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  2. & some stone cold facts: https://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2019/09/taliban-supplies-al-qaeda-with-explosives-for-attacks-in-major-afghan-cities.php Even this somewhat underplays the bond between Al Qaeda & the Taliban, which grew and literally intermarried after the events of 2001.
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  4. Given the countless comprehensive mods already circulating, this: https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/09/21/the-coming-crime-wars/ May have a lot of potential as a source for scenarios.
  5. Yup, it's all down to you.....Hang your head in shame young man!
  6. Looks like a re-install job to me.....Summat surely ain't right there!
  7. Firm intel that the hard point has not been completely reduced.
  8. I assume that it did not. But the bloody crew is running toward me like a bunch of raving lunatics! Given nothing happened to interfere with the Pantherturm that destroyed his 105 Sherman, I’m hoping/guessing that the precise origin of the shot is still unknown to him. The LOS is actually very tricky there, so he probably had no eyes beyond the Sherman crew on the shooter. My hope is that happened again with the flak 88. If it did, I’ve caused another delay and may get another kill too. We’ll see...
  9. im sorry , i didnt know it was my fault
  10. I just finished the core building all the way through. Now, I'm in the polishing phase. I need to fine tune the elevations and knock out internal walls in a lot of buildings I did before I caught on to the technique. Then, it's on to filling out the flavor objects, working on a texture pack and getting the scenario/campaign/QB slice work done. I need the CMRT module for textures and flavor objects, though. Oh, and I've got some funky church constructions in the German alamo area that I need to test for pathfinding a bit more. I actually could start having folks battle test most areas now. The main problem there is that I've got a texture glitch that seems to block using more than eight textures unless you have my exact mod folder installed and I don't want testers seeing a texture vomit. Never could figure out why. Probably somthing incredibly simple. In addition to scavenging the new module for textures, I'm hoping installing it will fix the texture weirdness since I think it will expand the stock number to more than eight. The last area of the map I built was the most dense area and it turned out to have some really funky constructions. Lots of variety. There is what looks like a university campus that yielded some pretty neat stuff. I am so, so, soooo looking forward to having folks go weapons free on ma' baby! 🙂
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  12. Wondering if Ian's Sherman ever saw the 88? If it did I suspect that position will start to attract spotting rounds rather soon.
  13. Yes, but by my calculus, I want each Pantherturm and 88 to take care of 4 enemy tanks. I want my limited armour free to deal with the hordes of enemy infantry. Thanks, Bil. I would like to hope that I am the cause of that with my defence plans. Indeed. Especially because my 88 crew is veteran with very good morale. They were enjoying their Sulima’s a bit too much this morning...
  14. I think this is what is meant a crop mod.... Or
  15. Yes, I have watched the footage of his tandem jump on the BBC a couple of times. An old girlfriend of mine emigrated to The Netherlands in the 1980's. During the 1990's she ran a restaurant in a village just off of "Hell's Highway", every September she would have veterans in there.
  16. That was actually a standing BFC order, I recall, during the scenario making process. Nobody in the developed nations should be below 'regulars'. Though perhaps the 2007 timeframe CMSF2 Germans might qualify for 'green' with their spotty training and low enthusiasm for foreign adventures. Post-Ukraine invasion Germany would have picked up the training pace a bit. US Airborne in Normandy was highly trained to the point of 'fanatic' but had never fired a shot in anger. They suffered so horrendously in Normandy that they were pretty much rendered 'combat ineffective' as a force and were withdrawn to be rebuilt. 'Fanatic' in CM has its downside. Instead of bugging-out of a tight situation to fight another day they're liable to stand their ground and die in place. Training and experience levels can be mix-and-match. I just built a scenario for (redacted) with the (redacted) side healthy, high morale and 'green' while their opponents were weakened, low morale veterans with ammo shortage issues. A lot of uncons in recent wars are veterans of other conflicts turned mercenary, or perhaps had had at least gone through their term of service as a draftee when young. Most of the ISIS fighter killed in the liberation of Mosel were said to be Russian.
  17. IMHO, you need to combine a unit's experience (Conscript to Elite) & Training (-2 to +2) and motivation (Poor to Fanatic), so there are conscripts & conscripts: I might model 'patriotic volunteers' (of whichever side) in CM:BS as Conscript, 0, High.....Conscripted troops so with absolutely no battlefield experience, but reasonably well trained and enthusiastic for the fight. However if we were talking about a unit conscripted by ISIS or similar unit in CM:SF I'd probably be looking at Conscript, -2, Poor.....Generally unwilling to risk themselves for the cause and keen to surrender at the first opportunity (which, as demonstrated by @MOS:96B2P, they can easily be induced to do in game). That depends if the wars they trigger got big enough to require conscription.....If they did, I'd be looking at Conscript, -1, Low, to reflect the lack of preexisting training structures for such large numbers of men and the general lack of enthusiasm for such a scenario amongst the populations of those nations.
  18. What does it say? My main point is Western troops, ie US, Brits, Germans, Dutch etc should probably be nothing lower than regulars.
  19. Maybe this one? http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2387
  20. I was trying to provide a general rule for all CM2 titles. I certainly have seen units dismount from tanks under fire - not from armored IFV's. Can't recall what happens with soft sided like trucks.
  21. Just watched it on Youtube. Good summary of what happened. Yesterday around 1000 paratroopers jumped over the Ginkelse Heide, to the Northwest of Arnhem. Among them a British veteran of 97 years...My God, what a generation!
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