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    I feel that this topic is probably a waste of time to discuss, but I'm going to toss some stuff out there anyway even though this entire thing is pretty subjective. Basically what a gamer's expectations for spotting are might differ from how the game handles spotting and no amount of discussion is probably going to sway them. With respect to the video of the IS2 - I'm not bothered by that in the slightest. For one thing in game perspective is probably different from real world perspective in that items that are twenty yards away in game in a forest might look like they are on top of each other, but when seen in real like really aren't that close to each other. Each action spot is essentially 8 meters square and that vehicle appears to be at least several action spots from the soldiers when they spot it - it looks close in game but go ahead and stand on an American football field and see how far twenty or thirty yards is and it might change your opinion of how close something is. Another thing to consider is that 'real' vehicles might have a considerable amount of foliage tied to it perhaps even including full on branches and other stuff. The vehicle models are all identical for any particular type and such foliage or additional things attached will not be represented for a variety of business or practical reasons. You will just have to use your imagination for that. Similarly all the trees of a specific type are identical in the game. A map maker can change things up a bit by mixing different tree types but that doesn't alter the fact that every birch tree will look identical in game. Anyone who has spent time on Earth and seen a tree will know that trees don't generally look identical in real life, so there might very well be 'branches in the way' but you just can't see them because the differences between individual trees aren't represented. The ground the trees are sitting on are probably either light woods or heavy woods which adds some bush art to the bases of the trees - once again an abstraction. I know that this probably isn't going to sway anyone, but if the spotting just doesn't work for you in this game then I'm not sure what anyone can say about it since it's not going to be changing any time soon, if ever, and contrary to popular belief military personnel and vehicles are not 'automatically spotted' as soon as they are in someone's LOS because - well it's part of life or death for them to try and avoid being spotted so troops actively attempt to conceal themselves on an active battlefield. Those that can't conceal themselves don't usually have a long lifespan in a combat zone.
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    Does anyone actually talk about CMX2 anymore. Not really, especially if on another site. Face it , its a system that now has been around for many years. There is not going to be any great new or major changes. For those of us that like the game and the system, its a time where us die-hard players get some new toys or features to let us play around with a new scene as to area of the conflict, but no, its not a brand new toy that is going to pull in a bunch of new enthusiasm. Until a CMx3 engine comes out with all sorts of new approaches to the same old challenge of how best to reflect combat as to how it actually plays out will we see any massive wave of forum discussions and tons of debate and discussion on how that system could be improved to do it even better. But when a new engine ever does come, it will be as different as CMx1 was to CMx2 and I am sure that magically there will be plenty of activity on the forum from long lost players and new players that we have never seen before.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    So I tend to spend far, far too much time down at eye level. It takes me forever to play each scenario because I'm constantly rewinding the turns and watching them from different units' points of view. I take way too many screenshots as well. I play plenty of other games but for some reason I take far more screenshots of CM than any other game I've ever played. Something about the WEGO system and camera zoom means I can spend ages trying to frame different compositions for screenshots. So I'm glad you like them! I took a million screenshots of the last scenario I played from the Blunting the Spear campaign so I thought I'd post one of the parts I thought was cool, with the runaway T-34 that almost broke right through my lines. So there might be some spoilers here for anyone who hasn't played this campaign. At the beginning of the scenario, I massed all of my tanks on my right flank, and I put my two companies of infantry in a long line across the map in two waves. The first wave was made entirely of two-man scout teams that I sent forward in a widely dispersed skirmish line. I wanted the scouts to just run forward, find the enemy, infiltrate their lines, and then if possible, rejoin the second wave later for the main assault. I was supposed to be attacking, so I had no idea that a platoon of T-34s were about to come charging straight toward me right at the beginning of the scenario through a smoke screen. My own tanks were all on the right, and the T-34s were charging straight at my left, right toward the masses of trucks and support units I had parked in the rear: Here you can see an overview. You can see my wave of scouts out front and everything else massed farther behind. The T-34s came over a hill, firing a couple of times at my trucks in the rear, but missed. They had to cross a wide open field to get into my lines. My own tanks were out of position to respond effectively, but for a couple hundred meters the T-34s would still be exposed to a few of my Panthers on the right. Two of the T-34s were destroyed, and one of the Panthers was knocked out by a partial penetration that killed the driver. Miraculously, the third T-34 managed to get all the way across the field in a suicide charge at top speed, running a gauntlet of Panther fire the whole way. Five Panther shots were directed at it, and all missed. The T-34 managed to get out of view of the Panthers and got mixed in with my line of scouts. It stopped to blow up a scout team nearby: Luckily, it stopped right next to another scout team and it was immediately hit by grenades: Seconds later, an AA half-track stationed in the rear opened up on the tank. Most of the shots were ricochets and it didn't seem to have much effect. The T-34 was immobilized after a little while, but I couldn't tell if it was from grenades or AA fire hitting the wheels and tracks. At this point I was panicking. The T-34 had a perfect view of a lot of extremely vulnerable units in the rear, and it would have taken several minutes for my own tanks to respond. Trucks, half-tracks and Kubelwagens were frantically driving every which way to escape. HQ teams and mortar crews were running for cover. If the T-34 had kept going just a little farther, it could have caused a lot of damage. I sent Panzerschreck troops running ahead to stop it at all costs as AA fire tore through the air: A rocket is fired at almost the far limit of the Panzerschreck's effective range, at about 185 meters. A hit! Right as the T-34's turret was turning toward the AA half-track, the rocket slammed into the far rear end of the turret. If it was just a few inches to the left, it would have missed, and the AA gun would have been toast, along with who knows what else. The driver jumped out of his hatch as more AA fire ripped into the tank. The rest of the crew were cooked inside, as no one else emerged. Confronted by the pissed off tank driver, the cowardly scout turned tail and ran. The driver popped off a few pistol shots at the scout's backside and then comically started chasing after him through the field: The tank driver chased after the guy for quite some distance. A few bursts of machine gun fire from nearby infantry missed the driver by inches. Undeterred, the driver kept up the chase. Eventually, the scout's partner woke up from his stupor and joined the chase, ending it quickly with a single shot from his G43. Quiet once again broke out across the battlefield, and the German advance continued. A lot more death and destruction would take place before the day was finally over.
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    A plea for the Biodiversity

    No, I will not tell you about global warming!! But the possibility of increasing the variety of plants in the game to give a more realistic This is especially the doodad brush that is the subject of my remarks Those offered by the game do not please me because they are indefinable. The undergrowth but also the Norman fields and even the gardens (especially mine) are overgrown with nettle, ferns and brambles I modified the original of the game but the modification can not relate to only 2 type of bmp Unlike helmets for example it is not enough to add a number to the bmp to obtain a wider variety This possibility with the random will offer an improvement of the aspect of the game nettles and ferns brambles
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    @Aquila-CM has made another preview video... ... looks like I'll have to go over those Brits in particular. Anybody with the latest (0.94) build can check out @Combatintman's amazing map for themselves (it's, unsurprisingly, in the map folder)
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    How to use Mod Tags

    My first guess is that the mods are not showing because the txt file has upper case letters. Try lower case. Below are my mod tag notes. Place the tagged mod in the mod folder. Example: stream a [squalor] Create a txt file with the word squalor typed on it. The text file needs a single word, lower case for each tag. For multiple tags type all the tags on the same txt document separated by a space, comma, or line feed. (Once the txt is imported the tag names will display in the editor the same way no matter if they were entered on the txt with a space or comma or line feed between them.) Example: squalor, separatist, ramadi, coup Place the txt file in the briefings folder. Open the scenario in the editor. Go to Mission – Mod Tags – Import – briefing folder – mod tags – txt document with the tags Click on the txt document and it will automatically import into the scenario. Save May need to exit game and restart.
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    @Kaunitz my $0.02 is the tanks in the game are not overpowered, it is you the player who is overpowered. I know earlier in this thread you mentioned the downfall of the all seeing player and the ability to tell units to area fire into places where they have no clue any enemy units are. Have you tried playing with @RockinHarry no enemy icons mod? It completely changes the way you play the game as it places you the player into a state of FOW, yet leaves your units with all the information you would have if the icons were on. It forces you to move slower, pay closer attention to the battlefield and reduces your reaction time. With enemy icons on, you can see where the enemy is coming from and a rough idea of what is coming at your men. With the icons off, you won't know what you are actually facing until every enemy unit is actually visible to YOUR eye. Enemy icons off makes any low visibility scenario an absolute nightmare to play.
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    Progress on Ap Bac ... Scenario Image: Strategic Map: Topo Map compared to CM screenshot: Working title for the scenario is 'A miserable damn performance', which was Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Vann's (7 ARVN Division US advisor) judgement on the battle. Overall the scenario is a whopper, two and half hours long, the map is 2000m x 3008m (I've basically half-scaled the map dimensions to fit it all in); however, I've worked hard to get the troop numbers pretty close to the actual thing.
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    yes i would love a CM encylopedia within the game, click on a vehicle , weapon or unit and "goto history" would be awsome
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    Need help: Last CMFI training mission

    In-game, it'll go up and down the chain, but not efficiently. No amount of radios will be as fast as some GI running up and have a conversation a little like: "Oi guv'nor!, bloody Jerry tank right over there" "Excuse me, why are you British?" "Issa war, see, it does odd fings to a chap"
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    Megalon Jones Youtube DARs & AARs

    Cool - save it for a few dramatic moments - or just let the explosions from the game emphasis those Oh I understand the reason people do it - it just doesn't add anything for me. You do you though - the AAR really was very good and I agree with several other comments about length and what you included vs not included.
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    Megalon Jones Youtube DARs & AARs

    Yeah, well done. I don't think you need the background spooky music - game sounds and your commentary are enough. I am not a fan of the washed out look but I know plenty of people are - so I wouldn't hold it against you I'll keep watching.
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    3 related topics, but split: Movies

    When playing a battalion sized game i do not considder it 'cheating' to wiew the replay multiple times... IRL subordinate commanders and even single soldiers can act on their own initiative to a greater degree then what is possible in CM... They are also far better at sharing information...atleast comparing to playing RT... In CM you are pretty much on your own imo...😎
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    Fire and Rubble

    Combat Mission - Red Thunder module 1 The Return of Fegelein
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    I wish that would work reliable, i try that several times, i even mentioned that in the first post(or second?) i made in this thread. I have had squads parked right outside a 1x1 house right by the door, then let them "assault" into the building, i saw the first team run in the close door as they should, and the 2nd team still took the long way around to the other door. So it does not work reliable Maybe you are right, ... maybe i get back to it another time.
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    It would be probably up to the community to jump into the editor and start playing with the other half of the game to see more Operation Cobera come to fruition. (The editor doesn't bite ). All the tools are there waiting inside CMBN. Sadly the community mapping exercises I've tried to instigate fell over after about 6 months as real life got in the way for both myself and the others. I'm sadly looking at the Arracourt file on desktop right now. Anyway it is quite feasible for a small team to all chip away at a single large master map and upload the updated file after each of their editor sessions into dropbox. The editor overlay feature in the editor makes this extremely easy indeed. You would just need a tracker sheet to make sure no two people have got the file checked out at the same time!
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    how to get M10 to shoot its .50

    Indeed. Or... you could withdraw the SP gun since in real life it would not be sticking around the battlefield if it was unable to fulfill a useful role.
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    If hurdling means, "I'm going to put one arm down and kick my legs over the side," which I am reasonably certain it doesn't. Then again, it has been a few years since I've seen a track and field event. There's only one problem with your hypothesis however: Walls and Fences CAN be hurdled, windows CANNOT. You can, in fact, CLIMB through a window, but usually only with some difficulty, which becomes magnified when attempting to do it with 60-80 pounds of gear. I suppose Battlefront could invest time in making an animation of two soldiers using their hands and shoulders to help a third climb through a window into a house, or they could literally do anything else, or just nothing at all. I'm in favor of the 'nothing at all approach' otherwise the forums will be filled with complaints about soldiers being shot while attempting to help each other climb through windows, while someone whines and cries about how climbing through windows isn't correctly modeled because some regiment somewhere developed some special stepladder to do the job, and now we need to have said stepladder modeled in the game otherwise it's just broken forever. Seriously dude, some people are still waiting for an extra tall tripod for the Bruno Enfield Light Machinegun to be modeled, so a soldier can fire it in an anti-aircraft role. Literally a tripod, for a BREN gun, for antiaircraft use. There was an actual argument about it and everything. Search it up.
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    While I can imagine that determining the various precise TO&E for a wide variety of units over a lengthy period would be a daunting task, I wonder how it will affect BF's decision-making? Personally I don't understand why BF does not limit their TO&E efforts to smaller units (platoons and companies) and let scenario designers pull together the various components necessary for their scenario (based on their own research). Just looking at the CMRT units in the editor, how many CMRT scenarios feature entire anti-tank battalions, regimental infantry gun batteries, or mortar battalions (as just three examples)--why even bother to include them? For that matter, how many scenarios feature entire infantry battalions? Further, how often did actual TO&E comply with these official guidelines? Why not just provide the relevant building blocks to allow scenario designers to build the force necessary for their scenario in the editor? If the alternative is to slice the game to cover shorter and shorter time periods and fewer and fewer units, I'll continue to lose interest in these products. I would not care as much if the units/maps from the various games could be used in common under a unified game engine, but having each game both narrow and stand-alone is a huge turn-off for me, especially when the relevant expansion modules turn out to be several years apart. With all due respect to BF, I consider this kind of thing to be historically irrelevant minutia. Maybe it's just me, but I'd much rather have a module in 6 months with a standard "sidearm" rather than wait six years to equip my digital officers with the appropriate specific sidearm.
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    I mostly take umbridge with being classified as French, as it seems the term must be. If I were french I would have much cheaper health care & also infinitely less expensive college tuition. And better pastries. But no American football or baseball. So I guess I don't really want to be French after all. but the pastries...
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    CMFI invisible stealth tanks

    How did you install CMFI, was it with an 'all-in-one' installer or did you install the base game and modules separately ? If you installed them separately, then I would guess you may have missed a patch. The main explanation for what you're seeing is that there is a missing .brz data file. If you purchased the 4.0 Upgrade, then I would suggest, deleting your current install and the install using the 'all-in-one' installer (a download). I have the following .brz files in my CMFI install: Fortress Italy v100A.brz Fortress Italy v100B.brz Fortress Italy v101.brz Fortress Italy v110.brz Fortress Italy v110A Gustav Line.brz Fortress Italy v110B Gustav Line.brz Fortress Italy v110C Gustav Line.brz Fortress Italy v111.brz Fortress Italy v112.brz Fortress Italy v120.brz Fortress Italy v200.brz fortress Italy v201.brz You can check for these files by (in the Finder), assuming they are installed to a default location, going to Go > Applications > CM Fortress Italy (folder) > highlighting the 'Combat Mission Fortress Italy app and then clicking the 'gear' icon that appears near the top of the folder window > 'Show Package Contents' > Contents > Resources > Data. In here will be the .brz data files and the hotkeys.txt file. If that doesn't work, then you may possibly have a mod installed that is somehow not functioning properly with CMFI or if you have security software installed it may have quarantined some data (though I don't know how it would reach within an application bundle).
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    As Wicky mentioned, the games have been 'moved' over to a new Mac and the copy-protection system doesn't like that and gives you the 'fingerprint mismatch' error (different hardware than when it was originally licensed). You'll need to contact support (the 'Battlefront Helpdesk' link in IanL's post). They should be able to provide you with an utility to wipe out the current activation which will allow you to reactivate. You MAY also need an activation added to your license keys, so you may want to mention that.
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    Monster Mash from Demo?

    This is great. I played this PBEM against someone a while back and had a blast as the Germans. Lots of long range tank shots across the fields and trying to use what little cover there is. With updates I had lost the scenario.
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    Best Mods

    Thanks everyone, this is all really useful. 🙂
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    I suppose videos are like the game itself, we all have our own way of playing it, and viewing it. For every QBer there is a campaigner, and for every RTer there is a WEGOer. I loved CMx1 and played it for years. Then when my old dad died I didn't do any gaming for about three and a half years. I only found out about CMx2 via the Armchair General videos. And the first "mission" video I watched was a 2 hour 40 minute "Roadblock" affair produced by someone called "The Games Pusher", and that is what got me back into gaming. Since then I've always enjoyed watching people plan their moves, and explain the reasons for what they are doing. Although I would agree with what has been said above, when video makers zoom the camera all over the battlefield during the replay phrase it is very irritating.
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    I'm not clear on something. I decided to have a look at this to see what I could make of it, but I couldn't find anything that matched your description. There are two training campaigns, one basic set in Bizerte, and a second advanced one set on Sicily. Can you tell me which one you are attempting and which scenario? Michael
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    Master Map?

    Thanks IanL. I guessed there was a way inside the editor but haven't read any description of it anywhere. Or maybe I just missed that part when I was reading the Engine Manual.
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    I was referring to Kieme´s terrain mods which are used on the "before" screenshots. Nevertheless the olive BMP on the screenshot is by Oleksandr and I can recommend his great mods, I use alot of them on my default installs especially when it comes to CMA and CMBS, check them out. CIA Special Activies Center Special Operations Group Forces - made this in some minutes for an upcoming US vs Drug Cartel/Radicals setting playthrough of the "In Search of a Ghost" campaign. - credits go to the various modders that created the original artwork. - the playthrough will showcase the H&E Mod terrain and an slightly modified version of the African Forces Mod. - Not on Dropbox as mine has no space left. On interest contact me on YT or etc. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
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    Ales Dvorak

    Rome to Victory Release Date

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xp2xdtnbsa50hhm/Brexit.jpg?dl=0 👽
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    1. Cannister Rounds 2. ???? 3. Profit
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    Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread

    After reviewing the comments; here are the ones that are moving to the top. Colors seemed to be the main issue - with many asking for blue and white. I am also including patches to see how the designs can play out in the interface. CLICK ON IMAGE FOR BETTER RESOLUTION Thoughts?
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    Spreading the Fausts Around

    That's because bogging risk is not liked to movement order Paging @Erwin
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    All CMBS mods have been transferred from CMMODS to the CM Mod Warehouse. Remember if you wish to add new mods just message me.
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    Fire and Rubble

    I like a lot of the suggestions...but please not this one...there can only be one CMBB!
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    Fire and Rubble

    Yeah, too many Flintstones memes will result. Not a fan of that one, though it wouldn't affect a purchase decision or whether I enjoy it, it's just a name. I like Across the Oder Final Assault Red Vengeance (maybe too much in that?) Reckoning Just a few I whipped up, not that you asked....:)
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    I could be wrong but my understanding is there was not direct connection between the recon planes and tactical level officers on the ground in the fight. Let alone the ability for officers at the pointy end actually directing recon planes. In CM the initial intel settings in the scenario editor is supposed to cover the type of pre-battle recon that these planes provided.
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    I'd like an AI based off of this opponent. Port it over to CM- https://kotaku.com/report-jimi-hendrix-on-acid-was-unbeatable-at-risk-1839153940
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    Some building issues got fixed but the problems can remain 'baked into' old maps. I recall on rare occasion scenario designers would get orders to open our maps, remove the offending building, replace it with a fresh building and resave. I haven't seen that request for a long time, though.
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    Spreading the Fausts Around

    I took screens of each debrief, so yes I can help with that when you need them Erwin. Good luck in the campaign. I'd be interested in any reports you'd care to share.
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    Rome to Victory Release Date

    42:10 Flame fougasse - flame mines look devastating https://www.warhistoryonline.com/world-war-ii/flame-fougasse-wwii-era-britain.html Still plenty of concrete pillbox bunkers around - where I grew up in S.E England there was one by a river in town I played in as a kid and many others dotted around along roads, junctions & along the coast. Tank barrier at a local park
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    Fantastic work, Oleksandr. What are you planning next?
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    Why are my Teams Spreading out so Far?

    Avoiding this is what the "Combine Squad" command is for. The four man squad above (presumably has taken losses) is split over two action spots because they are in two teams of two. Combine Squads would make that one team of four, in one action spot. Why they're far apart? If the squad has taken losses you'll see that, and particularly if they'd taken losses to the centre of three teams. Otherwise they're just taking up covered positions where they find them, and each time has found a position in an opposite direction.
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    fast move

    I think that is about it.
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    Bud Backer

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Not just you.
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    Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread

    Not too bad, I think I'll resize the Junks that @Aquila-CM provided us.
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    Funnily enough I was messing with some of my CM:A stuff last night, the map is done, but I haven't done anything further with it: I got a bit side-tracked with 'Heaven & Earth'.....I'll have another look at it in the coming weeks. I'm assuming it's the Blue campaign concept (Abdul Gul's War) that would be of the most interest? @MOS:96B2P ran some tests for me and we've come to the conclusion that changes need to be made to the early scenarios to reduce the potential for frustration (this largely revolves around the removal of RPGs from the enemy TOE while Abdul Gul has only a handful of men under his command).
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    What is that? Steve has posted before on this, they know and appreciate their customer base is a niche market. Though selling more product than they expect is always a good thing they also know roughly the budget they have to work with. <Economist hat on and a quick google search because it's my lunch break and I'm lazy> In economics, productivity refers to how much output can be produced with a given set of inputs. Productivity increases when more output is produced with the same amount of inputs or when the same amount of output is produced with less inputs. <Hat off> Never assume having more people on staff means you will produce more. Anyone who's worked for an organisation with 100+ workers and a dedicated Human Resources team knows this first hand.
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    Recent combat vids from Ukraine

    Then quit bringing up crap that has nothing to do with the topic.
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    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    No Courland Pocket..? 😢
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