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  2. They recover quickest if simply left in place. Of course, that might not be practical if spotting rounds are creeping closer. Michael
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  4. Thats then likely the issue. I converted the texture of the bush but the bush then becomes ugly/blocky and not suitable as vehicle camo. I really would like to use something bush-like as vehicle camo for my playthroughs but despite the CMSF2 British camo nets shown here on the lead vehicle: there is no model in any Combat Mission release I can think of where I could borrow a bush-like model part.
  5. I think AT guns should be difficult to spot, especially out of a tank. But the odd thing for me in Combat Mission is the game seems to treat it as though it's the crew spotted, not the gun. As a result, if the crew becomes suppressed, the spot is lost. As though it's the top of the pointer's helmet that's spotted, not the gun, and if the crew simply lie down we can no longer see the gun. I think once spotted, an AT gun should remain so unless it's moved, the spotting unit moves, or it's obscured by smoke. The crew could run away or dig a tunnel but the gun should still be seen. Not how it works in CM.
  6. I just loaded a third party scenario that looked to be quite good. It was on a very small map and located in a city with lots of Multi-Floored buildings. When I started to play I experienced so many LOS problems that I gave up on it. I found it very odd as I had never came across such obvious and numerous LOS difficulties before. I have been playing CM for 19 years.
  7. One the same subject, this book is full of examples of them, covering the range of scope and scale. There's a nice Falklands War in there. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wargaming-Developments-Professional-Educational-Innovations/dp/1291979654/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=matrix+games&qid=1571234404&sr=8-1
  8. I'm pretty certain I've chatted about Matrix games before, is something I'm quite fond of. Mind you, I usually get shouted down when chatting about game design on forums, so it's possible it gets lost in the chaff.
  9. I watched a video of Red Thunder and was very surprised to see this at about 43:49 into this skirmish. How come the German soldiers didn't see nor hear that huge IS tank earlier although it was only a few steps in front of them? There aren't any branches or huge bushes in front of them to obscure the view of that behemoth of a vehicle. That situation seems a bit too incredible to happen.
  10. What an ingenious system. How come you never mentioned this over at FGM?
  11. I am forty minutes in to the final mission. I've lost as many tanks in this battle as I had during the campaign to this point. Five Panthers and two Mark IVs have been knocked out. But I have a massive force and have taken out a lot of enemy armor though I am sure more lies hidden. At this point I am just committing my infantry, until now we've been probing forward to find the form. The thing that worries me is the enemy have yet to send over any artillery, which I am sure they have plenty of. Once my units get spotted by a F/O I expect a lot of it all at once. Gotta keep 'em moving. It's as if the enemy has gotten better ammunition, all those failed penetrations from earlier battles have been replaced with dismay and despair, with the Panthers committed on the left suffering in particular to T-34/85s well concealed in the tree lines. One T-34 was so well cloaked in fact that I had to withdraw, reposition, and then attack from the flank. He got off a lot of shots, and despite having four or five Panthers with LOS to his position, none could spot him. He destroyed two Panthers, and the gun on a third before I wised up, withdrew and then took him out with flanking fire. This is one more great battle in a campaign full of great battles. Honestly I am sorry it's nearly over. I could go for another six missions of this.
  12. Yes, this one. The pots in question were typically made of copper and over the open flame with get quite sooty. So, the phrase is meant for good natured ribbing when someone says something that ends up being like "do as I say, not as I do"
  13. Thanks. That is good to know. Do they recover quicker if pulled out of the line?
  14. Thanks! I wish I could claim to have stopped him cold. I think he’s probing and hoping to get me to reveal my defences. The real fight isn’t close to beginning, IMO.
  15. Thanks! I wish I could claim to have stopped him cold. I think he’s probing and hoping to get me to reveal my defences. The real fight isn’t close to beginning, IMO.
  16. Try https://www.fraps.com or Bandicam if playing on a PC.
  17. Hi, I'm interested how about how I can take movie of my battle ( I'm using CMFB engine 4). Many thanks!
  18. Tests some years ago showed that HIDE makes no difference for recovery times. So, unless things have changed...
  19. Go to see this being continued! To sum the current situation up: You stopped the enemy cold on all fronts. I am curious what will happen after Ian has regrouped. Best regards, Thomm
  20. TheForger! I am really enjoying this scenario. Cut the map right down the center... and attempting to get my armor across now. I really like the "Close with and destroy the enemy with firepower and maneuver!" Recon elements are essential in this one. Only about 45 minutes into it.... but, I like it... I like it a lot.
  21. I learnt this (the hard way) through my experiments with the tree .mdr's (which I eventually abandoned). Only tree (and bush) models in CM are capable of using textures with "grey transparency". Everything else (inc buildings, uniforms, vehicle textures & FO's) must use "black & white" transparency... I have little real understanding of the difference but that is what is happening. @MikeyD would probably be able to explain more, as I believe he made the tree models (at least for the later games).
  22. This is the correct definition of the phrase...
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  24. Fitness, terrain and what they're carrying - they'll tire faster if loaded with weapons and ammunition.
  25. That depends on fitness and environmental conditions. I only fast most if they are going to hold and wait. If they must keep moving, then I move or quick step. In former game, they recovered quicker if they were HIDE, but I don't know about this game.
  26. Ahh, yeah. I forgot that they changed things with tags when I created that. You'll need to add a space then [snow] at the end of the file name. Ex: A winter background picture becomes "portrait german infantry [snow]" minus the quotation marks. You will actually be able to have two of each portrait in the mods folder now without them canceling each other out. portrait german infantry portrait german infantry [snow] The snow background will only show up in scenarios where there is snow on the ground. Any other portrait named portrait german infantry will show up when there isn't snow. If you wanted to use portraits with say the flag background, all the time, you'd have to make two copies of them and add the [snow] tag to one (as above). I will make sure to address this when I get around to updating the FB mod to my new style. And will make sure it's all set in the FI & RT module mods. Mords.
  27. How far can you fast move before you Tire?
  28. I both like and dislike the UI with floating windows and multi-monitor support; more info can be displayed, but it wasn't really hashed out. I have a 30" TV 1080p mainly for games and and 21" LCD (1600x1200) mainly use for work and old 4:3 games. BFTB has a very crisp interface. I have not played for a long time, I just don't have 1/2 to a day planning a battle.
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