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  3. On the topic of Combat Mission, I wonder if such ordnance differences are reflected in the game, or if all 81mm mortars are made equal?
  4. Excellent, clear and very helpful AAR, especially with all the tactical tips chipped in. Thanks to the OP and to those who chipped in. Look forward to the next one. Seemed to me that you did mostly everything by the book but you were stymied from the off by your opponent basically rushing over a shorter distance to get on the objective, so there wasn't much you could do.
  5. Going clear back to when CMBO was in development, there has been a lot of effort put forth trying to properly understand the nitty gritty of Panzer armor, an effort which I believe far eclipses far harder to get info on the Soviet side of things, though quite a bit of work went into understanding terminal effectiveness of vs Russian AP projectiles and their various limitations and causes thereof. Happily, while looking into T-34 books, this popped up, and am I glad it did! This thing is gold clean through. It looks at gun barrels, armor plate and shells. It's got such things as US analyses of armor samples taken form a T-34 and KV-1 sent to the US by the Soviets and some of the scariest live fire comparison tests ever. If you think I'm exaggerating, take a look at what happened when the Soviet cast iron 82 mm mortar projectile went against our own steel 81 mm mortar projectile. Tests against 1" thick pine witness boards found the Soviet mortar shell put out an almost incomprehensible 9 X more hits and 8.1 X more total perforations at 40 feet as a result of a hurricane of shell fragments our 81 couldn't begin to match. No wonder Ivan was in love with mortars! Artillery shells using cast iron or steel bodies are also covered. As for tanks,, coverage is much more than the early T-34 and Kv-1, in fact extending through the IS-2,. It delves into AP shells and shot, including arrowhead, where direct comparisons are made between it and US HVAP down to the level of tungsten carbide core weights. This paper can be read readily, but the level of technical information is eye watering, a condition worsened by the fact that the text was typed and that this was microfilmed, making reading fine print in the tables exciting and making the photos hard to see in the bargain. This was originally SECRET, with a distribution which was a Who's Who of American military ordnance. If Herr Tom loses his mind reading this paper, I'm not responsible! http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/011426.pdf Paper Presented at Meeting on Trends in Soviet Metallurgical Developments Central Intelligence Agency Washington 25, D. C. I! 16 April 1953 Regards, John Kettler
  6. In CM game engine 1 there was something termed the 'death clock'. Which means you may know your guy is dead but it takes a few moments for the other guy to realize it so they keep shooting. There's also a difference between gravely wounded (bright red base) and dead-as-a-doornail (dark red base). Though I'd be shocked if BFC coded in war crimes. Were your 'guys' German, Italian or allied? Now that I think of it, back in CMBO SS units weren't above shooting surrendered prisoners.
  7. I've seen my guys shooting at dead enemies plenty of times, and places where there are tentative contact icons remaining from departed enemies. And have just considered it to be that those individual soldiers do not know for sure that the enemy is dead or think there might be others there so put some rounds out to be sure and etc. But I've not known the target line to change to anywhere but where enemies exist (or rather where the centre of mass for a group would be).
  8. I agree. If you never break out of the learning - playing blufor only - loop then you.ll be doomed when you play humans
  9. Lol no a typo meaning shops
  10. Since they were "makeshift mines" (IED's?), they probably were ineffective after all that time. Still, it would only take one to ruin your day.
  11. There are literally hundreds of GB, maybe close to a terrabyte, of CMSF mods. So, I can't just upload em all someplace like I did with the scenarios and campaigns some time ago. It would be easier/more efficient to put em all on a large Flash Drive and mail it to someone who can host them. If Bootie or GAJ wants em (assuming they are in the US), I could do that.
  12. Any chance of getting a few more teaser scenarios for the demo while we are waiting for the release of the full version? I have no problem BF taking their time to get things right before a full release....but a few more teasers would be nice.
  13. Sounds Good, and enjoy this next Mirror Game ...I will leave now and back at Games End :-)
  14. Wicky, Great story, and everyone who's walked through the area has indeed been fortunate. One of the things I marvel at is that in Russia so much still seems to be on or just below the ground line, resulting, for example, in finding soldiers' remains in the woods, instead of having to dig several meters deep, as in the case of some WW I entrenchments in Flanders. My English Comp teacher would've flayed whomever wrote that headline, for who knew a road had mine sleuthing abilities? Pretty extensive field, and I wouldn't, if there, be so blithe about the state of that old ordnance, considering a guy here in the States obliterated himself a few years ago while grinding rust off a Civil War 11" Dahlgren shell recovered at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Seems the shell was fitted with a waterproof fuze for naval warfare and that the grinder removed the protective wax and ignited the powder train. KABOOM! Regards, John Kettler
  15. I was thinking about this thread earlier today and recalled a quote from Stalin, "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic." Michael
  16. This was a part from all old mods on Battlefront webpage, the old "Repository" before the CMMODsIII from (greenasjade.net)... the CMMODsIII dont have all the old mods from Repository lot are missing on the new place, but probably also too olds for the new generation of CM engines...now this links doesn t existe more on the new Battlefront.com webpage...I reconized it with all the Syrian mods... SYRT_1.1 S1 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry and Mord Mods Mord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter DayMord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter Night
  17. Yesterday
  18. @JoMc67 I think I will continue in this thread the DAR of the mirror version. This is time to leave for now... Happy game and like me, have fun !
  19. Thank you Erwin. That makes sense and is what I thought initially. I also guess that CMSF wasent as optimized as the newer engine.
  20. I can't believe it's Friday evening and I'm spending it watching a docile old German documentary about farming. I could be out barfing in an alley somewhere. There's a spot that goes un-barfed because of you, Kaunitz. Anyway, on topic: Notice at 1:36 a good illustration of the point about houses being very close together in that old village. No modern suburbia with isolated houses each surrounded by their own garden and driveway as we unfortunately see in some scenarios. Buildings away from the town cluster are mostly farmsteads, with several buildings, again very close together, and mixing houses for living in with barns and production buildings.
  21. I'm not a farmer, but my friends who are (or were raised on them) stated that they had to do it that way. A farmer wouldn't do it if he didn't have to...so take that however you want.
  22. Erwin

    CMA Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Lovely pics. I keep wanting to get back to unfinished CMA campaigns but then there was playtesting MOS's brilliant Tactical Ops Center (TOC) scenario, and now there's CMSF2 demo... Too much choice. Not enuff brain cells.
  23. Would US farmers really go out of business if they left a 100 foot border around their field? Or is it more a case that their profits would be slightly smaller?
  24. Exactly. In fact, as sburke knows, BF closely monitors (via NSA contacts) my travel schedule and releases product when they know it's most inconvenient for me - like when I am out of the country with no internet. So, you can pretty much go to the bank that there will be a release in December.
  25. Erwin

    Demo Feedback

    Believe it or not I have only played RED or with Strykers (50 cal is their only weapon) in CMBS. Have never played with Bradleys. Hope someone tests it. (I would expect this problem to be the same if all are v4 engine.)
  26. Ok, I found found the appropriate save, time and fire teams involved. Who wants it?
  27. MikeyD

    Demo Feedback

    I'm sorry, but I just got a big chuckle reading that. My own experience with Syrian tanks is they're usually half-blind! Its been my experience (across all the titles) that relying on 'Maybe they won't see me' as a tactic rarely works. Because they ALWAYS see you. At the MOST inconvenient moment. Every time. Its somewhat related to the "buttered-toast phenomenon" that says if you drop your toast it will land butter side down. If there's a chance of a good outcome and a bad outcome expect the bad outcome.
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