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    Yup. HD mailed to Bootie today. Hope this will be helpful to everyone who likes to mod their games.
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    Need help finding my own soundmod!

    FWIW while am traveling in UK have just mailed Bootie a HD with several hundred GB of mods that date back to when CMSF1 was released in 2007. So, at some point (Inshallah) all the old mods will be available again.
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    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    In all my years playing CM games and talking about them with other players here on the forum and with friends at home, one of the subjects which comes up fairly often is the ability of the player to have a "God" like view of the battlefield. As the player, we have far more information available to us than a typical battlefield commander would ever hope to have. This thread will be all about several steps taken to reduce the amount of information you the player have and how that reduction of information plays out in a real battle against a human opponent. @RockinHarry has made several mods to the game and we are going to showcase them here. I hope he will read this first post only and then go away as I will be talking about my side of our battle here and we hopefully have many more turns still to play. RH's mods we will be using in this battle are: Invisible enemy floating icons, Invisible sky triangles, Invisible casualty cross, invisible enemy tracers and several animation changes to lower the stance of troops while performing certain tasks. We will however be playing with friendly icons on. Having played several battles with all icons off, it is no fun losing your men in thick cover and breaking fog of war just to find your men back. While I like the game to be hard, I still want it to be fun. For our battle we chose a medium meeting engagement between Armoured Infantry, RH as the Germans and me as the Canadians. The only rules we agreed to were: must take at least two companies of infantry and all vehicles chosen must have at least two rubber wheels. Single vehicles, specialist teams and any artillery could be used so long as it was available under the Armoured Infantry tab. I am just finished my lunch at work now, I will post more tonight!
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    Tomorrow is the day I will finally be ordering my new computer and placing the first of several Battlefront orders I will be making over the next year. I will be starting my new Combat Mission library with the Battle for Normandy Big Bundle and the British module for CMSF-2. That should keep me busy as I will also be downloading any mods and scenarios that are available for CMBN-4 and CMSF-2 from here and the Scenario Depot. Question. Will the JSGME mod installer work with the Combat Mission games? I hope so, because it sure makes adding and removing mods very easy.
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    No Tracers

    Tracers aren't 'just' tracers. They impart valuable information to the player. They give you information on the volume of fire, the velocity of the round being fired (the longer the tracer the higher the velocity), they tell you which of your units are doing the firing and which aren't. They even give hints about the round's caliber. Before CMFB Sturmtiger switched to firing a 3-D rocket model it was firing a 'tracer' that looked like a glowing yellow trash can - a very big and very short tracer. A lot of players are in the habit of keeping their camera 20 feet up and 20 feet back while playing, That means the more subtle clues about whether a unit is engaging a target is lost
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    finally back

    Because, it's a completely inappropriate comment to post on this board. PERIOD. Further, it shows a total disregard for the work of others. There too many games available for free and/or through legitimate after market means (i.e. gog.com) for it to be anything other than a sign of entitled immaturity. It's a much better use of one's time to instead make the effort to change the law to ensure a healthy public domain. What society has forgotten is that copyright exists to produce works for the public good. A debate can be had as to whether 50-75 years after the death of the creator is reasonable to serve this need. Such a debate such be moved to another board. I'd ignored the OP but your response dragged me in... Please let this thread die...
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    Orbat / Custom organizations

    The following is how I save and use core units: To save a favorite unit when building TOE save it as a core unit file, like you would make for a campaign, but you can load it onto any map you have in the editor. To create a core unit: 1) Open up the scenario editor. 2) Select desired units. 3) Save in Scenarios 4) Name the scenario file. Example - Core US 1944 Armored Inf. Company. To import core units into a scenario: 1) Open up the scenario in the scenario editor. 2) Go to units and delete the units you are replacing with your core force. 3) While still in Units click on Import Campaign Units. 4) The scenarios file will open. 5) Select the desired core force. 6) Click Deploy Units and place the core force in the setup zone. 7) Save with a different name to preserve the original scenario.
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    RTS & Wego

    Ooops, how could I miss that? Probably the cricket, indeed.
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    I work in a barn and usually come home dirty and smelly. I promise not shower before I write up these posts. As for the intermittent mortar fire.... I live in a household with 7 females, one of whom is learning to drive. Does that count?
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    No Tracers

    Has anyone tried adding in numbered tracer files that are blank in order to show the effect of a tracer only being every 4th round or so? For example, if the red tracer is just called red.bmp, you could try adding red 2.bmp, red 3.bmp, red 4.bmp with the numbered files being a blank image. No idea if it would work but it might be worth a try.
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    finally back

    Maybe I'm wrong, but this doesn't seem like something you'd want to admit in a public forum.
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    Briefings Text mod

    Thx IanL for your advice to export it to Word Perfect 👍
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    RTS & Wego

    Thanks IanL that will make life so much easier really appreciate your helpful advice, was really struggling to read the Briefing text, cheers mate. I've used my quota for "Likes" so i'll give everyone a like tomorrow, you guys been a great help thx a bunch guys really appreciate it.
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    And the the clincher: Jeremy Clarkson is an undercover Segway-driving Nazi https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4163362/Segway-driving-Nazi-dresses-druid-arrested.html
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    Pete Wenman

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    I was hoping you were going to be sitting in a foxhole, in the rain, playing on your laptop, while intermittent mortar fire lands nearby, but your version sounds more interesting 😉 P
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    So while I agree with the sentiment here (rinaldi can be prickly). You might want to spellcheck a bit here. It’s hard to follow what you’re saying. Maybe that’s just me. Like try this:
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    Let me cheer you up with a joke, @Sgt.Squarehead might appreciate this joke as well: the Russian Navy. Funny joke right?
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    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    That's the title of the first S.L.O.D. module. I like the ring of that acronym- Almost as nice a ring as C.H.U.D. was back in ye olden times.
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    You are dead to me ….
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    Assault Boats?

    Yeah, I guess, although we wouldn't need animations of frantic paddling, I'd be happy if they sat placidly in the boats during the crossing. As to too few use cases--not sure about that... There were lots of cross-river attacks, including on the eastern front, although the Russians were as likely to use crude rafts or even logs as assault boats. But some way of crossing rivers other than on bridges would open up lots of new scenarios. Personally I would much rather have features which allow different types of scenarios (partisans, assault boats) rather umpteen variations of the Pzkw IV or a bunch of oddball vehicles, for instance.
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    US Army Infantry Battalion

    Wow, I've been paying CM from the very start and never noticed that feature! I am the least observant person in the world.
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    NATO Units????

    Not the same as the APC version. Besides the M1064 having a mortar. It can't carry 12 soldiers plus driver and TC.
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    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    no wonder my Shermans are slow to spot.....
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