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  2. Rocky Balboa

    Having issues installing CMSF2

    Ok this seems to work ... had to put in both the old activation codes from CMSF1 as well as the new codes from CMSF2... I did notice that there was no campaign with the Marines modules is that correct? It's been so long since I played CMSF I dont remember. I have the TF Thunder campaign and several USMC battles but no marine campaign .
  3. I have the feeling that in this new version of CMSF, blue are able to automatically tell when an unarmed civilian is sided with the enemy. I draw this conclusion from playing 2 mission of the Marines Campaign where my troops detected two such poor guys in buildings in "my side" of the map and they proceed to summarily execute them with no questions asked.
  4. Captain Reyes

    Reshade Presets for share?

    Well I just spent some minutes not hours on my reshade profile but if one needs he can have it.
  5. Sandokan

    M7 Priest

  6. Today
  7. MikeyD

    Was hunt tweaked at some point?

    Its about not knowing the source of the incoming fire. They were told to move forward until the enemy's spotted and that's what they're going to do, dammit! That's a fanatical mindset for you.
  8. Let me know how it goes.
  9. Ok dude, I'll try it out! Much appreciated.
  10. 😓😂 Well here is your secret, set your 3D model and 3D texture quality to balanced, you won´t notice much visual difference other than a considerable frame boost. Keep the rest.
  11. I put the highest settings. So: max AA, Very High detail, High tree detail, Very High shadows I got Vsync off, Highest Priority Process and ATI mouse click fix on I'll double check when I get home. I hear people have issues with CM and AMD cards.
  12. I loaded up a big scenario, checked resource monitor, and CMSF2 definitely is not running on single core but on all here. I have an I7 (4 physical 4 HT cores) and the game is able to utilize 100% in a benchmark situation. You still not mentioned your ingame settings, especially the two dropdown ones are important.
  13. Nalopeon


    I did more research on it and its only the Recon marines the Asst. has the M4 w/ M320s every other unit has the 203
  14. Here's a great wargaming blog by a female wargamer and gamer. She does it all, writes superbly and is a genius at writing character descriptions. See for yourself. https://hippolytastinyfootsteps.blogspot.com/2017/03/and-now-for-something-completely.html Regards, John Kettler
  15. I have discovered Reshade for Combat Mission and it is very nice. However there are so many shaders to play with to get lost for hours. I am looking for some good presets for CMSF 2. Maybe you have spent a lot of hours for a perfect look and you are willing to share it here?
  16. Mord

    Having issues installing CMSF2

    All you need are the original keys you had for SF1. Activate those and then activate any new keys that came with whatever SF2 purchase/purchases you made. EX: If You bought SF2 + Marines Upgrade, activate their key, then activate the original SF1 key and SF1 Marines Module key. If you bought the Full Upgrade you need to activate ALL the original keys that you had with SF1 (Main game, Marines, Brits, NATO) and the Full Upgrade key. Mord.
  17. Let's see: CPU: AMD FX 6350 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 GPU: Asus Radeon R9 270x with 4gb GDDR5 HDD: Western Digital 2 TB OS: Windows 7 64-bit I get this lag on maps with lots of buildings and/or vegetation. Toggling tree tops off only helps a very small amount. Naturally desert games run better for me. When I pan the camera to the horizon, view lots of stuff, the framerate takes a hit. When I move the camera down to the ground beneath, framerate becomes reasonable. From what I saw CM really runs on 1 core, and the FX's single-core performance is not the best. Great for newer games that are multi-threaded, though.
  18. Sgt.Squarehead

    How to use the Dutch

    I really love Fenneks, they are truly awesome scouts, nothing seems to get the drop on them.....Although having said that I've not used them in a MOUT environment yet.
  19. Although there are no official ones there are several great quality campaigns (Stepsons of Jihad, Zawija Uprising, Guardians of the Homeland, Road to Dinas) to be found on cmmods.com featuring Syria vs Coalition settings and Syria vs Syria civil war situations. I still need to check them out in CMSF2 but I am pretty optimistic and will eventually take one of these for the Syrian Forces video playthrough.
  20. cranio

    Having issues installing CMSF2

    Ok, same problem... I solved it by putting the code of the original CMSF1 into activation request... now only one problem... even if it said that I have the base game with all the module... inside the game module are not presents
  21. Captain Reyes

    Purchase from europe

  22. trakcow

    Purchase from europe

    From which country are you? and do you mean that you coupled your bank account to your paypal?
  23. iMolestCats

    Scout Team cannot acquire Jav CLU?

    If i was told i had to carry a AT-4, A CLU, along with my primary weapon system, full combat load with my buddy carrying 2 Jav tubes, his weapon system and a AT-4. I either wouldn't do it or id go down as a heat cat about 3 minutes later.
  24. Captain Reyes

    Purchase from europe

    I´ve mad all Combat Mission purchases with paypal and never added a credit card to my pp. However I have a bank deposit added to it not sure if it changes something.
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