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  2. The rest of the game doesn't work like that though. If you want a hull down position, you need to place the tank very precisely. Same with keyholes - if you're not at the exact spot, you won't get line of sight. It can be done, and then you get an advantage. But when it comes to gun elevation, the game works differently...
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  4. Artillery can also be an "area denial" weapon. Suppose you are the defender and for whatever reason you don't want the enemy to advance along a particular avenue. Dropping some shells there can be an effective discouragement. Same thing if you are attacking and you don't want the defender to shift reserves to the part of the line you plan to attack. One problem with advanced strategies like these though is that most scenarios don't provide enough arty to do them in a realistic fashion. The Allies especially used lavish amounts of artillery to get the job done and it wasn't all expended to destroy observed targets. Michael
  5. Sounds like a good idea. Suppose I will have to do it myself some day. EDIT: Or I could put in a new objective at the bridge which will give enough points for a victory.
  6. I wouldn't either. Not a good place to be in. But in a competition between a squad behind the tracks and raised gravel bed on one side, and another platoon without any cover at all, I would expect the first group to have at least a small advantage.
  7. I ended up uninstalling engine 4, and going back to playing the game on 3. It's shame, but there you go, accidents will happen as some Limey singer once said.
  8. The stay behind man...sounds clever. Interesting stuff, John, thanks!
  9. "the British have bare helmets"... Titter ye not, as Frankie Howerd would say. Joking aside, given that this was filmed back in Blighty they wouldn't need any kind of cover, or camo for their helmets.
  10. Enemy FT man takes no chit, but does, thankfully, take prisoners.
  11. How is imagining a 2-4 inch pancake-width being anything but jolly? Maybe the tracks and gravel might offer a bit of cover, but I wouldn’t want those gravel ricochets shaving my beard hairs.
  12. Sgt.Squarehead, Definitely not a good choice while tipsy, stoned, etc.! But if you still have eyes, there's always this. Regards, John Kettler
  13. I am seriously hoping this doesn't come as insulting because that is the furthest from what I am saying. No one here has any idea how much or how little work has been done on this, right? As a point of conversation.....based on what was said in the R2V AAR threads, how long did it take to fix the the Sihk greatcoat issue? And that wasn't even recoding the TacAI.
  14. Okay, I think I have a solution to my issue. I located .mdr files in the recent CMFI release that seem to fix the model issue when applied to CMBN. Now back to the modding board...
  15. One of my CoC colleagues posted this, and I found it so informative I'm passing the word here. What I know of patrols is highly US-centric, so it's great to see things from a different perspective. What's common is that the British used a two man scout team like we did though, I think, not in the same way, but what's distinctive is that the British LOB has an extremely low level counterpart called the stay behind man, who is always one bound behind the main body. It's his job to report what happened if things go pear-shaped. Also of note is that a Leftenant leads and is painfully obvious by virtue of having neither rifle nor Tommy gun. Believe another man is that way, too. At section level, the Bren stays home! Also noteworthy is that the British have bare helmets, which makes their heads quite obvious in many cases. Regards, John Kettler
  16. You can't, Jonzie. French officers aren't coded like most other officers (no Junior/Mid/Senior texture designations). I do think they interact somehow with existing US 3D models, because they don't seem to have skeletons of their own, and the french in general use the US winter and toque faces/skins in addition to there own. There is a lot of tagging of textures in this muodule. More than usual, it seems. It's all a bit complex and perplexing if you ask me. Makes what I wanted to do a bit harder.
  17. Great find! It's a wonderful blend of a period broadcast and lots of great clips. Hadn't seen the one of the Panzerschreck team firing through the gap in ages. Pretty sure I first saw it on "The World at War". That shell detonating on the sunken road gave me flashbacks to a CMBN battle where that was done to my Landser by a 60 mm mortar. Some of that bocage is freaky looking, with trees tall enough to be in Hollywood and shooting up like a century plant on steroids. Regards, John Kettler
  18. A bit surprised and disappointed that this bug, which I thought was received and acknowledged by BF months ago, apparently fell through the cracks and, as a result, nothing has been done about it. Yeah, it's not as bad as it was with the "01" patch, but play any CMBN scenario that has bocage and you'll probably still see this very undesirable TacAI behavior with the 02 patch. (I'm playing a CMBN campaign right now and I've run into it a number of times already.) So, I'm joining the chorus: Please fix....
  19. This bug ruins bocage scenario's. It made @Holdit's beautifully crafted Ad Hoc at Chef-du-Pont unplayable for the Germans
  20. Did anyone try de-compiling the campaign, removing the bridge, re-saving the map, replace the bridge and test? If the de-compiled scenario works at this point, it should be safe to re-compile the campaign.
  21. This pavement, in Alicante, always makes my eyes go wonky: @Combatintman I suspect this may be familiar territory?
  22. A little bit of abstraction is probably necessary to better emulate the nuance of things like key-hole shots from a hull down position.
  23. An "accurate" modeling of "surrender" would be too depressing. Your truppen would have to shoot too many of them, or worse yet, you would sometimes have to personally order your troops to shoot prisoners.
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  25. ok thanks Elvis. For other players out there that find this bug annoying/show stopping, can you please post here with a quick one-liner? I'd really like to get Battlefront's attention and get this one fixed so we can continue playing CMBN. cheers!
  26. I found the bug report. Interestingly enough, it has attached to it a test scenario that you created. Or at least has your name on it. It does not show as "resolved" yet is the current status.
  27. I'm on 431.60 and don't intend to update drivers until I play some game that really requires it.
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