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  3. I vaguely recall in the early days of CM2 we were told that "rescuing" casualties did get rewarded in points for the friendly side even if not reducing enemy points. But maybe in all the updates, it got changed.
  4. It would be best to send em to Bootie for CMMODS. Is there a reason to not make the mods widely available?
  5. It's a valid point,... but there can be legitimate targets in woods - like bases, rescuing shot down pilots, etc.
  6. i must admit a 80's cold war theme would go down so sweet, would even things a little i'd say unlike the super force the allied forces are in shock force... and plus, you have all those M113 to play with, and the MERC camo to do!
  7. If you're seeing something otherwise, let me know.
  8. How dare they say that about hardcore wargamers! That makes me so angry! 😡 😄What exactly do they expect?
  9. You are too kind sir 😎 NPye’s work is very far reaching and has come at a time when the game could see a massive influx of new players. Showing what the game engine is capable of both in terms of play and graphics could really help benefit @Battlefront.com at this time.
  10. Sorry, that thread seems to have been gutted of images for some reason. You can get the mod here and see some images here and one more here I use ReShade on my Windows 10 gaming PC - only used for CM - for playing CM, but I work on a Mac for making the mods. I must try Catalina, the graphics are definitely superior by the looks of it. I usually stay an OS, or two, behind the curve as I have to deal with older software for client work, but with that being so thin on the ground I may just take the opportunity to move to Catalina.
  11. Yes this will be interesting, cos yours mod are already on the top, could be also interesting to share, compare, together and keep the best on common accord of course !
  12. Right yeah it does that but as far as the scoring system is concerned, a casualty is a casualty. Soldiers either dead or severely wounded count the same number of points for the purpose of victory points calculation. Check out the vid at 5:35. For the record I tend to the wounded almost systematically; in modern CM games at least. For wwii I am a bit more ruthless for some reason.
  13. How do i download Hedgerow hell I cant find anything???????
  14. I despise even seeing forest objectives because the context for them is always poor. Who cares about 100m square capture in the middle of a forest? The enemy can have it and when they emerge from the forest in a few weeks from depletion of rations and ammunition or just fear of what the Partisans will do to them then you can capture the wood. Otherwise what sensible Commander would send men into such a place? To capture the enemy's supply of birch trees???
  15. IM using Mac Os Catalina latest version. i haven't touched the trees yet and use other peoples mods for certain bits.... Cheers
  16. Winter uniforms are kept going about a month longer in CMRT than CMFI, through April (in CMFI winter uniforms go through March, I believe). Once you hit May and those last eight day of war you get standard-only Russian uniform option. You can pick standard the other months too, of course. Fun fact, the winter of 44-45 on the Eastern Front wasn't a particularly snowy year . The prevalence of snow in module scenarios is more 'artistic license' than historical fact. 44-45 Poland wasn't like being on the outskirts of Moscow '42. Western front did get a whopper of a blizzard right at the end of the Bulge battles, which is why you see such deep snow in Bulge photos (usually taken after the battles in January).
  17. Interesting, your iMac’s graphics card seems to do a very good job of rendering, seemingly better than that of my more recent (2019) iMac. Reading back through this thread I notice that you were using MacOS 10.6.8, out of interest what OS are you using now. Also +1 for providing the au naturel screen grabs, it’s good to see how much can still be milked from the old engine ... I think that Mr Pye is using a mix of mods at the moment, I can see stock(ish) trees and bushes with what look a bit like some of Ez’s doodads. Would love to see what he can do with my Hedgerow Hell mods 😉 (sorry for blatant self promo ...)
  18. No. That's not what I'm talking about. Using Javelin against an APC is fine if APC is pretty far, because there's a chance that the team will die before they have an opportunity to use it against a tank. Though, if APC is close, I'd like TacAI to try and use AT4 first. What I'm talking about is pretty different. In this case TacAI decides to use Javelin (Javelin operator is aiming), but at the same time it fires AT4 rockets and reveals the team. Firing AT4 as soon as possible would make sense if the team were spotted and fired at. But when the team is well concealed, it's just a pointless suicide.
  19. Yesterday
  20. You know what? When I got to that field the ATG was still manned and functioning! Bloody 25 pounders...
  21. Hi Ken, Attached the saved game. It's a simple contrived example to make sure that such stupid behavior is not caused by stress/casualties. The password for both sides is 123. Please, let me know if you have any other questions. I would be happy to help. It's a rifle squad with all the heavy weapon from Stryker and without the assault team. I believe when deciding whether to fire AT4 (or any other weapon), TacAI should weigh chances to destroy the target against importance of staying concealed. In my example, in the beginning of the turn I would expect TacAI to decide not to fire AT4 (low chances of success and the enemy probably cannot see the team), but decide to fire Javelin (high chances of success outweigh importance of concealment). As soon as they fire Javelin, the concealment is gone and nothing prevents TacAI from firing AT4 at other targets even though the chances are still low. Thanks, Nikolai Test 003.bts.zip
  22. The Outlaws was included among the campaigns. Assault on Lucherberg wasn't included because it is outside the CMBN timeframe (Dec 1944) and would be better modelled in CMFB (which I might actually pick up one day if the Commownwealth ever makes an appearance 😑).
  23. Your picture made me laugh, my Panther looked the same, lost both its main gun and its tracks but thanks to the infantry survived to hopefully fight another day.
  24. You obviously like a challenge, well done and respect! I might put in several KTs instead 🙂.
  25. As a Brit, I always (well okay not always) play as the Germans. Isn't that the correct way to do it? Works for me anyway...
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