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    Tactics of the WWII U.S.

    Hi guys Even if i watch the forum every week, i don't find the need to post. I play all the games since the first CMBO and i still like it after all those years. Today i just found a channel on youtube that can be interesting especially for new players. It's called G.I. History Handbook https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwP2RKKNYv7o8DJwYO9KxA there are only 3 videos but i think they are very well made. I don't know if that was allready mentioned on the forum but i think it was great to share the link. There is another reason why i decided to talk about those videos. On the video about infantry tactics there is an indication of the practical range of BAR automatic rifles. With the last uppdate of the game, BAR and Bren have been limited to less than 200 m in automatic fire. I know that this was allready mentionned on another thread but i don't know if Battlefront answered to it, if it's a bug or not. I think this totally cripples allied infantry. German squads can use lmgs at 600 m or more and have an unrealistic advantage i think. On the vidéo, it is indicated that lmg can be used on groups of men from 500 to 1 000 yards, 400 to 900 m. Rifles are used at about 400 m . In the vidéo it's at minute 10 and after. I guess that for the Bren, it was more or less the same. I don't think that at long distance, those weapons shoot only single shot, especially at groups of men. I just hope that this can be changed in futur patch. I hope that people will enjoy the link and that the maker of the video will keep is very good job. I wish there was something like this for other nations. best regards Furinkazan
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    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears Fields of Tears is a interactive CMFB Campaign that picks up where my CMBN Campaign: In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow leaves off and follows the actions of Captain Charles Stevens and A Company, 31st Tank Battalion, 7th Armored Division, around St. Vith, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. It requires the latest version of CMFB and all immersion mods needed are in the download. They are tagged to this campaign only. It is playable from the Blue Side only. The campaign is a story driven campaign like "Poppies" where you must keep Stevens and other important personnel alive and still complete the mission objectives to advance in the campaign. The storyline is in the Designer Notes for each mission. The campaign begins with a mission in Germany and then continues after the Germans launch their Ardennes offensive Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein. Elements of the 7th Armored Division, the 31st Tank Battalion, including Captain Stevens and A Company are sent to the St. Vith area where they are to make contact and destroy the enemy forces advancing on the town. The campaign is based loosely on historical facts. Core Units: A Co HQ: Capt. C. Stevens (Snake Eye) (CO) 1st Lt. P. Jarrett (Hammer) 2nd Lt. R. Vanicor (Dancer) 1st Platoon: WO C. Carlisle (Cowboy) SSgt B. Hash (Machine) Sgt. E. Edmond (Easy) Sgt. M. Newby (Dinosaur) Sgt. J. Smith (Cleaner) 2nd Platoon: WO J. Courville (Pappy) SSgt. R. Davis (Uptight) Sgt. B. Tuck (Preacher) Sgt. K. Hooper (Jester) Sgt. D. Gray ( Slick) 3rd Platoon: WO J. Royce (Southpaw) SSgt. C. Honeycutt (Cool Hand) Sgt. W. Morris (Hook) Sgt. S. Gappa (Cruiser) Sgt. D. Burlyson (Joker) B Company: 3x Platoons 31st Tank Battalion HQ: Lt. Col. R. Erlenbusch Maj. W. Beatty 1st Lt. Minvielle CCB 7th Armored Division: Brig. General B. Clarke 1x Platoon (Recon) Non Core Units: 334th Infantry Regiment D Company 38th Armored Infantry Battalion A Company B Company D Company 423rd Infantry Regiment F Company 168th Engineer Battalion A Company 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion HQ Company B Company 87th Cavalry Recon Squadron Troop B 16th Field Artillery 4 x 105mm Howitzers 203rd AAA Battalion 1 x Platoon 275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion 4 x 105mm Howitzers German Forces: 13th Fallschirmjager Regiment 193rd Volksgrenadier Regiment 16th Panzer Regiment 146th Artillery Regiment Fuhrer Begleit Brigade Grenadier Regiment 294 Artillery Regiment 1818 190th Regiment 60th Volksgrenadier 14th Fallschirmjager Regiment 116th Panzer Division 19th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 20th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 1 Fuhrer Begleit Brigade Panzergrenadier Battalion Campaign Specifics: Campaign Tree: 1. Antons Bridge ( Allied Attack) 2. First Contact (Meeting Engagement) 3. Holding the Line (Axis Attack) 4. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Allied Probe) 5. Counterattack at Hunnigen (Allied Attack) 6. The II SS Panzer Corps Strikes (Axis Attack) Maps: The first battle, Antons Bridge, is an original map by me. The other maps in the campaign are from the excellent master maps that came with the game. I reworked them extensively to achieve the immersion I was after for the campaign. Mods: (All credit goes to the authors of the mods) US and German Snowy Uniforms and Gear by Ithikial. King Tiger Mod by PzPJ American Sherman Pack and Gear by Aris Snowy US Vehicles by Umlaut Mords US Portraits by Mord (modified by me with the unit insignias used in the campaign.) Various winter fortifications from the Winter Mod by the Winter Mod Team Assorted damaged vehicle textures by me Special Note: I used Worghern Blitzkrieg Environment : CMFB 2.0 while designing the campaign which is not included in the download. I highly recommend adding this as the campaign was designed and modified using these textures as well as the Winter Mod for CMFB which will work seamlessly with Worgherns mod.. While it can be played without these I highly recommend using them as the tags in the campaign will pick them up. Here is the link to download Worghern Blitzkrieg Environment : CMFB. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=3984 Here is the link to download Kohlenklau’s Winter Mod for Final Blitzkrieg. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=3991& Also Umlauts Snowy German Vehicle mods are not included but highly recommended. Once again to follow the storyline read the Designers Notes. I hope it proves to be enjoyable. Here is the link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0kdb0qhc34iti5/CMFB Fields of Tears.zip?dl=0 Michael (dragonwynn)
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    I can across this whilst doing some youtube surfing. I was impressed by the production. The clip (taken from a German series called 'Dusty faces')shows a German unit in action in a small wooded area against some dug in Soviet infantry. A warning - it does contain some graphic scenes.
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    Armored Infantry Platoon HQ

    I was generally using US infantry in the WWII titles but recently have started to use Armored Infantry. I like the idea of having the tracks with additional ammo for resupply. It kind of adds a logistics element to battles. However I was accustom to the platoon HQ as a separate team in the straight leg infantry platoons. In CMFI the 44A Armored Infantry platoon HQ is part of 1st Squad. Same for Armored Infantry in CMBN & CMFB. I have been experimenting around with the best way to administratively split the HQ teams in a US Armored Infantry Platoon. I found a way, using the administrative commands that ends up with the Platoon Leader (the Lt.) in one team and the platoon sergeant (SFC) in a different team. There is also C team with three riflemen. The interesting thing is both the Lt. and the SFC have arty/mortar calling ability. It is easiest to make all these administrative splits during the Setup phase. So with the below administrative split there are two separate teams in an Armored Infantry platoon that can call for fire. Split Assault Team from base and then Scout Team from base. (If you stop here this scout team has the radio which might prove useful. Or disastrous.) Place Assault Team and the Scout Team in the same action square and allow them to recombine. Then take the now combined Assault Team and Scout Team and use Split Teams. You will end up with three teams two of which can call for fire support. Following the above administrative splits you end up with the following. And C Team Any other suggestions /ideas for administratively splitting teams? Please share any tips you may have.
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    Buddy Aid

    I was just about to write that... +1 for @MOS:96B2P
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    This may be a bit unconventional and unrealistic, but when I can't be bothered to do all of the movement necessary to be the attacker (which is most of the time) I select a medium-sized assault and I give the attacker a 70 percent boost to its forces. Then I choose the attacker's forces manually, doing it as fast as possible and without looking at the display of what they have, in the hope I'll forget exactly how many tanks they have, and then I choose my own defending forces. My thinking is that scouts might have observed the ememy's approach and have a decent idea of their configuration. This is not ideal, but better then having the computer select its own forces. Even in its latest iteration, I find time and again the game chooses an attacking force consisting of nothing but tanks, or no tanks, lots of troops, and about 50 useless half tracks, despite my clicking 'mix' for the make-up of the forces. (Btw, couldn't battlefront get somebody to make up, say, 20 different configurations of attacking and defending forces for each side and then have random selection operate between those configurations, so each time you let the computer choose either your or the emeny's forces you got some sort of workable combination?). Basically, when I choose to be the defender in a quick battle I make the attacking forces massive, to try to make up for their tactical stupidity. This might even be fairly realistic if you're defending against the Russians on the Easter Front, or against the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge (I've read accounts of extremely dumb tactics by German local area commanders in that battle, probably due to their lack of experience)...
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    The History of WeGo games.

    I had almost forgotten about Battlefields! I followed the development of the this game for about 10 years before finally I gave up checking on it. Seemed like a worthy successor to the V for Victory family...
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    Well, if you've got fifty grand or so to contribute towards hiring a couple more programmers, I'd say you have a right to gripe. Otherwise, you might try admitting that you don't really know what kind of workload they are coping with. Michael
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    can not play these game any more?

    no good deed goes unpunished.
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    On offense with only two teams in the squad TOE I generally use Assault Team for recon. The lead assault team of the platoon takes recon (point). They have the SMGs, most grenades and smoke grenades. The B team follows behind providing overwatch. The Assault Team moves to a terrain feature. After the Assault Team arrives at the terrain feature then B team moves to the same (or very close) terrain feature. The Assault Team moves to the next terrain feature. Then B team moves to the same (or very close) terrain feature. etc. The remainder of the platoon follows behind with the Platoon HQ attempting to keep at least B team (of the point squad) in C2 since they are going to (hopefully) observe first contact. I generally only use Split Team with Germans when defending. Then I can usually get two MG42 MG positions with this split.
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    As it happens I am a Beta tester and you did not say that you had opened a ticket so I think it was a fair comment. Anyway, whatever, I hope you get it fixed.
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    can not play these game any more?

    And ... as most of these threads end up saying - if none of that works, open a support ticket with Battlefront.
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    Mad Mike

    Mord's CMFB Unit Portraits Mod

    And this one is for the 21.1.1945: Number Type comment 346 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 2 Fals Div 6 Fals Div 84 Inf Div Kampfgruppe 180 Inf Div 190 Inf Div 606 Inf Div Special Purpose 176 Inf Div 59 Inf Div 183 Volks Gren Div 353 Inf Div 363 Volks Gren Div 85 Inf Div 272 Volks Gren Div 62 Volks Gren Div 27 SS Div Langemark 28 SS Div Wallonien 277 Volks Gren Div 89 Inf Div 3 Fals Div 246 Volks Gren Div 18 Volks Gren Div 326 Volks Gren Div 9 SS Pz Div 15 Pz Gren Div 560 Volks Gren Div Remains 26 Volks Gren Div Führer-Begleit-Brigade Pz Div 340 Volks Gren Div 187 Volks Gren Div 5 Fals Div 3 Pz Gren Div 9 Pz Div Führer-Grenadier-Brigade Pz Div 276 Volks Gren Div 79 Volks Gren Div 352 Volks Gren Div 2 Pz Div 212 Volks Gren Div 9 Volks Gren Div Lehr Pz Div 116 Pz Div Reserve 416 Inf Div 11 Pz Div 719 Inf Div 347 Inf Div 19 Volks Gren Div 17 SS Pz Gren Div 559 Volks Gren Div 257 Volks Gren Div 6 SS Div Mountain 256 Volks Gren Div 36 Volks Gren Div 245 Inf Div Rässler Inf Div 21 Pz Div 25 Pz Gren Div 47 Volks Gren Div 265 Inf Div Remains 526 Inf Div 361 Volks Gren Div Reserve Panzerbrigade 106 Pz Div 198 Inf Div 708 Volks Gren Div 189 Inf Div 16 Volks Gren Div 338 Inf Div 159 Inf Div 716 Inf Div Kampfgruppe Hütler Inf Div 553 Volks Gren Div 405 Inf Div Breisach Inf Div 48 Volks Gren Div 7 Fals Div 10 SS Pz Div 1 SS Pz Div Reserve 2 SS Pz Div Reserve 12 SS Pz Div Reserve
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    Mord's CMFB Unit Portraits Mod

    No problem, Mord. I also found this. Look at Kriegsgliederungen/OOB's. But in the same category as the above link, I'm afraid, so feel free to ignore it. I will continue to look though. http://www.diedeutschewehrmacht.de/
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    Mord's CMFB Unit Portraits Mod

    Yeehawwww! (not very helpful, but heartfelt). Perhaps this is useful as a start, Mord. German OOB for September 1944, too soon for you, I know. https://www.feldgrau.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=7043 Please join in, people, this man has a job to do!
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    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    For goodness sake, this a screenshot topic. Go and start a new topic with those sorts questions.
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    BM Oplot needs its ammo choice fixed

    Sounds like you need a new hobby if this one makes you that upset.
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    I'm waiting for the guy to say "Oh S&#$ my wife's gonna kill me for firing this in the living room!"
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    General Jack Ripper

    Buddy Aid

    Buddy Aid makes me feel better, so the fact it doesn't actually make a difference to the game score is irrelevant. At least, in my opinion...