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    They can weight-wise, but in games they don't (I think it's 75 rounds per carbine vs. 104 per Garand), I assume because those who carry carbines aren't expected to use it much. I know in the game I see SMG rounds bouncing off buildings more than rifle rounds do, so I assume that would apply to carbines as well?
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    But the points cost does not represent historical availability. That's what the rarity cost is for.
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    Yes, it is that time of the year and the big annual exercises begin. I would try to cover them, as it seems to me that they are not covered otherwise here and that they may be of interest to the public here. While they may not be as exciting as Zapad-2017 or Kavkaz-2016 to certain observers in Europe (as we can remember said observers claimed that those exercises are a cover up for an attack on Baltic and Ukraine) they do seem to be the biggest exercises since Zapad-1981 with 3 MDs (East, Central, North) and various centrally commanded assets (VDV and others) participating. Overall it appears that the overall event can be split into 3 main parts: - surprise alert drills - logisics/rear area exercises - actual final exercises Between the three above it appears that around 1/4 (some 262k servicemen) participated (and/or will participate, as final exercises would be in September) in the event, The scenario appears to be combating a mass attack by a peer adversary, with a lot of emphasis placed on: - mobilisation - rear services such as repairs and logistics - inter theatre and local relocation of forces (especially aircraft), dispersal (ie to back up airfields or road strips) - counter sabboteur exercises (by some VDV air assault units and by Navy) - cruise missile strikes (by Tu95MSs, Iskander-Ms, Bastions) Overall it is unclear who is the adversary, as large scale invasion, which would warrant the scale of the exercise, by Western Forces seems implausible in the East and China is participating with some 3200 troops as an ally rather than as an enemy. Some footage by Zvezda: https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/201808210347-s1gh.htm/player/ https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/201808220534-z7b1.htm/player/ https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/201808211749-lo17.htm/player/ https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/201808230431-koxp.htm/player/
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    Un-Acquire ?

    Thank you - something to add to my wish list then. But, less important than the ability to split squad inside vehicles. I would like to dismount a scout team not an entire squad if needed to limit exposure. I know there is a workaround for this but really implementing split squad inside vehicles will allow flexibility since there are four possible squad split options.
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    IED Mechanics?

    +1 Yeah, damn bridges - I hate 'em.
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    Could there be a CM Korea?

    Ooops... showing your bias and prejudice again. Was more of a Sanders (not necessarily Gary or Sarah)/Libertarian supporter. But, had I been elected Pres I woulda recognized that China is our mortal enemy, done something about NK, done something to halt US jobs being outsourced abroad, done something to stop companies fleeing abroad, done something to halt unrestricted illegal immigration, and make getting our economy moving again... But why be delusional? <sigh> Those things were never accomplished before and will never be done by our corrupt politicians who are in bed with media and large corporate interests selling our country away. Oh wait...
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    Tank tactics: why the regression?

    I see what you did there 😎
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    Path Finding after Breaching the Wall

    Thanks for all these tips. They really opened my mind for thinking more about the combined orders.
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    The state of CMSF2

    This, exactly.....The next (& only) thing I want to hear from @Battlefront.com on the subject of CM:SF2 is the 'Heads-Up' for forum members announcing the title is live. Don't want or need updates (I have CM:SF so I know what I'm getting), couldn't care less about demo versions, they just irritate me because I want the whole game, nothing less. PS - If you're bored.....Open the editor.
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    Michael Emrys

    Am I the only one ?

    But their aim is...well, let's just say I wouldn't be inclined to let Steve shoot an apple off my head. Michael
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    We sort of agree, but you're only one dude with one set of eyes. In reality, troops notice and react to all sorts of things even if the commander is looking the other way or on the phone with B Company. The game actually limits what you can see in the replay. If nobody spots incoming rounds, you can rewind and replay all you like, you won't see anything. Sometimes, you can trace an enemy AT shell from the firing point till impact, sometimes it only becomes visible just before it hits. WeGo makes the game more realistic by allowing you to play all the different roles of leadership at the same time. The most unrealistic part of WeGo is that you can fly around the battlefield and locate weapons firing by their sound.
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    MOUT and urban counterinsurgency (and CM)

    I tend to have the same view regarding China. As long as they pay the appropriate bribes I doubt the Taliban will care who invited them or not. As to Pakistan, they will go with whomever continues to sell them arms and with US deals in jeopardy...... the US problem is there is no leaving and there is no staying. Al Qaeda forced us to intervene and the continued threat forces us to stay. There is and won’t be any stable regime. Just finished reading Katanga 1960-1963. Some interesting parallels when you have a “nation” that is fundamentally a patchwork of tribal loyalties and foreign powers expecting something more united. The US relationship to the Saudis defines our role via a vis the Shiite Sunni conflict and unfortunately our allies are also our worst enemies. Talk about one convoluted messed up situation. You can’t make up s**t this f**ked up.
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    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Today I preordered the big bundle CMSF. I have all of the old modules. I paid full price because CM is the only games I play. I hope the CM is a profit making operation. I enjoy all of their games and hope they make even more. Thanks CM gang.
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    The accuracy of aircraft strafing in the WW2 games got hit with the nerf hammer awhile back so it's probably deliberate.
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    Some (ahistorical) Ostruppen on the Eastern Front:
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    Tank tactics: why the regression?

    Can we stop wielding the 'unrealistic stick' at the RT mode of play because pauses are allowed? Neither of the play modes are realistic yet I very infrequently see posts hitting WEGO with the 'unrealistic stick' for having three phase turns or the ability to endlessly replay turns from every angle, pausing the replay when a round strikes and then rewinding and pausing to follow the tracer back to the point of origin. It is a game not real combat.
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    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    You're right it is expensive to drop sophisticated weapons on uncons. However if the balloon goes up you won't be degrading Chinas IADS in the pacific with "armored tractors", so yes the F-35 is incredibly expensive but worth it for what it needs to do. This argument is incredibly silly, if you can't tell whats wrong with making an "armored tractor" that shoots a demo charge "a few dozen meters away" over a freaking main battle tank I don't think we are going to go anywhere. Have you played CM? Would you like trying to fight against the Germans with a 105 sherman that has its range limited to 30 meters? Come on man.
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    Range info

    All CM2 games (except CMBS for some reason) have mods that give the caliber, range and even penetration data of all weapons (incl small arms). Hopefully found at CMMODS.
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    If there's one command I'd like back from CM1, it's the individual fire-and-movement. I think it was called assault? up, he sees me down, as opposed to the current assault which seems to resemble the CM1 advance.
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    General Liederkranz

    Range info

    1) For small arms, it's in the manual. For lighter vehicular ordnance and guns (up to maybe 40mm), and for heavy weapons, it'll be listed in the UI, just under the silhouette of the vehicle/weapon. Anything heavier than that, I think they don't tell you because the assumption is it can reach anywhere on an ordinary map. But there is a little bit of flex in these values; bazookas and Panzerschrecks, for example, can fire beyond their listed ranges in some cases, especially if they're uphill from the target. 2) those are quick commands for (respectively): Pause, Stop, and Evade. The manual discusses them briefly but not in a lot of detail. A useful thread on the Evade command:
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    IED Mechanics?

    Archibald "Harry" Tuttle: IED mechanic, at your service!
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    IED Mechanics?

    This covers off on why there are lots of young men and women in graveyards (including two people I knew very well) or living their lives without the limbs they were born with. IEDs are a nightmare and defeating them requires a lot of effort. FWIW I have never been taught to put rounds down to defeat IEDs in any of my predeployment training for either Iraq (1 tour) or Afghanistan (3 tours) between 2006 and 2016 or seen the method employed on my time outside the wire. The drills taught to cross a culvert (or any suspect IED location) involved a lot of very methodical observation, movement and steps to mitigate the effects of the device if it detonated by minimising the number of people likely to get whacked by the detonation. That was all complimented by technical means such as ECM and detection devices such as the Vallon http://www.vallon.de/products.lasso?a=uxo-detection&amp;b=8 Of that suite of measures, the only thing that is lacking in game is the Vallon. Well not quite obviously but in terms of mechanics for IED detection because they can't be detected, then in game terms it is lacking. However, in real life Vallon and similar devices do not find every single device so ultimately IEDs have to be defeated by combinations of means and the sad fact of life is that, despite all of the above, where IEDs are present, they will cause casualties. Moving through an area with culverts/chokepoints (such as your bridge example) or one identified as a High Activity Zone for IED placement is slow and stressful and does not involve whanging 40mm from a MK19/GMG or similar around the place. Why? Because in reality your ROE rarely allows you to put the rounds downrange on suspected positions/IEDs that the game allows you to and of course your briefing stated that they were likely to be present which is a luxury not always available in real life. As a result of all of this, you are faced with, in game terms, boring methodical application of time-consuming drills. In real life, stressful and exhausting application of time-consuming drills. Is it physically possible to get an IED to detonate by firing at it with 40mm MK19/GMG or similar? I'm not an expert but I suspect that yes it is; however,this method, like all others, is never a 100% guarantee and I would guess that the percentage of successfully defeating a device by firing a direct fire weapon in the vicinity of said device would be pretty low. I can't help you with your requests regarding that particular mission but ultimately I think it is worth remembering that: This is a game. You can't control everything that happens on the battlefield. You are going to take casualties.
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