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    The next patch...

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    *sigh* Another thread, derailed by the same old clowns, spouting the same wrong opinions, beating the same dead horses. These forums can certainly be quite the test of patience sometimes. @Chibot Mk IX The good news is I think that there are some good nuggets of information here. Unfortunately you'll have to sift through all the refuse, but its better than nothing. My main takeaway would be to treat the javelin like any other effective anti-tank weapon. Maneuver in a way that does not expose yourself to fire, use direct and indirect fires, and make sure units that are moving are being covered/supported by other units. Quick note on the word "tactics." Tactics are a set of rules that can be applied to any situation. For example, a tactic is 'find the enemy, fix him with fire, flank/close with the enemy, then kill him.' The nuance of accomplishing the find, fix, destroy is exactly that, nuance. Its very easy to get lost in the sauce (as this thread is a great example of) over small things like this. Remember that the entire point of tactics is that they are supposed to be extremely simple and applicable to all manner of situations. Don't let weapon systems or savants distract you from the basics. Don't want to get shot? Then don't be seen. And so on and so forth.
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    So I picked up Black Sea about 3 months ago.... this game is truly amazing. The amount of micromanaging you can do is staggering , the choices and strategy you can make is endless ……. do I take more ammo ...or do I keep em lite so they are faster … do I call in air support or use artillery , do I throw down a smoke screen or just try to run thru an ambush …. do I go to the high ground of try to infiltrate thru the forest ….do I leave my flanks exposed and go for the throat ...or play it safe ….. the campaigns, quick battles, an building my own battles are great and endless ... I find myself constantly thinking about the game... how "next time" I will do things differently and try a new approach … or bring a different troop package into battle . I am sure there are people out there that don't like the game or are sick of it by now or want to change this and that , and I don't disagree that I wish I could change some things or improve others , but for someone new to it.... I am like a little kid on Christmas all over again ….
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    2019 Reporting For Duty

    Oh alright. The first pic is over the Austrian Alps, second pic climbing out of an ice cave in an Icelandic glacier. Apologies to Steve, only on the one off topic post I promise.
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    Source? I've never seen anyone complain about that, and I've been a regular here for years I remember pretty much every thing players have been clamouring for - MGs to be more deadly - done. The Stug bug - fixed. Tank commanders to duck down faster - fixed. Troops running in long lines and sitting on top of each other - fixed. Etc. The game has improved. But I can't remember ever hearing anyone ask for troops to get up and run away when under a barrage. Programmers have a strict technical definition of what a bug is, but to most regular people, a bug is something that doesn't work as it should. Call it a bug or not, the running-away behaviour was erroneous, because it happened only with off-map artillery, always triggered immediate fleeing no matter the morale state and quality of the troops, and no matter the cover they were in. Usually, CM models these things quite nicely, but not in this case. "Some players" objected to it because they realised it was not working right. The patch should be here any day now, and I'm looking very much forward to it. The issues haven't stopped me from playing, and they should not scare anyone away from buying the game either. But will be great to see the patch released.
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    George MC

    Daraya Tank Raid SF2

    About The Scenario This is one for the modern ‘Tread heads’ amongst you! This is a revised version updating the orginal to CMSF2, so you will need the base game CMSF2 to play this. Revised AI Plan using triggers; tweaked map using new CMSF terrain features and updated OOB for both Syrian Army and Rebels. This is SF2 version 2 which has a slightly reduced mission time based on player feedback. The actual scenario is very loosely based on events in Daraya, a suburb of Damascus where rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have attempted to create a stronghold near Damascus centre. In August 2012, the Syrian Army defeated the rebel forces and took control of the town. After the failed rebel offensive in late July 2012 ,the Syrian army started a campaign against rebels in the Damascus suburb. This, the 2nd Battle of Darayya, is the ongoing battle between the Syrian Army and the rebels in the Damascus suburbs of Darayya. In mid-December when the Army intensified their attacks with heavy shelling and Tanks raids into the city. This scenario depicts an armoured raid, typical of the tactics used by the Syrian Army to seize control of Daraya. You can view the video which shows these raids using footage (often filmed whilst under fire) shot by the rebels Syria - Men versus Tanks in Daraya - The Powerful T-72 Raids So your scenario looks like the scenes in the above film I’d suggest modding your game using the following excellent mods links are to CMODS: Longleft Flank’s Shot up Building; Pete Wenman’s ‘Squalor’ mod; Pete Wenman’s BlackSea favour objects for CMSF2 Map and Scenario Size This is a fairly small map although it’s very built up. Map Size: 720m x 512m Forces: Syrian Republican Guard armour Vs Syrian rebels (combatants and fighters) Best Played As Can be played RT or WEGO. This is best played Blue Vs Red AI or H2H only. There are two RED AI Plans. If playing H2H it is recommended the more experienced player takes the RED side. The scenario is NOT playable as Red VS Blue AI. You can grab it from TSDIII at the following link: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cmsf-2-daraya-tank-raid/ Acknowledgments Many thanks to Buzz, Erwin and Snake Eye at the BFC forum who played through the early Blue Vs Red versions and provided a lot of feedback. Thanks to Lethaface and Sublime who played this H2H and provided excellent feedback in this regard. Thanks also to Slysniper who took the SF2 version for a spin and provided some useful feedback. Cheers Guys! Any comments etc you can email me at georgemc@blowtorchscenarios.com
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    "Using the recently developed Battle of Stalingrad Virtual Staff Ride, Army University Press developed a multimedia historical documentary of the battle through the lens of current doctrine." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K0SFr2gPbc Excellent detail with computer graphics. Published July 2018. 53 minutes in length. Kevin
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    The player can, if he decides to, use IEDs, VBIEDs, assassinations, bribery, mercenary units, radio propaganda, extra scenario time and foreign assistance. As the Coup d’etat progresses the player must decide which methods to use and when. All the methods have advantages and disadvantages. Some methods cost Victory Points (VPs). Want to hire mercenaries? 4 VPs for each mercenary. Want to use IEDs? 25 VPs per IED explosion. VBIEDs? 50 VPs per VBIED explosion. Want to bribe a regime commander to withdraw his unit 100 VPs. Want up to 55 extra minutes to take your objectives? 200 VPs. Want 100 VPs in foreign assistance? Meet with the US Agricultural advisor at the location designated in the briefing. The Agricultural advisor can also make arrangements for demo teams, triggermen, spies and a UAV. Some methods are triggered by activity on the battlefield. Capturing the Air Defense HQ will cause the regime’s AAA units to exit the map allowing the player the unhindered use of a foreign UAV and allow rebel aircraft to conduct bomb runs in the city. Following up on intelligence leads and locating WMD evidence will earn 100 VPs and will trigger the release of a British SF unit to the player’s control. Use intelligence to locate and Assassinate the Minister of the Interior and earn 150 VPs. This assassination will also lead to some regime troops deserting their posts at the Ministry of the Interior Compound and facilitate the freeing of rebel troops, held at the compound. Free political prisoners held at Fisbuk Prison and trigger the release of a police unit (and their Canadian advisors) to the player’s control. Use demo charges to gain access to supply trucks. Make a Rebel propaganda broadcast from WTF Radio station and trigger the release of a unit to the player’s control. Follow up on intelligence to locate the regime leader and earn 250 VPs. Restore democracy by returning the 20 surviving aldermen (10 of whom are in prison) to the city council building and deny the regime 200 VPs. The player’s HQ team also has a 100 VP bounty on its head. To keep the regime from collecting the 100 VPs the HQ team will need to request asylum inside the US Consulate (BluFor exit zone) prior to the end of the scenario. US Consulate SF Unit
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    Here is the video:
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    Did someone say explosions? Fun fact: you can daisy chain IEDs.
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    Passage At Wilcox SOP

    Jesus....mate, I can give it a go in French and Italian if that'll help some.
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    Passage At Wilcox SOP

    Others have already commented generally on the differences, or the typical roles. You'll see the recurring theme: XOs, Platoon Sergeants (or Platoon Warrant Officers depending on the nation) tend to have overlap in roles regarding cas evac, combat service support and first echelon supply (e.g.: scooting around with a jeep full of ammo). If you want to get lost in the sauce and split hairs over branches, different countries whatever, then that's your prerogative but I think it's an exercise in futility. The bottom line of all these points is that there's more similarities than differences in how Western countries operate their armies. Now to confuse you: If you're looking for clarification, let me make something perfectly clear, none of this is perfectly clear. Seriously, 'SOPs' are all well and good but the best commander will think on his feet. SOPs are only there for the most general of general situations. Ultimately: the goal of an XO, a 2IC, PSG, PWO or whatever meaningless acronym to say "Number 2" you wish to use, is to help ease the burden of command on his Number 1. This can, and often is, done through the aforementioned means of policing up the rear of a unit or helping evac losses, etc. Now as @Combatintman has already mentioned some limitations in the game (especially regarding platoon NCOs), as well as the fact that CM's mission-oriented scale means you rarely have to deal with Combat Service Support I'll use another example of how a 2IC/XO/Yadda yadda can help ease command. What CM does get right is the information aspect of battles. A commander, as you said, needs to be up front and aware of the situation to effectively command. The flipside of this is he is only seeing a small slice of the pie. Use your Number 2 to help paint a complete picture rapidly. Lets say this: If the Company leader is with say, Platoons 2 and 3, which is making the main effort, keep the XO with Platoon 1 and its attachments. You accomplish several of your desired goals at once: You are putting your XO to use and not putting your entire command network in the same place to die at once. It also means the XO can keep the Commander 'in the loop' about happenings elsewhere on the tactical battlefield, and exert some authority. You're looking for clear answers where there are none, is the gist of what I'm saying. Exert a bit of common sense and do not let an asset as useful as a second in command go to waste sitting on its thumbs. Again you're asking for clear answers where there are none. For the sake of brevity I'll just tell you to look at @Howler's posts again because all I'd do is repeat what he had to say. There is no cut-out answer you can simply paste on to a situation. Identify the problem you need to solve and plan accordingly. If I am absolutely forced to give you a few spitball examples, I might make the best/best lead platoon the main effort in a situation where C2 is likely to be dodgy, such as in built-up terrain. I may be less picky if I'm attacking in open terrain and the virtual CO can exert his influence with greater ease. I'm not even going to address the minutiae of 'which weapon goes into which hands' because it is, to me, trite. Such decisions like that rarely make a meaningful impact past the smallest of unit scenarios, a coherent plan is much more important than which nineteen year old has the HAT. Otherwise, if you are still starving for a general rule you want that is most applicable, refer to @Combatintman 's post: Put your best foot forward for the toughest issues.
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    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    Well I do enjoy combat mission.
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    I have read the thread @Erwin, and scouting is scouting. The bulk of it is dismount work unless the situation is utterly fluid. Having been a recce man myself back in Canada, I say this with some authority. I have a humble request: stop spouting nonsense.
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    Scouting before you move is something you think doesn't occur in real life? No they're not.
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    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    A new fictional scenario for CMSF2: “Coup d’etat” is in Beta testing now and is intended as player vs AI. The player will lead rebel (Syrian) units in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime (also Syrian). It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in the heavy urban terrain of the city of Al Mout. The city of Al Mout is a heavily modified portion of the Ramadi-Government-Center map created by @LongLeftFlank. Approximately 1072 meters by 592 meters. The scenario has a variable end time. The optimal scenario length is two hours however it can be played to three hours. If the scenario is played longer than two hours the regime AI is awarded an extra 200 Victory Points. It requires all the CMSF2 modules to play since it features US Marines (guarding a US Consulate), a British SF unit (hunting for WMDs) and Canadian advisors (assisting the local city police). The scenario was created with the idea of taking a small, under equipped, rebel force and using in-game intelligence and insurgent tactics to expand the combat power of the rebel force until the rebels controlled the city. Below are some daylight screenshots of the map. View of the 4th December Bridge. Slums in the south west area of the city. Looking east on Al Jazeera Boulevard from the area of Asfarr Taksi Company. An Agricultural Specialist, looks east out a window from Hotel Mout. In the distance is the Mayoral Residence along the bank of the River of Martyrs.
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    US Army Multicam Division Pack

    This is a camo retexture that will change the appearance of US Army infantry to wear Multicam OCP. There are 5 divisions included in this pack. They are, the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, the 1st Cavalry Division, the 2nd Infantry Division, the 4th Infantry Division, and the 25th Infantry Division. All gear items such as holsters, mag pouches, backpacks, etc are in OCP as well. For the AR-670-1 enthusiasts out there, the boots have also been changed to be in regs with OCP. All heavy units come with uniforms that replace the tanker uniforms to be OCP as well, but there are no divisional insignia on them. To use, simply place the named folder (for example “Multicam 1st Cavalry Division”) into your Z folder. You cannot use more than one division at a time, and the uniform files have not been mod tagged. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8015 @Splinty and @sburke I know both of you were asking for some of the divisions included in this pack. Here ya go! Hope everyone else enjoys. As always, remember that I am in no way a skilled modder. I'm very much an amateur when it comes to all of this. Any mistakes or errors are my own.
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    2:24 Now THAT is some stellar voice acting! That guy deserves a statue! 4:53 That was so nonchalant and badass. That's one of the coolest things I've seen in the game in a while. Mord.
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    I started this as a kind of a joke, but it actually worked out surprisingly well... ... not the battle though, that went FUBAR.
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    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    It's called recycling and saving the planet, something that America (and other countries) might want to adopt... Nothing to do with declining living standards!!!
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    There is a camp in Korea called "Camp Carrol", Korea, was named after my uncle (mother side) Sergeant First Class Charles F. Carroll, a posthumous recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross for his acts of heroism during the Korean War. Just thought I would mention it.
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    Passage At Wilcox SOP

    This thread started with a question about employment of reconnaissance elements and has then morphed into discussions about XOs and who does what plus a plea for accurate information. Here is what the US Army has to say about these topics across a number of some of the US Army organisations in CMSF: Reconnaissance Platoon https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/atp3_20x98.pdf Infantry Company https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN8519_ATP%203-21x10%20Final%20Web.pdf Tank Platoon https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN4803_ATP%203-20x15%20FINAL%20WEB%20INCL%20C1.pdf Cavalry Squadron https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ATP%203-20x96%20FINAL%20WEB.pdf If you’re genuinely interested about who does what, along with lots of other stuff then read the above. Otherwise there is a discussion about emulating real life in the game. Very laudable but entirely impossible because one of the oft-discussed functions is the treatment of casualties and resupply. As an example, at platoon level, taking the two armies I’ve served in (British and Australian), it is the Platoon Sergeant who is primarily responsible for policing up casualties and sorting out ammo replens in battle as well as being prepared to step up if the Platoon Commander goes down. In CMSF British Forces, the Platoon Sergeant is grouped with the Platoon Commander making it completely impossible to employ the Platoon Sergeant realistically if you are employing the Platoon Commander realistically and vice versa, Moving up to company level and higher, CM does not include a lot of the CSS assets that are in the real life TO&E. Again, taking the British Light Role Battalion in CMSF, the Company Sergeant Major (CSM) is nowhere to be found. He is there but is grouped either with the Company OC or the Company 2IC teams (Company 2IC Team if memory serves me right but I would have to check). As with the Platoon Sergeant at platoon level, the CSM would be the person responsible for gripping up the CSS in combat. The result is that if you want to conduct CSS functions in CM, you have to use people or assets that, in RL, would not be performing those tasks. Discussing accurate ammunition loads is trickier but again governed by the game. The TO&E issues troops with their known (or best guess) SOP loadouts. The game also places limits on what can be carried and/or penalties in terms of movement and fatigue if you load your troops up with heaps of ammunition. This is a case of knowing what those are, deciding whether the extra load is worth the slower movement/higher fatigue and your own style of gaming. Ultimately though the game, albeit imperfectly, will generally not allow you to do something that is not possible in RL. As to how to play the game, if you want to limit your troops to 400 rounds then fine, fill your boots. I might bang on about realism in board discussions about military matters because I feel it is important and I have considerable experience and first hand knowledge to add. There is a lot of ignorance or a lot of misconceptions being bandied about which need to be countered. It is something that underpins the design philosophy of these games. When I play the game, I never touch Iron mode and only play Elite mode when I am testing scenarios. That is because my impression from forum discussions is that most people play on this setting and in scenario design you have to ensure that the experience is going to be optimised for the majority of players. When I play for fun, I usually play Basic Training mode because I just enjoy playing that way. I’m unconvinced about the practice of keeping the best units back until achieving a breakthrough. The breakthrough is the hard task so it makes sense to use your best troops to achieve it. Let’s say this is a battalion attack and you decide to use B Company commanded by Major Nice-But-Dim rather than A Company commanded by Major Average or C Company commanded by Major Achiever to kick off the breakthrough. Major Nice-But-Dim’s company steps off and doesn’t achieve the mission because they’re a bit sh1t, this means that you have to commit A Company (if they’re not doing anything else averagely) or Major Achiever’s C Company to get the job done. In this instance you stand a greater chance of failing at the first hurdle and having to commit two or three companies when one could have done the job. If you commit Major Achiever’s C Company in the first place, you stand more chance of getting the tricky bit done leaving the other companies to exploit, which is a whole bunch easier than breaking into the position (US readers should delete Major and insert Captain in the above example by the way). In my six years’ experience as an Observer/Controller at a Brigade and Battlegroup trainer in the UK, the best unit/sub-unit always got the main effort task (not necessarily the most difficult by the way). Returning to Passage at Wilcox, the scenario and two solutions are at PP 52-56 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByottM1hQ47jUV9wZ1ZXeVVvTWs/view
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    I actually disagree with this. Yes, the javelin is a very effective anti-tank weapon. However, so was the Pak 40 in WWII, or an Abrams in hull down in the modern titles. I don't think your approach to operating in a javelin environment is much different than any other anti-tank weapons environment. The same principles apply. Cover and concealment are still your best bet, regardless of what you're up against. People tend to think that modern warfare requires a whole new set of tactics in order to be successful. This generally isn't the case. Weapon systems in the modern age tend to be more lethal due to their first shot accuracy, and spotting ability across the board has increased as well. The same basic rules still apply however. If the enemy javelins cannot see you, then they cannot kill you. Suppressing fire is just as effective against a modern javelin as it is against a WWII anti-tank gun. Its just now the javelin is harder to spot, and once it's fired you're likely out of luck. Others have touched on it, but I'll repeat because I think its worth stating again. A good fires plan goes a long way to mitigating all sorts of anti-tank threats, be it javelins, AT-14s, or guys with RPGs. As an example, I know a lot of people expressed frustrations with the "Passage to Wilcox" scenario in the SF2 demo, but from the American side. There is a battery of AT-14s that can cause some real havoc if you aren't careful. However, the briefing warns you of this threat, and even tells you roughly where they are on the map. So, as part of my overall fires plan, I made sure to dedicate a section (2 tubes) of 120mm mortars to put the suspected AT-14 position under a constant rain of fire during my initial movement phase. I did that by setting the fire mission to a long mission, but a light rate of fire. That way only 4-6 or so shells were landing a minute, thus preserving the mortar ammunition, but this was still more than enough to suppress the AT-14s and even knocked at least one of them out. The rest I was able to destroy with direct fires from my tanks and Bradleys, which didn't take any fire from the AT-14s as the gunners were too busy hugging the dirt from the mortars. For Red Forces, be it Russian or Syrian, a detailed and accurate fires plan is extremely important. You can suppress, destroy, or at the very least deny enemy javelin teams from setting up in advantageous positions. That can buy you time to maneuver into an advantageous position for your own forces, where you can start to bring direct fires to bear on suspected and known anti-tank positions. Easier said than done of course, but it is certainly doable. One last note I think is worth mentioning, using infantry as recon is very useful when facing javelins. Their handheld optics might not be as good as the ones mounted in vehicles, but they are also much easier to maneuver and conceal than vehicles are, and javelins will generally not engage them unless ordered to. Worst case scenario, you lose a recon team to a javelin, but now that's one less javelin missile you have to worry about. Best case, you are able to spot enemy anti-tank teams with your infantry and neutralize them without losing your armor. Again, easier said than done, but its quite possible.
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    Obviously not for some folks 🙄 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recycling_rates_by_country We are in effect sh*tting on our own doorstep and the amount of plastic waste polluting our water is staggering. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/sep/06/plastic-fibres-found-tap-water-around-world-study-reveals But hey ho it is all down to a liberal conspiracy to stop big business making profits and declining living standards, the recent change in leadership in America has not helped... 🙄 As for less collections that is down to reduced tax return due to the world economic crisis that is still hitting the UK public spending purse as tax has not increased and so councils under pressure to make savings while still trying to keep recycling rates up. Target is to hit 50% by 2020 at 43% we are close but still put a third of our waste in the ground, compared to America 54%... Back on topic I checked my credit cards, not been compromised, but then I did not buy anything off Battlefront recently... (Not that it is relevant...) 😋