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    I've got permission from BFCElvis to post about something a little to the side of this content. Fixing the Hedgerow Bug It's perhaps most prevalent in CMBN given the abundance of hedgerow maps/scenarios but applies across all titles for infantry behind hard cover. You may have noticed my Green troops in this battle have not been running away or into the streets towards the enemy during these firefights with the Soviet infantry. This whole DAR has been using a version of the F&R beta that includes some tweaks to the TacAI to address infantry bolting from cover when coming under small arms fire. Infantry that come under small arms fire are more likely to seek cover and 'cower' rather than displace, even when pinned/rattled. Infantry are more likely to bolt when under attack from high explosives... (which let's face it makes sense. ) The changes I've noticed: - It becomes very hard to dislodge infantry already set up in a building or behind a wall. Even when you lose LOS/LOF there's a good chance your opponent is still there. (I've joked it's going to take naval shells to dislodge Veteran troops). - Getting the jump on the enemy while they are moving / before they are set up and ready to seek cover still causes morale to collapse very quickly. Case in point: like when most of my Pioneer platoon evaporated under SMG fire within 30 seconds. - Infantry taking persistent casualties will still suffer morale damage over the long term. Like my Volkssturm surrendering after a solid five minutes of constant rifle fire back and forth. - Expect longer drawn out firefights in urban and hedgerow maps. That also means watching those ammo counters more closely. - High explosive and flame options just became a lot more valuable in urban combat. Close quarter AVRE or M12 GMC anyone? Still being tested and subject to change but there are positive signs among the beta testers so far. All for now.
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    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    As we eagerly await the coming of CMFR, here's a quick status update: I'm picking up the project again after a super-long break and am pecking away at what I can do without the new module materials. The later release date means that I may or may not make release of my project in 2020. My hobby time is much less than it used to be, but I'm still hopeful and dying to get this baby out. Currently, I'm focusing on updating all the building internals to what I have identified over time as the best design for tactical play and user-friendliness. I'm making good progress there. I had forgotten how detailed some of the early pics I posted were, and so have decided to go ahead and post a current shot of the master map from the same angle as that which started this thread. Enjoy. 🙂
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    A little preamble to this taster ... I grew up in rural Dorset in the south of England where our countryside is not so different than that of Normandy (though the Cider may be a bit stronger!). So whenever I fire up CMBN and gaze upon the monotonous green of the bocage, I start to dream of my younger days spent amongst the hedgerows of my native land. Those hedgerows, mostly long gone now, were so thick that we could actually burrow our way inside and create 'dens' where no adult, or rival gang, could find us. So, with some time to spare thanks to COVID-19, I got to thinking about the bocage in BN and wondered what could I do to make it into something like I imagined it to be. Well, the answer is not a great deal - the models for the bocage are hard to figure out, and even with new textures, it's not ever going to get close to what it probably should be, alas. But, having tinkered with the bocage for some time, and been inspired by @Falaise's treatment of those oddly uniform brush textures, I had a go at a lot of the other textures - trees, bushes, grass etc. So, to cut through the waffle, here are a couple of tasters (some caveats first: it's not ready yet, I just couldn't wait to share some goodness, it will be a couple of weeks yet as I'm trying to iron-out some of the strange in-game distortions; I think this 'plays' best at, or near, ground level just because of the way the game handles LOD and stuff, from afar it's not really going to have much of an effect; screen caps are taken whilst running ReShade, hence the colours are much more muted and some effects are, well, effecting the images (at the end is a pic without ReShade for comparison); I design these for my own gaming pleasure so YMMV will apply when released; I have quite a few other tweaked textures that I may release at the same time just to give the complete 'look' - these are mostly not my work but rather tweaks of mods by luminaries such as @EZ, Aris ( @Fuser ), @Flesh, @Vein, @Kieme(ITA) to name but a few; these textures will be high res and if you want to use the ReShade 'look' then you'll need a decent graphics card in a Windows machine, I will release a lower res version. Enough ... some pics: ( You can study high res versions in my DropBox folder here ) More below 🙂
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    Well considering every military in history has trained to aim for center of mass, this seems like the nitpick of all nitpicks. If anything, its an indication the game is behaving correctly. Absurd. Aim does not get magically thrown off target just by firing. This is why recoil mechanisms exist. And if we are going to nitpick and say "the ground is shifting" well as it turns out militaries are actually competent and train for this eventuality. Weapons crews, gun crews, tank crews, etc all take this into account and make micro adjustments while firing to ensure they are compensating for these small variables. Though I know some here will refuse to accept it, I think it is clear that the game accurately models a crews overall competence depending on its veterancy level, and that is more than enough to cover this "issue." Yes, and the sky is blue. Seriously, what is the point? This is known in the real world, yet there is not a single military out there that advocates for fighting tanks out in the open opposed to hull down positions. Again, it turns out that militaries are pretty competent when it comes to this stuff. Yeah, the driver can't see anything in a hull down position. That's why the job of spotting targets is the commander and gunners job, the two people with the best optics that can see over the hull down cover. Not true. Spotting is 1:1. If less of a vehicle is visible it is harder to spot. There are tons of anecdotal examples of this on these forums alone, people complaining that their tank can't see through some bush or through some smoke or dust, etc. The more obscured from view a vehicle is, the harder it is to spot initially. The obvious answer is stop getting your tanks shot at. Regardless of what the tank is or what is shooting at it, it is never a good thing to be directly engaged. Again, this is a nitpick. Soft systems on the outside of a tank are more vulnerable than the best armored parts of the tank. This isn't rocket science. And we all know that if BFC were to introduce some form of "center mass deviation" where there was some random chance applied to shots to be off their aimpoints to varying degrees, you would likely be the first to start complaining about how unrealistic that is because ballistics are a well known and quantifiable science. Mantlets are a historical weakspot on tanks, both in WWII and the modern era. Anywhere you have a gap or disconnect between otherwise solid parts is going to create structural weakness. This is objectively false. I already know the thread where this hysterical myth first gained infamy, and I don't feel the need to restate the obvious. If you think standing in the open is more conducive to your own survival, then more power to you. Finally, its a game. It simulates combat pretty damn well. And its fun too. No game is perfect. No sim is perfect. Hell, some argue reality isn't perfect. If you can't get over that, and you really think the game is so terribly flawed in all these micro ways that add up to ruin the game, then just don't play it. Life is short. I'm sure there are better things out there than spending years constantly trying to prove the already known quantity that nothing is perfect.
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    General Jack Ripper

    Stop Getting Shot At

    See title. Anyone else got simple advice for new players? Here's a short list of mine: Do not get shot at. Shooting makes you easier to see. Cover arcs are not magic. Maybe allow your troops to wait a minute before flogging them onto their objectives. Don't call in that airstrike. No seriously, don't. It'll hit your own guys. It doesn't matter how thick your armor is. You don't assault a position by running straight into it. Use more ammo, you don't get bonus points for frugality. Limit your leaders exposure. Split your squads. Three guys in one action spot are not as vulnerable as six. Maybe we can make a community contributed list Murphy's Laws of Combat Mission. At the very least, let's have a fun thread for once.
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    Tank Gun Damage

    What Tiger? You were just rolling down the street when suddenly there was a huge bang and the turret filled with smoke, screams, shrapnel and blood. It would be nice to have more details on the actual engagement, but I seriously doubt the surviving crew were either still inside the Pershing or in any kind of mental state to do anything by the time the second shot hit the muzzle brake. It seems unlikely that they had any idea what was going on. But we're getting a little sidetracked from the main point. It might be profitable for people to start sharing turns when they take gun damage so we can see how often it happens and what common factors there are. Because I know it barely ever happens to me, nor does it seem to happen very often when I specifically try to do it to my opponents.
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    is this the hedgrow bug v4????

    The bug has been patched and fix. The patches are being tested now to ensure nothing else is broken. As one of the original people who pointed out the 4.0 HE bug (anyone remember the video?) I know that it can be frustrating waiting for a patch. But, I also know that the bug is 100% fixed, having played the patch that addresses the issues. The bug is squashed, and the patch is coming.
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    Pete Wenman

    Tank Gun Damage

    I'm not seeing a gun barrel penetrated in this pic. I'm seeing a damaged muzzle brake that would likely not prevent the gun from firing. Really - you'd be happy to fire a 90mm high explosive projectile down a barrel that is that badly damaged, and potentially partially blocked. I was never a tanker, but if that had ever happened to my rifle I sure as hell would not have fired another round. Guns and their associated mountings and recoil systems are pieces of high precision engineering, with very small tolerances. If these are exceeded, due to damage or other external factors, they stop working as designed and that is inherently dangerous given the amounts of energy at play. P
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    Tank Gun Damage

    It might just be a perspective problem. Looking at it sideways- how many times do US players run up against Tigers in Combat Mission? A lot, right? Because Tigers are cool and popular. But its shockingly unrealistic. That Pershing-Tiger engagement there is 1/3 of all the times the US Army fought Tiger Is in Western Europe. The Americans basically never fought Tiger 1s in the entire period covered by CMBN and CMFB up to the end of the war. It's a historically negligible event. But in games, of course, it happens all the time. Leaving aside the fact that we've already seen enough photos spread out around the threads to show that gun barrel damage is more common than US-Tiger engagements in the historical record, it stands to reason that any reliance on "it seems like a rare event in real life" is about as effective an argument as "my panzer's mighty armour should let me do whatever I want with it." The bottom line is that the enemy has to be shooting at you to damage your gun barrel. If you've put your tanks in a position where they're getting shot at, either accept the risk or work out where everything went wrong.
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    ... and another That's all I seem to be able to upload for now, so for more look at the DropBox folder linked above ... LS
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    Where are the Goumiers in djellaba?

    Sent to Bootie, finally. Goumiers Mod Readme Goumiers Mod for CM Rome2Victory.pdf
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    One, Two, Three Tank... North and Centre We start in the centre of the map. So many Soviet tanks went boom over the last few turns. @DoubleD came to fore and did their job as a number of Soviet armour elements tried to reposition and break up my control of the main roads. A Sherman, T-34 and a SU-85 all went boom in the space of two minutes. It wasn't a complete walk in the park as KG @benpark lost most of a platoon in about 30 seconds. One of the pioneer platoons was lining up to enter buildings along the main street and pick off some known infantry taking pot shots at the Volkssturm. They went in and... It was a red cross blood bath. @Josey Wales personally charged forward, covered by DoubleD's PzIV to seek revenge for poor benpark's men. A blazing MG34 and 20mm cannon and close range started picking off Soviet soldiers popping up in every window. As the turns rolled around the Soviet anti-tank rifles started appearing but Josey became a machine. KG @Bootie and about one and half platoons from KG benpark hold the position closest to OBJ Jaegermeister. It's a nasty little block of flats that will become a SMG paradise if Elvis ventures across the main road. The pioneers have blasted some walls allowing easy access between the buildings out of line of sight of the enemy. With Elvis' armour now concentrated in the south, (more on that next), I'm pretty confident I can hold this and get shots off at anything being sent south to reinforce his main effort. (You're meant to look towards the enemy guys...) And for something a little humorous. Some Soviet tank crewmen and the Bootie's Volkssturm decided to both put down their rifles and surrender to each other. I think they cottoned on that it was May 1945... South @mjkerner's Fallschirmjager are putting up a stiff fight but whenever one of the five Soviet tanks looking their way gets a spot they fall under a hail of bullets and HE fire. Saying that they can only see one face of the objective building complex so most of the troops are still there to put up a fight when Elvis decides to get in close. His tanks cant move without being barraged by tanks and recoiless rifles and I'm sure Elvis knows this. The clokc is ticking so I'm expecting a big final push at some point. (Oh and the late @Hapless's surviving crewmen continue to do him proud). Finally the map. OBJ Jaegermeister is out of the question now but I still have the strength to old OBJ Beer.
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    Oh look yet another 'hulldown is actually counter intuitive' - this silliness is right up there with 'maps are too small' Everyone. Take. A. Shot.
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    We Say Goodbye to Another YouTuber Good night @Josey Wales, you did not see the third guy with the AT Rifle. Josey raced forward to try and save more members of @benpark's KG being gunned down many Soviet SMG soldiers. He was partially successful and engaged Soviet AT Rifles that responded but there were simply too many. One shot through the side took out the loader and the crew bailed from the vehicle to be quickly gunned down in the street. The remants of KG Josey Wales is helping @DoubleD hold the north while going after the lone T34 guarding the approach to OBJ Jaegermeister. This will hopefully cause him to take stock of the situation and stop the steady stream of Soviet reinforcements he is flooding south to tackle OBJ Beer. These are running the gauntlet of DoubleD's panzers. The south has been bloody. Since my last update two full squads of @mjkerner's fallschirmjaeger have been wiped out. The remaining Soviet tanks are poking forward and blasting any spot they get with HE, bullets and flame. There's still enough troops to hold the position but it's starting to get a little dicey in terms of numbers of front line riefleman. Directly after the last little teaser the whole squad of fallschirmjaeger were wiped out except for two pixeltruppen who are holding bravely among the flames to look after their injured. Soviet soldiers streaming south still run into the wall of steel holding OBJ Beer. FInally in the centre it's become pretty quiet. KG @Bootie and KG benpark are holding form after seeing off their infantry opposition (for now). And for a rare site, the Volkssturm decided to not surrender after all once the SS Troops arrived on scene and took care of the opposition. Here is the map of the situation and the next few planned movements. Not a lot. I hold two objectives, it's up to Elvis to make the serious move now. I think a human wave of some description is coming in the south very soon though. (Yes I do realise that I've somehow killed all three prominent Combat Mission YouTubers... honestly not on purpose).
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    This is the first time I've seen a 251/17 engage an enemy aircraft. At first i wondered what it was shooting at. For context this is the opening stage of an assault on one of my 'occupy' objectives. As I'm very light on infantry the poor defenders had been subject to shelling and mortaring and now direct fire from my various HE chuckers that had LOF to the area. SPW and their rides moving up. Aussteigen! Running forward to take up firing positions. No sign of any surviving opposition, but I'm not taking any chances... Lot's of suppressing fire from their accompanying SPW as well as fire from other supporting units.
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    Reaaaly sorry if your name wasnt headlined its not a prefential thing. im generally always poor Still am but i got a little cash and its legal. Ironically.. ive never had this much money in my life. Its a pitiful amnt (less than 10k) to cost of you. I frankly dont kniw what to do with it. I findbgreat joy in buying my.son and mom.stuff and also buying someone a book and stuff. But otherwise.. its true its a curse. Maybe if it wqs enough for permanent life of leisure. But all this has done is cause me.to obsess over a balance. Smh. Nidan bless him.. is gone. Sburke youve gifted me stuff. What would you like? I shall be trawling thru my order history (also if someone at bfc is bored and wants to tell.me wat was gifted) I want to.settle.accounts. Also im not rich but in honor of nidan I want community input (privately pls) on newcomer most likely to.stick arnd and most into the series. I will gift them a game of their choice.. as long as they choose a cm game
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    It's Getting Bloody I'm sad to report the Lieutenant @Hapless is no longer with us. He took a stray burst of machine gun fire observing the situation from his PzIV cupola. More on that shortly but first here's the current situation... KG DoubleD and KG @Josey Wales have had their roles reversed. There are now at least 2x T34's covering Elvis' objective so sending across a bunch of armoured cars became a touch dicey. The two panzers from KG DoubleD is moving across to the far right of the map while the armoured cars take up positions to cover the north south main road in the centre right of the map. Honestly, I was incredibly shocked to see this road was open to quickly went to lock it down. A lend lease Sherman popped smoke and tried to cross but was taken out by the JzPzIV's. A second Sherman appeared and the armoured cars with their 75mm guns opened fire. The rounds went slightly over it's head! The Sherman then methodically popped all four armoured cars from KG Josey Wales. Josey himself is alright but and is moving forward with the second half of his KG. Meanwhile, KG @Bootie sends up an AT team to try and pop the Sherman but comes under fire. Well... that was close. Meanwhile in the south, KG @Hapless exchanges fire with another T34. The PzIII with it's short 75mm gets a number of hits and causes at least one crew casualty but they lack the penetration capacity to do any noticeable damage. As the T34 is backing up, a burst of MG fire takes out Hapless himself. It was honestly a great shot, a stream of bullets arcing over the PzIII to hit the unlucky tank commander in the vehicle behind. Second image below is Hapless' last moments. Meanwhile KG @mjkerner sends up another squad of fallschirmjager to flank the Soviet SMG platoon and takes them fully by surprise. Mjkerner's troops are holding, exposing minimal numbers to the enemy from a forward platoon, while a flexible reserve platoon as moving to engage where it's safe(r) to do so. As the last turn comes to an end, another juicy target shows up in front of the JzPzIV's. Mmmm... maybe Elvis doesn't know that KG DoubleD is on this right flank???
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    Medic / buddy aid

    Well, if you like playing in a realistic manner giving aid seems like the "right" thing to do. Your pixeltruppen will thank you and work even harder for you in the next battle.
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    Medic / buddy aid

    Below is a thread discussing buddy aid that may be interesting. Many questions were asked, discussed and answered in the thread. The below was copied from the above linked thread: WIA (red base) can turn to KIA (brown base) from additional hits. Buddy Aid is one on one however a team can treat multiple casualties in the same A/S concurrently. A team administering Buddy Aid will recover ammo including ammo for weapons they do not have in the team. Buddy aid on KIA (brown base) was about 15 - 35 seconds. On WIA (red base) about 1 minute – 2 minutes 30 seconds. Casualties only disappear if they receive Buddy Aid. I tested 2 KIA & 2 WIA for 1½ hours game time. They never disappeared. Experience of the teams administering buddy aid did not affect the length of buddy aid or the amount of equipment recovered. Lightly wounded (yellow base) are not counted as casualties on the AAR screen. To share ammo recovered in buddy aid the medic team must be part of the unit (“highlighted” unit) needing the ammo. During testing on average about 2 grenades and 170 rounds of ammo were recovered per casualty. I know from playing the game other equipment (radios, binoculars, some weapons etc.) can also be recovered but I did not try for that in the experiments. WIA (red base) incapacitated wounded are not counted in Parameter/Condition but are counted in Parameter/Casualties. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in Quick Battles or in Scenarios. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in a Campaign. Buddy aid may only make a difference as a tie breaker in a CM tournament . A little disappointed that Buddy Aid has no affect on the score. Buddy Aid will keep a WIA from becoming a KIA. However both KIA and WIA are counted as casualties so the score does not change. The AAR screen will count KIA and WIA separately but they are both counted as casualties for scoring purposes. Below is a method you can use to encourage your troops to administer Buddy Aid I learned this from @IanL If the casualty is not in or near the center of the action spot give the unit to perform buddy aid a Slow order to an action square that takes them directly over the casualty. Then I give them a pause of 20s, 30s or 45s depending on how far away the casualty is. Push the BRB. In the next command phase they will be directly over the casualty. Then cancel the remaining Slow order and issue a Face command.
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    Hi folks, I've now made a second beta compilation. Anyone else interested in testing can PM me for a link. I should be on course to get the first proper release into your respective sweaty hands by next weekend. Then I can add a few extras as I make them - crops spring to mind. I did a quick test of the existing mod in CMFI and CMRT (demo). I could see straightaway that FI will need a lot of work to adapt the mod to it. There are many more very different terrains used so that'll be some time coming. RT is an easier ask, I don't have the full game yet (waiting for a bundle with FR - hopefully 🙏). The mod worked quite well in the demo and added nicely to the overall look of the battlefield. Then there are the Low Countries, autumn and winter versions to come up with - anyone!? In the meantime ... there's something in the long grass ... LS
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    This is why I can't come to the forums anymore. You people make my brain hurt. If you park two stationary tanks across from each other on a flat surface under perfect weather conditions, and allow one tank to range the other and sit there plinking away at it's target, then that is TRAINING CONDITIONS. The observed accuracy of the guns is here demonstrated under TRAINING CONDITIONS. This is no different if you'd hung a paper target and told the gunner to shoot it. The American 76mm gun is wickedly accurate, and at 2000 meters range can easily bullseye the center of mass on a 2 meter target under TRAINING CONDITIONS. I mean, Jesus Christ it can plaster a FIVE INCH circle at 1000 meters no trouble at all. That's a target about the size of my hand fully stretched out, so a 2 meter target at 2000 meters is no trouble at all. We're not shooting smoothbore cannons firing round shot here. Sheesh. If you want to test accuracy under combat conditions, then create COMBAT conditions, and record your results. This game doesn't automagically create combat conditions just because you load a scenario and let it play. Load up a random map, put forces on both sides, and order them to attack each other. Then you can see how effective your gunnery is. When your targets are maneuvering, evading, popping smoke, shooting smoke, and shooting back to hit and kill, you'll likely see a reduction in your accuracy. Of course, you might be having too much fun to come onto the forums and complain about gunnery, but that tends to happen when you just play the game.
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    The Avenger Very small update. @DoubleD has been avenged by one of Josey Wale's remaining vehicles. The Cannon Halftrack SPW 251/22. A half track with a giant tank gun somehow mounted onto it. This was the same T-34 that surived Double D's side penetrating hit before taking out his Panther with a catastrophic hit. (Yes crew positions is likely bugged - It's a beta people. )
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    I hope 'ire and rubble' was a deliberate cheeky play on 'fire and rubble' and not a typo. Either way, you should keep it that way.
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    LOL! Thanks Rob. Sorry about that man! I knew I was onto something when I started tweaking the bocage. When I got fed up with that not giving me the results I wanted I moved to the trees, then flowers and weeds - starting to sound like a child of the 60's ... oh wait I am a child of the 60's. All this nature has me wandering around maps looking at the scenery and admiring the view now. I'm going to release this in a couple, possibly three weeks. I have about half of the doodads left to work on for the general release, then I'll probably do a few extras like crops and such for a second pack. I am also thinking of doing some ReShade ini's for various climatic conditions. The one I use at the moment is a kinda sunny hot dusty look, quite harsh light with some atmospheric bloom and distant haze, along with some DOF effects and framing for the screen shots. Thanks Harry. I test this without ReShade as well to make sure it's gonna work, the colours are quite strong, but that's what I see when I look at nature, it's definitely not washed out in our cooler northern climes. Actually I test it with your excellent tweaked War Movie shader much of the time, which saved me a bunch of time trying to reinvent that particular wheel. That is partly where I started from with this mod, and why ended up with no social life at all! I've been occasionally following along the amazing things that @Aquila-SmartWargames has been up to with 3D models and did wonder if there was something I could do with the bocage. When I've released this mod pack I may download Blender and see what I can do with it, though to say I'm a 3D virgin is an understatement, it'll be a steep learning curve fo' shizzle.
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    There are many photos as well. I posted one above, but I see on my other device it is not displaying for some reason. I will try again: Some more: My conclusion would be that neither position is "correct." Both were used in various circumstances.
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    Yeah this is going to end well...
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    Spent hours yesterday squashing bugs, or rather, finding the bastiges. Don't ask. Doing the readme and the marketing photo-shoot this morning, and should go to Bootie this afternoon--well, by midnight, anyway. I will see if my Dropbox can hold it and if so will put it up there for a few days while Bootie gets it sorted. See why BFC doesn't give us availability dates, lol?
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    Soviet Infantry Battalion Attack

    The German defense headcount in Crossing the River is just under 300ish men to your 600. This is an immediate and open violation of the well understood precept of base 3:1 odds against a identical defender in the post Flanders world of modern war. Attack check either on the grounds of game of history should fail here, but ok let's be unreasonable and just say that we're going to force the attack because Stalin or because incompetence or because miscommunication etc. The defenders are dug in, extensively. Most of their command staff and a good number of their troops are in bunkers with over-head cover immune to mortars and difficult for the SU-76s to see or hit beyond around 300 meters or so. The forests are extensively and comprehensively rigged with mines, bombs, barbed wire all of which is under the over watch of local German infantry who have snipers and machine guns able to cross-fire over these defenses. All told these features really abstract the defender to a 1:1 match against your force thanks to the enormous preparation of his untouched defense. Attack check should fail here. But let's keep being unreasonable and push ahead because we're really going for that Hero of the Soviet Union medal and are totally unscrupulous and ruthless in our desire to look nice in post-war photos in our Moscow flat. The defenders have twice as much artillery support as you do by weight of fire alone, it's pre-sighted onto TRPs all of which totally cover the valid terrain movement tiles. You literally cannot move a Company, in open sprint, through these tiles ignoring counter fire from the defenders in time to avoid having them caught in a bombardment. Moving them through the forest causes them to leave behind the SU-76s, sacrificing the only tool of your heavy firepower other than than the 6 82mm mortars which are literally useless against the Germans in bunkers throughout the map. Attack check should again fail here. You're not scared of being assassinated by your men though because you're the player and you're an omniscient god playing a video game so who cares what SimpleSimon and countless others on the forum have advised about play of this scenario doing nothing to obscure how openly ridiculous it is on grounds of game design. You want to play through it. Many sections of the map are arbitrary non-movement areas. The game literally does not allow you to move men through them because screw it, forcing you to confront the defender-plan via a painstakingly slow surgical deconstruction that we can succeed at without save-scumming 100% of the time (just 93% of the time) thanks to other ways the game allows us to cheat via player super-awareness and omniscience and the TARGET HEAVY/LIGHT commands which take effect instantaneously and precisely. By this point we're not playing for any kind of historic credibility here it's just solving the scenario for the sake of solving the scenario, completely gaming it, completely cheesing it right? This is the point where if your perspective on the game is just different from mine that's totally valid you can play this way if you want. But I just want to ask.... Why are you playing Combat Mission?
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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    Task Force Thunder AAR

    Something of a long break between entries, but oh well, let's take a peek at the next mission. The mission is a little more sedate than the last one. The scout platoon of TF Thunder has encountered resistance from dug-in enemy infantry whilst reconnoitring along a small valley through which runs an alternate route of advance, Route Echo. Two rifle platoons from A Company have been appointed to clear the enemy out. We must sweep the enemy off the high ground along the valley and then regroup at the far end. I have an hour to complete my objectives. The enemy is known to be light infantry, dug in with trenches and bunkers. The size of their force is unknown, as is their quality. This close to the border, it is possible that they are reservists. Given the size of the AO, we may be facing a company, possibly reinforced. No armour is known to be in the area. The valley runs south-east to north-west, Route Echo running along the valley floor. The AO is roughly 1km x 1km, covered in a thick haze. As you can see, to the north-east and south-west the ground rises sharply, the high ground dominating the valley floor. The valley floor is almost pancake-flat, with a small rise covering the start line of my force. At the north-west end, the ground begins to drop, with some form of earthen works in the low ground. My force consists of the scout platoon, made up of three scout teams and their platoon leader, all mounted in Recon Strykers. In ten minutes the detachment from A Company will arrive on the field, made up of two rifle platoons, along with the company MGS platoon. A two-gun section of 155mm howitzers is initially on call for fire support, with a section of 120mm mortars due to be available in ten minutes. Due to the haze, drone or air support is impossible. This looks to be an interesting battle. The haze could be a problem, but the Stryker recon vehicles have excellent IR optics and the Syrians . . . well, do not. I think the best thing to do would be to climb the sides of the valley from my start line, gently feeling my way forward. As the briefing suggests, bunkers can be dealt with through precision artillery fire and Javelins. As for the assault on the enemy positions, I am unsure at this point whether I should deal with them sequentially, using one platoon at a time on both sides of the valley, or if I should make a simultaneous attack on both sides of the valley. Or I could do something very different, concentrating both platoons on one side of the valley. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First the reconnaissance, then decide on the assault plan. Stay tuned!
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    The Worst Vehicle Trades in Military History We start this update saluting @DoubleD who saw and opportunity, took it, did all he could and paid the ultimate price for what appears to be absolutely no gain. We start in the north where we left off with the PanzerIV and Panther from DoubleD's platoon advancing to swing around and strike at two T-34's gaurding Elvis' home objective - OBJ Jaegermeister. They have the cover of the building and a high wall to provide a hull down position. One of the T-34's move off to the east to try and intercept the spotted German panzers. DoubleD in the lead in his Panther takes off with a cover arc ready to ambush this moving T-34 while it's still trying to deploy. It's a fatal mistake. Disaster. The T-34 had already started turning. DoubleD is quicker and does get the first shot off, a side penetration! It surprisingly doesn't take out the T-34. Moments later a return shot causes a catastrophic explosion killing the whole crew. Despite the whole swing around from the north east plan in tatters, it turns out to be enough to stop Elvis from trying the same trick. It also proves (expensively) that there isn't any Soviet infantry around this part of the map. KG @Josey Wales is moving up to take over flank security, confident his opened top light vehicles won't be exposed to Soviet SMG's. That is really all that is occurring on the northern half of the map since the last update. The Soviet aircraft did reappear and shoot up a supply truck back in my deployment zone (sorry, the Ostwind didn't get to respond so no pics of it in action), but hasn't been seen since. The PzIII get's into a shooting match with a T-34, (one from the centre earlier?), and the short 75mm shows it's age. Multiple strikes as the T-34 struggles to get a shot on target. However all it takes is one shot in return. An SU-85 and another T-34 soon appear down this alley of death followed by a lot of infantry that cross the road covered by the Soviet tanks. @mjkerner's boyz are in for a tough time. The small force holding the forward buildings pulls out before being engaged by the swarm of Soviets not rushing into their vicinity. Merging with the other platoon a wall of steel awaits anyone who who goes for the direct approach to the OBJ Beer. Contact does come, however in a surprising location. It's in the buildings diagonal to beer and not a great location to launch an assault on. There's only open ground between that position and the ruins of the brewery (or what the intelligence brief suggested was once a brewery). Elements of @benpark 's pioneers providing a screen along the centre of the map along with other Fallshcirmjager inflict heavy casualties on the Soviets. Orange = good. Green = bad. @Hapless's PanzerIV crew, his body still sitting lifeless in his commanders seat, pops smoke and swings around to lay fire down onto this infantry threat. Finally here is the situation report. Stars equal fire targets while the colour represents who is doing the firing. Unfortunately a whole squad of Fallschirmjager were wiped out by the Soviet tanks in death alley. They were facing the park adjacent OBJ Beer. I'm not going to try to head towards OBJ Jaegermeister anymore. I'm really stuck with what to do with the bulk of KG Benpark. @Bootie's Volkssturm have being proving great scouts and are now moving up as close to the main intersection, (currently obscured by smoke), to hold that square of buildings and cover the road towards OBJ Beer. A militia charge across the road into the buildings on the right flank of Elvis' assaulting force in the south? Any requests for pics let me know.
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    Megalon Jones

    AAR: A Recipe for Disaster

    A lone Tommy mech company stares down an unexpected Syrian attack!
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    Fire and Rubble Update

    Example from CMFB (germany tag). The 8x16m modular building has original pre 19th/20th century half timbered roof type. The 8x8m ones in background have a modded neutral wall texture (roof1 [germany].bmp) and more appropiate clay type roof tiles. There got to be a way to change roof types (textures) like one can do with facades, or better yet adapt automatically. This would be the best option. Having that rather medieval style for most the modular buildings as only option is a bad choice.
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    For me, it is Fortress Italy with all the addons. It has the longest date range, from July 43 to May 45. It has the most number of different nations and the widest TO&E within the nations as well. The game also features the most diverse range of terrain of any of the games; desert, mountains, rural farms with wide open fields to tight vineyards, villages, cities, about the only thing missing is bocage. The game also has every possible weather condition to fight in; from scorching heat to freezing cold blizzards. The best advice I can give tho is to pick the theatre you are most interested in and start there. Odds are, you will end with them all, so start with the one you are most excited about.
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    Oh god here goes Simon again... If we widen our scope even more it's worth pointing out that even the Tank Division sort of falls out of consideration as a major innovation. The chief benefit it granted a combatant was in efficient use of manpower. Five men in a tank could go many battles and encounters and never suffer any casualties because armor plating means you're immune to 99% of the threats present on fragmentation and machine gun saturated battlefields. This would not be reflected by a simple glance at casualty figures suffered by Armored Formations, in fact you'd frequently see higher than average figures because Tank Divisions were frequently tip of the spear and this naturally meant the enemy would throw every kind of arm and the kitchen sink at them. That's a losing proposition for the enemy though, because the necessary investment on his part to stop an armored thrust is disproportionately higher than what you're paying for a Tank Division or a Panzer Corp. Remember the Soviets constructed a defense like no other and bogged themselves down quite a bit just to achieve a very narrow victory over German Tank Armies at Kursk. This is where the big ideological split between Schwerpunkt and Deep Battle happens by the way. Because the German's idea of that manpower efficiency use was inherent to the tank's mobility and using that to stretch frontlines to such length that the enemy becomes overstretched and formations mutually unable to support eachother-thus enabling defeat in detail. The Soviet idea thought more from the former notion I listed above wherein the defender was simply overwhelmed by facing multiple simultaneous and catastrophic manpower shortages at critical points of the front, just crumpling and melting the entire frontline rather than unhinging it and swinging it open. Only at a level above the Wehrmacht's world (the world of politics) it was hoped that the enemy's leaders would crack and throw in the towel, that shock would prevail, because in fact if the enemy had enough time to start offsetting the German's tank/manpower advantage with their own tank/manpower investments the German Armies would quickly find themselves in the same unwinnable war-by-attrition that we all say was unique to World War 1. Well hmm sort of? It's also tempting to highlight the airplane as a major innovation and again, from a military perspective it's a crucial difference between the world wars, but in fact it's another form of manpower-efficiency in wars of attrition. The chief benefit of the airplane was its reach. The ability to fly past the frontline and strike enemy targets or even the enemy's home itself required the enemy to again make disproportionate and costly investments into intricate anti-aircraft defense networks, as well as set aside huge reserve armies of workers to repair infrastructure damage. It's true that on a rather conventional analysis of the 8th Air Force's performance, strategic bombing looked rather disappointing. It certainly fell far short of all the pre-war claims by lobbyists that bombing would win wars by itself. Lots of heavy losses in men and equipment failed to stop Germany's arms production from increasing every year right up until 1945 when the frontline finally began to overtake industrial centers. However, this sort of ignores the mere 200,000 men of the 8th Air Force were in fact pinning down over 1 million men in Germany who had to man AA batteries, and staff Luftwaffe airfields. That's 1 million men who might otherwise have ended up at the front. (Tooze) What's that not counting even, is the huge numbers of men being retained in cities to clean up and repair damage everywhere too for which i've heard numbers thrown around for that workforce of anywhere from 500,000 to one million. In the First World War neither the airplane or the tank had proven sufficiently able to tie down large enough numbers of men and equipment to materially affect the frontline. Airplanes began and ended the war still fundamentally best for reconnaissance and tanks remained seen as self-propelled siege engines swatting individual machine gun nests so the infantry could advance. After the war politicians frequently seized upon strategic bombers to argue and push points about national defense though, but ironically they usually highlighted the capabilities of strategic bombing to point out how investment and rearmament was pointless and that war could only be prevented via diplomacy otherwise the bombers would flatten Paris and that'd be the end of it. Without a way to sink manpower on other activities, it naturally tended to end up with the Army. This is why few of the Ground Forces of the First World War's powers were broken in battle. They were all more or less defeated by the outbreak of political instability at home (so called "stab in the back" mythology). Because strategic reserves were just so plentiful! There could be chronic manpower shortages but there'd never be an acute manpower shortage. The kind of shortage that would cause whole frontlines to collapse and roll up and induce million man Army Groups to retreat 500 miles all at once as they would in 1944. Not generally a problem until the Bolsheviks happen or the Czechs declare autonomy right?
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    It would require quite the effort on the part of BFC to give you all that though...If they could do it fairly easy...then by all means...go ahead and do it...and I would buy it ! 😁... But how long has it taken them to complete ONE year of the WESTERN front during WW2 ? 10 years or something like that (CMBN to the final modul of CMFB) 🥱... Granted...a WW1 game would probably be faster to develop due to less complicated TOEs if nothing else...far fewer vehichles to design etc...but how much faster ? 3 times ? 4 times ? To include the early year fluid battles, the other fronts appart from the western, the later years to allow for some armour...etc, etc... It would mean lots and lots of work...taking MANY years to complete....or should they perhaps only do a 1918 game and forgett about the rest ? Or do you see WW1 as a CM3 game CM2 has been around for a long time now and Imo they still have a lot of things left in WW2 to complete before CM3 comes around To namne one...the eastern front 😁... I agree with you though that it would be nice to try something different... The current WW2 games are pretty simular A Sherman tank is still a Sherman tank regardless of if it has a red or a white star painted on it...and a Tiger is still a Tiger regardless of if its fighting in France, Italy or Russia... Therefore i think it would be a good idea if BFC could skip staight to Barbarossa and go forward from there...instead of taking small steps backwards from 44 to 43 to 42... The change of equipment will be to small this way to feel completally fresh...and something new... A skip straight to 41 though would allow us to try something new... As would north africa... Not doing a WW1 game is obviously a personal prefrence....i would much more prefer that they concentrated on WW2 compared to devoting time to a completally new multi year, multi front game that would souk up precious resorces... Their current releaserate is simply to slow to embark on such a project imo...
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    I will be the dissenting voice here.. WW1 combat at the CM level was not all about static trench warfare and trench raids with a few tanks thrown in for flavor. In the opening phases it was a war of maneuver, punch and counterpunch,.. I highly recommend you look up the Battle of the Frontiers. Also warfare on the east, in Romania, and in Italy was more about maneuver than static combat. I have read Rommel's Infantry Attacks several times and it definitely does not illustrate a static war... although I can also see where trench raids etc. would be very interesting at this scale too (and yes there are a few of those in Rommel's work). I also have no problem with it being primarily an infantry focused game (though tanks were not all the large slow lumbering behemoths you picture).. it would be a unique and little gamed period that was the birthplace (or the re-birth IMO) of modern infantry tactics. Very interesting and rich period that I would love to see represented in CM someday. Sign me on. Bil
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    Eastern front WW2....sure But WW1 ? Imo...NO ! A WW1 game would be pretty much limited to artillery and infantry i fear... Sure...late war there where a few tanks around but not a great variation of those...germany for example only had one i belive...fielded at the very end of the war...and these machines where not exactelly fast...perhaps not superfun gameplay... Same thing goes for support weapons...would we have all that many to chose from that could be brought forward to join the infantry in an advance ? A WW1 game would probably be fun for a while but imo it would soon become quite repetative and boring compared to the other CM titles If we ever are to experience early tank warfare i would very much prefer to do it in 1939, 40 Poland, France or north Afrika 😎
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    Given the fact that BFC can't even fix Normandy should you be loading more on their plate?
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    As expected, it took a while but the final AAR is now done... ... turns out the "broken door" issue that cost me a Marine was just the result of an unseen grenade flung from a Church.
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    Tank Gun Damage

    Just a wild guess here, but here goes: in the game we can see all enemy tank hits with hit decals, in the war only knocked out tanks left behind could be studied. Not all knocked out tanks were photographed and not all photographs remain to be studied. Perhaps a lot of tanks with gun barrel damage were salvaged and repaired? Are there records of what tank repairs were made, would be interesting in this matter. But perhaps there is a limitation in the engine for the kind of grazing shot a hit straight to the front would be. The incoming shell hits the barrel at a very shallow angle so maybe it doesn't take much for it to skim off the surface and continue. Perhaps the engine detects contact and penetration is calculated making the barrel susceptible to full penetrations?
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    Soviet Infantry Battalion Attack

    I find Soviet Doctrine endlessly fascinating. There have been many great posts here over the years, dating back to CMBB that I wish were condensed into a PDF. The various Osprey Elite books on tactics are good reads as well. I wish I could contribute more to this thread but I'm a little tied up right now. What I will say is that the Soviet military in 1944 was a formidable fighting machine and there is a great satisfaction to learning and implementing their doctrine and tactics. I'm eagerly awaiting Fire and Rubble so I can conduct mass pre-planned fires, attack limited objectives in echelon and skillfully (I hope) use the battalion support weapons to execute the mission. There are many posters here that I could swear are professional military historians or went to staff college and I'm glad that they keep contributing.
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    When I look at US foreign policy under the last three presidents, to me it seems more like basic incompetence than any realpolitik. The US seems incapable of setting a goal and working long-term to achieve it. You've lost so much credibility - from both friends and enemies - and accomplished so little. And just for the record, I am not anti-american. Bush: Showed the world that the US military is not invincible. It can invade a country but cannot win an occupation that turns into a terror war by proxy. Calling allies to war based on a lie about weapons of mass destruction is a card you can only play once. Obama: Showed that US "red lines" mean nothing. International rules of war - such as using chemical weapons - can be broken with impunity. Trump: Completely unpredictable. One moment he hates the North Korean dictator, next moment they're best buddies. Ready to scrap international agreements on arms control and withdraw from organisations such as the WHO that were important instruments of American soft power. Tore up the Iran nuclear deal without presenting any other real plan for how to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. There used to be an international order, and the US was the leader of that order. There were some years where Russia and China tried to fit in, which would mean democratic reforms, free trade, etc. Countries had a choice between accepting democracy and enjoy wealth, or languish in the swamp of socialism. Now, they realise the US has become a paper tiger, and they have also realised that it's possible to have economic growth without democracy. Not through socialism, but through good old autocracy. That's why they have now changed their strategy to be one of subverting the international order. This weakens the US and Europe immensely.
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    Thanks for playing this and posting your feedback. Much appreciated ta! Glad you enjoyed it and good effort. I've a few scenarios in the pipeline for sure Cheery!
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    Thanks Fellas, I'm actually happy with this one as well. I'll be working on modding the US and British into goumiers so that you will have a lot more scenarios to use them in. One thing I forgot to mention in the Readme regarding mod tags: although as stated I didn't use any of my own mod tags in this mod (I will use "goum" when I do get around to adding them), I did use all the default mod tags BFC uses for the faces (skins), because without doing so, I couldn't get my skin mods (bareheaded and with turbans) to show up in Quick Battles.
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    George MC

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Some screenshots from a PBEM I’m playing of Der Ring Der 5th Panzer. I’ve some Tigers in over watch, sniping any unwary T-34 at 1500m+ that sticks it’s nose up! Hasn’t all gone my way. The burning hulks on the right skyline are several SPW that charged into an anti-tank gun ambush set by my canny oppo.
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    Growler 2.0

    Growler's Super Cobra Silhouette

    Hey there, I noticed that the image for the AH-1W Super Cobra in the air support tab uses the silhouette of a AH-1E/F Cobra. I searched the forums to see if anybody has already done a corrected silhouette for download but couldn't find anything. So I sat down and created one on my own. Satisfied with the result, I thought other people might enjoy this as well. Installation: 1. Download 2. Extract the Growler's Super Cobra Silhouette folder from the .zip file to a place of your preference 3. Place the Growler's Super Cobra Silhouette folder in C:\Users\user\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\User Data\z (make sure you don't have any other files with the name "silhouette ah-1.bmp" in your z directory) 4. Done. The next time you start up Combat Mission Shock Force 2, this custom image should be correctly displayed for any AH-1W Cobra in the support tab. Included in the mod folder is the reference image I used to create the .bmp file. Hope you enjoy! Growler's Super Cobra Silhouette.zip
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    RE self trigger evading/retreating AIP units. It works basically. Once the TacAI selects a heavily suppressed (pinned state) unit to evade and it touches the trigger zone, all of its group members get to move to next (rearward) movement zone. This for units initially placed in a defense stance and meant to hold as long as possible from given position. In this case the trigger zone would be placed to the rear of this unit/group. Standoff can be anything from just one action spot to multiple, as long as the trigger zone is in the most likely retreat direction of the evading unit. That got to be figured out fom testing. A retreat trigger zone closer to original defense position gets all of the group to retreat sooner/faster than one placed further back. Then there´s various possibilities for move mode once the groups (retreat) movement got triggered. Assuming a Plt size group/formation, quick/dash will move more of that group at once, while the more attack oriented modes (advance/assault/max assault) moves in smaller pieces over longer time. Similar consideration for combat stances. Better move back at "cautious" (shoot little) or make a fighting withdrawal with "active"? Many (hard) choices here. So at last this method might be quite useful for smaller outpost groups containing just 1-2 units. Once forced evading they "retreat" toward a switch postion as selected by mission designer, instead of leaving that to the TacAI. Sequential switch positions are also thinkable. In case the group survives long enough and no other frindlies move on the trigger zone. So far so good.
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    IS-2 late: where is my DShK

    This is not correct. Orders here: http://www.tankarchives.ca/2015/12/aa-mg.html Example from 62nd Guards Heavy Tank Regiment in Danzig, 1945:
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    IS-2 late: where is my DShK

    Its the manual that's out of date. BFC had planned to add the DShK for late war then discovered that was a post-war addition so they nixed the idea.
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