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    Greetings! This is my first real attempt with the editor - which started out from this real-world Luftwaffe aerial shot I came across for the village of Golynki, west of Smolensk... ...which I stretched to fit more neatly into a CM-friendly grid, and came out with this map: It is a 2000m x 1792m map, covering a few types of terrain: a peat bog in the northern half, a wooded area and the near-pristine village of Tregubovka to the southeast, and the larger village of Golynki to the soutwest, which has been largely demolished and abandoned under the German occupation. The map is divided in half by drainage ditch running north-south (both it and a secondary ditch on the northeast side are passable 'shallow ford' throughout), and has a major rail line running east-west in the bottom quarter of the map. At the moment, I have no data on any actions that took place here - all I learned is that this area was recaptured by the Soviets in October 1943 (I originally thought it was part of the CMRT timeline in 1944, but it is not so). It's a very detailed, handcrafted map - it may still need a bit of optimization as I went very heavy on the flavour objects (so the frame rate might drag down in certain areas, depending on your system). On the upside, it's very pretty in places I'm trying to figure out what to do with it in terms of scenario - and since I have absolutely 0 experience with scenario building and AI programming at the moment, any help or advice would be appreciated! What would you like to see on this map? At the moment, there is no AI and all the parameters, objectives, etc. are placeholders only. It's only really usable in the editor right now. You may download my current WIP version of it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hA9cr80cdMmHkGK8mhhbNgZz_LAefsyH ...or in the forum attachment. If you have anything that you'd like to create on this map yourself, or use it or any part of it for your own scenarios - you're very welcome to do so (with credit for map given). Thanks for checking it out! CCIP - Golynki (v01 map only).btt
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    A plea for a French Army DLC

    At first I thought it was Photoshopped, honestly :). But you've explained very clearly and succinctly, thank you! Appreciated.
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    The patch?

    In my opinion, no go for it. But you can have an insurance scheme - be able to run either one whenever you like. Forget about the daunting task of upgrading just install a new fresh install of CMBN v4. One of the links you can download from your v4 upgrade purchase is a full install of CMBN with all the packs and modules. The download is big but you only have to run one install and active it with your key. So run the full install and make sure you point to a separate location on your HD and presto you can run CMBN v3 or CMBNv4 as you like.
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    Michael Emrys

    What will the next CM be?

    Funny you should mention that. Monday I brought home several boxes of books and games from my storage locker where they have been residing for the last twelve years, and one of the games was Fulda Gap, a board game released during the '70s by SPI. It felt kind of nice to hold it in my hands again. Michael
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    What will the next CM be?

    I'm with you buddy. Now, who's the patron saint of lost causes...
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    Don't worry, the next one will have LOTS of shooting in it.
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    What will the next CM be?

    FULDA GAP!!!
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