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    New Uncon Models?

    Eh, I don't see any harm in posting a pict since early models had already appeared in the AAR.
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    Initial situation This AAR is being played using the Quick Battle system from the v4 engine in the new version of Shock Force. We are playing a Red probe with Bil taking the Syrians vs Canadians commanded by myself. The back story we decided on is that the NATO advance is proceeding well and the Canadian battle group has been assigned to flank protection for the main advance. D Company has been directed to take up positions around a village on the main East West road in the area. Taking the walk through the village to meet with the local elders was something that Capt. Leslie actually enjoyed. The security situation for these types of meetings was much better here than in Afghanistan where, as a platoon commander, often had to provide security for the CO in one of these meetings. Over there it was always a nerve racking time. Here, today, his men had taken up their positions already and there was no love for the Assad regime around here. There was no love for the Assads anywhere actually – even in the enclave where his family drew the most support it was based on fear not love. So his walk today was pretty safe. Walking through the village reminded him of the last time he was in Syria. When he was just a boy visiting his father who was stationed on the Golan Heights as a UN Observer. Back then this trip to Syria was an exciting event. He got to fly on Hercules from Germany to Damascus where his Dad’s apartment was. The trip had made an impression. Not just the Roman ruins and the amazing castle Krak des Chevaliers (and having lived in the UK a few years earlier he knew castles) but it was really the people that impressed him the most. They were so friendly and open. It was this trip and listening to his father tell the stories of visiting with security guards on his way home each night that cemented in him the certain knowledge that you can go anywhere in the world and the regular people you meet are more like you then they are different. This meeting was just a formality but an important one. They would not be here for long and the Canadians had no mandate to provide any kind of assistance this was just to introduce the force that would be on their door steps for a while and point out that most likely nothing eventful would happen today, tomorrow or the next day. Capt. Leslie had put off this meeting for a hour because he had to spend time on the radio sorting out their artillery support. They were not expecting any action and so had only been assigned only a battery of light artillery and some Battalion mortars but he wanted to make sure they were ready with solutions plotted just to be sure. For some reason there had been a delay. Usually the artillery guys were ready before his FO was but today somehow the assignments had been confused and no battery thought they were supposed to be on call for D Co.. He had the reputation not as a rising star but a solid cross the t’s dot the i’s find a solution get it done officer. And he had done so again. Other officers liked him because he did his homework and was fair even when he was pushing for something. He didn’t make a big production but he didn’t back down either. He remembered his Dad used to say “not everyone can be a rising star, those stars need good officers to get their jobs done”. His Dad’s other advice when he joined up as a junior officer was “always listen to your Sergeants and Warrant Officers, they are the ones that have the experience know how to help you find solutions and keep you from screwing up”. He had taken the advice to heart. Force selection: The Quick Battle system is still not complete so don’t read much into what you see other than the happy path I will describe J. As you can see the usual points panel is there along with the selected force’s flag and available branches. The various units might still need tweaking in the QB list and single vehicles and teams is not officially complete and the points might change. All the usual caveats apply. No one has tested the auto pick force make up yet – although the three times I used it during testing it actually did a good job. At any rate before release this stuff will be tweaked some more. Similar to the CMBS game there are combined force battle groups available. That is where I will start: Defending in a Medium Probe lets you purchase about a mechanized company or so. I start with paring back to D Company and a platoon of tanks. Then I do something I started doing recently – renaming the top commander on QB battle field after myself. I think it is more fun to think of yourself down there in the game. Hopefully no one thinks it is too arrogant since I have never served as more than a truck driver but I’m adding a little colour this time based on an alternate reality where I joined up back in university like I very nearly did. Now the hard choices. I am pretty certain that Bil will be bringing armour to this and those T72s are every bit as deadly to the Leos as the Leos are to the T72s. That means I need to be able to handle enemy armour. So, to get the points room to have some support I chose not give up a tank but instead gave up a platoon of infantry. Therefore the basic force is two platoons of infantry and one troop of tanks. With that I’ll settled I chose to keep two of the battalion’s AT LAVs, one battery of mortars and a sniper team. Never leave home without your sniper team.
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Caught this today while testing some stuff. Thought it looked cool. Shrek's are nasty! Mord.
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    Breaking away for a moment from the "Canadians who made it onto US cultural radar" banter, is this map new or a reboot (with water) of a CMSF1 map? Either (pronounced "eye-ther") way, a little constructive criticism of this village. It's presumably a bunch of structures dropped into an actual Google earth footprint. Fair enough for a start, but it looks more like something you'd see in the treeless deep desert, which is clearly not the dominant terrain on this map. All structures except shops (mostly open fronted) should have some kind of compound wall surrounding them; low stone walls for farmhouses, high walls for more modern residences. Houses should also have a fair number of palms and mature shade trees, maybe an orchard. And outbuildings. I was hoping the little shed would make it in from CMBN, but alas no joy. Where's the mosque? (a village this size will have one, even if there isn't a dome or minaret) This is *not* just eye candy; it has very real implications for the battle. A 'dense' village squarely in the centre of the map provides a ready made fortress, with robust and varied concealment and cover for units, especially infantry AT teams who can keyhole and break contact at will. I'd expect this benighted hamlet to be leveled by artillery or air in due course, but the rubble, walls and ditches would still provide plentiful and stubborn tactical cover. In its current barren state, AT teams can't so easily flit from building to building to keyhole, and can be readily pinned and killed off by ranged tank/IFV guns. Uber armour uber alles again, yawn. Settlements are one of the only features that counter the overwhelming superiority of (usually) NATO ranged weapons. If you want a fair fight and a more fun game (IMHO), give these features more of their real life tactical properties! Here endeth my catechism. Exit Falstaff.
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    SUCCESS. Although I am embarrassed as to how simple it was once I got my hands on the full install. I remember these forums as being helpful and friendly. Even to those who just don't seem to get it 😳. I appreciate everyone's help.
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    I was in real life (a cannon cocker - FIST Chief, Btry Fire Direction Officer, Bde Fire Support Officer, and Arty Bn Fire Direction Officer). Although it's been a while, for preplanned fires your comment about delay times, from my experience, is the case. The fires would be timed toward expected movements. Having things in 5, 10, 15 minute intervals is about as close as you could think of for someone arriving at a specific location, or be ready to jump off from a LD while the fires are underway. I get the point about "gaminess" thinking that it's 5 minutes into the game so take cover, but I never timed anything to the minute. For on-call fires of course, we would calculate and get rounds downrange ASAP. That is UNLESS the call for fire requested some particular time on target. That would be a very unusual situation though. Normally on-call CFF is someone in need of assistance NOW!!
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    Fatigue test

    I did a test today to explore the effects of fatigue on spotting and shooting in CMBN. TLDR: there is no apparent negative effect on spotting or shooting for German LMG or sniper teams (comparing "rested" to "tired"). Details: I set up a 10-lane shooting range, with the shooters looking downrange through a tall hedgerow. All units regular, rested, temp hot, no wind. I then placed some driver volunteers (ahem) from the American motor pool 80m downrange from the hedgerow and let the German LMG teams move to their hedgerow, spot downrange, and engage their targets. I ran all 10 lanes concurrently, and then reran the whole thing 3 times. I measured two things: time to spot after reaching the hedgerow, and time to kill the target after spotting it. Here you can see the snipers at work: I then redid the whole thing with units made tired by running back and forth. All 10 units ran the same distance as each other, so should have been equally tired. Then I redid all of THAT with German sniper teams, the only difference being moving the targ... um, volunteers to 200m downrange. I was a bit surprised by the number of outliers - where the spotting or firing unit took a VERY long time to spot or hit. Occasionally longer than two minutes. Bizarrely, considering all of the data, the LMG teams did a much better job of shooting while tired, and the snipers did a somewhat better job spotting when tired. Stripping out all data points 60 seconds long or longer (an arbitrary value that favors the rested troops) resulted in the rested and tired troops performing about the same. Maybe you can make an argument that spotting is slightly worse when tired. === Raw data === === Removing all data points 60 seconds or longer === For completeness the tests should also be done with fatigued and exhausted units, and I guess also veteran and a broader range of unit types. But I hardly ever push my troops to that point.
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    MINUTE 1 ..and we are finally under way. No action this turn, so sorry @c3k, no gifs showing stuff blowing up yet. In order to ascertain whether there are any of Ian's units in the far left of Snake Ridge, I send 2nd Platoon to reconnoiter this area... They were still on their way at turn end, and the following image illustrates their routes.. the small arrows indicate dismounted infantry taking a peek over the lip of each ridge line. Only two BMPs are in this area now as the third was held back to overwatch the movement. The last BMP will join them next turn. On Star Hill I am deploying two AT-13 teams and the AT-13 Platoon HQ. One team will crawl over the nearest crest in order to look down on the initial objective (North East Farm), one will be kept in reserve. The HQ team will crawl over the opposite crest in order to get eyes on the other side of the valley. The truck will return to the SP. 1st Platoon is moving dismounted toward the nearest crest overlooking the North East Farm Objective. They are being overwatched by the rest of A Company. ENEMY I finally did an analysis of what Ian could bring to the fight... he can potentially field a platoon of tanks, plus a few extra tanks if he sacrificed infantry. If he went full Mechanized, then I can expect about a Company of infantry, give or take, depending on the number of tanks he bought, the type of tanks, and whether he bought any support units. I think with this terrain I would have gone armor heavy , so worse case I will expect to see a Tank Heavy Company Team in front of me with up to 6 or 7 tanks. I expect Leopard C2s as the Leopard 2A6Ms are very expensive, about 200 points more than the C2s, however they are much more capable, so its a trade off. If he decided not to go with LAVs or the Nyala APC then he could buy a lot more infantry and support assets, ATGM and artillery, maybe even some air... but then he would have no flexibility, so I expect to see most of his infantry with either LAVs or the Nyala... but that will impact the amount of support units and numbers of infantry he can bring to the party. I actually expect our forces to be close in size... though his will be far superior in capability. However it shakes out its going to be interesting.
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    Even though the other BETA AAR is still going on, I expect it will end very soon. I had already promised to take IanL on in a second game to fill the time, so here 'tis. I hope it fills the time left until release. BACKGROUND A NATO attack is in progress and they are making massive gains. In an attempt to slow them down high command has decided that a spoiling attack is required. We are the tip of that spear. Our task is to Probe into the assigned sector on the flank of the NATO attack and determine the strength of the Canadian flank security force in front of us and if possible, destroy it or force it to withdraw. Our force will not be reinforced unless successful, so if we fail, another unit will become the spearhead for the main attack. Hopefully that will suffice to set the stage for what we are doing in this action. Ian and I are playing a Quick Battle (QB) Medium Probe, with me as the Syrians on the attack, force selection for both sides was Mixed (Infantry, Mech Infantry, and Armor are all okay to purchase) with no restrictions set for either side. I do not expect an easy time of it, as the Canadians are tough and Ian is no slouch tactically. He even uses some of the same movement techniques I use so I expect this to be a hard struggle ORDER OF BATTLE My purchases: MAIN BODY This element will be my main combat element in this action. They will be tasked with capturing early objectives, ascertaining enemy strength and capabilities, and recovering the enemy Order of Battle. A Company Mechanized Infantry on BMP-2s Company HQ Element Tanks are intended for anti-infantry support ZSU-23-4 is mainly for AA support, but also is intended to be used in an anti-infantry role 1st Platoon Will have one AT-13 team attached 2nd Platoon Will have one AT-13 team attached COMBAT SUPPORT 120mm Mortar Battery with FO Also purchased four TRPs AT 13 Platoon One of the two sections will be assigned to the Main Body, one AT team per platoon Note: truck was purchased specially to carry the remaining section and the HQ element AT 14 Platoon One of the two sections will be assigned to the Reserve, both AT teams in the Mech Infantry platoon Note: truck was purchased specially to carry the remaining section and the HQ element RESERVE - This force will be husbanded until needed, or until I can identify the main enemy positions Airborne Mechanized Infantry Platoon on BMP-3s Will have one complete AT-14 section attached Tank Platoon on T-72M1 TURMS-T Technology Note: These tanks feature the TURMS-T computerised fire control system by Galileo Avionica. It will be interesting to see how that helps in action.
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    MINUTE 6 & 7 AT13 PLATOON On Star Hill, the artillery stopped toward the end of the 6th minute... but not before losing one complete AT13 Team, and one member of the second. 2nd PLATOON Apologies, I keep calling this 2nd Platoon overwatching squad 3rd Squad, when in actuality it is 2nd Squad.. anyway, obviously they have been spotted by Ian as a spotting round hit nearby in the 7th Minute... they took one casualty from this. So next turn will be running for the BMP to remount and get under cover. A COMPANY In the A Company zone, the advance continues. The enemy contact is very old now, and no other contacts have been identified. My armor, behind their smoke screen have now advanced very close. Now the infantry will advance past them and assault the objective. BMP3 PLATOON (3rd PLATOON) With all the eyes I have over in the 2nd Platoon Sector I am spotting nothing. I do have the BMP-3 Platoon trying to get around the flank of the enemy vehicle contacts, but am rethinking that strategy as obviously they have been spotted... the tree deflected round in the following image proves that. By the way, I have no idea where that round came from, the BMP-3 should be masked from Ian's positions at this point. FRUSTRATION I am rethinking this entire game now.. he can spot me obviously, I cannot spot him. I have eyes in pretty good positions that should be able to see "something" but all I am getting are sound contacts and very few of those. This map is very open, and if I can't start to identify Ian's strength and weaknesses then I can't attack him, I am not the type who identifies an approach and simply rushes down it without some reconnaissance. The trouble is I don't think I have the combat power to be effective on this terrain or to force my way through anywhere... I should probably have purchased a company of tanks with a platoon of infantry support (that was an early option I checked out).. but I wanted to come with something a little more balanced. So I am going to take a day or so and give this one a good rethink... I may need to throw my T-72s in a lot sooner than I had hoped. I do hate that I seem to be getting sucked into a meat grinder on my left too.. I may need to cancel that and go defensive there and find another way.
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    I'm going to cut and paste your comments a bit. ^^^ This and the below seem to related. Honestly, I've never noticed either of these behaviors. I'd have to set up a test and see what's up. It may be a simple user error of not unbuttoning, or not being stopped long enough, for the weapon to fire. Or it may be a bug. Or it may be something else. More information (not that you should feel responsible for providing it) would help. M1 behavior comments: I've bolded part of what you wrote. Yeah, pretty cool that the game shows how much the men want to survive, yes? IRL, tankers will not sit there thinking they're invulnerable. If they get a laser warning, they'll pull back. If something is hitting the tank, and it's hard, they'll pull back. If men are swarming about, they'll pull back. Just the way it is...and that's fine. To me. If you think the uber-M1 is nerfed in the game, please give a SPECIFIC savegame. That'd do wonders for finding/fixing or explaining the behavior. As to the "spending whole game panicked", well, savegame or it didn't happen. Seriously. I've never seen any behavior like this...unless the GLOBAL morale has these guys shaken to the core. Meaning, that particular unit has not been engaged or attacked, but they've heard/seen everyone else in their battalion get slaughtered. In that case, the game models the fragility of their morale. So, the particulars DO matter. This is a pretty straightforward TOE question. Proof that the equipment was issued (in some verifiable quantity), fielded, and used, would be beneficial to getting new gear in the game. It is not simple to change the game TOE, but Steve/BFC/et alia take great pride in how accurately this game portrays TOE. (Heck, it's the linchpin for how units behave at the tactical level.) Modern vehicles do have jammers. Obscurants, inability to acquire and then guide missiles does happen, sometimes a random lemon, but, overall, if your AT missiles are flying off as if they are spoofed, maybe they're being spoofed? Again, a savegame would be worth it's weight in gold. Hmm. I know the Russian AGL has, in-game, caused many a casualty, so I know they can move, deploy, and fire. A single man? Maybe he has no ammo, just the AGL? Or vice versa? I hate to get repetitive, but savegame would be awesome. Or else, if I can find a few hours to set this up by randomly whittling down the AGL teams to one man, I may never see the behavior you say you've seen. Sometimes the in-game spotting seems oddly poor...and other times very good. Overall, with a few exceptions about men who cannot see a tank 10m away, it works very well. I'd like to see the savegame. I know. I'm not disbelieving, I just have to point out that the incredible complexity of this game means that outliers (like you've described) are hard to replicate unless you can see the screenshot (and that's not a very good substitute), or a get the actual save. Back to the M Shmel and RPO-A. The flames in-game are small, because most fires are not such big conflagrations that you'd be forced to flee. A bit of boot-stomping, blanket smothering, or pushing the flammables aside, and you're probably okay. For the most part. Would I like to see expanding and spreading fire? Oh yes. I think that'd be a bit nice. Heck, I'd make a 4km x 4km very dry pine forest and set it alight and use it as a screensaver in winter. Overpressure/blast effects were nerfed to make up for the infantry bunching. These both are gradually getting adjusted. Yeah, I'd boost up the in-game effect due to blast for these two weapons. However, a counter-argument is that the smallest obstacle makes a huge difference in the amount of blast an individual feels. The building interiors are modeled to be quite complex (hence the spotting behavior when a unit enters a room). Visually, the game does not show any interior; it is abstracted. Imagine dividing walls, furniture, etc., are present to mitigate some of the blast. That, at least, is one explanation. Another would be that it is not modelling the blast well enough. I lean on the "give it more blast" side. Recognize that any desire to CHANGE the game (you say "fix"), puts the burden of proof on the petitioner. The game is created in the state it is because that's what BFC thinks is how it should be (blatant bugs excepted). If you/we want a change, you/we have to show what is, what should be, and why or where the evidence it. Once that's done, BFC is pretty open to adjusting the code if it is possible and after it's been thoroughly tested. As you can see from my long-winded answer a savegame is critically important. I know...that's not your job. For a beta-tester to try to replicate something based on a few words of description is a pretty hard thing to do, unless it's a blatant problem. In that case, it's more than likely already been noted. (But not all the time...so don't be shy about posting.)
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    I'd say 4-6 plus more in the LAV. Especially in the areas of Kandahar Province that were relatively green, those grape huts were everywhere and the LAW was the only thing we could carry on patrol that would be able to engage them. This is from an article but it does a good job of describing why we needed to carry LAWs when clearing fields: Not my photo, but this is what the fields in the area look like, and why Grape Huts were such a big threat.
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    I was in the military at that time (well, until last month actually!) and we absolutely had C79s on our C9s. Maybe Reserve Units didn't (set eq. to Poor maybe?) but we sure did even in the Artillery. Also, can so-sign on LAV commanders being lower down, additionally the MG on the LAV and Coyote was not remote operated. We carried as many LAWs as possible as it was the only way to bust up what we called "Grape Huts" which were thick mud brick agricultural buildings. I'm happy to answer as many CF related questions as I can as one of the things I liked best about CMSF was seeing "myself" represented in a major wargame. e: The C9s we had in Afghanistan were the improved C9A2 which has the same buttstock as the C7 and comes issued with the C79 and has green furniture like the C7A2.
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    Really, that is your response? Okay so I expect you will be able respond with the same diplomacy as bulletpoint did when someone responds to you with things like what a bs, get a clue. Also wonders me that a guy with 3k posts still has troubles like this. Using the term snowflake when requested for a little more use of civility isn’t exactly a grown up response.
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    My clue, again from reading this forum, is that Battlefront is aware that there are problems, but that they can't do anything about them, because they are driver related. As I understand it, they argue that the graphics card companies such as Nvidia do not implement OpenGL well in their new drivers. Probably because OpenGL is not very used any more in mainstream gaming. By the way, here's an article I came across, where they compare a modern game (the new Civilization VI) running on OpenGL on a Mac and DirectX on a Windows PC: "In our tests, the game only achieved about 22 frames per second during an internal benchmark at 1,620 x 1,050 resolution, on medium settings. We ran the benchmark on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with an AMD Radeon Pro 455 graphics card while running in MacOS. The same system hit 66 FPS when we ran the same benchmark on Windows 10." https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/why-mac-gaming-is-still-dead/ By the way, I'm not posting this to belittle mac users, nor to praise PC gaming. I hope Mac users can continue to play the game, too.
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    METT-T: Enemy Enemy Intentions The enemy will attempting to control the road network in this area to undermine the NATO advance happing to the south and West of here. By controlling this area they can threaten supply routes and routes for reinforcements. Enemy Force Capabilities The enemy tanks can range from vastly inferior T55s to pretty much equal to the C2s T90 while their IFVs are not as capable as our LAVs the BMP3s are no slouch when it comes to firepower. Possible Order of Battle For the attacking force in a Medium probe I expect to see two companies plus some support. Bil should be able to purchase a tank company and a mechanized infantry company. Enemy Strengths Depending on which tanks Bil choose we could be looking at a large numerical advantage with inferior tanks – which can still deal with a LAV and still pose a real threat to the C2s or they could still bring a numerical advantage with an equivalent tank. Enemy Weakness None of the enemy AFVs can match the spotting ability of ours. Enemy Equipment There is no intelligence on what level of equipment the enemy force may possess. I would not be surprised if we face an elite guard force but second tier force is also possible. Enemy Course of Action · AA1 Has good low areas to move through and it clears the first objective naturally. The enemy would not likely try this without securing KT1 and KT3first. · AA2 The least likely avenue of approach since this is under easy observation from KT7 and KT8. Again there is a need to secure KT1 and KT3. · AA3 Offers ways of moving without being constantly under observation. Again need to secure KT1 and KT3 but this avenue is already going towards KT1. · AA4 Also offers ways of moving without being constantly under observation. Again need to secure KT1 and KT3 but this avenue is already going towards KT3 and past KT1. There is a good chance the enemy may recon all four routes. I expect he will favour AA3 and AA4 but we will have to see how the battle plays out.
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    Invisibility cloak--real

    Surplus US Army invisibility clothing sometimes comes up for sale
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    I agree, that if there is an issue (that isn't glaringly obvious) the person who discovers it should present their case with evidence beyond an anecdotal comment. Just saying something doesn't make it so. And saves are a sure fire, easy way to do that. Yes, there have been a few times where Bf was hard headed and it took some work to convince them to take a look at a problem but that is as it should be or they'd end up chasing their tails over every little thing. We have a decent vetting process here, which means a lot of the trite complaints are weeded out by the more experienced players, a sort of quality control on b****ing vs substance. LOL. How many times have we witnessed some pet peeve labelled as "game breaking"? Having said that, I believe that BF has shown a willingness and passion to fix and maintain the games much more than they don't. Anyone that's been here longer than a few years would be lying if they denied that. Once we get past the new website teething and some of the new modules are released, I believe we'll see quicker responses to such issues. Mord.
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    Minute 158: Orders No new orders repositioning members of 14 platoon. The squad from 15 Platoon on KT3 need to spread out more. I split the teams and have them crawling forward . To ambush whatever is coming up the valley I will move one of the C2s to a position where they can be hull down to the valley floor a head of where the contacts are. I want the enemy to move into our LOF not the other way around. This shows a good example of how I use the hull down command. I laid down some basic move orders to get close to the location I want to be. Then I switched to the hull down command and picked a spot where I would be OK with ending up. From there I use the target command on the hull down command’s way point to pick the area I want to be hull down to. In this case it is the valley floor. The hull down way point location has hillside rising up to the left, so the location where the enemy is now does not have LOS to my new location. I also verify that that previous way point does *not* have LOS to the location I want to be hull down to. This is so the hull down command can work its magic – when the vehicle starts the hull down command it cannot see the location of interest and as vehicle moves along the hull down route it will watch for when I can see the location of interest and stop when it can.
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    Light Mortars in Buildings

    Not unless they are the airborne 2 inch mortars that airborne sections are equipped with. Those can shoot from buildings. However the sections are only provided smoke rounds as standard. However the ammunition between the two mortar types is the same. So get that airborne 2 inch mortar some high explosive through acquiring from an vehicle, sharing from an adjacent standard 2 inch mortar team, or buddying aiding an incapacitated team, and then you can have an airborne 2 inch mortar firing high explosive rounds from buildings. It's only able to do direct fire however so basically becomes a grenade launcher rather than an mortar. There's an video in the thread linked below. CMBN rather than CMFI but probably still stands true.
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    Minute 2:00-1:59: Capt. Leslie and his party were done with introductions and some practical discussion. They had just started on their second cup of chai and were planning to spend a few pleasant minutes on friendly chatting when the HQ sent for him and his 2IC – “Battalion command reports an enemy formation has been spotted approaching from the East”. They excused themselves from the chai and headed back to the command post to hear the details and alert the rest of the company. As they headed out the door Capt. Leslie noticed that one of the younger men who had not said anything during the meeting held back the translator, MCpl Haddad from 14 Platoon, briefly to whisper something to him. “What was that about?” He asked. MCpl Haddad smiled wryly as he replied “He said that if Assad’s men are coming he wishes us to kill as many as we can, so, there will be fewer for him to finish off - Inshallah”. Capt. Leslie thought darkly to himself “Well that *is* the plan. My men do not need help from God to kill the enemy.” It seems like this was going to be an eventful day after all. The first turn of action was uneventful. No contacts were spotted. My team on KT3 moved up and the infantry deployed. Minute 1:59: Orders I corrected my mistake and moved a squad up to TK8. To avoid tiring the men out, I moved 3 section up to take 2 section’s positions and moved 2 section up to TK8.
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    New Uncon Models?

    Oh, and BTW, I'm in the middle of whipping up last minute texture changes to German Leopard 2s. I think after the game's released I'll upload a Turkish Leopard 2A4 texture as a 3rd party mod. So people can play Turkey vs ISIS, Turkey vs Kurds, Turkey vs US...
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    Invisibility cloak--real

    Internet archive reveals all and that thread is definitely worth reading. Like good wine it gets better over time. All the ice cream truck pics alone were worth their weight in forum gold and for those who didn’t get to enjoy
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    New Uncon Models?

    I liked your mix and match Uncons mod, with Combatants a 50/50 mix of masked and unmasked (Spy) guys. That's how they generally fight when TV cameras aren't filming.