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    I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that the 4.01 patch fixed several bugs I'd seen reported on the forums, even though they weren't listed in the patch notes. In many cases I wasn't aware that BFC had even officially acknowledged them. It's been fun to find these things, so I thought I'd start a thread to compile them. I'm grateful to the BFC staff and testers who have harvested these and fixed them, and I'm curious what others have found! Here's what I've seen so far: 1) In CMFB, Volksgrenadier Sturm squads no longer have extra Assistant leaders. Reported and acknowledged after the 4.0 upgrade in 2016, now fixed: 2) In CMFI, Italian HMG teams no longer carry superfluous US 60mm mortar ammunition. Noted back in 2013, in 2017, and again in March 2019 but now fixed: 3) In the CMFI Troina campaign, US infantry company MG teams used to have M1919A4s instead of M1919A6s--but no longer. I noted that here in 2017: 4) In CMBN, you can now buy Vickers teams in QBs without getting XO teams instead. @Oliver_88 confirmed this. 5) Perhaps related to (4), in CMBN and CMFI, CW Vickers platoon 2IC teams no longer have erroneous MG icons, as used to be true (noted here): 6) In CMBN, the problem with acquiring mortar ammo from CW Carrier Platoon vehicles is fixed, confirmed by @domfluff here: 7) In CMBN, US MMG teams no longer fire off a rifle grenade as a "parting shot" after an area fire Target Light order is cancelled. I noticed this under 4.0 back in 2017 and I saw it again just now with my version of CMBN 3.0. But it seems to be gone in 4.01! 8 Another pet peeve of mine, in CMFI 4.0 US units with area fire orders would fire off their AT rifle grenade before their HE grenades, instead of saving it to use against armor. (At least, that's what I observed and noted). Not true in CMFI after the patch! (I also noticed that under 4.0, unlike 3.0, early US rifle squads carried two rifle grenade launchers. This hasn't been changed in 4.01, so I assume it was a deliberate TO&E update.) Patch notes themselves here:
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    INVERTED KILLSACK Moments after the Bradley engages the single ATGM team on Hill 113, a worst case scenario develops. An entire company of T-72AV tanks appear along the ridgeline of Hill 113. My entire force suddenly finds itself in a killsack. Most of my assets are deployed. The infantry are in the process of advancing on and clearing objectives, with their Bradley’s sitting in overwatch positions. Further, most of my tanks are either engaged at point blank range with the remains of the T-72 company on the reverse slope, with their sides and rear facing Hill 113. I only have a handful of tanks in overwatch observing the direction of Hill 113. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The potential exists here for OpFor to inflict severe casualties on my force in a very short amount of time, and all of this can occur without me being able to properly react. In short, it could all be over for Task Force Miller. The drama kicks off immediately. CPT Miller’s 66 tank, part of the handful of tanks on overwatch of Hill 113, is fired on by one of the enemy T-72s. A half second later, the 66 tank engages the same T-72 that fired at it. The sabot from the T-72 crashes into the lower glacis plate of the 66 tank, but is defeated. The T-72 is not so lucky. The sabot from the 66 tank hits and penetrates its target, sending the sabot through the chin of the turret and out the back, detonating the ammo stored in the turret on its way through. What follows is another short, violent tank duel. The other tanks in overwatch, including 2 tanks on the MSR, engage the threat on Hill 113. Bradley’s, including the infantry company commanders track, engage with TOW missiles. Sabot rounds and ATGMs (TOW’s from the Bradleys, AT-11s from the T-72s, and AT-5a’s from a few BMP-2s) zip past each other. Despite the excellent gunnery of my tanks and Bradley’s, not all shots find their targets. The T-72s are firing from behind a berm at an elevation advantage, making them tough targets to hit. A number of sabot rounds and TOW missiles miss, and some that hit are defeated by the combined armor and angling of the T-72s. Casualties are suffered on both sides. I quickly lose an Abrams when an enemy AT-11 tank fired ATGM slams into the top turret of one of my Abrams as it tries to orient itself towards the new threat. The ATGM punches through the soft top turret armor and explodes inside, killing the entire crew. A moment later, one of the tanks engaged in a knife fight with the enemy T-72s in the reverse slope killsack takes multiple hits to the rear of its turret. It too is quickly destroyed, taking its entire crew with it. Bradley’s from 3rd platoon in overwatch of their infantry currently clearing the woods of NAI 1 are hit next. One enemy sabot round destroys 2 of them, punching clean through the first Brad and into the second. If there is a silver lining to this, it is that the infantry was already dismounted. My tanks and Bradley’s quickly increase their return fire, and soon gain fire superiority. A flurry of killing blows follows, and within the next 20 seconds, most of the OpFor T-72 company on Hill 113 has been smashed. This engagement occurred over the course of roughly 50 seconds. I had no chance to give new orders based on the new threat. All I could do was watch. Luckily for me, I had maintained decent overwatch positions with my reserve tanks, and many of my Bradley’s were in positions that granted them some level of concealment to the threat. The rest all came down to the gunnery skill of my crews and, in the case of my Abrams, their excellent armor that allowed them to survive frontal hits. This could have been disastrous for my forces. If I had not maintained good overwatch, I could have been stuck waiting an entire minute to react to the new threat on Hill 113. With modern weapons and targeting, as well as it being an entire company of enemy tanks, a minute would have been more than enough time for the T-72s to destroy/cripple most of my soft/vulnerable assets caught in the open. Remember, if I lose more than 30% of my force, I lose the battle. What saved me from defeat has more to do with basic tactical fundamentals and less to do with equipment or technology (though equipment and technology certainly helps). All elements, while moving through the open, positioned in the open, or overwatching smaller assets like infantry, were in turn being covered themselves. Further, I knew Hill 113 was key terrain based on its near dominating sightlines covering the part of the map my Task Force has to initially deploy across. If I had not had my rearmost tanks oriented towards Hill 113 overwatching the rest of my Task Force, the T-72 attack could have been a complete disaster for me. Additionally, if my opponent had committed his two tank companies at the same time (the company in the reverse slope position, and the company up on Hill 113) he could have overwhelmed my vehicles by catching me in a deadly crossfire. 20 T-72 tanks, firing at me from different directions, elevations, and distances likely would have caused much more damage to my forces. For now, I’ve managed to keep my Task Force intact. However, these killsack engagements are a sobering reminder of how quickly I can lose my command, and how crucial basic tactical fundamentals are regardless of weapons and technology.
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    This thread is an offshoot of the Co-op AAR that @IanL and I have ongoing in the CMFS 2 forum. In that game we tested a set of realism rules we called the Hard Cat Rules. Well I have been doing a lot of talking about perhaps adding some rule additions to that basic set and got some great feedback and ideas along the way. What follows are my extended rules, my intent was to maintain ease of use, and the basic rules fit on one standard page, so they can easily be printed out and referred to during play. My main goal was to create the feeling of Command and Control without overwhelming the players with spreadsheets or writing stuff down (like my previous attempt). I am looking for feedback and suggestions with these, if you think they are too complex tell me why.. if they don't make sense to you let me know, etc. Here are the basic rules - a formatted PDF Version available at this link This PDF includes all of the latest additions (version 2g) - UPDATED 29MAY19 Click the image to see full size. The following Advanced or Optional Rules also fit on one page, they are on page two of the PDF linked above. Click the image to see full size.
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    C2 & Information Sharing (REDUX)

    This topic deserves to stay up high in the list of topics (no sticky topics here?)! So I thought I could add an interesting account I've come upon, cited from Joseph Klein, Fallschirmjäger. Piniere der 1. Fallschrimjägerdivision im Italienkrieg", p. 89 (poor translation by myelf ^^). The author - who was a platoon leader in the parachute-engineer ("Fallschirmjägerpionier") battalion - narrates his encounter with a troop of Churchill tanks at Termoli in early October 1943. I found it interesting as it is an example of both "info sharing" and "shoot and scoot". Context: He and his men stumbled into 4 Churchills when they peeked over a sharp ridge. The clostest tank was only at a distance of 50m and the tanks had to be taken out quickly as they were overlooking the path of approach of their unsuspecting fellow platoons. The author also mentions that they had no Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck ("Ofenrohre") with them. They had captured enemy AT guns, but were reluctant to use them as they had no experience with them. They also couldn't knock the tank out with grenade bundles ("geballte Ladungen") as there was no cover to approach the tanks safely. However, the company of the author was supported by StuGs. His platoon also had a StuG (of some short-barreled variant) at hand, which had to do the job: "Due to its inflexibility, our StuG was at a disadvantage against the British tanks. It had no turret, so the whole vehicle had to be turned in order to aim. Also, the short-barreled gun posed some problems*. We hurriedly discussed our options with the StuG-crew. [The author goes on to assert the truth of the incredible story, he also points out that the StuG crewmen - of the 16th tank division - were veterans from the eastern front and their StuG's two (?!) gunbarrels were marked with 8-10 rings, indicating the number of their kills] First, we directed our StuG to the left side of the road which offered better concealment. Then one guy went to peek over the ridge to spot the enemy tank and indicate the line of collimation/direction to the target to another guy, who acted as a grain on which the StuG could orient itself. Finally our StuG was ready. It would need drive up the ridge in a straight line. The StuG's low silhouette was handy in this situation, as only ca. 50cm would need to be exposed to the enemy tank-gunner. As they had also considered the angle to their target, the StuG's crew had depressed their gun to the maximum - it looked as if it would fire into the ground. One of our squad-machine guns and some riflemen would trigger the action by abruptly opening fire at the vision slits in order to dazzle the enemy tank. [details about the position of the MG and riflemen...] Then we got started: Shortly after the MG started to bark, and rifles and machine-pistols started to fire, the StuG's engine roared as it made its short approach to the crest of the ridge, followed by the dry "bang" of the StuG's gun. The Churchill tank was ablaze. It had been taken totally by surprise. As planned, its crew had been distracted by the machine gun and rifle fire, so they were unaware of the more serious threat. But I can't rule out that perhaps the machine gun and rifle fire had also had some effect on the crew inside the tank. We all rejoiced and were so excited that we almost forgot about the second enemy tank and threw our arms up in the air. [the StuG had withdrawn back behind the crest immediately after its shot] ---------- * "...wobei die kurzen Stummelrohre ihrer Kanone nur wenig Ausschlag und Richtungsmöglichkeiten auf das Ziel geben konnten" ???
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    Pete Wenman

    Master Map?

    The best I can offer is the full Maltot map from which the "In the Shadow of the Hill" scenarios were created Maltotfinal.btt P
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    INSIDE THE KILLSACK Two teams of tanks scramble up to either side of the enemy position, creating a killsack. The enemy tanks are stuck. They cannot maneuver or stay still without taking point blank fire from multiple directions. The next 20 or so seconds see a flurry of action. Number 1 tank is the first to fire, but miraculously the round is deflected by the T-72s ERA. That luck only lasts a few seconds however. Number 3 tank of first platoon fires from its position on the right, knocking out a T-72. This is quickly followed a moment later by Number 1 tank firing again. This time, luck is on his side. The sabot round rips through 1 T-72 before smashing into a second behind the first, destroying both of them in catastrophic fireballs. Half a second later, 1st platoons Lieutenant destroys another T-72 just behind the two tanks knocked out by one round. In the span of 15 or so seconds, 5 T-72s have been destroyed, bringing the total number of observed destroyed T-72s to 6. More than half a tank company has been destroyed in under a minute. However, due to the slight downslope the enemy tanks are on, and the smoke and chaos, there are at least 4 unaccounted for tanks likely still sitting right in front of me. There is also an ill omen. While the knife fight at the killsack is raging, an enemy man-portable ATGM is fired from Hill 113. A Bradley on overwatch is able to spot the gunner and lob a few 25mm rounds his way. Luckily, the ATGM fails to track and crashes harmlessly into the dirt, but its a prelude of something far greater yet to come.
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    PBEM game without any cheating

    He Cheated!
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    DOWN THE MSR After the violent exchange, a momentary calm comes over the battlefield. A few enemy crewmen are seen fleeing away from the carnage, and there are a few pops and bangs from cooking off ammunition. I wait a turn or two to make sure there are no late surprises. When its clear there aren’t Task Force Miller begins to cautiously creep forward again. Some of the tanks that were covering the infantry clearing the woods on NAI 1 are repositioned to move up and help cover the move on NAI 11. The calm persists as infantry from 2nd platoon cautiously approach the buildings on NAI 11 and begin to enter and clear them. The infantry clear the buildings without incident, discovering the corpses of what looks like an enemy infantry squad deployed in a scout role. On the other side of the MSR, the situation is repeated. Infantry from 1st platoon clear the remaining buildings on NAI 3, discovering only corpses and the two burned out BMP-2’s. The final T-72 in the reverse slope killsack is destroyed. That makes 10 tanks, an entire tank company. There don’t appear to be any other fortifications or enemy units in the area. Back at NAI 1, the infantry are slowly making their way through the woods, trying to avoid making contact with the enemy dug in there. On the left, there is a small opening in the tree cover, looking down slope into a clearing. There are a lot of vehicle sound contacts in this clearing. I decide to move a tank over to help cover the infantry and spot for enemy vehicles. This quickly pays off. Just a few moments after the tank gets in position, a BMP-2 is spotted. The Abrams fires, destroying the spotted BMP-2. A second BMP that was unspotted but unfortunately positioned between my tank and its spotted target is killed when the sabot first passes through it on its way to its intended target. The vehicle itself remains unspotted, but a plume of smoke begins to rise into the sky, marking its location. A team of infantry from 3rd platoon, currently making their way through the woods over to the position the tank has taken, set up in a shallow trench next to the Abrams and immediately spot another BMP-2 in the clearing. The AT-4 flies true and hits the BMP-2, destroying it. The crew of the stricken vehicle bails out and are quickly greeted by a hail of bullets. Also spotted are some foxholes with a lone enemy infantryman crawling next to them. As suspected, this entire area looks like a fortified hornets nest. For now, I’m trying to stay along the periphery and engage opportunity targets as they appear, while trying to avoid getting sucked into a slug match in the woods. I spoke too soon. The infantry spot another BMP-2 and attempt to engage it with the Javelin. However, this time the enemy sees me as well, and the BMP fires first. Casualties are caused, including the javelin gunner. This is an example of how deadly close range forest fighting such as this can be, and something I’m trying to avoid. My tank, mere meters away from this infantry team, cannot see the enemy BMP. Sight line geometry in environments like this are a nightmare. I quickly pull the infantry back, trying to disengage from the situation. The entire platoon is able to move away without drawing any fire, though the team in the woods next to the tank takes an additional casualty and is pinned down. To help cover 3rd platoon by NAI 1, NAI 11 is reinforced with more infantry from 2nd platoon, as well as some tanks and Bradleys. NAI 11 provides good lines of sight across NAI 1, and forward along the MSR. The goal will be to use NAI 11 as another forward base of fire as I advance further down the MSR towards the bridge objectives. If any enemy units in the woods on NAI 1 decide to make a break for it or try to flank my units as they advance on the bridges, NAI 11 should be able to spot and interdict them. Back on NAI 3, 1st platoon moves forward and clears the woods to their front. The road leading up to NAI 5 climbs in elevation, and has a ditch running along it. I place some infantry teams in the ditch to provide overwatch, armed with a javelin. From their position, they can see the bridge objectives, which appear to be clear of the enemy and obstacles. Scout team 1 moves up in its Bradley to get a better view into the back of NAI 1. The team dismounts and sets up on a berm, covered by their Cavalry Fighting Vehicle just behind them. Moments after setting up at the berm, the scouts spot a BMP-2. However, the BMP has also spotted the scouts Bradley, and the Bradley has not spotted the BMP. The javelin takes around 20 seconds or so to acquire a good lock on a target before the missile can be fired. In that time, the BMP-2 is able to fire an AT-5a at the Bradley. The enemy missile zips overhead and hits the Bradley, destroying it instantly, though both crewmembers survive and bail out. A few seconds later, the javelin is fired and the BMP-2 is destroyed. The 1:1 trade of vehicles is a bad one, especially for cavalry scouts who are generally supposed to avoid engagement if possible. After the BMP is destroyed and no further contacts are spotted, I decide to push out the perimeter around NAI 11. Two tanks, the Company XO and 2nd platoons platoon leader, bound forward in a pair. They establish overwatch positions along a lightly wooded berm that can directly observe both bridge objectives, as well as the far side down the MSR. Nothing is spotted either on the Bridges or on the far side. With this area looking clear, more vehicles are moved up to expand the perimeter of NAI 11 and prepare an initial push for the Bridge objectives. Back on the right at NAI 1, the bulk of 3rd platoon (infantry) are disengaging from the woods and moving across a field to an assembly area. There they will remount their Bradley’s and be moved forward to assist in the capture of the Bridge objectives. However, there are still unrecovered casualties from A Team, 3rd Squad. To help recover the casualties, B Team moves up to the shallow trench. Number 3 tank from 1st platoon is still in position trying to provide cover to the pinned down infantry. As soon as B Team arrives, they take fire from a BMP. 30mm HE rounds tear through the foliage and explode around the team, causing another casualty. A SAW gunner equipped with the teams AT-4 stands up through the withering incoming fire and takes aim. This act of bravery is rewarded. He fires his AT-4, and his aim is true. The BMP-2 is hit and destroyed. With this BMP-2 destroyed, all incoming fire ceases. After making sure the coast is clear, 3rd squad begins the task of recovering its casualties. The casualties are recovered, and the infantry and tank fall back away from NAI 1. As they clear the area, a fire mission is called down on the NAI. The mission will be a steady rate of fire for a long time (7-10 minutes) to keep anyone left in the woods pinned down.
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    mortar response time

    Adding to what @IanL said, there is a small circle in the bottom right hand corner of every artillery or air asset representing the C2 level between the unit calling for the support and the artillery. The darker green the circle is, the shorter the call time will be. If the little circle is yellow, orange or red, expect very long call times.
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    Yeah, that's one of the reasons I never cared much for "tournaments", especially back in the old days of CM1. A lot of those guys were so arrogant an took playing way to seriously. I don't like losing but I enjoy the stories that can come from a good defeat just as much as from a killer win. When I play as a weaker side, like Syrian Combatants or Italians, I adjust my goals to causing as much hurt as I can. If I knock out a few good tanks and rack up a couple dozen bodies, I consider it a "win" even when I get my ass handed to me. LOL. Expectations, brother! Mord.
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    That isn't how it works... this game has simultaneous orders and neither player can view the action until after both players have given their orders. Both players will watch the same movie (from their sides of course) before they give orders for the next turn... it repeats like that until one player is left crying under his desk... The problem you are worrying about doesn't exist in this game. Bil Edit: damn beaten by @domfluff, damn your eyes!
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    George MC

    Kinda frustrated

    If you search for stuff by @SeinfeldRules over at https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/ you'll find a load of small to medium size CMRT scenarios which might suit you. Small maps, small forces, brilliant wee fights!
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    After the next 2 modules?

    Incorrect. It's the same group of people that have made everything else CM on your HD. It is the same method that BFC have used for as long as I have been doing this (since 2001)- they do the code and OOB stuff and tell us what is and isn't possible on that basis (with other input and content where needed), they also do the majority of the art work. One person heads up organizing the campaigns, scenario list, maps, etc.. That's me this go around for RT- the guy that made half of the giant CM master maps on your HD since CM:MG and the subsequent WWII titles. The guy that did a fair number of campaigns and scenarios since GL for all modules. I know the drill. This is not an outside job, nor is the CMFI module. Other testers are kicking things in as well, as always. So the trend you have seen in CM:FB will continue as far as number of areas mapped, quality of content, etc.. *The notion that bugs cause delays is a given* I can't believe I wasted internet ink typing that. Obviously true, and unfortunate- even with a genius behind the wheel of said code. We are indeed on that RT module. And then some. When it comes time when things are in properly vetted visual shape, BFC will be throwing bones.
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    Actually all the beta testers and even Steve are just bot programs run by Charles. I would question my existence but Charles disabled that feature.....
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    The other day I heard the Beastie Boys' track Sabotage which I haven't heard for years and I thought to myself 'that would be a good accompanying track to a Shock Force 2 montage'. So I took some inspiration from the track's video and put this together. See what you think.
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    Interview of a Waffen SS Soldier

    I am not offended, but that is just plain wrong. Yes, communism is surely a totalitarian extreme of socialism. But fascism has got nothing to do with socialism.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    The Bridges (Cont.) Then the infantry make contact. An enemy radioman is spotted moving between the buildings of NAI 6 up on the ridge. A Bradley from 2nd platoon spots the movement and pumps some 25mm HE rounds into the area. As 1st squad cautiously advances closer to the buildings of NAI 12, they draw fire. A casualty is suffered, and the squad goes to ground and begins returning fire. A sharp firefight breaks out. The infantry returns fire as tanks are brought up to pump coax and .50 cal fire into the buildings. A few enemy RPGs are fired at the tanks, but none hit. It’s a race to see who can build fire superiority and win the fight. A fire mission is called in on the buildings up on the ridge on NAI 6 to help suppress/destroy the enemy infantry there. Abrams along the MSR pump HEAT rounds into the buildings of NAI 12 and quickly help me gain fire superiority. With the enemy forces near the MSR either destroyed, suppressed, or under direct observation, I move 2 Abrams across Bridge 32 to strongpoint the other side. They take no fire and encounter no obstacles on the bridge or the far side. I now have possession of both Bridge objectives. I’ve spoken too soon. Scout team 2 moves up along the left (North) side of the bridge, only to discover what appears to be an entire infantry platoon in foxholes down in the gully directly next to the bridge. The scouts take a casualty before returning fire. This is a curious threat. It doesn’t pose any direct threat to vehicles moving across the bridge, though I can’t just leave it be. The enemy infantry could mount a suicidal yet potentially damaging attack from this position so it must be dealt with. The scouts Bradley moves up to put direct fire down into the enemy foxholes. It is only able to get a few bursts off before it is hit and knocked out by an RPG. Luckily, the crew survives and are able to bail out. Further, the Bradley is not on fire, so there is little risk to the scouts in close proximity. A moment later, the scouts return fire with their javelin, vaporizing one of the enemy foxholes. I decide to risk moving a tank forward to put fire into the gulch. I have the tank move forward just enough to only spot one of the enemy foxholes and give it a pause command of 20 seconds. After which the tank will reverse. The maneuver pays off, the tank is able to lay down coax fire and causes a casualty before reversing to safety. No RPGs are fired. The tank repeats this maneuver and is soon joined by a wingman. The wingman performs the same maneuver but from a different vantage point. They fire both coax and main gun rounds into the foxholes down in the gulch. 1st squad, 2nd platoon takes up a position overlooking the enemy in the gulch. They add their fire to the two tanks, and the enemy position is quickly destroyed. 2nd platoon continues to slowly advance on the buildings of NAI 12. A few enemy infantry make their presence known, but they are quickly bombarded by both small arms and 25mm fire from my infantry and Bradleys. One of the Bradleys fires a TOW into a building, destroying it. The resistance in NAI 12 is rapidly diminishing and the area is soon cleared. Some stragglers are seen milling around NAI 6 and are sporadically engaged by both Bradleys and infantry. The stragglers appear to be shellshocked and disoriented, wandering around with little semblance of order. At this point I think it is safe to assume that any threat posed by enemy units on NAI 6 has been neutralized. As final insurance, another short but sharp fire mission is called in on the rubble of NAI 6.
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    George MC

    CM1 @ GOG

    All my old CMX1 stuff is still at my website www.blowtorchscenarios.com if interested.
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    or as Joni Mitchell said in the original lyrics before a beta tester gave her grief I've looked at trees from both sides now From up and down, and still somehow It's tree illusions I recall I really don't know trees at all
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    Approaching the bridge objective A little further forward elements of B Co spot an enemy BMP. See, he can move assets without my overwatch units spotting them. Rats! A little battle field overview from about the 5 or 6 minute mark. The first teams from B Co 1 Pl reach the bridge. I order them to move into the steam bead and along it under the bridge. They don't do that and instead head right up on top before climbing down the hill. WTF – Why The Face as in the face of confusion and anger. But they make it unharmed. More of 1Pl move up and the next team gets much more detailed orders of how to get under the bridge out of the enemy view. The also ignore me and follow the same path as the first team. This time they take fire and someone is lightly wounded. Meanwhile one overwatch mortar fire spotting rounds started a few minutes ago so the ATGM teams are on the run to avoid it. As the fire really starts they are safe but no longer on overwatch. BMPs choosing their own targets The bulk of 1Pl are in position but again the HQ team decides to go over out into the open but this time one member doesn't make it. Meanwhile given where the fire at the bridge is coming from I move 2Pl up in the gully with the idea that they can interdict anything else joining the enemy threatening 1Pl and I can protect their flank. After about 10 minutes this is where where everybody is.
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    Moving into position and the action starts B Company 2 Platoon await with scouts near the ridge line. Meanwhile 1 Platoon is moving through the woods towards the bridge. A Company 1 Platoon HQ has some contacts at the farm and their BMPs are in C2. Time for some area fire. On the spotting of the Platoon HQ and the company HQ BMPs open up on targets around the farm. The right two BMPs are from 1 Platoon and the left most one is A Co's ride. I give them target briefly orders of various lengths so that if something dangerous pops up later in the turn they will be free to engage on their own. Meanwhile 2 Platoon moves into their position in defilade at KT6. Over by the bridge lead elements of B Co are approaching the bridge. Sure enough after some area firing a BMP spots some targets on its own... And scores a hit. First blood to me. If only that were enough.
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    First Few Minutes – Moving Out and the importance of C2 This is a meeting engagement, even with the twist of the other objectives, so the plan is to get to the bridge fast. The bridge objective is B company's job. 1 Platoon will rush wide and fast to cross the road and get into the woods to approach the bridge. 2 Platoon will follow but stay out of site in the gully at KT5 that connects with KT2. That way 2 Platoon can either cross the road and join 1 Platoon or manoeuvre down the gully towards the bridge which ever seems best. A Company will protect the Red objective and position itself to threaten the Blue objective. All their BMPs and two attached ATGMs will stay on the high ground, KT7, and try to restrict the enemy's movement while the infantry take up a position on KT6 to observe and threaten the farm. Meanwhile 2 Platoon will get into the West end of the KT5 out of site and be ready to respond as needed. A Compnay HQ following along on foot behind 1 Platoon as the cross into KT5. B Company moving off at speed. 1 Platoon is in the lead with 2 Platoon following. After about a minute you can see the plan begin to unfold... The two ATGM teams setup on the high ground – all the see is a BTR for a brief second slipping along AA3. Closer examination shows that they actually do not have as good a view as I had hoped. To be clear they can see a lot and anyone venturing out into the open ground will likely become a target. The trouble is there is a low area along AA3 that is out of their view so the ATGMs and the BMPs will not be in as dominating a position as I thought. To make matter worse I now see that do to comms the BMPs are out of C2 with their HQs which also means no area fire from KT7 in support of the infantry. That is not good. I really want the BMPs to be able to support the infantry. Given their poor visibility I was counting on them for area fire as directed by the Platoon HQ. Without the rules I would happily just leave them on KT7 and blast away at what ever I want them to. But under the Hard-Cat rules they cannot do that. Therefore I need to think like the Platoon commander and get them into a position that can support the platoon. Therefore 1 Platoon and the A Company BMP will reposition to KT6 so they can actually take direction from the their respective HQs. 2 Platoon's BMPs will just join their platoon in defilade and stick with them as reinforcements. The first members of B Company 2 platoon reach their positions with the rest close behind. B Company 1 Platoon cross the road into cover. This was the most dangerous time for them and the all made it without taking any fire. Some screen shots showing the problem with C2. This is after the BMPs moved from KT7 into position hull down on my side of KT6. They are still out of C2 from their HQs. The Platoon HQ is on the other side of the ridge and out of contact. By repositioning the HQ back to just the other side of the ridge now the infantry and the BMPs are in C2. The HQ is also in a better position to observer the Farm but they are also more exposed. Those compromises are the point of the Hard-Cat rules thought.
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    hummm patche 4, I need your opinion

    At this point I am quite baffled how this could get through the testing. This issue with troops charging towards enemies when evading is very obvious from simply just playing the game as you normally do. I have been trying out the revised road to montebourg campaign and aside from first mission I have seen this issue come up in all scenarios regularly during normal gameplay. It is just plain and simply broken. Not as badly as it may have been before but broken nevertheless. For H2H games it seems that the remedy is once again using the pause command (exploit?) to stop troops from fleeing. But the poor AI will get its infantry massacred in simple firefights.
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    Hello all and welcome to my first public AAR of CM games. As such, it won't feature complex analyses and orders, like we've all come to expect reading the AAR's on these forums. Firstly, I have personally vowed, after demobilization, that I will never write another standard order (applied for and served as part of ROTC for the Serbian Army in 2017, Infantry 2nd Lt) and, secondly, the idea for the AAR came late in the game, after heroics of certain units. As far as the scenarios goes, I made some modifications. Namely, instead of company of T 62 MV's, there were 6 T 72 M1's ( it is my personal preference, as it is closest to M 84A tank in service in Serbian Army). Soft factors for militia company were increased. Skill level was increased for anti tank platoon. BRDM's with ATGM's were eliminated fully. TRP's were added (still a 9 minute calling time for D30 howitzers). MANPADS were added . Nothing was changed for the US Army. I would like to give thanks and credit to the original creator of the scenario and to whomever edited it for Shock Force 2. Now for the main part. I was given the objective to hold at all cost the aforementioned factory outlet. For this task, I was given a militia company, two platoons of Special Forces, antitank platoon consisting of 2 AT 4 C's and 2 SPG 9's and 6 T 72 M1's. In support, I had a battery of D30 howitzers. Opposing me was a Stryker company (two platoons of infantry in ICV's, platoon of MGS and platoon of ATGM Stryker), reinforced by 3 M1 Abrams tanks and a platoon of engineers in Bradleys. They also had a lot of off map support, including two Apache helicopters. As you can see, the question was how badly was I gonna lose. 😄 So here it is: Now, you may ask: Aurelius, why are you posting an AAR about your defeat?!? Why isn't SlySniper posting about his hard won battle?!? My answer is: because of these guys I knew I had no chance to win. I knew my AT platoon couldn't do anything to Sly's tanks. So I devised a plan, a scheme of slowing down his advance and making him think twice about approaching the factory proper. Firstly, I had to destroy the Bradleys, cause they could wipe out all my fighting positions and easily interdict movement of my units through buildings with their 25 mm auto cannons. That would also mean that his engineers have to walk everywhere (the map is very elongated and there is a lot of ground to cover). Secondly, to take out any specialized Stryker (an FO vehicle, command vehicle). If any Stryker loaded with troops presented itself- to burn it and everyone inside. I managed to destroy all of the Bradleys, destroy an FO vehicle and burn two Strykers which I suspect were carrying troops. I achieved this by utilising mobility of my troops (only the SPG 9 was left in place, because it is too slow to pack up and decision was made to sacrifice it). I would crawl them to the roof, wait a turn, give an order to fire and retreat them by use of the pause command. As for my T 72's, this is how they ended up: The only excuse I can offer: I wasn't thinking how their placement in editor was exposed to the possible avenue of approach of my opponent. 😄 But, there is a bright spot. This guy destroyed a vehicle, killed a guy with a Javelin and was a general nuisance to Sly's plan: During the course of the battle, Sly tried to approach/probe my positions. This was the aftermath of any such excursion: To my surprise, I even managed to surprise him with a howitzer barrage. Waited 13 minutes for the call up time and additional 2 minutes for spotting and got this: There were more casualties, but it is a tedious process to document all of those. Both Apache's were shut down immediately on the first turn, giving me some breathing space. I hope you will enjoy this quick recap of what happened and I would like to give thanks to @slysniper for a fun and challenging battle.
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    General Jack Ripper

    Realism Suggestions?

    I don't understand why people say these things. If you're playing against a human opponent in a single scenario, then you can expect to recieve and inflict heavy casualties, because you are playing a game that has no consequences beyond winning or losing. Thus, neither player is under any obligation to agree to a ceasefire, or surrender, if they take a sufficient number of casualties. In fact many players, myself included, will drive their pixeltruppen far beyond human endurance if it means securing a victory in a PBEM. If you are playing a single-player scenario, then there is no excuse for incurring massive amounts of casualties. I've made it a point to provide such object lessons as "How to Avoid Needless Casualties" with every single scenario I play and record. Sure, my run through 'Gog and Magog' was inconclusive at best, but I certainly didn't lose more than ten percent of my force before realizing I couldn't win without incurring the insane casualties you speak of. I think the question of casualties comes from an incorrect assumption on the part of the player that every single scenario is capable of being won with a total victory, or that one needs to simply hurl human bodies at the enemy with enough frequency to guarantee a heroic result.
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    It’s hard to believe that it’s almost four years ago when I was doing this. I wanted to do a serious AAR, with good quality graphics and both show something and learn something. The latter did happen; I certainly learned a few things that I need to remember to this day when playing. This battle was full of mistakes on my part, and I’d like to think I improved since then, but it was all the same a battle that was actually a lot of fun to play despite the mistakes. The Russian army’s approach to war is a bit different doctrinally than the German, and the paucity of specialized equipment can be a burden on an inexperienced leader. But one learns to compensate... Preparing the necessary graphics is a time-consuming job. In a minute of game play I obtain over 100 screenshots and have to analyze them to determine what is essential to show, and how to combine many of them for the picture-in-picture shots as well as the zoom-in circles. Tracking individual units and labelling them then follows. When I was doing this originally my wife was diagnosed with cancer and while this AAR was a welcome distraction, over the months of treatment that went on well into the subsequent year, I wasn’t able to maintain my energy. Just getting through the day was a challenge. But I kept all the turn files, my notes, my graphics templates. I hoped to return to this long ago, but now is better than never. I reinstalled CMRT 1.03, made some videos for reference, took some screenshots, and got to work. I hate leaving things unfinished and were it not for some technical issues I’d be doing the comics I have yet to complete. They will come later. I’m not sure if anyone will really want to pick up reading this after such a long time but I am going to do it anyway. A quick recap: You can see the objective areas in the shot below. I’m playing against a close friend who is a far more cagey, far less impatient player than I. I don’t know what his forces are. He has selected some armour, as the burning Marder shows, as well as another one I spotted heading westward before it became a contact. I’ve faced no artillery so far, but that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve faced some losses on Axis of Attack 2, where one of my Tankodesantniki platoons has lost 75% of the men in two of its three squads. The third squad is actually detached and on AoA 1, supporting third platoon. Split evenly, my tanks are on each approach, although AoA1 has two JS-2s. I have lost no tanks so far. My force is as follows: 1 Tank Regiment HQ (T34/85) 1 Tank Company HQ (T34/85) 2 Platoons of Tanks, each platoon consisting of: 2xT34/85 1xJS-2 1 Recon Platoon - 3xBA64B 1 Tankodesantnikii Co consisting of: CO HQ (3 men) 3xPlatoons consisting of: 1 plat HQ (1 man) & 3 Squads (10 men ea) 1 FO 1 Battery of 4x82mm Rocket launchers - off map - 384 rockets (half fired) (Click for more detail) I apologize for the poor contrast font in the sides of the shot. It looked good at 2880px!
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    Interview of a Waffen SS Soldier

    I suggest you read The Nazi Seizure Of Power by Sheridan Allen. You'd perhaps notice that the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) which believed in class struggle, was not revolutionary but pro republic and democracy was the main opponent of Hitler within Germany alongside the communists and how as soon as he got in power, Hitler shut down all the socialists newspapers, sent its members to concentration camps before finally banning the German socialist party altogether in 1933. Meanwhile the nationalists and the middle class flocked to Hitler in droves. So besides the name NSDAP (and if you follow that logic the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is actually a democracy) and a couple of tactical populist measures designed to appeal to the working class and which mostly failed, fascism had fundamentally very little to do with socialism. The same was true in Italy and Spain with Franco. And if totalitarianism in its various forms be it fascism or stalinism have a lot in common in practice, the horseshoe theory might be a good explanation, but in any case they both reach this end state by following completely different paths and with fundamentally opposed ideologies.
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    Interview of a Waffen SS Soldier

    True enough, these usually don't go anywhere for better and worse. I didn't mean to imply you were a Nazi fanboy, just that you are using some of the arguments I see everywhere.
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    Has military history gotten so bad that we've moved on from Clean Wehrmacht revisionism to Clean SS? Forget about the Eastern Front for a second, their crimes there are too numerous to count. 2 SS Panzer was late arriving to action in Normandy because they stopped to massacre entire villages. Anyone thinking of defending the SS should read Ordinary Men. As for what soldiers knew and thought, the British secretly recorded them in POW camps. Far from "not knowing" and "believing in defending home and hearth" their recordings show them casually discussing war crimes, the extermination of the Jews, rape and murder. It caused a sensation in Germany when published because it shows all of those lies for what they are. Soldaten
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    Interview of a Waffen SS Soldier

    Yeah I have a real problem with this. The acts in question were unacceptable in the world at the time. Yes, I am aware that dogmatic leaders used mass murder regularly then but the vast majority of actual citizens were well aware that mass murder was not an acceptable practice. LOL the power of political correctness? That is hilarious. It has very little power - next to none. It is the very people butt hurt over having to perhaps consider other people in their day to day life that have elevated the idea that some how political correctness is some big bad evil thing. Good lord.
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    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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    I finally got a good job (for me) 15 mkn walk frm my house. I start next week. Ill message relevant parties but I have a list of those who helped.(Nidan1 RIP buddy I wish I could get you back.) Ill also help as much as I can anyone whose struggling. People did it for me.
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    Evasion BUG

    Asked and answered. The link above is Steve's response to: "Question: Is the new "evade towards the enemy" behavior a bug that will be addressed by these patches coming soon too? Or has this been addressed in a different thread? Thank you." To which Steve replied: "Yup, that's been tweaked a bit as well. Steve"
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    A nice little ambush against a Stryker. I really do like the corner peaking feature All set up and patiently waiting. He and other teams can hear the Stryker coming down the alley... Score. Unfortunately it was only immobilized.
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    Combat Mission AAR: MSR Titan

    THE BRIDGES At this point, things are looking pretty good. I’ve established a decent base of fire observing both Bridge objectives as well as the far side of the objectives. So far, things have been relatively quiet. Back on the elevated road leading to NAI 5, one of the fire teams from 1st platoon spots an enemy tank. It is on the far side on the bridges, in an orchard of small, short trees, surrounded by a dirt berm. They quickly break out the javelin and take aim. The javelin gunner acquires a lock and fires. The missile flies true, and comes down on top of the turret of the enemy tank, destroying it instantly. There are additional faint contacts in the area, but no one can see anything else yet. It is probably that there is at least a platoon of tanks, maybe more in this orchard. It appears that they are lying in wait for my forces to expose themselves while crossing the Bridges before they attempt to engage. To deal with this, I’ll keep the infantry in position and try to spot more tanks to engage with javelins. I’ve also made sure that my tanks in a base of fire can observe the dirt berms of the orchards. This way if the enemy does choose to reveal himself, I will have at least 2 assets to engage them, from 2 different angles and at different elevations. This should increase my ability to both spot and engage threats as they appear. Covered by infantry and tanks, 2 tanks from 2nd platoon move forward across Bridge 31. They take no fire as they move across the open bridge and encounter no obstacles of any type. The two tanks establish overwatch positions on the far side of Bridge 31. More assets move up and the bridge is strongpointed. Infantry from 2nd platoon begins to move up, mounted in their Bradley’s. They move up and deploy in front of NAI 12. The buildings on this NAI are right next to the MSR and would provide a good place for enemy infantry to set up an ambush against my vehicles. As this is happening, the infantry along the elevated road spot another T-72AV parked in the orchard. They engage it with a javelin missile, destroying this one as well.
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    @Bil Hardenberger noted in another thread that he wasn't able to get Syrian squads in C2 by putting them close to higher-echelon HQs. This is different from other nationalities like the WW2 Americans or Germans. For them, a squad can skip over its Platoon HQ and get C2 from its Company or Battalion HQ within voice or close visual range (which @MOS:96B2P showed to be 50 meters and 96 meters respectively). I thought I'd look into this and I found something interesting: it depends on the unit, and it's not just the Syrians. It seems that in nationalities organized along Soviet lines, only certain types of units are able to take advantage of the higher-echelon C2 bypass that everyone else can use. Within a Syrian airborne battalion, for example, ordinary Airborne Infantry squads CANNOT get C2 from higher-echelon HQs. They need their Platoon HQs. I tested with Conscripts, Greens, Regulars, and Elites and none of them could, so troop quality doesn't make a difference. BUT Engineer squads in the same battalion CAN get C2 from their Company HQ. The image below shows the difference; each one is next to its Company HQ with the Platoon HQ across the map and out of sight (as you can see since the command lines are dark). The ordinary Airborne, in the inset, is out of command; the Engineers, in the rest of the image, are in command. So then I went and looked at CMRT. There too, Soviet rifle squads CANNOT get C2 from their Company HQ. But Soviet cavalry squads CAN. This is not because of the patch. It did some more tests and it's also that way in CMRT under Engine 4 (pre-patch) and under Engine 3. (I used the stock scenarios Dawn Patrol and Baranovichi to test rifle and cavalry respectively in each version.) This is NOT true of the Italians in CMFI, though you might expect it since inflexible command is one of their main traits in the game. Their rifle and Bersaglieri "squads" can benefit from Platoon or Company HQs, not just their Squad HQs. I can only guess that this is intended to reflect Soviet-style doctrine and to give players an extra incentive to keep their Soviet-style rifle platoons together. Forces that are expected to be more independent, like engineers or cavalry, aren't penalized. It's an interesting little touch. Original thread:
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    I agree. Everything I have read on the modern Russian military (which admittedly is not a whole lot) shows that while the Russians have tried to professionalize their army, specifically their NCO corps since the fall of the Soviet Union, the effort has been largely ineffective. That doesn't mean that the army itself is ineffective, just that at this level I think Bil has it right that their C2 situation is going to be more rigid/restrictive than NATO counterparts. Here is a free PDF (though long) that attempts to detail objectively the way the modern Russian army fights. It is written by Lester Grau, a former combat infantryman in the US Army who wrote other very notable works on the then Soviets in Afghanistan, The Bear Went Over the Mountain as well as other books detailing the Soviet/Russian military. https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/Hot Spots/Documents/Russia/2017-07-The-Russian-Way-of-War-Grau-Bartles.pdf For those looking for a study of a contemporary combat example involving the Russians, this paper titled “Cyborgs at Little Stalingrad”: A Brief History of the Battles of the Donetsk Airport was released a few weeks ago and does a good job (though rather brief) on detailing how the Russian military was able to systematically surround and reduce the Donetsk Airport over a series of months, and paints a very competent picture of the Russians. https://www.ausa.org/sites/default/files/publications/LWP-125-Cyborgs-at-Little-Stalingrad-A-Brief-History-of-the-Battle-of-the-Donetsk-Airport.pdf My intent isn't to turn this discussion into something not about C2 rules, just to show that while the Russians may have perceived disadvantages, there is reason to what they do and it can be very effective.
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    Bug reporting?

    Here is exactly the issue, no one reads the threads, even the ones they start. UltraDave already answered that.
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    2019 Reporting For Duty

    All I can say is this. I personally feel that Steve and the rest of the development team have brought all of us grognards an excellent series of games. I am also glad that they did away with some of the other non-Combat Mission games and devoted all their efforts to Combat Mission series. I have been playing Combat Mission since it first hit the market so many years ago. I recently, in January of this year, bought a computer rig that was capable of handling the graphics of the new game(s) and I now own all the titles and expansion sets. I am very much looking forward to the Fortress Italy and Red Thunder expansions as World War II is my all-time favorite period of history. I would enjoy seeing some new weapons systems developed for CMBS but I am just glad that the team is working hard to bring us an even better series of games. Many kudos to Steve and the development team. All the best to BFC in 2019 **Chris**
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    I had the below paraphrased summary in my notes. I located the original link (bottom of this post) that I took the information from so it could be viewed in its entirety. Thought you might find the last paragraph of the attached post interesting. It is from 2008. CM's Action Spots are squares for the most part, customized shapes in special circumstances. By default soldiers treat the direction ahead as the threat area. When the unit advances into an Action Spot it chooses positions that would be defensively good if the enemy were directly ahead of it. This can be overridden by a FACE Command. In this way you can move a unit north and have it set up positions to defend to the south instead of the north. Flavor Objects provide cover but not concealment. The degree of cover is dependent on what the object is. A soldier will get a lot more cover lying behind some tires instead of standing up behind a sign post
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    hummm patche 4, I need your opinion

    I am actually quite at loss on which version to play at this point for least broken gameplay. Previous version made singleplayer pretty much easymode, all you had to do was send a few rounds at the enemy and they would run away to some hidey-hole and the MP was such a huge forced pause-panic control micromanagement hell that I am not looking forward going back to the 4.00 version. To remember how things were before that, one needs to start remembering stuff from over three years past.. and then there is the fact that If my memory serves, we had to pay for engine 4 upgrades for CMBN. At this point it's probably not unreasonable to wish for BFC to at least acknowledge that there is a problem.
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    Artillery tables

    So I spent a lot of time to put together an artillery table for Russia and the USA. Currently Ukraine is completely missing. My main motivation was that whenever I was putting together an ORBAT, I had no idea about artillery strike call in times and available ammunition. Now I can check and compare it very easily. I am sharing it with everybody in case also somebody else finds it useful. Please note there is a sheet for each nation, and everything was recorded with Elite difficulty settings and Regular experience levels (for both arty and spotters). Link to CMBS Artillery spreadsheet
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    Minute 9 We are starting to slow down now as the action heats up... maybe @IanL would like to give his thoughts on the opening move to contact. Axis Alpha The images below show that I have moved both the ZSU from my reserve force and one BTR to Blue Ridge (KT-1), both are hull down. Another two BTRs are in the woods to the right of the ridge (also hull down). Additionally, an AT-13 is in these woods setting up to overwatch any movement across the map in the Axis Bravo sector. The top image, through the magic of Photoshop, illustrates my use of cover arcs to ensure my units stay focused and have good overlapping coverage of Red Gully. The ZSU is mainly there to provide overwatch for any infantry movement over the Bridge. It didn't take long for the BTR on KT-1 to spot an enemy vehicle in the Red Gully... so these are BRDM recon vehicles, at least this one is. I am guessing that the formation of four light armored vehicles moving through Red Gully toward the Gully Intersection is in fact a Recon platoon of four BRDMs. the good news is that my infantry will be better armed and more capable than the recon troops, but the bad news.. the BRDM has the same weapon system my BTRs do and they are as capable of killing me as I am them. The BTR opened and fired on the BRDM without hesitation... though I don't know the extent of any damage, the BRDM did in fact take at least one casualty and was hit and penetrated many times: Axis Bravo On Axis Bravo, I was a little incautious as I pushed my two Recon Squads forward in order to keep eyes as far forward as possible... I do pay for my cheek as I lose one complete team to what I suspect was BMP fire and the second takes one casualty. However, their sacrifice pays off as I do identify at least one of the light armored vehicles moving into the open area to the right-front of the Farm House, an F-ing BMP 2. I suspect both vehicles in this area are BMPs, with perhaps a third that I have yet to get a contact on (a BMP platoon has three vehicles). We shall see... ...stay tuned, Axis Bravo may be coming to a tipping point!
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    Nonsense. Artillery fragmentation is absolutely modeled, how else could a GI a hundred meters from an artillery impact get killed, while dudes just 20 meters away are just fine, if the system is as simplistic as you claim it is? Your obsessive pessimism is starting to grate.
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    Minutes 6-8 The above image is for terrain feature reference and orientation only. Axis Alpha The mortar fire over the next few minutes, though I can't tell if it caused any casualties, at least did its job.. Ian packed up and moved his two ATGM teams off that high ground. So now I feel like I can maneuver some of my assets back to KT-1 to cover his movement down the Red Gully. The enemy movement is now pretty clear.. there are four light armored vehicles moving through Red Gully, and four more (as previously noted) across the road and in the woods opposite my Listening Post (LP). Ian has dismounted several infantry teams and sent them over the bridge.. I saw one run immediately under the bridge when moving to my side. Second Platoon's HQ caused at least one casualty on the bridge from its overwatch position. Most of the enemy teams however took no damage. I am okay with this for now, as it is still early in the action and I am still in information gathering mode. But it'll be heating up very soon!
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    Minute 33-32 AOA 2 AOA2 was my first thrust against the fascist aggressors, and unlike AOA1 it was not without cost. I dropped 192 rockets on the houses and trees behind them several minutes ago, and I have no way of confirming their effectiveness. My units made their way through the woods along the eastern edge of the map, which was, of course a predictable course, as it is the only avenue to the objective that offers almost continuous cover. My men faced panzerfausts, which destroyed two of my three armoured cars. I ran into ambushing troops and my opponent even placed a minefield to make me cautious. I had Tankodesantniki scraped off their T34s in a rush toward the houses. They appear to be cleared now, at least, but as my earlier post indicates, one platoon is down 75% and the other 18% so the losses were somewhat severe. You can see a breakdown of the squad numbers below. With no enemy immediately in sight I set out to move my 1/1 and 2/1 squads out of the minefield. I’m not sure how large it is, so I am careful to move around to each side to clear it. Accompanying them is 1/1 T34/85 to provide fire support if they get engaged from the treeline beyond the gully. These are the most intact units I have on AOA 2 so I need to take good care of them. It looks like my opponent has not abandoned all the buildings after all. Heavy fire that sounds like an HMG fires at 3/1 squad. The Nearby T34 can’t get a good angle from their current position to fire on the enemy. I want to displace it but… Also a new contact appears, a HQ apparently. That unit… ...Opens fire from the treeline, nearly missing the 1st Tank Platoon CO. Despite buttoning up, the T34 fires an accurate shot… ...That takes out the shooter. My infantry, despite being suppressed, spots the MG 42 firing on them. I order 1/2 T34/85 to advance to the abandoned foxholes and to blast HE into the building to drive the HMG crew out. There are contacts that I believe are from fleeing, long-departed enemy units near those foxholes, but to be sure, I have 1st Tank Platoon CO’S T34/85 perform area fire in the vicinity to protect the other tank. Despite all the action nearby, 1/2 squad, 2/1 squad, and 1/1 T34/85 skirt the minefield unmolested and eye the distant treeline, waiting for the inevitable order to advance. For bounding overwatch I have split both squads, hence the A/B designation. 2/1 T34/85 hangs back. Despite the trees, it has fairly good vision all the way past the gully to the distant treeline, as you can see in this demonstration. It’s able to overwatch the advancing infantry and its sister tank. From its position it can see the wrecked Marder. Impressive to see the 85mm shell passed entirely through the enemy vehicle. In the distant tree line a solitary German soldier is spotted, but he vanished before he can be fired upon. My opponent is shifting forces around. I’m not entirely sure what to make of some of these movements. It may be part of a unit that was supposed to provide support for the now-dead Marder nearby. In any case, I think unit shifting is a good sign: it means I’m not where he wants me to be and he has to adjust. Now, I must admit his infantry worries me - a lot more than his armour, which so far I've seen only two Marders. Knowing my opponent well, I can surmise a few things: He likely did not buy heavy armour. So I don't expect any of the big cats. While a Marder or Panzer IV can easily knock out my tanks at this range, my tanks have all the advantages, if no cats are present: heavier armour, bigger guns, faster speed. He has radios, and most of mine don't, but with so many infantry and tanks concentrated in a small area, I am confident that what one T34 doesn't see another will. He doesn't have a lot of (any?) Anti-Tank Guns - or else they would be protecting his HMGs, which I have been able to blast at stand-off ranges with my tanks. I can't discount a surprise or two in the town but if he had serious firepower I can't imagine he's waiting for me to be right in the town to use it. My opponent favours infantry. So I am expecting a fair bit of it, as much as he can afford, and that includes panzerfausts. Other games I've played made it clear they can take out a T34/85 at beyond 100m range - I thought that is almost a freak shot. I’m not looking forward to moving into the town with my tanks... but I’ve succeeded in bringing a fairly powerful force to his doorstep. If my forces on AOA1 can advance into the town, and I'm able to provide heavy HE support with my tanks, my SMG troops are well suited to this kind of warfare. and I don’t think it’s a fight he can win.
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    It is worth repeating the following Area Fire rule as it comes into play in this turn: Axis Alpha Enemy contacts: the image above shows two enemy groupings.. the one on the right of four light armored vehicles, and on the left of a single light armored vehicle. These contacts and the ATGMs on Objective Red were the catalyst for my planned moves, shown below: In the image above, note that I am withdrawing my Company HQ BMP-2 off of Blue Ridge (KT-1), at least until I see those ATGMs withdraw from their strong Objective Red position. Also the second BTR with one squad will also be moving out of the Blue Gully and to a position where it can provide some overwatch into the Red Gully. My Listening Post is now manned by one team and the Command Squad from the Company HQ. The other two BTRs are shown (left of the image), one at Objective Blue where it has loaded the AT-13 team, and the other on its way to Blue to collect another team. All of the assets gathered by these BTRs will move to the Listening Post position (shown on the right of this image). Area Fire Type 3 This is an example of Area Fire Type 3, note that the Platoon HQ unit has moved back to within C2 range of the Mortar team, it also has a UI contact on Objective Red, so it satisfies the rule constraints for Area Fire Type 3 (refer to the quote at the top of this post). Over the next few turns the mortar will drop some rounds on Objective Red and hopefully force Ian to re-position those assets, if I'm lucky it might even cause some damage. Note that on map mortars are not considered artillery so do not have to abide by the artillery rules, unless they are being used in an indirect call for fire type mission... this will be direct fire as targeted. Axis Bravo On Axis Bravo Ian area fired at my recon squad and the farm house... this fire came from the two light vehicles on the Far Red Ridge. From the rate of fire and the size of the impacts this fire looks like it came from something like a BMP. I suffered one casualty in the recon squad and Ian also took down the wall in front of the farm house... luckily my forward AT Team suffered no casualties and maintained their position... the recon squad does withdraw under this fire.
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    @IICptMillerII, that was exciting that’s for sure . I think it clearly shows two things: 1. The M1 is just a superior tank versus the Russian made tanks. 2. Your opponent made a serious mistake with both of those Tank Companies, namely they were concentrated in a relatively tight grouping. This made your target solutions easier than if he had spread them out... concentrate your fire not your tanks. This is a fun read!
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    On the contrary: It helps point the beta tester in the right direction. What we think we know is 1. Not across the game platform but localized to CMBN 2. Activity often happens around Bocage. 3. Happens when the game is patched to 4.01 Beta testers continue to look at this.
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