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    Bil Hardenberger

    The state of CMSF2

    This is a rather comical back and forth. You two should take this show on the road.
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    Everything is present, almost everything works, what doesn't is beyond @MOS:96B2P's abilities to fix, but not his abilities to mitigate.....Just a matter of pacing and final rebalancing IMHO, based on about 33% of the latest beta. It just ain't possible to speedrun this one and still generate detailed feedback, there's a hell of a lot going on, the player is left to devise his own plan, but the seperatists have plans of their own.....Put it this way, I thought I came up with some pretty radical stuff here & there, but testing this has made me completely revise my ideas of what is possible with the CM engine. This genuinely is a campaign in a scenario, consequently there's a campaign's worth to get just right. PS - In my current play through I was a bit too casual about something and now I'm in a world of hurt.....But it's awesome watching it develop and trying to extricate myself from the mess is proving hugely challenging!
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    Priority !!

    It's a scenario called Tactical Ops Center that MOS has designed and is in final testing (and it's had a lot of testing) for CMBS. This is a genuinely quite brilliant "re-imagining" of what a CM2 game can accomplish with all the new options that a designer has in the CM2 toolbox. I won't say too much or spoil any of the many, many surprises you will find in this scenario. However, it's safe to say that MOS's scenario simulates low intensity operations in a sector of the Ukraine front vs Russia and Russian Separatists. The player is in charge of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) and one has troops (US and Ukrainian) that one needs to allocate to many different roles - (eg: roadblock clearing, resupply, rescue beleaguered garrisons, locate Russian Separatist bases etc etc.) just like in RL. MOS has cleverly adapted and redesigned a large 2.5Kmx3Km map so that one gets near-operational feel to the CM2 game (that we have not been able to experience since CM1 which features maps as large as 8Kmx4Km). The really brilliant aspect is the way MOS has used all the bells and whistles of the CM2 system to offer all sort of in-game information sources, eg:- Intel, SIGINT, S2, SCIF, UAV's as well as info from Detainees and Defectors(!) to provide actionable reports. The player needs to use all this info in order to gain an overall picture of what the Separatists/Russians are up to. The player has to decide what his forces are capable of, and therefore what info his forces are capable of acting on. The player's decisions and the actions of his troops will affect what happens in the game later - just like in RL. Over the last almost 20 years of playing CM1 and then the CM2 family of games, it seemed like all scenarios were stating to feel the same or at least so similar as to be becoming boring. So, this creation of MOS is a breath of fresh air and am eager to keep testing the latest Beta. The experience constantly amazes and surprises me and feels almost like a brand new game system - like a CM3... You guys will love it...
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    What will the next CM be?

    Squarehead what's with the uncon obsession. You talk about them a lot.
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    Going through what I hope is the last Beta test. Long scenario (static campaign) so it takes awhile. But it's looking good so far. Just minor easy to tweak stuff so far. Thanks for the interest.
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    "You only get one chance to make a good first impression." BF has a very smart policy of not releasing anything till it's completely ready and it applies here as well. People are looking for, and eager to jump all over, flaws in a new scenario. This system of MOS is so good I hope it inspires many other designers to stretch the envelope. But, it's a very sophisticated concept scenario and it has to be as perfect as it can be to really showcase its features. Due to its length, it's doubtful many will want to play an updated version if there is a problem with what is released.
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    What will the next CM be?

    Actually, in academia the definition of terrorism is fairly well defined; it refers to violence committed by non-military actors against non-military and/or civilian targets, with the direct victims not usually the ultimate target. So Commandos and Resistance/Partisans attacking military targets are emphatically not terrorists. Quelle surprise, Hitler was wrong. A helpful source is attached. The Revised Academic Consensus Definition of Terrorism.pdf
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    i saw Tell Spring Not to Come This Year. Didnt really grip me. I dont know. Im sure some would find interest in it. It certainly reinforced my feeling its a hopeless war Americas fighting there.
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    James Crowley

    Afrika Korps or Early War?

    I agree with you that CM "historical" scenarios are, at best, a close approximation, although a lot of **** happens to me when I play them! I just like the fact that you can "measure", so to speak, historically based scenarios by reading up on them. Something you can't do with scenarios that never happened.
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    totally agreed, this one is a constant resource management battle..and it lasts a really really long time so don't get complacent. You have to pay attention to details or you will pay the price. A lot of scenarios have that aspect but rarely for several hours. I found myself developing several ad hoc response teams and had to make them mission oriented to succeed.
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    Not gonna happen unless you aren’t expecting CMSF until Christmas 2919 . Nuff said
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    Lol not sure what all you are tweaking. You are a perfectionist. Perfect is the enemy of good enough. Release your baby to the public. You’ll get more feedback. Agile software, it is all the rave now. seriously this is pretty damn polished scenario. Then you can start prepping a CMSF variant. Heh heh
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    Status update on "Black Sea"

    He reached out from the past!
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    APS brings a whole range of new disadvantages, all of its very own.....This one is pretty huge:
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    Tanks crossing Train Tracks

    We used to do that as teenagers way, way back when. My buddy’s VW worked best, IIRC, but also tried it with some other vehicles, including my Mustang (once...I didn’t have the dough to repair shocks, coils or leaf springs!). But you had to go real slow, I think no more than 15 mph (more like 10, probably), you couldn’t touch the steering wheel at all once you got it going, and it could get rough depending on the ties and bed. I really enjoyed being a stupid kid!
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    I apologize for the delay, both Surplice and myself have been quite busy with finals - but this DAR is far from dead. So let's continue.... Turns 10-12 Surplice's Wiesels continue to displace. He either knows, or anticipates, that I am shifting the weight of my attack and is moving to stop this. This movement is not only observed this time. Despite his effective and aggressive use of mortars to break up anything that remotely looks like a support-by-fire position the bulk of my MMGs and ATGMs are in position. The movement of the Wiesels draws fire from one of the ATGM teams. As the ATGM whines towards its target, a second Wiesel trundles out of cover just behind the first one. He's trying to move them through a copse of trees that is quite thick (by Syria's standards) and the Wiesels jam up on one another...could it be? Two for one! The support-by-fire positions are restricting movement to their immediate front to my immense satisfaction. They continue to take, and lose men to, mortar fire but they are sufficiently spread out in frontage that he can't destroy or suppress all the positions in one fire mission. That means its go time: the Mech Group's vehicles begin to deploy into positions that can lay some direct fire on known and suspected positions. Shilkas and BMP2s from the ATGM platoon lead the way. The BMPs take some fire from light anti-tank weapons and waste no time in returning fire. The situation in front of TAI 21 (if you need a refresher on the key terrain, see here) Of course, things have been going too well for far too long, and Surplice gets some shots in once again. A Wiesel is spotted taking a battle position by several T-72s....who have target arcs that do not cover the Wiesel's position. I can do nothing but watch as the TOW lazily snakes its way to the T-72 and catastrophically destroys it. The Wiesel retreats moments later. Surplice amazes me at how quickly he learns, you can see how he handle his units improving over the course of a battle. Its a tidy little engagement and he doggedly continues to try and bleed me white. This time however, I'm calling his bluff: I know his anti-tank defenses are greatly weakened and am going to push forward; something I can now do since the trailing platoons of both Mechanized companies have arrived. Next update: I intend to continue with the templated plan. With TAI 22 largely abandoned by my enemy I can move forward the Armor Group's weapons and BMPs to occupy it and at least act as a trip wire for any reinforcements that may arrive. The surviving T-72s and newly arrived Mech platoon can bypass the greenhouses (TAI 23), which have German infantry trapped in them. The goal here is to secure the causeway across the Wadi and shift my ATGMs to cover expected counterattack routes. I do not expect Surplice's trapped infantry can survive the firepower that can be brought to bear on their fighting positions, one at a time. He still has Wiesels out there, however, and he may show me my assumptions are based on erroneous math yet.
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    CMFB CTD when computing turn

    I can try loading it.
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    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Yes...you can obviously do some decent things with the AI programing. Especially with the AI controlling the defending side. What i mean though when i say that the AI is very limited in its ability to react to situations on the battlefield i mean things like... - having two AI groups of tanks moving down a road to cross a river. The first AI group gets shot up by the bridge. It would be kind of neat if the second AI group could 'react' and not continue down the same road...into the same deathtrap...but rather divert to a secondary crossing point. The AI can not do that right now. - Having an infantry platoon and a Tigertank defend a bridge. When/if the Tiger gets destroyed then the infantry platoon will pull back to a different location. - Having an AI group set up as a counterattacking force that would be able to attack in several different ways depending on how the player decides to advance. etc, etc... The fact that it currently makes no difference if a single sniper enters a triggerzone or if it is a full battalion that does the same thing is another thing that complicates AI programing somewhat. The scenario designer might want the AI to react in a certain way if the player moves into a specific area in force...and not react if the player only springs that trigger with a small scouting team...
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    Who plays Real Time mode?

    Re AI editor - I agree/disagree... AGREE: Yes, its actually pretty adaptable, and with careful triggers can "react" to human activity. My best AI results have been from playing a map multiple times against humans, noting and copying their actions (in whole/part) and building subsequent AI plans upon that historical record. I've used one human oppo's ambush against me as an AI plan and it worked perfectly against him when He playtested for me. Revenge by proxy :). DISAGREE: Boy, does that UI, wording and implementation approach need a massive update. My personal preference would be to be able to extract every single order, as a log file, from a faction in a particular battle and simply paste in as a pre-made AI plan into another map. Open it up in the editor and tweak each order as you like it. Essentially, take a replay, change the map and be able to scrub through the turns, adjusting orders per faction turn to account for the differences. Oh if wishes were fishes....
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    Tanks crossing Train Tracks

    Well, yes, sort of. Keeping the tank treads aligned along railway tracks really requires a ground guide in front of the tank to direct the driver; not a snail's pace but certainly slow because the ground guide has to walk backwards in order to watch the tank treads and use hand-signs to signal the driver. I opine that Battlefront should not implement such a feature. Ground Guides usually disappear when in the vicinity of enemy fires . .
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    Afrika Korps or Early War?

    Well, it's damn near unanimous! If given the choice between Afrika Korps and Early War Europe, Fulda Gap would win! Mord.
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    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    I actually answered this the other day, you must've missed the reply, Swant. @IICptMillerII, The answer is in the link above. It's so confusing to me now, I can't explain it here. But basically it has to do with an old scenario and how unis worked before 2.0. Mord.
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    Afrika Korps or Early War?

    LMAO! You guys are so predictable. We made it to one answer before it devolved into off topic wars. Mord: What's your favorite color? Poster 1: Green Poster 2: Fulda Gap! Mord: What's your favorite food? Poster 1: Pizza Poster 2: Fulda Gap! Mord: Who's your favorite porn star? Poster 1: Fulda Gap! Poster 2: Michael Emrys! Mord: Steve, Emrys' made a sock puppet... Mord. P.S. Come to think of it, Fulda Gap does sound like a German porn actress.
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    Help please - installing a mod

    Thanks, Ian.
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    A long delayed update

    All I can do is add my own NDA-restricted non-specific enthusiasm over (redacted), (redacted) and (redacted). And you can quote me on that!