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  2. Good to know. That is not made clear in the briefing. This has been the default game formation since CM1 days. However, in CM2 that also means that an enemy hit on the lead tank can easily take out both tanks (plus any other vehicles situated along that line). ***SPOILERS*** After the T34 platoon on the left flank is killed, the path to the river on that flank is pretty open. However, the road thru the trees next to the RR track is a bear. Despite having a couple of tanks, 2 Stummels and two HT's pouring area fire at the foxholes, it takes time to winkle the enemy out. (I hour 20 minutes for this scenario goes too fast.) When you do, the enemy run back to the west (the river) and their friendly lines. In this action, have suffered half a dozen inf casualties - half via friendly fire. The 75mm HE expl)osions caused by the Stummels seem to have a bad effect a dozen or more meters away on my own guys (who I thought I had placed safely far away from the line of fire). Am at the 50 minute to go mark and I will send the left flank company of tanks and company of inf to force a river crossing with arty support while one platoon of tanks and inf plus recon grind away at the road and foxholes. One may have overwhelming force available but getting it deployed where it's needed is a challenge. I coulda, shoulda, woulda placed a TRP on that area of the woods road. But, placing TRP's is always a challenge as I hate placing em and then never having to use em. So, I put all 5 around the town and river for the inevitable crossing.
  3. I bet that's a function of them preparing to put up the RTV links, but let's tag @BFCElvis so he's know about this.
  4. My point was that many times one MUST do the above, and it's a waste of time to carefully plot SLOW waypoints in an effort to reduce damage. One may as well plot FAST regardless of terrain that the unit has to cross (assuming there is no way around the obstacle).
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  6. Yes, it looks like we generated a little interest in this classic Red Thunder campaign. That's cool, and I hope the players just starting on it post some reports of their progress. I doubt anyone needs my advice, but I'm always happy to give it when asked (but usually when not asked). Like Warts said, have fun and keep your heads down
  7. I hope that you have a lot of fun with it.
  8. I use SLOW a lot instead of HUNT in situations where I don't want the vehicle to come to a complete halt for the entire rest of the turn. They seem to spot and shoot about as well as if they come to a complete halt, and they don't become completely sitting ducks. Michael
  9. When the game is installed the manuals are in the game's main directory.
  10. Please note that driving over walls, fences and railroad tracks tends to damage your tracks, which then places a speed penalty on your vehicle. No more 'fast move' if your tracks are damaged. Plus the damage is accumulative, do it too many times and you're liable to find yourself immobilized.
  11. Well then there should be the possibility for me to use modified hedges/bocage/tall bocage as vehicle camo. M48 Patton with Seatchligh V4 Camo + M60 V4 Camo (previous post) - Added woodland camo to the M48. Again nothing professional just a placeholder until one comes up with better skins. I suspect a simple olive paint job with lots of vanilla vehicle gear would look pretty good. By default the M48 replaces the T55MV - Refined the desert camo on the M60 which by default replaces the T62M https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  12. To clear up the rather confusing previous answer: 1) I play on Elite difficulty and not in test mode. In test mode there are no different transparency-level icons but all icons are always opaque i. e. have the same color intensity. Furthermore all enemy 3D-models are visible even if nobody has spotted them yet. 2) I use LT. Smash´s CMSF2 floating icons.
  13. Great tips, thanks. I played the big Gog & Magog scenario recently and could definitely see the advantage of german optics and I am using it in battle #1. T34-85 tanks are quite good but at these long ranges they are at quite a disadvantage. If one of my Pz4s gets hit it would be smashed but T34s are rarely even able to return fire since they can't see me well enough I am really worried about my core force, so I am being cautious, though will big map and short time (80 minutes) I will need to keep moving forward. Good to know I can use the artillery freely. I will probably be interrupted in this campaign by release of a new toy, meaning the new CMFI module, but will finish sooner or later.
  14. Good luck Danfrodo, it's a beast of a campaign. It took me about 25 days to complete it, and that with playing a few hours each day aside from maybe two or three when real life intervened. Excellent maps, a strong opponent and long-range gunnery duels. What's not to like right? For me the keys are -- Force preservation. With a core force this is vital. -- Ammo conservation. With only a single resupply before the final battle, prudent expenditure of ammunition, particularly mortar, tank and smoke ammo, is a necessity. You can, however, freely expend your artillery. -- Planning. With the maps so large and open it presents some interesting challenges, particularly regarding LOS and movement. I was surprised when Bozowans said that he had walked his infantry across the map in the third mission. I felt compelled to truck/track my infantry around the maps. This is what I've been talking about when saying the campaign imparts a distinctly operational feel. The right-flank force has halftracks, but the left flank force has trucks, and these require a more delicate approach. I found that getting my infantry where I needed them, safely and in a timely manner was one of the main challenges of the campaign Terrain analysis is always crucial, and especially so on open maps with long fields of fire. Not only to find those good spots for your heavy weapons, but for routes of movement. -- Not that I wasn't already aware, but it became clear in the first mission that the German optical advantage was something that could be exploited. Aside from the nightmare second minute in the third mission (the one where I lost basically the starting Panther platoon and then started over) I attempted to use keyholing, concentration and range on my side. I tried to inititate armored combat outside 1500m when possible. At this range the German armor has an advantage. In some of the screenshots I've posted if you look at my armor they are often grouped tightly together by platoon. In the 'wide shot' of the final battle you can see a platoon of Panthers at the bottom left-center of the shot. I used this 'box' formation a lot. Because in Combat Mission one tank's field of fire isn't affected by another tank directly in front, I like to use this formation to always have two barrels on the same line, one behind the other, so if the front tank could see a target, the tank behind can also see it and establish a fire superiority at the outset of any engagement. Sorta gamey, as in real-life the rear tank would be blocked. But in CM it works very well.
  15. Ok good. It saves a LOT of time not having to make so many extra waypoints just to change the speed of vehicles that demolish fences, walls and hedges or when going over soft ground. What about when one accidentally has one track on the road and the other goes over soft ground? Have experienced much bogging in that situation. Maybe in that situation the AI does not adapt and slow.
  16. Informative and entertaining. Eg: Lesson 10: Consider any type of signature that you produce as a reconnaissance unit. Perhaps leaving the vehicles in hide sites versus actually deploying them as gathering assets is the appropriate course of action in the same scenarios. We have the option of HIDE for our vehicles but how many of us ever use that? Do we even know what effect HIDE has - will it prevent enemy from detecting us. Is it only really useful in the modern titles what with drones and EW issues?
  17. Interesting read, for people like me, I hate trying to read on the computer monitor. So I took the liberty to copy the article and make it into a PDF file. A Scout Leader
  18. thanks for this excellent thread, Lanser. I just started Blunting the Spear based on the fun you've had. Just ~20 minutes into first battle.
  19. It's ALIVE!!! I've shelved this concept, for now. I've been running an Edge of the Empire campaign, and I like to focus on GMing one thing at a time. This being said, I do play an RNG Quick Battle from time to time. A desire for operational context is still there, and I was thinking of experimenting on a smaller, personal, scale. Just player vs environment, for now. I've also done an AAR for the excellent Kampgruppe Peiper campaign. That format could work with an umpire, instead of a scripted campaign. Around battalion level is where CM shines, so I agree. The idea was to let players mix & match companies like cards in a hand, allowing for combined arms shenanigans.
  20. It is a playable scenario. The map and AI plans have been tweaked based on player feedback.
  21. Not that anyone but me was wondering.... I bought the engine 4 upgrade, applied it, and then reloaded the last turn of the campaign. F/O kills were not displayed.
  22. https://smallwarsjournal.com/index.php/jrnl/art/scout-leaders-primer-earnest-preparation
  23. Good stuff mate. You mentioned smoke, and while that's always a core part of my tactics, in this campaign it was even more so. I used a hell of a lot of it. The Panthers have no smoke, but virtually every other unit carries some. You are correct that there is no resupply until the final mission, which is the sixth not the fifth for what it's worth. You will need to stretch the Mark IV ammo and your smoke for three battles before then. Your description of the T-34s on the near side of the river exactly matches mine. I had moved infantry in to the kolkhoz or whatever it might be called just to the left of the starting positions to get eyes on that side of the map before bringing the tank platoon committed there out. I spotted the T-34s and was trying to decide how to get them before they would get me when they made the decision for me, attacked and were gunned down by my concealed Mark IVs. When two tanks meet the one that's moving is usually at a disadvantage eh? This was the only battle I did not win, and in retrospect I was way too cautious. It paid off with light losses, but not in scoring, and as mentioned that's just what I was trying to do, keep losses low and let the scores fall where they may. I believe mission progress is guaranteed in this campaign regardless of battle score. Good luck in the crossing Erwin. I put up a couple of shots in my review of this campaign at SimHQ and here they are This wide shot shows the scale of the final battle at the half-way point. Battalion commanders surely drink a lot of coffee. This shot shows what played out like a white-flag ruse. Trees are turned off. The two soldiers who surrendered were visible to me, but not the one laying down with the LMG. Thinking the position was secure I advanced to cross the open ground beyond (you can see the smoke deployed in anticipation), but as my troops neared the captured soldiers the hidden Ivan opened fire and you see the damage he's done. The bastage.
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