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    After a looooong hiatus from Combat Mission, and then hand/wrist surgery, I finally got back to this and finished the dpm woodland camo. I will upload them as soon as I get the readme and whole package together and squared away with Bootie/CMMODS. Tomorrow maybe. Mtp camo will follow but not sure how soon. First two pics are with shaders/shadows on. The other two are with them off (well, shaders might be on in the last one, not sure). Cheers!.
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    CMx2v4 WWII: Basic Movement Stats

    First, yes, the title is a pun. As this is foundational data, but it was also drawn from playing around in the CMBN first Basic Training Mission. I realized that one of my biggest problems is time and space. Like last night, I was playing a small scenario of 45 minutes with 5 spatial objectives. I realized I was running into trouble when the clock said +28m remaining and I had only completed objective #1. Too much cautious recon (night mission). So, I pulled out a Major Victory, but it required me for the rest of the scenario to double time it with split squads moving in leap frog bounding over watch. And I truly finished, right as the clock struck 0m. Thus, today, I decided to do something about my playing style. One YouTuber had said he plans based what it would take to just walk the map. Realizing that I had no concept of time and space, I decided to do some analysis which I will share here. I realize that most of you ubermensch, do much more rigorous data collection, but I think this should be sufficient to get me started. ********************************** ***** MOVEMENT (Scout/Squad) ***** ********************************** RESTED/FIT/REGULAR SCOUTS (MIXED/OPTIMAL CONDITIONS) Walk: 50M Quick: 120M Run: 140M (1t tired) Hunt: 40M Slow: 15M (2t tired) RESTED/FIT/REGULAR SQUAD (MIXED/OPTIMAL CONDITIONS) Quick: 80M (complete in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault) Assault: 50M [lead team] 0M [rear team] (for long assault) 20-25M (completes in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault) 100M (completes in 3 turns) (linear spacing is very much a function of the waypoint placement) (at 30M/min, it is slower movement than manual player bounds) --- * Squad movement standing seems 66% of scout movement. * If there is overwatch, and the enemy is suppressed. QUICK is probably your best way to cover ground. * HUNT is too slow to cover a map in most time frames, and is in the same class of commands as RUN and SLOW. * RUN is best used to sprint between cover to cover; especially as teams which find cover easier. * ASSAULT is probably a toss up between manual squad command and TACAI coordinated. An ASSAULT should probably be no more than 100M to avoid the squad from getting too spread out. Additional suppressing fire advised.
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    Backs to the Wall.
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    Warts 'n' all

    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    With that quality detective work, perhaps you could write a song about detectives.
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    Bug and stuff thread

    The four action spot slide. It works for HMGs. Not sure about other crew served weapons. For HMGs: If you have a deployed team, and give them a short movement order (4AS or less) without un-toggling "Deploy Weapon", the weapon becomes "instantly" packed up and only takes 2-3 seconds to redeploy once at the new location. This is simulating the crew shifting their piece without dismounting it from the tripod etc.
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    I feel your pain. Most open areas in scenarios are carefully set-up kill zones. Here's some advice, from my experience: a. Use smoke. Pop it, or call it in. Smoke will obstruct your ambushers' line of sight and buy you time to advance. b. Use recon teams. It's easy to spot a task force, harder to spot a couple of guys in the grass. Use them as a litmus test for the enemy's firing arcs. Try to cover them with overwatching units (heavy weapons, IFVs, etc.). In addition, have them leap frog -- give one team some time to observe and the other to advance a short distance. c. Recon by fire! Turn the board around and pretend to be your opponent -- where would you place your sneaky crew served weapons? Using area fire from your heavy hitters will cause OPFOR to return fire. Once they do, they are very easy to spot. This worked great for me in the Canadian campaign, in conjunction with recon teams. The last piece of advice is to avoid obvious routes to your objective. Try to take the back streets -- they're surprisingly safer.
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    I saw the first words of the title of your thread and mistook it for my own initially! In addition to what others suggested above, I would recommend trying to find keyhole positions. In case you are not familiar here is one of @Bil Hardenberger’s excellent blog posts about that. https://battledrill.blogspot.com/2017/06/battle-technique-keyhole-firing-position.html The idea here is that you as much as possible try to position units so that they can only be fired on from a narrow angle that required the shooter to expose themselves in order to do so. Your field of view may be narrow, but if it is well sited, it may reach some considerable distance across the map, which enemy must cross and have limited resources to engage you with.
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    Yup.....Just do 'em ten at a time and keep on saving.
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    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    I used to love doing that to Italians with Matildas, or even better, doing it to ze Germans with KVs.....No need to supress 'em, just crush them under your tracks!
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    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Funny how nobody ever seems to mention the Vistula-Oder offensive where the bulk of the German army was crushed and the Russians moved the front 482km west in less than a month. People instead like to talk about Danzig or Budapest or Vilnius or Serbian partisans or the islands off Estonia in the Baltic. The Eastern Front covers a LOT of real estate. BFC could do ten different battle packs just for events taking place between January and March.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    What a bad ass.
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    +1 @Aquila-SWG Interesting & amazing stuff. You are one talented dude. Inside the well deck of the USS Wasp. Amphibious group exiting the well deck and heading for the beach. Wish I would have had the below billboards for Coup. The billboards are very useful in urban terrain. Keep up the good work my friend.
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    Huge New Map posted

    4 km x 2 km map uploaded here under the title Panzer Lehr at Pont Hebert and also at Green as Jade's site. I have posted the necessary new building skins at the repository as well. Look there. Sorry for this repost but the other title did not attract much attention and I wanted people to be aware of a fantastic new map. The map can be cropped into smaller sections to create your own scenarios.
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    Ammo for Tanks?

    I could just lack some context here...but the StuG only has around 25-28 rounds of HE for its main gun. It's not designed for prolonged combat and not very good at suppressive fire since it lacks a coaxial machine gun. The MG34 on the roof is really just for self-defense since the gunner has to expose himself to fire it. The Ausf D used to have more ammo....but no one liked that version since the short gun it had couldn't defeat tanks easily. The Ausf G came around because the infantry desperately needed more anti-tank capacity but the StuG suffered a commensurate loss in its usefulness as an Assault-Gun because of this due to the larger size of the StuK L/48's shells and the need to stock more AP rounds. This was a particularly acute problem in the Wehrmacht too because supply lines were so stretched most tanks probably couldn't expect ammunition for days or maybe even weeks at a time. Would a resupply mechanic for tanks in the game be nice? Sure. Is it absolutely critical for us to have? I don't think so.
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    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    Maybe one day all these "bug reports" will become "suggestions to tweak algorithms and mechanics" or "requests to revise algorithms and mechanics". The ease of communication via the Internet from behind a pseudonym seems to have been detrimental to the ability to communicate.
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    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Not meant to be a serious attempt to accurately recreate the vehicle from the picture but just for tutorial purposes.
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    Some slightly gloomy but much more realistic images from testing of 'Winter of Discontent', courtesy of @37mm's Winter Mod: @37mm's Winter Mod thread can be found here: It appears to be between iterations at the moment, but it's definitely worth getting a copy when & if it is updated.
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    Mission to Maas

    Obviously it's a matter of personal taste but having multiple engagements all over the map is exactly what I enjoy in huge scenarios. In CM1 it was not uncommon to have maps up to 8Km x 4Km and what was enjoyable was having to think operationally: "Where do I recon, where to probe, where to defend, where to strip forces from to create reserves and where to place them, and eventually... where will my main assault be?" One could end up having many engagements of differing types and sizes all over the map. I admit that handling a reinforced regimental TF is mentally arduous, but it's more fun than just having one huge battle with everything all in. I agree the issue of bringing up large numbers of reinforcements along a road however, is a bit of a "make work" timewaster and not fun. Can only hope that CM3 will feature some sort of road march feature that will allow all units to follow a leader in a sensible way. The CM2 game system is very good as is. But, getting units to do things can often be arduous. Streamlining the UI and reducing the number of clicks and commands needed to get things done hopefully will be more of a BF priority in future. eg: A convoy command per above. A new ACQUIRE system in which units can swap/acquire from adjacent units (with time penalties and quantity limitations). A "Wait in Ambush, Shoot, then Immediately Displace" (to safe secondary position) command for snipers and AT teams etc. Bring back the "one click 180 degree covered arc" that we had in CM1. Am sure players can think of many more that would reduce the irritating "make work" aspects of the game, enabling more player time to be spent on the fun tactical decisions.
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    H&E is a modificiation package for CMSF2 and, as such, all CMSF2 features, including the editor, are still present and working. Our team has many campaigns & scenarios currently in various states of completion (@puje's camapign, based around his own firebase, being the most complete at the moment). I've been overwhelmed at work this December so not much has been going on with regards the mod pack itself.... however I believe my hours will start to drop off now that we're approaching January. In the meantime, here's another teaser...
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    I recall an anecdote that was told I-forget-where some years ago. A couple campaign-hardened veteran GIs in WWII France are laying low against an embankment shielded from enemy fire. A new '90 day wonder' lieutenant runs up and exhorts them to get the *bleep* up and move, then he's immediately cut down by enemy fire right before their eyes. Its the job of the officer class to get soldiers to move forward over open ground under fire. its the job of the enlisted class to hug the terrain as much as possible and survive 'til another day.
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    German Panzer Grenadier doctrine

    So as mentioned I'm suspicious of the translation. I think it's also important to take it for what it is - a highly staged and idealised training film. I think it's worth comparing this to the US films of a similar nature, which are abstract and "biased", but still contain some useful information, at least in the broad strokes. So for this, I'd assume that the action depicted is not an impossibility. It might be on the wrong scale (although I'm not sure about that), or overly optimistic, that kind of thing, but presumably the make-up of forces isn't stupid, which means it's useful to try to understand why they're being used in that way.
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    A Better Fortification System

    I agree with your points about how it takes a long time and many clicks to move fortifications around, but I am personally not happy with the way the fortifications actually work in the game, once they are placed. It's been discussed in detail before in many other threads, so I don't want to derail this one. Just wanted to chip in and say the whole fortification aspect of the game could do with an upgrade.
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    Great thread everyone - I have nothing to add - lots of good advice already. I am glad I am not your opponent in this one.
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    Yeah, I always try to get the enemy in a crossfire whenever possible. They *seem* to bug out/displace more easily that way. Flanking fire, and all that.
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    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    Special request: Can the new CMRT Fire and Rubble module include the already modelled axis vehicles from CMFI's earlier July 1943 timeframe? Just sweep them in as purchasable single vehicles, set the rarity as you deem appropriate. No TOE concerns. I am thinking of the Panzer III's (Ausf M and N) but there might be a few others. Krupp Protze also. Please
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    The village looks awfully small for a whole company of infantry. They must be densely packed like sardines in which case arty should be rather effective. Too bad you don't have 150mm. Are you sure he is not also set up in the woods behind the field and in or behind the tree line halfway between the village and the north west objective?
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    I think it would have been great if foxholes were made in the same way as craters are being done in the editor. Instead of having sandbags, or whatever, protruding from the ground where the troops are hiding they would be hiding in holes in the ground. Trenches could bee made the same way.
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    At long last... ...I have finished and released my Factory Mod Set and the Bitvagorod map. A heavily damaged industrial town, based on a large set of modded buildings and other files. Get it here, at GreenAsJade´s wonderful site: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5371/details 16 In short, this is a set of mods that allows you to play in a town that looks a lot more heavily damaged than anything you can get with the stock building and terraing textures. And thanks to CM´s new scenario specific mod tags system, these mods will only show up in the maps that have been designed for these mods (unfortunately, there is one exception: The additional flavor objects in this mod set will work in all scenarios. But that shouldn´t be a problem. More on this later - or read the pdf in the mod set). Included is also a map created for the mod set: The fictional town of Bitvagorod - with a large factory complex and an small industrial river harbour. This mod set and map has taken nearly six months to create - and is 351 MB large (zipped). It includes 409 BMP files and 24 MDR files. The modded textures are mainly: Buildings Bridges Flavor objects Roads Terrain And a few vehicles turned into flavor objects (a railcar and an old GAZ truck) This is primarily a map: The btt file Bitvagorod is first and foremost a map - meant for CM players to create their own scenarios/quick battles on. There is an axis vs AI scenario included as well, but this scenario is very, very rough and unfinished. It is not at all ready for general release - and I have only included it to give players who don´t have the patience to create their own scenarios a chance to play right away. But play at your own peril! I am currently working on a proper scenario for the map, but this will not be finished for probably two months at least. A few words of caution: The Bitvagorod map has been thoroughly tested with the kind help of several members of this forum, and the tests show that these mods will probably slow down your game - or maybe even make it crash. This is probably because of the large number of files involved. The only way to find out how it will affect your computer is to load the game in CMRT. If the game crashes, it might help to remove some of your other (non scenario specific) mods. Also, the use of these mods do have some minor negative effects on gameplay. So to avoid frustration, I strongly advice you to read the PDF file "The boring stuff you need to read to avoid unpleasant surprises" included in the mod set. A bit of background I have aimed to create a damaged town that looks realistic - more realistic than is possible to make with the stock damaged buildings. Consequently, the core of the mod set project has been to turn some of the current stock buildings into heavily damaged buildings. I had to make this mod set as the damage shown on the stock CMRT buildings didn´t allow me to create a heavily damaged town. A bit simplified the damage on the stock buildings could be described as: Either a large hole in the wall - or completely flattened. However, I would like to stress that I don´t think this is due to bad or sloppy work from BFC, but because they have to deliver a game where all the little pieces fit perfectly together. As a modder, I have the luxury of being allowed to make texures that will work in some situations but be completely useless in others. I ´ve tried some of this before: Six or seven years ago I made a "Stalingrad-ish" mod pack with damaged buildings for CMBB. I´d been considering doing the same for CM2 ever since the release of CMBN, but I decided against it for several reasons: Firstly, because the way textures are used and displayed in CM doesn´t go very well with making damaged building mods. But more importantly: Making these mods would affect the buildings in all the player´s scenarios, not just the ones they were intended to be used in. That meant that the players using the mods would have to move the mods in and out of their z folder, depending on which scenario they were currently playing. Fortunately, that is no longer an issue since the release of CM2 3.0 and the introduction of scenario specific mod tags. The mod tags make sure that the mods will only show up in the scenario that are made for these mods (except for flavor objects, unfortunately). So I thought I´d give it a try. Enough words - the rest for now will be pics Enjoy PS: I am very grateful to the following for their invaluable help and advice in creating this mod set and map: Juju TanksALot EarlofGrey The same goes for the guys that helped test the map: Sburke AlexUK Erwin Buzz Blazing 88´s 28 27
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    A plea for the Biodiversity

    No, I will not tell you about global warming!! But the possibility of increasing the variety of plants in the game to give a more realistic This is especially the doodad brush that is the subject of my remarks Those offered by the game do not please me because they are indefinable. The undergrowth but also the Norman fields and even the gardens (especially mine) are overgrown with nettle, ferns and brambles I modified the original of the game but the modification can not relate to only 2 type of bmp Unlike helmets for example it is not enough to add a number to the bmp to obtain a wider variety This possibility with the random will offer an improvement of the aspect of the game nettles and ferns brambles
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    Just the three! I'm constantly mucking around with dozens of things (& finishing very few).....One of the joys of these games IMHO, with a bit of imagination there are just so many things you can try out and in my experience, you will keep discovering new things if you do so. PS - I vote for the middle one first.....But I supect you knew that already (I genuinely almost fell out of my chair laughing at some of the craziness in testing, by far the most fun I've ever had playing a CM game).
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    Warts 'n' all

    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    A man after my own heart. When it comes to keeping things civil with brute force, I do have just a bit of previous.
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    Never heard of this before, but thanks to brother George, I can now share this astounding story of superb soldiering, guts and elan with you. Even Hollywood couldn't come up with it! Not only did this guy clobber the foe, but his captures are stunning. During OPERATION NORDWIND in January 1945 10 SS''s Panzer Battalion A Company CO Sturmbannführer Erwin Bachman wrote a chapter in armored warfare which may never be duplicated. It took place during the battle for Herlisheim, France. Regards, John Kettler
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    Convert map CMFB to CMRT?

    There are a few forum members who know how to make the map conversions. @sbobovyc and @DougPhresh are two that come to mind and could probably provide guidance. Below is a link to a thread discussing map conversion and I think it provides instructions and tools.
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    Deleting Multiple Saved Games

    An easy way to find a file depository to which you have access, like savegames, is to make up a unique name. Like, "c3kbringsinternstoluaus". Then, after creating that save, exit out. Go to your windows (you ARE using Windows 10, right?) search window and type in "c3kbringsinternstoluaus" and, Bob's your uncle! You've found it. Delete away in Windows explorer. Sort by name or date, left click, scroll, shift left click, and delete a 1,000 savegames of tactical effervescence. In one click. Or something.
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    I just tried that one based on the various comments here.....Kudos to @Bulletpoint for fiendish unit placement on a very tidy little map.
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    Syrian Army OOB (2013)

    @DougPhresh Do you have this picture a little bit bigger? The text became unreadable when I resize the picture... Greetings alex
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    Sgt.Squarehead's CM:SF2 Stuff

    Very good looking marsh! Well done.
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    Warts 'n' all

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    1950's Paisley. A proud father sits his bairn upon his knee, "Now Gerry I'm going to tell you all about the time I knocked out a whole heap of Panther tanks and took everyone prisoner all own my own".
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    Russian army under equipped?

    Cool video of the upgraded T-80BVM, playing in the snow: Interesting to see them with the usual air filters not deployed or removed entirely.....I guess dust isn't much of an issue up there. Great looking tank IMHO.
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    Mission to Maas

    More on the quality of Peiper's troops "The condition of Peiper’s force is well described by his senior American prisoner, Major Hal McCown. He was the commanding officer of a battalion of the 30th Infantry Division and had been captured in the Stoumont fighting. In an official report made immediately after the battle, McCown, who ended up as a major general during the Vietnam era, said, “An amazing fact to me was the youth of the members of this organization—the bulk of the enlisted men were either 18 or 19, recently recruited, but from my observation thoroughly trained.” McCown continued, “There was a good sprinkling of both privates and NCOs from the years of Russian fighting. The officers for the most part were veterans but were also very young. Colonel Peiper was 29 years old, his tank battalion commander was 30; his captains and lieutenants ran from 19 to 27 years of age. The morale was high throughout the entire period I was with them despite the extremely trying conditions. The discipline was very good…. The physical condition of all personnel was good, except for a lack of proper food…. The equipment was good and complete with the exception of some reconditioned half-tracks. “All men wore practically new boots and had adequate clothing. Some men wore parts of American uniforms, mainly the knit cap, gloves, sweaters, overshoes and one or two overcoats. I saw no one, however, in American uniform…. The relationship between the officers and men [...] was closer and more friendly than I would have expected." https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/2015/09/30/joachim-peiper-led-his-troops-to-safety-during-battle-of-the-bulge/ As I see it, that would probably translate into game terms as veterans, fit, +1 morale, +1 leadership.
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    The Year Ahead Bone Post

    I'm glad to hear that CM:FB will finally include the Commonwealth and take this to end of War. Joe
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    Winter Garden of the Iron Cross

    Photobucket charges money now. Many of us switched to Imgur.
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    Any of the movement keys will do the same thing...
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Share the map? Sure, if you want it - I'll upload it tonight.
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    @Jace11 +1. Very nice screenshot. It could be printed, framed and hung on a wall.
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    NIce mod, but its Chernarussian or Chernorussian? Because on the patch is written Černaruské ozbrojené síly (by the way its Czech) so it should be Chernarussian.
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    Thanks for all the tips. I definitely see where some of my problems are now. Thanks again! 😀
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    Fire and Rubble

    So fekkin feed me!
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    Russian army under equipped?

    Swedes looked at several NATO mobility exercises and came up with their time lines and some conclusions. You can see the relevant screenshots below. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELl5KItX0AEsiFY?format=png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELl5KJeXYAAi-sN?format=png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELl5KJcWsAAR-8B?format=png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELl5KwQXUAAc-Tw?format=png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ELl5KwlWwAAzOZ5?format=png The long story cut short - it takes 2-4-6 weeks to reinforce Poland, which would imply that a rapidly developing crisis in Ukraine would not allow significant NATO reinforcements.
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    Warts 'n' all

    Grenade Issue?

    I know it is a typo, but it is such a lovely thought. "H.Q. get me a florist squad right away!"
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