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    Very clever!! I've done a couple different things in the past to get contour lines: 1. Capture the map images from the editor, ensuring the topo lines are somewhat visible, stitch them together in Photoshop (if required, usually is for large maps), then I apply different filters until I get the look, contour clarity that I am looking for.. add a grid, and presto, a great map for planning: From CMBS BETA AAR: 2. In the CMFI BETA AAR Eye of the Elefant I overlaid (in Photoshop) the map I used as a basis for the map in CM onto a screenshot of the map from the game, again added a grid.. this was the most effective.
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    Multiplayer Newbie

    if you need help im also willing to pbem you and guide you step by step
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    "Herr Feldwebel, was ist das? Are vee are going into hyper-drive?" "Nein, Fritz, vee are going to haf ein really bad day! Zis ist gonna really hurt bad..." Arrrggghhh, my lads spotted a US armored car packing a really bad surprise...damn those canister rounds!!! Heinrich505
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    I got the situation above (battle of Aachen) nicely recreated. So hand grenade salvoes across railroad embankments are doable, although not in quite so spectacular fashion as in the battle action example. (Another battle account mentiones about 1000 men doing that hand grenade salvoe simultaneously across the length of the embankment). Neat.
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    Good Wargaming Clubs

    Hey guys! I want to start playing ladder matches in CMBN, so I have to join a wargaming club. So far I know only the 'Few Good Men', seems to be a good bunch, but can you point out other Clubs so I can get an complete overview? Thanks in advance Olf
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    Thanks, Bil! Nice variation of the grenade throwing variant across obstacles. Got to try that! Reminds me of some battle action written in: Block by Block: The Challenges of Urban Operations, from CGSC Press http://usacac.army.mil/CAC2/cgsc/carl/download/csipubs/BlockByBlock_TheChallengesOfUrbanOperations.pdf "On 13 October the reduction of Aachen began, with the two battalions moving out in simultaneous but separate attacks. The first obstacle that confronted the 2/26 was a railroad embankment, fifteen to thirty feet high, that ran from southwest to northeast along the battalion front. Three artillery battalions delivered a 23-minute preparatory fire on the far side of the embankment, followed by a “grenade barrage,” in which every man of the two lead companies tossed grenades over the obstacle. At 0930 the troops clambered over the embankment, only to find that the area behind was undefended." Nice to figure out that some these actions are basically possible in CMX2, which speaks for the game engine! Excellent Blog, btw.
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    True enough. However thats stinger reloads and I did admit I was wrong. Look at the map and plus I have screenies to add where Ive advanced further and he knocked out a bmp and two tanks with javelins that are now atomized. But Abrams and Bradleys are a little less of a mystery than whether he can reload stingers... so where are they???
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    So maybe I am not wasting my time posting here. If this had been done before I am sure I would have seen it/heard about it by now. I guess I feel compelled now to reveal my newly discovered competitive advantage to the rest of the CM world. Damn! In a nutshell, create a single image of the entire map area as displayed within the Scenario Editor/Map/Elevation screen (zoom level 3), stitching together multiple screenshots as will most likely be the case. Use an image manipulation program to select all the elevation numbers (a one click process) which will then allow for the creation/transformation in to a simple two tone image. Import image in to an OCR program to convert to a data file, import this in to a spreadsheet program that can create 2D surface plots. Depending on the size of the map and if you know what you are doing this whole process can take maybe 5-20 min. Adding the buildings, trees and roads is an additional step but it is all 100% accurate and again quite simple. I am happy to take requests and create these maps for any scenario out there as further proof of just how easy and effective the process can be. I'm not sure what you are talking about there. If BFC want to remain secretive/funny about what they are planning, fine, the rest of us will go on what we do know. If a user goes searching the forums, they will find that there seems to be no evidence of plans for BFC to ever consider/implement some kind of topographical/contour line map/overlay. Maybe after seeing how easy it was to generate what I did from what they already have in the game, and how effective/useful these maps are they may re-evaluate their position. I certainly hope they realise that if they are incapable of implementing something directly in to the game, then perhaps they can do something to facilitate the process I outlined above which allows players to externally generate the kinds of topographical/contour line maps I have been able to create. Specifically a delimited text file EXPORT function of the tile elevations within the Scenario Editor that could then be easily imported in to a spreadsheet program to then generate 2D surface plots. That would eliminate the screenshot taking/stitching/manipulation and OCR steps completely and save players 80% of the time needed to create these maps. In fact, if they were ever going down that path, they may as well also implement an IMPORT text file function to generate maps from text files. A simple EXPORT/IMPORT functionality like that would be an incredibly useful addition to the game for both players and scenario designers alike.
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    Bridgehead at Kharalyk DAR (NO RHYS!)

    Well shucks. I just surrendered in this battle and I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to finish this DAR as real-life is rather busy these days. My AFVs got picked off one by one, mostly by precision strikes and air attack, and I was left with a depleted infantry company in the town that was just slowly getting blasted to bits from afar. I honestly feel as if I outplayed my opponent, but APS and overwhelming indirect fire got the better of me. I recently played as the Americans against another friend and he tactically outperformed me by a wide margin, but I still won the battle thanks to APS and indirect firepower. I have to say that playing against the Americans is really unforgiving (not as hard as playing as the Syrians in CMSF, but still tough), whereas playing as the Americans with full APS is remarkably forgiving when compared to any other force in CM. I don't think I've fully adapted to the necessary tactics you need to employ as the Russians in this game. While the scenario is excellent, I would have really appreciated a bit more air support and a few more ATGM teams. Hats off yet again to George MC for the great work!
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    Soviet SMGs II

    Sorry to dig this up again but being (again) on the receiving end of Soviet SMGs one thought came up: HE is nerfed a bit to accommodate the bunching up of pixeltroopers so shouldn't there be a similar mechanic for SMGs? Obviously any spray&pray type weapon would have an advantage against high density targets. Maybe that is causing the perceived effectiveness?
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    First ever PBEM & AAR

    Ugh. Some bad moments. Lost my left Hook Tunguska to a, well, not sure really. Precision Arty or a mine, dunno, but total hull loss. Smoke intended to blond his centre line has instead land in the open centre ground, screwing with my crossfire arcs on his central M1A2. Right flank list 3 BMPs in a debacle of crappie manoeuvring. Lesson learned: NEVER, *EVER* ATTACK LEFT -*AND* RIGHT AT A T-JUNCTION. Choose one arm of the T, and concentrate. I've pulled Right Flank back, going to withdraw rapido before those M1A2s charge forward. Still have 2 mech Co on reserve. T90s sitting quiet, some small adjustment to anticipate a possible US counter attack on the right. Remaining Tunguska has trashed his front line buildings facing my Left Hook, then bailed off. Dropboxxed my latest play but getting the notification email bounced back from a full in box. Oh well....
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    Throwing grenades over a wall ...How ??

    ya tell me about it MOS. Speaking of lousy luck whats up with our games ? =p seriously thanks Rockin good find n work
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    RPG vs Bulletproof Glass

    that thar bmp blowed up real gud!!
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    Great idea. Really liked this one by Bozowans:
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    Because Bradley

    Steve, have a seat. You're not helping.
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    Because Bradley

    I'll stop as a favor to you, Sublime. They've never been "good" to me, and I've never cared about his mood. He's in our thread about our game, rather than where he should be about his issue. Now someone get over to second platoon and fix their radios.
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    why is the game so expensive

    This is what I tell the pizza delivery guy all the time. He is a parasite because he didn't cook the bloody pizza, he just facilitated it ending up in my hands, in exchange for my money. I really hate that guy, thinking that he is offering a service and getting paid for it. The game isn't expensive though. $60 isn't real money anymore.
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    FXShine shader

    @RockinHarry Honestly I see a problem with the fan-attitude of some posters here. They are shooting down good ideas all the time. I fear, if it was told prior, which values were changed and which ones are original, they would (maybe even subconsciously) prefer the unchanged ones. Psychology, you know. Therefore I think blind tests are best to receive unbiased feedback. Afterwards ofcourse we should discuss what the effects of the values are. For shader testing I think that it was good, if we would have certain test-scenes, to make reproducible screenshot comparisons among the different shaders. Therefore I plan to upload the savefiles, of the screenshots when I am finished uploading the pics.
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    John Kettler

    General Topics Related To CMBS

    Steve, That's some truly impressive information, and in light of their own testimony, the two men captured are absolutely Spetsnaz. I am surprised, though, a captain was involved in terms of an officer. Would've expected someone in one of the lieutenant grades instead. I do find it interesting that the much reviled on the Forums Suvorov/Rezun was cited as a credible source on a Spetsnaz matter, and I would like to build on that a bit. The captured sergeant when interviewed said they were on no diversionary mission, a statement which immediately caught my eye. Why? Per Suvorov/Rezun, the mere existence then of Russian diversionary troops was highly secret in and of itself. In his Spetsnaz, he describes how he was clued in on this by way of a GRU officer's questions about his views of the Green Berets, to which Suvorov replied both from a political (communist Party) perspective (Green Berets as rapists and murderers) and from a military one (highly trained, dangerous, daring saboteurs and killers), to which he was informed that the Red Army might have something similar. The follow-up question was how many might there be, to which Suvorov/Rezun came up with the confounding right answers, based on similarity to a known formation TO&E. Given the above, that the sergeant directly proclaimed they weren't on a diversionary mission is a huge red flag, for who preemptively denies he, alone or as part of a group, did something unless there is in fact some potential exposure involved? The typical Russian infantryman simply isn't, from everything I can tell, trained in diversionary operations. Therefore, I believe there would be no awareness of diversionary operations as a possibility to be concerned about. Thus, we have direct statements unmistakably showing not only was this recon part of a Spetsnaz op, but that it was in the broader context of a 220 man Spetsnaz force operating inside Ukraine territory. And the Spetsnaz connection is confirmed, in my view, by the preemptive statement made by the sergeant. That same site presented a confidentially obtained Russian defense industry report which conclusively showed not only that what downed Flight 17 was a Buk, but that it was a Buk M1. The report is, in my view, a really impressive piece of military technical analysis which is so detailed that it goes into specific Buk M1 unique warhead fragments recovered! These are entirely different than those on the warhead for the baseline Buk missile. http://en.novayagazeta.ru/politics/68386.html The report doesn't mention the considerable evidence the Russians imported a Buk M1 TELAR into the Donbass on behalf of the so-called separatists, instead asserting it was a Ukraine Buk that did the deed. VladimirTarasov, While I know having your country called on the Forums over not just a covert op but a covert war is pushing a lot of your buttons, Russia has no monopoly on such matters. The US fought what was called the Secret War in Laos, and when it was eventually discovered, it was part of then-President Nixon's undoing. What hard-hitting journalist Hunter S. Thompson says of Nixon's actions in Laos ought to give just about anyone pause. "He was a cheap crook and a merciless war criminal who bombed more people to death in Laos and Cambodia than the U.S. Army lost in all of World War II, and he denied it to the day of his death." As for the Vietnam War, the American public was sold a total bill of goods, starting with that Vietnam was strategic and going downhill from there. During that war, I was, having as we say drunk the Kool Aid™, linking doesn't seem to work, very pro-Vietnam War. Years later in college when I read the by then almost unredacted Pentagon Papers I got to read the truth, and it seared me to my soul. Briefly, Vietnam was not strategic, the US government didn't care about the Vietnamese people, as it loudly and many time claimed to, and the real point of the Vietnam War was to, without resorting to nukes, show Russia we were tough. You can look up the various havoc and economic costs those decisions cost all concerned for yourself. And long before all, the US fought the Banana Wars, and has done all sorts of unsavory (kind characterization) things since. These things simply are; they happened, no matter how embarrassing or how I might wish otherwise. My country was so good at genocide that Hitler, inspired by what we did to the Native Americans, modeled his Final Solution on it. We here recognize you are in a really awkward fix, both in terms of coming to grips with what evidently is unthinkable to you on one hand, but of likely feeling constrained in what you can say if you've realized that the evidence we've presented is credible, but the truth will out, and no amount of squirming or denial will change the objective facts. I believe two quotes are apt. Then-SecNav W. Graham Claytor "Everyone's entitled to his own opinion; everyone's not entitled to his own facts." Stephen Decatur 'Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.' The nature of special warfare is that the missions are high risk, high payoff. And the ideal is to get in clean and exit clean, but it doesn't always work out that way. A British SAS op during ODS was blown shortly after it landed, resulting in a harrowing pursuit and horrible, brutal prison experience. Of eight men in one squad, one was KIA and two more died of hypothermia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bravo_Two_Zero In another instance, a 60-man SAS force was blown by a young Iraqi boy, resulting in a chase for the ages and... http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/382999/Heroes-of-Operation-No-Return And let's not forget the unmitigated disaster that was Extortion 17. 38 killed, of which 22 were Navy SEALs, and they were by no means the only special operators who died in that awful and fully preventable shootdown. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/20/families-suspect-seal-team-6-crash-was-inside-job-/?page=all These are but a few examples of Spec Ops missions gone wrong. Even when they go right, they can be horribly expensive in terms of casualties. Storming the Presidential Palace by KGB Spetsnaz at the beginning of the Invasion of Afghanistan Invasion was, despite intimate knowledge of the target, the training of the guards (Russian trained), even their schedules, a very expensive almost failure, but it got the job done. Watch this video, where you can see the direct participants tell their stories, and pay special attention to the almost annihilating casualties which resulted to the attackers. Spetsnaz: Inside The Russian SAS - Killing For The Kremlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l918ta0nylY To me, what happened to that Spetsnaz squad in Ukraine doesn't strike me as unusual at all in the broader context of covert operations. Things can and do go wrong, and the odds of their doing so get much higher if key information is missing. Regards, John Kettler Steve,
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    Dont Kill a Good Game with MODS

    Mods can screw up a game I agree.. but they can also help a lot. Of course this doesn't seem to apply to CM since it is excellently made but if you had a game.. say Close Combat mods are the only thing to save it.. CC3 sucked but realred and westfront helped a lot..
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    Eastern Front 1941-1945.. maybe 1939 included for Russo-Finn war?
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    Wood Bunkers

    Waaaay off topic, but thanks for the speedy and effective reply to my dads email about changing the shipping adress Steve.. Jeff C
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    YESS!! I GOT MINE!!!! AHHH!!!

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    New scenario available

    Hey dumbo good job! I played it last night as the Germans.. the Germans suprise was a good touch and it saved the battle for me, fairly tough fight and i love the map put together and the force balance was really good.. though i think the British may be a bit weak... Only problem I noticed was the squad specific names in the briefing? I knew which squads you were talking about by location, but I think the squads you chose in making it had one set of names, then the game randomized them or something whenever someone else plays...?
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    New Scenario! Parker's Crossroads

    Manx, the Utrechtsweg (Sp?) Op on your site I downloaded doesnt work, whenever I try to play it in CM it crashes me to desktop.. every other scenario I've downloaded works except that one and McKinley's battalion..? Could you check those, the Utrechtsweg Op is one I really want to play =)
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    Blocky smoke, still

    i have the problem with voodoo 2.. its REALLY annoying..
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    I've been lurking (gasp) here since about the time the beta demo came out.. I was about to start a PBEM game a bunch of times but held off.. I guess Ill let someone kick my ass if they wanna =)
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    Disappearing POWs

    Probably.. I've heard of people marching them through minefields to get rid of them. But then again whats the point? They're worth more points alive anyways (no pun intended) But if you wanna get rid of them you may be able to target them (never tried) or you can just do an area target.. or you could just get a single squad member, split a squad, or maybe some left over tank crew?
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    Just in case you thought I forgot

    #27.. Germans pls?
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    A simple request

    Someone needs to edit in the Greek Cross.. I could care less about the Swastika but I like the way the Greek Cross looks better..
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