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  2. So since you already have FI, I think the next module will be very cool with a variety of forces. The Red Thunder module is likely going to have MASSIVE urban combat in Berlin if you like that sort of thing. If you liked CMSF2, then CMBS is that on speed with a lot more lethality all around. Final Blitzkrieg will likely have some cool stuff ported from CMRT..and hopefully M26 Pershings...anyone remember the old CMBS scenario with Pershings versus King Tigers? I can't remember the name. So you can't go wrong...although like @Sgt.Squarehead said, if you want something totally different CMRT may fit the bill.
  3. Please keep me informed. @Warts 'n' all - can you take a look at the posts above, did you hit any troubles likes this when you played the campaign last year?
  4. CMFB and CMBS were last word looking at modules, but there is no timeline. CMBS was to cover Marines and VDV etc. CMFB was to go to end of war and include Commonwealth forces.
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  6. RT would get my vote, it's the most dissimilar from what you already have.....Plus it has the IS-2!
  7. Engine 4 patches are coming at some point for all titles. Engine 4 broke some really important things, and, truthfully, BFC apparently feels no great urgency in fixing them. (It's been 2 years and 4 months....) Only CMSF has the Engine 4 patch applied so far, so every other title is still waiting to see those Engine 4 fixes.
  8. There are some patches due, to deal with some engine 4 issues. Should be soon. CMBS has a battle pack, but that's it so far. CMFB doesn't run all the way to the end of the war, so you'd expect some late-war stuff in there, with some of the crazier tanks. Some of those are presumably in the CMRT module, so it makes some logical sense as a next step.
  9. I thought all of the existing titles had been updated to Engine 4? Which are we still waiting on? So it sounds like CMRT for sure has a module coming. CMBS and CMFB don't have any that we know of yet? It seems like adding to CMFB would be hard since it's already right at the end of the war, so maybe that's the safest bet?
  10. What we're officially waiting for is: Engine 4 patches CMFI Module, taking it to the end of the war CMRT Module, taking it to the end of the war After that there has been no word, but CMBS and CMFB haven't had modules, and CMSF 2 won't get any, so those are the plausible next options. The next most likely *game* after that would be a 1943 Eastern Front game, which has been mentioned in passing. That's pretty much all of the official word we have, with all of the most plausible speculation. The next most likely, but certainly not mentioned, would be a 1943 North African game. Modern scenarios are always possible, but with CMBS and CMSF you're covered for symmetric and asymmetric, so there may not be a need.
  11. You have CMSF2 already. Why do you need others? ...no I am not biased at all. Module releases coming are CMFI and CMRT. Which is better for you is really subjective. If you are a hardened Eastern front player it is obvious. If not CMFI is pretty interesting. More variety etc. CMFB and CMBS were both earmarked for modules, but if you are looking at timing CMRT and CMFI are going to be out first.
  12. Hi everyone! First post on the forums, so please be gentle. I've played this series off and on for awhile (mostly demos) but lately I've been purchasing the actual games and have really enjoyed them. My goal is to eventually get all of the modern titles. Right now I have Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, Fortress Italy, and Shock Force 2 with all attendant modules. And I'm trying to decide which game to get next... In particular, I'm trying to strategize my purchases to best taken advantages of bundles when new modules come out. For example, my understanding is that Red Thunder has a major new module coming out in the relatively near future. Is that true? What about Final Blitz/Black Sea; are they mostly settled down and won't receive more updates for awhile? Thanks for any input you can give!
  13. heck went through the whole pile of scenarios for CMSF, found the ones with maps I liked and then created a subfolder to store them in for my own personal use. I have done a few maps and released them and have more on the way. My attitude - if I can make a map someone likes and can create a scenario for we all benefit.
  14. Where can I get one? Just the sort of thing I need for a South London runabout in these troubled times. I assume it has one uncareful owner (the VDV)? Can I have candy coloured wheel trim?
  15. I'm a bit late to this party, but I really second Repsol's need for a copy-paste editor. I do a fair amount of graphics work and I am always copying and pasting stuff. With CM game maps you can't do that. I sometimes create small test maps to prove a concept, and then I can't lift it and paste it into the main map. Also taking areas off other peoples' maps - I realise some wouldn't like it but I expect most creators here would understand sharing. You could easily have a line in the scenario blurb, like a creative commons licence: "Map sections can be used in other scenarios with acknowledgement" or something similar.
  16. While VOA doesn't seem terribly positive about future prospects: https://www.voanews.com/a/us-official-afghan-peace-deal-could-trigger-internal-woes/4890152.html SIGAR itself seems to be borderline suicidal: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2019/04/24/sigar-drug-lab-bombing-was-a-dead-end-and-most-metrics-for-success-or-failure-in-afghanistan-are-classified-or-nonexistent/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Navy DNR 04-24-19&utm_term=Editorial - Navy - Daily News Roundup Still, I guess it's an improvement on just making stuff up.
  17. Yes you are completely right. Group one can completely be used. This is just that, since group one is the default when adding new units, I have taken the habit to not use it right away. When play testing my scenario, I am adding new units for scenario balance. These units goes in group one. So, to not screw up my existing AI plans, I am not using the default group right away. But, anybody is free to use group one.
  18. Interesting reads: http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/fileadmin/docs/H-Research_Notes/SAS-Research-Note-18.pdf http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/fileadmin/docs/F-Working-papers/SAS-WP12-After-the-Fall-Libya.pdf http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/fileadmin/docs/G-Issue-briefs/SAS-SANA-IB2-Missing-Missiles.pdf http://www.smallarmssurveysudan.org/fileadmin/docs/working-papers/SAS-CAR-WP43-Chad-Sudan-Libya.pdf http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/fileadmin/docs/T-Briefing-Papers/SAS-SANA-BP-Tripoli-armed-groups.pdf
  19. I'm still feeling a sense of intimidation due to too high expectations. If new runners expected to be able to run in the Boston Marathon right off the bat there would be very few new runners! Just throw together a quick-and-dirty map, throw down some forces, and get the AI to move them about a little during the runtime of the scenario. If the map looks bad you can change it, if the forces seem unbalanced you can change it, if the AI movements seem nonsensical you can change it. And dream of someday running the Boston Marathon.
  20. Yes!!! I'd like to second this. It would be so helpful.
  21. This is a tricky thing to solve...getting/maintaining the intrest and motivation of the comunity scenario designers... Numorous threads and numorous suggestions has been brought forward over the past few years...Nothing has really struck home ! Not even things like THE PROVING GROUND...They are all pretty much failures. That is a shame...How should this issiue be solved ? That is indeed a tricky question...
  22. I could never get/bother to make them all work with 5. I did it all with 3 and 5 was so underwhelming and bugged when I messed around with it for a week... Good to know though can I message you to hear your thoughts when you do? @para
  23. Cheers for the further clarification. Hope we will see them, just because, well.....I just test fired a full CM:A Vasilek battery against a regular, high morale, Mujahideen Company in reasonably typical Afghan terrain (2xlinear, heavy, maximum strikes) , the salvo lasted just about sixty seconds. By the time it was over the (only surviving) Afghan commander had eight men left (sort of) under his command, half of them walking wounded, all of them brittle beyond imagination!
  24. WELL SAID, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED WITH ME. I love creating battle and scenarios, but it has become for my use only and Its all about the time vs enjoyment. Way back when I did do some public releases. My motivation was they would be used in my tournaments and I knew I get a little feed back. But even back in the CMX1 days, to do a good release was still way more work and testing to getting things just right. With not much in return. So with the level of work to do a good job now being much higher. Knowing there is no return on my time spent. I have no motivation to even think of releasing some of my work. Hate to say it, Sad really. But its the truth. But anyone can learn to create all sorts of content and enjoyable engagement if they put some efforts to it, plus there is no limit to what you can do, it just takes coming up with a want and then creating it. I have had some amazing (made it myself battles) that deserve being shared with others but at this point in life it will never happen unless something major was to change in how I am living life. But back to the point, make your own, learn to open up the treasure box of what is available to you.
  25. Thanks so much for the insight, Ithikial. We (Stonecutter and I) both have the vehicle pack. I have a modern iMac which can play anything, so that is not it. You may have something though, with your comment about the sound mods. We are both using the largest of sound mod files, so I think we will experiment and disable them and try again. Cheers!
  26. I have not met them in VDV, but the units with mountain training, yes. Once upon a time I also asked for the introduction of the MLRS, at least the GRAD system, on large maps during the assault it would be useful. P.S. And also to give the possibility of AGL, to shoot from behind a closed position, without direct visibility of the target.
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