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    CMx2v4 WWII: Basic Movement Stats

    First, yes, the title is a pun. As this is foundational data, but it was also drawn from playing around in the CMBN first Basic Training Mission. I realized that one of my biggest problems is time and space. Like last night, I was playing a small scenario of 45 minutes with 5 spatial objectives. I realized I was running into trouble when the clock said +28m remaining and I had only completed objective #1. Too much cautious recon (night mission). So, I pulled out a Major Victory, but it required me for the rest of the scenario to double time it with split squads moving in leap frog bounding over watch. And I truly finished, right as the clock struck 0m. Thus, today, I decided to do something about my playing style. One YouTuber had said he plans based what it would take to just walk the map. Realizing that I had no concept of time and space, I decided to do some analysis which I will share here. I realize that most of you ubermensch, do much more rigorous data collection, but I think this should be sufficient to get me started. ********************************** ***** MOVEMENT (Scout/Squad) ***** ********************************** RESTED/FIT/REGULAR SCOUTS (MIXED/OPTIMAL CONDITIONS) Walk: 50M Quick: 120M Run: 140M (1t tired) Hunt: 40M Slow: 15M (2t tired) RESTED/FIT/REGULAR SQUAD (MIXED/OPTIMAL CONDITIONS) Quick: 80M (complete in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault) Assault: 50M [lead team] 0M [rear team] (for long assault) 20-25M (completes in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault) 100M (completes in 3 turns) (linear spacing is very much a function of the waypoint placement) (at 30M/min, it is slower movement than manual player bounds) --- * Squad movement standing seems 66% of scout movement. * If there is overwatch, and the enemy is suppressed. QUICK is probably your best way to cover ground. * HUNT is too slow to cover a map in most time frames, and is in the same class of commands as RUN and SLOW. * RUN is best used to sprint between cover to cover; especially as teams which find cover easier. * ASSAULT is probably a toss up between manual squad command and TACAI coordinated. An ASSAULT should probably be no more than 100M to avoid the squad from getting too spread out. Additional suppressing fire advised.
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    Bug and stuff thread

    You have to add nothing to achieve something. The mystical wisdom of Combat Mission.
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    I stumbled across these 2 videos by Ts4EVER that had been uploaded almost a month ago and was surprised they hadn't got a mention on the board. A pitch battle along Riva Ridge. 'Spoiler warning' if you haven't played the scenario yet, if you're sensitive to such stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AOwd6W0orI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk_kJ7RLoBA
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    H&E is a modificiation package for CMSF2 and, as such, all CMSF2 features, including the editor, are still present and working. Our team has many campaigns & scenarios currently in various states of completion (@puje's camapign, based around his own firebase, being the most complete at the moment). I've been overwhelmed at work this December so not much has been going on with regards the mod pack itself.... however I believe my hours will start to drop off now that we're approaching January. In the meantime, here's another teaser...
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    No military is going to advertise its losses, to the enemy it is fighting, during the conflict. “Hey Adolf, you knocked out xx Sherman’s this month! Just wanted to let you know so you know that us allies are the good guys because we disclose everything immediately!” -Eisenhower, showing the world that being a war fighter is no excuse not to disclose the truth at all times. The vast majority are wear and tear. Sorry to shatter the sexy image, but after 2003-2004 tanks simply weren’t heavily used all over the place (or really at all in Afghanistan) because they were the wrong tool for the job. On top of that, no one was driving these things down city streets to be lit up by RPGs from every possible angle. So do most heavy units that rotate through NTC. No joke, this happens. A unit slated for a deployment will go to NTC for a train up and break all of their equipment, rendering them unable to deploy. Granted that isn’t the norm, but it has happened a few times. Point is, combat conditions and just general field operations are hard on vehicles. They require constant maintenance to keep in the field. And there are different levels of maintenance as well. All those Bradley’s at a depot in TX? Those are deadlined vehicles that have to be repaired by the company that makes the Bradley. Not from combat damage, but regular wear and tear. These vehicles are 30-40 years old, and are handled by 18-20 year olds who are tired, hopped up on caffeine, and pissed off at everything. And they’re essentially driving a big rental vehicle that they perceive to be invincible. How long do you think your car would last in the hands of a 19 year old with a fetish for amateur off-roading? Again, the point is that regular wear and tear does far more damage to vehicles than people realize. Not to mention the desert is not a friendly environment to vehicles. As you correctly point out, a US Abrams does not equal an Iraqi Abrams. And the fact that the Iraqis lost so many tanks to ISIS is no surprise. You know who the Iraqis also lost a lot of tanks to? Literal human wave attacks in the Iran-Iraq war. As in Iraqi tanks in fighting positions were overrun by Iranian human wave attacks, across open terrain. Yeah... I think it’s safe to say that Iraq could use some remedial training in the art of armored warfare. I certainly agree on both points here. I don’t think RPGs are undermodeled, and I also think that the wounded to killed ratio in general, but specifically with vehicle crews favors killed over wounded far too much. But I suppose that’s a different discussion.
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    CMx2v4 WWII: Basic Movement Stats

    ^^^^ Assault is a way more useful command than it's often given credit for. The basic premise is a fire-and-advance functionality that will decrease or stretch the intervals between the fire/assault teams by how you space the waypoints. Placing the waypoints distantly isn't too effective for most attacks as the teams will usually find their LOS interrupted by terrain/clutter. It can still be handy though for moving the entire squad without necessarily exposing the entire squad at the same time. In that way it's sort of a "staggered quick" command instead.
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    There is no detailed research of battle for Lohvynobe even in Ukrainian sources. Several good articles written by different authots, as well as soldiers memoris, but all they light up only separate episodes. but not all battle in whole. There were three clashes around Lohvynove, which was key point for conrol of M103 road - the single proper supply line of Debaltsevo bulge. Initially UKR platoon group. of 30th mech.brigade, positioned on the hill behind the village gave order to leave own positions for rest. But command of Sector C didn't substitute them and separatists group (recon company, really half-company), which accidently in the same night had the order to assult Lohvynove, has taken the village without any fight. The UKR observation post directly in the village (four troopers of 54th recon battalion) just retreated and left for separs own BRM-1K, which could'nt move. Only close to 11-00 Sector C command turned back that platoon group with order to take back Lohvynove, but they even didn't know where the enemy and what its forces. Separs had time to set AT-mines and bringh ATGMs - they destroyed in ambush almost all UKR armor. Untill this time separs shot out dozens UKR soldiers, which drove by this road - the Sector C command didn't warn own troops that the road already cutted! Next attempt was only on next day - there was heavy 120 mm and arty strike on Lohvynove, but this striкe was conducted without any adjustment - all shells hit ground in 200-300 m in front of separs positions, when UKR forces approached they again met heavy resistance and retreated. Most heavy fight was on next day - both forces bring more reinforcements. UKR had the company of 79th air-assault brigade, company of National Guard battalion "Donbas", per one companies of 24th and 30th mech.brigade. They have support of tank platoons of 30th, 92th mech.brigades (T-64BV) anf 1st tank brigades (BM Bulat). To the separs side the tank company of Russian 5th tank brigade has arrived (from Buriatia, T-72B mod.1989). UKR troopers could take the part of village, but all units were entering in the battle on own mind without coordination in different time from diffrent directions. In the early darkness nobody couldn't understand what's going on, where the enemy and where own troops. Further advance failed because separs tanks were shooting from the hills around. Suddenly our tanks have retreated for reloading and in this time Buriatian tankers counter-attacked. Light armor BMP-2 and BTR-80 couldn't resist and withdrew. On next day there was next attempt and several tank duels "platoon vs. platoon". In one of them UKR crew, turned out one against three, could hit all Russian tanks, evading from their fire between hulls of knoked out vehicles (one Russian tank blew out on own minefield). Next day UKR forces conducted strike with heavy arty and even ballistic missiles Tochka-U, the decisive assault would be started, but Poroshenko canceled operation - they had hope negotiations in Minsk, will dtop the fight and diplomacy agreements will force enemy to withdraw. Naive man... So, as you see, without new module there is impossible to make "historiacl battle". Destroyed Russian T-72B mod 1989 near Lohvynove and separs T-72B further. Looks like AT-mines work.
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    * SLOW best used for the final set up of observation or an anti-tank weapon by infantry.
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    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken. Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps. On the right you can see the roof of the building through the smoke. A marksman on the back of the Panther is still keeping an eye on it .
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    Couple of observations; 1. From a contextual view; a. Amateur Insurgents in Iraq would often use HE instead of AP / HEAT rockets when engaging Armour with RPGs simply because they didn't know any better. I also heard this was because they simply thought the bigger bang from HE did more damage to armour... b. Chechen RPG teams (ex Sovient trained) would typically immobilize Russian Armour first and only then look to finish of the vehicle (I think this is poorly modeled in the game - AT teams always seem to go for kill shots straight off from what Ive seen...) c. Insurgents evolved to using IEDs as these where more effective and less risk in terms of engaging Armour. 2. From a game point of view, Ive played a number of CMSF2 games now, largely uncons vs western conventional and find; a. RPG 7s can only effectively destroy un-upgraded IFVs or IFVs with no reactive Armour. Even vehicles with Bar / Slats?? armour get lucky depending on the direction the rocket is coming in from. b. RPG7s have no effect on any of the MBTs that I have seen - except sometimes mainly to maybe tracks. c. The RPG29s are lethal to any IFV and quite lethal against even MBTs especially if a non frontal hit. c. The older ATGMs are effective against IFVs but not modern MBTs and the newer ATGMs (AT14) effective against MBTs - but not necessarily reliable single hit kills. d. The odds of ATGMs hitting their target comes down to a lot of variables - open fields of fire, enough open space for the complete flight path of the ATGM, range to target (the shorter the more reliable), if the target is hull down I find a big reduction in hit chance, any trees in the flight path have a good chance of prematurely detonating the ATGM. Throw in lady luck and the interaction of all of the above and I find you have a real mix of results - and of course both players will impact all of these variables.... If you want to have a game I have an awesome UNCONs vs Conventional Map - lets go for a large Conventional attack, Ill start as the conventionals and you can try and blow my tin cans to pieces - how about I go as brits or marines???? I like the mirror game of this as well so then happy to have at it with that after!!!! Cheers Gaz
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    You're welcome.
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    the mod is now available there https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-fortress-italy/cmfi-infantry/cmfi-rome-to-victory-french-uniforms/ thanks to Bootie
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