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    Weekend Challenge Battle

    There was some discussion about a daily challenge and it was suggested to try a weekend challenge instead. So here is the first weekend challenge battle. It is for CMBN, will require the Commonwealth module and the Vehicle pack. The battle is to be played as the Allies against the AI. This battle features a recon element scouting out a potential route for a major assault. It requires the player to be very conscious of their own casualties. It is 40 minutes in length and features a Canadian Recce Troop. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k5v42gds4y7e2so/AADyXv9MCabs64EVeJJFv0jua?dl=0 The goal will be for players to have 72 hours to post a screen shot of their results, so 9 pm EST Monday, Feb 4th is the deadline. For your results to count, the battle must be played WEGO and in Iron mode. If there is a active participation of these challenges, the player with the highest combined score at the end of February will receive a package of heirloom tomato seeds (subject to international agricultural export rules). Good Luck!
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    They've gotten progressively nicer since FI. Black Sea, Red Thunder and Final Blitzkrieg were absolutely exceptional on release. And with SF2 the only major mods I've installed (besides effects type stuff) are Kieme's buildings. I think I am only using one vehicle mod. They did great work on it. Nice vid, btw. That's subjective. You don't have to do anything. Whatever amount of mods you have installed is because you wanted them. There are a lot of people who don't use mods. However, I think Reshade can remedy a lot of stuff people find objectionable with no modding whatsoever. We've come a long way since SF1 and CMA and even CMBN in my opinion. Mord.
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    Vin's Animated Text CMSF2 V2.01

    Now on CMMODSIII : http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8032 Just launched CMSF2 and it felt uneasy, something was missing you know... then I realized there was some text describing me what my guys were doing, text! So yeah, just had to do it. This mod should be an option in game. Thank you @Marco Bergman, thank you @Vinnart you both are legends.
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    Indeed, among volunteer and even regular units in 2014 there were many self-made armored cars and usual cars, adapted for combat. Also such vehicles were using from opposing side. Alas, even for part of it need to do separate module %) Several examples: This was civil Nissan This is Dodge Dacota And this miniatue armored car is made from UAZ-469 (this tiny one survived the hell of 2014-2015 and now in museum) But most famous one is, of course, "Ginger" of "Azov" battalion - APC on the base of KAMAZ truck. Photo from museum, 12,7 HMG dismounted. Though there were many similar constructions.
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    I think I will get motivated enough soon though to release my floating icons mod for CMSF2. At least that one doesn't require constant maintenance and part of the fun is the actual creative process of seeing what I can make and how it looks. Here is a preview of the HQ icons for the countries. Some have variations you can choose as you can see.
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    Yes. I will say though, that there is some truth to the argument that infantry casualties in city fights are higher than they should be due to the way infantry movement has to stick to 8x8m squares, trees blocking LOS very effectively, and the building targeting issues. So carefully infiltrating and probing forward and blasting enemy positions is more difficult than in real life. Also, losses due to teams choosing to enter/exit buildings from the wrong side. (disclaimer: not saying city fights are easy in real life either)
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    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Wow...... Yes, at 50 years old it might be a bit suicidal to go through a military Airborne school. I did Airborne school at Ft. Benning in the 1980s when I was 18. It was very demanding. The Black Hats (Airborne drill instructors) cussed us because the barracks smelled of Bengay at night. I think the oldest troops with us might have been mid 20s. Everybody was sore and stiff from the PLFs and physical training in general. Also sleep deprived. It was kind of like a nursing home / asylum but the residents were 18 - 25 years old. I can't imagine going through that when 50 years old. IMO it's definitely a young man's game........... crazy, young men . And at 50 YOA you were no longer young, so you only had the crazy going for you .............. .
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    I'd prefer them to develop a new engine that fixes and improves core issues, rather than new families or modules. Even now, and especially after all those modules finally come out, I think we're pretty well convered and that the CM2 engine should retire. That's my opinion. I'm sure some people will disagree, and that's fine.
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    Getting back to CM finally

    Good evening all, After a very long hiatus for the Combat Mission series I will finally be able to start playing again by the end of this month. I will be getting a new computer and my first game will be Black Sea and maybe Red Thunder. It will take me a few days to reacquaint myself with the game mechanics but I should be ready for some PBEM play by early next month. G'Nite
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    Hello people, I've an interest to give it a try (two years ago or so, I played a demo version and than forget about the game) with the Italian Fortress Bundle, including Gustav Linie. I wanted to ask, if it is possible to record some of my games via NVIDIA shadowplay? Also, what are the differences between "... Digital Only, Disk Only, Manual Only, or Manual and Disk ..." as I am not an english native speaker ? Can I pay with Paypal?
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    Xacto's “Camo” Theme Menu Mod for CMSF2

    Her is my latest menu mod for Combat Mission Shock Force 2. This will work for the demo as well. The file Includes multiples UI screens and a full set of module icons. I will be updating with more mods in the future. Cheers, XACTO Download page: Xacto's “Camo” Theme Menu Mod for CMSF2
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    Scenario Reference Material

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    Well, it does feature good graphics by default. You know, you can just load up the game and play it, instead of overloading your mod folder, which you have this infatuation with doing.
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    -- Off topic deletion by self as I was about to respond to a hoarder...
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    My Wish List for Modern CM4 titles

    Nope. That is far to dangerous
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    John Kettler

    John Kettler's Omnibus Post

    Michael Emrys, Probably just as well I was no film critic, then, since it might've ruined my viewing experience, except that mine was really all about the war stuff, since I knew nothing of the novel it was based on. Sergei Bondarchuk also did the excellent "They Fought for the Motherland," and his son, Sergei Bondarchuk, Jr., did the iconic and harrowing "Ninth Company" covering an Air Assault unit in Afghanistan. Regards, John Kettler
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    I will be purchasing a computer in the next two weeks and need to know if this system will run the games in the newer CM series. Thanks. Specs:Model .................Cobratype HP A242CPU.....................Intel Core i7 2600s (Quad Core, up to 3.80Ghz)Video...................Geforce GTX 1050RAM....................16GB RAMHard Disk............128GB SSD + 1TB HDDCD Drive...............DVDRWOS.........................Windows 10 64-bitWarranty..............90 daysOther............……..Keyboard, mouse, HDMI, 7x USB ports, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Etherne
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    That website is of public utility. So let's lift it up to top so new fellow gamer can get to know it. 🔝
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    Back in 2016, sburke and I were using BCS Last Blitzkrieg to run a KG Peiper campaign with CM2 4.0. We’ve found the battles at 3:1 odds are not the ones you necessarily want to set up in CM. But we’ve often found that in the course of a campaign, lots of other, less-certain, oddball engagements happen that make thrilling CM setups. In the Bulge, a single US engineer company holding a bridge vs. A panzer battalion for longer than expected is a huge deal and can cause huge problems for the Germans. Often, we find engagements that look one-sided on paper turn out to be much more interesting and closely fought due to terrain factors, weather (reducing visibility, for example), and localised fog of war. In one battle, I had a US cavalry unit trying to fight a screening/delaying action against Peiper’s spearhead. My nimble little armored cars were able to perform surprisingly well as they shot and scooted from good cover in a village. So my advice is, play the board game and just watch for the interesting and unexpected things to happen. If it’s one of the better-designed games (BCS series certainly qualifies), the game will tell you when a CM-worthy situation appears.
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    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    Either way. the point still stands - this is a terrific little scenario, George. You are motivating me to try it again after "Coup" is completed. (And I normally hate replaying scenarios.)
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    Vin's Animated Text CMSF2 V2.01

    All praise to Vin for he is a wonderful saviour. This is probably the most used/useful mod in all CM2 games. I thought Vin had disappeared into that great darkness that eventually swallows all the famed modders. So, very happy he crawled out of his cave to give us this blessing. (And sorry that I often get Vin confused with Vein - another great modder who is where?)
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    cmsf2 custom intro

    Thanks for the details Strigoi. I'm wondering if the video could be launched at another moment than at game launch, and I guess that since it's at game start tags wouldn't work. Still, great potential you uncovered there dear mate.
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    US Army Multicam Division Pack

    With Captain Miller's permission I'm going to take a crack at putting division patches on the stock game US Army uniforms using his patch graphics as a starting point. He has enlightened me that the patches should be a grey and black as opposed to green and black. I'll let him explain the uniform/camo pattern naming conventions if he wishes.
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    If anyone's in any doubt, go to thread linked above and give @MOS:96B2P's CM:BS TOC scenario a whirl.....Then imagine it in CM:SF2 on probably the best MOUT map ever made. It's really rather good! And the creativity involved in desiging it is quite simply unsurpassed.
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    If one likes the look of Coup, for heaven's sake go d/l and play MOS's Tactical Operations Center (TOC) - that scenario has been polished and available in CMBS for months! Aside from TOC being extremely good fun, it will enable learning some of MOS's brilliantly innovative concepts. So, Coup will be (perhaps) less of a culture shock re what can be accomplished in a CM2 title these days.
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    The entire thread here is worth reading to see what a complete badass MOS:96B2P is.
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    Below is the link to another scenario Coup d'etat that also uses in game intelligence and a modified military grid system. This one is set in CMSF2. So it uses all the cool features of CMSF2: IEDs, VBIEDs, spies, combatants, fighters, bridge demolition, etc. It also makes heavy use of triggers and has a variable ending time. A player can choose to fight on for about an extra hour however the regime OpFor will be awarded extra victory points.
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    A full explanation of the "process" is here: https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Educational-Services/Battle-of-Stalingrad-Virtual-Staff-Ride/ The software used is VBS3, a proprietary Government and Military software. For further information, at the link above you may download PDF's that go into more depth about the process.
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    Uncon "uniform" tags.

    I just checked, the editor in this title doesn't come with a uniform 'appearance' selection like you see in CMBS and others. The uniforms are... well... uniform. Or any differences (on the Syrian side) are purely random. Combatant's have their own textures, fighters have their own textures, Militia, Mech Infantry, Special forces and Airborne each have their own textures. But you can't further subdivide the groups
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    Yes, it was VERY time-consuming doing an 8Km x 4Km for an Afrika Korps campaign - and that was with the MUCH easier CM1 editor. Spent months on it to get maybe 2/3 done. That's a reason I soured on doing any such designs ever again. Hence my admiration for you and your colleagues.
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