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    I invite you to download the final version of HQS HQS 2.2 is a huge modification for Combat Mission Black Sea / Shock Force / Afghanistan - adds or replaces almost all the sounds in the game. That's more than 2,400 sounds and more than 1GB of data, a lot of improvements and modifications really improve immersion in the game. Changelog 2.2 380 additional sounds - Improved infantry Ukrainian sounds - More sounds for Americans - More sounds for the Russian infantry - New sounds for MTB / BTR / LAV / amphibious / damaged engines - More ricochets / penetration / impacts / explosions / zips - Improved ambient sounds - More sounds for jet - A new sound for fire - New sounds PKP / M240 COAX / AIR ROCKET / 25MM Bushmaster / M2 / MORTAR 80-120MM and of course lots of other fixes and improvements http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5471/details of course, as usual, I will be grateful for any comments and suggestions;)
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    I have posted some pictures of my Donetsk WIP map lately . I think that today a dedicated post should be preferable since I shall periodically put in new pictures showing you the progress made on the map. The map by itself is a huge work and I am going to show you how it is done. At least that is the way I am doing it. Some of you already have an experience in doing it, so an exchange of tips would be welcome for all of us, I am also thinking of the modders, their experience and mods are also highly welcome. Kieme to speak only of him, has surprised many of us. When I am thinking of a scenario, the first thing I do, is to visualize a map and see if a battle can be designed on it and be of some interest. Sometimes, The battle being chosen is a real one and I have to find maps, pictures and documents about it. At that time, I am not getting into the details of the forces that will fight. I am only interested in the map designing. I gather maps and I start to make curves overlays with Google Earth Two useful links:: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117932-resources-for-scenario-and-map-creation/ http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118706-map-resource/ To design a map, the first thing is to decide its size. Then, when I start it in the editor , I use an overlay showing the ground important features. These are the road network, the rail tracks, the houses, the rivers. Then I use another overlay showing a height curve. I report these on the map and I proceed to the next height curve overlay and so on. It takes time and I have to adjust some heights, since it does not look so good always in the 3D view. The roads laying and or the rail tracks are to my feeling the ones giving you a lot of problems, since we can not duplicate exactly the road as it is on the overlay and or the map. The angulations do not allow you to get close to what you need. As long as it straight, that is parallel to the map editor screen sides, its good as soon as you want to move it in oblique, you will have only one choice and it rarely fit your need. That explain the seesaw effect that some of us have to rely on. One day, the game might allow us to chose different angles, who knows ? Once these ground features are done, I position the houses, then the foliage and later the flavour objects. That looks easy written this way, but believe me it takes a good graphic card, a good computer and a lot of patience, before even thinking of the forces that will be deployed on the map. That is another story or rather another challenge. So better than words the following pictures will illustrate the proceeding
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    Please tell me I am not the only person who does this. I know the game you can pause but I need a real world medium to help plan my missions. The Op orders for scenarios are great but they are more like a WARNO, you have to come up with one for each piece. I think I spend more time planning than I do playing.
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    Kieme's modding corner

    Work in progress on the Russian MTLBs. Using BTR's green mod as base as Always.
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    Inferior to CMBB

    I think this limited scope is one of the greatest handicaps CM2/3 suffer from when compared to primarely CMBB...especially when it comes to community scenario creation... CMRT covers only a few months during 1944 and i think someone mentioned in this thread that it has been out now for 18 months...i belive that many would-be scenario creators might have a hard time comming up with new, intresting ideas for their scenarios when restricted to this timeline only... In CMBB... comming up with new ideas was obviously much easier since we had the whole war and a great number of countries to chose from....If you got an idea in your head about some battle on the eastern front...you could make a scenario depicting it with CMBB... Eventually we will hopefully be able to do the same thing with CM3 but it is quite a far way of yet it seems...Hopefully within a year we will have the entire western front covered... Like i think most people here...I absolutelly loved CMBB and i still considder it one of the best computergames ever made...but with the current state of CM3 i can't really bring myself to play it anymore...CM3 is a huge improvement imho... I will just have to wait for the 41', 42' and 43' games....hopefully not to long
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    Nothing wrong with being weird. I compulsively rename units in QB after units I'd been assigned to. I like keeping a timeline though. It keeps me on track if I'm 23 minutes in, and I really need to start accepting risk vs making ultra sure every Russian is dead on objective A.
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    Inferior to CMBB

    A shout out for Studienka! Outstanding scenario. The so called "micro" managing trying to sneak my AT teams through the backyards and gullies is what made that so darn good. Micro managing is not a bad thing, it is a reflection of detail. You don't like it, then maybe cmx2 isn't for you. There are other, lesser games out there.
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    Nowadays I do not post on forums much unless a point really concerns me and this whole issue with CMBN on the Apple Mac Store is one that raises major concern. I see that CBMN is still at version 1.10 through the Apple Mac Store and the incompatibility of upgrades to version 3.xx has still not been resolved. I also see that the CMBN expansions for the Apple Mac Store CMBN version do not exist. This is an issue that has years of history. I purchased CMBN on both the PC and the Mac (Apple Mac Store) both in 2012 with the goal of having the same experience of the same software on both platforms. The product is still available on the Apple Mac Store today, years later for $39.95 with no indication in the information text of the subtle but significant difference in available versions. Why? I find it hard to understand that even if Apple are a pain to work with, the information text could not at least have been updated to reflect the difference between the Apple Mac Store and the Battlefront.com versions in all these years. Apple may be difficult to work with but I assume that Battlefront did not hand over all rights of ownership to the CMBN IP on the Apple Mac Store to the point that the information text could not be updated to make potential purchasers aware. Even if Apple and Battlefront have fallen out with each other, it should not stop the information text from being updated. If it is the case that Battlefront has tried to update the information text on the Apple Mac Store to make potential customers aware and that Apple have stopped them, maybe it is time to pull the product from the Apple Mac Store. In light of Battlefront not offering to Apple/Battlefront customers a means of converting to a Battlefront version of the Mac CMBN, it only adds to the justification to pull it (for new customers) from the Apple Mac Store and avoid future customers the same issue. I can only guess that real world sales of the Apple App Store version of CMBN still bring in too much money for Battlefront to consider pulling it. As for the significant information regarding the different versions of the Mac CMBN versions, it comes down to paying customers of Battlefront products to post warnings of this issue in the Customer Rating section of the product page on the Apple Mac Store, while Apple and Battlefront seem to not bother. Someone is dropping the ball!! This issue seems to have be going on for years and is still not resolved. Many a post over those years by Battlefront representatives but effectively nothing changed. That is a issue for concern. Someone at Battlefront decided to put CMBN up for sale on the Apple Mac Store but not to follow through with the support it needs such as preparing patches, etc. to suit the Apple Mac Store model.. Even Value places this issue on games developers who sell through Steam and the vast majority of those seem to update their games fine. If Apple are making it impossible as some Battlefront posts seem to indicate, then just pull the product to protect future potential customers. Just to leave an old version on the Apple Mac Store for new customers while non-Apple Mac Store customers can upgrade to the latest version just seems wrong. It would be nice to hear from a representative of Battlefront as to the reasoning for the information text not having at least been updated over all these years to advise potential customers about this subtle but significant point. Regards Software License purchaser for: Combat Mission Battle for Normandy (PC) since April 2012 Combat Mission Battle for Normandy (Apple Mac Store) since June 2012 Combat Mission Strike Force (PC) since May 2010
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    How's the A.I?

    The best way to play the AI is to forget the AI exists. Don't try to leverage AI quirks to your advantage, just play the situation like it was reality. One of the nice things about triggers in the game is they're often entirely invisible to the player. Unless its something obvious like being attacked as soon as you reach a crossroads. Usually the chain of events is more subtle than that. I'm of course talking properly made scenarios.
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    Inferior to CMBB

    I could never go back to CMx1, great as it was. I do however agree with some posters, that the x2 engine shines with (max) Company sized battles. Bigger than that is a bit too much for me. But some devour those monster battles. I am glad we have choice. That said, there is no game on the market that outperforms CM at what it does. All in IMHO.
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    Yes. And coincidentally it's also the newest addition to Ben and Jerry's tasty lineup. I used to fluff his pillows. Mord.
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    I swear to god simply burning every dollar, ounce of construction material, all military equipment given to the Iraqis in a giant pit would be a less wasteful use than what the Iraqis have done with it.
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    ISIS vs Iraqi Army in Ramadi

    Now John, is this topic really valid for the CMSF Forum? I have a link to a story on how Doctors at the Mayo Clinic are using re-engineered AIDS virus cells to kill Leukemia cells in children and adults, with a 90% full remission rate. This story is far more uplifting and shows how hard we are working to alleviate human suffering, while ISIS continues to ravage the Middle East in its attempt to turn back the clock 800 years. Which would you rather read? This is a game forum not a world events forum, John please learn the difference.
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    That's all folks
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    Last terminal pictures
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    The latest pictures showing the extensive modification. There are still a lot of work to be done to adjust the height difference that might be found on the map. The urban settlement seen near the airport will extend to to the left and rejoin the Rail station.
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    The Airport Terminal area - since, the ramp has been modified and the old Terminal located on the right has been added. All parking area had some texture work done to simulate the cars emplacements as much as it could be done.
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    Airport Terminal - first attempt The village on the right -WIP - The bridges (road and rail) locations have been changed
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    The following pictures are the early ones I have posted. Since , many modifications have been made - See the latest pictures;
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    Any modules coming?

    Seriously, the two of you deserve each other. When's the wedding?
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    John Kettler

    Juicy CMBB books @ Barnes & Noble

    Finally got to the bookstore after months of missed attempts. Three things stood out in the time I had: HISTORY OF ARTILLERY by Hans Halberstadt Has great illustrations, data and photos of artillery through the ages, including some wonderful stuff on WW II, including a dug-in Wespe battery, recoilless weapons from several nations, and some juicy rocket launchers. TACOPS fans will drool over the modern artillery section, especially the new Russian MRL photos, things even DoD's Soviet Military Power had as art if at all. PANZERS ON THE EASTERN FRONT by General Raus, wartime commander of 6th Panzer Division. This appears to be a reissue of earlier U.S. government sponsored memoirs, but what makes this book especially drool worthy is the large section of German combat art. ENEMY AT THE GATES (hardback reissue of 1973? edition; no apparent update from newly declassified material). Also noted but didn't get to look at Beevor's Battle of Berlin book and some inexpensive references on Allied and Axis aircraft of WW II. Had to leave because I was in danger of losing my sanity. Wanted almost everything in the WW II area. Regards, John Kettler
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    Thank you one and all for the information, kind thoughts, encouragement, words of caution, and the donation offer, which I'll be gratefully exercising shortly. russellmz, your ideas are fine, but somewhat moot, in that having ordered the game, I really don't need to go through the drills specified, at least some of which can be done on the Mac. The point of that part of my post was to conserve the ink of those yet to order. I see no reason why a receipt should gobble up many full page equivalents of ink. Regards, John Kettler
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    John Kettler

    BFC,Katyusha question

    Maybe I'm misreading posts, but I seem to keep encountering 82mm Katyushas. Was under the impression that the "standard" Katyusha rocket started out as 122mm, was redesignated 132mm at Stalin's direct order following a fiasco in which 122mm howitzer ammo was delivered to the proving ground for the demo before Stalin (anecdote from Viktor Suvorov, nom de plume for 1980s GRU defector Vladimir Rezun), and subsequently grew to actually measure 132mm in diameter. Kirk & Young's GREAT WEAPONS OF WORLD WAR II (pp. 272, 275) and Isby's WEAPONS AND TACTICS OF THE SOVIET ARMY (p.287) both list the rocket diameter as 132mm. Granted that there were several other types produced, available imagery strongly suggests that the dominant version was the 132mm rocket. If so, why am I not reading agonized reports of maulings by these rockets, instead of the relatively piddly 82mm variety? I don't recall seeing even one. Regards, John Kettler
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    katushagirlsoldier, Welcome aboard! Terrific trailer! Really gripping stuff, and "Katyusha" has got to be one of the catchiest songs ever written. I have a nephew who's very big on graphic novels, and I'll definitely let him know about these. Paeans for the wonderful books aside, are you a wargamer, and if not, how did you find us? Regards, John Kettler
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    Inferior to CMBB

    Macisle, re battalion scale engagements being overwhelming in CMBB but readily playable in CMRT, because you can split down to 2-3 man units - um, sure. We believe you. We really do. Sliced bread and everything. We are also really, really stupid.
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