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  2. Speaking on the behalf of everyone's conscience who has posted or will post, lets get this plan rolling.
  3. @sbobovyc Okay I worked it out! It seems that we are going to have to experiment to figure out what each of the meta data values represent -- is that correct? Do you already have any indicators?
  4. I might be misremebering things, but were proximity fuzes not available until late 1944 in the Battle of the Bulge? Noticed in the Monte Cassino campaign, mission 2, that you can do "personnel" (air burst) mission for one of the arty assets. Is this correct? Or is it something introduced in the upcoming module that covers the later period, but it has creeped in already via the patch?
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  6. We'll get all the shiny new toys, so we can make scenarios set there.
  7. Thirty tests! Geez, I think I'd go mad & just turn it into an "arclight" mission.
  8. Does anybody have this mod still? It doesn't appear to be up on either of the CMMODS yet.
  9. Well, compared to your good self he is but a spring chicken. 😉
  10. Wow, not my thing but pretty impressive...good luck with that!
  11. 'We're very sure it will be before the end of this year'...Let's hope so.
  12. It doesn't quite work like that. Individual troops can select their own Targets if the need, or opportunity, arises at any time during a minute of action. Go down to Level 1 or 2 and you will sometimes see members of the same squad firing off to the left or right. In the meantime I quite like the idea of a 71 year old being a "Junior Member". Happy Gaming!
  13. Yeah, but the game play.... I tried to play for a while in a group of British soldier guys in Bielefeld, Germany, a loooong time ago. Unfortunately, they were quite fixed to table tops. Ancients, IIRC. Anyway, one night during a session, they became quite agitated. Started mumbling something like “mega killing”. 😱 After checking rules and tables, the calculating started. And after only 15 more minutes they decided to remove one small unit from the table. 🤔 Needless to say: Being a board gamer, I was not too impressed. 😎
  14. Which is kinda why it took me about 30 tests to get the original scenario playable … so good luck with your endeavours 😉
  15. I understand what Mr. MikeyD is saying but line of fire is line of fire whether it be one man or the whole squad. Also, armor is a single point. As for grey lines of fire, a few men shooting can be suppressive in nature and if one man is tasked to fire the rest of the squad cannot fire at anything else. But this is moot as CM2 does, as it was pointed out, not have this feature. But I have all the CM's and enjoy them. The programing that goes into these boggles the mind. So testers, programers, etc. Please take no offense when I wonder why things happen or don't happen even wish for things like access to all the equipment that was in CM1 and the ability to build scenarios with any of it. (Chuckle) Blessings to you all!
  16. Yesterday I had some homemade slushie. Despite my best efforts to keep it out of brain freeze territory in my mouth, I got hit twice. Hard. Imagine, then, how I feel about this amazing girl. Not only could I not do that, but it would be agonizing if I could! Regards, John Kettler
  17. In Khabour Trail when the Canadian Platoon Support Squad is split into "Assault" teams, the team labeled "Rifle" has the MG, and the "Machinegun" team has the AT weapon.
  18. Is this a different step from installing the io_scene_mdr.zip file in preferences? I see no custom properties as additional data blocks in the outliner window - I assume this is what you mean by custom properties being visible in the "trunk" object? Thanks by the way for this update - I'm excited to discover what further clarity about .mdr objects this could offer.
  19. I'm not sure that is what the OP is talking about.
  20. OK, I'll bite...what is this Heaven & Earth of which you speak?
  21. Thanks, it was the spam folder eating the reset Emails. C
  22. Further playtesting & I'm pretty sure I've turned "Green 9" into an unwinnable murder machine... ... which I kind of like the idea of but I'll see what I can do about giving the Imperials a better chance of victory.
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