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  3. What is the effect on troops if they are caught with their NVGs on when the sun comes up? Michael
  4. Meanwhile, if you haven't already purchased the Battle Pack for BS, you might consider doing so. Michael
  5. There's no law that says 3rd party scenario briefing maps need to include briefing maps in the style of the release game. Or need to include maps at all! Just put in whatever your heart desires. A lot of old CMSF1 scenarios had lacked orders maps entirely (they have them now in CMSF2.) Let me rummage for a bit... ah, here it is, the 'tactical' orders map for my old 'Lone Star Shopping Plaza' scenario
  6. Okay I loaded up the mission file and plotted all the artillery missions and hit go and everything played smoothly. There will be a 'pause' given the amount of orders that needs to be initially processed even before the progress bar pops up, so don't hit any other key or mouse button even though it looks like the game has suddenly frozen up. I think that will cause a crash to desktop (a CM thing). Needless to say the progress bar will also not be at it's fastest. This scenario is certainly on the scale of the CMFI stock scenario "Hot Mustard" which also put some strain on people's computers when CMFI was released. (I didn't make it! ) A few ideas: - To confirm you do own the vehicle pack? The game shouldn't let you play this campaign if you don't but thought I'd check. - It could be your PC. (Mac's sorry I'm out of ideas...) I'm running an i7 that's a few generations old now but still plays anything CM2 can throw at it. - Mods being used. I think the latest popular sound mods are larger files and the need to play so many incoming artillery files at once may cause a strain on the CPU. Perhaps drop the sound mods for this one. I don't think it's the campaign file for a number of reasons: - It's been out for years now with over 1,000 downloads and only a handful of people have reported the issue. The upgrade to v4 of the engine also didn't break it. - The first "Mission 0" (The recce) and "Mission 1" (this one) don't have a large connection that would break something in mission 1. The only real influence the recce has on the campaign is to warn the player of the minefields across most of his front and a chance to pick off a few of the German sentries before the main assault. If it's any conciliation I've always wanted to tweak mission 4 of this campaign (which you play if you lose this one) to be a standalone scenario for H2H play. May take another look at that for you.
  7. Personally I couldn't care less if there are two empty frames at the top of the briefing window, as long as you have a good map and an interesting tactical situation. I doubt I am the only one. Most people will be happy to be able to play a new user made scenario and won't nitpick about the lack of briefing graphics. These things don't really matter a whole lot. Designing a scenario is hard enough as it is, creating a good looking and realistic map is very time consuming, you need to look at dozens and dozens of pictures of the area to get a feel for the terrain, spend weeks in the editor, do some research, create AI plans, test it etc. Adding an extra hurdle for yourself is a bit absurd and counter productive the way I see it. And sure you can hope BFC does something about it, but I feel it is more important to send the message that the community as a whole shouldn't expect these things in a scenario. If this extra step is what's stopping more battles to be released because designers feel it is expected of them then that's a bit silly.
  8. Andy, There isn't room to, say, stick a grenade in the barrel of a 2 pounder, like there is a a 3.7 Inch. so I wonder what could've achieved the same net result? Blocking the muzzle would've rupured the barrel farther back, not petaled the muzzle. Maybe I'm wrong. Regards, John Kettler
  9. Of course, you can do that. But then you have two ugly empty frames at the top staring at the player, creating a distinct impression that something is missing. And thus, your scenario starts with an unmet expectation and the player likely feeling that the scenario designer's work is sub-par. Why force designers to eat that if they don't want to add graphics? A no-graphics option would be very simple way of eliminating the problem. All BF would have to do is extend the briefing text frame to cover the entire area of the current three frames. Everything else could stay the same.
  10. Googles? Wait they are wearing google glasses? I thought they were night vision!
  11. Every time a member makes a post in this thread, it can be considered an "update on Engine 4 Patches" . So I thank you all for each update you give.
  12. Good call, the previous save games are in the hundreds of KB.
  13. There is no need for BFC to add a no graphic briefing option though. It is already optional. Just type your briefing in notepad, put it in the required folder then import it. Pretty pictures, the tactical map and the fancy objectives or reinforcement icons are just eye candy that you can do without. The problem is that people feel they are compelled to add these things. But really you can discard this step entirely. If you know how to use gimp or photoshop and you feel like adding graphics then that's great, but it shouldn't be something that's expected or required.
  14. Yesterday
  15. This is the one though I havent seen that part. Actually I have heard of subs grabbing random stuff before. But it wasnt frequent at all and wasnt really done for scavenging at all. More like "oh cool a flag we can souveneir." Still pretty minor niggle compared to everything else especially as a game has never been done from this vantage point; and you know I know my history fairly well - there hasnt been anything in about 2 hrs Ive watched thats made my eyes bleed from a historical perspective at all. I mean I dont recall ever seeing squads of enemies in a same room just stare at eachother for lack of bullets but it happens in CMx2. Its not game breaking though it seems a bit silly at times. Does it come up much? No. The scavenging Ive heard of seems like its optional and you get a few pieces of metal or some random fruit/food and thats it. There does seem to be a long ways for variety and stuff to do but its early access and Ive got to say its the most innovative and "fits well" idea for a U Boat game Ive seen. And it has a lot of cool details and stuff on the model looks impressive. One guy was in a severely heavy storm for a while and then noticed his UBoats control room had a little water on the floor - he'd left the conning tower hatch open in the storm. Some things like that look very promising in respect to the games engine and possibilities. Of course it could very well be a dud but I really wish them the best. We need more simulation games that emphasize realism and dont jump immediately to MP PVP matches with loot boxes. The future of gaming is very much at a crossroads. *cof cof and im worried af about BFC cof cof*
  16. I'll echo Warts here; very well said indeed. Hope things turn around for you soon. At least you have the patches to look forward to! 😁
  17. Thank you. Obviously the question of a specific solution, versus a generalised "correct" one is a different one. My actual solution to the problem assumed that the correct way about this was to be bold, and to use the platoon to "attack" the left hill, and if there was anyone there, they'd make contact, find out what they could, then break. Route in: The "South Yard" is the only viable covered rally point, so that's where the "run" part of hit-and-run is going. At the orchard, using the low walls as cover for the low BMPs. Started to pick up contacts, which the BMPs opened fire on. Progressing the attack across the orchard and finding some AT-14's. The nice thing about the Russian smoke launchers is that the BMPs can cover the retreat of the recon platoon - their smoke will travel forward enough to give them cover. Obviously, this is accepting a large amount of risk for that asset, but it does give a very good picture of what forces are actually present. I think this kind of thing might actually be the way the asset is intended to be used, but that was the question really - what's the intended purpose of the infantry battalion recon platoon.
  18. I am a stalwart supporter of BFC, been playing the games for longer than I can remember. I made a modest contribution to the development of CMFI some years ago. Yes, waiting for the patch has been unusually testing, but this game system has so many facets that even though I played less I still had a lot of fun making maps and designing scenarios, not to mention fun testing them. These guys are a small team of extremely dedicated enthusiasts. They give 100%. I still haven't found anything remotely approaching their product for the kind of game play I appreciate. I have total confidence in their judgment and integrity. And I don't begrudge them for one minute the long gestation of this patch, or the confusion over exactly when it will be released. Thank you Steve, thank you Charles, thank you everyone else who put their time and effort in bringing these games to us. I've gone through a rough patch that has lasted nearly ten years so far. If and when I get back on my feet, I will be glad to lend a hand again. I hope it will be soon (can't give a precise date though... sorry, I couldn't resist that :-) ). In the mean time, I don't mind saying that playing your games has often been the only source of fun and relaxation for me, and a good way to avoid going mad during the long spells when real life got held up in limbo.
  19. You won - take the victory. Down play the casualties talk up your bravery and brilliant tactical decision to the upper brass. That's how you get ahead!
  20. I grew up in Canada in the 80s so when I think of sunglasses at night I think of this:
  21. I've really enjoyed it, it was interesting to read about your thought process behind your orders. Well done on the victory!
  22. Go back to topic , CM is about the tactical solution. What to do to make the ATGM position exposed , my answer is , make them shoot, and you survive. Note many people may consider this as a very gamey move. As a former starcraft player, I am following a South Korea style , "micromanagement is the solution to every problem" Here is the screenshot of my last CMBS PBEM game, I create a combo of different command. The purpose is simple, make the BMP-3 fire a HE before the Javelin finish the lock (15 seconds). so fast to one place, stop for 10s, shoot , reverse. then repeat. Maybe you can do the same thing with AT-14. Make dismount get into the observation position , move one BMP forward , exposed for 10s , then reverse back. AT-14 may need 5s-10s to finish the aim , then the distance will cost ATGM another 5s to reach the target. By that time your BMP may have already reach the safe place, so the ATGM will lost target and crash to the ground.
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