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  2. True, but I thought it was tradition in this sector of the gaming industry to keep your player base waiting as long as possible to release anything 😂
  3. Optimism or not, he is correct that the CMRT module has been in development for some time now. I think as of this week all of the artwork will be complete. That includes new 3D terrain models to give the game a bit more of an urban Prussian feel to it. This sentiment always amuses me because what it really comes down to is "I think BF could do worse than starting to listen to me more". Sorry to inform you, our customer base has never, and will never, agree on development priorities. However, Eastern Front fans have consistently been the ones to overestimate their relative size as a group. And I say that as someone who has always had no problem telling you all that I think the Eastern Front is the most interesting theater to simulate. Trying to make people happy who go out of their way to be unhappy is a fool's errand. Gamers are notorious complainers, wargamers are even more so. If we increased our output we'd be heavily criticized for a dozen reasons EVEN if we didn't sacrifice quality. But especially if we sacrificed quality. There are many people that share the opinion that the world is flat. What should the cartographers do with that information? Doesn't bother us. We've had these sorts of problems since 1998. Consistently. Look at the most successful games out there and you'll find people bad mouthing, slandering, and otherwise being right bastards towards the people that make them. Of course I'd rather have people belittling our efforts while getting rich from them. But we chose to make wargames, so we are destined to be belittled without the wealth. On this point I partly agree. The problem with putting out more information is it increases expectations, which increases demands, which increases complaints when expectations and demands are not met. We definitely could spend more time promoting our games, but that would come at the expense of production. And since production appears to be your biggest gripe with us, maybe you might prefer us to keep things as they are? Now, with all that said... we definitely won't ever try to make a Module as complex as Rome to Victory again. We learned our lesson that doing something that expansive means either spending way more time on it than we want or it means cutting so many corners that it doesn't make sense to do it in the first place. In fact, we will likely shift to Packs instead of Modules after we've put out the CMRT Module. Less stuff, faster production, lower cost to customers. It's probably the right way to go. Steve
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  5. Yessir I have, which is where I placed the Juju UI mod and others. I also placed Aris' M4A1 Mid mod folder in there just in case, but the modded version does not appear in the training mission. I set up a custom battle and the M4A1 Mids in that custom battle have the modded graphics, but for some reason I cannot figure out, the M4A1 in the training mission (#2) do not. Thanks.
  6. Assassin 2 comes under mortar fire from within the town. The battle for Al Rafai has officially begun.
  7. Hitman 1 calling in arty on an enemy position, deterring the sniper that was drawing a bead on him at the time.
  8. Assassin 3 roars across the canal under the watchful eyes of both Assassin actual (Cpt Patterson) and Godfather (Lt Col Ferrando) Assassin 3 actual (Lt Velasco) gets the first "oh s**t" look at the days objective Al Rafai . They need to push through the town as it's bridge is the only crossing toward their objective Al Kut for another 17 klicks.
  9. Despite some truly bizarre photo choices in places, this is a very good piece on a previously unsolved US Navy ship loss, the only such during World War I. The case wasn't solved until December 2018. Also, this particular piece doesn't require the endless iterations of the Next button in order to read it. Simply scroll down. Here is a long interview with an ordinary Panzer man (loader, gunner and then TC), Wolfgang Kloth, who fought at Kursk and Courland. He was in Panzer IIIs, Panzer IVs and StuGs. This is a much more extensive and wide ranging interview. Regards, John Kettler
  10. I saw this two weeks ago as a 3 + hour long movie , English subtitles of course. Fantastic, lots of action.
  11. Have you created a 'Z' folder to hold mods in the data folder?
  12. In the CM MODS repository, start with; 1) everything by ARIS, 2) all uniforms by VEIN, 3) JUJU's User Interface (UI) mod, 4) MORD's UI faces mod.
  13. Yesterday
  14. It shouldn't be choppy unless you're playing on a huge forested map with an old PC. You know you can control click somewhere on the screen to move the camera there. Also clicking on a unit then hitting tab will select it and focus the camera on it.
  15. While I am at it - With a QB 'meeting engagement' it seems impossible to get Axis and Allies to switch deployment sides. Like Axis forces are always on the same side of the map. But for Attack scenarios one is free to decide on this, so why not for meeting engagements as well?
  16. Yes, even if you lose, it is still a lot of fun to play. And it is more accurate than Hollywood's take on the Bulge. Rolling oil barrels down a sun baked slope, as if.
  17. OK well somehow I won, I kept everyone under cover and hiding, when the Soviets did attack, I had plenty of guys to repel them. Interesting.. Total Victory
  18. True the chart doesn't tell you anything about the differences. The scanner doesn't have much more than basic map info. Really though no one needs to know any of this to have fun with the battles.
  19. I do this now by double clicking the units, so the game then selects the squads in that group with their command team. For small battles it is OK for me. But as I play realtime and because of teams that become ineffective during battle; squads often end up far away from their command team. One small thing that does not really help: When selecting and moving a group in the deployment phase, whenever some unit falls outside the targetted part of the deployment zone, it remains in its original location, whilst the rest of the group gets moved to the selected new position. It happens often. I think this could work better. I currently have one other remaining complaint about the Quick Battles, which I mentioned before. It is the 'Mix' auto force selection handling of 'Battle-Taxi's'. It is most obvious with the CMSF2 Marines faction, where it usually offers loads of AAVP-7s, but not the teams to go with them.
  20. I played it 3 times with no luck as all of my guys are wiped out by the end of the scenario. I have gotten better and have wiped out their tank and apcs but all that was left was my air controller. BMP doesn't last no matter where I put him. Should I keep guys in the HMMVs so they can man the guns? Seems like they are targets for artillery if I do. Are the sandbags and ammo stockpile good for anything? (other than grabbing more ammo but my guys don't live longer than the ammo) Should I sprint to the house near the base and try to ambush anyone moving towards the base?
  21. as to recommended that is purely a subjective choice. Not sure how many different combinations of sounds mods I have seen over the years.
  22. It can be complicated. Especially as different victory levels can effect the route you take But just as an example, I think the perfect route would look like this. Mission 00 --- Mission 01 --- Mission 06 --- Mission 10 --- Mission 14 --- Mission 18 Although in the words of many a football manager, "We'll just take each match as it comes, and at the end of the day it's only a game."
  23. I am playing the tutorial (2 - shooting range) in CMFI and I have both of Aris' M4A1 Early and Mid mod folders in my /Data folder, but the M4A1 Mid in this particular mission is still the "vanilla" version. Does anyone know if this is an issue for just this mission or is there something broken with the M4A1 Mid? Thanks!
  24. Actually each node on that graph is a different scenario regardless of the name similarities or not. So "[CB #15] To the Meuse", is different from "[CB #16] To the Meuse", which is different than "[CB #17] To the Meuse" and different to "[CB #18] To the Meuse!". All four of those similarly named scenarios are different. Given their similar names I suspect the author has just tweaked things slightly but the fact remains those are four different scenarios no four instances of the same scenario. I know, but just from looking at that flow chart, I don't get any info about which version does what. That's all I meant.
  25. And I was reading and posting even before there was a Battlefront. In those days, it was Big Time Software. Although the info on my icon says I joined in February, 1999, actually I go back to something like 1997. Michael
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