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    Rome to Victory Release Date

    good god, is this really even happening? this false equivalence bulls-t? "oh, well the allies did bad things too so everyone is equal." We are not blind or stupid as Aragorn likes to imply. We KNOW THE ALLIES DID BAD THINGS. But the allies weren't on a campaign of conquest and murder for all the resources of Eurasia, were they? And the allies were extremely merciful to their vanquished foes. The germans planned to impoverish, enslave, banish, or exterminate their vanquished foes. They did in fact impoverish/enslave/banish/exterminate everyone they conquered. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE. The allied bombing campaigns of german and japanese cities constituted war crimes, there's no way to deny that. The allies did NOT do this to enslave those countries, they did it because they (wrongly) thought it would end the f___ing war and end the suffering sooner. Intent matters. And having said that..... I am currently playing CMRT campaign as the germans. Because they have nice gear. and I already did the russian campaign.
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    You destroyed my tank? Now you will pay the price
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    Where are the Goumiers in djellaba?

    here is my contribution it's true that it's exotic for info this type of djelaba with his large stripes are tribal djelaba whose pattern corresponds to different tribes as well as wearing a beard or a turban from 1942 is introduced a regulatory djelaba manufactured by the army unifying and standardizing the holding of the goumier i work about it kepi is also specific i work about it too
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    Right. This is the "run towards the enemy" bug. Here a two threads mentioning it but there are other places it's been noted too; Irrational Behaviour and Annoying withdrawal towards the enemy behaviour. As I best recollect, it was fixed in all the titles except CMBN and has something to do with the TacAI in bocage terrain.
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    Ales Dvorak

    The Moroccan Technicolor Dream Coat

    Knife. ( close, but no cigar. ;))
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    Thanks to everyone for resurrecting this topic, as well as to @Elvis for being present and hopefully bumping it closer to the top of the internal Please Fix or Do Sumfink List. I know the R2V module took on a developmental life of it's own over the last months! CMBN is my favorite title and I too have held off starting any new games due to the counter logical infantry/bocage behavior.
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    What makes this module worth buying?

    This is a good one. It's balanced and it's difficult from either side. Also, Casili Road for a more armor centric meeting engagement. Great fun. Good challenge from either side of the map. Just to pick a couple of my favorites from playtesting. I also like Too Close for Comfort from the German side. It's very difficult, but a manageable small number of units and a tough tactical challenge.
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    Warts 'n' all

    CMBN - Upgrading to Version 4

    Sadly @Bulletpoint is right. Carry on with Engine 3. There are only a handful of scenarios/campaigns that have been designed specifically for Engine 4, which leaves you with plenty of content to play whilst we wait for the hedgerow bug to eventually get fixed.
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    Maryanivka 4750 X 3200m 230km from Kyiv and 95 km to the Russian Border, located on the M02 road. Google Earth : View in game from the North : And from the South side : From South West corner : Notes : Included in the download are both a version with setup zones and objectives for a meeting engagement and a raw version with nothing, only landmarks. While the map is quite large, the setup zones are not that big, so either enlarge them a bit before playing or pick a relatively small force. There should be plenty of time to deploy though given the length of the map so even if it gets a bit crowded at the start it shouldn't be that big of a deal. How to Install : Extract in the following folder : documents/battlefront/combat mission/black sea/game files/scenarios Download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zr7pmcjy79pybf/CMBS map maryanivka.rar?dl=0
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    I've always had a soft spot for the AEC armored car. Here's a screenshot from the R2V module (with apologies for my crappy graphics card).
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    It would be even cooler if you could import a finished battle into the editor to add fresh forces, extend the map, whatever.....Campaigns with persistent map damage, by other means, effectively.
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    Some colourised film footage from Normandy I've never seen before, inc. bocage fighting and various AFVs trundling about in dusty & smokey conditions
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    LOL, Falaise, that's the very one I was working on! Like I said before, you saved me a lot of work!
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    I'm going to have to agree with the Roundhead. 'Cornered Rats' might be a more apt description.
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    It was widely disliked. And unrealistic in my opinion. The issue is while it may make sense for wider planning maneuvers it makes none at all for squads or team leader save the moment tactical situations. Since CM demands that we play the roles from battalion commanders down to squad Sargents it just makes reacting to small scale situations unrealistic.
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    It’s really frustrating how different systems show different performance issues, or lack of them. I have no stuttering, swirling patterns or flickering shadows. I’m able to run the game with all graphical options maxed out, and I assume you can too. My only “problem” is that really really huge maps like Cassino or the master maps take 20 seconds to load in the editor. I tried this on both Windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina. It’s something that I see mentioned on forums for just about any game I play. Someone (sometimes me) has graphical performance that diverges from what many others can achieve and it’s very difficult to resolve. I hear your pain.
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    If charging a small fee for the upgrades in any way helps BFC to continue making these updates i have no problems what so ever to spend my money on this... I just wish they could produce more of them...faster ! 😁 But unfortunatelly that would cost even more money i guess..
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    Rome to Victory Pre-orders are now open

    I did the same. Order history still says 'process', but the game is up and running - yippee!!
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    Minute 0:43: Orders With lots of new targets to deal with the first order of business is to bring the artillery. Starting with a linear barrage from two 81mm mortars that should cause problems for both the 88 AT gun and the Stug. I will pull back the tank on the left to since he can see but cannot hit the Panther turret bunker. I worry that the bunker will be able to see the tank. If the tank pulls back it can either get a LOF or be safer from the bunker. To deal with the bunker I will bring up the A Co HQ to bring some artillery to bare.
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    Minute 0:44-0:43: More shells fall – not on my men. But that AT gun gets its revenge. Most of the mortar team are casualties. Over on the left another Stug is spotted this time on the road just across the bridge. But its gun is covering the approach to the bridge. The infantry on the left spot something else too – a Panther turret bunker. This is likely the mystery gun that took out the Sherman earlier. And more bad news – another 88. This time right near the bridge.
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    Smoke not smoking

    oh, there it is, alt-k. I must've accidently hit this. Thanks, that fixes it. Didn't even know it existed
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    Fire and Rubble

    speaking of "Fire and Rubble", we have rubble we just dont have fire
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    And I would like an ice cream sandwich. Michael
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    1. Resist the urge to split your forces. Attack the smallest possible force with the largest possible force. It doesn't matter what title you are playing, WW2 or modern, fire superiority wins. Every time. 2. Holding an objective, or preventing the enemy from scoring any points from an objective, requires only 1 man. If the battle has 4 different occupy objectives, keep your main force moving from one objective to the next and leave a driver, destroyed vehicle crew or an XO team behind to secure the points. 3. Don't underestimate the usefulness of a long duration light or harass artillery mission. Arty keeps heads down, which prevents them from seeing you move. They are also great for area denial. Nothing worse than thinking an arty mission is over, so you start moving your men up and then a round lands in the middle of your platoon. Most light or harass missions will give 15+ minutes of firing time. You can cancel the mission as your men get close to the objective and use any remaining rounds to pummel any strong points.
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    Yet another PBEM concluded. I played as the US Army. My opponent decided to experiment with his armor, hence the lopsided results. My reaction was simple: Nyet, comrade. This is how you use armor. Technically, I lost one and a half tank, cause one of my M 10 was penetrated by a Panther. These are the results. Here are some more images. This Panther was bogged down by harsh terrain, the crew was bailed out by an M 10 shot to the commanders cupola. Subsequently, it was engaged several more times, all ricochets, until one bounced from the turret armor right into the radio operator/machine-gunners opening. For good measure, another round was put into it, partially penetrating the turret. This Panther was destroyed in an attempted flank charge (best I can gather from what I could see). Lower front hull penetration, followed by a partial penetration of the turret. None of my units really stands out in unit kill count, it was a combined effort after all. But, my tank company XO is worth mentioning. Destroyed a tank, killed some infatry, took over command in the middle of the battle after the CO was killed. (in the background a destroyed Panzer IV) Some images of clusters of destroyed enemy infantry. Even the enemy KomBat was heavily wounded. It is no surprise, cause this is the group that awaited and engaged them. Crossing the street was also very dangerous.
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    I'm just some half-baked hack, but... ...I'm pretty sure the first is the correct. I've played through several campaigns where I won some missions, and lost others, but at the end of it, I still got the message that I won. Which is a bit funny after actually losing the final, climatic battle.
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    Only with greatcoat....
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    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

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    PBEM question

    Ok, the first Game File is just your 'Password', then you exit and send the 'Outgoing Game File to your Opponent, then you receive next game from him, and it should be the 'Purchase Screen' if QB, or Deployment if Scenario.
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    What makes this module worth buying?

    I feel this way as well. Except the delay didn't bother me at all since there is so much content in the other games I have not played yet..............................the thing is I know will eventually buy it, if for no other reason but to have my collection complete.
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    Okay, so I dedusted my CMx2 copies on my new PC and trying to get back in the hype. I have not nearly played as much CMx2 as I have CMx1. One of the things, I really, REALLY, liked from CMx1 is that the time penalties per waypoint changed with the experience of the unit. So an elite unit would have e.g. 2,2,3,4,5 seconds time penalty over 5 waypoints. Green units would go more like 3,5,7,9,10 (it's been a while, it not about the exact numbers here but about the model). Especially Barbarossa to Berlin the veteran / elite units would prove much more adjustable to changing situations whereas the green Russians you wouldn't want to give them too many waypoints as they could be stuck for a minute before making their first move. I felt this was a nice represenation of the impact of experience on the game. I am kinda missing this in CMx2. Curious why this was left out of CMx2; thoughts anyone?
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    Time well spent IMHO.....I've played three R2V scenarios so far, all of them have been excellent, kudos to the creators.
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    C2 & Information Sharing

    It is true that the unit is not using a vehicle based radio. A more comprehensive way to explain no radio in the middle square might be to say the unit is not in radio C2. No vehicle based radio C2, and no portable radio C2. For example if you have a stationary infantry company HQ with a portable radio they will show a radio in the middle square (or whatever mod you're using something will be in that middle square). The company HQ will show a radio in the middle square even when no vehicles are present on the map. If the HQ is ordered to Quick, on foot, to a different location it will drop out of radio C2 (except in CMBS) during the movement (helping to demonstrate that, in this instance, the middle square is being used for a non-vehicle based radio). After foot movement stops the RTO of the HQ team is able to use the radio and an icon will again appear in the middle square. And a new improved thread on this same topic:
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    @Zveroboy1 I've converted your map for Red Thunder and Final Blitzkrieg. Just had a quick look, everything looks fine. The only thing you might want to adjust are the flavour objects. I've uploaded the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/91wr3f203ub9ash/AABD8cAKYNLStBpusxo1yl_pa?dl=0
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    I totally agree with you here, and understand why you've not spent time/resources building a campaign system. BUT! I think there is one (I think) relatively simple thing to do which would help players create whatever campaign systems they prefer: allow end-game forces and maps to be exported and imported into another scenario, to allow for persistent forces and persistent map damage, etc. If the export format were in readable format (XML, etc), the forces could also be managed by home-grown campaign editing tools (that would allow for replacements, or whatever). If these files are in some easily readable format, this kind of editing tool is not especially difficult to create--even I have done if for a different game--and I have little doubt that some talented folks here would take the ball and run with it. Worst case, it would allow people to create their own manual campaigns. This is one feature which has been consistently requested for many years, and I really hope that it can be implemented some day.
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    you have a point, but you'll need to take that up with BF. Pricing is exclusively their domain and rationale.
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    What a strange question! Maybe they'd like to you know, find out more about the game before buying it? Sorry if that is not "serious enough" about the game for you. But to your point, while it might make some of you feel good to try to convince some of us that it is perfectly normal to pay for an engine upgrade in addition to paying for a module, the fact is that a great many people--most of whom are not on this forum--don't think so--I've seen frequently on other forums. While I guess that you might be happy that such non-serious players won't consider buying the game, it results in the loss of a $40 module because of a $5 upgrade (or whatever the exact prices are...), which some people apparently won't pay on principle.
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    C2 & Information Sharing

    Hello sPA505. No radio in the middle square means the unit is not in radio C2. However it might be in C2 Voice, C2 close visual or C2 distant visual. Can't tell from the small screenshot. The newer thread, linked below may help some. Below is an updated version of this thread with screenshots that were not vandalized by Photobucket.
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    I can't even play the new expansion if I wanted to. I'd have to purchase the V4 quality of life update. Most companies refer to performance and quality of life updates with minor gameplay modifications as patches. I paid $60 for the game when released, for some reason I expected performance updates to be covered in that price. Again I will restate that the forums being so slow is not a good sign, in general, of a healthy community. I used to see CM referred to all of the time elsewhere as well, I rarely here it mentioned now. Overall I wouldn't take the current situation as a good sign. I fully realize this will be taken as a crap opinion by many here, but I decided to give it anyways. I literally grew up on the CM v1 games, quite liked v2 early on as well and bought both Normandy and Italy soon after they came out, but I'm really disappointed in the current direction.
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    Smoke not smoking

    those awful soviet SMGs..... and just had artillery strike land shells in two full halftracks. Ouch. very lucky strike because it must've been plotted before the smoke blocked all view to the area. germans have so little infantry in 1944, losing even a couple sections really hurts.
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    Rome to Victory Release Date

    Not going to risk getting banned by posting an answer to shut your big mouth, mate. Start with reading the two books by Thomas Goodrich if you dare. Hellstorm and Summer 1945. Nobody is as blind as he who doesn't want to see. Not going to say more than that. Probably too much already, but so be it.
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    George MC

    Any tips on judging LOS?

    Aye sorry bit rubbish explanation. Sorry away from the game at the mo so no chance of screenshots for now. I use my unit's 'target' command to see how far they have LOF/LOS for (as and when line turns from light blue to dark blue). I plot the 'target' command then plot a movement order to just before the end point of the target command. This means my unit is travelling as far as they can see, and then stopping just before that. Although this no guard against flanking fire... That's why this is done in an overall mutual support context - with other units securing my flanks. At their end point I can either slowly 'hunt' forward - again using the 'target' command to see at what point the line turns from light blue to dark blue - to the 'crest' and plotting the movement command just before that point where the line turns from light blue to dark blue. I find it easier to achieve a turret down position with armour doing this (where you get the grey line when using the LOS/LOF tool). In your screenshot example (that looks like one of my maps you're playing on BTW ) I'd be cautious because if it shows I have LOS/LOF to that point the enemy could be the same. So I'd be cautious if you can see do that so can the enemy. My method works best in open terrain. Close terrain is a knife fight really, and that's where combined arms.area fire and prep arty/mortar fire comes into its own. Oh that and sending in scouts first.
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    @Aquila-CM has made another preview video... ... looks like I'll have to go over those Brits in particular. Anybody with the latest (0.94) build can check out @Combatintman's amazing map for themselves (it's, unsurprisingly, in the map folder)
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    After reviewing the comments; here are the ones that are moving to the top. Colors seemed to be the main issue - with many asking for blue and white. I am also including patches to see how the designs can play out in the interface. CLICK ON IMAGE FOR BETTER RESOLUTION Thoughts?
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    METT-T: Troops Order of battle 1 Battalion Pretoria Regiment, 6th Armoured Division: Comandant Litson 2IC: Major Hooker A Squadron: Major Fry 3 Troop: Lieutenant Smit 4 Troop: Lieutenant Rassau 5 Troop: Lieutenant Liebenberg 6 Troop: Lieutenant Black Headquarters Squadron: Major Erasmus Recon Troop: Lieutenant White 2 Troop (Assault gun): Lieutenant Long 24th Battalion Sikh Regiment: Lt. Col Ram Singh 2IC: Thakur Singh FO: Capt. Shabeg Singh Support Company: Major Chanda Singh Mortar Platoon: Lt. Balak Singh Carrier Platoon: Lt. Sahib Singh Pioneer Platoon: Lt. Ultar Singh A Company: 1 Platoon: Lt. Bhola Singh 2 Platoon: Lt. Bal Singh 3 Platoon: Lt. Gurmucky Singh B Company: 4 Platoon: Lt. Shagwan Singh 5 Platoon: Lt. Buta Singh 6 Platoon: Lt. Nand Singh 2nd Independent Field Squadron: Major Ghafoor 2IC: Capt. Kahn Flamethrower Section: Lance Corporal Jamil 1 Platoon: Lt. Jabbar METT-T: Time That battle is 1 hour long. I am sure we will end the battle before that due to casualties.
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    Russian army under equipped?

    Having an autoloader doesn't mean that being a tank crewman is less manual. What do you do when your tank throws a track, or something else fails and doesn't really warrant a recovery crew?
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    Point of order: I believe it would be correct to say that he is deeply ignorant. Michael
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    Cpl Steiner

    Ambush - no spoilers

    Played it today. Awesome scenario! It felt like the script for a movie. No spoilers but I had some great fun with this one when one of my vehicle drivers panicked, dismounted the vehicle and basically ran away across a field. I had my platoon leader leg it after him and he eventually rallied but it was a bizarre moment. Like other posters I ran out of time and had to rush at the end, with the inevitable adverse effect on my final score, but in fairness the delay could have been avoided had I not become obsessed with collecting all my wounded, which resulted in an entire squad being pinned down for ages despite my placement of a BTR70 right in front of them to act as a shield. It was only when the QRF platoon arrived that I got out of that mess. Lovingly crafted and highly recommended scenario.
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    Ambush - no spoilers

    I agree with the map comments and time I had to rush at the end and it cost me i got a tactical defeat but otherwise this is one of my top 10 CM scenarios
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