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  2. There were also rumors that when one didn't have the available guards or were in a hurry, the POW's would just be shot (certainly SS did this). So, unless you want to simulate that as well, probably not worth going down this route of thinking.
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  4. Here is a small tool that sheds light on the situation with the mentioned CPU vulnerabilities from last year, and the possible Microcode and/or Windows tweaks. https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm
  5. And with the demos, the first hit is free.
  6. During the march to Baghdad 1st recon ran across a bunch of Iraqis wandering north from Basra heading home. They were in pretty dismal shape. Initially the unit started accepting their surrender. Problem was the unit had no way to deal with them and according to the Geneva convention once you accept a surrender you are obligated to provide a certain amount of support. So they “unsurrendered” them and told em to head back to Basra. This according to the embedded reporter. I am 99% sure the invisible MPs then escorted them to Basra. Personally it it would be kind of cool if you could turn on or off the surrendering mode, then you could do certain type scenarios but honestly I’d have it turned off most of the time and use the current format.
  7. Wow, that looks great.....Seriously steep too! Looking forward to the finished item.
  8. That's a good idea, the invisible vehicle would properly impede movement in that area. PS - @The Steppenwulf Hesco Barriers: Doable?
  9. Yes, it was full. Today's not my lucky tech day. But thanks a lot for taking your time to help me out with this. You should be able to PM me now.
  10. Just tried the PM. It said you could not receive messages? I know we have talked via PM before. Your in-box full maybe?
  11. Buy the CM:SF2 Big Bundle (Base Game, USMC, UK & NATO) if you can afford it.....There's a lifetimes worth of materiel already out there for it. And that's before you mod it into something else:
  12. I appreciate the honesty of your answer and I know that it works that way. But give us at least some screenshots from time to time. A couple of them per month would already give the community something to hold on to. At least we will know and SEE there's progress. Make sure it looks good and the whole community will be delighted and happy for months. Well, at least the vast majority of this community, including myself. Make the waiting more bearable. Yes, we are passionate about what you guys are making. For me CM is pure magic. An addiction. Supply your junkies.
  13. Thanks, appreciate that. I just crosschecked once again that the Stummel mod works in CMBN and not in CMFB. I did this by removing al mods from both games, then adding only the Aris 251/9 mod folder to each game. It appears in game in CMBN but not in CMFB. Could you send me a dropbox link to all your CMFB vehicle mods?
  14. OK, I'd actually probably buy maps as well 😇, but not scenarios! I usually don't even play the scenarios that come with the game, I make up my own little skirmishes using existing maps.
  15. I can also make a copy of what I have and give it to you via Dropbox.
  16. Black Sea for PBEM. Shock Force for playing against the AI.
  17. I didn't change any file names when I moved the Stummel from CMBN to CMFB so not sure if that is a problem. I got my zip files from CMMODs 3 originally. They will still be there or at CMMODs 4 now if Bootie got them transferred.
  18. Yep, restarting every time. I just made a little test scenario in CMBN and loaded all the 5 different kinds of Panthers. They all worked with the mod texture, including the single Panther VG. AND including the SPW 251/9 Stummel. So the conclusion must be that the files work, but they are somehow not compatible with CMFB. Maybe they have the wrong file names? Is there anywhere I can download all the Aris vehicle textures in a version sure to be compatible with CMFB?
  19. I really enjoyed the battle pack for CMBN - I would buy scenarios and maps for any of the WWII games (still working my way through the modern stuff).
  20. If we can focus on one mod and get it to work we should discover the problem. I just picked the Sdkfz 251 / 9 since I moved it and it worked. Are you re-starting the game after moving mods into it?
  21. I replied to your ticket about this a few minutes ago.
  22. I have a Z folder inside the mods folder that I use when I'm testing experimenting with mods or temporarily using a un-tagged mod for a scenario. Other than that the Z folder is empty and all my mods are just in the main Mods folder. However having sub folders and using them should not be the problem. In CMSF2 I have several sub-folders and they work. My Aris sdkfz 251 / 9 mod folder has four files inside of it. Do you have all four and are they showing in CMBN no problem?
  23. When the installation is finished and CMSF2 was started, in the QB i could choose antiarmor, or italian army or some other weird stuff, but not dutch, german, canadian, US and so on. When i launch a scenario, units are not shown and have weird names and Italian weapons. Also the start screen says 'Demo' What went wrong and how can I fix this?
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