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  2. No, indeed not. However he can easily test a bigger fuel tank for them in anticipation, of the US abrogation of the INF treaty. North Korean: Russian: You decide. PS - Looking at that launch image, its amazing to me that the tyres survive the experience!
  3. The old ditch style CM:SF, CM:A & now also CM:SF2 trenches do that.....However they are not concealed by FOW as they are terrain not units, and thus tend to attract a lot of artillery.
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  5. Sounds like a great thing to go to. What games will you play?
  6. I have been working hard recently, that's why I have not been around the forum. I heard of a board gaming weekend (it's bank hol here in the Uk so the trains are rammed) and I wanted to go. Particularly as it is held in a castle. Purists might say its really a gothic style fortified manor house, but I call that w**ky pedantry. It does have a 13c Pele tower (small watch tower/keep) and that is good enough for me. Anyway, haven't done much f2f gaming for a while so looking forward to it. Will post some pix when I get there later today.
  7. I wasn't aware of this. I found the article interesting and thought it worth sharing. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-49394758 P.S. Perhaps this is how Mord started out.
  8. 1. If I'm not mistaken analysts' best guess is minus 1-1.5% off GDP growth. Now we're 0 to 0.5% of "real" GDP growth for the coming decade and the "old normal" was 1.5-2%. That's a lot even for the currently kleptocratical and inefficient structure of the Russian economy. By "real" I mean if one takes blatant economic propaganda that comes out of the Russian Ministry of Economy with a healthy dose of scepticism. They don't care any more about glaring inconsistencies in their "optimistic" reporting. Or rather they have run out of means on how to plausibly fake detailed economic statistics. 2. What's even more important are sometimes open and in many cases behind-the-doors restrictions on technology transfer. Russian budget is very deoendent on oil and gas revenues. To fill in budget obligations we pump oil like crazy - having inconcievably lower deposits than Saudi Arabia we're exporting more oil than them. So we're very depending on efficient extraction technologies for hard-to-use oil fields. Restrictions on Arctic and sea bed explotations will limit oil production and budget revenues in the coming years. No, share of military spending in GDP is falling. Real military spending with inflation factored in is falling for the past 2-3 years. Nominal military spending is falling starting from the last year and the plan is to cut them further. R&D and purchases have been cut as well. There will be no hordes of Armatas and Su-57 anymore - we're left with a bunch of very expensive half-baked projects.
  9. Is there a language on limiting data exchange in some cases? Hardly will I. These days when no one on the other side of negotiation table takes pain to factor in Russia interests...
  10. Sanctions were the least important factor in the recent economic downturn. I guess you know more about what is happening in Russian elites than the Russian elites themselves, heh. How did sanctions limit budget allocations to the military? Spending has been fairly stable in the past ~5 years.
  11. Means that you can restrict the data provided etc. The verification measures were intentionally limited during the treaty write up due to the security concerns regarding other activities, this is why those provisions are in the treaty. Now you can argue that this weakens the verification regime, but this is how it was intended and writen.
  12. Excellent example above. It's important to note orders break down from the top to achieve the overall objective. A battalion might be given an order to seize a town, but each company in the battalion will have their objectives to make this happen. In CM if a platoon is ordered to seize bridge on a small map then I assume it's sister platoon is just off map doing their thing and another company just beyond them, somewhere to the rear is a battalion commander wondering what the hold up is and who gets priority for support calls and reinforcements
  13. Hello and sorry for jumping late on this topic. The link to this mod appears to be not working. Would anyone be able to share a working link as these icons look really great 👍 Thanks Nital
  14. Lots of people get crashes. The solution is usually to toggle off the shaders (press alt+R). The game engine is ancient and is starting to break up against newer hardware/driver combinations.
  15. Chine does not need Russian technology much. They'll catch up all by themselves sooner rather than than later in those few areas where they're behind Russia. Sanctions hit Russian economy pretty hard. However much state propaganda may put a brave face on a sorry business the reality is the economic impact was very significant. And it'll have a lasting effect for many years to come even if sanctions are lifted miraculously. Nothing has changed on the ground. Russian elite still belong more to Monaco, Switzerland and London. They're fervent patriots in words but not in deeds. The most anecdotal story was with the former head of Russian Railroad monopoly - biggest employer, biggest recipient of state subsidies and one of the... errr... least transparent companies in Russia. So this former head is an ex-KGB, Putin's personal friend of decades etc. When he was finally pushed off his seat for gross incompetence he transferred his personal wealth into a "charity" fund called "The Center for the Protection of Russian Heritage". Suffice to say the fund is Swiss-based and incorporated in the canton of Zug - least taxes, as much confidentiality as possible for bank operations and shareholder privacy. Nope, sanctions did really worked, they severely limited budget allocations to the military. Actually the Russian affair in Syria was initially thought of as an attempt to connect with US not to defy them. The idea was that Russia can be helpful to fundamental US interests in combating Islamic extremism.
  16. Good looking site, Bootie... Can't figure out why our dropbox effort didn't work. Should have been simple. But glad you can help DC out.
  17. I'm just about to leave for my break, so posting hurriedly. I think that guy on the right is a Russian advisor. I've seen him in another vid speaking Russian. I've seen lots of recent pix from Idlib Province with poorly equipped SAA. Haven't had time to find them so look at these recent pix of the liberation of Khan Shaykum: https://www.syrianews.cc/saa-liberates-khan-sheikhoun-nato-terrorists-defeated/
  18. War Diaries are always a good place to start. The link below takes you to the 2nd Battalion, Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry's War Diary. Have a look at the account and Annexes of the battle for Manneville La Raoult on 25-26 August 1944. http://www.pegasusarchive.org/normandy/war_2ndOxBucks.htm Here is the contemporary 1:100,000 scale map to help you follow it: The Easting part of the Grid References are not on the image. To help you, the first Easting you can see is the 60 Easting, then 61 Easting, then 62 Easting, then 63 Easting. The 13 Northing is shown, so the one below is the 12 Northing Here is a 1950s Aerial Photograph of the same area:
  19. Moreover before the current state of Iraq Iran was the only democracy among Gulf States. With considerable caveats yet having competitive elections, real opposition etc. Plus Iran is multi-ethnic state with respect for other religions and nationalities. Compare this to Israel where one does not even have the basic right to marry if one's not Jewish, Muslim or does not belong to a locally recognized branch of Christianity.
  20. Myself and a buddy played this one live, turn-based tonight and man, oh man, has it played out beautifully thus far. So much action and anticipation! We played a solid 5 hours and still have about 60 minutes of game time left to play tonight. I've never seen so much Allied armor on a map before. It was jaw-dropping to see it all pointed at me! Highly recommended for human vs human play! Regards, Odd
  21. Exception: None of the tea I've ever had that was brewed by a Limey was even remotely drinkable. That is just a piece of my personal history and I don't mean to suggest any generalization from that since the sample was a small one. But the fact remains that I have yet to get a decent cuppa from a Limey and I have been led to wonder if they prefer it to be horrid/dreadful/an abomination to the tastebuds. Michael
  22. This came to mind when I saw this picture from Idlib: Guy really overdressed for the party. Now look at the fool carrying his helmet about, with zoolander glasses on his head. I can't really comment if the attire that the SAA wears is due to supply issues, or simple practicality. You see a lot of guys from 'nam not wearing flack jackets or BDUs -- doesn't mean they couldn't have. But I will say that, most of these guys are equipped with at least one radio, and often UAV terminals.
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