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    Sgt Joch

    References to "Armored Spearheads"

    Err, ok, I deny your denial. I have been doing a lot of in depth research on the 4th ADs drive north. The advance by each of the Combat Commands, CCA, CCB and CCR were led by a cavalry recon element composed of light tanks and vehicles. I can even give you the exact pages to check in the U.S. Army official history if you wish.
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    I have done a test about vehicle speeds (Kubel, Opel Blitz, 251/1) on different types of terrain. Here are the results: At normal speed, no matter what kind of ground, the speed for all vehicles is 16 km/h. 16 km/h on rocky terrain and 16 km/h on a paved road? This does not seem right to me. The speed on very bad ground (like rocky) seems way to high to me. Driving with 16 km/h on rocky terrain with a truck? Good luck! The normal speed for that terrain IMO should be 10 km/h at maximum. Probably walking speed to avoid severe damage after a few meters would be more suited from realism point of view. Transferring this into more realistic game factors this maybe could result in 5 km/h for normal speed (inflicting no damage) and maybe 16 km/h at fastest speed - but with a dramatically increased chance to damage the vehicle. This leads me to the third problem I see: because bad terrain does not have a devastating impact on speed (or on damage, if the terrain is ignored by the player and he orders a fast movement) the variation in speed between the different types of terrain seems not big enough. For example: "normal" speed: on paved road for a Jeep could be around 50 km/h, but 5 km/h on rocky. Fast: IMO shows a nice variation between terrain types (12 - 70 km/h) - but sadly damage is missing completely. What do you think about the numbers?
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    US Open -Top Vehicles Tips

    Here are some tips for the M8 HMC, M20, M8 GREYHOUND, Priest, Half-Tracks, MG Jeeps I thought it was a terrible idea but many US vehicles are opened topped letting in enemy fire, grenades, mortars, water etc.. Here are some tips to make them come to life and work better for you. -Park under trees in the shadows, this will minimize enemy seeing you at a distance and will increase your fire hits. If an enemy can't see you in the dark shadows his shots will be poor. -Don't park or travel below an enemy that is above you.. -Stay away from fields with many shrubs, for the enemy that you can't see will toss grenades inside. -Half-Tracks need to park far away from buildings an mg-42 will go them with ease. (only when close) You can park right up behind an allied tank to unload near to a building though. -If you are defending an area with an m20 or greyhound go hull down behind a stone wall, if there is none hull down behind anything, a bush is better than nothing. -Use them to work together with troops. They will expose enemy for you and you will to them. -Another good thing about trees is some protection from mortars and return fire. -Don't park in a way where the vehicle looks like it's tipping to one side and exposes the entire inside to the enemy, try to find even ground. -Yet another thing about trees is harder for aircraft to spot you. -Don't park close to buildings with open topped vehicles where they can throw grenades or shoot down inside. Stay on the outskirts of towns or in hedges! -Align your armor so the front is facing the enemy. -Use HE for indirect fire, enemy troops will start to run away, this is when you should pop out of tank hatch to use the coaxial guns. Works very good. -Clear MG-42s in buildings. Most of these vehicles have a .50 caliber mg, that is a big round that will go through any houses or building with ease. It is nothing an mg-42 team is willing to stick around for. But yet again make sure you are far enough way from buildings, .50 cal and your cannon has a longer range than the mg-42. -Force an enemy to blow it's cover. Pop out of the turret and directly back in once in awhile to let enemy troops shoot and you, if they are dumb enough to try. you have the location now, and can use HE or canister indirect fire on the area. -In a rainy missions unsure of game modifier but tree cover may help aiming the gun and stop water on crew for that better shot. -Unsure of dirt road dust causes poor aim for open top stuff as well.
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    Stryker 1/35 model build

    I started this project more than a year ago. At the time, I was playing a lot of Shock Force and was thus inspired to put some aftermarket slat armor on. Well, the slat armor didn't work out (anyone who has succeeded with that, good on you). So, I ditched the slat and just went for the general armor-less build. I thought about putting some ERA blocks on to mimic a "Black Sea" up-armored M1126 styled variant, but couldn't find any decent kits. After some digging around, I found a unit that appeared to operate slat-cage-less Strykers in Afghanistan at some point in 2009, so that is what this one became a tribute to. After putting the finishing touches on tonight, I am pretty happy with the outcome. I am definitely still learning a lot with modeling. A few mistakes here and there, a few things I would have done differently. Thankfully all the images of Strykers in Afghanistan show these vehicles just plastered with dust and sand, so heavy weathering was helpful to hide any blemishes. Anyway, any critique or comments would be welcome!
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    Bud, Just back to the forum and so sorry to hear about your RL crisis. Along with all the previous posters, I hope all goes well. The battle seems to be shaping up with plenty of interesting twists. Keep the pressure on. Heinrich505
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    Heh, yeah I meant AOA 2 .. from my point of view Bud it is looking like most of the defenses you are running into are along the AOA 2 axis.. and with next to nothing (seemingly) on AOA 1 that would tell me that AOA1 "might" be a better route to throw your main combat power on (or whatever you want to commit to clearing this first line). Still, its very early and you need to recon further into KT2 to find out what the real picture is of the enemy defenses.
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    Because Bradley

    Well at the moment, it does have over modelled armour protection (bordering a force field) on its roof from incoming 120mm projectiles. Especially on the engine deck...
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    ASL Veteran

    Loading scenario into the game?

    If you mean you have a new scenario file or you have created a new scenario file all you have to do is move the file into the Scenario sub folder which can be found in the Game Files folder. If you have done that and the scenario doesn't show up on your list of available battles then you should make sure that the scenario is appropriate for the specific game family you are playing because a CMFI scenario probably won't show up in the CMBN folder.
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    QUESTION 6 CONTINUED Earlier I promised you that the Commander was going to make a decision about which COA to adopt – that time is right here and right now. Usually (I’m talking Battalion level and above – which this is not) the Commander would receive a COA Backbrief/Commander’s Decision Brief. Formats vary from HQ to HQ but generally it would involve the draft Scheme of Manoeuvre, Synch Matrix, Draft DSO and a scoring method and relative advantages and disadvantages. We’re not going to do all that because you’ve seen the draft products being developed so I want to focus on relative advantages and disadvantages and a scoring method. The scoring method will be a 1-5 scale with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest and we will score the COAs against the principles of offence, because this is an offensive operation. Clearly if this was a defensive operation I would employ the principles of defence as my scoring method. There are other methods/metrics (eg Principles of War or by Functions in Combat (Battlefield Operating Systems (BOS) for US forum dwellers)) but this is the one I prefer. So what are they: Seek surprise. Maintain security. Seize key terrain. Achieve fire superiority. Exploit manoeuvre. Concentrate the effects of combat power. Plan to exploit success. Keep it simple. Here we go then: So COA 3 it is then … well not yet, but it is off to a good start. Before I move on, some explanation as to the scoring where it is not blindingly obvious. Seek Surprise – COAs 1 and 2 score badly here because the initial phases employ predictable avenues of approach and attack the enemy from the direction he is expecting. Maintain Security – COA 3 scores badly here because the hook around the rear of the enemy position cuts the force off from the remainder of the (notional) Panzergrenadier Battalion. Seize key terrain – All COAs plan to seize key terrain, but COA 3 scores lowest because it does it last in the scheme of manoeuvre. Achieve fire superiority – While all are much of a muchness, COAs 2 and 3 score higher because of the flexibility to deploy firepower inherent in the 4 Platoon grouping in the TASKORG and its planned scheme of manoeuvre. Concentrate combat power – Although COA 3 shades it here over COA 2 because it is attacking the main position first and is therefore less likely to lose combat power in the preliminary phases than any of the other COAs. Exploit success – All score a 1 because there is no reserve in the TASKORG to exploit success. Keep it simple – COA 1 scores badly here because the attack into TAI 5 (Main Wood) is being launched from two directions and when fighting in woods and forests it makes command and control a nightmare. With that done and dusted, it is time for advantages and disadvantages and for this part of my notional Commander’s Decision Brief I want to deal with factors that have not been scored already: COA 1 Advantages Attrition of the enemy starts early Facilitates identification of enemy laydown Early occupation of buildings provides cover for observation and fire on TAI 5 COA 1 Disadvantages Increased risk of denuding combat power prior to assault of ME objective (TAI 5) High risk of fratricide during assault of TAI 5 due to attack axis being from different points of the compass Assaults onto TAIs 3 and 4 expose elements to flanking fires. Only two manoeuvre elements in TASKORG COA 2 Advantages Attrition of the enemy starts early Facilitates identification of enemy laydown Early occupation of buildings provides cover for observation and fire on TAI 5 COA 2 Disadvantages Increased risk of denuding combat power prior to assault of ME objective (TAI 5) Attacks onto TAI 2 and 3 vulnerable to fire from multiple positions COA 3 Advantages ME objective (TAI 5) is assaulted first Enemy loses initiative early By manoeuvring to a position to the enemy’s rear, the enemy is likely to withdraw without fighting I am less likely to suffer attrition from the enemy prior to my assault on TAI 5 meaning that this COA maximises my chances of securing TAI 5 by giving me the largest force ratios of all three COAs. COA 3 Disadvantages Attrition of enemy does not begin until assault on TAI 5 Early flanking manoeuvre carries risk The other activity in the planning process that should occur during Question 6 is the wargame. We will skip over that because at the end of the day we are playing a wargame … or we will once the plan is done. So I think we’ve done enough for the Commander to do the brainy stuff …. and his decision is …… COA 3 - UNHINGE Just a bit more to do for Question 6 but we'll leave that for another time ...
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    Because Bradley

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    AAR: Rinaldi v. Emory

    Turns 13-15: Just a quick update, and more of a general overview of where the battle now stands. The magic word is: Bridgehead. I have one now, and these sets of turns begin with the Platoon leader of the supporting tanks mopping up my enemy's attempt to....fight it out, I believe. Curiously, he had Mortars near the rear-edge of the treeline, but luckily they were knocked out before they could zero, and whatever rounds they fired landed into the river. While I'd like to say I have a bridgehead in my second company team's zone, the going has been slower. This set of turns have seen me pushing across river with the rifle elements of the platoon. The plan is to fan out, conduct a recon of the foxholes that were shelled earlier, and hope that there's no enfilading fire. Note the smoke from the supporting Tank, blinding for a few moments the known enemy positions as I cross. Here's the situation at the end of these set of turns; on my left, I'm comfortable with declaring that I now have a bridgehead. The bank has been swept and the Orchard is devoid of enemy. The plan now is to push the (still battle-worthy) Engineer platoon with its supporting tank platoon to cover the exposed flank of the company team (the first half of which is pictured in column) to cross and fan out to attack the high ground. I observed enemy fleeing towards the marked treeline, and I've actually spotted what looks like sandbang corners. A 105mm barrage is being sent in and should be firing-for-effect as I am ready to deploy to attack. On my right, I've managed to recover from my little brainfart, the ruins of that still highly visible for all to see and have begun fording the river. At present, I'm moving in fire-teams so that maximum overwatch both up-close and afar can be observed. On the far right, I've debated probing that ford at the edge of the map, but I believe it is not fordable by tanks. Regardless, its a further dilution of strength, and I know nothing of what my enemy's positions there may be. I do, however, know quite a bit about the marked tree line watching the ford; he has at least a squad there, and probably the better part of a platoon as well. I can mass fire on that, so unless he has clever enfilading positions, I should be rollin' here shortly too.
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    I'm about to finish research and planning for a 3-4 mission campaign for CMFI set during the two last days of the German evacuation from Sicily and will take place in and around Messina. It will feature both US and CW units as "the Race to Messina" very much is on. It will be based in historic events and situations, but will make the assumption that the Allied vanguard manages to interrupt the last units to evacuate in order to make as big a dent in the German foothold on mainland Italy as possible. For example take out the air/sea defenses to clear the straits for the Navy/Air Force and capture military barracks for information on the retreat and as a grand finale - secure the harbor. I will start by making maps as I want to see what a future module will bring to the table. I'm hoping for British commandos and large caliber AA units. Anyone who has tips on how to best approach a campaign project and avoid uneccessary pitfalls is more than welcome to post here or PM me. In time I will start posting screenshots as maps begin to take shape. The main source I use is an excellent topographical map that the US army made of Messina with high value targets marked. So, patience - be my friend ... I hope I'm not taking on something I can't handle. But no rush.
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    Minute 39-38: All right, so now the attack itself begins. I’m sure I’m doing a lot of stuff wrong. As always, comments, suggestions and critique are welcome. What seemed like a great position when I planned the move of the T34 in the gully ends up being completely blind. I wanted armour overwatch toward the German lines due north behind KT 1, and ended up with a tank moving at a crawl in trees and blind as a bat. Most times LOS works fine in the game but once in a while an LOS check doesn’t end up representing what is visible when one gets to the destination. I order it to turn around and move to the west. Both sections from 2/1 squad are showing Tiring, so I will leave them at the edge of the woods and cover the movement of 3/1 squad, and 1B/1 team. 1A/1 team fires on the still fleeing HMG crewman, but is ordered to move to the edge of the woods to be ready to cross the open to KT 1. Meanwhile I am moving two more T34s, each with riders, to reinforce 1st platoon on AOA 2. My objective is to engage my opponent here and present a substantial force (1/2 of my forces actually) that will convince him this is where I want to bull my way through his defences. The reality is that I see AOA 1 as lightly defended, and offering me two courses of action, both requiring I reinforce my presence there with the remaining three (1 JS-2, 2 T34s) tanks I have, as well as their riders. Use the upcoming fight on AOA 2 as a distraction, my options for AOA 1: i) Push forward due north and enter the objective area; ii) Flank the defenders on KT 1 from the west as they are already engaged by my forces on AOA 2. I will decide which is best once I’ve explored KT 2 further. In any event I need to move my units - and again am doing so unseen behind the ridgeline. So what can we see of the enemy at this point? My barrage must have upset a few of his men - that running HMG 42 crewman wasn’t a sudden change of heart on my opponent’s part to withdraw. But aside from the occasional contact and the initial fight in the woods which cost me 6 men and 2 armoured cars, there has been very little to go on. I think he is holding back his more serious weapons, likely with target arcs that limit range. 3/1 squad makes the short run from the woods I control to the ones on the eastern periphery of KT 1. I want to establish a base of fire from there and move north and west to sweep the farmhouses clean. They immediately engage the HMG crewman. The T34s with riders begin to arrive. Here you see it all in one go: The displacing T34 from the gully on the right, moving left, the new arrivals bottom left, 3/1 squad making the dash upper centre, and the enemy beginning to shoot back on the T34 in the middle, as well as 1B/1 section. As 1B/1 section runs up to join 3/1 squad, they come under fire from an HMG42. Likely this is the one that was spotted by my armoured car from across the map. I’m getting the impression that the German defences have a lot of them scattered about here, but I’m not seeing them all. These foxholes probably contain the HMG, and we also get a glimpse of the HMG crewman that was running in the area before. He seems to lead a charmed life…. On the western front (no, not that one, that’s 1000 km the other way) the IS-2 I sent several minutes ago arrives on AOA 1. I’m sending it along the road to get better LOS on KT 1. Maybe some 122 HE shells might help the fight on the other side… While it advances, the two teams and armoured car will overwatch. I want as much chance of seeing anything threatening in the KT 2 area and the village to the north as possible. Wow, this report was supposed to cover 5 minutes (up to min 35) and only managed one, but I can’t resist giving more details and screenshots. I hope the pacing is not driving you guys mad with tedium!
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    I spent the last bit of my active duty career (or at least the useful part!) in Korea. Some comments: 1. The primary goal of the DPRK leadership is the best off person in the worst country in the world. Milton had it right in that it is "Better to rule in hell than serve in Heaven." Whatever they will do, it is for regime preservation. The biggest danger in terms of chances of the regime being toppled is brought by B-2s flying wingtip to wingtip over Pyongyang, and Third ROK Army blasting a breach through the DMZ with 1st CAV and 25th ID in tow. Pushing the ROK too far, or large scale military action will end the DPRK as we know it. Caveat A. However, where the playing with gasoline comes in is in the immortal words of the respected poets, Tears for Fears, in that Everybody Wants to Rule the World. There's lots of the ruling elements that want to be Kim Il Song. Kim keeps them in line by shooting them with rabid dogs fired from a tank, but there's always a chance one of them gets lucky or Kim gets complacent and we're looking at a total breakdown of order in the DPRK. This is honestly the most dangerous scenario I can think of. Caveat B. If pushed to the point where regime survival is less likely with status quo than success in military conflict the DPRK might roll the dice. This is doubtful however as if the DPRK was that weak, the odds of military success in a conflict against Latvia, let alone the ROK and her allies would be remote. 2. A significant part of being the DPRK requires appearing both dangerous, and crazy enough to be really dangerous while not being too dangerous to live next door to. It's two parts, the first being to made invading the DPRK seem too daunting to even consider, while also never being so dangerous as to overcome ROK and UN resistance to offensive military action. A bit part of this is asymmetrical attacks that are blatantly obviously DPRK origin but to a degree DPRK allies can still ignore the burden of proof. The mine wasn't there to kill ROK military, it was there to show what the DPRK could do. They want sugarplum visions of thousands of NKPA ninja warriors planting mines on every surface of South Korea because the God-Emperor demands it be so! This is something that is not so egregious as to be worth starting a war that will cost thousands (tens of thousands perhaps) of military losses to ROK and Allies, but it's designed to make the idea of starting a war so spooky as to make putting up with another 20 years of DPRK being terrible preferable to open warfare. Same deal why they love nukes, they don't plan on nuking a hole through the DMZ, they just want to make attacking the DPRK so daunting they can more or less do enough shady stuff to keep the Kim family rolling on Johnny Walker and caviar without fear of invasion. In regards to China, they want the DPRK to shut up and behave, and buy Chinese stuff/give China natural resources. They don't want to deal with a full spectrum bloody conventional war on their border pumping thousands if not millions of starved, functionally uneducated North Koreans who will turn into a humanitarian disaster in short order once they cross the border. Status quo, and if not status quo, the least chaotic outcome. So in that regard I would suggest a Chinese intervention would be to establish a buffer zone to keep DPRK refugees south, secure possible high value Chinese investments in the Northern parts of the country. Likely they'll coordinate some level with the ROK-US elements (possibly stipulating how far north the US goes in exchange for keeping intervention limited, while allowing the ROK all the way to the Chinese front line). . That said at least the way I'm reading it, this isn't an incident worth getting too excited about. It's higher tension than usual, but not quite the highway to hell.
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    Hey, I just wanted to give a heads-up and let you know that things are continuing to progress. Last I was told, Combat Operations is going to be premiered on realandsimulatedwars.com starting tomorrow (Monday) night, and we have prepared a small series of posts. Furthermore, our website buckeyebg.com went live yesterday! There isn't much to see at this moment as it is a major work in progress. I'm hoping it will look significantly better by tomorrow night, regardless we have web space now! For right now, my forum will be the best place for information but I am hoping that changes very soon as our website takes better shape. Last item, we currently appear to be on schedule for a Sept 1 kickoff for the kickstarter. More to come! -Matt
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    Really sorry to hear that, Bud. Hope things go well for you both.
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    Sorry to hear that Bud. All the best.
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    It is done Submitted to TSDIII and soon to the repository and GaJ.
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    Combat Camera has been called away to another battle, having been denied further photo ops for want of new material in this one. Am afraid it'll be that way until some solution can be found which will decloak the turn I've now sent him thrice and allow his game to at last see the blasted (or is it blasting?) thing. Right now, a Time Stop has slammed down upon our entire battlefield, and neither of us is at all happy about it. Please stand by. Regards, John Kettler
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    Did you really need to start a new thread to announce you had deleted pics from another thread? You have 8 threads on the first page of this forum.
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    QUESTION 5 PART TWO – DRAFT COURSES OF ACTION Draft COAs I will be showing three COAs below and resourcing them broadly in accordance with my deductions from Question 5. I say broadly because I can throw more resources than were in Question 5 as the deductions there were my minimum assessed force requirements. The important thing is not to employ fewer resources than were identified in Question 5. I hope you can see that I could actually have come up with far more draft COAs than the three I am going to look at in detail but for reasons of brevity (relatively speaking of course!!!) I am sticking with three. COA 1 – Left Flanking So this is pretty much what it says on the tin (well they all are really). In this COA I am clearing the outposts first before tackling the main objective and I am trying to present the enemy with attacks from more than one direction. The COA sketch is shown below. The draft resourcing document is the TASKORG (Task Organisation) which is a simple way of illustrating how units will be grouped and who will command them. In this TASKORG we have our three Platoons, 1 Zug, 2 Zug and 4 Zug as the column headers and the elements they command are below them in the respective column. Real TASKORGs are slightly more complex than this showing different states of command, but for the purposes of Combat Mission games this is not important. You will note that 1 Platoon has the most resources and this is because this is the element that I’m going to allocate to clearing TAIs 1, 3, 4 and 5 and by my reasoning it therefore has the most to do relative to the other elements. COA 2 – Frontal This one is not overly subtle but it is a perfectly viable way of achieving the mission. Again I am clearing the outposts first and then maximising my combat power by attacking from one direction simultaneously. The COA sketch is shown below: The TASKORG for this COA is shown below: As you can see I now have 4 Platoon and a ‘Mortars’ grouping. By using 4 Pl HQ and grouping my MGs and the Sdkz 251/17, I have a third manoeuvre element giving me more flexibility. COA 3 – Unhinge This COA is audacious and probably carries the most risk (this is a typical characteristic of audacious plans). Here the plan is to get behind the enemy and attack him from an unexpected direction. The COA sketch is shown below: The TASKORG for this COA is shown below: Apart from the title, the TASKORG is exactly the same as that for COA 2. So we are done with Question 5 – a point to note before moving on is that the commander could have made a decision at this point as to which COA to adopt. For the purposes of illustration we will press on because doctrinally the commander can make a decision after Question 6 (and between you and me … he’s going to) and because I think it is more educational if you can see more than one attempt at synchronisation … which is next.
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    Nothing to wake you up in the morning like a massive barrage! This looks exciting - and well made. Looking forward to the release.
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    Because Bradley

    Bradley cannot stand up to comrade tankist. However comrade tankist cannot stand up to HATO yankee tankist.
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    By the time I realized what I'd done, it was too late. Anyone trying to read that thread is going to find some dead pic links, a situation for which I apologize. Regards, John Kettler
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    John Kettler

    Sherman refusing to move

    rocketman, Appreciate the clarification. Things would be so much clearer in the UI if BFC implemented vector drawing rather than bitmapping there. Naturally, I have zero idea how hard that would be. Does Juju have a UI mod for CMBS also? Regards, John Kettler