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  2. IMO this dependance on China is one of the most important lessons learned. Changes need to be made.
  3. Welcome back, @Michael Emrys! You’ve been missed. You’ve for some reading to do here!
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  5. The Germans had long given up daylight divebombing attacks with Ju 87s by 1944.
  6. By state I think DC is up there for per capita homeless too, followed by NY state. Its unlikely safe distancing is practiced within that risk group. I would expect this might explain the high rates of infection among police. Not sure didn't read anything indicating such. As for China its been mentioned on several covid forums how dependent we are on them as a supplier for Pharmaceuticals, and PPE which puts us in a tread lightly position. Fortunately we didn't rely on them for Biomedical equipment, such as vents. Thank acquisition processes requiring FDA compliant, and CSA compliant standards for that. (add intertek for Europe etc) Pre Covid era dependence on China as a Pharmaceutical supplier
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  8. Have you ever seen Detroit? Joke is that for an enormous number of people in the West "3rd world living" is still very much reality for them. The US also has a deceptively large homeless population which is rarely reported with any kind of accuracy by the way. Mostly through the difficulty of accounting for people with so few possessions to their name, but more than a little obfuscation by local and state leaders plays a role here. There's an enormous number of dead-end rural towns in America that could easily break the perception that extreme poverty is limited to Communist states though...
  9. Welcome back and a belated merry crimbo & new year ! You're absence has been noted and accounts debt will be making deductions for time off without notice. You could have still used your left arm or, like Christy Brown, used your left foot to let us know you weren't in full working order but otherwise okay. Now you've emerged I hope you're safety bunkered down and wrapped in cotton wool and being treated as a national treasure, during these tipsy turvy days.
  10. its a feature that can really cost you if you lose a unit that has called the strike. Some times I have seen the whole mission wasted. other times because the arty unit recognizes it has lost contact, the mission will cancel at some point and you will have access to it once again. If spotting rounds have not dropped or been adjusted, I am pretty sure it will just cancel it before a strike is allowed.
  11. Can you be more clear as to where you are seeing this. Even though its the same engine in all of the games, it does not really mean the problem is in all of them , even if what you are seeing is true. I have noticed this behavior at times. But I am afraid I have also noticed the unit ignore area fire and take on important targets as one would expect. So again without pinning down the issue, testing it and proving it is reoccurring way more than it should , you have not provided anything of value. But the insight might be a correct one, but it needs something more solid to make a effort on. As I have said, I have seen it myself. but not enough to think it was a issue.
  12. Thanks, Splinty! Definitely more to come on this! Thanks, amigo! Wasn't sure I was gonna publish this one but I'm glad I did. The thing about this battle is something I suspect many low-ranking infantry-men might relate to - not having the full details on what is happening where around them, beyond generalities. It makes it scary to move, and to not move. Either could be a mistake. When 60-ton behemoths start slugging it out with one another, its a scary place to be. And you have no choice but to go where you're told... I won't reveal anything about our crazy driver, but you will hear about Bakhtiyarov again, no fear.
  13. This may belong in an already open thread, in which case my apologies for starting an unnecessary one, but I am pressed for time at the moment and can't spend a lot here yet. But I did want to bring friends and colleagues up to date. On December 20th. I suffered a fall which fractured my upper right arm and had to spend the next three months in a nursing facility more or less incommunicado. I only arrived back home Monday and am scrambling to pick up where I left off. I had for instance 751 emails waiting for me which I have so far only managed to put a small dent in. Anyway, expect to hear more from me in the future. For some inexplicable reason, I missed you guys. Michael
  14. Talking about "smoke and mirrors", China is an abominable authoritarian dictatorship which seems hell-bent on military expansion (eg: South China Sea and also the very little reported conflict with India in "3 Corners" area of Bhutan) and has put over a million people in forced labor camps: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/16/world/asia/xinjiang-china-forced-labor-camps-uighurs.html while designing a ghastly police state where one's every movement, even facial expressions, are monitored by AI to detect possible dissent. One has to remember that the "modern face of China" is only represented by a thin strip of Economic Enterprise Zones that run along its coast. If you travel a few hundred miles inland you step back a thousand years into a 3rd world country - the standard of living of the vast majority of its population. The point is that China is well known for consistent lying (remember how the artificial islands built in the S. China Seas were "only for research purposes and would never be militarized"? We really do not know the truth about the pandemic in China. Time will eventually tell as it's harder to lie for a long period of time about economic impacts. "Our failures" fade into insignificance compared to China's.
  15. BBC have just put out an interesting page on stats. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-51235105 Just to add some further thoughts... The world knew we were going to be hit again at some stage with something like this. It was inevitable, just like it will be inevitable that places built on fault lines will get hit with earthquakes. We dodged bullets like Ebola and SARS but did not heed the warnings made by the scientists. Some countries took the threat seriously like South Korea and are keeping on top of it, I bet we will find out they were prepared. Others were too busy to take warnings seriously and prepare hoping to wing it... We are angry and it is all too easy to look for easy blame games, rather than accept that as humans we are vulnerable to viruses and need to prepare to fight them. Risk management is what we should have had in place and preparation to deal with the risk if it happens.
  16. Well let's see if the level of misinformation was substantive to delay our preparation. I would like to know exactly is being claimed. I feel that China will be used as a political smoke and mirrors scheme to take heat off our own failures. We have to distinguish between the government and the people who are subject to the government. Personally I might not like the current American Government but that does not mean I paint all Americans with the same brush. It helps as I know plenty of Americans and our countries have had a long relationship. Too often just lately I see Chinese bashing and we need to be smart in what we say (type) and how we deal with people who are stuck with a regime. So cynical me will be watching closely as to the actual facts...
  17. We’ll see what kind of political will exists but there is pressure to hold China accountable for the level of misinformation and how that influenced the pandemic preparedness levels. I think a lot of companies tied to a supply chain there are reviewing options as well. do I expect much, not really. Not as long as money is still the primary factor in decision making.
  18. Yes, it's great that the way you tell the story one really starts to feel for the individual men - it's not just the pics, you are a good storyteller
  19. Yes. I regularly use crews with pistols as medics as then they will PU SMG's as well as other weapons.
  20. No worries - always happy to help budding scenario makers.
  21. I have been noticing for some time now that when a unit is given area fire orders , they do not stop engaging "the area" if a more significant/closer threat should be spotted.They ignore the closer more ,ominous threat to themselves and concontinue area firing through out the turn.
  22. Same here. I found the only one that can pickup SMG is the one with pistol. I think for the WW 2 title ,the game treat SMG, Bolt Action rifle, Semi-auto rifle and ATR as same tier weapon. So a Soviet rifleman cannot pickup PTRS-41 , a German Leader with MP40 cannot pickup G43. Rifle with scope, MP44, Bazooka , panzerschreck and LMG are tier one weapon with high priority to be picked up, they can be picked up by a rifleman or SMG gunner. Flamethrower cannot be picked up by anyone
  23. They will eventually cancel but at the moment you have no control until that occurs.
  24. My mg hq called in an Artillery strike, the delivery time is about 10min, he was killed a few minutes after the Artillery was called in.What happens to those Artillery orders, it seems locked now and nothing can be done? Is this correct?
  25. I'd be guessing that Gorokhov was already wary of "getting too far ahead," as relates to his narrow escape in the earlier incident. Things don't look too cover friendly up ahead. He might want to slow down just a bit and let someone else buck for Hero of the Soviet...er, I mean, Hero of Mother Russia. Bud, if all all possible, would you periodically keep us posted on Bakhtiyarov and what he is up to as well? It doesn't have to be storyline panels, but I'm curious. If it complicates things too much, then you can disregard. As usual, your story-telling prowess leaves us wanting more! Heinrich505
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