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  2. Aquila could probably do it with one hand tied behind his back. The guy's a friggin genius.
  3. Regarding the SS in RTV: The September '43 formation, which I am taking to be the LSSAH only has a grenadier battalion and no regimental formations available with the exception of flak units. When the unit was sent to Italy did the regimental recce, artillery and engineers come along? Under the scenario editor, Panzerjager and Panzerjager [armoured] with StuGs and Marders respectively are available but as the Waffen SS is only selectable as infantry only in QB they do not appear. If this is referring to the Division type, as is the case with France, it should be a quick fix to have those units and single vehicles appear under the infantry tab. This was one of the biggest improvements in RTV (as I mentioned in a thread under Shock Force 2) and I hope that this is applied more consistently within and across titles. I would guess that the Waffen SS formations available from January '44 on are elements of 16 SS Panzergrenadier Division. In this case most of the regimental formations seem to be present. However, in the light infantry gun platoon within the panzergrenadier battalion, in QB no 75mm ammo is carried as cargo in the platoon Opel trucks, whereas in the anti-tank platoon ammo is carried for AT guns by the platoon vehicles (Protze). Going deeper this seems to be more confusing because in QB ammo is carried for the AT guns but not the infantry guns, but in the editor the situation seems to be reversed and 75mm is carried by the infantry gun Opels, but absent for the AT platoon Protze for Pak 40, 36(r) and 38. Despite being much smaller, the 250/10 carries much more 37mm ammunition than the 251/10. In fact, the 250/10 carries 4k more 7.92 rounds as well. Finally, the Free French can equip M5 76mm guns as specialist teams, but not as part of a formation. Their Regimental AT company can equip 37mm or 57mm AT guns, as the US does but France does not have a Tank Destroyer [towed] formation available. I would suggest adding the M5 as an option for the Regimental AT company if this is how France employed the guns. I cannot for the life of me make sense of the French OOB in the Italian Campaign, so I'm differing to those who know better. Guns available as specialist teams but not as formations is pretty common across FI and all titles, and my biggest problem is not that I'm a hardcore grog per se, just that this means that no vehicle transported ammo is available. In the case of the 7.5 cm le.IG 18, (e.g Waffen SS, Sept '43) this often means fielding a gun with 10 HE rounds as opposed to 59, no small difference.
  4. The battle progresses. I’ve destroyed quite a number of buildings. I’ve seen several of his infantry scramble from ruins or trenches trying to flee as I area fire, but none have actually escaped. I’ve ordered a fire mission in the last objective and diverted part of my force to ready an attack once the arty lands.
  5. I ended up upgrading to CMSF2 with all of the expansions, though CMBS is still my favorite of the two, just wanted to own and play both.
  6. Thank You for the answers . I have Windows 10 - Graphic Card : GTX 1050 ti. Video Card Driver: 441.87 I play on a PC. too bad it doesnt run in windowed mode. Like i said - Games in full screen mode almost crash - therefore i wanted to try CMRT in window mode.
  7. This video strongly suggests that the turret bar-armour is very prone to damage:
  8. What Windows version and what videocard and driver are you using ? Intel video tends to have problems with CM games. Another problem with Intel video is that you may be limited to what the system manufacturer provides (especially with some laptops), which can further complicate things. If you're running a GeForce or a Radeon, then it should be possible to get CM running. With laptops that may be running a GeForce or Radeon this can get a bit complex since sometimes you can use the Nvidia or AMD drivers and other times you are limited to what the laptop manufacturer releases. I'm not aware of anyone successfully running CM in a window. CM is an OpenGL based game. Some utilities can convert OpenGL calls into DirectX ones, but I don't think that these will work properly with CM (or possibly produce REALLY HORRIBLE performance if the do work).
  9. My take you will not want to play CMSFx after CMBS It feels like being teleported ten years back with very rudementary TacAI reactions. Though having CMSF1 and not upgrading it to CMSF2 is kinda lame now IMO. Upgrade price is really modest if you compare it to an all-new purchase.
  10. Great points Warts 'n' all, I would love a campaign or at least some historical battles where we could actually use Hobart's funnies in action.
  11. I think that the Battle Pack was great idea in principle. Especially considering how few new battles stemmed from the Vehicle Pack. I think that where Jon fell down was putting so much effort into the six fictional Linnet battles, and the Waterloo one. I'd have preferred a top notch campaign, and fewer, but more closely historical battles.
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  13. 1. Thanks for your kind words. 2. I don't really use them - very small teams - as scouts. They can't really see ****. Just pure baits. And as a bait a one man team is worse than a 2/3-men team in my experience. One-man team is too stealthy. Enemy just don't see them and I have to move this one-man team too close to make it seen and provoke the reaction. Spotting itself I do by full squads and a lot of them. These small teams are no more than a bait.
  14. I reckon holding back and letting your Javelins ambush their tanks is the way forward.....It's not an easy scenario though and I suspect there are several AI plans for each side.
  15. Been playing it again with the same results... What is the trick to this scenario as the US? Use the fords? Up the middle? Sit back and let them come to you first? Nothing I try works.
  16. Many of the names in CM:BS are feminine (Ivanova etc.). In some ways it might actually be easier to do than 'Heaven Earth'.....A pretty tolerable Magach could be made by dropping a variant of our M60 onto the Canadian Leopard C2 Mexas. A Merkava II or III could be represented by one of the lower end Abrams variants. I guess what it really needs is someone to give it the required time and effort (which are not inconsiderable).
  17. Long time players often get afflicted with 'CMitis'. That's where you find yourself reflexively scouting out defilade positions and identifying potential ambush sites while driving down the road. Its rare that a 'CMitis' sufferer will glance at an open field by the road and imagine advancing your men up the middle of it. Because that's considered a worst case scenario. Basically do ANYTHING before you resort to doing that. Its been said that CM is optimized for company+ size engagements. That's generally enough men to be able to absorb casualties and keep on fighting but not so many that you lose track of your units. If you play too small a single fire fight can ruin your day. If you're purchasing QB units with limited points you might want forego expensive exotic equipment in favor of a bigger headcount.
  18. TBH, the only KO by direct gunfire that I recall was by M10s.
  19. I agree. It would be nice if somebody could re-look this campaign, remaster it, maybe even add another. I would certainly purchase it, if it were not buggy.
  20. What I've been doing for folks that have a Paradox version of the base game is issuing them a Battlefront key with proof of purchase. If they own any modules I shoot them a new key (who would buy the modules if they didn't own the base game, right?). If they only own the retail base game I ask for a photo of the case with a note showing their name and/or date and use that as proof of purchase.
  21. I am sure we've all made that mistake at one time or another...
  22. Its been very interesting to read all your replies. I am grateful the many replies my simple question generated! 😊 I do identify with the points made above to sometimes take the most obvious piece of cover and concealment and play the waiting game to see if my men can spot enemies across over time. It’s of course a huge risk as you’re constantly under threat of being shelled to bits the longer you stay there. But at the same time my experience with the lethality of enemy fire makes me hesitant to advance. I am definitely going to try the splitting up of my platoons and see what that gives me for results.
  23. +1 'Competent Incompetence' campaign is very good. Note that in order to play all of the very well designed battles one needs to lose until one gets to the "backs to the wall" mission (which ends the campaign if you lose) and then start winning again.
  24. You guys are doing an amazing job creating a "Vietnam-like/SE Asian-looking" super mod. So, in theory nothing wrong with an IDF-Arab mod - other than possible political sensitivities. For that matter how come wargamers are still sexist and do not make female pixeltruppen mods for the CM games?
  25. Xnt points IMHO. I'd forgotten about that but yes have found that 2 man scouts can get surprisingly close to an enemy without being spotted. It's even better when you have a few casualties and end up with some 1-man teams. Those a xnt for scouting esp if used together with other 1-man teams.
  26. This certainly falls under the rubric of weird news. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3253557/The-ultimate-bad-hair-day-Woman-ends-hospital-confusing-builder-s-foam-hair-mousse.html?fbclid=IwAR3bVmGEAAJTCUruWXkaT3SAUlrDqWQFAPE1OYwtyyXy3dDkJ7ugaRRTWQA Regards, John Kettler
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