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    PC Specs

    I believe your 'build' should work fine for CM purposes. Admittedly it is always 'expectations' that color how good something may be. For CM single core CPU performance is the key for smooth (or 'near smooth') gameplay. While AMD has gotten a bit closer to Intel in terms of IPC (Instructions Per Clock/Cycle), it is still a bit behind. This is something you'll see when 'single core' benchmarks are run. AMD somewhat makes up for this in being a bit more affordable for the horsepower you are getting. An equivalent Intel system may cost a bit more. If you are willing to spend more (and possibly wait for availability... the latest Intel 8th generation CPUs tend to sell out) an i5 8400 might be a bit better of a performer for CM. The 8th generation Intel Core CPUs had a major change in the number of cores the CPUs have, with the mainstream CPUs moving from 4 cores to 6. This would be of no benefit to CM, but it helps Intel combat AMDs latest CPUs. One other difference is that the Ryzen 5 1500x is capable of being overclocked, while the i5 8400 does not officially support overclocking (locked multipliers, etc.). So you could get a little more performance out of the Ryzen, though it is possible that the i5 8400 may still outperform the overclocked Ryzen. Motherboard-wise an Intel board (Z370 chipset) will be a bit more expensive than the AMD B350 series (around US$30 - $50 on average). I believe you could use the same RAM, though you'll always want to check any memory QVLs (Qualified Vendor List) for a motherboard to make sure you're getting something compatible. The video card should be fine. Video cards are part of the graphics performance equation for CM, but not nearly as much as CPUs. More horsepower in the video card can allow for better texture filtering and anti-aliasing. Perhaps future versions of CM can benefit a bit more from high performance GPUs than the series does currently.
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    after 1.32 update the game won't start?

    Thank you so much! It was antivirus program.
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    I just installed the entire CMSF series on a AMD Ryzen system running Windows 10 v. 1709 and the Avast (free) anti-virus. Avast interfered at times (especially with the patches), but after each module install, activating said module the game ran fine. This includes the 1.32 patch. In my case there was no need to make any changes to the DEP settings. That may not always be true for everyone and it could vary depending on the CPU and motherboard you have. Where was the 1.32 patch downloaded from ? I suggest selecting the 'Battlefront server' for the download (which will actually come from Battlefront's Sharefile account). For now, reinstall the 1.31 patch and make sure that ALL of the appropriate boxes are checked during the patch install (i.e. - checkmarks for each module that you have and the base game). See if CMSF runs now. Hopefully it does. Disable any anti-virus you have (temporarily) and run the recently downloaded 1.32 patch by right-clicking it and selecting 'Run as administrator' from the popup menu. Again, make sure that all of the appropriate boxes are checked in the patch installation. With that finished attempt to run CMSF and see if it gives you the same error (with your anti-virus/security software disabled). You will want to launch the game again with the right-click and 'Run as administrator' selection again. Hopefully this works (and the game has been patched to 1.32 as seen at the bottom middle of the main menu screen). If it does, go ahead and exit the game and then re-enable your anti-virus/security software and add an exception for the Battlefront directory that is typically in your 'Program Files (x86)' directory (assuming you're running the 64-bit version of Windows).
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    Michael Emrys

    DARKEST HOUR movie

    I don't think it was so much a matter of the British voters falling out of love with Churchill personally, after all, they returned him to Parliament in that election. They just felt that Labour would give them a better break. In other words, they had long since lost confidence in the Conservative party. Michael
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