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    Some of them got banned, for good reason. Having the personality of a pissed-off Rottweiler might make things "vibrant" and "interesting", but only if you are not the target of their ire. Personally I don't come to these forums to witness dumpster fires in progress.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    I thought this was a neat little encounter from the last scenario I played: I ran a full platoon of Germans up to a stone wall and unexpectedly bumped into a bunch of Soviet stragglers hiding on the other side just a few feet away. Two Germans were gunned down immediately and a point blank firefight broke out. One of the Germans dropped down and tossed a grenade over the wall. The Soviet soldier tried to duck down but the grenade landed literally right underneath him. He went prone directly on top of the grenade, covering it with his body when it exploded. The rest of the Soviet troopers were shot pretty quickly, with no further casualties among the Germans. I couldn't be sure how many more of them were hiding behind the wall though, so tanks and more infantry were rushed forward in the next turn. The fight only lasted a minute or so in the end. I don't think I had ever seen someone toss a grenade at an enemy so close to them in this game before. He could have reached out and touched the other guy. Usually grenades are thrown pretty far and not very accurately either.
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    Night sky in Combat Mission

    I recall that star constellations were accurate back when CMSF1 first showed up but I didn't know they had kept that going all these years. So that's really cool. Not one hour ago I was doing an internet search of lunar phases for 1944 in order to decide on which moonless night I want to set a certain battle in.
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    General Jack Ripper

    Rome to Victory Release Date

    Most of the time my complaints are reserved for other people's complaints.
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    While I can imagine that determining the various precise TO&E for a wide variety of units over a lengthy period would be a daunting task, I wonder how it will affect BF's decision-making? Personally I don't understand why BF does not limit their TO&E efforts to smaller units (platoons and companies) and let scenario designers pull together the various components necessary for their scenario (based on their own research). Just looking at the CMRT units in the editor, how many CMRT scenarios feature entire anti-tank battalions, regimental infantry gun batteries, or mortar battalions (as just three examples)--why even bother to include them? For that matter, how many scenarios feature entire infantry battalions? Further, how often did actual TO&E comply with these official guidelines? Why not just provide the relevant building blocks to allow scenario designers to build the force necessary for their scenario in the editor? If the alternative is to slice the game to cover shorter and shorter time periods and fewer and fewer units, I'll continue to lose interest in these products. I would not care as much if the units/maps from the various games could be used in common under a unified game engine, but having each game both narrow and stand-alone is a huge turn-off for me, especially when the relevant expansion modules turn out to be several years apart. With all due respect to BF, I consider this kind of thing to be historically irrelevant minutia. Maybe it's just me, but I'd much rather have a module in 6 months with a standard "sidearm" rather than wait six years to equip my digital officers with the appropriate specific sidearm.
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    Heaven & Earth: The Delta

    Include this beautiful trailer as optional intro.wmv goodie into the modpack. I want to watch this whenever I go on an H&E playthrough.
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    Need odd LOS issue looked at

    Hate to say it, but I can confirm that both the suicidal rout behavior and bridge bug are still issues. I'm working on an urban map for CMRT with extremely plentiful cover and the ability to get out of enemy LOS quickly. However, it's a given that during any battle, a certain number of units will occasionally pass on easy cover to take the most dangerous path. In my most recent battle, I've had 6 units do it for around 20-25 casualties total. They were part of three squads, an MG and two LMG teams. MG was green, squads were reg and vet and LMG (IIRC) reg and green. The usual pattern is for a unit in a building to panic for whatever reason and then run out of the building in a dangerous direction and get cut down. Sometimes, they exit out the door facing the enemy and get cut down. Sometimes, they run out on a safe street and then turn the corner and get cut down by the guys that the battalion has been watching for an hour. One of the LMG teams kinda' did a Benny Hill Yackety Sax thing by running back and forth across a street being covered by an MG42. Basically, the team ran out of a safe building, dashed across the street to another building, got panicked again and then ran back across the fire lane towards their original location. Eventually, they got gone. Most, often, when units on a higher building level panic, they run to the first floor and stay there. Sometimes they move horizontally one or two AS as well while descending. Or, if they exit, they exit out the back or side. The higher the quality of the unit, the more likely they'll make a good decision. But not always. The veteran squad got spooked and ran out of the front of a very safe building (lots of close safe action spots just to rear) towards a shellhole in the enemy's kill zone. That was also towards the enemy map edge. From what I can tell, panic triggers a unit to displace a certain number of actions spots. The exact number appears to vary. The direction and distance is probably determined randomly with situation-specific modifiers and unit-stat-based modifiers applied. Kinda' like Heat of Battle in ASL. So, a veteran unit is more likely to choose the smarter/safer options, but can still "roll" badly and choose dancing in the enemy's known fire lane as opposed to running backwards 8m or less into the out-of-LOS building section right behind them. So, what some folks are calling a "bug" is code that needs massaging or enhancing. When I say massaging, I mean tweaking so that "rolling bad" happens a lot less often (like, forget about shellholes if a building action spot is within so many meters and give preference to one in the friendly map direction). By enhancing, I mean perhaps adding a layer of awareness somehow, so that when panic hits, known enemy units (like the Panther around the corner that everybody in C&C has known about for nearly an hour) are factored in. Of course, I'm just guessing about the code here. I've no idea. But will say that the current behavior is not adequate in that, while it may get it right a majority of the time, it gets it wrong fairly often, too. And when it does, it totally blows the immersion because it cannot be rationalized as real world human behavior. Real soldiers panic, but they don't panic in the way that the code is producing when it "rolls bad." On the bridge bug, I had a bunch of instances of it during a recent play session. The first crossing or two was okay. Then a unit got stuck. Reverse seemed okay, so backed the unit of the bridge, and then when across in reverse. That worked. But eventually, units got stuck even when reversing. None of the units got permanently stuck like in the old days, though. I was able to nurse them either across or more likely back off the bridge to where they started. I think I still have that turn save. I'll submit it (may take a few days). I'll also start cataloging when the suicidal rout occurs, so I can give specifics and turn saves, if desired.
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    Some suggestions for the series.

    The things you are suggesting aren't really needed within the time frame of most CM missions. Also, a hypothetical mission which supported these features wouldn't necessarily be more fun to play in my humble opinion. The British army has a medical procedures guide that you can carry with you. Basically says you shouldn't attempt to do anything if you, or the area containing the casualty is under fire. That covers most CM situations, and even when there's enough peace and quiet to do some triage etc.. I think the way it's abstracted in the game is fine already.
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    Well, there is no question in that there are those that see the glass half empty and those that see it half full. Yes, CMx2 has been around for a long while. Its like driving that old car you have with 200,000 miles on it. Back when it was new you enjoyed it so much and cared for it in every aspect. Now its just that old machine that you are trying to keep running without throwing away any good money on it with any major expense, milking out the last miles of its faithful service. But for me it also means I have saved tons of money, ready to used to purchase that new car I want when the old one is finally done. BF has been actively engaged in new projects on those government contracts, they have produced continually new items in the CMX2 product line. I think you can rest assured that they have plans on a new engine and new product at some point to replace that old car with a shiny new one. (when and what will it look like is anyone's guess, but those boys are not ready to retire and I am sure they are not planning to run on the cm2 engine til their finial days. And how can anyone ever get tired of playing these games. I never lose the thrill of playing in a h2h match and have a plan come together where I see my forces kill my opponent forces and succeed in the desired plan.
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    Here a period pic showing German soldiers carrying their rifles one handed. Though it may appear otherwise , this includes the man in the foreground. Thought at first he had both hand on it, but that's an artifact of the image shadows, for I you look near the back of his left thigh, you can clearly see his left hand. As you can see from the smaller B/W pic below, Pinterest sepia tones the larger format one. i Here we have an LMG team charging into battle in what I consider a great combat pic. The caption says these are men of the 709th Infantry Division in Montebourg , Normandy coming out their shelter and rushing to their fighting positions. The MG-42 gunner is obviously in a hurry, since neither of his boots is on the ground. Have tried everything I could to get the pic at link to post, but it is an excellent quality B/W pic clearly showing one handed rifle carry. https://proxy.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2F736x%2F34%2Fdb%2F37%2F34db37d126f1ce52172063bd92bcd3ae.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Famous Barbarossa pic showing the Panzer Grenadiers rushing in and holding their rifles in one hand. https://static.abc.es/Media/201211/30/nazis-2--644x362.jpg Regards, John Kettler
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    Well, what I own and what are on my hard drive currently are two very different questions, but currently: TOAW IV, several Panzer Campaigns games, several Battlefront games (including CMBB), CMANO, COTD, CSME, Desert War, Empires in Arms, FOG2, SoW Waterloo, SoW Gettysburg, SP, and ASL (via VASL). I own a couple dozen more games but haven't played them in years. Regarding my comments about not many units and formations, little to edit: First, I think that the current unit offerings in the base games are tolerable, but not generous. I'd be happy to pay for more units via modules but modules are very slow in coming. MikeyD has said that researching/creating the various OOBs and TO&Es in R2V almost "broke" the relevant people, and that might lead BF to further narrowing unit counts/formations in future offerings. That is why I suggest that rather than limiting unit counts even further, they could make their lives easier by not including little used formations such as anti-tank battalions, etc. and just provide their component parts (AT batteries, etc.). Finally, I have played around with the editor pretty extensively over the years; I've been waiting for the first CMRT module to really get into it, but still waiting for that.
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    If you went this far already, all you need to do is count the number of AI groups for a particular map, then purchase some units for each side and then add them to the groups. Bang! Done! Simple, basic scenario. Save it to your scenario folder with a cool name like markshot scenario 001 and the go make another, and another and another. Do like @MikeyD does, change the time, date, weather, ground conitions and see how much of a difference it really makes. By the time you have made 15 or so quick ones, they will start to blend together and playing them will be a treat. For another option, select only equipment you haven't used yet, it changes the game completely when you take armored cars instead of tanks, light mortars instead of 155mm howitzers.
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    Insurgents from my ongoing Syrian vs NATO campaign raided a Lebanese vehicle depot near the border and eventually gained control over operational M60 tanks which received new paint jobs: In action: However some of them are still left in pretty bad shape: These two variants were created in under 5 minutes and are examples of that even without UV/material/mapping skills one can create decent looking paint jobs. By simply googling terms such as "camo texture" "rusty metal texture" "olive metal texture" qickly texture patterns can be found that can be converted to bmp (shown in previous post) and then assigned as new textures in blender (also shown in previous post). Next step could be then to invest some further minutes into refining the camo texture.bmp in GIMP2/Photoshop etc. in order to make it look less clean/more natural which I did not yet. Nevertheless for best quality and detail, UV maps/texture/material editing is the golden standard. I have good hope that skilled individuals like @Geezer will manage to dig into all of this in order to provide quality texture work.
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    Well played, sir! Michael
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    Is it worth now?

    these new titles are more difficult imo then the old games. yes its worth it to get one or more of these. cmbn has the most content by far with market garden and a many many user made scenarios. yes its easy go get multi player games. only draw back there is nothing in real time for mp. the maps are way cool the soldiers behave very differently and overall not cartoonish like the originals.fog of war is handled more realistic. like landser said get a demo...they show the games off pretty well
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The plan: The bulk of 3rd Platoon (minus 3rd Squad: the Alleys), reinforced by an MG team will rush Pointy's building to put fire on Ranbo and engage any other infantry screen remnants that pop up. One AT team split off from 2nd Squad will run down the alley and stop at the right rear of the Panther for close assault. Additionally, a veteran team of consisting of the last four men from 1st Plt, 2nd Squad will quickly funnel through the building right next to the Panther to close assault from the same spot that the AT team is heading for. Various delays are added to hopefully help the infantry get into position with good timing. In support, 1st Plt, 2nd Tank will wait 30 sec for the infantry to clear out Ranbo and then move forward E from his spot just N of Pointy's building, turret facing S, to engage the Panther. After 15 secs in that position, he'll edge S a few meters and free up his turret facing. Lastly, a SU-76 south of the block will wait 30 seconds and then move up N on the Panther. By then, the Panther's turret will hopefully be facing somewhere else. The results of the Action: The terrifying prospect of a friendly artillery round landing right on my assault units thankfully fails to materialize. Friendly infantry elements move forward into position. First contact is made when the veterans of 1st Plt, 2nd Squad and Ranbo spot each other. Ranbo raises his MP40 to fire, but the LMG gunner across the street is a hair faster and drops him with his first burst. That's a downpayment for Pointy. The team heads out the door to take up their close assault position, squad leader first. As soon as he clears the door, a rifle shot rings out from Ranbo's building. The bullet grazes the leader's arm. He was the last unwounded man in the team. Now, all four men are fighting with injuries. In a reversed replay of the last duel between Ranbo and Pointy, the German rifleman gets off some shots, but the Soviet team's SMG man returns fire and nails the rifleman. With the Panther's bodyguards successfully dispatched, it's time for the hunters to focus on the main prize. The veteran team tosses a grenade while 2nd tank and the SU-76 start their run. As the grenade knocks on the Panther's door, it turns to engage the thrower. However, 2nd Tank is in position and lands a solid rear shot on the beast. It's a kill shot and the surviving crew members bail, while the veteran team decides to take cover back in the building. The German tank commander is immediately cut down by MG fire from 2nd Tank. In a fitting tribute to Pointy, the T-34 sprays a canister round into the remaining three Panther crew members, while the veteran team squad leader empties his magazine into them as well before joining his team in the building. 2nd Tank edges up as the overwatch MG and infantry spray area fire into the building areas that housed the German infantry screen. The Panther is dead. Ranbo is dead. Pointy is avenged! No men lost. Now that was a good turn!
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    Minute 0:51-0:50: Taking and receiving fire. The recon vehicle is not harmed. Recon by fire continues. More infantry from B Co head towards the woods. There is no sign of the AT gun that hit my tank last turn. No hint at all of where it must be. On top of that the shriek of artillery is heard. No impacts yet.
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    Oh, shove it. If someone sees that the topic is about suppression from small arms, that's the discussion they should see when they open the topic - not a bunch of grumblings about health insurance and car repairs.
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    I recall the night sky was actually applied backwards, and no one noticed. When I saw Ursa Minor circling Polaris in the southern sky, I sighed heavily, and then kept playing 'From the Dawn to the Setting Sun'. Oh well, you can't have everything.
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    You can then use target light to indirect fire with .50 anywhere
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    If you conduct a frontal assault on an un-suppressed MG in any CM2 game you will generally suffer high casualties and fail.
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    Bud Backer

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Not just you.
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    Nope, that was about the flame haltrack. This one is about the modified Hetzer In the case of the halftrack, sources said the in-game range was correct, but it seemed strange to me that the range should be shorter than other German vehicles using the same flame projector. In the case of the Flammpanzer 38, the sources seem to say the range should be longer than it currently is in the game. I only discovered now that this vehicle also has too short range. Didn't test it when posting about the haltrack earlier.
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    great video, thanks much! I remember that fight. Was nasty.
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    Spreading the Fausts Around

    Haha no doubt. If you caught the Monty Python reference, that's how I felt like when Arthur asks Bedivere "who leaps out of the rabbit?', my well laid plan had come to naught. But it reveals one of CMs strengths in that it never plays exactly the same way twice ya know? Not randomness, but maybe variability is the right word?
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    Spreading the Fausts Around

    Trees. Some T-34s are positioned behind a tree line opposite the left side of the setup zone so it was a combination of obstruction --physical and sight I reckon. Range was around 1150m. But it's certainly an outlier. I could re-run that turn a hundred times without having eight straight misses I would think. The T-34s didn't miss and scored penetrations straight away. Later, those hits became ricochets, so such is war. The difference is I can restart if unhappy.
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    Experience levels

    yep, that´s something I wanted to note as well. In RL that meant a squad or team leader choosing targets more wisely (threat rating) and coordinating concentratet fires more quickly. Haven´t tested in detail as well. More importantly, avoid minus leaders like the plague as all crap of things could happen.
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    It has been said that modelling new weaponry is one of the easiest parts of the whole thing. So if we can have the right gun in the right hands at the right time, go for it.
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    Heaven & Earth: The Delta

    Very cool!!! Best regards, Thomm
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    Terrain Readability Suggestion

    The upcoming 3D version of Close Combat ("The Bloody First") has excellent toggleable contour lines. It is going to be released tomorrow, by the way. I, for one, wish them good luck. Best regards, Thomm
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    Yes, they are firing from the vehicle, sometimes they have their leg out other times inside. They need to prop themselves up against something. Occasionally you get a goofy model merge but usually its either inside on a seat or internal divider or outside like this example.
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    Buddy Aid

    As a result of a thread over at The Few Good Men (FGM) gaming club I did some experiments with "Buddy Aid". Below is some of the information that was learned and shared at The Few Good Men. I did some experiments in CMBS v2.1 Engine 4 where I saved a game after taking casualties and then ceased fire and recorded the AAR results. I then loaded the save, completed buddy aid, ceased fire again and recorded the AAR results. The score did not change. 3 WIA, (out of 10 total troops) then cease fire. No buddy aid - 1 KIA, 2 WIA = OpFor Minor Victory 25 points. With buddy aid - 0 KIA, 3 WIA = OpFor Minor Victory 25 points. 2 KIA, 3 WIA, (out of 17 total troops) then cease fire. No buddy aid - 4 KIA, 1 WIA = OpFor Tactical Victory 45 points. With buddy aid - 2 KIA, 3 WIA = OpFor Tactical Victory 45 points. WIA (red base) can turn to KIA (brown base) from additional hits. Buddy Aid is one on one however a team can treat multiple casualties in the same A/S concurrently. A team administering Buddy Aid will recover ammo including ammo for weapons they do not have in the team. Buddy aid on KIA (brown base) was about 15 - 35 seconds. On WIA (red base) about 1 minute – 2 minutes 30 seconds. Casualties only disappear if they receive Buddy Aid. I tested 2 KIA & 2 WIA for 1½ hours game time. They never disappeared. Experience of the teams administering buddy aid did not affect the length of buddy aid or the amount of equipment recovered. Lightly wounded (yellow base) are not counted as casualties on the AAR screen. To share ammo recovered in buddy aid the medic team must be part of the unit (“highlighted” unit) needing the ammo. During testing on average about 2 grenades and 170 rounds of ammo were recovered per casualty. I know from playing the game other equipment (radios, binoculars, some weapons etc.) can also be recovered but I did not try for that in the experiments. WIA (red base) incapacitated wounded are not counted in Parameter/Condition but are counted in Parameter/Casualties. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in Quick Battles or in Scenarios. Buddy aid does not make a difference to the score in a Campaign. Buddy aid may only make a difference as a tie breaker in a CM tournament . If I got anything wrong let me know but as best as I can tell that's the way it works. A little disappointed that Buddy Aid has no affect on the score but I will continue to order my teams to administer aid. Seems like the realistic, correct thing to do.
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    I just looked at the M60 model- It isn't grouped into the standard CM texture set names for texturing from the model. It is still using the original model-maker's groupings, as I see in Blender. So the textures won't be accurate to the model (without stretching, etc.) until this is done. If that's done, easy enough to texture. I'd consider including that into the workflow, otherwise the models are converted "as-is", designed by the original maker (for whatever engine they design for) with textures adhering to a random (by CM standards) system, and will always have texturing issues. That would speed things along, for what that's worth.
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    Buddy Aid

    I dunno, have you ever fired a WW2 submachine gun full auto? The difference in burst length with weapons like the MP-40 would be about 1 or 2 rounds. The rate of fire and weight makes it easier to control overall, as I've seen in videos. Pushing against the weapon's recoil does not rule out aiming at another spot, by rotating your waist for example, ejecting casings have nothing to do with that at all. It would be interesting if Thompson users started using the semi-auto mode around 200 meters. It's not just for show, and you find yourself short of .45 ammo pretty often.
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    RockinHarry Scenario Thread

    Too bad. The damaged wall textures seem hard coded. No mdr file hacking and different texture file associations possible. There´s just a "building-damage-b" entry in there and changing has no effect. There´s even none at all in the barns type (building200 mdr series). Though learned a few more things that should help improve bits of my mod.
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    +1. Looking good.
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    Ammo Dump

    OK. So I did a little experiment. Same scenario with the ammo dump. Squad ammo at start of scenario for both Elite and Warrior..... Elite Warrior M1 1939 1939 M1Car 150 150 .45 350 350 Grenades 21 21 Bazooka 8 8 60mm 32 32 So............. Where was the ammo in the dump dispersed to? The other side? And, are we saying that people playing in Warrior or Veteran will never need to replenish their squads ammo? Again, it seems silly to me to require the lower levels to have ammo in trucks, but the higher levels can have it in buildings or anyplace they want to put it. IMHO
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    Occch that Sherman went seriously boom... At least this time you know why and maybe the 2" will be enough.... (Although I have heard 8" is better) 😉 Glad you are back up and running. Looking forward to seeing more...
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Awesome stories - keep them coming.
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    No, not really. It's just Oleksandr's thing.
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    Trouble installing CMSF2 Big Bundle

    I'd strongly recommend opening a ticket, here: https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/ Use the 'new ticket' tab in the top right corner of the page. HTH
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    Here is What I Dont Understand about BF?

    Well, nothing I did really, and not sure it will work with a 'legacy' version. As mentioned I got the GOG version since I built my new PC without the foresight to include an optical drive, rendering the fact I held on to my disks all the years useless. So I bought CMAK and CMBB on GOG ($12 total). These include a DX utility in the install directory. I installed the game, let it go to default res and ran the game once so it created whatever necessary files or folders it might need to. Exit game, ran the DX utility and chose 1920x1080, and I also set the setting right below, aspect something or other, to disabled and fired it up to fullscreen widescreen. Works splendidly I must say, and I will also say that if not for that, if stuck with a non-native, non 16:9 ratio, that I would not find it quite as charming as I do So if you don't have the GOG version I'm not sure if you're able to do the same. If you go for the GOG version you'll have this included. ANd perhaps it can be imported in to other versions, but not sure of the legalities of this.
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    I always hate the vulnerability of those 88mm's. Great firepower, but difficult to keep alive. Curious whether it can kill that Sherman.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    I love it although of poor quality this picture less usual than the classic photos of this battle shows 2 of the 3 tanks destroyed in the ambush of 13 August
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    Oh yes, you're right it is about "player preference". I'm just weird.
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    The old eLicense copy-protected games would require you to 'unlicese' the old installation first in order to preserve the activation (two per license key - an internet connection is necessary for the unlicensing). CMSF, CMA, CMBO, CMBB, CMAK, most of the Strategic Command series and a number of other games used this copy-protection system. Newer games from CMBN and on utilize a newer copy-protection system that does NOT have an unlicense function. Instead each license key has four initial activations and you simply activate the new installation on the new computer (or reinstallation of your OS, etc.), using a second activation, etc.. When you run out of activations you can simply contact the Helpdesk to request more activations (providing the license keys of those products that need new activations).
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    Vehicles on Hide = questionable

    Instructor from US Army Armor school demonstrating correct behavior for "hiding" in an Armored vehicle. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ao9CEYsSIa0/TVJ9-0KwDZI/AAAAAAAAAPk/SxeWSyABX-k/s1600/bag-on-head.jpg
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