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  2. On 6/8/2019 at 5:16 PM, Sequoia said: Really appreciate the screenshots. Any chance for a shot of Indian troops and Moroccan Goumiers ? Thanks! As far as I remember it, the Goumiers might not show up despite all the points I provided for having them with the French Corp. They played a major part in the French's battles in particular at Monte Cassino, breaching the defense and opening the way to Rome for the allied forces.
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  4. frendly fire really annoying on Red thunder and it happend mayby too often , on other titles you can atlast control where aeroplanes attack.
  5. I always thought the band's name was "Mad Addy and the Murderers". But, perhaps I'm getting confuddled with "Brixton Dave and the Rabid Self-Pulbicists", when they played Victoria Station.
  6. Erwin


    Doesn't anyone remember how oil was going to run out by 2020 and that was the global catastrophic crisis of the 70's and 80's? All the experts were trotted out with their charts and "facts and figures" to prove this beyond any doubt. I certainly bought into this fear, and I remember how the few voices who raised doubts and questions about this obvious and self-evident "crisis" were made pariahs. Now it's been forgotten and we realize it was just a way of scaring the population into accepting ridiculous prices and big corps making money off the fear. Today we are awash with oil, but prices haven't gone down. My concern is that 20 years from now climate change will be forgotten and there will be another crisis. My prediction is scarcity of water crisis and once again it will be a boondoggle to make us pay ridiculous prices for water. Am in UK right now where it rains a lot. And the population is being told that there's a water shortage and they have to conserve. The only shortage I see is in vision - like the govt doesn't want to spend money building more reservoirs and desalination plants. It's easier for them to tell the population to "tighten their belts". The latest crisis is the new finding that "obesity is the bigger cause of cancer than smoking". Presumably the govt wants people to stop eating (reduce food imports). I was born just as post war rationing came to an end. I remember shortages. My sense is that all the focus on conservation etc is a backdoor modern version of rationing. Not cos there is a shortage, but because the bottom 90% has become relatively poor in the last couple of decades of govt and financial mismanagement/fraud, and so the majority of folks can barely afford the basics of life today. So, to cover that scandal up, and stop the peasants revolting, we experience constant govt efforts to make everyone "conserve" which puts a positive spin on the not to be mentioned "third rail" fact that most people cannot afford to live in the comfortable way they could 20+ years ago due to global financial fraud. Phew... that was fun. Rant over...
  7. John, my point was simply that miniatures are very expensive and am surprised that anyone other than well-heeled older generation can afford it - similar to the way RR modeling changed from a toy for kids to a very expensive hobby. Maybe if kids only have a few fantasy items for roleplaying,...but for wargaming where you needs hundreds of miniatures (and they all seem painted when I see pics)...
  8. COMPILATION DOWNLOAD NEW DROPBOX LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0 Makeshift APC Container (texture can be recolored)
  9. If it comes to that, what about female troops? Certainly need em in the modern titles, and IIRC the Soviets had them as well. (They did in "Cross of Iron" with James Coburn, so it must be true.)
  10. Nice signs. Don't forget to weather dirt em up - bullet holes etc. Can they be made bent out of shape?
  11. Erwin, There are quite a few painting services out there. Indeed, the UK seems to be awash in them, but I've seen a guy in Poland, another in Italy and a third in Turkey! The closed FB group (just follow simple procedure to join) Chain of Command Wargame. has many ads posted from such people, and there are some on the Historical Wargames Buy, Sell, Swap, which is open. There's a BA specific site for that gear, and BA is 28 mm. People play CoC in 15 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm and whatever 1/48 is. This is, save for 1/48, much cheaper, than 28 mm but you may need good eyesight at smaller scales. For 15 mm, it also closely conforms to CoC ground scale, resulting in an altogether more realistic appearance. This also provides a lot of scope for maneuvering, especially on large tables. There are sometimes great deals available when people sell entire units or sell off chunks or individual items. Regards, John Kettler
  12. Thanks. But it's not little imperfections that drive me crazy it's the portraits looking like they are from multiple different design aesthetics instead of a cohesive set. It's a constant battle that I lose more than win. Mord.
  13. Hey there, sorry that no one has replied to your post yet. I just noticed it myself. The community is very helpful but sometimes we get caught up in our own real lives and things fall through the cracks. Now on to the question. No, it is not supposed to do that. But I guess you know that already. I cannot get my copy to replicate that error. So that seems to indicate there is a fault with your files. How about patches? Do you have any of them installed and where they activated in the correct order? All I know about the patches is what is indicated in their release notes. Some corrections are prominently listed. Others are more vague unless I guess you know the system. So the correction to this problem may be in a file that one of the patches address. If all else fails I would suggest saving any maps, mods, current battles you are doing and delete it all from your drive and reinstall. I know it is a complete pain to do so but it may be the only solution. So let us know what happens with this, hang in there and don't get discouraged. When you're at the bottom the only way left to go is up.
  14. If you have a purchase for the 4.0 Upgrade, then click on the download link for that and I believe that should give you access to the 'full installer'.
  15. If you launch it again, what do you get, another activation window ? If so, then you should be able to activate with the 3.0 Upgrade license key. Was CMFI activated on this computer previously (assuming you didn't upgrade Windows or completely reinstall it) ? With a full 4.0 install, you will need both the 4.0 Upgrade and the 3.0 Upgrade license keys (assuming you didn't purchase the base game when it was already at version 4.0 - something determined by the date of purchase). If you have the '3.0 + 4.0 Upgrade' (a combo), then I'm not sure how the activation works since I assume you only get one license key, which probably like the base game purchase after the 4.0 Upgrade was released, should activate with just one activation of the license key. To get more details on your specific issue of activation you may want to open a support ticket with the Helpdesk (click the blue, '+new ticket' icon in the upper right). You will probably need to provide details of you CMFI related purchases (and their dates) along with your license keys if you feel that your purchases should require a 3.0 Upgrade license key.
  16. In CMSF I have had my ass handed to me a lot by technical based AA fire which is relatively unrealistic. US helos did face issues but not to the degree I see in CMSF. Just one of those things that has to be based in context The US deep air assault in Iraq was largely stopped by crude AA in quantity and in Sadr city they were concerned about an AA unit. Generally large caliber AA fire was rarely effective, but in CMSF it can be. WW2 era not as much. My experience has been the same as above, poor targeting etc they are rarely as effective as one would hope and beware of them strafing your own force. i think the question to be asked is how effective AA fire should be and I don’t have an answer for that
  17. Is this mod still available somewhere for download? Couldn't find it at Greenasjade __________________ Never mind found file in forum string
  18. After tweeting about this sub incident, I was surprised to receive several tweets from Paul Stonehill, whose well-respected work translating and analyzing Soviet military articles during the Cold War and since I've enjoyed and found highly useful for decades. He's put out several highly detailed videos on YT covering the Losharik incident, which may not be an accident per se, but something else. Unfortunately, many of the graphics have legends only in Russian. Even so, still useful. To be on the safe side, I'm posting titles only. The two named videos will take a bit under an hour to watch. STRANGE FIRE ABOARD MYSTERY RUSSIAN SUBMARINE LOSHARIK: REVELATIONS OF RUSSIAN SUBMARINERS Regards, John Kettler
  19. I have seen AA shoot down aircraft, but it's very rare. In the "Road to Bastogne" (Fuhrer Begleit Brigade) campaign I managed to shoot down 3 or 4 in the span of the campaign. Considering you get up to a dozen or so AA in some battles it's still not a good total and most of the time you miss or manage to drive them off for that run if you're lucky. That said, when you know the opposing side has aircraft, it's usually another episode of that game show skit "How not to be seen" an hope the aircraft don't find you anyways. Now, I will admit that seeing a dozen flak open up & shoot into the sky is pretty cool to watch, and if they do hit the plane, the crash is VERY satisfying... Jyri
  20. I've heard of this. When I go to my Orders every purchase is broken down separately. Where is the all-in-one download?
  21. Rotflmao. Yeah that is pretty much true of all of us. Gawd the number of times I’ll wished I’d listened to my wife to shut my trap. At the time I always excuse it as her Japanese wish to avoid conflict and afterwards realized, no she was just right. Sigh with old age is SUPPOSED to come wisdom. Maybe I am the exception to the rule.
  22. Lol that just made my day.
  23. I suspect if we were to search Venus thoroughly, we might find the above engraved on the hardest stone on the planet! PS- IMHO Elon Musk isn't really a space entrepreneur.....He's just planning his getaway!
  24. Not sure and am traveling but I don’t think so. If it isn’t submitted before I get home I will do so. Good catch, as much as I mess with them I didn’t notice.
  25. Yeah well I am convinced humanity is well past the survival curve, we just don’t know it yet. I suspect we are about now in the “oops” phase.
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