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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    9. One Engine - CMx3 game performance improvments, graphics improvements, ray tracing, intermediate distance bitmaps additional editor features, dynamic operational campaigns additional gameplay features, coop, LoS tool, visible aircraft
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    7. "Fulda Gap": 1970-90 Europe WWIII
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    1. Blitzkrieg: 1939-40 WWII Early war Poland France (also Finland)
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    3. Afrika Korps: 1940-43 WWII North Africa Operation Torch, American North Africa Invasion Libya, Egypt, and Tunis 1942-43
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    2. Barbarossa: 1941-43 WWII Eastern Front Can Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin data be used as sort of an upgrade? Invasion of Yugoslavia Operation Typhoon Case Blue Blau to Stalingrad Warsaw to Moscow (also Finland)
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    11. New Modules more battlepacks for existing titles New Countries for Barbarossa (Bulgaria Hungary Romania Yugoslavia Partisans). Additional modules for Red Thunder Additional modules for CMSF2: Modern Day Syria, Turkey, Iraq CMBS Marines (from both sides) Commonwealth forces and expansion into VE Day for Final Blitzkrieg
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    10. Enhanced Modding Support add units equipment functionality ingame OOB editor
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    I know, I know, wrong Elvis. But still, it is my humble yet (I'm sure you'll agree) expert opinion that you are the perfect voice of, and face for, BFC. Seriously! You have great communication skills dealing this somewhat, at times, hinky crowd. Just a shout out appropo of nothing, except maybe this alcoholic beverage I'm holding.
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    What the actual hell is this game?

    MOUT operations in CMx2 titles have always been pretty bloody if not executed without exceptional care. I can not make a statement regarding your specific situation, but what i ve observed in the couple of years playing CMx2 is that clearing a building occupied by hostile forces is Best avoided if possible If avoiding clearing the building is impossible, destroy the building or its occupants using heavy fire power (tanks, aircraft artillery, what ever you' ve got). If destroying the building or it's occupants using heavy fire power is not possible, prepare it for infantry clearing by first spending a couple of turns suppressing it's occupants using at least a 3:1 force ratio and the target or target light command. RPGs and the like are wonderful tools for convincing an enemy in a building to leave it. After preparing the building for assault, keep suppressing it with a target-light command and a 2:1 force ratio an send a 1:1 force ratio troop into the building, carefully. Use the pause command and suppress each room with the assault element using target-briefly for at least 10 seconds before entering (this also leads to some grenade throwing, etc). If possible, send the assault element into the building using demo charges by blowing in a wall that has no windows and from the top most floor possible (because hand grenades work best if thrown from an upper to a lower floor). If heavy resistance is encountered in a room, retreat and try to destroy or at least suppress the enemy using your over-watch element from the outside. Using above listed steps, MOUT against an inferior force as the Syrians in CMSF2 can usually be done relative casualty free. Fighting an equal enemy such as the Russians in CMBS, on the other hand, will always cause you some losses, there is no way around it. Just accept it and keep pushing forward towards your mission objectives.
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    CMBN New AFV models

    Latest projects: if any one wants any of the AFV's PM me your address and I will send them to you. Cheers Panzer IV above and Hummel below Kubelwagon 251/D Puma Some of you might recognise this Panther?
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    12. Surprise me - I'm certain to love it Korea 1950 WW2 Pacific WW1 Horses
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    5. Arab-Israeli Wars: 1948–49, 56, 67, 73, 82, and 2006 Israeli War of Independence, 1948-49 Suez Crisis, 1956 Six Day War, 1967 Yom Kippur War, 1973 Lebanon Wars, 1982 & 2006
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    You'll have to excuse the double post here, but I feel compelled to share this. I think some of the misconception about what is happening in the game is coming from the fact that the TacAI always aims for center mass. The real world is not like World of Tanks or War Thunder, where shot placement on specific 2in by 2in spots on a tank has been developed into some kind of gamer science. In reality, all gunnery (small arms, AT, tank, autocannon, missile, etc) is based on the principle of always aiming for center mass. This is as true today as it was back in 1944/42/insert warfare date here. The modern training doctrine, ie standard gunnery in an Abrams tank, it to ALWAYS laze a target at center mass, and then immediately fire. This is called 'lase and blaze' by gunners. There are many reasons to do it this way, but the most important two are 1) if you do not lase the center mass of the target, you can get a bad laser return, which gives you an incorrect range to target, meaning your shot will miss. And 2) because even in an M1A2 SEP Abrams tank, which has a gunner and tank commander sight that is 1080p resolution with a x50 zoom, it is still hard to pick out individual parts on a tank in combat conditions. To illustrate this, here is a video of an actual Abrams on a training range. You can see the thermal sights they are using, the targets and everything. The gunner does not look for a specific part of the target to shoot at, he fires center mass after a quick and successful lase: (Btw the comments on this video are pretty hilarious) This second video shows an actual battle position (BP) engagement on a training range. Note that the tank pulls up into the firing position, scans for and engages targets (fires twice) and then reverses. All in the span of 20 seconds. This is irregardless of return fire in a real life combat situation. Tanks train to constantly reverse out of and advance into firing positions to reduce the chance of them being shot at at all: In summary: tanks always fire at center mass. Even in good hulldown, tanks still reverse out of line of sight to prevent themselves being shot at at all, and to greatly reduce the chances of them being ranged in on/hit if they are engaged. Edit: Ninja'd again, by @Saint_Fuller who makes an excellent point which my post helps to illustrate as well.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    8. "Battlefield Asia": Modern Day USA/NATO vs China USA/NATO vs North Korea China vs India India vs Pakistan (Afghanistan Update)
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    After Action Report UK Armoured Assault This is one of George MC's excellent scenarios, originally made for SF1. Summary A battlegroup of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in their Challengers, supported by mech infantry and engineers, with arty and air support, attack Syrian positions. Challenger on overwatch AAR: Firstly, one of the nice touches is you have recon in position when the game starts. It is a minor gripe of mine that you often go into battles blind, and have to expose a few hapless soldiers to incoming, to find out where the enemy is: Reconnaisance by Taking Fire. I don't like it or think it is realistic. It's a fairly big battlefield. I decided on a quite conservative plan, given that I seemed to have plenty of time (2 game hours) to achieve the objectives. Basically I was going to hide in the deployment zone and take the first enemy position which is in a dip then move forward and see what revealed itself. I pushed some Challys into overwatch. Two were promptly hit by ATGMs – both survived, one with its 120mm knocked out, the other with its commander dead. I pulled back immediately and dialled in my artillery and the Harriers that were on station. I spent 20 minutes pounding enemy positions with 81mm, 155 mm and one of the Harriers (keeping the other in reserve, which proved to be a wise move). So I destroyed all of the AT threats I could find. A recent portrait of Syrian ATGM team No. 2 Digression – We are fighting with the Jocks here, and the infantry brigaded with the RSDG maybe should be the Black Watch, so we have two units that fought together at Waterloo. Not having Scottish accents irked me (it's some form of orcish, I believe 🤣) I couldn't get HQS sound mod and George MC's and Mord's Cuss mod* to work together – they seem incompatible, so I wasn't entirely happy, as it didn't seem right to have legendary Scottish units speaking rather plummy English. (*further investigation by @George MC , it seems that the Cuss mod won't work with SF2. I might be wrong about the Black Watch – George checked when he wrote the scenario and the Orbat should be correct for the right time in an imaginary war.) (Politics Alert! British rankers traditionally come from the poorest parts of the country – Wales, Scotland, the North/Midlands of England, Cockneys (East End of London), and Ireland. It is probably nitpicking, but it would be good to hear more of these sort of authentic voices in BF games. /Rant over.) The first advance My forces moved forward. The infantry took the first dug-in position directly to the front, backed up by Challys and Warriors. I sent forces to the right to take a good position for the Javelin team. I didn't bother flanking to the left. After I'd bounded forward I consolidated then moved on to the next set of objectives, using light bombardments of 155mm to mash anything that seemed to be well hardened. I was taking hardly any casualties. Identified enemy tanks didn't last long, either hit by the Harrier or Challenger gunfire. One of the Static Tanks was still functioning, having been under an intense artillery barrage, and been struck by 2 x 155mm rounds and a 66mm to the back of the turret. I didn't find that believable, even if the crew had survived, I think they would have abandoned the tank. /End Rant 2. Infantry and armour advancing in close co-ordination, having taken the central farm. Out of shot to the right, the engineers are about to flank OBJ Elgin Infantry and armour move forward and consolidate on the next enemy positions I'd moved forward on OBJ Elgin and Keith. My leftmost troops were closing in on OBJ North Queensferry from both front and flank. One of the nice things about this scenario is you can use the terrain to move infantry forward under cover. SPOILER COMING BELOW PICTURE A Challenger advances, the commander is an ancestor of James T. Kirk. Enemy armour reinforcements arrived. My Challengers in overwatch and the second Harrier dispatched them without any losses. One Chally took a 125mm hit to the added lower hull front armour pack, and survived. So that is 2 ATGMs and a 125 KE round that failed to penetrate. Pushed the enemy out of North Queensferry, a mainly infantry assault, supported by Warriors. (CM WEIRDNESS – BUT IS A SPOILER) Bizarrely, when the game ended I found that there was a static tank in the middle of one of my positions that I had overlooked. In RL I can't see how this could have happened, given that one of my observer teams was in an adjacent house and my footsloggers and armour were all around. As I prepared for the assault on the final objective, South Queensferry, I saw that my forward infantry were tired, so I mustered the engineers as a 2nd assault wave, bussed them into FV432s and drove them at high speed to the E of North Queensferry. The muster area was within metres of the static tank. I guess the high speed move must have not given it time to spot, because they must have crossed its gunsights.... The Final Assault on South Queensferry I sent my infantry and armour forward under a smokescreen over one of the bridges. I had miscalculated (again!) as there were a few enemy infantry in the vicinity of the N/S Queensferry Bridge. I thought they were suppressed/destroyed/surrendered, and I had sent a Warrior to finish them off, but I gave it Hunt orders and it stayed where it was. A brief firefight took 2 of my 3 man scout team down. The Syrians were neutralised, but it felt an unnecessary loss. Some of my engineers were speeding to the other bridge to cross and flank. I was laying down immense amounts of small arms and MG fire on all known enemy positions. The final assault on South Queensferry - armour, infantry and engineers attacking under covering fire. The Challenger has run out of ammo and is parked in a safeish position. Time was running out. I was – typically – less careful about moving forward and took some more casualties, which were unnecessary. Most of the enemy troops were forced to abandon their positions and as they crossed the open streets, were gunned down in a deadly crossfire, from smallarms and vehicle MGs, and Chaingun/50 cal from Challengers a long way off. Another digression – I've become inordinately fond of the L94A1 Chain Gun and often use it in preference to other weapons. It saves the too few, and valuable, HESH or HE rounds for when you really need them. Results Screen I achieved a total victory: 30 British casualties to 410 Syrian, knocked out all but two tanks for the loss of none. I lost a few Warriors and 432s. Nevertheless some of my lads should not have copped it. I'm arranging to court martial myself. Oh wait, I'm a general. That will never happen. Queenie's going to pin another medal on me. Amusing moment of the game: Road Traffic Accident – one of my 432s rearended a Warrior on the bridge, entirely due to my inept vehicle handling. You can see it in the image above. Classic. I hope I don't get a ticket. Music I think appropriate music really heightens the enjoyment of a video game. Usually I find the in-game music track palls, however good it is. So I turn it off and have YouTube open in my browser. So I can do a quick search and find something that is atmospheric and feels right for the moment, then save it as a playlist. I have game music on my computer, like the Doom era soundtrack of pumping metal, which can work, but YouTube is more convenient and you can just search again and use something different if it doesn't feel right. For example, for fantasy games, Lord of the Rings soundtrack works brilliantly, but feels completely wrong if I am playing Shogun 2. There's lots of westernised Japanese samurai movie and anime soundtracks which really juice that game up. For this CM scenario I was playing various heroic tracks, and I also interspersed this with Scottish martial bagpipe music. My boys love it! I have also been known to play Ride of the Valkyries when the attack helos go in... Conclusion I enjoyed this game a lot. However the British side has a considerable advantage, in technology, military competence and arty/air support. (SPOILER) The armoured counterattack could be deadly if the T72s ganged up on the Challys – which are already zoned in by Syrian troops. But the AI can't do that, and just drove around aimlessly, getting shot. I could have improved with better fire discipline: I wasted a lot of rounds that I should have saved for later, running out of ammo at the last stages of the game. I thought Challenger 2s had 52 rounds but the game only has 48. Could really do with those four shells. In longer games, keeping track of ammo is very important. I blasted away with the 81 mm when more careful use would have kept some in reserve. Use more “Target Briefly” rather than using T and hitting a target with area fire for the full minute. I've been doing TB for 30 or 45 seconds so I don't shoot up something ( and forget about it) for several turns, and run short of MG ammo in a Chally (which I did!). Finally, if there's anybody who's good with sound, perhaps contact GeorgeMC and Mord to upgrade the Cuss Mod. It might be something simple like needing reformatting? It's a mod I would like to see operational again. I could listen to it fine in my media player so there's nothing damaged.
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    Tank gunners aim center mass because that is the only practical option. Aiming for specific parts of the tank is some gamey **** straight out of some arcade tank "sim" game like War Thunder, where distances are compressed hilariously and engagement ranges are consequently stupidly short. This is a modern thermal gunsight. That object at 0:12 that gets shot at? That's a T-55, skylined, in the open, on a hill, under 12x magnification. Good luck finding let alone hitting comparatively tiny "weak spots" when the reticle is the same size as the entire damn target, with your WW2 daylight optics and fire control methods amounting to "estimate the range and then adjust by observing fall of shot".
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    Complete Road to Montebourg

    After a full year and a half I've finally finished CMBN's original Road to Montebourg campaign. Only took me a decade to get round to it after buying CMBN! Here's the full playlist, there should be a link in the top right of the embed you can use to swap between missions:
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    I take too many screenshots. From "House Cleaning": Assaulting the compound: Firing squad: Platoon HQ pokes their heads out to fire into the compound: The Charge: And here is my absolute favorite shot. Here is your action movie poster:
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    giving it a go, not exactly historical, but i think it will kinda give you the impression... lots more to do!
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    I love those videos. The new patch is really good so far too. The only complaint I have is that they still haven't fixed the trench bug, where unspotted enemy trenches are still clearly visible to the player. That's annoying, but I am really loving the way the AI works now so far. I just finished one scenario where you get a company of British light infantry attacking a small town held by a full battalion of poor quality green Syrian Army troops. Aside from some air support, I didn't get a lot of heavy weapons to blast them out of their buildings, so it mostly came down to classic fire and maneuver tactics and assaulting the enemy up close. With the AI now being more reluctant to just run away only to get mowed down in the open, the Syrians defenses were mostly just static, with the men cowering in place and putting out sporadic fire until I got close enough for them to surrender. I took a LOT of prisoners, more than 100 altogether, which I'm pretty sure is more prisoners than I've ever taken in any CM scenario I've ever played. I probably could have taken more but the extreme heat slowed down my advance considerably. It did feel more realistic than the way the game played before, with my troops slowly advancing from house to house, engaging in brief firefights before dragging out another big group of prisoners, sometimes full squads at a time. Then on to the next house. Some of the fighting in the town was very bloody and difficult though, with stubborn pockets of resistance here and there. The enemy was just so numerous that I had a lot of difficulty at times. It seemed like nearly every building had guys in it. I lost about a quarter of my men, with 12 dead and 30 wounded compared to 200 Syrian dead and wounded alongside the 100+ prisoners. I've never seen an entire 1/3rd of an enemy force surrender before. And because this is the screenshot thread: This was one of the more deadly streets. There were multiple Syrian squads down at the end of the street, some with good keyhole positions putting out deadly fire for quite a long time, including RPG fire that caused a lot of casualties among my men. I couldn't get close enough to deal with them. At one point I brought up a sniper team to take shots at them, but my crack sniper lost a duel with some guy with an AK. The scenario ended with a bang. On the final turn of the scenario, I dropped a 2000lb bomb directly onto the roof of a small one-story building at the end of that street with an RPG team inside. Miraculously, one of the guys survived. After the boom, I saw him pop up out of the rubble and take off running toward the rear. He didn't make it far before he was shot. Then the enemy force surrendered. In the end, I only got a minor victory because of all the casualties I took. I was supposed to be below 25% casualties, but I ended up taking 26%.
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    it is not good to make fun of someone who speaks a language that is not this own 😤 then I discovered this document (authentic) which proves that there were women paratroopers in the American army perfide Albion 😁
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    Damn! There goes my excuse for being rubbish.
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    Battlefront Poll Updated

    4. Expansion of Combat Mission Games to VE-Day on Both Fronts: 1944-1945 End-of-war module that includes Brits, crossing the Rhine and the Ruhr pocket A siege of Budapest for Hungarians Battle for Berlin (East vs West, 1945, 46)
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    Looks suspiciously like Bob Newhart.
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    This test is flawed. If you leave your tank either out in the open or in a hulldown position after it has been spotted to just keep getting shot at, of course it is eventually going to take damage/be destroyed. And the turret being more vulnerable than the hull is a product of real life. BFC did not make the hull armor on the panther thicker than the turret, the actual Germans did. In the modern titles tanks tend to have turret armor that is better than the hull, because that is how most modern battle tanks are designed. No one, and I mean no one, in a competent military is taught to stay in one place after the shooting has started, regardless of return fire. BP engagements are mobile. Tanks will come up to the hulldown position, fire a round or two, and then reverse back into cover. Rinse and repeat. Tank fighting positions are specifically designed for this. They have a built in platform to allow the tanks to reverse into cover. This principle is so fundamental that they teach engineers who drive the bulldozers who dig the fighting positions how to do this during the intro course. If you could put an M1A2 Abrams in a hulldown position and let any WWII AT vehicle fire at it indefinitely, it would likely kill the Abrams. Law of averages wins in the end. Hell, there are real world examples of this principle too. Iraqi tanks in Desert Storm were dug in but did not move at all, nor were their fighting positions designed to allow them to move. They were supposed to stay in place, and they died very quickly, despite being in hulldown positions, because they just sat there. There are plenty of AARs on this forum, some even by myself, that show hulldown being effective. But I won't belabor this post with anecdotal evidence. Point is, it doesn't matter what tank/vehicle/asset you have. If you leave it in place and expect it to survive everything thrown at it, you're going to have a bad day. @Pete Wenman's test concurs what I and others I play CM with/against see all the time in game. I guess the moral of the story is, if you perceive hulldown to be bad, then stay in the open. Edit: Ninja'd by @Rinaldi
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    The point of hull down is that it forms a battle position. Its only one part of the formula of breaking an enemy targeting solution. The other one is time. Why should we take anything away from a 'test' that doesn't mimic a battlefield condition where a competent player repositions a tank in BP frequently? I also enjoy the casual ignoring of @Pete Wenman's results. It's okay Pete, the reasonable people see you.
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    Because I'm bored, I've played around with this. My set up Two Panthers firing under AI control Two Sherman fly, under my control, as targets. One in open ground, immediately behind a strip of light wood (no trees) the second hulldown behind a 2m high berm, which again has a strip of light wood on its top. Range just over 1500m I've run this test 5 times so far, which is nowhere near enough for a real analysis, but I'm getting a feel for the results. Rather than worrying about hits and locations I'm counting AP shells fired in order to destroy the target, AP Shells fired to destroy target Try OG HD 1 3 6 2 5 9 3 3 14 4 2 6 5 4 8 So it took 17 shots to kill the five Firefly in open ground, against 43 to kill the five hull down tanks. That's an average of one open ground kill every 3.4 shots, against 8.6 shots for the hull down target, and so on these numbers it takes over twice as many shots to kill a hulldown target than one in open ground. Works for me, but you mileage may vary P
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    2 hours would be a terrible way to demo a complex game like CM.
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    It'll be interesting to see how successful this is. Sacrificing CMSF2 to the gaping maw of Moloch might be worth it in increased brand awareness alone. I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation: 'What to you do?' 'I work for a game company.' 'That's interesting. What's its name?' 'Battefront.com' 'Oh, I know that game! Star Wars, right?' 'Sigh. No, it isn't Star Wars'.
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    Hmm... sounds interesting.. What the... ! Checks calendar.. nope, not April 1st... 🤯
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    Oookay. I almost fell off the couch when I read about this on The Wargamer and had to check out the Steam page to see it wasn't an elaborate prank. Will you guys be giving Steam keys to those who already have the games? And excited to hear about this, I am positive it will be good for your business!
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    In memoriam KG @Josey Wales KG Josey Wales has been wiped out to a vehicle. Well except the Ostwind but it's done nothing all game. North Up first just a nice scenic shot that I think summarizes the upcoming module - minus the snow. Josey Wale's last surviving halftrack saw an opening as the lend lease Sherman on my far left flank pounded some infantry from KG @benpark. The Sherman's turret was facing away from the halftrack so with bravery it rolled forward. Mistakes were made. It easily got into position, aimed and was elevating the long 75mm gun barrel, but Elvis had been sneaky over the end turn. The Sherman began reversing to break contact with my infantry and in the process swung the hull and therefore the turret back in the direction of the my halftrack. The halftrack came off second best with two quick 76mm rounds through the hull. (Centre right of the gun shield. A thin piece of metal doesn't protect much against a 76mm round. ) Payback was quick, but not against the Sherman. The tank retreated further back into the main road that has been Elvis' main logistics line all battle. It did however give up it's overwatch position across the park that dominates the north east side of the map. @DoubleD's Panzer IV (minus DoubleD himself who sits dead in his commander's seat!) rolled into the park and took out a Soviet AT gun and some infantry that hand been loitering for a while. It then successfully rolled back to safety after popping smoke. Unsure why which has me a little concerned. The green crew is rattled following the death of it's commander but it saw something. Back in it's position of safety, it immediately came under fire from a Soviet mortar position. A few close calls but one some scuffed paintwork. Meanwhile elements of KG Benpark are setting up to enter the park. There is preciously little Soviet defence now on this side ( I hope they haven't traveled south) so time to apply some more pressure. Elements of KG Benpark are occupying the old Sherman position with their panzerfausts, daring the Soviets to come back to the park. To the far north, Elvis rains down some off map mortars (I assume). Takes out a kubelwagon and some infantry gun crew but I think it's falling well off it's intended target which is the Benpark's infantry closer to his lines. Centre Strangely all silent. KG @Bootie has pressed some Volkssturm forward and even the crossroads of death appears vacant of enemy troops. Probably not the best shots but they hold a lot of panzerfausts covering the intersection. They are also doing a little to much thinking for their commander's liking... KG Double D is just about ready to spring it's trap. South The final KG Benpark platoon has crossed successfully to flank to Soviet's trying to take OBJ Beer. I'm getting eyes on a lot of Soviet corpses which I don't remember killing. Mortars actually did something other than damage some buildings? And then their brothers in arms show up and try to even the score with their SMG's. The one positive is I think these were troops ELvis was setting up to assault OBJ Beer which I don't think my 'Wall of Steel' of @mjkerner's fallschirmjaeger would be able to hold. Elvis did conduct a probing movement towards OBJ Beer since my last update, and even though they were dispatched my troops still panicked and went to ground. I don't think Elvis realises this. My 'wall of steel' is actually a 'wall of aluminum'. 20 minutes remaining. Finally the map and the next moves. KG DoubleD will launch it's attack once one of it's tanks crosses the park. We'll hit that Sherman from both sides while covering the approach the SU-85 in the south may take to react. KG @Hapless is firing some smoke rounds and will race past the Su-85 to assist Benpark's pioneers. Hopefully he won't be too late. KG Bootie surprisingly holds the centre of the whole operation.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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    just made 3 test runs in a particular mission of mine and (concrete) pillboxes vulnerable from mortar rounds penetrating straight to the interior seems gone now. 😎 There´s some occasional lightly wounded from near misses, but I treat that as realistic (more or less). Got to check evade behavior next (CMBN & CMFB).
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    @semmes One of the problems we run into when playing these games is the tendency to over commit to a battle and suffer far too many losses than a unit would typically take before withdrawing. However, there were certain situations during the war where units were decimated to levels similar to CM levels and it is interesting to take a look at those battles and compare. Every fall my small town of 2000 people hangs pictures off the light posts of the men and women from our community who served in the Canadian Army and have now passed on. I took my kids for a walk and while looking at their faces, saw one young man who was killed in action on July 21st, 1944. I decided to research him and see what unit he was in and where he died. His unit was the Essex Scottish, and the battle he died in was the Battle of Verrieres Ridge, just outside of Caen. I did a little further digging and found the war diary for his unit. On the day he was killed, the Essex Scottish and the South Saskatchewan Regiment both attempted an attack over the same ground, failed and then were counterattacked. The South Saskatchewan Regiment went in first and the Essex backed them up. The Essex's ended up bearing the brunt of the counterattack and suffered severe losses. In 1944, a typical Canadian Regiment was comprised of 36 officers and 809 other ranks, with the rifle companies having 5 officers and 122 other ranks. It was standard practice in the Canadian army to have several officers left out of battle in case the regiment suffered severe losses, they could be rebuilt quickly with an experienced core. So for simplicity sake, taking out those officers, any previous casualties, and the men not at the actual tip of the spear, lets assume both Battalions had 25 officers and 700 other ranks in active combat on July 21st. According to the Essex Scottish war diary, on July 22, there were 14 officers and 287 other ranks not present for roll call. Of those losses, 3 officers were KIA, 8 WIA with 3 MIA. The other ranks suffered 17 KIA, 140 WIA and 130 MIA. The South Saskatchewan war diary does not break up their losses as neatly, 13 officers and 209 other ranks were not present for their roll call on July 22. What this shows is that in hard, brutal fighting, the kind of fighting CM tries to simulate, losses of roughly 50%+ for officers and 30%+ for the other ranks was very much real. If we can make the assumption the NCO's would suffer a similar loss rate as the Officers do, it shouldn't be a stretch to say the losses you are seeing in game represent losses suffered in real life.
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    Battlefront Poll

    I'm still buzzing over CMRV. I would never have named Indian, South African and Free French forces as additions I would love to see, but I've been enjoying them immensely since the game came out. What would I like BF to do next? Surprise me - I'm certain to love it Edit: Also, I know as a community we've been over this ground time and time again, but -- we know BF is a small company, they work for months and years bringing out these amazing, detailed, realistic historical simulations, recently we've had SF2 and RV, which were both fantastic and took huge amounts of work, but almost as soon as a release comes out, members of the community start griping that it isn't enough and that they've been waiting too long for some other detailed and amazing theatre. I just wish there were a bit more positivity in the community - we're all grown ups, aren't we? We realise that hard work is actually hard work...?
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    Issues with tank targeting accuracy

    It's clear to me after reading the responses that very few in this discussion actually understand what the issue is. I'm not saying tacAI should not aim for center mass, I have already stated earlier that this is exactly what they should do. But the issue is their aiming precision, not the gun accuracy. If we put a laser pointer in the tacAI gunner optics, that laser would point constantly on a 1x1 CM square on the targets center mass. That is the issue. If we did the same with a human, that laser would be very many places on the target, still center mass, but not exact pixel perfect center mass. This is what makes the AI too accurate, and this is the issue I have been talking about all along. The hull down statistics is more or less a response to the "hull down myth", which we see doesn't hold up in all cases. And part of the reason for this is the perfect aiming of the tacAI that makes the overall hit zone very tiny and locked to a spesific area, in this case the upper hull. @Saint_Fullers post is infact supporting me on this. They aim center mass cus they are not precise enough to aim for spesific areas, yet the tacAI in this game is so precise they can consistently hit the ball machine gun mount if the game told them to aim there. For the "advanced calculations" required to make the AI aim different places is an odd response, the game already handles this stuff with zeroing shots. It doesn't even need any advanced calculations, just make the AI have a random offset from the pixel perfect center mass point, so they aim more spread out, but still center mass. I already Agree on many of the more obvious and logical points you guys bring up as that's not the issue I'm pointing out.
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    Not much I think I can add on top of the last few posts. We know that CM aims for centre mass and we know that's both realistic and infinitely easier to code than using a thousand variables to calculate exactly where the gunner should aim. We know that for some German tanks, presenting a hull-down target means the centre of mass is shifted from the effective armour of the hull front plate up to the less effective armour of the turret mantlet and the vulnerable muzzle/gun barrel. I think the question has gotten to be: how does the player manage that? In one corner we have "expect to get hit, get into the open so centre mass is the better protected hull front"; and in the other corner we have "don't risk getting hit at all, play pop-up from a hull-down position". There's an argument for both, but I know which point of view I would rather my opponent held. Two things I'd add would be: Testing is good, but unless it includes ingame behaviour then it's of limited use (and if you fight from a static exposed position with the pause command overriding the (reasonably sensible) TacAI then I'd love to play you). Ideally what we would need are examples from actual games under ingame conditions when players are trying to win. And finally: no one complains about this happening to Shermans. There are elements of this discussion that feel a lot like "Invincible Panzer Syndrome" vs reality. Heavy armour doesn't exclude any tank from basic tactical principles- it's insurance against the worst case possibility.
  41. 5 points

    Invisible tank destroyed

    Not that it helps, but there is a spotted icon for the tank you label as "invisible". So, if you've selected the Panther, that front tank is KNOWN to the Panther, it just doesn't have enough information to solidly ID it. (CMBO had generic tanks that would be used for this type of thing: you'd see a blocky tank instead of a missing tank with an icon.) As well, the way LOS works with foliage is a bit spotty. There's some fuzzy LOS to take into account breezes and openings. So, with foliage, what you see (on your screen) is NOT what you get (with LOS calculations). It is frustrating, but like many aspects of any game, without that simplification there would be too much of a burden to let the game be playable. Not excusing it, just explaining it. A final note: LOS uses spotting cycles. At certain intervals (with some random elements and with weight given to optics, field of view, experience, suppression, etc.), and ONLY at that moment, does a unit check for LOS. An interval of 8-15 seconds "feels" about right from my experience with the game. Meaning, if that Panther waited longer, it may eventually get a solid LOS to the tank marked with the spotting icon. (All the above is based on "Iron" difficulty. It is the only level I use. It allows the player to know what each selected unit sees and knows about. I find Iron is much more conducive to good Situational Awareness than the other difficulty levels.)
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Getting ready for 'Fire & Rubble'...
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    Ok no shader, no ps, exact cropped screen grabs.
  44. 4 points
    Any way to use existing keys to migrate games over to steam? (Once they are there)
  45. 4 points

    Informal Poll Winner - Engine Update

    If I could only pick one thing, it might be an overhaul of the artillery system. There should be a "repeat" function for fire missions. If you want to call in another barrage on the exact same spot you did before, you should be able to do it without having to wait for spotting rounds and doing that whole lengthy cycle all over again. They should already have the information necessary. You should be able to adjust the length and intensity of barrages on the fly. For example, say I have a battery of four off-map howitzers. I call in a long fire mission with low rate of fire (harass) using only one of the four guns just to get some rounds flying near a suspected enemy position. Eventually I realize that the rounds are landing right near a huge group of enemies I didn't spot before. I should be able to quickly bring the other 3 guns into the barrage and then raise it up to a high rate of fire. All it should take is the observer yelling into the radio to "shoot faster!". But no, you have to cancel the entire mission and then call a new one and go through the whole agonizing process of waiting for spotting rounds (which the observer might not even see) all over again. You should not be so limited by the spotter's LOS to the target. For example, as it is now, you cannot call artillery onto the middle of a forest because the spotter can only see the edge of it at any one time. In reality it would be a simple matter. You can just call spotting rounds onto the edge of the forest where you can see them, and then once they are on target, you tell the battery to adjust to 100 meters back or whatever and then fire for effect. In reality, artillery observers sometimes walked rounds onto the target by sound instead of sight. I read a WW2 memoir a ways back where the author did exactly that. He walked rounds onto a target in the middle of the night when he couldn't see anything. He just knew Germans were assembling out there somewhere in the dark (engine noises), and then walked some artillery onto them by ear. He ended up hitting something too, evidenced by the loud boom and column of flame and smoke shooting high into the air. Artillery explosions are obviously extremely loud. It's not like you wouldn't be able to tell if a shell landed behind that building over there on the left if you didn't see the explosion yourself. You can also hear the shells loudly screaming through the air overhead and sometimes even see them, like little black sausages in the air. Soldiers tend to pick up pretty quickly whether artillery is incoming or outgoing, and experienced soldiers can often tell if a shell is going to land near them or not just by the sound of it in the air. It should not be that hard to call artillery onto targets outside of LOS. I kinda wish they would go back to the way it worked in the CM1 engine, where you can call artillery anywhere on the map, but it's just not as accurate if it's outside LOS. Or perhaps they could make it so you're not allowed to do the "point target" or "linear target" functions outside of LOS, and only allowed to do really wide area targets or something. The point is that being outside LOS should not matter if you just want to saturate a huge area (like a town or forest) with shelling. OK rant over. That ended up being longer than I thought it would be. Anyway, there are plenty of little nitpicks in these games that I can rant about. I would love graphics and sound improvements too. Someone else mentioned the glitchy shaders already. The shaders look really bad on my computer sometimes (especially if the scenario is foggy or hazy or at dawn or dusk) and I often play with them turned off. Those are only cosmetic issues though and don't affect the gameplay. I would much rather have the artillery system be more involved and realistic.
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    Andrew H.

    Ministry of Defense video

    I heard a rumor (or a "rumour") that the MoD was interested in replaying France 1940. I think Battlefront should begin preparing now.
  47. 4 points
    Some shots from Bridgehead at Brandenburg.
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    Upgrade 3 + 4....

    That bug has been thoroughly squashed with the release of the new patch. I would recommend upgrading your game to the most recent version. The TacAI behavior is quite good now in my opinion.
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    With 30 odd minutes on the clock it looks like Elvis is making his move. Update soon. It's kind of lucky the fighting was ramping up again, the pixeltruppen were starting to contemplate the war...
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    is this the hedgrow bug v4????

    More details about the the fix and my personal experiences playing with the TacAI changes in an urban battle can be found in my post last month over in the Fire and Rubble DAR thread. (25th of June) Just in case there are any people here that aren't as interested in the Ost front and may not have seen it. But yes, +1 to Cpt. Miller's post. It's looking good people.
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