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    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps. They are easily identified by "2019" in the Map name. I took a good run at the bocage maps and personally enjoyed the game play with them. There are a few maps devoted to the Rhone Valley of Southern France. So river crossing and Hills.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    Combat Mission Shock Force 2 PBEM AAR MSR Titan By IICptMillerII INTRODUCTION This is an after action report (AAR) of a play by email (PBEM) battle I recently concluded. The battle is in Combat Mission Shock Force 2 and features a combined arms task force attacking down a major highway against a near-peer opposing force (OpFor). The map is taken from the first mission of the excellent campaign “Forging Steel” by GeorgeMC. All credit goes to him for designing the superb map. I have modified the BluFor and OpFor, as well as their respective objectives, but otherwise the map remains untouched. This AAR features several mods. Chief among them are: Veins Smoke and Effects mod Drakenlords Fire mod Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) by myself playing the OpFor US 3rd Infantry Division Multicam uniforms by myself A number of the graphics used in this AAR (mainly the maps and task force layout) are large image files and are best viewed in full size, with the ability to fully zoom in on them. All sprites of vehicles and soldier models used in the map and task force layout graphics are taken from the game “Armored Brigade” by Matrix Games and are slightly tweaked by me. All credit goes to the artists who created these sprites. MISSION Task Force Miller is ordered to assault down Highway 3, named Main Supply Route (MSR) Titan, in order to allow follow on forces to continue the attack. Mission Specific Tasks: Secure Bridges 31 and 32. Destroy any enemy forces in the vicinity of MSR Titan Do not suffer more than 30% casualties Desired End State: MSR Titan, to include Bridges 31 and 32 secured and not directly threatened by the enemy. Task Force Miller combat effective and capable of conducting follow-on operations. ENEMY S2 (Intel) indicates the enemy is present in battalion size and are made up of elements from the 16th Guards Tank Division. Specifically, elements of the 47th Guards Tank Regiment appear to be deployed to our front. S2 anticipates a mix of dismounted and mechanized infantry (mounted in BMP-2s) in battalion (-) strength supported by at least one company of T-72AV tanks. It is anticipated that at least one additional company of tanks, maybe more, could be present on the battlefield, possibly as a quick reaction force (QRF). The enemy is well equipped, well led, and well trained. They are expected to stand and fight and will not give ground easily. Entrenched enemy units not immediately threatening the MSR should be bypassed or be destroyed with indirect fires. The T-72AV is a very capable tank and is well crewed. It is capable of frontally penetrating our M1A1’s at combat ranges. It is not a threat to be taken lightly. Additionally, enemy infantry may be equipped with the AT-14 Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). This weapon can easily destroy our M2 and M3 Bradley/Cavalry fighting vehicles and can severely damage, disable, and even destroy our M1A1’s. TERRAIN AND WEATHER The weather is overcast, though rain is not expected. The Air Force has assured us that the weather will not impede their ability to support the task force. The landscape is a mildly arid temperate climate. The dominating terrain features are Hill 113, and the gorge that runs North-South, crossing under MSR Titan at Bridge 32. The gently hilled terrain is a mix of grassland, agriculture, and light forest. The forested areas are not expected to prohibit tracked vehicles, though caution should still be used if passing through. MSR Titan runs East-West along the 2240 Easting. It crosses two obstacles, unnamed gorges, at Bridges 31 and 32. Several settlements of varying size are scattered through the area of operations. Only one is named, Kronenburg. The rest are designated by named areas of interest (NAIs). The most significant of these are likely to be NAI’s 5, 8, 9 and 12. These are larger settlements located closest to the MSR. TROOPS Task Force Miller is a combined arms task force composed primarily of two companies, one mechanized infantry and one armored. The armor company is Alpha Company equipped with M1A1HC Abrams tanks. The mechanized infantry company is Charlie Company riding in M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFV). Neither the tanks nor BFVs are equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA) packages, so they are more vulnerable to HEAT rounds, specifically modern tandem HEAT warheads. These units come from 1st Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment. The parent division is the 3rd Infantry Division. Also attached is 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 5-7th Cavalry. The scouts operate the M3A3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (CFV). Supporting Fires: The task force’s Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC) is assigned to the headquarters element of Alpha Company, and rides in a Humvee. Charlie Company has its Fire Support Officer (FSO) in its Bradley Fire Support vehicle (BFIST), part of C Company’s headquarters. We have been given priority fires for the following assets Battery A, 1-41st Field Artillery. x6 155mm Paladin self-propelled guns 1 flight of AH-64D Apache Gunships (2 helicopters) Armed with: 30mm HEDP x1000 70mm HE Rockets x38 AGM-114 Hellfire x8 1 flight of A-10C Thunderbolt II’s (2 fixed wing aircraft) Armed with: 30mm APDU x1350 500lb bomb x4 AGM-65 Maverick x4 TIME The time is 0830. Task Force Miller has 2 hours to accomplish its objectives. INITIAL SCHEME OF MANEUVER The initial scheme of maneuver, illustrated by this map, is as follows: Cavalry Scouts (White) Scout team 3 will advance to NAI 2 and establish overwatch positions North-East to screen the task force’s left flank. Scout team 1 (dismounted) will observe to it’s North-East to provide another set of eyes from a different location to spot any threats that immediately appear as the task force deploys. Tanks (Red) 3rd platoon will advance down the MSR and establish hull down overwatch positions that will allow observation down the entirety of the MSR and its immediate surroundings. 2nd platoon will advance forward into hull down positions and establish a base of fire position to cover the infantry 1st platoon will advance forward directly in front of NAI 1 in order to directly observe and engage any threats spotted there and allow the infantry to move up, dismount and begin sweeping the NAI. Infantry (Blue) For now, all infantry platoons will remain mounted and stationary in defilade as the tanks and scouts move forward to their initial positions. Once the tanks/scouts are in position, the platoons will fan out and deploy against their respective initial objectives. 1st platoon is tasked with clearing any discovered threats in the immediate vicinity of MSR Titan. 2nd platoon is effectively the reserve element and will respond to developing threats as needed. 3rd platoon is tasked with sweeping NAI 2 if the enemy is discovered there. Preparatory Fires 1 section of 155mms (2 guns) will fire a light mission against NAI 1 to suppress any enemy forces deployed there that could threaten the initial deployment of the task force. The remaining 2 sections of the battery will be on call for fires.
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    An example of friction during combat... This outside RAKOW. So backstory - so far my attack has pretty much rolled forward much as it did on the 11th August 1944. My advancing armour has come under fire from hidden AT guns. I've lost a few PzIVs to this fire but I've been IDing the hidden PAK. Two main nests have caught my attention and as yet there appears to be a hidden nest which is slowly exacting a toll on any panzer daft enough to let me order it forward. There was wee scrap on Hill 251 to clear off some pesky Russkies so I could establish a FO OP. This meant I could now bring my arty to bear but as I'd poor spots on the enemy PAK i thought I'd go for smoke so I could make a dash across the bridge and into town. So... PzIVs (part of one zug in overwatch) Smoke starting to fall from my arty. My arty spotter OP on Hill 251- you can see the smoke starting to shroud the approach across the south bridge into RAKOW (ignore the burning PzIv on the distant far left. The end of a tentative Plan A...). We're off! And the first panzer makes it across. Into RAKOW. The rest of the zug follow close behind. No shots, save some grenades and rifle fire from defending Soviet infantry but the tanks are buttoned and moving at speed. At this point my recce light SPW are now moving fast right behind, currently unbuttoned but they will be ordered now to button up. At range and unbuttoned they are using area fire at some houses on their left flank. Smoke and dust shroud the right flank. But... as I commit to charging across I start to notice some gaps appearing in my smoke screen. Not large gaps but crucially around the bridge... Then the smoke dramatically clears around the bridge. The lead SPW is hit at close range by what looks like a 45mm Pak firing from their right flank concealed amongst some hedges/bushes. It rolls on and comes to a rest. all the crew killed. Following behind at a 15s interval speeds the following SPW, who is also hit coming onto the bridge. This is when i realise there must be two as no way could a gun reload that fast... The third SPW crashes into the second, stalls and not long after is hit again killing all on board. Luckily the turn ends and I manage to stop the rest in the cover of some buildings a few hundred meters up the road. So now I have a platoon of PzIVs running about in RAKOW with no close infantry support. What could possibly go wrong... My timing to move units into concealed positions to enable them to make a dash in took time. Meanwhile, I'd to lay a long enough smoke screen to cover the approach and protect from long range fire from multiple PAK nests. I had thought my overwatch had suppressed the enemy defenders, but these light PAK were keyholed and out of LOS/LOF of my overwatching panzers. Co-ordinating all those took a bit of time which meant my SPW were making their dash just as the smoke screen was starting to fade at key places. So poor combat recce and coordination on my part led to eighteen pixel grenadiers and their rides being taken out. Tough gig being a panzergrenadier in my command...
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    For anyone interested, I just uploaded a blog post on Using Listening Halts. This is a subject I have discussed many times before in my AARs, but have never really written at length about it. Hope its useful. Bil
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago. Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them. These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released. Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us. I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
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    CONTACT As soon as 1st platoon dismounts in front of NAI 3, they make contact. It appears to be a squad sized element split between two buildings. Bradley gunnery is up to a high standard, and rounds are immediately pumped into both buildings before the enemy has a chance to fire at my dismounting infantry. The enemy is suppressed, and friendly infantry begins to cautiously advance forward to clear the rest of the complex. Suddenly an enemy ATGM flies out from behind NAI 3 and slams into a Bradley, destroying it and killing the driver. Moments later, an Abrams in overwatch spots a BMP-2 hiding behind NAI 3 and destroys it with a HEAT round. Just as suddenly, more enemy infantry are spotted in the buildings, and a close range firefight breaks out. The firefight is short and violent. No friendly casualties are suffered. A lull in the fighting momentarily occurs, and I use the opportunity to push up a scout team armed with a javelin to try to get eyes on the second BMP-2 to the rear of NAI 3. As the scout team is moving up, they are suddenly engaged by the second BMP-2. 30mm HE rounds streak down the road and explode against trees and the ground, though miraculously none of my scouts are hit by the fire. One of the scouts is armed with an AT-4 and takes a shot at the BMP. Unfortunately the shot falls short, but the scouts are able to crawl out of the line of fire and suffer no casualties. The BMP poses a problem due to its positioning, but the encounter could have gone much worse. A survivor of the Bradley’s barrage pops up and fires a few bursts. This time, the enemy’s aim is good, and I suffer a casualty. My infantry, as well as an Abrams in overwatch, return fire with small arms and coax. Its enough to finish off the lone enemy soldier. The BMP-2 is in a good keyhole position, covering down a road that separates my infantry from the buildings on NAI 3. Crossing a road like this is already a very dangerous thing to do, and is known as a Linear Danger Area (LDA). In order to deal with this serious threat, I move Scout Team 3 off of their observation post and down into a position where they can get eyes on the BMP and engage it with their Javelin. The scout team is able to get into position and take aim. The scout fires moments later, and the missile hits its mark. On the right flank, 3rd platoon advances cautiously into the woods covering NAI 1. It doesn’t take long to find the enemy. A fire team takes fire from it’s front and suffers a minor casualty. Thankfully, the soldiers body armor prevents the wound from being serious. One of the scout teams helping to clear the woods pushes up and spots the enemy. They begin engaging with rifle fire and grenades. Having pinned down the enemy, the scout team capitalizes on the situation and rushes the fighting position. The scouts kill the remaining enemy soldier and occupy the fighting position for themselves. In this short but violent exchange, I was lucky. I only suffered one man lightly wounded, while killing 2 enemy soldiers and taking their fighting position. The last thing I want to do is get sucked into a costly close quarter fight in these woods. It’s not even my main objective. Moments later, another enemy position is discovered further into the woods, on a very slight reverse slope. My goal is to quickly sweep the edges of the forest for enemy assets that can pose a long range threat to my advance down the MSR, such as ATGM teams or artillery spotters. Once these threats have been found and neutralized, the infantry will fall back and let the armored vehicles strongpoint the position. That way, if the enemy decides to attack out of the woods, they will be cut down in the open by my vehicles. Here is an overhead view of the woods covering NAI 1: This should help to illustrate my intentions with NAI 1. I would need much more than a platoon of infantry to clear these woods, and even then it would be long and bloody. It simply isn’t worth the effort. The good news is, the terrain appears to be too dense for the enemy vehicles to emerge in any semblance of order or speed. As long as NAI 1 is strong pointed by friendly armor, I should be able to keep it bottled up and it will not pose a threat to my advance down the MSR. 2nd platoon (infantry) along with elements of 2nd platoon (armored) and the Task Force command element move forward to establish new overwatch positions along the right side of the MSR. A call comes over the radio informing the JTAC that the Apache called in on the possible enemy armor concentration behind NAI 1 is now on station. Moments later, a missile is seen streaking into the sky. The shot came so fast that the Apache pilot didn’t have time to pop flares in defense. The enemy missile hits the Apache, destroying it. This is an expensive lesson to learn. The airspace is not safe for aircraft. Half of my available fire support is now restricted until I can proof the airspace. However, there is hardly any time to contemplate this new dilemma. The two tanks from 2nd platoon (armored) advance to a berm and discover… What appears to be an entire enemy tank company in a reverse slope position, at point blank range. Before either of my tanks have a chance to react, one of the enemy tanks fires at Number 3 tank. The round impacts the berm, causing no damage. My tanks are quick to respond. In rapid succession, they pump 2 rounds into targets to their direct front, destroying them. The exchange is not one sided. Before either of my tanks have a chance to reload, number 3 tank takes a penetrating hit to its lower glacis plate. The Abrams is destroyed, but all 4 crewmen survive the hit and are able to bail out of the tank without suffering a casualty. While this is happening, the infantry from 2nd platoon dismount their Bradley’s and begin advancing on NAI 11. They are immediately greeted by a hail of gunfire from enemy infantry occupying the buildings on NAI 11. The fire causes no casualties, and is quickly returned and silenced by 25mm HE fired from the Bradley’s overwatching the infantry as they dismount. I’m now in a precarious position. I have deployed infantry and their Bradley’s dangerously close to enemy tanks in a reverse slope position. Further, I now only have 1 tank directly observing and engaging what appears to be a company of enemy T-72s. If the T-72s are able to maneuver out of the reverse slope position, they could destroy a significant number of Bradley’s and Abrams at point blank range with just a single volley. I have tanks in overwatch positions, but they would likely not be able to react in time to prevent a mini-catastrophe. In response, I quickly maneuver 2 teams of Abrams to either flank of the reverse slope position to keep the enemy engaged and hopefully pin him down/destroy him so the T-72s cannot threaten my IFVs and infantry in the open. What happens next is pure chaos.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    MOVEMENT TO CONTACT The battle begins and my task force starts deploying. 2nd platoon (tanks) moves forward to establish hull down positions on the rise in front of them. 3rd platoon (tanks) establishes hull down positions on the MSR. Artillery begins to fall on NAI 1. On the left flank, scout team 3 moves forward, dismounts and establishes an observation post. All is quiet on the left. Immediately after taking hull down positions, 2nd platoon encounters and engage enemy infantry moving in the open. Upon doing my terrain analysis, it became quickly apparent to me that NAI 1 would be an excellent defensive position due to it’s cover, concealment and dominating sightlines along MSR Titan. In short, it is an excellent place for infantry to dig in and engage my forces as they try to move down the MSR. It appears that the enemy is aware of the defensive advantages of this position as well. The enemy team my tanks engaged is proof that the enemy is on NAI 1 in some capacity, but to what degree? In order to find out, I dispatch 2nd platoon (infantry) to begin moving towards NAI 1. In addition, scout team 1 pushes up to get extra eyes on and help discover any hidden threats not yet uncovered by the tanks. As 2nd platoon and the scout teams begin their movement, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) indicates that there could be a concentration of armor in the vicinity of NAI 1. I waste no time getting the JTAC to call in an Apache to put eyes on the area, and missiles into anything spotted there. Scout team 1 dismounts and pushes up slightly to get better eyes on the tree line, but spot nothing. Covered by the tanks and scout team, 2nd platoon moves up on line and dismounts its infantry. Meanwhile on the left flank, 1st platoon (infantry) covered by 2nd platoon (tanks) move forward along MSR Titan to gain a position overlooking NAI 3. NAI 3 is close to the MSR and would be an ideal spot for the enemy to launch spoiling attacks against my task force moving down the MSR, such as firing RPGs into the flanks of my vehicles. Further emphasizing this point, SIGINT reports that there are potential contacts in the building complex farthest to the rear. Perhaps this is an enemy outpost watching the MSR? To prevent the enemy from launching any spoiling attacks against my task force and to deny him his (potential) observation post, 1st platoon (infantry) will establish a base of fire observing NAI 3, and then sweep and clear the buildings to ensure no threat is posed to the rest of the task force. As 1st platoon moves into position and establishes overwatch, the platoon fire support team calls in a fire mission on the suspected outpost. The mission is a single section (2 tubes) of 155mm and will be short but violent. Shortly after calling it in, the fire mission lands. The fire mission is short, only dropping a handful of rounds. As soon as it ends 1st platoon (infantry), covered by tanks on the MSR, advance and dismount in front of NAI 3. Back on the right flank, my infantry are now fully deployed and arrayed against NAI 1, supported by their Bradley mounts, some tanks, and a scout team. Despite being in the open, my men have not taken any fire. Further, despite having good direct observation of the NAI, I have not been able to uncover any enemy positions. It’s time to advance. I bring all my tanks in the area on line and begin bounding the infantry forward in teams towards the tree line. As this is happening, an enemy artillery barrage begins to land. It seems to be falling in the open field to the rear of most of my forces and poses no immediate threat to me.
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    My Return to Combat Mission!

    In the early 2000's, knowing nothing about it, I picked up a boxed retail copy of "Barbarossa to Berlin" and ended up spending untold hours battling back and forth across the plains of the Eastern Front. WEGO had me hooked! I toyed around with the original "Shock Force" because it was very familiar to my actual military service, but I'm really a WW2 buff at heart.. I got away from the game as I upgraded computers over the years. A few years ago I started noticing that Combat Mission was out again and with a new engine, but for no particular reason, I never pursued it... until now. Well - a few days ago I bit the bullet and bought the latest build of "Battle for Normandy". Just - wow. After a bitter fight through the hedgerows, my beleaguered US squads finally knocked out the dug-in PaK 40 that had been holding my four Shermans at bay, allowing them to commit to a high-speed "cavalry charge" in-line across the now-secured field in the last three minutes of the game, to form a semi-circle at the objective crossroads all the while gunning down the remaining German infantry as they broke and fled in abject terror! It was rather glorious! That was only my first mission, and I'm already eyeing the additional content - specifically Russia and Italy... Thanks Battlefront guys - I have returned!
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    INVERTED KILLSACK Moments after the Bradley engages the single ATGM team on Hill 113, a worst case scenario develops. An entire company of T-72AV tanks appear along the ridgeline of Hill 113. My entire force suddenly finds itself in a killsack. Most of my assets are deployed. The infantry are in the process of advancing on and clearing objectives, with their Bradley’s sitting in overwatch positions. Further, most of my tanks are either engaged at point blank range with the remains of the T-72 company on the reverse slope, with their sides and rear facing Hill 113. I only have a handful of tanks in overwatch observing the direction of Hill 113. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The potential exists here for OpFor to inflict severe casualties on my force in a very short amount of time, and all of this can occur without me being able to properly react. In short, it could all be over for Task Force Miller. The drama kicks off immediately. CPT Miller’s 66 tank, part of the handful of tanks on overwatch of Hill 113, is fired on by one of the enemy T-72s. A half second later, the 66 tank engages the same T-72 that fired at it. The sabot from the T-72 crashes into the lower glacis plate of the 66 tank, but is defeated. The T-72 is not so lucky. The sabot from the 66 tank hits and penetrates its target, sending the sabot through the chin of the turret and out the back, detonating the ammo stored in the turret on its way through. What follows is another short, violent tank duel. The other tanks in overwatch, including 2 tanks on the MSR, engage the threat on Hill 113. Bradley’s, including the infantry company commanders track, engage with TOW missiles. Sabot rounds and ATGMs (TOW’s from the Bradleys, AT-11s from the T-72s, and AT-5a’s from a few BMP-2s) zip past each other. Despite the excellent gunnery of my tanks and Bradley’s, not all shots find their targets. The T-72s are firing from behind a berm at an elevation advantage, making them tough targets to hit. A number of sabot rounds and TOW missiles miss, and some that hit are defeated by the combined armor and angling of the T-72s. Casualties are suffered on both sides. I quickly lose an Abrams when an enemy AT-11 tank fired ATGM slams into the top turret of one of my Abrams as it tries to orient itself towards the new threat. The ATGM punches through the soft top turret armor and explodes inside, killing the entire crew. A moment later, one of the tanks engaged in a knife fight with the enemy T-72s in the reverse slope killsack takes multiple hits to the rear of its turret. It too is quickly destroyed, taking its entire crew with it. Bradley’s from 3rd platoon in overwatch of their infantry currently clearing the woods of NAI 1 are hit next. One enemy sabot round destroys 2 of them, punching clean through the first Brad and into the second. If there is a silver lining to this, it is that the infantry was already dismounted. My tanks and Bradley’s quickly increase their return fire, and soon gain fire superiority. A flurry of killing blows follows, and within the next 20 seconds, most of the OpFor T-72 company on Hill 113 has been smashed. This engagement occurred over the course of roughly 50 seconds. I had no chance to give new orders based on the new threat. All I could do was watch. Luckily for me, I had maintained decent overwatch positions with my reserve tanks, and many of my Bradley’s were in positions that granted them some level of concealment to the threat. The rest all came down to the gunnery skill of my crews and, in the case of my Abrams, their excellent armor that allowed them to survive frontal hits. This could have been disastrous for my forces. If I had not maintained good overwatch, I could have been stuck waiting an entire minute to react to the new threat on Hill 113. With modern weapons and targeting, as well as it being an entire company of enemy tanks, a minute would have been more than enough time for the T-72s to destroy/cripple most of my soft/vulnerable assets caught in the open. Remember, if I lose more than 30% of my force, I lose the battle. What saved me from defeat has more to do with basic tactical fundamentals and less to do with equipment or technology (though equipment and technology certainly helps). All elements, while moving through the open, positioned in the open, or overwatching smaller assets like infantry, were in turn being covered themselves. Further, I knew Hill 113 was key terrain based on its near dominating sightlines covering the part of the map my Task Force has to initially deploy across. If I had not had my rearmost tanks oriented towards Hill 113 overwatching the rest of my Task Force, the T-72 attack could have been a complete disaster for me. Additionally, if my opponent had committed his two tank companies at the same time (the company in the reverse slope position, and the company up on Hill 113) he could have overwhelmed my vehicles by catching me in a deadly crossfire. 20 T-72 tanks, firing at me from different directions, elevations, and distances likely would have caused much more damage to my forces. For now, I’ve managed to keep my Task Force intact. However, these killsack engagements are a sobering reminder of how quickly I can lose my command, and how crucial basic tactical fundamentals are regardless of weapons and technology.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    INSIDE THE KILLSACK Two teams of tanks scramble up to either side of the enemy position, creating a killsack. The enemy tanks are stuck. They cannot maneuver or stay still without taking point blank fire from multiple directions. The next 20 or so seconds see a flurry of action. Number 1 tank is the first to fire, but miraculously the round is deflected by the T-72s ERA. That luck only lasts a few seconds however. Number 3 tank of first platoon fires from its position on the right, knocking out a T-72. This is quickly followed a moment later by Number 1 tank firing again. This time, luck is on his side. The sabot round rips through 1 T-72 before smashing into a second behind the first, destroying both of them in catastrophic fireballs. Half a second later, 1st platoons Lieutenant destroys another T-72 just behind the two tanks knocked out by one round. In the span of 15 or so seconds, 5 T-72s have been destroyed, bringing the total number of observed destroyed T-72s to 6. More than half a tank company has been destroyed in under a minute. However, due to the slight downslope the enemy tanks are on, and the smoke and chaos, there are at least 4 unaccounted for tanks likely still sitting right in front of me. There is also an ill omen. While the knife fight at the killsack is raging, an enemy man-portable ATGM is fired from Hill 113. A Bradley on overwatch is able to spot the gunner and lob a few 25mm rounds his way. Luckily, the ATGM fails to track and crashes harmlessly into the dirt, but its a prelude of something far greater yet to come.
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The village of RAKOW, Poland, around 40km SE of KIELCE. This is VILLAGE Z in the AAR report at this link: http://www.allworldwars.com/Small-Unit-Actions-During-German-Campaign-in-Russia.html#2212 The map above (kindly sourced by Hugh Davie from Soviet AARs) shows the general dispositions of the Soviet forces in this area during August (RAKOW = PAKYB). The German attack came in from the west along the line of HILL 251.3 View from HILL 25.3 looking east towards RAKOW. The context of this AAR is the German effort to reduce/eliminate the Soviets Baranow bridgehead in Poland during early August 1944. I should note whilst I was researching this action, whilst this AAR appears super detailed a significant number of key facts are incorrect - unit make up, commanders, and Soviet opposition. The same action is described in the book 'Armoured Bears' on page 240-241 and whilst having slightly less detail, more or less ties in with the actual German OOB (and listed commanders) and TOE at the time, although again its vague as to the Soviet opposition. I also have access to Soviet AAR reports (which Hugh Davie who used to haunt these forums very kindly translated for me) and they provide an intriguing ins-sight into the fighting in this area. Whilst they confirm a German attack, and the numbers of tanks and light SPW involved are 'broadly' consistent with the size of the German kampfgruppe involved, they diverge on other details such as German losses, the actual direction and the objectives of the attack. All in all though none of the sources dove tail perfectly!! Still, they all agree that Soviet artillery eventually stalled the attack from moving beyond the outskirts of RAKOW. German Panzer IVs moving up in the early dawn. Approaching RAKOW and taking fire. "Three German tanks were immediately disabled, one of them catching fire. Hauptmann Zobel (commander of the 8/II/Pz.Rgt 6) ordered the two platoons to withdraw."
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    Opening Moves - 1st through the 4th minutes Keep the above in mind as you read through this post... AXIS BRAVO Using masked terrain as much as possible the RPG team led the movement down this axis, as I felt it was highly probable I could see some armored vehicles try to advance on the Farm. They were followed by 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, and behind them was one of the Recon Squads. Once at the farm, their presence immediately started to pay dividends as they uncloaked at least two light armored vehicles and one infantry unit (on Objective Red). If that's an FO or an ATGM on Objective Red I am going to want to put it out of action ASAP.. with that in mind the Recon Squad is called forward to push a little closer to get eyes and maybe weapon fire on Obj. Red. With the Recon Squad a little closer it becomes clear that Ian has two ATGMs of unknown type on Objective Red. Also note the additional two Light Armored Vehicle sound contacts in front of Obj. Red in the dead area behind the far Red Ridge. The AT Team has taken up position in the corner of the walled courtyard, and is waiting for things to develop. I did not know which type of ATGM these were, as I'm crap at visually identifying equipment like this.. I need to get better if we keep playing with these rules that's for sure. All I knew at the time was that these two ATGMs could devastate my movement toward the Bridge objective and I needed to do something about them. I need to create a weapons identification guide.. that would be useful. The second Recon Squad moved to the Farm to provide some extra firepower. As the rules state, there is no direct targeting of enemy units in this game, so I gave my forward Recon Squad a target arc to cover Objective Red and let them control their fire. I don't think they did much damage to be honest, but at least Ian will know I see that ATGM and maybe he'll move it somewhere less dangerous. AXIS ALPHA On Axis Alpha one BTR is providing support in the gully while I originally placed the second BTR in a hull down position to cover the approaches to the Bridge. The squads dismounted and started to advance down the gully toward KT2 and the Bridge. Once I spotted the ATGM on Objective Red I popped smoke and withdrew the BTR on the ridge and withdrew it into the gully. I also changed my mind and remounted one squad in the first BTR to keep them fresh during this Movement to Contact. The other two BTRs dropped off the Mortar Squad and the Platoon HQ. In this area close to the Bridge the HQ will setup a listening post and hold there until relieved. The Mortar meanwhile will setup in the little woods with the intent of eventually being able to place fire on Objective Red across map. The BTRs will be moving back to Objective Blue to pick up personnel to shuffle to this area to keep building my Bridge Objective assault force. Okay, now I will turn it over to Ian who can take his time as I will be on vacation next week However I will be checking in even though I can't post any turns while I am away.
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    CMBN 4.0 Patch Has New QB Maps

  14. 7 points

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Muh boys finally getting to go weapons-free after the none-too-soon death of "Fury Panther."
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    Marines load up in the well deck of the Assault Ship USS Wasp. AAV-7s and LAV-25s exit the well deck and head for the beach. Marines gather gear on the flight deck of the USS Wasp as the first assault wave passes between the Wasp and the USS Oak Hill. Marines on the starboard hangar of the USS Wasp look on as the USS Ticonderoga engages attacking aircraft.
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    The other day I heard the Beastie Boys' track Sabotage which I haven't heard for years and I thought to myself 'that would be a good accompanying track to a Shock Force 2 montage'. So I took some inspiration from the track's video and put this together. See what you think.
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    Time for some bones.

    It's almost the middle of May 2019 and it's probably fair to say the new modules for CMFI and CMRT are not around the corner yet. The community showed remarkable patience all in all and will continue to do so in the coming months. It would however be a justified and fair gesture if BF gave us some bones, in the shape of a series of good screenshots for both modules. After all this time in development there has to be something interesting to show to us. I'm not talking about release dates or pages full of information. Just some juicy screenshots so we all know what we are waiting for and why it is worth waiting for. It's time for some bones, me thinks.
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    Bil Hardenberger

    BATTLE DRILL - A CM Tactics Blog

    I'm on a roll.. another blog post, this time: Using Alternate Firing Positions Enjoy! Bil
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    To elaborate further: Some years ago, inspired by that C2 & Information sharing post, I did some tests in Battle for Normandy and it mainly concerns vehicle spotting . I made a small map in editor, put some German forces in a forest (Pak40 and some MG's and also one infantry squad), put an American scout team in another forest to observe the Germans. One Sherman tank was placed on the map and I made sure that there was no way for it to observe the Germans or the scout team. I also made sure that there was no radio contact between the tank and the scouts. With that set up I tested the spotting times and it was pretty conclusive. When the scout spotted German positions, I ran him to the tank, waited until the info was passed (waited a full turn). Then I moved the tank forward so it can have LoS on the forest occupied by Germans. When they were unbuttoned/opened up, they spotted almost instantly (less than 2 seconds). When they were buttoned up, they spotted in less than 5 seconds. I also did some tests with no info sharing, unbuttoned came to about 10 seconds for the spot and I was under the impression that the crew tac-ai prioritized spotting AT positions. Buttoned up was above 10 seconds and I didn't really test it that much, cause I felt like I was just asking for someone to come and burn my tank. So this was my conclusion: Unbuttoned with previous knowledge>buttoned with previous knowledge>unbuttoned with no previous knowledge>buttoned with no previous knowledge. So guys, make sure your AFV's have the information, unless you want them to end up like 131st Separate Motor Rifle Brigade in Grozny.
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    Sometimes it's also useful to use it when dismounting ifvs. The squad will debus, one team will hang around the vehicle, and the other will run off to cover, which is far faster than you can do manually (unless you pause accurately enough to manage this at end of turn, but that's piling on even more micro, and some more failure states as well).
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    Pretty smart. The basic rule is that speed trades for security - the slower you are, the more likely you are to fire. Slow - This is going to be a crawl. Being prone, there will be less that the pixeltruppen can see, and it's tiring, but they'll be harder to spot in return. Hunt - This is tiring, but the pixeltruppen will stop if they receive contact. Ideal for moving in close terrain, worse if moving in the open. Move - This is the only Move order that will recover fatigue - all others will worsen it. On being shot they will Quick move to the next action spot. If they spot the enemy, they're likely to fire back - Move orders have a decent chance of spotting the enemy, but not as good as being stationary. Quick - This is a good default move for when contact is made. They'll usually try to complete the move before firing, but they will fire on a target sometimes. Fast - This is the move to use if you need to prioritise movement. Dashing across a street, running away from indirect fire, etc. They will prioritise movement above shooting. Assault - This automates bounding overwatch, in a way that's a little hard to anticipate or control. The squad splits as per the "Split Squads" command, one element Fast-moves and the other remains stationary, leap-frogging to the target. It's generally better to do this yourself, but I do make use of it. In terms of automated "react to contact" - if they cannot spot the enemy, and have no contact markers, they won't know where the enemy fire is coming from. From their perspective, if they can't see the enemy, and just know they're being fired at, then what they do will depend on their move orders. Under Hunt orders, this will result in them stopping in place. Move orders will convert to Quick, and Quick and Fast orders will remain the same. If the incoming fire builds up too much, then they may remain pinned in place, or later retreat to nearby cover. Where they retreat will depend on contact markers as well - the Tac AI is good at finding a spot out of LOS, but not in understanding context. This can lead to a squad suicidally running in the "wrong" direction, since it didn't know that the enemy were there, or that the route they chose to take in panic would take them through the line of fire of something worse. So a number of things will happen all at once, when in contact, and it can be difficult to parse precise behaviour. This is why it's important to split squads and provide adequate support - if you're fired on unexpectedly, the targeted element probably won't be able to defend itself effectively, so it'll be up to the other elements or squads to bring the situation under control, giving the first element the time and space to recover.
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    POST CONTENTS Ian - METT-T - TROOPS Ian - Turn 1 - Rule Violation! Bil - METT-T Analysis Bil - Recovering Enemy Order of Battle (OB) Ian - METT-T & PLANNING Bil - Opening Moves - 1st through the 4th minutes Bil - 5th Minute - Area Fire Type 3 Rule demo Bil - 6th through 8th minutes Bil - Area Fire Example Explained This game was fought against @IanL, it is long over and Ian will be contributing to this thread as we go, so feel free to discuss tactics used, the rules we adhered to (or tried to adhere to), or anything else that warrants a response of some kind. The Realism Rules we used during this game were inspired by the rules used by @ncc1701e and @JoMc67 in the CMBN forum (what we called the Star Trek Rules). I recommend you looking in on those lads and take a look at what they have been doing. Ian and I, though we used those rules as an inspiration, really are using a different set that more aligns with our thinking of how a realism mod should be applied. You will see some similarities and some that are dramatically different. I will list the rules now and leave it up for discussion and debate: HARD CAT RULES ARTILLERY No Pre-Planned Arty on Turn 1 - EXCEPTION: ATTACKER in an Assault or Attack scenario Once placed, artillery cannot be cancelled Artillery can only be adjusted once spotting rounds start to fall Follow Rule 4 for all Area Fire by artillery or (indirect firing) mortars TARGETING & SMOKE No direct targeting allowed, units must find their own targets Smoke can be used at any time (infantry, artillery, or vehicle smoke of any flavor) INTELLIGENCE Players CANNOT click on Enemy Icons or Units during a Game, only visual examinations allowed AREA FIRE No Area Fire allowed on turn 1 AF-Type 1 Players can order area fire on an Action Spot (AS) that DOES NOT have ANY positive or tentative contacts known by any unit The PL must have LOS to the AS to direct fire from its squads and any squad to be given an area target order must be in C2 with the PL AF-Type 2 Players can order a unit to area fire on an AS that has a tentative contact that is known only to said unit The squad leader is directing fire AF-Type 3 Players can order a unit to area fire on an AS that a superior of the team has a positive or tentative contact in, as long as the unit is in C2 with said superior The LT is directing fire We can dissect those in as much detail as you guys like. SCENARIO CONSTRAINTS QB Meeting Engagement (Tiny) Red v Red No Tanks Infantry Base (any flavor) No other limits Note that on the map there are three objectives, we each have one friendly objective that we need to protect, and one major objective, Bridge that we will be fighting over. The intent was to keep us honest and make sure that we didn't just both do a flag rush on the Bridge... I think it worked pretty well as you shall see. Objective Blue - my setup area Objective Red - Ian's setup area Bridge Objective - main objective for this scenario My Purchases - BLUEFOR B Company, 1st Battalion Guards Mech Infantry HQ Command Squad BMP-2 ZSU-23-4 1st Platoon Mech Infantry HQ on BMP-2 2nd Squad on BMP-2 3rd Squad on BMP-2 2nd Platoon Mech Infantry HQ on BTR-60PB 2nd Squad on BTR-60PB 3rd Squad on BTR-60PB Heavy Mortar Squad on BTR-60PB 3rd Platoon Mech Infantry (Dismounted) HQ 2nd Squad 3rd Squad Heavy Mortar Squad x3 AT Team (x2 PG-7 and x1 AT-13) x2 Recon Teams B Company: 1st Platoon: 2nd Platoon: 3rd Platoon: ZSU-23-4:
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    General Jack Ripper

    Realism Suggestions?

    I don't understand why people say these things. If you're playing against a human opponent in a single scenario, then you can expect to recieve and inflict heavy casualties, because you are playing a game that has no consequences beyond winning or losing. Thus, neither player is under any obligation to agree to a ceasefire, or surrender, if they take a sufficient number of casualties. In fact many players, myself included, will drive their pixeltruppen far beyond human endurance if it means securing a victory in a PBEM. If you are playing a single-player scenario, then there is no excuse for incurring massive amounts of casualties. I've made it a point to provide such object lessons as "How to Avoid Needless Casualties" with every single scenario I play and record. Sure, my run through 'Gog and Magog' was inconclusive at best, but I certainly didn't lose more than ten percent of my force before realizing I couldn't win without incurring the insane casualties you speak of. I think the question of casualties comes from an incorrect assumption on the part of the player that every single scenario is capable of being won with a total victory, or that one needs to simply hurl human bodies at the enemy with enough frequency to guarantee a heroic result.
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    Afghan National Army Mod

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afghan National Army for Combat Mission Shock Force 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay so I am going to release this because it has been sitting on my HD for about a month without me tweaking it further. So it is probably good enough in its current state. This is a two-in-one mod that turns some of the Syrian Infantry into Afghan National Army. Here is what it does in detail : Syrian mech infantry ----> Early Afghan Army Syrian airborne infantry ----> Late Afghan Army So basically you get both uniforms in a single mod and it is up to you to decide which type you want by selecting the corresponding branch. Early Afghan National Army : They replace Syrian mech infantry and use AK's with a woodland camo uniform. The camo is supposed to represent either regular US woodland, a variant from Iran or Pakistan or a cheap chinese knockoff with a slightly different pattern and colours. Late Afghan Infantry : They replace Syrian airborne infantry, field M16's and their uniform is a mix of woodland camo and the new Spec4ce Afghan Forest camo. If you plan on using late war afghan infantry, I suggest you use regular airborne infantry as opposed to mech airborne infantry, both located under special forces. They will have a full allotment of RPG ammo. When to use early or late war? There isn't a clear cut date really but here is what I could gather with a quick search online. Uniforms : The ANA began to issue its own pixelated camouflage design in 2008-2009, designed by Hyperstealth Industries and named "Spec4ce Afghan Forest" pattern with some initial batches of these uniforms were made in China. Weapons : The U.S. military began shipping about 55,000 used Marine Corps M-16A2 rifles to Afghanistan with the intent of outfitting every soldier in the Afghan army with one by the late spring of 2009. Of course both of these changes happened gradually but before 2008, you should opt for early ANA and after 2009, go for late war ANA. Issues : 1/ The texture for the buttstock of the AKS-74U used by the squad leader of the paratroopers and the AKMS of the mech infantry looks a tad messed up. I think this is caused by the weapon swap and shared parts so I don't think it can be fixed for late war ANA. For early ANA, you could just temporarily remove the AK74M to M16 weapon swap folder from your mod directory. 2/ This isn't directly related to the ANA mod because the issue stems from the Syrian uncon fighters-Taliban conversion that I made previously, but since both mods are likely to be used in conjonction, I should mention it here. In my Taliban fighter mod, I swapped uncon fighters (the guys with the black pajamas and balaclava) with uncom combatants models and re-textured them both to use the same skin. Syrian uncon fighters and Syrian regular soldiers share the same boots though. If you want to pit ISAF forces versus Taliban, there is going to be no issue whatsoever. However if you plan on having a battle with ANA on one side and Taliban on the other, either the boots worn by ANA soldiers or the boots worn by Taliban fighters (depending on the load order) will look messed up because they share the same texture. Again, I need to emphasize that this will only be an issue if you are using both my ANA mod together with my Taliban fighter mod (And NOT combatants who don't wear boots but trainers). To keep it simple, I recommend that to represent Taliban forces, just use my Taliban combatants mod and only use my Taliban fighters mod sparingly. Only if you need heavy weapons like Dshk and recoilless rifles that combatants don't have for instance. And finally make sure the ANA mod loads after the fighters. This way the glitch won't be as noticeable. How to install : Extract the mod in the following directory : Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Shock Force 2/User Data/Mods Credits : 37mm did the weapon swap for the late ANA. Without his help I would probably not have bothered with the weapons and only modded the uniforms. Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gcpgmkwc8lgga2/zzANA.rar?dl=0 Let me know if there is any problem or error with the mod. Zveroboy
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    "Ad Hoc at Chef-du-Pont"

    "Ad Hoc at Chef du Pont" is a semi-fictitious scenario based on the ASL scenario of the same name and the ASL scenario "Gavin Take", in which General James Gavin and two scratch columns of paratroopers try to fight or sneak their way to a critical bridge of the the Merderet River early on 6th July 1944. The situation is historical but the map is inspired by the ASL map, but with lots of adjustments to make it suitable for CMBN. It's a first try at a full scenario and was actually created a couple of months ago. I was wondering why I hadn't had any feedback at all when I remembered I hadn't mentioned it in the game's own forum... It's available at The Proving Grounds: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-battle-for-normandy/ad-hoc-at-chef-du-pont/ ...or from DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebl7z9rp9rtwrcn/ASL - Ad Hoc at Chef du Pont.btt?dl=0 Feedback welcomed, good, bad and constructive.
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    hummm patche 4, I need your opinion

    Well I will be looking at the maps as well. Terrain impacts the AI. Elevation tiles do, too. They can't be overlooked when evaluating a poor AI reaction when under fire. An AI controlled unit seeks near-by cover and concealment. It might be tall grass or a slight terrain depression. At the moment of reaction the AI won't always move away from fire, but under it. This is not to say that all is well and eat your broccoli... Beta testers will be looking at it all from more than just one angle. We are listening. We will be evaluating and we'll let you know. Thank you for posting. It's how things get fixed.
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    While we wait for @IanL to finish his pre-battle analysis and planning post(s) and now that you have seen Ian's purchases I thought I would throw out the following... ...I always try to recover my opponent's Order of Battle (OB) when I play a CM game. Information is king on the battlefield, and the more you know about the enemy the better prepared you will be. A lot of what I do in a CM game is about gathering information. I wanted to share the following post I sent via PM to Ian towards the end of the action, outlining my thoughts on what he brought to the table: Note the highlighted portion above.. the lack of those weapons became obvious the further we went and helped to firm up my estimate of the opposing force. It is little clues like that which can help solidify your Enemy Recovered OB chart. Who else does something like this? I bet at least @MOS:96B2P does, as it was his J.O.B. at one time. Bil
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    Mord's Mods: Shock Force 2 Edition

    OK. Been quite a while since I posted anything, let alone an update on this mod. I knocked out a Republican Guard portrait this morning (very pleased with him) and figured I'd give you guys a peek into what went into creating him. It's all pretty cut-and-dry and should say all it needs to visually but basically I started with the first pic which I found a few hours ago and used facets of others I have collected over the last year to spiff him up and bring him in line with the rest of the mod (you never know when a pic will come in handy). It's a constant fight trying to make the faces look uniform and not like they are all from disparate sources. The overall aesthetic isn't perfect but I think they'll do. As it stands I have made 1173 portraits so far. The Army is done, Marines are done, Brits are done, and I am working on the Syrians. After that comes, the Canadians, Dutch, and Germans. I still need the info on the formations for them. Hopefully they won't be as big as the US and UK. That's it. Mord.
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    Units on Citywide 3 north be advised, multiple reports of shots fired, 605 North 14th Street in the alley. Units responding advise. Unit 2203 enroute from 500 North Utica. Unit 2205 in the area. Unit 2205 we can hear gunshots but don't see anyone, show us out on foot 600 block of 14th in the alley. UNIT 2202 SUBJECT WITH A GUN RUNNING WESTBOUND ACROSS 14TH STREET! WE'RE OUT ON FOOT! Air 11 is on scene. We've got the eyeball. Subject running westbound through the backyards 600 block of 14th Street. Ground units, be advised he is about to come out on 13th Street four or five houses south of Lake Avenue. He's got on a camouflaged jacket. Air 11 to ground units take a slow down, shots fired suspect down. We're going to need EMS and a supervisor 600 block of 13th Street.
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    New DAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67

    MINUTE 29 My Sherman is back online. While my halftrack is progressing. But, I have made a mistake asking for a Fast move instead of a Reverse one for having the guns toward the last objective. My tank arrives in position. On my left flank, Germans are counter attacking. But, my halftrack once again saves the day. Before been able to give my orders for next turn, the victory screen appears. Not really a victory... 30 men killed and 20 men wounded mainly due to artillery like in reality. Here are the various stats: The last objective would have been hard to obtain but I think my halftrack and my Sherman would have help me a lot. The final word for @JoMc67. Hope you enjoy this DAR. Next one I hope soon except if you are bored. 🙂
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    Vanir Ausf B

    Vehicle behind Wreck?

    1) Friendly vehicles never block LOS/LOF for other friendly vehicles. 2) Operable enemy vehicles block LOF, but not LOS, from friendly vehicles. 3) Non-smoking KO'd vehicles do not block LOS/LOF for friendly or enemy vehicles. 4) Non-smoking KO'd vehicles block LOF, but not LOS, from any unit as long as the targeted unit is not a vehicle (ie: tank shooting at infantry or infantry shooting at infantry) 5) Smoking vehicles block LOS and LOF. 6) "Vehicles" means tanks, SP guns, and AT/Anti-personnel guns.
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    I finally got a good job (for me) 15 mkn walk frm my house. I start next week. Ill message relevant parties but I have a list of those who helped.(Nidan1 RIP buddy I wish I could get you back.) Ill also help as much as I can anyone whose struggling. People did it for me.
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    Actually all the beta testers and even Steve are just bot programs run by Charles. I would question my existence but Charles disabled that feature.....
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    Hello all and welcome to my first public AAR of CM games. As such, it won't feature complex analyses and orders, like we've all come to expect reading the AAR's on these forums. Firstly, I have personally vowed, after demobilization, that I will never write another standard order (applied for and served as part of ROTC for the Serbian Army in 2017, Infantry 2nd Lt) and, secondly, the idea for the AAR came late in the game, after heroics of certain units. As far as the scenarios goes, I made some modifications. Namely, instead of company of T 62 MV's, there were 6 T 72 M1's ( it is my personal preference, as it is closest to M 84A tank in service in Serbian Army). Soft factors for militia company were increased. Skill level was increased for anti tank platoon. BRDM's with ATGM's were eliminated fully. TRP's were added (still a 9 minute calling time for D30 howitzers). MANPADS were added . Nothing was changed for the US Army. I would like to give thanks and credit to the original creator of the scenario and to whomever edited it for Shock Force 2. Now for the main part. I was given the objective to hold at all cost the aforementioned factory outlet. For this task, I was given a militia company, two platoons of Special Forces, antitank platoon consisting of 2 AT 4 C's and 2 SPG 9's and 6 T 72 M1's. In support, I had a battery of D30 howitzers. Opposing me was a Stryker company (two platoons of infantry in ICV's, platoon of MGS and platoon of ATGM Stryker), reinforced by 3 M1 Abrams tanks and a platoon of engineers in Bradleys. They also had a lot of off map support, including two Apache helicopters. As you can see, the question was how badly was I gonna lose. 😄 So here it is: Now, you may ask: Aurelius, why are you posting an AAR about your defeat?!? Why isn't SlySniper posting about his hard won battle?!? My answer is: because of these guys I knew I had no chance to win. I knew my AT platoon couldn't do anything to Sly's tanks. So I devised a plan, a scheme of slowing down his advance and making him think twice about approaching the factory proper. Firstly, I had to destroy the Bradleys, cause they could wipe out all my fighting positions and easily interdict movement of my units through buildings with their 25 mm auto cannons. That would also mean that his engineers have to walk everywhere (the map is very elongated and there is a lot of ground to cover). Secondly, to take out any specialized Stryker (an FO vehicle, command vehicle). If any Stryker loaded with troops presented itself- to burn it and everyone inside. I managed to destroy all of the Bradleys, destroy an FO vehicle and burn two Strykers which I suspect were carrying troops. I achieved this by utilising mobility of my troops (only the SPG 9 was left in place, because it is too slow to pack up and decision was made to sacrifice it). I would crawl them to the roof, wait a turn, give an order to fire and retreat them by use of the pause command. As for my T 72's, this is how they ended up: The only excuse I can offer: I wasn't thinking how their placement in editor was exposed to the possible avenue of approach of my opponent. 😄 But, there is a bright spot. This guy destroyed a vehicle, killed a guy with a Javelin and was a general nuisance to Sly's plan: During the course of the battle, Sly tried to approach/probe my positions. This was the aftermath of any such excursion: To my surprise, I even managed to surprise him with a howitzer barrage. Waited 13 minutes for the call up time and additional 2 minutes for spotting and got this: There were more casualties, but it is a tedious process to document all of those. Both Apache's were shut down immediately on the first turn, giving me some breathing space. I hope you will enjoy this quick recap of what happened and I would like to give thanks to @slysniper for a fun and challenging battle.
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    Minutes 6-8 The above image is for terrain feature reference and orientation only. Axis Alpha The mortar fire over the next few minutes, though I can't tell if it caused any casualties, at least did its job.. Ian packed up and moved his two ATGM teams off that high ground. So now I feel like I can maneuver some of my assets back to KT-1 to cover his movement down the Red Gully. The enemy movement is now pretty clear.. there are four light armored vehicles moving through Red Gully, and four more (as previously noted) across the road and in the woods opposite my Listening Post (LP). Ian has dismounted several infantry teams and sent them over the bridge.. I saw one run immediately under the bridge when moving to my side. Second Platoon's HQ caused at least one casualty on the bridge from its overwatch position. Most of the enemy teams however took no damage. I am okay with this for now, as it is still early in the action and I am still in information gathering mode. But it'll be heating up very soon!
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    Minute 33-32 AOA 2 AOA2 was my first thrust against the fascist aggressors, and unlike AOA1 it was not without cost. I dropped 192 rockets on the houses and trees behind them several minutes ago, and I have no way of confirming their effectiveness. My units made their way through the woods along the eastern edge of the map, which was, of course a predictable course, as it is the only avenue to the objective that offers almost continuous cover. My men faced panzerfausts, which destroyed two of my three armoured cars. I ran into ambushing troops and my opponent even placed a minefield to make me cautious. I had Tankodesantniki scraped off their T34s in a rush toward the houses. They appear to be cleared now, at least, but as my earlier post indicates, one platoon is down 75% and the other 18% so the losses were somewhat severe. You can see a breakdown of the squad numbers below. With no enemy immediately in sight I set out to move my 1/1 and 2/1 squads out of the minefield. I’m not sure how large it is, so I am careful to move around to each side to clear it. Accompanying them is 1/1 T34/85 to provide fire support if they get engaged from the treeline beyond the gully. These are the most intact units I have on AOA 2 so I need to take good care of them. It looks like my opponent has not abandoned all the buildings after all. Heavy fire that sounds like an HMG fires at 3/1 squad. The Nearby T34 can’t get a good angle from their current position to fire on the enemy. I want to displace it but… Also a new contact appears, a HQ apparently. That unit… ...Opens fire from the treeline, nearly missing the 1st Tank Platoon CO. Despite buttoning up, the T34 fires an accurate shot… ...That takes out the shooter. My infantry, despite being suppressed, spots the MG 42 firing on them. I order 1/2 T34/85 to advance to the abandoned foxholes and to blast HE into the building to drive the HMG crew out. There are contacts that I believe are from fleeing, long-departed enemy units near those foxholes, but to be sure, I have 1st Tank Platoon CO’S T34/85 perform area fire in the vicinity to protect the other tank. Despite all the action nearby, 1/2 squad, 2/1 squad, and 1/1 T34/85 skirt the minefield unmolested and eye the distant treeline, waiting for the inevitable order to advance. For bounding overwatch I have split both squads, hence the A/B designation. 2/1 T34/85 hangs back. Despite the trees, it has fairly good vision all the way past the gully to the distant treeline, as you can see in this demonstration. It’s able to overwatch the advancing infantry and its sister tank. From its position it can see the wrecked Marder. Impressive to see the 85mm shell passed entirely through the enemy vehicle. In the distant tree line a solitary German soldier is spotted, but he vanished before he can be fired upon. My opponent is shifting forces around. I’m not entirely sure what to make of some of these movements. It may be part of a unit that was supposed to provide support for the now-dead Marder nearby. In any case, I think unit shifting is a good sign: it means I’m not where he wants me to be and he has to adjust. Now, I must admit his infantry worries me - a lot more than his armour, which so far I've seen only two Marders. Knowing my opponent well, I can surmise a few things: He likely did not buy heavy armour. So I don't expect any of the big cats. While a Marder or Panzer IV can easily knock out my tanks at this range, my tanks have all the advantages, if no cats are present: heavier armour, bigger guns, faster speed. He has radios, and most of mine don't, but with so many infantry and tanks concentrated in a small area, I am confident that what one T34 doesn't see another will. He doesn't have a lot of (any?) Anti-Tank Guns - or else they would be protecting his HMGs, which I have been able to blast at stand-off ranges with my tanks. I can't discount a surprise or two in the town but if he had serious firepower I can't imagine he's waiting for me to be right in the town to use it. My opponent favours infantry. So I am expecting a fair bit of it, as much as he can afford, and that includes panzerfausts. Other games I've played made it clear they can take out a T34/85 at beyond 100m range - I thought that is almost a freak shot. I’m not looking forward to moving into the town with my tanks... but I’ve succeeded in bringing a fairly powerful force to his doorstep. If my forces on AOA1 can advance into the town, and I'm able to provide heavy HE support with my tanks, my SMG troops are well suited to this kind of warfare. and I don’t think it’s a fight he can win.
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    It is worth repeating the following Area Fire rule as it comes into play in this turn: Axis Alpha Enemy contacts: the image above shows two enemy groupings.. the one on the right of four light armored vehicles, and on the left of a single light armored vehicle. These contacts and the ATGMs on Objective Red were the catalyst for my planned moves, shown below: In the image above, note that I am withdrawing my Company HQ BMP-2 off of Blue Ridge (KT-1), at least until I see those ATGMs withdraw from their strong Objective Red position. Also the second BTR with one squad will also be moving out of the Blue Gully and to a position where it can provide some overwatch into the Red Gully. My Listening Post is now manned by one team and the Command Squad from the Company HQ. The other two BTRs are shown (left of the image), one at Objective Blue where it has loaded the AT-13 team, and the other on its way to Blue to collect another team. All of the assets gathered by these BTRs will move to the Listening Post position (shown on the right of this image). Area Fire Type 3 This is an example of Area Fire Type 3, note that the Platoon HQ unit has moved back to within C2 range of the Mortar team, it also has a UI contact on Objective Red, so it satisfies the rule constraints for Area Fire Type 3 (refer to the quote at the top of this post). Over the next few turns the mortar will drop some rounds on Objective Red and hopefully force Ian to re-position those assets, if I'm lucky it might even cause some damage. Note that on map mortars are not considered artillery so do not have to abide by the artillery rules, unless they are being used in an indirect call for fire type mission... this will be direct fire as targeted. Axis Bravo On Axis Bravo Ian area fired at my recon squad and the farm house... this fire came from the two light vehicles on the Far Red Ridge. From the rate of fire and the size of the impacts this fire looks like it came from something like a BMP. I suffered one casualty in the recon squad and Ian also took down the wall in front of the farm house... luckily my forward AT Team suffered no casualties and maintained their position... the recon squad does withdraw under this fire.
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    @IICptMillerII, that was exciting that’s for sure . I think it clearly shows two things: 1. The M1 is just a superior tank versus the Russian made tanks. 2. Your opponent made a serious mistake with both of those Tank Companies, namely they were concentrated in a relatively tight grouping. This made your target solutions easier than if he had spread them out... concentrate your fire not your tanks. This is a fun read!
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    On the contrary: It helps point the beta tester in the right direction. What we think we know is 1. Not across the game platform but localized to CMBN 2. Activity often happens around Bocage. 3. Happens when the game is patched to 4.01 Beta testers continue to look at this.
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    Thought I'd open a new thread for previews of Steppenwulf's modded flavour objects for SF2. I'm going to open one for Black Sea also, over time I'll cross port all stuff (where applicable) for both games. These packs will become available for download as soon as CM Mods IV becomes active.
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    I hope this Is not a New Bug.

    @Bulletpoint discovered the following which I'm paraphrasing: If the shooting unit does not spot the friendly unit, small-caliber area fire will kill friendlies. Try it out in a night battle, order your tank to machinegun some distant field and then send in some infantry. If the tank doesn't spot the infantry, the infantry will take casualties. Then order your tank to fire machineguns at friendly infantry that are very close in front of the tank. The tank can fire away all day without causing any casualties. It also works with rifles. Not sure if that's what happened in the above case. I'm just putting it forward as a possibility.
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    METT-T: Mission The mission is straight forward: keep my starting point secure, secure the bridge and if possible take Bil's starting point. Objectives: The bridge – This is a modified meeting engagement but this is the undefended objective that we both need to take. Red setup – My starting point and the twist in this battle – we both have out own objective to hold while at the same time take the bridge. Blue setup – Bil's starting point. Tasks: Use cover to get to the bridge first. I bought recon BRDMs specifically to get there fast. I have routes to move that are behind terrain cover most of the way. Deny the approach. The Red setup objective appears to have a view (KT7) of the both AA2 and AA3 that Bil might use to get to the bridge. Probe to see how well Blue setup is protected. I can advance towards the farm (KT3) with support from units on the high ground or hull down behind ridge at KT6 METT-T: Terrain We took the map from “Tactical Vignette 99-2 The Passage at Wilcox” desighed by George McEwan <http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/ShockForce/Scenarios/Tactical%20Vignette%2099-2%20The%20Passage%20at%20Wilcox%20SF2.html>. We kept just the rural part for this meeting engagement. To make this more interesting than a race to the central objective like the typical ME we added objectives at each of out starting points too. The idea being it will create decisions and stop this from becoming nothing more than a mad rush. Here is the map with the avenues of approach Bil could use. I labelled the same locations with the same KT numbers that Bil used – that should help keep things straight. METT-T: Enemy Enemy Intentions Take the bridge and hold their own start point. Possible Order of Battle I looked back at our correspondence to find out how we set the conditions on forces: Further clarification that in this context “no mods” means taking the base as is – no deleting AT teams or XO / HQ support teams. Enemy Course of Action I expect that the enemy will likely move to protect the starting point objective and also move to take the bridge objective. I expect some movement on AA1 probably to take the farm. Between the farm and the trees near the Blue objective that will be a good start to protect the Blue Objective. Some other force will likely take AA2 or AA3 to take the bridge. It is more difficult for the Blue side to interdict my movement so I don't expect that. This is Bil so I know the leader ship will be good but you never know how aggressive or not he might be. METT-T: Troops See earlier post METT-T: Time We set a hour for this battle but both agreed we would negotiate an end at a reasonable time before that if needed. Neither one of use *needs* to fight to the last man.
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    Now that makes the story even more interesting. IMO the C2 part of the battle adds minor missions within the larger mission and makes the battles feel more authentic and interesting. It's made me add alternative methods of C2 to my orders / unit tasking form that I maintain on a Word Document. Example: On order 2nd Platoon will attack east into the town of Xxxx in order to support 1st platoon. Alternative signal for 2nd Platoon's attack is a red flare. Then when it is time for 2nd Platoon to attack and if 2nd Platoon is out of C2 the Company command team can pop smoke (simulating a flare). 2nd platoon can now attack. If the backup plan for the flare was not included in the orders / unit tasking form on the Word document then the flare can't be used. 2nd platoon can't attack until C2 is established or a runner is used etc. Lots of cool things can be done by the player to add interest and immersion to the game.
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    Temporarily available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmlb0ij1a5g3rcd/BilHTacticalProblems.zip?dl=0 I'll send the link to Bil directly too so he can get back up and running.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Thanks for the good wishes. I think I am 75% there. Another year maybe...
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    AI triggers small tutorial

    At this stage, you need to split your forces into several AI groups. This is at your discretion but you can have a maximum of 16 AI groups per side. For this small amount of forces, and for what I want them to do, I have created three AI groups. AI group number 2 This group will represent the infantry squads that are inside the M1126 Stryker carrier vehicles. This group does not take a lot of action in this scenario. Its main objective is to size the ditch once the M1126 Stryker have created a good smoke screen in front of them. To select the units inside AI group number 2, just select all the infantry squad and press the F2 key. You will see a [A2] tag. This is to say that the units are now in AI group number 2. AI group number 3 This group will represent the M1126 Stryker carrier vehicles. Their objective is to reach waypoint number 1 (see first post) and generate a smoke screen. We can also imagine they can do an area fire on the ditch to suppress any enemy located there. Select all the M1126 Strykers of 3rd platoon and press the F3 key. You will see a [A3] tag. This is to say that the units are now in AI group number 3. AI group number 4 This group represent the mortar team. Their objective is to perform area fire respectively on Target 1, Target 2 and then Target 3. Select all the units of the Mortar Section and press the F4 key. You will see a [A4] tag. This is to say that the units are now in AI group number 4. As you can see, AI groups selection is done based on the mission objectives to be done. You can perfectly assign several units from several formations inside the same AI group. All units are, by default, inside AI group number 1.
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    Realism Suggestions?

    I still maintain the biggest differentiation between RL casualty rates and in game rates is now *we* play. We keep going when real force commanders would pull back and break contact. We move much to fast a lot of the time short cutting on scouting, forgoing the 5min wait for supporting fire etc. Defenders stick it out when they would really elect to preserve there force and withdraw. Attackers keep trying even as they have lost so much. A great counter example is the recent AAR for Shock Foce by @Bil Hardenberger and me: Bil's force broke contact after my force inflicted a significant number of casualties. But Bil is special most of us would have pressed the attack and racked up massive casualties and I would have tried to hang on to the last man. How would that have been realistic? If the majority of battles were conducted like this one, we would not be having a conversation about realism and casulties. Period.
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    Realism Suggestions?

    About casualties, remember the game simulates the 'tip of the spear', so to speak, so would produce a much higher than average casualty count than if you include logistic and rear echelon troops. Also, people don't quite comprehend how bloody things can get. In the Battle of the Bulge, for example, each side suffered about 90,000 casualties and 500 tanks destroyed (in VERY round numbers). This happened within a mere 1 month, 1 week and 2 days. That's frickin' carnage! I'm reminded of an anecdote from WWI. Rebellious French troops in 1917 bleat like sheep (lambs to the slaughter) as their general reviewed them, following a futile 10 day battle that had left 120,000 casualties. Bloody indeed.
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    George MC

    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    Excellent - this looks awesome. Chuffed to see this old map getting some air time. I mind when I first created it I broke an early beta of CMSF by using a myriad of drainage ditches. Got a "row" from Steve and Charles so had to remove a great many of my lovingly placed ditches! So looking forward to this and see how this pans out combat wise. Cheery!
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    New Scenario: Coup d'etat Released.

    The scenario Coup D'etat has been uploaded and is available at the Scenario Depot III. Link below. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/coup-detat/ rocketman created a very cool PDF map and reference document available at the below link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8weqdobt7pidc8/Coup d Etat Reference and Map Document.pdf?dl=0 Enjoy the scenario and if there are any questions feel free to ask here or send me a PM. Have a safe taxi ride. And, as @Sgt.Squareheadsaid, don't get in the red taxis. The player leads a small under equipped rebel force in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime. It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in heavy urban terrain. The scenario is Red vs Red AI only, heavy urban terrain, all modules required, variable end time (extra hour, 45 minutes for 200VPs). The scenario provides in game intelligence to help guide the decision-making process along with a modified military grid system and an intelligence code. The player can use IEDs, VBIEDs, assassinations, bribery, mercenary units, radio propaganda, extra scenario time and foreign assistance. As the Coup d’etat progresses the player must decide which methods to use and when. All the methods have advantages and disadvantages. Some methods cost Victory Points (VPs). Four VPs for each mercenary, 25 VPs per IED explosion, 50 VPs per VBIED explosion, 100VPs to bribe a regime commander to withdraw his unit, 200 VPs to fight until 0800hrs etc. After 0600 hours the player can choose to use a USMC amphibious force. This force includes the USS Wasp, USS Ticonderoga and USS Oak Hill. This overt outside military intervention will trigger a backlash in the streets of the city………
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