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  2. Is that -2 leadership or -2 morale (Poor Motivation)?
  3. +1 Very, very cool. You should post this at grogheads and maybe other places to advertise CM.
  4. The other day I heard the Beastie Boys' track Sabotage which I haven't heard for years and I thought to myself 'that would be a good accompanying track to a Shock Force 2 montage'. So I took some inspiration from the track's video and put this together. See what you think.
  5. it is included with every title in the root directory.
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  7. Following a long period of really not knowing what to do, I decided to upgrade CMFI to Eng 4 along with the remainder of the CM Games. The Crucifix issue has been resolved, Its gone, thought it was worth mentioning. Also following the download of the patch to Eng 4 the game has improved hugely. Best Wishes to all.
  8. Hello, I don't know, if this is reported: German Fallschirmjäger, motorized battalion: In quickbattle some units (for example the battalion command, but other squads too) are using the regular LW-field-division models and textures. I think in the scenario-editor everything is fine. Greetings, alex
  9. think I´ll give it a test run as i´m interested in fairly the same matters. Also have the new patch installed for CMFB successfully.
  10. haven´t read through the thread or watched the vid but the first frame of it already shows that a road ditch is very near. There´s always troubles when there´s either road ditches, shellholes or small steep slopes in the same (or adjacent) AS as the FH´s. Seems the game engine considers these as at least same good cover than the FH themselves, so chooses for the best one appropiate for the single pixeltroopers individual situation (suspected or spotted enemy LOS/LOF). Edit: just few more things coming in mind. Think the game engine also considers final positions for the team/squad leader in order for him to gain visual or voice contact to higher HQ if applicaple. Also found the squads lMG team combo having issues to deploy properly and in timely matter. This bugged me like hell in pre patch game version, as lots of precious time gets lost, before a team/squad gets itself sorted out for final deploy. With regard to FH´s it´s oftenly the leader and the assistant lMG gunner to leave a FH for the above mentioned reasons. Worst is some german squads that have 2 inherent lMG teams, like the Panzergrenadiers in my PBEM with HeirloomTomato. But that was not in FH´s, it was inability to deploy properly in houses. Really got to check the new patch now for a fix or improvement hopefully.
  11. it sounds a bit like that partiular PB got some damages before and it was now the time for internal damage meter (which is invisble to the player) to go full tilt and let the crew bail. Sometimes I had the feel that the game engine sort of "anticipates" a PB´s final destruction and let the crew bail prematurely so to say. Plain crew morale/suppression reasons from my experiences NEVER lets a crew bail. But got to test the new patch for any possbile changes I might not know about ATM.
  12. My approach was from the back with the teams never taking fire from the bunker. The biggest challenge was shrinking the TAs to minimize the risk of early fire as they neared. Once in position, the squad (3 teams) started shooting and tossing grenades. I was surprised by how quickly the defenders decided to decamp. The lone survivor surrendered the next turn. It was over in under 30s. I'm not implying that there's anything wrong with the patch. I was just curious as it went exceedingly well for a first encounter with a bunker under 4.01.
  13. from what I learned the past years is always have a close watch on those minus leaders. Always be prepared for something really "unexpected" to happen in most unfortunate situations. For mission design I appeared to have found bits of an exploit when I want certain units (player or AI) to be more likely raising hands and show the flag. This only in appropiate situations (isolated and enemy units close by) and a -2 leader i.e is the best candiate for this to happen more frequently, the more if he´s also out of C2 (to superior) link.
  14. haven´t yet come to test play the new patch though I´d likely be the best candidate to test and report on it. Had this siegfried line mission created with bunkers and various opportunities to deal with them. Last I found they´re very vulnerable to mortar and Arty. also from near misses. This annoyed me like f..k and more or less abandoned a whole series of follow up mission that I was about to prepare. Surely, crews can´t cower as bunkers are treated like any other vehicle type units. Though wonder they can´t "button up" like them also! At least the more deliberately built concrete pillboxes had armored apertures that could be usually closed at will. I fear it´ll take CM V5 engine to get something that works similar to the real things. But until then I´ll rather avoid them. It´s a pity. Buuut....yet got to test play the new patch as well to get a current impression.
  15. This gal, on the other hand, I find quite beautiful even if a bit strange. Michael
  16. Guy seems to have a real gender identity problem. Michael
  17. Yeah, I wish they could cower down inside. And if they're my bunkers sometimes I wish I could MAKE them do that by Hiding, when there's a lot of small arms fire coming into the firing slit.
  18. Haven't played against bunkers after new patch. Crews inside bunkers never cower, even though their suppression meter is at max. I have had such crews fire back quite accurately. Not sure though if they return fire less frequently if suppressed. Not cowering is a drawback of the current way bunkers are modelled.
  19. There are a few other things that lead to excessive casualties. Pixel truppen are excessively bad at using terrain, they bunch up far too much and their rifle accuracy especially drops off far to little over distance.
  20. I do think the comments about line of sight, whilst not untrue, are something of an unfair generalisation. It's certainly true for some maps, and especially some early examples - cmbn and cmsf 1 have some pretty unconvincing maps - but others are better, or even near 1:1 with real places, so it's certainly not outside the capabilities of the game. There is definitely a tendancy towards tighter terrain in wargaming - often the tactical decisions involved in a battle are defined by the terrain, so a large flat area would be fairly uninteresting to delve in to.
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