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    It's all been transferred to Bootie, so this will be up any time. 😎
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    Combat Mission of my dreams

    Arab-Israeli wars
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    Nope, that's still the 0.96 skin for the m48a3. Technically there's nothing to test yet however all the hard work has already been done by others (for the People's Army campaign it was done by @Fredrock1957)... once the terrain has been altered & a few tags added all I need to do is slot in a few different forces, tweak a few things here & there, rewrite the breifing &, hey bingo, a "new" scenario is born. It's a poor mans method of creating content... but it seems to work out more often than it doesn't and my Mother always said "quantity has a quality all of its own".
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    LOL you too?
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    Infantry vs Tanks

    Yes, it would be great to have a "wait in ambush, shoot then scoot" command for snipers, ATR's and AT teams as well as ambushers.
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    HQ sometimes sniper team

    Nevermind I have solved the issue - the jeep is sometimes driven by the hq, sometimes by the snipers, but they are both there always.
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    BTW - What would you say if I told you it was (kind of) possible to play either side in a campaign? A certain genius (@MOS:96B2P, take a bow! ) has figured a way to do it.
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    AI plans and a more responsive AI

    Does claiming you play a scenario only twice include the number of times you quit 3 minutes into the scenario because you lost too many troops up front? It seems players will most often chose the attacking side when paying against the AI. As a result they only see the AI at its most basic. You need to play defender to watch the attacking AI trying hard to achieve the objective. Its the attacker that get's the intricate precisely timed AI orders for the smallest units. The defender might get a retreat or attack order on a tripped trigger. I had joked on the Beta board that its a shame we put the most effort into the stuff that the player is least likely to see. Map size is the enemy of making coherent AI orders. The bigger the map the more variables there are, and the lower the AI designer's ability to anticipate what the player is going to do. If you want the opposing AI to act logically you're going to have to accept some restriction. I wouldn't begin to know how to make logical AI plans for a 4km map.
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    Reinforcement by trigger. Timed objectives. Timed AI artillery fire plans. And of course the biggy (for campaigners).....Persistent map damage.
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    Only a few turns in & I'm enjoying it so far... I had a 'broken door' issue cost me a man but that's hardly your fault. Most tricky aspect will be how to present the AAR, I think I'll break the battle up into segments (The Canadians battle, The Commando's battle, the post link-up* battle etc)... I suspect this will take a while. I do like how I see bits & pieces of the ideas that would make Zawiya Uprising so great (the trickling in of reinforcements, your varied force mixtures, surprising enemy positions... oh & the mines!). *Assuming we do linkup.
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    Now this is seriously cool Unforgivable that I haven't played it yet.
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