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    56th SBCT at NTC

    I put together a short film of the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat team's recent NTC rotation. It occurs to me that w CMSF 2 coming out some might find it interesting. My son provided much of the helmet cam footage.. You can see the opfor makes liberal use of smoke for mounted movements.. Los
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    Sitrep @ 8:23 Mortar barrages keep coming. Hill 40 near USMC starting position is next in line. But I got everyone out of there. Mostly. My command of the 1st Platoon has been disastrous so far. 1st Plt got hit by heavy mortar fire in the open again. And by a TOW missile friendly fire once. My Marines were running from yet another mortar barrage into the village. Enemy opened fire from one (or several?) of the houses. I ordered TOW humvees up front to fire on the house. They had better angle of fire than other assets. One of the missiles fell short and KOed a Marine. Dismounted element of the LAR Platoon slowly but surely moves up along the NW edge of the map. 2nd Platoon & Scout Sniper section wait for the Air Support mission to end before moving further east.
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    Word. Sitrep @ 8:17 6 casualties in the 1st Platoon, 2 casualties in the 3rd Platoon. Damn sniper ambushed us AGAIN. At almost point blank range. I hesitated using a costly Javelin missile against the SPG-9 armed technical. But having no other options to engage it with at this moment, I decided to go with the Jav and successfully blew it up. 2x AH-1 Cobras and 4x LAV-25 with LAR Platoon have arrived. Cobras are tasked with hunting for the ATGM team and the sniper who killed the TOW gunner. 2nd Platoon is held back to prevent Friendly Fire during the Air Support mission. Dismounted element of the LAR Platoon will go north. When 3rd Platoon will take care of its casualties, it'll be sent back to AAVs to stay in Reserve again. From now on, I want the LAR Platoon to take care of the northern flank.
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    Ballsy. Careful with that axe Eugene! A modified version with TF Bayonet mounted in Humvees
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    Here is a little thing I am working on for my floating icon NATO tactical symbols mods (CMBS Blue Force, CMBS Red Force, CMSF NATO). Right now I am getting it ready for CMSF2 but I'll make the same additions for CMBS too. Based on my own experience and @Bil Hardenberger's highlighting of how hard it is to tell the difference between FOW tank vs FOW light armour I am planning to augment my existing mods to include some options for the FOW icons based on the NATO Unknown symbol. Here is what the current iteration looks like. For those that like to play on Elite and lower there are yellow icons for the FOW (yellow = unknown). This is not really a good choice for iron because all the FOW icons are yellow and you cannot tell friend from foe. After a couple of minutes of fading. As an alternative and a good choice for Iron players I plan to have a version that uses red and blue colours but uses the unknown symbol shape. And again after a couple of minutes fading.
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    Since the scenario is released, I could post some screenshots I took, no spoilers though. MOS will have already seen most of these. I've been meaning to get back into the scenario, but it's something I would need to block off a whole day for. I just can't enjoy Combat Mission in bite-sized chunks. A couple of jobs right off the bat. NEED AMMO seems rather easy... Terrain can prove challenging. I hope y'all brush up on your forest fighting skills. Engineers are worth their weight in gold. Sometimes I really wish we had helicopters. Oh, well. Strykers are pretty cool too. I once read the posting entitled, "Clearing Buildings, Quick and Agile," but the only thing I could think of was, 'Why didn't they just plaster the building with 40 mike-mike instead?' To this day I still don't understand it. Managed to take one alive. Rare occurrence. A modern-day Kampfgruppe. Engineer Team, Machinegun, Platoon HQ, and the Battalion S4 on safari. Occasionally, you will get into VERY close contact.
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    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    Hmm maybe I didn't finish for release. It is up on scenario depot http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons-maps/ukrainian-crossroads/
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    Sitrep @ 8:20 Who likes pickup trucks? My Marines have spotted a DShK armed technical and an evil-men-with-AKs armed technical. Here's also a BDA on SPG-9 truck. In the mean time, 3x M249 SAW from 2nd Platoon opened up on enemy HQ. HQ drives away in fear. Run, boys, run!
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    Sitrep @ 8:19 Ugh... Another mortar fire mission initiated by the enemy. A (spotting?) shell fell between the 1st and 3rd Platoons. How much does he have anyway? Way more than me, obviously. I guess I would've been able to minimize casualties from mortar fire if I got into the built-up area. But with IED threat, it's kind of a trade-off. 2nd Platoon have spotted an Uncon Fighter HQ guy with an AK, getting into the vehicle in the first part of the village. The distance is 600m+, but I ordered them to open fire anyway. M249 should do some effect.
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    5x5Km Radzy Full 2 Minicampaign

    Ukrainian Crossroads. 4.5 x 4 km it is in the scenario folder as CMBS predated the use of a master maps folder
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    New Scenario: Tactical Operations Center

    Thanks I saw that - that is my plan too. Opening with an agessive air assault move to kick things off.
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    Sitrep @ 8:13 Oh no... 1st Platoon is getting smashed by mortar fire. I won't even start counting casualties until it's over. That sniper shot was supposedly a single-shot kill from SVD @ 800 meters. Quite a shot. BDA on a vehicle that was supposed to pick up ATGM team (or was it?). Vehicle abandoned.
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    Sitrep @ 8:12 Mortar round makes a direct hit on one of the 1st Platoon's squads, killing one Marine and injuring another. Unknown sniper (suspected location NE of Hill 54) killed a gunner on one of the TOW humvees, who were overwatching the main road from BLUFOR starting position. An unarmed vehicle mentioned before arrived at NW ATGM position, just in time for my 60mm airburst strike. BDA yet to come. And I haven't even gotten into the village yet....
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    Uhm.. The permission is set to the whole album. Maybe I linked the temp thumbnail or something. Will be careful next time. Sitrep @ 8:11 "The sh.. is getting heavy like it weighs a ton". Things escalate quickly. Enemy also had PKM team accompanying the Sniper Team. AND the humvee survivors are getting hammered by a mortar barrage. At the same time, 1st Platoon begins deploying. Their AAVs open fire on Hill 41. Another enemy mortar strike starts right in front of where 1st Plt was suppose to be moving. I shift them couple hundred meters north of their current position. But when the mortar fire will cease, I'll get them back to the southern side of the "Route Major". All the suspected VBIEDs (two, by now) were seen on the northern side of the main road. Oh, and another suspicious vehicle spotted, moving fast, westbound from the Bridge B2.
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    you could take up designing yourself rather than commenting negatively on the general work of other designers.
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    Which to Buy?

    Very true, coming from other RTS titles i started playing CM in real time but once i tried turn based i never looked back.
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    Which to Buy?

    + 1. To be fair you sometimes have a good point. Sometimes...............
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    Which to Buy?

    Actually, in this case, the car manufacturer has come out and said 'yes, actually our cars are not meant to drive themselves off a cliff'. So they will fix that issue and that's what we are patiently waiting for. Meanwhile, it's still fun to drive the car in places where there are no cliffs. There ARE issues with 4.0. But even I don't think they make the game unplayable - and I'm one of the worst nitpickers on this forum.
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    I agreed with everything you were saying up until this point.
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    IED Mechanics?

    This covers off on why there are lots of young men and women in graveyards (including two people I knew very well) or living their lives without the limbs they were born with. IEDs are a nightmare and defeating them requires a lot of effort. FWIW I have never been taught to put rounds down to defeat IEDs in any of my predeployment training for either Iraq (1 tour) or Afghanistan (3 tours) between 2006 and 2016 or seen the method employed on my time outside the wire. The drills taught to cross a culvert (or any suspect IED location) involved a lot of very methodical observation, movement and steps to mitigate the effects of the device if it detonated by minimising the number of people likely to get whacked by the detonation. That was all complimented by technical means such as ECM and detection devices such as the Vallon http://www.vallon.de/products.lasso?a=uxo-detection&b=8 Of that suite of measures, the only thing that is lacking in game is the Vallon. Well not quite obviously but in terms of mechanics for IED detection because they can't be detected, then in game terms it is lacking. However, in real life Vallon and similar devices do not find every single device so ultimately IEDs have to be defeated by combinations of means and the sad fact of life is that, despite all of the above, where IEDs are present, they will cause casualties. Moving through an area with culverts/chokepoints (such as your bridge example) or one identified as a High Activity Zone for IED placement is slow and stressful and does not involve whanging 40mm from a MK19/GMG or similar around the place. Why? Because in reality your ROE rarely allows you to put the rounds downrange on suspected positions/IEDs that the game allows you to and of course your briefing stated that they were likely to be present which is a luxury not always available in real life. As a result of all of this, you are faced with, in game terms, boring methodical application of time-consuming drills. In real life, stressful and exhausting application of time-consuming drills. Is it physically possible to get an IED to detonate by firing at it with 40mm MK19/GMG or similar? I'm not an expert but I suspect that yes it is; however,this method, like all others, is never a 100% guarantee and I would guess that the percentage of successfully defeating a device by firing a direct fire weapon in the vicinity of said device would be pretty low. I can't help you with your requests regarding that particular mission but ultimately I think it is worth remembering that: This is a game. You can't control everything that happens on the battlefield. You are going to take casualties.
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    That's my thinking as well. It's with courage and tenacity that Ukraine has held out so long, not weapons systems. I hope any future module will bring the hundreds of BMP-1s and BTR-80s to the UKR side, not the latest gizmos that have a single unit in service. Heck, even for support D-30 towed guns make up a huge part of the UKR inventory but are absent.
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    Blast vineyard

    That is cool. I never knew that either.
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    Improvement suggestions

    I want to share what might be an interesting idea for fellow scenario-designers. I've been thinking about woods and thickets for my scenario lately. Looking at the maps featured in CM, planting trees on top of forest-ground seems to be the most common method. But then I asked the internet. And the internet gave me the idea that there might be a better way to give woods a bit more love, both in terms of gameplay-mechanics and aesthetics. The problem I found with most woods on CM-maps is that they lack a proper woodland-edge (http://www.spektrum.de/lexikon/geographie/waldmantel/8789) - a rim of ca. 10-20 meters (1-2 squares) of very thick bushes and small trees. Basically, you want to create a rising, unbroken forest canopy, with bushes on the outside, followed by trees growing in size as you go deeper, first leaf trees, then conifers. A proper woodland-edge should block any LOS into the wood and provide excellent concealment. Once you're "inside" the wood, you'd get larger trees, i.e. no more treetops blocking your LOS. Right now, mapmakers seem to rely on an increased density of trunks in order to block LOS into woods. This looks and feels wrong and severely restricts the ability to fire "out of the wood". Also, as long as concealment in woods comes from tree-trunks, moving to the edge (from inside) is very dangerous as the number of trunks between you and the enemy decreases. Breaking up forests into an edge-zone and an "interior"-zone is the way to go! With those dense hedges at the edge, you can quick-move units to the edge and only let them crawl the very last square safely. With treetrunks only, quick-moving towards a forest-edge was a game of roulette. After quite a lot of testing and fiddling around, I'm quite happy with my result (see screenshots). The most important finding was that - in CM:BS - you must not use "bushes" (foliage terrain) but bocage (fence-terrain) to represent thickets in the woodland-edge (or thickets in general!). What I've done is to simply place hedges in totally random patterns to create thickets. In my playtesting, the results were superb. Not only does the "low bocage" that I used provide excellent concealment (and still let's you see out), but also, a 2-3 square-wood-land-edge gives the enemy a much harder time when it comes to selecting suspected targets for area fire. Also, I placed smaller random patches of bocage/hedges "inside" the wood. This was a real relevation. The combination of readily available lines of sight (because there are only high trees "inside" the wood, so LOS is only obstructed by spaced-out tree trunks) and drastically increased concealment potential (hedges everywhere) led to very satisfying engagements in which firing almost never gave away the position of a unit to the enemy. Of course, in such a setting, you simply need to area-fire, and the AI cannot make use of it in a way an actual player could. But I'm really looking forward to testing my "wood" in a H2H game! Some screenshots of the map for the scenario:
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    I would expect that spotting would be drastically reduced as well as rate of fire if the main gun, but I have no idea how the game handles this. Also, all MGs but the coax should be inoperable (presumably no one to fire them). Michael
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    New Terrain Mod for CMRT

    Two more before/after:
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