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    No, can’t be. He mis-spells armour.
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    A Russian scout platoon overruns a Ukrainian Battalion HQ. (Morning Coffee)
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    I am not sure they would agree with you. While similar to some degree, there are enough differences to appeal to a slightly different core audience. I for example have not and likely will never buy their games. Not that they are bad, they just don’t appeal to me. I expect there are some graviteam fans that feel the same way about CM. There is for sure overlap, but that holds true for quite a few other games as well.
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    Just discovered this scenario the other day. No idea how I had missed it before. Now definitely one of my favorites.
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    That looks exactly like the sandwich I mentioned on page 6... Mord.
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    It's like he's Canadian or summat.
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    T-90 with Teeth

    He also had a other tank that managed to become his wing man for the last half of the battle, he also had a huge day, but his diet was a little more manageable in that he was dueling Bradley's instead of Abrams But I cannot remember two units having such success in a long while in this format. with CMSFII coming out soon, I am getting hungry for some interesting match ups that can happen.
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    No way snickers rule!
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    Graviteam begs to differ
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    The man apologizes for taking a vacation. What is this world coming to?!
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    New features curiosity

    Would be nice to be able fire mortars and automatic grenade launchers somewhat further behind their line of sight. Would also be nice to have the "review" stage combined with "giving orders" stage, as sometimes it is difficult to keep track of what happened in the last turn in that particular location to give orders to the troops located there. In bigger battles (battalion+), I actually have to write it down