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    For those of you wondering what happened to this project, I hit a couple of speed bumps along the way: After what I'd deemed to be the final test, I stumbled across new information which required: Stripping out the whole Allied force and replacing it to more accurately represent the First Special Service Force. Stripping out some Kriegsmarine Coastal Defence troops and replacing them the Heer. The first was the most painful because it invalidated all of my previous testing. Over the last few days I have knuckled down with this one and just finished the final test. This will be released after a little tinkering with the map and writing up a new set of orders and briefing graphics. Will it be ready by Xmas … possibly, but if not I hope to have it uploaded over the holiday period. Thanks for your patience.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I've gone from looking for the patch weekly to monthly... soon it will be annually. No info, no nothing... this is tedious in the extreme and no way to retain customers.
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    Seasons greetings to all - I even managed to upload it at the Scenario Depot without @Bootie's help …. Get it here and enjoy: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/assault-on-port-cros/ Points to note are that the scenario is not quite as described when I started the thread but the thrust of it is pretty much as I intended. I'm not convinced this is a scenario that will suit everybody, but it is perfectly playable for those who want to have a crack at attacking coastal defences without doing Merville Battery over and over again. This mission comes with a gameplay notes pdf, to avoid frustration/disappointment just read it because the construction of the forts creates problems for pathfinding plus other issues in this scenario. My choices were: Wait until the Tac AI is better able to deal with the issues. Release the scenario with gameplay notes. So please … if you download it, read the gameplay pdf - its got pictures …😄
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    RESULTS Full gallery at Google Photos Headcount tracker spreadsheet I've failed my force preservation objective. But still got enough points for Major Victory. USMC 194 OK, 10 KIA, 54 WIA, 1 MIA 1 Armored vehicle and 2 other vehicles lost Partisans 10 OK, 91 KIA, 70 WIA, 7 MIA 14 other vehicles lost
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    I think these slightly different reactions for AT crews are in the game to some extent to compensate the fact that if the crew "bails out" the gun cannot be recrewed. So you don't want them to run away - making the crew braver to incoming fire - and the engine possibly grants the crew some magic resistances - essentially "saving throws" against spotting checks, fragments etc. - in exchange for the lack of flexibility and to avoid them being plastered like flies caught in sticky paper. As @George MC says though, I have never found an ATG hard to kill, provided that I spotted it first Crews in general haved different behaviours than infantrymen. Somebody observed that truck drivers perform generally much worse than their infantryman counterpart (that followed from a discussion around a bug test being invalid because it was using drivers rather than first line troops). AFV crews also have or used to have slightly different behaviours, fighting like panthers with rabies sometimes (that may have been a bug fixed years ago). Great thread @Swervin11b plenty of great contributions here.
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    A question about cover

    I've modified my post with the pictures to make it clearer. Outta likes again, I owe you a couple, again.
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    How do you counter tanks with ERA?

    UKR can be depressing. I recently fired 3 ATGM in quick succession against a T72. Just got soaked up by the ERA. Made the next few turns very exciting, which is why I play UKR in the first place. :) The lesson is that with RUS ATGM you're not guaranteed a kill, buts probable. With UKR ATGM you really better have a back-up plan and assume 50/50 failure. With US its fire n forget, brah. Press the trigger and refresh Facebook.
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    A primer on WWII commo tech

    Moderators, this is a general WWII interest piece. If it is not allowed, by all means let me know. With CM being as much of a simulation it is, many players and scenario designers probably have an interest in the nuts and bolts of the tactics, technology, and equipment in use during WWII. It took a long time for me to grasp the different ways in which combat units, especially infantry, communicated. Although there is a wealth of info the basics are lost in the pile of highly technical. I wrote up a bit of a primer for the US Army infantry commo tech and methods here: https://battlelines.blog/2018/12/20/roger-that-army-communications-in-wwii/
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    uncam: Combat Mission campaign extractor

    Hello, I had pretty much given up on CM back in 2016 for various reasons and mostly lost interest in anything CM related as well. The announcment of CMSF2 has brought me back somewhat and, coincidentally, I am currently learning a new programming language. So I decided to write a little application I had wanted to write even way back then, which can extract scenarios from campaign files so you can look at them in the editor or edit them. Mad Mike's ScAnCaDe is a great tool for parsing scenario files, extracting campaigns and visualizing scenario and campaign metadata. However, it does not work with the 'legacy' CM games Shock Force 1 and Afghanistan. Also, who knows if Mad Mike is still around to update it anymore for future versions. He did a great job deciphering the various campaign file formats that have existed throughout CM's lifetime and much of what I did is based on his groundwork (which involves a lot of staring at hundreds of rows of bytecode and figuring out which bytes stand for which variables), so credit where credit is due. And while according to the devs you should be able to play any old campaign in CMSF2 out of the box, now you can also extract the scenario files from these campaigns and update them to the new engine standards, even if the original creators are now longer around. I decided to focus on the extraction part and didn't bother with any of the metadata listing and visualizing. The tool should be able to extract any campaign file from any CM game so far and should also work with CMSF2 once it's released. I originally wanted to extract every bit of information required to also recompile the campaign from the extracted data without any further input, but that proved to be more difficult than I anticipated because some of that information is compressed or decrypted within the campaign files and I have not found a way yet how to extract that. This includes the campaign victory/loss texts and the complete core units and campaign briefing data. Maybe I will manage to add this at a later point. For now the scenario extraction works really well however, but I need some feedback from others. I don't have any CM games installed currently besides Shock Force and thus have only been able to thorougly test the CMSF stock campaign as well as many campaigns downloaded from the Scenario Depot. So if anyone finds a campaign that does not work, make sure to post or send me the error log file that should be created. Usage of the application is as simple as it can be, just put the .exe file in a directory that contains any number of campaign files and start the executable. uncam-0.9.zip
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    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    I figured it was about time I created a scenario for this title and I am now in the closing stages of finishing off a scenario titled Assault on Port Cros. The scenario, while based on historical events, is not what I would term as an accurate representation of them so this is more of an attempt to offer something new and maybe different for CMBN. The basics: Play Mode: Allied vs Axis AI only. Battle Type: Allied attack. Battle Size: Large (I know this is subjective so to qualify this it is an Allied company plus force against an approximate Axis battalion element). Battle Length: 3hrs 30 minutes (although this may change based on final testing). Map Size: 2368x1264m Requirements: Market Garden and Vehicle Pack modules. The basics of the history are that the First Special Service Force assaulted German coastal defences, including Port Cros, on a small island group covering the approaches to the Port of Toulon to set the conditions for the main Operation Dragoon landings in the south of France in August 1944. The following image forms part of one of the briefing graphics for the scenario:
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    A question about cover

    I am calling this a win. Made some dumb mistakes but clearly better this time. Clear win if I am writing the history of the battle.... They'll never get to Kiev at this rate....
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    Night vision goggles modelled?

    yep, the inventory shows if they are capable of using, actual conditions will determine if they wear them. and so you know it makes a huge difference in play. The side playing the uncons will definitely feel what conditions were like for insurgents in Iraq. Word of warning though. You'll spot their guys first but when your guys open fire they will reveal themselves to any insurgents they haven't spotted. Fire fights can be really interesting in these conditions - you get the drop on the first guys and then you find you have multiple rpgs coming your way. 😮
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    Oh, and as promised, I'm revealing the origins of the unsolved objective names. Detective Cole Phelps Jessica Jones
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    Sitrep @ 10:05 Elements of the 2nd Platoon were able to sneak up on the enemy, but got quickly noticed after the first of the Marines have crossed the low wall. Thankfully, enemy armed with 7.62 WP is not particularly accurate on full auto, even at close range. So none of my guys were hit. I did send two squads there, so one of them was able to fire back, and the other assaulted the building. 5 enemy combatants were killed around and inside that building in total. On the main street, the enemy continued retreating. One of the walled compounds I initially wanted to assault with LAR Platoon dismounts remained the main point of resistance in the area. But as soon as my Marines have taken that house at the SE edge of the village, the whole neighborhood was pretty much blocked. With that move I think I've achieved the complete isolation of the target. And that was the last turn, ladies and gentlemen!
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    A question about cover

    To go back to the original question: I do think buildings and cover are undermodelled. I can quite understand that a breeze block building won't stop 7.62 but modern concrete buildings, especially those prepared for defence (e.g. a sandbagged position inside) and trenches/bunkers/foxholes do seem to be much easier to destroy than RL as seen in videos of action in places like Syria and Ukraine. In Ed Nash's excellent book Desert Sniper (recommended - see reviews on FGM inc mine) a ISIS fortified house position that has resisted all sorts of attacks is finally hammered by using the YPG "home made" 12.7mm and 14.5mm sniper rifles. (here's hoping we can get some of that stuff in the game sometime)
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    Grrrr.....Somehow I now have one like left, I can't share it between you, so it'll just have to be a Thanks to you both! All the compounds are fortified to some extent, that one and this one, on the other side of the map, are the two biggest: These are the homes of two rival Tribal Militias in the 2p version.....Everything has a plan & a purpose (well, almost everything). Having spent an utterly thrilling hour taking out unwanted flavour objects earlier on tonight, I've just spent a couple more putting them back in.....This phase of the build could take me a while.
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    If this is real, they have well & properly bitten off more than they can chew: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20181122-saudi-arabia-uae-send-troops-to-support-kurds-in-syria/ I've long predicted that any Saudi offensive against Syria (or other nations who actually know how to fight) would very likely finish up in Riyadh.....They can't even beat the Houthis, with the full support of the US and most of the GCC, but now they fancy taking a shot at Turkey, the SAA, Iran & Hezbollah, all at once! This is gonna be priceless!
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    The capslock key?
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    Question For Map Makers

    What, face-planting? I'm guessing you mean the linear flavour objects thing, and you too have no idea how I filled my map with junk?
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    A question about cover

    Images from testing: Setup Button clicked causing 'The Jump' (tanks redeployed according to chosen AI Plan): So it's still as I observed, but assuming @IanL didn't keep rolling double ones, it seems the choice of plan will always be the same, the plan is predetermined at loadup.....Will run a few multiples to confirm. Many restarts later..... Yup, looks like he's right.....Apologies to @ctcharger for the bum steer.
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    I'm tentatively calling the mapmaking (ie: everything done by tile placement) of 'The Valley' done.....Sorted the area around the big compound: That's more like it!
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    A question about cover

    THAT, made me laugh out loud. Something you can do, especially when you're first learning the game is "save". Load everybody up with ammo (I also many times cross load teams in vehicles) and position troops and vehicles at their starting locations within the setup zones. Basically do all the administrative stuff in your SOP during setup phase and then SAVE. If you have to start over (which you may, since you are just learning this simulation) you go back to the setup save. It would get tedious having to repeat all the administrative stuff over again.
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    Tall hedge for CMRT

    The wargamer site is owned by the Slitherine Group of companies. They tend to begrudgingly acknowledge Battlefront products. I have it bookmarked, but take everything over there with a grain of salt. Kevin
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    Blue Vs Blue (US vs Germans) and M1 driving into ambush, panzerfaust rocket en-route. Took multiple hits and crew bailed. Only to bail out into a storm of small arms fire. You can see bullets kicking up the dust to the bottom left of the crewman. The M1s wingman is heading to the rescue. Too late though, the bailed-out crew are quickly cut down, and the rescue M1 is in trouble of its own. The driver steps on the gas and the M1 attempts to roll out of trouble. It takes fire from a Marder. The M1 turns towards its tormentor and the gunner draws a bead on the Marder. Only to fire and miss as the earlier volley of cannon fire had damaged the fire control system... Both vehicles live to fight another day.
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    Sitrep @ 10:04 There seem to be a difference in morale of various enemy groups. Some desert under pressure, some won't even move away under heavy crossfire. I think I've dealt with all of the enemies in the rubble pile. But it's impossible to say for sure without clearing that particular compound. Which I am unlikely to do any time soon. I was wrong about the enemy presence on the southern side of the street. There are still some units present. And elements of the 2nd Platoon, who made it there through the Green zone, are about to storm their positions. The approach is made from reverse slope (+ low wall somewhat masks my Marines), so I'm not sure how visible they were while running up. I am rather hesitant about giving direct firing orders in that area for any of the units, because it can very easily result in friendly fire or my units firing at the wrong area, both of which will lead to a catastrophic result, so I'm simply going to "step back and allow the Marines to do their job" ((c) some RL USMC AAR, I think). The most distant enemy walled compound, which I knew was occupied from the very first minutes of the mission, became active part of the firefight. Four men appeared on the rooftop at the same time, and were immediately greeted by a wall of fire. Even 3rd Platoon's SMAW team which I moved up closer to the frontline fired a shot at them (with little result, though, but I think it at least suppressed them). I do certainly win the firefights due to superior unit count. At this point enemy simply cannot mass fires from more than a couple of teams at the same time. Also, there's nowhere for him to withdraw now, which makes the whole situation much more dangerous for advancing Marines. 3rd Platoon's SMAW team reacts to enemy contact: Marines of the 2nd Platoon approach enemy positions from the southern flank:
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    I really want to get it finished as it's the second Master Map for 'Abdul Gul's War' (decided I can live with my modified Herat city map, I could modify it more, but it's not too bad as it stands and you don't see it all at once anyway). Abdul Gul's country retreat (right foreground): It's a bit of a fortress as you can see, it's also the hardest compound to get to on the map, you have to go through 'Jihad Central' down there in the valley to the left to get to it by road. It also controls access to the mines further along the ridge, so it will undoubtedly become the focus of the Communists attentions before too long.
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    Like I've said, it's kind of complicated. Yeah, I've got SF1 with all the modules, but they were published by a local, Russian, publisher. So it's not compatible with recent upgrades, and probably won't ever be. So I need the full new package now to get the upgraded version. And although it costs a small fortune in my local currency, and I got recently fired while still trying to save money to get off from this em... sierra hole island I still reside on, Steve kindly offered to help me with this by promising a copy. He seems to be really busy lately, so I wanted to wait for some time before actually bothering him and following through with his offer. And I'm not yet done with this AAR anyway. We're 2 minutes past the mission end time, so it's supposed to end any turn now, but my opponent is also really busy and the turns flow very slowly. So, I'm gonna get there eventually. No worries. And while we're getting over RL stuff here, I'd like to tell you folks that I chose to go back and refresh my programming skills, took several online course of Game Design and C# in an attempt to try out if I can become an independent game developer. Together with my long delayed escape attempt from the peninsula, it seems as hard as climbing Everest, but at least it's what I find true enthusiasm for. Oh, and 10 years after the last attempt, I revived my board and came back to skating. I suck at it, but it's a fun way to stay in shape, which is essential for people who sit in front of a PC all the time. Oh, and happy holidays, folks!
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    Wow thanks Badger....that was exactly the problem and it is now fixed. Cheers!
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    Check your "Games file" folders; Incoming email & Outgoing email. I've seen the presence of a game file there resurrect it in CMHelper.
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    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    [Insert cry of anguish here]. I've been refresh-monkeying CMMODS for days in my eagerness to get my mitts on this mod. I hope the administrator hasn't gone off for the holidays. That would leave me refresh-monkeying for a long time. P.S. I'm looking forward to another Africa mod too!
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    Just have to mention that ScAnCaDe v2.0 will only work with the new CMSF2 campaigns, so the US Army, US Marine Corps and Training campaigns. It will not work with the still old CMSF1 campaigns, which are the British and all of the NATO campaigns. This is due to the slighlty different layout of the campaign files.
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    -There’s only one crew member left alive. I believe two or three were dead. -He is as average as they come. Plain Wehrmacht, has regular experience, normal motivation, and is fit. (I bump up the Americans one all around. I’ve just found the Germans to be tough regardless of their settings). - He’s not in any type of fortification that I can see from looking at a photo I took. There is a trench to his left. He was immediately behind a house that’s now destroyed. Which is odd. He destroyed two Shermans before the house came down. Not sure how he had LOS? His gun is sticking through a doorway on his side but the far side was a wall. -I’m not sure of his morale. I want to say he’s nervous but will have to see it when I turn the comp on. -Whoever he is...He’s making his Fuhrer very proud indeed. He’s got two platoons converging on his position so I don’t figure he’ll last too much longer. If it makes any difference, he’s attached to a Fusilier Company. Those cats are really tough opponents and make for a challenging opponent with as much firepower as they have. This AT gun has actually caused two medium MG teams to go black on ammunition. But it’s gotten platoons within 50 and 100 meters of him. I’m going to run a Jeep up to the MGs’ locations and see if they can’t get a few boxes off of them. Helmut, you animal!
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    Marking Mines?

    According to my experience, the best way for TF Thunder Mission one is driving these strykers one after one through the very edge of the entrance, I mean very. Remember to use plenty of waypoints to give your vehicle no chance to deviate from the desired route. I make most of my strykers through but one which made a weird left turn to the minefield. Or perhaps mines can be cleared by the given 155 arty. I didn't try that though.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

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    Tiny details you might have missed

    Here is a list of tiny details I've been unaware of and that are not described in the manual. I came upon them more or less by accident. Even though they're of minor importance, I think it's a good idea to note them down, also to show how detailed the game really is! Feel free to add your own tiny discoveries! When buying the mechanized/motorized version of a force, the organic (i.e. bought as part of a formation) trucks sometimes carry special extra ammunition. If part of an AT-gun unit, they carry extra AT-gun ammo (e.g. for the Soviet 45mm AT-gun: 4x HE, 16x AP, 2x cannister). If bought for other unit types, soviet trucks labeled as "(weapons)" come with additional extra ammo for the light mortar and the AT-rifles (24x 50mm mortar rounds, 50xAT rifle rounds). Even though you can't tell from their ingame appearance/UI, soviet AT-hunter teams (3men) do have AT capabilities. They are listed as carrying "6 grenades". What the game does not tell you (also no special symbols in the equipment UI-slots) is that 4 of these 6 grenades are anti-tank-grenades. The team leader carries two ordinary HE grenades on him while each of the remaining two soldiers carries 2 AT grenades. You need to be really close to use them (within 10m?). So they're like breach teams with detonation charges, just cheaper. On the Soviet SU 76M (self propelled AT gun), you get some standard extra ammo that is automatically shared with infantry units close by (710x 7.62mm rounds). There is no need for the "acquire" command. Maybe it's meant for the weapons of the crew - the manual mentions that they can somehow fire their weapons in self-defence? The enclosed SUs also have extra ammo - I need to test if they also share it.
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    Campaign editing

    Combat Mission Universal Utility Help You use this tool at your own responsibility. To prevent irreversible lost of data save all game files befor use! With the help of CMUU you can modify the campaign files, change the scenario sequence, add and delete scenarios (battles) and change some scenario preferences. Further features will be installed later. The scenario files (.btt) cannto be edited by the tool at the moment because there are some encoded data blocks. Thats why CMUU unpacks all scenario files (.btt) in a subfolder of the campaign folder called 'CM' after start. You can edit theese files using the editor included in the CM executable. After ending this editing process you should return to CMUU and 'Save' the campaign. Edit the campaign properties using the right property window. You can select a single .btt file outside CMUU and Copy it to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into CMUU. You can open multiple campaign files at the same time and copy/paste it between the campaigns. It's also possible to create a campaign script from the currently loaded campaign. To do this use the toolbar button 'Make Campaign Script'. To load scenario .btt files doesn't make sense at the moment for the reasons mentioned above. Best regards Steinfisch Mail to mumumba@gmx.de CMM uses CMx2 ScAnCaDe sources by Mad Mike
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    WIP: H2H "Man of the Our"

    This scenario is now released, see thread:
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    Uniform mods skipping "1"?

    I noticed in EZ's various mods out there and the variations he always skips the "1" uniform, other modders do this as well. For example: smod_american_m41_uniform 1 is always missing, same for all the other groups and nations. Is there a reason for this? Is "1" skipped if there is a .bmp that has no numbers? Like this: smod_american_m41_uniform smod_american_m41_uniform 2 smod_american_m41_uniform 3 In modding the sounds we always use the "0" sound 0.wav sound 1.wav sound 2.wav Thanks!
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    Sgt Joch

    Battles for Chaumont author?

    That would be me, I did both.
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    In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow was my first attempt at campaign creation and is still very special to me. Since then I have created a few more and during that time learned a great deal of the mechanics as well as the creative process of making campaigns/scenarios on CMx2. I also learned that I had made a huge number of mistakes in "Poppies". The AI was atrocious,( I was clueless in how to create and setup AI plans) and the campaign showed it. It was my first attempt at mod tagging, of which the mod folder was forgotten to be attached to the upload. So I have gone back and revisted "Poppies" and have totally reworked the entire campaign. The storyline is the same as are the units and the characters that make up the storyline. However I have made what I hope are some good improvements that will make this campaign what I had envisioned it to be in the beginning. The AI has completely been revamped on all missions. It is now more aggressive and the units are tagged to their AI plans correctly. All the plans have been adjusted or changed completely. Setup zones for the enemy should be correct now. Triggers have been added on alot of missions. The German forces will not go down easy. Some German units have been changed or had their positions moved around. The scoring system in the campaign has also been reworked. There are many more opportunities for both sides to score points so every unit is important as its loss can hurt. I have also reworked some of the maps slightly. Some roads have been straightened out (mainly on the first 2 maps) to elimnate the motion sickness caused by zigzagging . A few maps have had small things like walls or boccage adjusted, mainly visual stuff. The heart of this campaign is the same. You take the role of 1st Lt. Stevens as he moves his company across the war torn landscape of Normandy, France. It is a story of men at war. Hopefully those that played it previously will revisit it again as it will offer a different and hopefully better challenge. For those that have not played it I hope you will give it a try. As always let me know of any problems or bugs. Here is the link and I hope it proves enjoyable. Put the .cam file in your campaign folder in your game directory and the mod folder which is included into your data/z directory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uita7ni2k6ljiyp/In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow.zip?dl=0 Michael
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    Question regarding troop uniform mods.

    Speaking of figuring things out on our own, this is what the rezexploded USA uniform files look like to me. Would all ya'll mind letting me know whether it is complete and correct? Thank you! For USA using: ez US Infantry-Patched Uniforms_Normandy (Olive Drab) ez US Infantry-Patched Uniforms_Normandy (Khaki) v1 Uniform Mod files names....v2 Uniform files names us-helmet-m1.bmp.................. smod_american_helmet_soldier.bmp us-helmet-m1 2.bmp............... smod_american_helmet_soldier 2.bmp us-helmet-m1 3.bmp us-helmet-m1 4.bmp us-helmet-m1 5.bmp us-soldier-uniform 1.bmp.......... smod_american_m41_uniform.bmp us-soldier-uniform 2.bmp.......... smod_american_m41_uniform 1.bmp us-soldier-uniform 3.bmp.......... smod_american_m41_uniform 2.bmp ........................................... smod_american_m41_uniform 3.bmp v1 Faces Mod files names....... v2 Faces Mod files names us-soldier-skin 1.bmp................ american_skin 1.bmp us-soldier-skin 2.bmp................ american_skin 2.bmp us-soldier-skin 3.bmp................ american_skin 3.bmp us-soldier-skin 4.bmp................ american_skin 4.bmp us-soldier-skin 5.bmp................ american_skin 5.bmp us-soldier-skin 6.bmp................ american_skin 6.bmp us-soldier-skin 7.bmp................ american_skin 7.bmp us-soldier-skin 8.bmp................ american_skin 8.bmp us-soldier-skin 9.bmp................ american_skin 9.bmp us-soldier-skin 10.bmp.............. american_skin 10.bmp us-soldier-skin 11.bmp.............. american_skin 11.bmp us-soldier-skin 12.bmp.............. american_skin 12.bmp us-soldier-skin 13.bmp.............. american_skin 13.bmp us-soldier-skin 14.bmp.............. american_skin 14.bmp Good luck & good gaming!
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    Question regarding troop uniform mods.

    Zenomorph, you'll find the new names/new textures in your CMBN Files/Data (where you keep the "z" folder) in the "Normandy v200" (basic Normandy) and "Normandy v200 Commonwealth" folders, inside the "uniform" folder. You'll have to "RezExplode" the brz files first.
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