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    TACai rocks!

    The scenario is Battlegroup Attacks! by George MC. (Thank you Sir!). A mix mechanized Syrian and U.K. force face off in Syrian hilly terrain in a PBEM with myself as Red force. A BMP-2 seizes the opportunity to take a pot shot at a Challenger 2 with it's AT-5 ATGM. N.B. The only orders I gave to the BMP-2 were as follows; 1. Reverse out of the Wadi around 20m to gain LoS. 2. Face towards blue Challenger contact. Everything else is the TACai's automatic orders. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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    THE CANADIAN CONSULATE Elements of 1st platoon, B Company cautiously advance to the outer wall of the Canadian consulate. The surrendering MP’s are captured and processed, brought to an EPW (enemy prisoner of war) collection point on the beach and held under armed guard by some of the combat engineers. Local security is established along the West wall, and the Marine assaulters are called up to breach a hole in the wall. The assaulters are equipped with demolition charges that can be used to breach walls and structures and are also equipped with thermobaric warheads for the two SMAW launchers. The breach is made in the wall, revealing a doorway leading into the compound. The Marines prepare to breach and clear the Canadian consulate. Note: the explosion from the breaching charge looks like it should be fatal to the Marines. The explosion effect is merely cosmetic. The Marines suffer no casualties or ill effects from their own breaching charges. The Marines stack up at the doorway through the wall breach. Immediately they can hear commotion inside, indicating the complex is occupied. Moments later Regime MP’s being running right past one of the Marine security elements on the South West corner, oblivious to the Marines location. They appear to be trying to escape from the consulate before the Marines enter it. When they stumble into the Marine security position, their withdrawal turns into a panicked rout. What follows is nothing short of a slaughter. The Marines engage at point blank range with rifle fire and hand grenades. There is no return fire. The fleeing MPs are overcome with terror and don’t bother shooting back. Theyre quickly put out of their misery. At the same time the slaughter on the street is happening, a team of Marines enter the consulate. For a few moments, all is quiet. Then there is an explosion of gunfire. A Marine is immediately wounded, but the fire is quickly returned. With both of his comrades killed, the surviving MP decides to throw down his rifle and surrender. Moments later, the Marines rush the room and take down the prisoner. The prisoner turns out to be the radio operator for a MP company command element. The corpse of the MP captain is lying on just nearby. The radio operator is processed and brought to the EPW collection point and noted to be a possible intel asset. The bodies of the company command element are searched for any important documents/intel. The entire consulate is searched for survivors, as well as to secure any sensitive items that remain. After a thorough search, CPT Pulido passes up the disconcerting situation report: none of the consulate workers are in the consulate. They must have been moved to a new location by the Regime. Evidence in the form of bullet holes and a few blood stains are found as well, indicating that there may have been some kind of struggle when Regime forces stormed the consulate. That, or there was indiscriminate killing. Sensitive items such as documents, hard drives and portable electronics such as laptops are recovered. All other electronics (printers, scanners, shredders, etc) are destroyed in place, and the consulate is officially declared secured and sanitized. All of this information is passed up to higher headquarters. The fate of the Canadian consulate workers is unknown, though they are now presumed to be in Regime captivity. Theater intelligence assets are given the additional task to search for any sign of the captured consulate workers. It is unclear what the Regime intends to do. The fate of the consulate personnel is concerning, but no longer a concern of the Marines. B Company is instructed to hold firm at the Canadian consulate while A Company continues to make its way to the US consulate. When the US consulate is secured and evacuated, all forces will collapse back to the beach at the same time. Its up to CPT Amato’s A Company to reach the US consulate so everyone can ‘get the hell out of dodge.’ Thus far that has proven easier said than done, and that trend appears to be continuing. Both the Global Hawk and U-2 sensors show more Regime infantry slowly massing in the neighborhoods adjacent to the US consulate. Time is of the essence.
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    You're welcome... Still working on other elements - stay tuned!
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    (Two more and I'm back in my cave for awhile.) First squad makes it into the square! They have ample fire support, but behind every wall lurks the specter of ambush and death. Will they make it?
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    Toto.....I don't think we are in Syria any more:
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    Sh1t the bed mate … that's an area about four times larger than I would have gone for if I'd made that map. Good luck with that tree placement 😉
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    [AAR] UK - Recipe for Disaster AAR

    As promised here is a link to a compiled .pdf of the AAR: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QtvMj5-T6CbqvQnR-6utl-nmpMH1rhM9
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    No. I am not talking about Emrys's granny panty collection Steve's gonna make fun of my observational skills again. LOL. Check out these pics. I issued some target light orders and the above pics are what showed up. Of course, I knew the green text gave you info about what each guy was doing but I had no idea crewman changed their weapon icons inside their vehicles as they used them. I always thought those icons were just telling you what small arms they carried and their position within the vehicle, and with the gunner, that he was manning the main gun. That's one killer little piece of immersion. Next time you have a man (or two) in a vehicle heavily wounded pay attention to what the survivor's icons do as various fire orders take place (they could end up popping to all kinds of weapon positions). All this long time playing these games and I am still being surprised! VERY COOL! Mord.
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    Tal Malah

    If I may suggest a small improvement, put those ZU-23-2 technicals of AI group 8 in another group than the T-55. And, use them to area fire your objectives. Same for AI group 2. Also this is important to move them so that their tubes are always toward the enemy. So, you must use the Retreat order so that the ZU-23-2 technicals are actually reversing toward the enemy. This is why this is not compatible to have a T-55 in the same AI group. 🙂 I am using this technique in the first scenario I am playtesting and I try to have a really cool AI behaviour in attack and defense. A little example. Here is the setup of your technical. The green dot is the facing order so that the ZU-23-2 tubes are looking at the enemy. They already have an area fire order against the two buildings of my demo scenario: The order 2 orders them after one minute to reverse towards the enemy and to continue the area fire... The order 3 orders them, after 4 minutes, to again reverse toward the enemy while continuing the area fire on them: Try it and let me know what you think. This really strengthens any AI attack (against me at least 🤣). I have attached the 002 try.btt test scenario. Play as Blue against Red AI in Scenario Author Mode to see everything. Cheers 002 try.btt
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    Tal Malah

    Oh man, what a battle! Tal Malah occurred during a time when the takfiri forces still had a lot of heavy equipment, unlike Al Hamamiyat. Their armored columns approached the frontlines with artillery support, behind VBIED attacks... Thanks to everyone's invaluable feedback, this campaign is shaping up to be a real beast. We plan on also releasing the updated scenarios as stand alone once the campaign is baked, as some of the maps have gone through a dramatic facelift. Respectfully, LL
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    Tal Malah

    Thanks! I just did a quick playthrough of the Tal Malah battle, as a sunday casual. Didn't give too many orders, just spread out the troops and hide them with short cover arcs. When the enemy came close (<200m), unhide and fire at will. Nice battle! A lot of mayhem. My forces held out, although I've taken quite some casualties. Mainly from enemy tank direct fires. The T-90 mopped them up though. Could have probably reduced casualties by moving my infantry out of LOS from the tanks. But I was having fun just ordering the T-90 and a couple BMPs around and watch the havoc unfold. Enemy surrender at 27min left. The AI attack was quite nice, if their artillery smoke could be more towards the front it could have been perfect.
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    Not really an expert. Just figured the bitrate is something that is convertable, and since I was just playing some Red v Red battle I had some incentive. Downloaded Audacity tool, fiddled with it and voila some 44100 wav's. I did save them in 16bit, not sure if better quality etc can be achieved. However, they seem to work and that was all that I needed
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    Tal Malah

    Experience is relative. We believe that Tiger Forces, both as a structure, a system and on an individual level, have grown quite adept at destroying jihadi's over the course of time. Thier image is tainted by various militias fighting along them. Furthermore, they are at a higher rating to simulate the extra step Syrians would take to defend their homeland, something @Liveload has already expressed in another forum topic. It would be like comparing a hammer (Tiger Forces) and a scalpel (various specialist units across services and branches, all under a single convenient moniker "Specnaz").
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    Tal Malah

    @Lethaface Thank you for your AAR! It's nice to see I'm not the only taking a cold one after physical exercise, for therapeutic purposes, of course!😄 As far as scenario is concerned, a little context is needed. The AI is of above average quality for two reasons. In the actual battle, jihadi forces did actually fight to the death and were a challenge. Second reason being AI of regular or below quality has a tendency of breaking under fire, even if they are not directly targeted. I have observed situations where units are on the first floor, the enemy targets the third, units on the first floor get suppressed, panic and leave cover. Better quality units get less suppressed and don't get morale penalty. Working as intended. Something @Liveload and I need to take a look at. Hmm, that is probably the reinforcement wave. Closer look needed. We'll see about increasing the time limit. From your account, I take it Abu Aurelius and his T 90 survived! 😄
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    What I'd like to see in CM3...

    C2 I'd like to see improvements to the C2 system that includes a basic set of SOP's. So it would be helpful if there was a mode, say, Iron mode, where the god view didn't let you see spotted enemy or enemy icons unless the spotting unit had a green comms link with the highest ranking officer on the field eg. A scout team sees an enemy unit and reports it via voice to their squad, the squad leader informs the platoon CO via voice, the platoon leader then radio's the company CO with the intel: only then, when Coy gets the information does the enemy icon appear in god view to the player, assuming Coy CO is the highest ranking officer. If there's a break in the C2 chain then you wouldn't get to see the enemy icon. Dual monitor support I'd love to be able to have my normal 3D view on my main monitor and a 2D map view on my other monitor. AI headless client An AI headless client on another PC would be very helpful. Replay the whole battle It'd be great to be able to replay the whole battle at once, instead of having it broken up into minute chunks. +1
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    Syrian requesting fire mission sounds

    iTunes, pah! Malicous bloatware, nothing more! I just checked the first file... it was at 11025 Hz. Sounds like @Lethaface fixed it.
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    I have converted them to 44100 with audacity. I know for sure at least one works, so I guess the rest does too. Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rlvbosi5qni2cep/AAATY4XOlG1jGbgCikcIq3Jga?dl=0
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    Tal Malah

    Screens looking good! And for sure interested in the campaign! Last night I finished the Al Hamamiyat scenario with an enemy surrender. AAR: After I scouted towards the hill, a tough battle for the outskirts ensued. After preparatory strikes I moved up the Tiger infantry while taking positions on the hill. With all guns in support and the plenty of mortar/arty rounds I was able to smash the enemy defenses, although I didn't have much time left. My tanks were quite low on HE rounds too. My losses were minimal, half a dozen casualties and 1 bmp lost. Had some luck though, with the ATGM and arty. Probably another 10+ yellow base on my infantry. Took precautions after the preparatory enemy shelling at turn 1, and was expecting ATGMs. Firefights were intense, AI defense tight. Fell back a couple of times due to enemy mortars. Noticed most troops of veteran and above quality. Enemy defenses seemed stubborn and fanatic, nobody ran or surrendered even under extreme fires. The AI did mount an infantry offensive, but it just walked into my direct & indirect HE, topped of with MG fires. That's were I discovered an US m240 MG team and some Dutch infantry team. The AI offense was blunted and from there I moved slowly forwards. With 40 minutes left I just barely held the outskirts, so I worried a bit for time but after effective resistance was broken I could push easily towards the town objective upon which the AI surrendered @25min left. One thing I noticed after the battle is the TOW team and a AT-3 sagger were not in position to strike. It might be because I shelled the AT-4C team that uncovered itself, but I'm quite sure neither the TOW or AT-3 was able to get any shots off during the scenario. Another thing I noticed was the AI infantry attack towards the West Side; they sort of crawled towards me in the open, although that too might be because of shelling. I don't know the intention, but it seemed to me that had they chosen position in/around the outskirts, the strike force would been much more of a challenge. Although I still had 25 min left, I would probably be pretty short on time to methodically swipe the town towards east side. I think a little bit of extra time wouldn't hurt, especially if you up the challenge. On the other hand I probably could have been quicker, so it's not really short I think. Munition wise I didn't really have a problem (I used supply trucks for PKM rounds bug and some RPG rounds), only my tanks had low HE. I still had plenty of mortar/arty rounds left and I fired of a lot of rounds. the 5min call time on the 120mm mortars (3min with TRP) is great for supporting the infantry. Preparatory strikes with the 122mm and the hind. Ok, I just played a football match followed with 3rd half (beers), sorry if my AAR is a bit chaotic. lol. I will add some screens. Thanks for the nice scenario!
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    Warts 'n' all

    Rome to Victory Release Date

    The first Afrikaaner I met was a former inmate from Robben Island exiled in Limeyland. The second was on the run in Europe for dodging national service. The third was one who grew up in a bilingual family who objected to being forced to study Afrikaans rather than English. In the meantime I'm still waiting to see if the campaigns in Rome to Victory will be set in the mountains, the valleys, or rolling farmlands.
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    Tal Malah

    hehe...thanks bro, but those are all things I'm already doing, foot paths and dirt lot tiles are also very useful in that regard; and by the time you clear this side of Kafr Nabudah...you're going to be dreading walls. The city is also heavily damaged. The use paths and battle damage will come once all the major terrain elements are laid down. Right now, laying down connected buildings across multiple slopes is what's being done. It's a hilly town.
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    What's the best size & type of image for those please @MOS:96B2P.....I'd like to make a few images (more movie posters etc.) for possible use in the modern games. Soon.....Very, soon.
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    Tal Malah

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support. 🙂 I've learned a lot since I laid the first tile down on Tal Malah. All of my maps are going to reflect this in the campaign, and stand alone once the campaign is done. Here's an in-progress shot from the west side of Kafr Nabudah in the meantime:
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Ha! "by Rinaldi" 🤪. Classic. I was fighting sleep when I typed that and -- it shows! (Here Mord, hold my beer...) 😁 Thanks for the link. I've seen a few screenshots before, but haven't read the thread or seen the map live. A true masterpiece! I should read the thread at least to hunt for goodies. I just did a quick scan and saw some of the the great work he did with flavor objects. CMRT seems to be a little on the sparse side FO-wise. I'm debating how far I can/should go with those (how much do they impact frame rates I wonder?). I've put in a few so far, but am saving the main work for the end. Prolly dump one of every kind into a park area and then copy-paste as needed around the map. Tedious work. But still nothing compared to my least favorite job: elevation polishing. I've still got another, final round of that to do at the end. Balancing the sprawling connected buildings with an attempt to stay as true to the RL elevations as I can has been a challenge. If one has to give, it is the elevations, as they largely serve as flavor. The buildings are more important in establishing the tactical dynamics. Still, there are some interesting elevation twists here and there that are not easily noticeable when zoomed out. Speaking of tactical dynamics, I think I overstated the slow pace required. There is a lot of variation in the terrain density/building complexity on different parts of the map. There is also a huge difference between being tasked with say, general block clearing, versus cutting a path to a single or small number of key objectives. Using slice choice and mission goals, players can enjoy a wide range of play dynamics. For my missions, I'll probably try to keep things as dynamic as possible. So, like with my current play test, the attacker will have a small number of objectives (one in my case) and a pretty large area to move around in. So, he can bounce off defense points, sift the intel and then decide where to push his attack. Then, if repulsed, he will likely have time to try something else at least once. The defending German player will need to use the terrain to create mutually supporting hard points while, if at all possible, maintaining a fire brigade for temporary local support and/or counterattacks. The attacker will generally be fielding two companies of infantry at a time, plus a combat engineer platoon and generous, but not crazy armor support. Of that, it is expected that the attacker will be largely keeping his platoons two-up, one back. So, that's roughly 4-5 infantry platoons in play most of the time with MG and armor support (oh, and arty, BIG arty -- but careful with that Soviet FO, 'cause if he buys it... 😭). 4-hour battles will be in roughly two phases, with the first battalion handing things over to the incoming second battalion at half-time. First battalion remnants will then serve as defense units on first phase objectives (and yes, the German might be in a position to threaten those with a local CA). Right now, I might keep the third company of each battalion out of the field for the day. We'll see when other players start testing things. Given the time investment that the scenarios will require, players might want those third companies to keep them in the fight if they make some bad mistakes early on. I may do one block-clearing scenario, though. Maybe the first one, actually. That area is mostly lower-level, with a few key big boys building-wise, and is the smallest slice planned. Since it depicts the Soviets establishing a first bridgehead with no river crossings, it might be good to have them clear more thoroughly than in the other, larger and more free-wheeling battles. We'll see.🙂
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    I just realized I haven't been here since July. Here's Into the Valley if you want to get caught up. I realize not everyone who watches these things follows me on YouTube. It was quite a straightforward mission.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how many people conveniently forget that you actually know how many copies of each game have actually been sold, and thus possess the actual information necessary to judge the relative monetary value of each particular fan base.
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    Minute 0:56: Orders The tank moves up just a bit to get a clear view of the bunker. Same order as seen from the TC's level. Sending more infantry reconnaissance crosses with the first supporting tanks as well. A company will form up to be ready to assault the town and bridge. B company will form up to cross at the fords and assault the hill below KT3
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    In winter in other titles you get an 'appearance' choice between 'greatcoat' or 'winter' uniforms in the editor. CMRT will be following the same practice. Russian greatcoats have shoulder boards so rank and arm of service are differentiated. The padded winter uniform doesn't which makes texturing them easier. The game has a third option, for fall and spring I think, of standard Russian uniform but with a rolled-up greatcoat draped across the body (often mistakenly called bed rolls).
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Dang, looks like I need some time on the eastern front. But that costs me time away from SF2. which impedes my progress in Normandy which keeps me stalled in Italy. I need to win the lottery so I can get more time to play.
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    Impressive work! Took a look at the MiG-21. Culprit is that the mdr requires texture files to be lowercase. Suggest you incorporate sbobovyc's 'exporting checklist' to your written tutorial https://github.com/sbobovyc/CM2Tools/wiki/Blender-plugins
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