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  2. The installers were cleaned up a while ago so users didn't have to load a lot of updates. CMBN being out for the longest means it has received the most updates. You may have missed one along the way. Possible solution: De-liscence and uninstall your existing CMBN and then install with the full installer. Then re-enter the serial numbers your received when you purchased CMBN content. Should be good to go and everything will be installed in the right order. Hope that helps.
  3. I don't understand how TO&E has anything to do with patch 4 issues. I mean I am glad they are trying to fix issues in this area but really all people have been asking for is a fix for infantry under arty fire leaving cover. An issue that was introduced what two years ago? Two years is a long time for a fix. I really feel the TOE should have been tackled separately.
  4. My pixeltruppen with their unit patches would beg to differ.
  5. The copy, rotate and paste feature would be a blessing for certain. Always wanted to 'paste' my Carpiquet map to the southern edge of Rocko's 'Canadian Corridor' map. One big map from Juno Beach to Carpiquet Airfield. The latter part of your statement can sort of half be done already. Save a copy of the master map and then trim down the edges from the map size bar. Not perfect but you can cut out slices of existing work to expand in another direction or build a scenario on top of. Edit: Oh and spend the time on developing AI plans at least for one side. The scenarios that got downloaded the most over at CMMODS back when it had a download counter were those that allowed for SP play.
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  7. Hello there,

    I would like to request the link to the mod for animation stance for troops in the Hanomog.

    As someone who always plays the Heer against the Canadians with my regular pbem opponent  I have been very interested in finding a way to get the troops to sit lower in the half-tracks.

    Just a interesting side note. When I was stationed in Germany I attended a few weddings were one of our soldiers was getting married to a German gal. Well some of the guest's attending on the brides side were older gentlemen who turned out to be WW2 veterans. They seemed a bit surprised when we went up to them and basically told them we respected them for their service to their country. Whether they wanted to be there or not. Agreed with the reason their country was at war or not, they were soldiers once. And that kinship deserves respect.

  8. If I may - there's nothing wrong with loose ETAs as long as they are in the future. Push the ETA out further before you slip past it. The worst that happens is that you deliver "early" as in something intended for a month(s) down the road is out next week instead. It's easier to be forgiven for delivering sooner. Sure, you'll have someone bitch that you said June but actually released it April 30th. But most will forgive. The reverse isn't true as these, now, 23 pages of posts attest to. All the best. Always.
  9. I just noticed there is a CMBN Windows 3.12 Full Installer Zip - its 4 gb. Is this all i need to get from 1.0?
  10. I went from 1.0 to 1.11 to 3.12. Might be the problem, i'll see what happens.
  11. There is nothing wrong with giving out ETAs and nothing wrong with missing them if something comes up, but when it becomes obvious you are going to miss your ETA you should inform interested parties. To not do so is a Dick Movetm
  12. What was the base version of your original install, 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 ? The issue you describe suggests you have missed a patch somewhere and are missing some .BRZ data files. The patches are often 'incremental' (each one needs to be applied) rather than 'cumulative' (where ALL necessary files are in the latest/last patch).
  13. I can load into scenarios and it seems to work, but the infantry models don't show - its just vehicles and bunch of disembodied rifles running around. I have the latest patch for 3.12. Appreciate any help.
  14. Now that it is part of my job description, I plan to post more frequent updates.....Not just for the patch but on other projects as well. Unfortunately, ....there will be times that those updates won't be much more than some form of "still banging away at it. It won't be this week but we're getting closer". Heck, if you had asked me for my candid predictions in February, I would have said "definitely before March 1st"....which is some of the danger with giving even loose ETAs.....it's sometimes very hard to predict when the the unexpected pops up (I guess by definition of "unexpected").
  15. Yesterday
  16. Michael Emrys, Don't know how many degrees of separation we should count that as, but considering the enormous numbers of movies made since, a most singular thing you were involved in that particular work. Was in "Viva Evil Knievel!" myself as an extra, but didn't make the crowd shot, probably because my sky blue leisure suit (they told us to dress up) was a neon sign in the bleachers where everyone else, beaten down by the sun in prior days of shooting, was in t=shirts, shorts and sandals, all seemingly in the brown and tan color range, too. Regards, John Kettler
  17. Oh, I love the restrictions here, don't get me wrong. Still, it might be nice to experiment with different loadouts - is there still a campaign extraction tool floating around?
  18. yeah that is another reason campaigns don't normally excite me as much. I can't swap units in if I want to try something else.
  19. Also, I do think this campaign is a great advert for the Stryker - having just one of those knocking around would be tremendously helpful here, and you really feel it's absence. I think the British Jackal might also make a lot more sense that usual in this kind of scenario - certainly an upgrade from the humvees, anyway.
  20. I actually think this is conceptually more like "The Devil's Descent" or "The Outlaws" for CMBN - there are obviously practical differences, but the main thing is that you have a campaign which is following a company-sized force, sometimes over the same terrain - that allows you to become familiar with your forces and the terrain in a way that most campaigns don't, and means you really feel any losses. I'm not really sure that's a period thing, so much as having a structure where it's plausible to see small unit actions.
  21. On a more serious note... I think that feedback is MORE wanted...MOORE needed when it comes to newbie designers... Speaking for myself atleast...i would wanna know what the players thought was good about the scenario and witch parts could do with some more work/improvements. Such comments i would find very useful for my next project and inspire me to do more work... No comments at all i would simply find 'depressing' after many, many hours of work... A more seasoned designer have a better understanding of how the gameengine/editor works and what is required of a 'good' scenario and might not neccesarely need that many pointers...
  22. Those naughty guys !! NO salery for anyone this month...😉
  23. A lot of the community's past biggest content creators got gobbled-up by the BFC Beta Borg collective. They're still creating content but now its for the hive. You see their work in new titles. So in a weird way, being too good at creating 3rd party content will reduce the amount of 3rd party content available as scenario makers get kidnapped and enslaved by BFC.
  24. Can't speak for everyone, nor do I consider myself a proper content creator, but for me its a matter of carving out the time to sit down and finish a project. Between life being what it is, and other competing interests, sometimes making a new mod or whatever just isn't at the top of the priority list. That said though, I think others here are right when they say that there is already a ton of community made content out there for SF1 that works fine in SF2. Another aspect is that SF2 has so much content inherently that many are probably still playing through it all. Add on to that some are likely waiting for the revamped Canadian/Dutch/British campaigns. Give it time, I'm sure there will be more community made content coming out in the future. Some of it may already be in the works!
  25. Are you saying there is already an option in the scenario editor for a pre-battle user's force selection, instead of a pre-selected force? I would not know.
  26. Ah, with that HQ button things start to make sense. Thanks for explaining that. It seems that in Quick Battles - after action map review this button is never visible for large ENEMY HQ teams. Clicking on the area where the button is supposed to be has no effect. The HQ button does show up when the HQ team is on the player's side, and works fine there.
  27. Thanks for the heads up, this looks like it could be a great resource for Black Sea.
  28. Lack of feedback can be a positive thing at times. It means you can throw together any scenario you want just for fun and not need to worry about circling history grogs coming down on you like a ton of bricks for failing to be historically faithful in all details. I recently posted an alpha scenario for (redacted) on the beta board and told the guys to NOT give me feedback! Just have fun with it! They gave me feedback anyway
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