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    You just released a GIGANTIC mod for SF2 but that was two days ago. So, what have you done for me lately, Mord? Mord.
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    H-HOUR This is the situation at the start of the battle. Carrier based AEW is in the air, as is a patrol of Prowlers performing EW and 2 flights of 2 F/A-18F Super Hornets providing CAP. Additionally, the EC-130H Compass Call is coming on station and is conducting active jamming. This jamming coupled with the Prowlers will hopefully be enough to frustrate the Regime radars. Speaking of which, all Regime radars, including illumination and fire control radars are active. The white text next to enemy radar and SAM sites shows the pulses of energy from these active radars. They clearly know we are coming and are combing the sky trying to find my aircraft. With air units on station or arriving on station, it is time to initiate the first Tomahawk land strike. This strike will come in 2 primary waves. The first wave is designed to strike enemy ADN assets and government/military targets in Al Mout. The second strike will be aimed at radar sites and any remaining ADN assets that survive the first strike. SAM sites are capable of targeting and shooting down incoming Tomahawk missiles. To combat this, constant jamming will make it difficult for their radars to find and track the incoming Tomahawks. If they are able to fire at the incoming Tomahawks (which is likely) there will be 5 assigned to each SAM target to insure that at least a few are able to get through. All other targets (radar sites, government/military targets such as buildings) will receive 2 Tomahawks. This is to ensure maximum damage against these targets while insuring against weapon malfunction. The order is given, and the ships of CSG 12 fire their Tomahawks at their designated targets. 111 Tomahawk missiles are launched in this first salvo. Nearly half of the total number of Tomahawks I have on hand. A strike like this gives a visual example to the term “shock and awe” which, rhetoric aside, is a very real thing. As the Tomahawks approach the coast (10-15 minutes after being fired) they begin to be detected by enemy radars. Fire control radars from the SAM sites try to lock on to the incoming missiles, but cannot cut through the jamming until the Tomahawks are very close to their targets. Some SAM sites manage to fire missiles at the incoming Tomahawks and knock a few down, but the majority of the Tomahawks are making it through and striking their targets. A few of the weapons malfunction, but the majority perform as advertised. In response to the Tomahawk strike, the Regime appears to scramble aircraft from Al Mout International. Multiple bogies are quickly detected climbing into the sky. The bogies are quickly identified as Mig-25’s, first by the E-2C and then visually by the F/A-18F’s Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera designed to spot, identify and track aerial targets out to 100nm. The Migs begin to chase down and engage the Tomahawks striking targets in and around Al Mout. They are able to shoot down a number of the relatively slow moving, non-maneuvering Tomahawks. Tomahawk Strike Battle Damage Assessment (BDA): The strike was largely successful. Most of the Tomahawks made it to their targets with only a few malfunctions. Most of the SAM sites that were targeted are either completely destroyed or heavily damaged. In Al Mout, all strategic targets were hit except for the government complex. However, one of the SA-6 SAM sites is still active. Additionally, the SA-2 site still appears to be active, but its radars are not emitting which likely means they were destroyed. These two SAM sites pose a direct threat to air operations over the city and will have to be reengaged before the Marines begin landing operations. A second Tomahawk strike, primarily targeting enemy radar sites and priority targets in the vicinity of Al Mout will commence shortly. In order for the second Tomahawk strike to be successful, the enemy Mig-25s will have to be dealt with. A group of 8 appear to be heading out to sea towards my aircraft and ships, while a second group appears to be forming up over Al Mout International. This has the makings to be a pretty big air battle.
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    Raise your hand if you appreciate the utter irony of this thread.....
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    @Liveload I fully appreciate that the Syrians are defending their country, and Brit flippancy doesn't always travel. As I said, I just took "Typical" for everything and upgraded a couple of sniper teams, 1 Observer team, and the sole 120 mm mortar (to Veteran - they seem to be significantly more accurate than the 82mms). So everyone is green or conscript. Howver, while some of the Syrian army is highly effective: the Tiger Forces and the 4th Division, I stand by my observations about a good deal of the Syrian Army. Not out of prejudice - it is a conscript army and very different to highly professional NATO forces. Look at the photos - most of them have no body armour, not even a steel helmet. I wouldn't go into battle like that, let alone without kevlar+ceramic plates, eye protection (I met a Brit ex-Squaddie a couple of months ago who caught an IED in Afghanistan - he showed me a pic: his face was a mess but the protective eyewear saved his sight, you could see where he was wearing it cos it was fine and the rest was all bloody - it ws like a white eyemask amid red). The Syrian army has taken horrendous casualties and probably "All the best men are dead" type of thing. How motivated would anyone here be to fight without decent protection? So I think BF are very realistic in simulating what we would call "poor quality troops" and they would call "staying alive to come home" people. I have also read several accounts of westerners fighting with the Kurdish forces in Syria, and while the Kurds are clearly very heavily motivated they still have discipline problems, unprofessionalism/individualism and of course a lack of every sort of support and logistics which NATO (and I assume the Russians) take for granted.
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    Not really postcard quality right now (too many more things to add), but I felt the need to post a WIP picture of the delta: Be honest.....You really couldn't mistake that for Syria, could you?
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    MARINES At 1011 hours local time (0911 zulu) Task Force Wasp arrives off the coast of Al Mout and begins preparing for disembarkation. To support the Marines, a large number of aircraft from both the Wasp and Enterprise are launched and settle into their on call air stations. By 1022 local, all aircraft are at their stations and the Marines are ready to disembark. Regime forces have not been able to detect my ships, until now. Task Force Wasp is within visual range of the city, and both the U-2 and Global Hawk UAV are showing a lot of increased military activity in the city. The good news is it appears the Regime has been taken by surprise. Most of their armed forces in the city appear to be trying to secure and triage targets stuck by the Tomahawk strikes or are centered around the Canadian consulate. There do not appear to be many Regime forces near the US consulate, though that is likely to change quickly. Having the city under complete surveillance like this gives me a definite advantage. As Marine AAVs begin to hit the water, air controllers aboard the Wasp coordinate with the U-2 and Global Hawk feeds to begin directing airstrikes in the city. The Marines are entering Al Mout with a bang. At 1025 local time, the first wave of Marines hit the water. Four AAVs carry the reconnaissance platoon, scout sniper platoon, and the engineer platoon. In the distance smoke columns can be seen rising into the sky, marking the locations of the Tomahawk strike targets. Flying overhead are a pair of Super Cobra’s. They are initially tasked with scanning the beach for any hostile presence and engaging it if it exists. For now however it appears that the beach is completely undefended. That could quickly change. It is only a matter of time until someone in the city realizes there are amphibious vehicles on their way to shore. It will take roughly 5 minutes for the AAVs to make a one-way trip. That means that the first wave of Marines, a relatively small group, will be alone for at least 10 minutes. This initial landing will be one of the most vulnerable instances the Marines will have to face. They are not completely helpless though. In addition to the two Super Cobra’s, much of the city is under active surveillance. If Regime forces make a move for the beachhead they will be quickly spotted, and orbiting CAS aircraft can be vectored in to interdict them. The Cobra’s spot and engage a few enemy vehicles on MSR Market just inland from the beachhead as the Marines approach. If the Regime didn’t know we were coming, they do now. As if to confirm it, a flurry of activity is seen. Armed personnel are seen pouring out of a large building complex in multiple directions. This situation quickly becomes a serious problem. Based on what is being observed, it appears that the building complex is some kind of assembly area for a large contingent of dismounted Regime infantry. This building complex sits at the intersection of MSR Wiley and Market and is directly next to blocking position Bugs. A Company’s blocking position and route of advance into the city to the US consulate appears to have an enemy assembly area smack in the middle of it. Before Marines have even put boots down on hostile soil, the fog of war rears its ugly head. Intelligence failed to identify this concentration of enemy forces at a critical spot. The solution is simple, an old but true tactical maxim. Most any problem can be solved with the proper application of firepower. And firepower is something the Marines have in spades. Two Hornets loaded with 2000lb JDAMs are ordered to strike the building complex. The first JDAM misses its target by about 8 meters, slamming into the dirt road next to the complex. The second JDAM is dead on target. While this goes a long way to mitigating this potentially serious issue, it does not solve it outright. The remains of the complex will have to be swept by elements of A Company in addition to establishing blocking position Bugs. This will add a time delay to the plan, prolonging the time both the Marines and consulate personnel are exposed to danger, increasing the chance of taking casualties.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    "Two and torch!" The FT teams stay in safety and let their flames penetrate sixteen meters into the enemy's hidden position. Judging by the screams, that area is now clear. The hardpoint as a whole however, is not. More scouting will be required, and likely, more blood. Meanwhile, a different chokepoint has been reduced and Soviet forces move forward. "Advance!"
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    MT-LBM-6MA (MT-LB V2) Release (CMSF2 and CMBS) Desert Green (CMBS Original with Added Gear) The MT-LBM-6MA comes with a 14.5 and 7.62mm dual weapon turret. I didn´t know that this vehicle variant existed in CMBS but it is a perfect match for SF2´s BTR. - desert and green version available - hatches corrected - random gear added, gear comes with a dedicated gear texture which is only used by this MT-LB and which can be customized for example to make it greener - replace the dedicated gear texture with a blank.bmp to remove the gear. - new model can be used in CMBS alike, just rename the .mdr files to "mt-lbm-6ma.mdr" and "mt-lbm-6ma-lod-x.mdr". Hatches may behave different when disembarking as this is optimized for CMSF2´s BTR. However the often for model swaps troubling "Open Up" should work fine as it required no change. - this model - no matter if used in CMSF2 or CMBS - is compatible with the already existing CMBS MT-LB texture mods out there. Replace the textures in the folder as you see fit. - hatches are optimized for a BTR-60 replacement but it can also used for other vehicles such as the BRDM-2 (less passenger capacity). If you want to use it alongside my Makeshift APC mod I recommend to use the MT-LB for the BTR and the Makeshift APC for the BRDM-2. - both versions in the clouds. I removed my old MT-LB mod. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agho21MGTssHaTHHgpIcaQWqWpU?e=5rKEzK @Erwin The vehicles, skins, weapons, conversions you can use as simple "Z modfolder" jobs. The flavor objects need also to be placed in the Z folder but you shouldn´t do this blindly. They are primarily dedicated to scenario and campaign creators which then can replace specific flavor objects with them them and modtag them for their scenarios. However "private users" still can use them but it requires extra work. You can basically open every scenario in the editor and place your own flavor objects into these missions without getting spoilered about enemy forces and positions. But it requires some knowledge about flavor objects and where to expect them. I started a scenario lately that features a radar station landmark, so I opened it in the editor and added the radar station. I often replace traffic light flavor objects as these are almost never used in rural/open terrain and they come with an excellent draw distance. But no matter if open or urban terrain with a good eye there are always unused flavor object slots with a good draw distance to be found for these personal edits. With some practice this just takes a minute. blank.bmp
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    If you're looking for some inspiration try this awesome site I've just found about the Australian involvement in SVN: https://vietnam.unsw.adfa.edu.au/battlemap/?basemap=mapbox-terrain&layers=contact-individual&timeline=1965-04-30,1971-11-01&at=10.94051456370687,106.87067499999999,8 While it takes a while to load, it is worth the wait. You can toggle Vietnam era military mapping overlays, get action summaries by clicking on the red spots on the map, view geo-referenced Vietnam imagery and other analytics. If you get bored with the map, go to the home page and navigate your way around various articles about combat and heaps of other stuff. See screenshot to get a feel for it: This has been bookmarked by me - a definite keeper.
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    Pete Wenman

    La Fiere Causeway

    and found this tucked away on the hard drive La Fiere Causeway (June 9) Axis.txtLa Fiere Causeway (June 9th) Allied.txtLa Fiere Causeway (June 9th) Dev Notes.txtLa Fiere Causeway (June 9th).btt Both this and the earlier scenario are on CMMODs Link to the 6th June one http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/la-fiere-causeway-june-6th/ P
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    Assassin 1 moves off as the shelling of Al Rafai continues.
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    Tal Malah

    Hi All, Sorry about the radio silence. We have been busy working on our next phase of the project, which is a campaign covering the Spring/Summer offensive of 2019 from early May thru current. Right now we are testing new scenario concepts and creating maps. All of your favorite characters will be making a return. Abu Bob, Abu Steve, Abu Allmani, the GoPro Units...and a few new ones that you'll hopefully enjoy even more. I know you're asking, "but how are they making a return if I killed them in the last scenario?!?!". Ask yourself how many times a terrorist has been declared dead only to turn up at a later date alive and well...🤣 We'll post some screens as we get closer to completion.
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    Might want to check out some Syrian civil war scenarios being worked on, they are really interesting to play.
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    I don't play QBs that often but every time I do I usually end up with "so that's what I got" after purchasing my units and the battle starts. I have a fair understanding, but the composition of squads, equipment, weapons, amount of ammo etc is impossible to keep in mind. When making scenarios in the editor there is the "deploy units" feature which basically is putting the purchased units where you want them on the map. The unit purchase for scenario making and QBs is identical as far as I can tell. In QBs there is the "preview map" feature. Would it be possible to port over the "deploy units" feature to QBs so that you not only get to preview the map, you would be able to preview the units currently purchased and that would bring an opportunity to change your mind in time. Deployment should be limited to your setup zone so not to be able to abuse figuring out LOS too much from the oppo side. Would this be possible tech wise? I know for sure it would make QBs much more appealing for me.
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    Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread

    Your wish is mine command. This is what I came up with for the moment. Plus a People's Army type dude. And a new and improved regular soldier. Here's what they all look like together including the militia guy from a few weeks ago. Mord.
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    Yeah! What @Mord said. This place is awesome - the vast majority of the time. I agree 100% with @Mord about the handful of people who post on other boards about how bad this one is. It is utterly ridiculous. Anyone can read these forums and those and see which is better. There are other good places to discuss things for sure (the few good men for example) but there ares some just insane ones (game squad as an extreme example it is basically just one guy insulting Steve from time to time). I'm sorry this place has a low tolerance for slagging, nonconstructive criticism, thin skin and deliberately misleading readers. Oh wait - no I'm not
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    Exactly. I'm wearing one in my profile pic, but it's too small to see.
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    I recall back when Steve first discussed plans to do a CMSF update. He said 'no mission creep!'. We were just going to update the game engine. Nothing new, nothing extra... Then we wound up going crazy and redoing EVERYTHING! Usually, with CM products, 'good enough' means we've already gone the extra mile and exhausted ourselves in the process. Trying harder and eating up more resources isn't going to see a return on investment. That definition of the phrase is the opposite of 'slapdash'.
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    You could say the same thing about Norm Kroger and Jim Rose. They made some great games for their rimes. But after Distant Guns and Jutland, no one will touch them. And just like them, Scott will be remembered for POA2. btw, The Tigers on the Prowl and Panthers in the Shadows engine has as much to do with POA2 as CM1 did with CM2. It was completely rebuilt and only some of the most basic concepts carried over.
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    Assassin 1 leading the advance. Sgt Bradbury spots and eliminates an enemy sniper. Assassin 1 actual (Lt Navarro ) jumps out of his vehicle to confer with the Sgt. bless you @Mord
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    Custom 3D Models and Mods Compilation

    You owe me a new pair of underwear... Mord.
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    chris talpas

    What I'd like to see in CM3...

    How about operations with persistent destructable buildings and vehicles? Enjoyed that aspect when I played Close Combat 2 years ago. Chris
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    Hi Bil, Thanks a lot for the link! I have recently bought CMBN and CMBS after a 15 years hiatus in the Battlefront games and discovered this week your website. I'm in the process of reading it all and I had not yet reached the section your link points to so I'm the one sorry for bothering you with that. By the way I take advantage of this opportunity to tell you (I'm not the first I know) that your website is truly fascinating. Awesome content, I learn so much! 👍 So again thank you! Nital
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    This happens to me all the time with most of the baked in scenarios that come with the game, which is why I mostly ignore them. Instead, I create my own using the Quick Battle tools. I also find most big battles tiresome. For WW II I usually attack with a company of infantry reinforced with a platoon of tanks, or something similar, against an objective defended by a platoon or two of mostly strong infantry. What I am trying to do in that is to put myself in the position of the commander of the commander who has been given the job of capturing the objective. I would want to have confidence in his unit's ability to achieve the objective in the time allotted even if he is only an average officer. So I would try to provide him with the resources to do so. Most of the scenarios that come with the game are winnable, but they can be a real struggle requiring a commander who is both brilliant and lucky. That is not a reliable way to win a war. Michael
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    Yes, you are probably right. Thus, that would need to be a mix between Battle Packs and Vehicle/Formation Packs, the former using the units of the latter.
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    Russian army under equipped?

    Having an autoloader doesn't mean that being a tank crewman is less manual. What do you do when your tank throws a track, or something else fails and doesn't really warrant a recovery crew?
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    seen this yet? And some info from the Vietnamese side with period footage. There are 3 parts at least.
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    Kampfgruppe Peiper: To the Meuse! AAR

    But that's exactly what you have to do in this campaign; in the missions that are "command decisions" you have to choose not to take certain objectives even though you could, in order to signal your intents to choose one path or another. Would be better if the game had a simple player choice interface between missions, but this is what we have to work with...
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    Various packs being released sounds nice but the fact that BFC now considders modules to perhaps be to large a projects to be feasable sounds a bit worrying i have to say... How about new basegames ? game engine updates ?... Will we see any more of those going forward ?
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    Mord's Shock Force Portraits

    Here you go
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    Most of my various blender experiments have been pretty disappointing today, however I did get this little baby working... Another link. https://imgur.com/dohWGWm If you can't see the link, here's the 25mb file*.. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ar0-nWIeMPIA2HtJHwp43aQDG5Je?e=DH8xyv
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    We seem to be at a bit of a misunderstanding here, I was genuinely unsure of whether you understood the campaign structure.....There is no requirement to limit the variations between scenarios to: Are the scenarios available individually at all.....I'm guessing not, so it probably does come down to someone decompiling the campaign and looking. PS - That isn't going to be me right now as the PC I'm using is fit for browsing only.....Its replacement, that I just spent three and a half grand on, is sitting, in boxes, on a pallet, in my living room and has to stay there for at least another 48hrs or so, which really isn't doing my mood very much good TBH.
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    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    That's what I did wrong. Thanks for the advice.
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    Early-War CM?

    It true that chess is hundreds of year old and people still love it. On the other hand why don't we continue to play CM1 as that's only 20 years old? If CM1 had been incrementally improved that would enable us to play the entire war from 1941 for the last 20 years, and not have to wait another 5+ years. It's only in the last year or two that CM1 has dropped off even at Band Of Brothers. The reality is that, unlike outliers like chess and GO etc., entertainments need to evolve/improve in order to continue to attract the market. I was playing the devil's advocate there, because I actually agree with you. I love Combat Mission, but I haven't bought more of their games in a long time. Not as any kind of protest, but just because I don't really feel I need more than two games in the series. CMBN for the bocage, CMFB for the more open battles. Personally, I'm not interested in the modern settings. If CM3 appeared, I'd definitely get on board again, if it offered the same leap as between CM1 and CM2. Or if a new CM2-based game fixed the many graphical issues and improved fundamental things.
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    I note that that Battlefront have amended the home page and now say that the "Rome To Victory" module is now expected in September - rather than August. And so it continues... ho hum. I've almost given up caring.
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    Flavor Object Random Change

    I've duplicated it in a controlled test. I'm positive the change happens. I'm just not sure what the cause is since it does not happen consistently.
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    Hammertime! re-done for SF2

    There is water (& Crop 6) in that screenshot. Cheers George.
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    Bil Hardenberger

    Fortress Italy, war in 3D

    Not sure I belong in the company of those illustrious fellows... but I do appreciate that my blog was helpful to you. Bil
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    Tal Malah

    Some images to serve as a preview to Al Hamamiyat scenario. 120 platoon working on HTS positions T 55 softening prepared positions and supporting an infantry push Infantry platoon approaching the outskirts of Al Hamamiyat (the assault started just as 82 mm mortars started falling on their assault line, no casualties sustained) PKM pining down an infiltration attempt HTS infiltration group was destroyed by combination of PKM fire and 125 mm ОФ shells (note the foreign fighters leading the group) 😄
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    Vet 0369

    Rome to Victory Pre-orders are now open

    Sorry about the trips down Memory Lane. To get back on subject, I bought the pre-sale as soon as it came up. I love the way the formations, equipment, and tactics change with each release as we move through the war years. I might play all of the campaigns and scenarios, or I might not, but just having the module is a comfort for me.
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    The only Lurps I remember were the Army Ranger long-range recon patrols (LRRP). I’m with you on the “it’s all good when you’re really hungry). My Father had a stock phrase when I was being picky at meals. He’d say “Just wait until you go to Boot Camp! You’ll eat anything that’s near you.” He was right of course, he was a Marine after all.
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    Darknight (DC)

    Mord's Mods: Fortress Italy Edition

    These look amazing my friend.
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    Custom 3D Models and Mods Compilation

    The weapon model has an arrow named "weapon muzzle" attached that tell the game engine where to create an effect. You can freely move it to match your model but for most CM model swaps it isn´t required as naming conventions are almost always the same for all CM2 engine games. Some examples for engine specific arrows/markers you will see in Blender: weapon eject (1,2,3...) where brass is thrown out. driver, gunner, commander, loader, radiooperator soldier (1,2,3,4,5...), leader etc.: tells the game the position of crew member and passengers. However what stance he has (sitting, standing etc.) is I believe defined by the internal part of the game. There are often duplicates an a or bc attached i. e. "commander a" and "commander bc", don´t know exactly what it means. gear (1,2,3...) see the post where I explain it -option (a,b,c...) see the post where I explain it groundpoint (1,2,3...) for what spot crew/passengers will leave the vehicle firespot (1,2,3...) where a flame is created when the vehicle burns, but I believe when this is not defined the engine randomly assigns firespots. hatch (1,2,3...) hatches and doors of vehicles that may be opened by the engine when crew/passengers exit. Model swaps have the tendency to use wrong hatches. For me the unbuttoned commander hatch is important, especially in WW2 games, so I check ingame which wrong hatch opens up and then go into blender and rename the hatch names (for example hatch 2 and hatch 4 switch names) and eventually the correct commander hatch then opens up. Can be used to define hatches or bulkheads on boats and other custom models. exhaust (1,2,3...) where fumes are coming out turret/mount/weapon (1,2,3...)don´t know exactly how they work but I guess they tell the engine what part is what so it can be moved/animated properly the turret will traverse, the mount will elevate/slightly traverse depending on the type and the weapon may have a recoil animation. Also seen the term "fixed-gun" on the Tiger model its probably the part of the gun that doesn´t recoil wheel (1,2,3...) all tire wheels and track wheels are called wheels in CM models, don´t know if their rotation/jerking is defined by the engine internals or if the rotation information is stored in the models metadata or both. Could probably used to create rotating radars or boat propellers but I did no tests in this direction. clip defines the part that is removed when an infantry weapon´s mag is reloaded
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    Yeah, the Steel Panthers games (WinSPMBT & WinSPWW2) make HPS games feel obsolete, over-priced and limited in scope. If you are into 2d, turn-based, hex-grid, tactics games -- I highly recommend you check out their demos (they're pretty much the full game). The problem with 2d wargames, is that an entire dimension has to be abstracted. They're not even on the same level of authenticity as Combat Mission.
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    Michael Emrys


    Ah, Mikey, you old romantic you! Michael
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    Good summary @Thewood1 - but here I would say that they put their mind to it, but their mind goes to places ours does not. I can't read their Russian-speaking forums, I would love to hear if the feeling is similar across the language divide. Maybe @DMS can chime in?
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    The dual folder is just a default.nif you set the in and out folders to be the same and WTII will work just fine. And you can override the single folder setting in CMH too and have it work my way.
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    Custom 3D Models and Mods Compilation

    @sbobovyc give the 3D available keys @Aquila-CM open all doors The others one, let us discovers ! ! BF watching on a staff map the situation !! 
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    Mord's Mods: Shock Force 2 Edition

    Here's some more examples, all finished in the last four hours or so. I struggled off and on with the Canadians, especially the Armor portrait. I finally abandoned the old body type and redesigned one tonight. Now, I feel like I nailed it. Next was the German Armor. I was actually fairly pleased with it for a day or so, but the more I looked at it the more I felt like it was out of proportion and out of place with the other Germans. So, I redesigned it a few hours ago. The second portrait had me feeling closer but was actually worse. Got it after some time experimenting with a painting of a dude's face I found. I think it KILLS! Lastly is the German Airborne. I felt the face was too plasticy looking and I didn't like the coloring. Messed with it for a bit tonight (also using the painting I found) and the results look a lot better. BTW the original was using a model bust of George C. Scott as Patton. This is my HELL! LOL. But I think you will agree that me being an anal bastard pays off in the end (pun intended). These pics went from crap, to so-so, to really nice by evaluating and nitpicking them until I hit a sweet spot. Mord.
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