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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    Lol! can ya smell the immersion now swee'pea? I am so happy that my ~1000 man hours of mapmaking is paying off as intended!
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    30 years ago today

    Lmao. Accusing someone of not reading while also thinking FDR was an incompetent communist plant. This thread's reached its peak. Only thing missing is someone using the term "head choppers" unironically. Pretty problematic to assume my sexual orientation like that. I just figured she wanted some stimulating conversation, between you and Squarehead talking to her, she must feel like she's a nurse in a home for geriatrics
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    If you were wondering why CMx2 requires an always online connection, it's so Steve can personally login and mess with your game. =D ... (It doesn't you guys, chill)
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    Afghanistan Mod Pack

    These mud houses are my take on the typical houses found in Afghanistan, made out of dried mud. I based this mod on the green zone of Helmand province, therefore they are perhaps less suitable for the more mountainous regions where stones are more prevalent. But they will probably work better than the stock buildings anyway. I suppose they could also work for the more rural areas of Syria or Iraq. These mud houses are made to work alongside Kieme's CMSF in HD buildings. You can have both mods installed at the same time. The mud houses, because they are located in a directory whose name begins with the letter z, should replace some of the buildings made by Kieme. At first I only intended to replace a couple of buildings but ended up making more and more so that only two of Kieme's buildings are intact so to speak. Finally, although they are modular buildings and can have any number of floors, they work best for single or two storey buildings obviously. Not sure you could stack mud that high anyway. The opium poppies replace grain tiles. There are two different textures included in the mod. The default one and another one with a more brownish/yellow colour that is found in late summer when crops are ripe. Not much to say about these. TAGS : In order to see the mods in your game, you need to add one or several of the mod tags that are linked to the textures. mudhouse mudwall poppies or poppiesyellow TEST MAP : The mod also includes a small portion of an Helmand map I am working on, already set up with the mod tags so you can have a quick preview. INSTALL : Details on how to install included in the readme inside the rar file. I have uploaded two versions of the pack, one with all the files tagged and one without tags. Install the mod tag version, it won't interfere with your game unless a scenario designer adds the tags in a mission. The other version without tags, you can just swap it in and out of your fold folder at your convenience. DOWNLOAD : Mod tags : https://www.dropbox.com/s/utekfowt06srp3d/zAfghanistan Mod Pack - Mod Tags.rar?dl=0 No mod tags : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bob522itexpip3d/zAfghanistan Mod Pack.rar?dl=0 credits : Mord for the SF2 logo
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    Realism Suggestions?

    Ok, Here is the latest iteration of the 'House Rules' (with the usual subject to change mindset). 1* No Pre-Planned Arty (or Area-Fire from Ground Units) on Turn 1 of a Meeting Engagement, or from Defender. Player will need to Call-In Arty normally. Attacker in Attack/Defense Games are exempt and can use Pre-Planned Arty. 2* Players will let the Computer AI choose what Targets to shoot at (Players can't choose Targets, but can still use Small Arms & HE' Area-Fire'). Player can still use Smoke at anytime and any Location on the Map. 3* Units can conduct Free LOF/LOS checks (and thus conduct Small Arms & HE Area-Fire) at its exact location and any adjacent Action-Spots (total of 9x Action-Spots)...Since Vehicles don't have Action-Spots per say they are allowed to conduct Free LOF/LOS checks 360 degrees out to 20 meters. 4* Players Can't click on Enemy Icons/Units during a Game. 5* Direct Small Arms & HE Area-Fire in a Meeting Engagement can't be more then roughly 2x Action-Spots in any direction from Enemy Icons/Units), however, in Probe/Attack Engagements treat as normal and can shoot anywhere at anytime. 6* Vehicle Smoke Dischargers (not Smoke Shells) is controlled by the Computer AI, and not by the Player. 7* No Armor Detailed Hits, RH Animation Mod, Invisible Floating Enemy Icons, Invisible Casualty Cross, Invisible Enemy Tracer. 8* C&C System...From either BH or the more quicker user friendly version from HT. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, there are some variations to the above 'House Rules' to better suite how you think CM should be played...Below are some examples: 'House Rule' #2 Variation: Allow a Player to Direct-Fire with Mortars (since they Area-Fire anyways). Allow Direct-Fire with HMG Teams or MG equiped Vehicle against other Vehicles (since not doing so will have both AC's pairing off and not shooting at each other, but giving a DF Order will allow for either AC's to potentially damage each other. 'House Rule' #3 Variation: If a Unit checks LOS at a Waypoint that Unit has to keep that Waypoint (and not alter it) for duration of turn...Next turn he can delete any or all Waypoints, and repeat procedure.
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    12 is correct, both on paper and at times in practice. Six in heavy company, two in each panzergrenadier company.
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    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    I'm not doing anything exotic like custom flavor objects. Really just putting together a pack of other people's mods (may be a few original things, not sure yet) to make sure the textures are consistent and enhanced from stock. There will be a modular texture pack of about 16 or so tagged building textures and an assortment of general terrain items like pavement textures (stock RT pavement textures really don't work with the map). I would think most would fit in pretty easily into CM:BS. I'm guessing that it would be a question of replacing any textures in the pack with ones you prefer and naming them correctly to swap out. Two potential problems that do come to mind are roof styles and window size. I've made very extensive use of the large windows available in CM:RT. I'm not sure how those and the RT roof choices would port over. Fixing the roofs might not be too bad, but if CM:BS doesn't allow the same window choices, there might be a large amount of work to fix things. There are very few independent buildings other than small barns and every modular building has been worked to configure its window/door layout. I've generally recreated what I see in the real world on GE, unless something takes my fancy or Editor limitations prevent it. I find that ends up creating interesting things that I wouldn't have been able to think of on my own. If those get jumbled up, the map would really suffer. Here's hoping they can port over okay!
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    I think the confusion might be over the upcoming patches and what they entail. As far as I know, the patches will have title specific fixes, as well as overall engine fixes. For example, it has been mentioned that the BAR and Bren guns in the WWII titles will return to firing bursts at long range while stabilized. This is obviously exclusive to the WWII titles. The big overall engine fix will be to the TAC AI abandoning its positions while under direct or indirect HE fire. This fix has already been applied to the release of CMSF2, so the behavior we are seeing in CMSF2 is what we will see in all other 4.0 titles once the patches are released. I personally think it is a great improvement over the base 4.0 behavior. What is not currently 100% clear is whether or not there will be a title specific patch for CMSF2 along with the rest of the patches. I suspect not, though I have no firm proof to back this up. Just my hunch.
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    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Just downloaded this one, ashamed to say I've not played the original, but I've seen enough GoPro footage of the real thing to be quite intimidated by the whole premise!
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    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Extract the "3rd ID Multicam" folder into a folder named "Z" that goes in the "Data" folder in the CMSF2 directory. For example, my address path looks like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Data\z
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    30 years ago today

    I'm sure a chat with you would take her straight back to the kindergarten.
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    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Looks like he missed to me.
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    What to do with CMSF1 game files?

    I see three answers to your "problem"... (i) Keep the scenarios & play them. (iii) Keep the scenarios but don't play them. (ii) Delete them to ease your "worries" & free up a few gb. I feel you'll have to make this momentous decision on your own.
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    CMSF1 scenarios & campaigns

    Along with all the mods, have also included all the user-made campaigns and scenarios for all CM2 releases in the HD dump to Bootie. But, sorting all that out will be a huge job. Am hoping that Shane can find a way to make everything available for d/l by members. However, each member will have to test each mod they d/l to ensure the old mod(s) still run using the new engine (and make a report to let others know if the mod(s) still work ok or need to be discarded.
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    John Kettler

    What Are You Reading?

    Finished Zagorski's The Nazi Hunters but wound up taking an unexpected detour from the above Stalingrad or Prokhorovka options via Charles Boardman Hawes's The Dark Frigate. Despite its having won the Newberry Medal in 1924 and been deeply researched, I didn't find it anywhere nearly as gripping and engaging as Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The reasons may be the story, that it was written in what was then called Great Britain and appealed to those sensibilities, my ability to properly take in what I was reading (oft marginal, sadly), or some combination of those. Though supposedly a children's book, I did not find The Dark Frigate so. Still, it was a worthwhile and informative interlude before returning to that decision fork I mentioned. I ultimately plumped forJason Mark's Island of Fire which I'd forgotten I had ordered, but not received, when I made my January 17th post. It beat out Valeriy Zamulin's Demolishing the Myth by the virtue of having type at least double in size and tons more white space, greatly facilitating my ability to read at a time when my eyes are a bit rheumy, making it hard to see small closely spaced type. Am blown away by Island of Fire and hope my brain comes out of Low soon so my pace doesn't match the Barrikady Gun Factory German experience! As it is, I've managed 16 glorious pages since yesterday. Not much, but there's so much to take in on even a single page. Mord, Have seen a whopping one episode of GoT and read none of the books, but my understanding is that lots of adult scenes were in the show that weren't in the books; that this was done to put eyes on the show. True or false? Regards, John Kettler
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    Weekend Challenge Battle

    This battle makes up for the first two where I had no breaks, when we can talk about this one I can tell the tale of how I made bad choices that lead to great results.
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    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Sorry, missed this. In spite of my semi-regular Forum participation, my actual gaming is near zero for work reasons. Please go ahead and upload any of my works to GaJ's site as you like; happy any of this stuff is getting use. Cheers, LLF
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    RTS & Wego

    Well he did say "indecipherable sense of humor"
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    General Jack Ripper

    RTS & Wego

    My god man, what have you done!? ;)
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    Rebel forces cross the bridge over the River of Martyrs after a short but bloody skirmish
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    30 years ago today

    Maybe true in the very broadest sense, but far more blame goes to the Soviets basically throwing the whole country into disarray with their poorly planned and poorly executed invasion. This is a very spicy accusation. Clearly there can be no middle ground between the Taliban and depopulating whole villages like the Soviets did, right? Those barbarous Afghans need a firm hand and all that. The Soviets were just following the well-known and very successful tactics of another power that stabilized regions, Nazi Germany. Take fire from a village? Erase said village, pacify countries with this one little trick. We shouldn't be surprised at this level of competence from the Soviet Union, they did after all compromise FDR I'm curious how you read some of these books, like Afghantsy, and still come to the conclusion that the Soviets knew what they were doing lmao. Give me your wife's number, I'll call her up and we can hear what she thinks of such takes.
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    Absolutely correct. I know. The CMSF2 QB maps are superior IN EVERY WAY. I don't have a single CMSF1 QB Map in my QB Map File.
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    30 years ago today

    This is quite the chicken and egg problem you've created here, given that the rise of the Taliban was due in large part to Soviet brutality which forced millions to flee into neighboring Pakistani refugee camps where radicalization efforts were being undertaken. Turns out bombing cities doesn't exactly stop people from joining guerilla forces. Its also weird to accuse NATO of being too soft, given we're in a thread about about the Soviets leaving Afghanistan, which they did in large part due to declining support for the war effort. I'd be genuinely curious to know what books you've read on this topic.
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    Thanks for the plug. You can watch through my entire playthrough using the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc6P5rUN400&list=PLmW_vcwM_qxs2gduawKbwEN4fcCY5vyM7&index=41 I think @domfluff has the gist of it. MOUT is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle where every piece you get wrong will kill you, and even some of the pieces you get right will kill you too. The most important thing for me in an urban environment is actually managing the game clock. Don't go too slow, but most importantly, DON'T GO TOO FAST. Part of my TTP video series contains an unscripted rambling about street fighting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4Q4vs6G0P4&list=PLmW_vcwM_qxukdDjpfUEerpICUzTrTKek&index=13 Personally I think the quality is somewhat dubious, but I received enough positive feedback to leave it posted.
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    The briefing said, "Get in, kill everyone, get out." I like a simple mission like that.
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    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    It will go well with your orange hair.
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    that statement I made in 2016. Off course it works, though can´t remember if I hadn´t figured it out that time yet. See my latests post above and my reference is towards armored covered arc not working for units carrying 7.92mm AP. Only direct targeting (T key) works and killing/damaging lightly armored vehicles at close ranges (upto maybe 300-500m) with lMG and HMG is possible for sure.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I used to be a tabletop gamer. Recall the first time I fired up CM1, the loading music, throwing Shermans down the road towards occupied positions. Sensational. Even dabbled again in tabletop long after that, whatever rules (and there were bloody loads from the more action movie style Flames of War to the 25 tables of Battlefront WWII) the club was playing with scenery that was at best dire compared to even CM1. Spent lots of $$$, HOURS of time painting just to have ONE reasonable sized Armored Infantry Company with support, then there was the time to set up, and again, play against who (especially as the scourge of 40K and the now defunct Warhammer spread). Gave up in the end, settled on CM for all my wargaming fix and happier for it. What a long way CM has come since then. For any of the faults folks might find with CM (I still find myself screaming, albeit less now (just luck of the draw) "Cheating AI" when the ONLY guy in my squad that gets taken out is the damn leader and a tank almost instantly spots and whacks my (I thought) perfectly set up and hidden AT ambush) even the worst of the odd anomalies still leaves the game light years ahead of even the best table top options (6 to hit, 3 to save blah blah blah mechanics) plus, outstanding terrain and a TO&E for all the modules that would cost thousands of dollars to collect, paint and store. Makes me shudder to think. With the quality of CMFB and CMBS (never thought I'd enjoy modern, though ATGMs still annoy the hell out of me!) I don't even find myself modding these days, well, not AS much. More than a few times though, being retired, I've fired up a quick game at 10pm only to find the sun peaking through the blinds at 7am, just after the "bloody cheating AI ;)" zapped the FO team, and who gets takes out, yes the bloody observer!!! Looking forward to the patches.
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    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    We didn't add any additional game play rules to the battle other than the ones stated. I am pausing the replay turn a lot to try to get good angles for screenshots. Nothing is going to get me lambasted worse than setting up an idea like this and then posting horrible pictures. I am also watching the turn over and over again, from as many different positions as possible, all in an attempt to understand what each unit can see or not see. As for letting the AI choose what targets to shoot at, right now that is how the battle has been going, mortars being the sole exception. I am actually a little afraid of giving a unit a target command only to have them blindsided and ambushed by an enemy I never saw.
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    Really disappointed to read that, I really liked Red Storm Rising, though yes of course like most WWIII alternatives it is always 'best case' for one side or the other. A similar criticism can be shared with Red Army, which I equally loved. The only real 'breaks' from reality as the authors knew at the time in both books is (a) the total denuclearization/dechemicallization of the battlefield and (b) the aggressive stance the Soviet Navy took. Each his own of course. From a purely literal perspective, Red Army is just a better book, with actual character development and depth. Anyways, as for the actual hypothetical @kinophile I'm going to be revealing my power levels here, but I always figured the following: Tensions remain high because the UKR has enclaves in the separatist regions, so it would be plausible that all belligerents have forces 'near ready' on the border with one another. When the balloon goes up following the 'Ambush' incident, things deteriorate rapidly as a result. By early July the first ABCT units are arriving - based on @George MC's standalone scenarios and the TF 3-69 campaign, the timeline goes in two ways: The Russian spearheads are either cut off and defeated in detail along E-95 (Attacking N-S) and P-32 (Attacking E-W), which are roughly perpendicular to one another and form an obvious pocket; or The Russians manage to maintain their momentum on the South-North axes and defeat and destroy the NATO counter-offensives. August scenario diverges in a similar manner: If NATO win in July, they 'race to the river' to defeat remaining Russian forces across the Dnieper and push into the southeast, if Russia win they mop up south of Kiev and start banging on the bargaining table. I think the 'keep it simple' scenario was done deliberately, best not to overthink it beyond the above in my view. It also suggests why the game plays out the way it does, its bang-bang from the word 'go' without all the strategic preponderance everyone else is worrying about. It's a true flashpoint conflict in every sense of the word. Compelling stuff, really, hats off to Battlefront for it.
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    George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    I've just tweaked this to a version 2. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cmsf-2-daraya-tank-raid/ I compromised on the suggested time reduction as discussed in this thread. I took 20 minutes off and increased the variable time. If players need the time it's there in the variable bit. If you think you've achieved your objectives sooner then makes it easier to decide to hit ceasefire, I think. Still, see what others think I guess. I appreciate players come with different skill sets and play styles, but given the tactical context, you have to attack with a sense of urgency. I 'think' cautious methodical players may find this mission tough as it requires a bold intelligent approach to have any chance of achieving your objectives before your holdouts are wiped out. As one WWII German armoured troops pamphlet stated -"Panzer Vorwärts! Aber mit Verstand!" or "Armour Forward! But with Intelligence!" This advice I think holds very true for this scenario. Thanks to all for the discussion above interesting reading and useful views ta.
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    I'll give more detailed comment later but in the meantime, some reference pics … This really is just to show what my arm looks like for those curious about such things. So here we've got Green Zone plus Dasht, a river and some of that mountainous stuff. More of that river, desert green zone and mountain stuff. Mountains plus just a bit of awesomeness running into the target. One of the target villages with compound detail.
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    I just had a quick look at it. Very nice map! I see how it can work for a campaign and how you could easily have several localized scenarios on this big map. You look like you know what you're doing really. There are just two minor things : 1/ Maybe add some more small stone walls, especially alongside paths and around fields here and there maybe. You could replace the fence with one. 2/ There is the issue of compounds. I like them because visually they look cool and they also present an interesting tactical challenge. However they can also cause issues from a scenario design perspective. The defender needs spots to shoot from. In a compound surrounded by tall walls, that leaves only rooftops. So even though in real life, Afghan houses tend not to have tall parapets on rooftops, troops on a flat roof are extremely vulnerable and don't last long at all in a firefight. So you might want to add more parapets. Another option I have seen designers use is to have large openings or gaps in the compound walls so soldiers inside buildings facing the "gate" can shoot enemies outside. That works too. But perhaps you could use another technique to model the use of murder holes like in the picture below. One way to achieve this is by using buildings as part of the compound wall with just a single, maybe two windows like so : Now I know what you're thinking. "Oh no! I have to redo all my compounds !?!" However that's not necessary at all. I see you have a wide variety of layouts for your houses and most of them look just fine. It is just a technique you could use from time to time when necessary.
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    Well as its all fictional you do have a fair whack of leeway so I wouldn't worry too much about what you're proposing. The premise of a small unit getting ambushed is fine but the Immediate Action (IA) drill on ambush is to break contact and get out of the engagement area. From there it would be a case of assessing the situation. In this instance, there are casualties to extract or maybe a vehicle to deny to the enemy. As a result, it would be unusual for a unit in such a situation to then think about attacking an insurgent stronghold so (2) in 'Situation Blue' is stretching credibility a bit. The 150 insurgents is on the high side but I accept that potentially you will need those numbers to deliver a gameplay challenge. I think you should establish through testing and through Victory Point allocations whether you can cut the numbers down as much as you can. Once you've done that, the trick is not to frontload the player with that information and then make it clear in the designer notes that the number of bad guys is for gameplay reasons. It is entirely possible that an insurgent group could concentrate a sizeable force without detection - Google Camp Bastion attack (numbers weren't that large but all in all an epic fail on the part of Blue). CMSF is set in 2008 and the only country fielding UAVs in significant numbers was the US. It would therefore not be unrealistic for the Germans to be a little short on this type of information. Speaking professionally, it is worth pointing out that Intelligence is the result of analysing information, with the best intelligence usually being derived from multiple sources. The presence or absence of intelligence will again depend on your narrative. If this is notionally the first patrol into the area then the chances are that insurgents could muster a sizeable force and spring a surprise. As to the reinforcement arrival piece … well it depends how far away the Quick Reaction Force is and how they would travel from the FOB to the area of the contact. Typically a QRF is going to be about platoon-sized so your proposal is about right and should be on a fairly short notice to move,. Maximum being about 30 minutes. Bear in mind that 30 minutes NTM does not mean that they will arrive in 30 minutes, it means that they will step off 30 minutes after they get told to do so. For the purposes of your scenario and talking in fairly generic terms ... Let's say that the FOB containing your platoon sized QRF is 10 minutes' travel away from the location of the contact. The QRF platoon is on 30 minutes NTM so the earliest that they will arrive in the contact area is 40 minutes. Realistically it would be longer than that because of various frictions, the first of which will be for the HQ to decide based on the information provided to launch the QRF. This can take at least 5 minutes or so. There will be other frictions such as Schutze Dummkopf getting lost between the accommodation and the Helipad/wagons so let's say 45 minutes and if its dark add another 5 minutes. Arrival of air will depend very much on what's available and how it is all set up in theatre. Typically, any given ATO (Air Tasking Order) will have a couple of airframes either dedicated to ECAS (Emergency Close Air Support - or whatever its called these days) or there will be airframes that can be dynamically tasked. Those airframes will be in the air rather than scrambling to a contact and all that is required is for the JTAC to hook up with the whoever owns the air or its higher headquarters and request ECAS or a dynamic retask. That whole process, which will include the higher HQ deciding whether the request warrants support, shouldn't take too long and from there it then becomes a speed/time/distance problem. Let's face it, a jet capable of Mach 2 ain't going to take more than a couple of minutes to get on station. From there, you'll have the checking in process between the JTAC and the aircrew and both parties working out who is where, what to strike and all that sort of stuff. Insurgents work on hit and run 99% of the time so the default COA should be exactly that. There are of course the 1% situations which may be for a variety of reasons: 1) A poor commander. 2) The insurgent commander senses an opportunity to inflict a significant defeat. 3) The contact area has some significance to the insurgents.
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