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    Did the gunner wait for it, or was it just luck?
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    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    From the scenario: Mission to Maas. Early morning rush hour east of Stoumont. A Forward Observer team with the Cheneux column watches on as the requested smoke mission forms. While the smoke screen forms the commander, of the Cheneux column, advises that the first tank to cross the bridge will earn a bottle of schnapps.
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    CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

    Screenshot was auto levelled in photoshop with a 25% sharpen filter (because anti-alias made it pretty blurred). For a "completely" undoctored/unedited version see below. I don't use reshade or anything, those colors are vanilla plus it's pretty dark.
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    Brother Ed tipped me off about this real grog treasure, one I believe is directly applicable to CM as it evolves. The War Department film "Infantry Weapons and Their Effects" showed what AT rifle grenades, the bazooka, 37 mm and 57 mm could do to a rather anemic German pillbox, but this is something altogether different, for these are probably higher quality than the original German pillbox replicas of a bunch of different types, aperture configurations and thicknesses. Weapons range from .50 BMG through 155 Long Tom. Though unfortunately no dummies were used to show effects on occupants, the interior wall damage and the internal pics of the embrasures and surrounds tell the tale pretty well anyway. Have never seen anything quite like this and had no idea such a thing existed. Regards, John Kettler
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    QB map pdfs

    (I'm starting this as a new topic since the links to even the old pdf files will be changing.) I just finished the pdf which shows all QB maps for CMBN. It is a huge file -- nearly 400 pages and 330MB -- and is HERE. (A smaller, lower quality version for CMBN is HERE.) Since Assault, Attack and Probe versions of the various QB maps usually vary only slightly, I only included Assault in these pdfs. Those and (I believe) all Meeting Engagement maps. Also, the old dropbox links for the other 3 titles will be expiring, so I'm moving everything to this newer account. Here are the new links for pdf's for the other 3 WW2 titles: CMFB is here. Here is Red Thunder. And here is Fortress Italy.
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    Monte Cassino Master Maps

    sburke, you really, really did an excellent job on these!
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    Any of the movement keys will do the same thing...
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    I'd say that qualifies as 'very heavily altered' at the least. Great work too.....Ruins are hard.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    @mjkerner : here we go. I'm not sure of the ethics of sharing someone else's map so I didn't put it on the Scenario Depot - it's an excellent QB map (as are they all), all I did was vandalise it a bit. I also added a different AI plan. I'm not very experienced at that, but it seems to be working OK. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m321h1j2jz1gcnf/City Assault 063-ruins.btt?dl=0
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    He was clearly inspired by the movie "T-34" in which a Russian AT gunner waited for the exact same opportunity. The fidelity of this game is always astonishing.
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    I'm struggling to convince myself that this module is worth buying. I've bought all CM games so far, although I never play CMBS and seldom CMSF2. My sense of loyalty towards BF isn't what it used to be after the endless delay. So buying it without a good reason is out. Winter in Italy is interesting, but not interesting enough for me. Brazilians, Indians etc. don't interest me at all. Goumiers might have, but they are unfortunately not in. The role of Waffen SS in Italy was small, so that's also not a good reason for me to buy this module. What about the campaigns and scenarios? Can anyone give me some details on the German campaign and German scenarios?
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    What I'd like to see in CM3...

    Something that is needed to make the Combat Mission games more fun is for AI units in lorries or on tanks to be able to jump out from or off them when the vehicle gets bogged down and immobilized. When a battle is over and one can have a look to see what is left of the AI's troops I've seen tanks sitting immobilized somewhere further back with a bunch of tankriders waiting to be transported to their destination. If the infantry units could jump off and move forward to their destination by themselves when an AI vehicle has been immobilized for a certain amount of time, there would be more opportunities to have a good fight.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Share the map? Sure, if you want it - I'll upload it tonight.
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    Erwin, Because the level of player knowledge in CM is so high relative to what was true on the real battlefield, ATGs are fare less survivable in CM than in actual combat. While part of the point of the film was to instill confidence in their weapons, the reality is that those same weapons were real threats, too. German accounts from the East speak of flying into hail storms of lead (lead which included steel from 12.7 mm ATRs), and British Fairey Battles conducting low level attack in France were massacred by MG-34s on AA mounts. When you get this low, ground fire can become a big deal in a hurry. The below is from a France 1940 attack by some on a Wehrmacht convoy as the aircraft comes off the target. It shows how low low level air attack really was. Regards, John Kettler
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    In Fortress Italy, the troops of the Herman Goering Division display the correct white Waffenfarben in Fortress Italy, but in Gustav Line and Rome to Victory bear the green Kragenspiegel of the Field Divisions. Simply, the tropical uniform in Sicily is correct for the HG Division, but the temperate uniform for Italy and Northern Italy is, I would venture to guess, ported from Battle for Normandy or Red Thunder unmodified. The cuff title is also present in FI but disappears in the later modules. This seems like a pretty quick fix - just a uniform option like Greatcoat/Camouflage/etc. that substitutes white collar badges for the green and adds cuff titles for Luftwaffe troops during the dates the HG was involved in the campaign. Call it "Herman Goering" or something in line with the Gebirgsjäger option added in Rome to Victory. I have included sources below. I think a simple swap of the collars would look a bit like this: Compared to a Field Division Troop: That's a quick fix and would be entirely satisfactory. However, if BF wants to go a step further, read on: Working from these sources I have quickly put together some HG troops in M43 with Luftwaffe/Heer Smocks, Italian Camouflage Pants and the SS Oakleaf Smock. Official support would obviously be easier to use, higher quality, and make sure that both Field Division and HG troops can be fielded. With Rome To Victory, the elements of these uniforms all exist in the files already. It's just a matter of a more talented artist and researcher putting together Appearance options for Herman Goering / Herman Goering Greatcoat / Herman Goering Mixed Camo (Luftwaffe and Heer Splinter with some Italian?) / Herman Goering Oakleaf / Herman Goering Winter or whatever the options end up being.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    In anticipation of the Fire and Rubble module, I've been merrily converting one of the City maps into a bombed out moonscape - which I'm just about to swarm over with Red Army troops... Merry Christmas!
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    What makes this module worth buying?

    Just finished all the sp battles as allies, I would not move on with the next battle until I won..... A definite BUY OUTSTANDING maps and battles, your heart will sink deep as you are chasing an enemy tank over the ridge wondering if the dust will clear in time enough for your shot to leave the tank barrel instead of his...
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    Winter Garden of the Iron Cross

    Hey fellas, @Bulletpoint Thanks for the feedback but I don't plan to change anything. The trenches themselves are already kind of oddly modeled (I am sure BFC has reasons for this limitation) as opposed to something that provides full protection of a standing soldier. Your troops end up crouching down when they fire. Here in the next few days, I am starting up a CMRT Winter Mod PBEM battle against @Heinrich505 ...after I upgrade to 4.0
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    I decided to follow this advice and downloaded and looked through the pdf file with pictures of quick battle maps for CMFB. The result is a list of ~ 50 different quick battle maps which I'm in the work to prepare for future battles. It takes quite a lot of time to prepare those battles if one wants to give for example both artillery support, good FOs, armored vehicles and other things to the attacker and maybe similar things with some mines to the defender and decide what changes to make to receive all that. I have decided to have some battles which aren't balanced at all and it will be fun to see how they play out.
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    😀 Thanks didn't think of that, good movie!
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    "I'm telling you, there's a fat bloke and a reindeer in that barn."
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