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    Concept: Forum Operational Campaign

    The idea is to make a turn-based (WEGO) operational layer campaign here on the forums (or potentially a different platform like roll20). It will be on a square or hex-grid graph of a map -- depending on game and theatre. You will be able to make your own units (companies or platoons) and move them around once per turn. Whenever two units (or more) on the map bump into eachother, the GM will post parameters for a Quick Battle you can put into your game and play out. The player (s) then would report the results of their Quick Battle and the operational map would be updated accordingly. A turn can be a week, or bi-weekly, to allow everyone to declare their move, play their Quick battle and report their results on the forum. I had this crazy idea while messing around with my roll20 RPG campaign. Instead of making a character sheet, one could make a company/platoon sheet. Recently I saw a lot of people wanting an Operational Layer and someone even mentioned a system that they came up for themselves. It's all still very much in concept phase. At first, I was thinking the campaign should be cooperative and all enemies be managed by GM and be played by AI in-game. Though, I'm sure a lot of people would like to play OPFOR and provide an opponent for those who do not enjoy sparring with AI. I'm curious what you guys think! Interested? Not interested? Comments? Concerns? Ideas of your own?
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    BFC - Time to Rethink the 'Roadmap'?

    I feel I've finally started to build an intuitive tactical library for CMBS. I've always played chess, on/off and while I'm. Not reactionary per se, I'm definitely limited in how far ahead AI think. I found CM was like that, each battle was a whole New OMG WTF HALP HALP FIRE EVERYTHING NEEOOWWWWW GO GO GO waitwherethe****iseveryone ARGH Nowadays there's less OMG and more Dammit My Pixeltrupoen farted and the Bradley 3km away smelled them, drop the 152s hard, boys. I find the best thing, as intuited above, is to pick a force and stick with them. So, (because I'm ever so slightly retarded) , I choose UKR - hardest to play and utterly helpless if you have a crappy plan. US/RUS forces can still get you out of a scrape but UKR forces are DOOOMMMED if you don't plan properly. So they're my training school, and a brutal one it is too. But I've built a little set if tactics for various events, with my actions triggered by that same note above - pattern recognition. Reading the enemy movements = survival. In CMBS if you're alive you're winning.
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    Bil Hardenberger

    Bil's Floating Icon Mod

    I know there have already been a few of these released, but thought I would show a preview of what I have been toying with... These are based on the US Army's FM 101-5.1 .... with a little license taken to make them clear at any distance. This image is an overview of the first AAR map I was playing with @Baneman.. yellow are FOW icons of course. This set includes special colors for each nation... ...in this image I have selected a Bradley Platoon, which if you remember was playing red in this action. The icons remain the color I chose for the US side (Infantry Blue) while selected.. they will be red when not selected. FOW icons showing a selection of different unit types... very easy t tell them apart. All nations use the same FOW icon set... so no clues as to nationality until you fully ID a unit. The following image illustrates Syrian infantry.. also note the Blue infantry.. that is one of Baneman's irregulars and was on Blue.. Ihave included an inset of that icon selected, showing that when playing blue, Syrian units will highlight green. BMP-3 (with one infantry unit selected) showing the darker red Syrian highlight: On the blue side...highlight insets show a British vehicle (khaki) and a German IFV (gray)... And finally, the overview I started this post off with, but with one US Platoon highlighted... Coming soon.. probably this weekend. Just need to run them through some thorough tests. Bil
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    I've previously used Google Docs for keeping track of stats in RPG campaigns. A good idea! An automated sheet could cut down a lot of work, counting casualties/points etc. Tried to DL the campaigns to take a look, said I need an account. Googled the Generator -- looks cool. Lots of random elements like reinforcement experience and such... I should check out Mr Kohlenklau's work. I'm guessing he used the editor to move the units around? I will most definitely carry over a few Panzer General features. Really appreciate reference material of how people did it in the past. I'm trying to brainstorm how movement would work. You wouldn't want it to take 5 weeks to get into a kerfuffle and don't want 20 companies facing off 50 companies. Should terrain affect movement, ie. roads, swamps? Each hex would have a Terrain Type. That type would affect movement, as well as define Quick Battle map type.
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    Newbie DAR/AAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67D

    MINUTE 22 My armored car is hunting its nemesis while another squad is progressing. Surprisingly, it seems no armored car is able to see each other !!? They did not fire at each other. But, I have no time to investigate why. The logical conclusion just arrived. Final enemy setup is below:
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    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Hmm, that's true. I used JTACs in TOC because they were dedicated UAV operators assigned to the UAV Operations Center inside the FOB. Maybe a Fire Support team, renamed UAV Operations Team, would have been better at spotting and hitting targets................ off to test. Sure Erwin, NOW you think of that .
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    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Also, recall that using the Elite JTAC and Elite drone, the FFE on a Point Target was very disappointing - arriving all over the place in a large diameter like a wide area target. Precision Strikes using the Elite JTAC/Drone combo were better, but it often took two Precision missions to get close enuff to kill.
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    Mouse Wheel Support?

    The CM1 series does NOT support the mouse-wheel. Unless you map it to some sort of hotkey (outside of CM), which would simply be pressing it as if it was a third mouse button (not the actual wheel function).
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    Bil's Floating Icon Mod

    Excellent can't wait to try it out and thank you.
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    try the command "hot key" (alt + r) toggle shader or (alt +w) toggle shadow !!
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    Are "coffee cops" policemen who beat up anyone they see drinking tea?
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    CMRT Campaign: Rattenkrieg

    Send me a message with your email address and I will add you now. @WillemO
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    New Schmuck in need of advice

    US Army infantry squads in CMBS carry the M4A1 carbine with x4 magnification ACOG sight and a 'full auto' option. In CMSF2 they carry an M4 carbine with x1 magnification sight and no 'full auto', just single shot or 3 round burst. The distinction is subtle but its enough to lower unit effectiveness compared to CMBS. Plus, in CMBS a squad gets a dedicated sharpshooter carrying some serous hardware. In CMSF2 the squad marksman maybe gets assigned an ACOG scope for his M4 if he's lucky. In CMSF2 the 800 pound gorilla in the game is the Marines. Long-barreled M16A4 with x4 ACOG and full auto capability, full 13 man squad. You can feel the firepower difference playing Marines versus Army.
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    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Bonjour, full in the gun at 550 m ! i do the same face that gunner
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    Great find mate, though not much time to listen right now.... Look at how many residential blocks the JOKER 3 patrol routes covered! The concept was to be able to cut off and trap potshooters; they were not expecting an ambush by dozens of fighters, reinforced by local residents.
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    BFC - Time to Rethink the 'Roadmap'?

    Lol emrys you one of those guys who spends their spare time playing cm and hustling people out of money outside of coffee cops with a chessboard and timer? (No really theres some guys Ive seen who live off that - they put up a sign thats more or less a challenge for money and theyre off)
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    11/11 Never forget!

    My son and I were at the ceremony today. In front of us are the RMC cadets and in front of them are the veterans as the wreaths are being layed. We are grateful.
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    Bradly fire power

    Playing CMFB awhile ago I noticed something unexpected. An M16 AA halftrack had run itself out of ammo so I moved it back away from the action. When I returned to it awhile later it had .50 cal ammo again. I never got an explanation of what happened. Was the M16 'borrowing' .50 cal from surrounding vehicles? I can't explain it and never saw a plausible explanation for it.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I didn't think it was going to be a long wait either, in the fall of 2015, when it was said that the release of Final Blitzkrieg was close. Then, as time went on, I thought there was going to be a release at the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge, in December... but no, it was not released until in April 2016. So, I am not holding my breath for CMSF 2 or an Engine 4 patch anytime soon. Like I said, we're on Battlefront time here.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    We're on Battlefront time here. This means, check back in 6 months, and if you're lucky, you'll see a message about the patch now finally being almost ready, and it will be released "soon".
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    Bradly fire power

    Artillery or air-power no doubt accounted for them quite promptly after they revealed themselves.....Appreciate the insights @Splinty.
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    Another Resolution Question

    Within CMBB there is no setting that could change this (scaling). Your monitor or videocard MAY have settings to allow it to map the pixels one-to-one (so that a 1280 x 1024 sized image would be centered on the monitor and not stretched). I know in the past that the Nvidia control panel was capable of this (though it may have taken a lot of experimentation to get it to work). I'm not sure about the current Nvidia drivers (and specific OS versions) or if AMD Radeons have this functionality. The most convenient method would be for the monitor to have a setting that disables the scaling (mapping one-to-one on the pixels). Some monitors have such functionality, while many don't. The feature can go by a number of names/descriptions, so you may want to look through your monitor menus to see if there is anything that may support such a function.
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    New Schmuck in need of advice

    In RL they seem to be successful if TV footage is to be believed(?). But in CM2, after spending hundreds of hours testing MOS's TOC scenario, have found drones to be useless in spotting infantry or moving vehicles. (These were Elite Drones with Elite JTACS!) In CM2, drones are only good at spotting stationary vehicles.
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    Bil's Floating Icon Mod

    Yes. Thank you...
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    Bil's Floating Icon Mod

    Very cool and useful.
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    Bil's Floating Icon Mod

    Looks great!
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    Mord's Mods: Final Blitzkrieg Edition

    Thanks much, guys. @MOS:96B2P LOL. BF couldn't use my my menus because I am making them with pics I find on the net. All I am doing is adding text I design to try to invoke the flavor of the settings. It doesn't seem like much when it's said, but believe it or not I spent over four hours doing the FB mod. I was getting ready to close out Adobe after a long stretch of portrait modding and I was like, I want to to take a minute and mess with these Bulge pics I found. Next thing I know the sun is coming up! It's a nice change to do some menus, considering I have been exclusively modding portraits since December of 2017. And I have been modding straight out since August. Not quite everyday, but it feels like it at times. Normally the second October hits I drop everything and spend the month immersed in Horror but this year is different for some reason. I have a military bug I can't shake. Mord.
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    Mord's CMFB Unit Portraits Mod

    Another 169 portraits down! 854 tally thus far. FJs and VGs done! Mord.
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