when working with vehicles, do alot of backups, if you once miss this and save info is lost, I lost an hour work because I forgot as you don´t notice that you forgot to import/export metadata. Since this I always stop breathing for a moment when I give my custom CM rides the first move command. You can also sculpt and cut parts by moving the vertices or selecting specific model parts in EDIT MODE (Tab) with Wireframe Model (Z) and deselecting (A) (pixels that connect everything) in edit mode. I always USE DELETE FACES not delete vertices as otherwise I got export errors afterwards. Check my Humvee V2 creation video, no commentary for doing this live. But sculpting completely new vehicles out of existing ones requires 3D Artist maestros and is alot of work. I had 5-10 lines of text in mind before writing this, very naive. Honestly now after writing this I see that a written tutorial wasn´t the best idea and I don´t know if this will make any sense but perhaps it helps one and somebody can come up with a decent video tutorial. Don´t get scared by Blender´s interface, for Combat Mission stuff you do not need 99,9% of it. blank.bmp
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