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  2. I tried it once, never again. But, each to their own I suppose.
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  4. And there was me hoping that you would name him 6-pounder.
  5. There seems to be a misunderstanding of my question. I know why "pounder" was used in the first place, it was even used on the continent into the 19th Century. What I can't fathom is why in the UK it continued to be used for just a handful of guns after everything else, mortars, howitzers, naval guns etc had switched to either inches or mm.
  6. More like grandaddy. My dear prodigal son is 50mm.
  7. @LC- save yourself a whole world of grief and download the full CMFI installer from the store. Run the installer and you should have the most up to date version of the game all in one simple step. This should clear up any missing files causing this problem.
  8. It seems to have had its origins in naval canons during the Age of Sail. Perhaps it was easier to accurately cast canon balls by weight than by diameter. The same system of measurement was also used for army canon, although these were by and large much smaller and lighter. I suppose on land portability was valued above the ability to smash down walls after the end of the 17th. century or thereabouts. Michael
  9. If the main objective is going to be a key piece of terrain and if it had no points value the two sides would still fight over it due to the terrain advantages it offers, then I would say yes, make it worth more points.
  10. @Kaunitz my $0.02 is the tanks in the game are not overpowered, it is you the player who is overpowered. I know earlier in this thread you mentioned the downfall of the all seeing player and the ability to tell units to area fire into places where they have no clue any enemy units are. Have you tried playing with @RockinHarry no enemy icons mod? It completely changes the way you play the game as it places you the player into a state of FOW, yet leaves your units with all the information you would have if the icons were on. It forces you to move slower, pay closer attention to the battlefield and reduces your reaction time. With enemy icons on, you can see where the enemy is coming from and a rough idea of what is coming at your men. With the icons off, you won't know what you are actually facing until every enemy unit is actually visible to YOUR eye. Enemy icons off makes any low visibility scenario an absolute nightmare to play.
  11. excellent. canadians are nice I've found and I hate getting them killed so maybe good they are not in campaign.
  12. Thanks to brother George, I learned the Germans pulled off an Operation Greif type op in Normandy that I never caught so much as a whiff of in my decades of WW II reading. Must see! Regards, John Kettler
  13. Without getting toooooooooooo specific......No, there will not be a Canadian campaign. And, there will be a more battles than mentioned in the pre-order announcement (the extra time was good in that way).
  14. while we are on the subject, will R2V have canadian campaign? battles? currently reading The Gothic Line about Canadians and those look like interesting fights.
  15. Guess again mate - there are heaps of threads on this in the SF-2 board. Bottom line is that you should be able to upgrade at the discounted rate even though yours is the Paradox version. Open up a ticket with the helpdesk and provide them as much info as you can about the version of SF1 that you own.
  16. "Sociology" is a subject matter, not a method. Some sociologists use scientific methods, some do not. A common reason that the "hard" sciences seem to be more scientific is that the problems studied are often easier, measurement more accurate and precise, and the subject doesn't change so rapidly over time.
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  18. Progress on Ap Bac ... Scenario Image: Strategic Map: Topo Map compared to CM screenshot: Working title for the scenario is 'A miserable damn performance', which was Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Vann's (7 ARVN Division US advisor) judgement on the battle. Overall the scenario is a whopper, two and half hours long, the map is 2000m x 3008m (I've basically half-scaled the map dimensions to fit it all in); however, I've worked hard to get the troop numbers pretty close to the actual thing.
  19. [repeated exchange] Pope Julius II: When will you make an end? Michelangelo: When I am finished! From the "The Agony and the Ecstasy"
  20. You can purchase (or the scenario designer can choose) vehicles either with or without APS. Are you sure your T-90s are so equipped? I've found APS to be maddeningly consistent at knocking down (my) incoming rockets and missiles. But be warned, they've only got a few 'shots' of APS then they've vulnerable.
  21. Sort of on topic as covers T-90 reactive armor and Shtora active protection system in action, albeit in Syria. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/russia-thought-its-tanks-were-unstoppable-and-then-syria-happened-94481?fbclid=IwAR0gZb4ELSxgyPdUHmoxjBtiSufzw8syryQUUpD-wzIOqCar7AcaemK3e60
  22. I own the Paradox retail version of CMSF and spend a few dollars to be able to patch to the latest Battlefront version of the game. I guess I will not be able to make use of the discount and upgrade to CMSF2 because it is not the original Battlefront version of the game?
  23. Location: North Shore of the Democratic People's Republic of Massachusetts

      I thought that was The People's Republic Of Cambridge. Hehehehee!
    An old Dorchester rat currently in Ohio. 

    Regards, Odd

    1. Vet 0369

      Vet 0369

      Cambridge has annexed most of the State now. A few communities still fight the good fight, but it’s virtually a lost cause since even the Republican Governor is more liberal than most Democrats. It’s really sad what’s happening in the first colony to fight to protect its firearms. I lived in Loraine, Ohio for a few months in the 1950s when my Father was transferred there from Somerville by Ford. My Mother didn’t like it though, so we moved back to Beverly.

    2. Oddball-47


      Hi Vet,
         I'm in Sandusky, not too many miles from Lorain. I chased a girl out here ten years ago. After living
      together for a year, we decided to split. We're still very good friends. I liked it out here so much
      that I decided to stay. It's a different world out here. Hell, people are so much nicer, the cost of living
      is about a third of what it is in MA these days. They even drive civilized out here!
         I went back to Dorchester a few years ago. It had been in the midst of great change
      in my last decade there and the changes have since accelerated. Not too many of the
      old families are around, the kids grew up and found themselves unable to afford the rents
      anymore. Somehow, the suburbs became cheaper to live in than in the city of Boston itself.
         Nothing there for me these days. But I've still got my memories !

      Best regards, Odd

  24. The road map is as simple as it will be ready to be released.
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