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  3. Kaunitz

    Lackluster documentation

    Yes, experience is a harsh teacher, especially as CM matches take very long to play through. And also, there is a second person involved so you don't want to screw it up for both of you by making a "silly" mistake, which was not the result of a bad plan or tactical inadequacies, but simply of a lack of information. Especially in small games (my prefered battle size), details matter. Of course you can test out the very specific situation in the editor. But it feels a bit like cheating to me. The question is whether players could be spared this tedious effort. If only some basic information was available in the game or the manual...
  4. Hapless

    Lackluster documentation

    If you really want to know what your units can see from what position and how fast they're likely to spot, just open the map up in the editor, recreate the exact circumstances, save as a scenario and then play it through a few times. You don't have to redo the entire force, just the relevant units. Then you can test it to death. Sure it takes a couple of minutes each time, but you get solid usable results and after doing this a few times you'll start getting your head around it. Depends a lot on how much you want to win But it makes a lot of sense to "wargame" through all your plans this way before the game kicks off anyway to get sort out time-distance questions and, obviously, how effective units are at spotting each other from different positions. The alternative is to rely wholly on experience... and experience is a harsh teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.
  5. StefanKollers

    Changing light

    Like people keep saying "Amazing game Amazing depth". I am very much tinkering on the edge's.
  6. Kaunitz

    Lackluster documentation

    Thanks. I will conduct a few night time tests with various vehicles once I've finished my H2H game. sburke, I generally agree with you. I don't like it either, but in the modern titles I do think that looking up in the manual is necessary to a certain extent. Because, as mentioned, the differences in spotting capabilities can be huge as so much technical stuff is involved, which is not visible in the game. The game's UI doesn't even tell you the kind of spotting device your vehicle has (day/rest light/IR/thermal generations). I would really prefer that information to be available in the game itself (I'm not a fan of looking up stuff in the manual either), but if it's just available in the manual then okay. But right now, it isn't even available in the manual. You can't tell other than by testing and "experience"/"feeling". That's not adequate for the high tech stuff you get in modern vehicles. I want to know whether my vehicle spots like this or like this or like this: Right now you can only tell if you happen to be lucky enough to find your vehicle's spotting devices on the internet, understand its capabilities, and then hope that the devs used the same source and that the device is not linked to some crew-slot that is currently unoccupied or inactive due to damage to your "IR" subsystem. I can't understand how anyone could argue that this would be too much info for the player. The lack of info on spotting devices feels as if you're given a vehicle with a large gun, but you don't get to know whether it fires HE or AP ammo and how much ammo you have left and whether the muzzle points to the rear of front of the vehicle (but at least you could test that easily in the editor...). The availability of this basic gun-information doesn't break the game either. Quite the contrary is true - it makes the game better. Totally agree. But again, it's not about how the tac AI reacts and fires weapons. I'm mainly concerned about spotting (the weapons are quite easy to understand compared to spotting tech...). And from my point of view, spotting/information is something that tends to get organized on a higher level. If you're a platoon commander and have the task to observe an area, you won't position your vehicles in a spot where they can't see that area. It's not about knowing "exactly" how well my vehicles can spot, it's about "can I observe that area half-way reliably or not at all"? It's about very, very basic knowledge about the base spotting ranges of spotting devices. As mentioned, many different kinds of spotting devices with a very wide range of quality are hidden behind and obscured by a single "IR" entry in the system-damage-tab. In the same vein, as spotting distances increase due to magnifiers, I guess that knowing the spotting angles is much more crucial than in WWII titles. But I have to agree that it's not exclusively but primarily an issue in night operations. I guess most people prefer daylight scenarios?
  7. Bulletpoint

    Combat Mission Wishlist/Thoughts

    A basic problem with grenades in this game is that they are only thrown after your guys actively spot an enemy unit. Whereas in real wars, they are often thrown into rooms before the attacker knows if there's anyone there or not. Or he knows there's an enemy in there somewhere, but not exactly where.
  8. Michael Emrys

    For you Western Desert fans

    There was something on the web several years back about a group that was doing battlefield archeology in the WD. It was fascinating because on at least one site there were the actual vehicles that had been involved which had not been moved since the day. Some great photos. Michael
  9. After looking at a CoC battle set there, I tried to explain sand channels on LRDG trucks to those unfamiliar with them. These are the PSP slats which are used for extraction if mired and for crossing super fine and/or steep slithery sand. In turn, that led me here, to this very cool LRDG site. These people are hard core researchers and re-enactors, who study the weapons, tactics and engagements, engage in mock battles, dress the part, etc. Suspect they'll skip the 300 mile one team did--on foot--after things went bad. http://www.lrdg.org Regards, John Kettler
  10. MikeyD

    Urban Combat Training Article

    Back playing the CM:Afghanistan title (with its greatly reduced infantry squads) I commented that it appeared the function of infantry in Russian units was to move forward over the charred bodies of their enemies after the direct support armor and artillery were finished with them. Because they weren't individually powerful enough to be used offensively. Compare that to a Marine squad that's two (or three) times as lethal as anyone else's. I was going through the CMSF2 scenarios and was surprised by how high a proportion were MOUT, or at any rate not open country. This isn't exactly new news since CMSF1 scenarios are well known. The other titles abound in tree cover, farm crop fields, walls and close hedges. In CMBS open country your infantry is liable to find itself helplessly under fires from beyond weapons' range. So village/urban fighting feels less frustrating.
  11. Col Rosenberger

    They meant september of next year!

  12. LongLeftFlank

    They meant september of next year!

    Here, some 1970s art rock to soothe the savage refresh monkeys. https://youtu.be/zhRzORqNa0E
  13. LongLeftFlank

    Urban Combat Training Article

    Interesting piece, looks like some of it was cribbed from this "BD6 and SWAT tactics are rubbish / no they're not" vets debate I linked in a MOUT thread over at the SF1 forum.
  14. Are you sure the game is using the GT1080 card and not the I5 inbuilt graphics? You can check it is using the GTX1080 by using the nvidia control panel 'Manage 3D Settings' CUDA - GPUS
  15. MikeyD

    Lackluster documentation

    In wartime the end-users of military equipment do not tend to be hobbyist/specialists on the subject. Just because you're a T-72M commander doesn't mean you know the manganese content of the steel your tank was built with. AT4, M72 LAW and Panzerfaust each come with written instructions in how-to-use in cartoon form pasted on the weapon, including arrows indicating which direction it fires in. Because the end-users aren't all experts. My point is 'fog of war' is a big part of simulating warfare. Sometimes you're just not sure exactly how your weapon/vehicle/optics stacks up against the enemy's. That's something only experience will teach you.
  16. Badger73

    Mine flails

    Aye, Laddie. Indubitably!
  17. First off, I know the game runs on OpenGL. I don't know why that is but it is. I know the game performs hundreds of calculations for every soldier or whatever. But I play games like Command and Graviteam Tactics/Achtung Panzer and those run perfectly and Command simulates a hell of a lot more than CM. So, I built a PC pretty much specifically for these three games and I can't get it to even work properly. I get maybe 10 frames in a battle and even when I get more than 20 frames the camera lags behind so ****ing much it's unplayable. I have a i5 4690k, 32GB of ram and CM is installed on a SSD and have a GTX 1080. I am literally giving it every chance to run but it doesn't. People get 40fps on giant battles and I can't get 10 on Tiny. Please help. I made a post four years ago with a similar problem but my computer has gotten a lot more powerful since then and performance is a lot worse. I can't be the only person having this issue. At this rate, modern computers may not even be able to play Combat Mission in a year or two. This game needs some serious optimization.
  18. One thing I noticed, the map in the QB folder is hillier than the ones employed in either version of Rolling Thunder. The countryside in the Rolling Thunder map is gently rolling whereas the QB map has hills, especially those immediately in front of the US positions, that are both higher and steeper. Michael
  19. Flyright

    game crashes after some time playing

    Have made no changes since the roll back and everything has been stable and the game remains at max settings. Honestly I just want to play the game after being away so long so happy at the moment but you are spot on with the question about the future.
  20. ZackTactical34

    Average Learning Curve???

    😂 I'll make sure to remember that. But in all honesty, I would think that crossing a road "could" be somewhat safe if you have the right amount of support from armored vehicles and an element of aerial reconnaissance (e.g. RQ-1 Predator).
  21. Ultradave

    Average Learning Curve???

    When we got a new division commander, he told us all "If we ever go somewhere for real, it will be at night, overcast, and no moon, if we can. So get used to it." We never made a jump in daylight again. Always at night. Dark. Really dark. Sometimes (more times than seemed possible for the laws of averages) in the rain. Not fun. Not at all.
  22. Oscar19681

    Any YouTube footage out there?

    Some simple solid beta YouTube clips basicly equals self marketing... Google cmsf-2. Not a whole lot out There. i mean i understand its a really small dev team. But Some YouTube clips showing Some features or beta AAR sure wouldnt hurt Sales if your ask me..
  23. JohnO

    Average Learning Curve???

    "You must always out flank your opponent, because if you don't, he will". Oh, and never, never cross the street unless it's night time, under an overcast, or its raining
  24. sburke

    Lackluster documentation

    Heh heh quickly? Hell no. There is definitely a connection between the seat being unoccupied and bad spotting. Spotting is very specific in CM - so much so that a bug that had the Tiger commander seated facing the wrong way lead to horrible spotting for that unit until it was uncovered. What I was alluding to more was there is just way too much information I could possibly want in this game. More than I could actually digest. I gave up a long time ago on trying to know various vehicle armor thicknesses, penetration values of weapons and just fall back on what I generally know. I don't disagree that having that information is not just useful but critical sometimes. A BMP commander should generally know under what conditions it will have x distance of visibility. My problem is you could tell me that today and in a month when I pop open a CMBS scenario I am not sure I am gonna remember and I certainly don't want to have to open the manual every time I play a game - mostly because it kills the immersion for me. So as usual I fall back to - BMPs spot like the old lady in My Cousin Vinny who needed new glasses. I am definitely not saying that should be your approach. We all have our own way of playing CM. What I am saying is I don't really expect to see from BF anytime soon a manual that would be to the level of depth a lot of players would like. It would be a tremendous time sink.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Here are some of the civilian vehicle flavor objects Imgur would not let me post a few weeks ago. Came across them just now and remembered while posting some CMSF stuff. .
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